The saddest thing about the fish-farm fiasco Letter to Editor



Dear Editor,

The saddest thing about the fish-farm fiasco is that the Norwegian corporations deliberately placed their farms where they knew they would do the most damage to our wild salmon stocks. Especially the Broughton Archipelago where most of the salmon from the Salish Sea migrate. Their operations in Norway and Scotland had already destroyed wild stocks in over sixty rivers when they came to BC, with the blessing of NDP and Liberal governments.

Only the Greens spoke against importing a business that is in direct conflict with our fishing industry and the importance of protecting wild salmon stocks.

But we should give the foreign fish farmers their walking papers. They’ve done more than enough damage.

There are few places in BC where fish farms can exist without impacting wild stocks. First Nations fishers know where they are, and should be allowed to operate on their traditional territories. But we should give the foreign fish farmers their walking papers. They’ve done more than enough damage.


Jim Erkiletian
Nanaimo BC

Lonnie Landrud video exposes why Christy Clark Liberal government destroyed value evidence on Highway of Tears from

In light of the recent news events surrounding the BC Liberal government’s destruction of evidence surrounding the Highway of Tears mystery it is advisable to watch this important video of Lonnie Landrud. It will explain who is responsible for this great “mystery” and why the Christy Clark government is aiding and abetting the guilty party.


Canada: Hypocrite Nation Ruled by Zionist Deception & anti-Free Speech Laws by Arthur Topham


Canada: Hypocrite Nation Ruled by Zionist Deception & anti-Free Speech Laws

Deconstructing the Zionist media’s hypocrisy surrounding Charlie Hebdo and the notion of “Freedom of Speech”


Arthur Topham

January 19th, 2015


“The National Post, perhaps Canada’s foremost advocate and practitioner of censorship, is the least qualified to condemn the alleged revenge massacre of 11 Charlie Hebdo workers, yet devoted several consecutive front pages and endless verbiage to the incident – far greater coverage than that allotted to the brutal massacre of 3000 innocent Palestinians several months earlier in Gaza, although the massacre was the more reprehensible for having been committed by a racist, occupier government already condemned by the United Nations for its barbarism.”

~ Ian V. Macdonald, letter to the National Post, Jan. 10, 2015


The latest Zionist false flag event in Paris, France on January 7th, 2015 that wiped out the staff of the pro-zionist, anti-Muslim, anti-Christian Charlie Hebdo hate propaganda rag, immediately unleashed a massively orchestrated outcry of cacophonous proportions from the Beast’s Big Brother Zionist msm media calling for greater protection of people’s right to “Freedom of Speech”.

Apart from the aftermath of 9/11, never has this writer witnessed such a unified show of chimerical bigotry and deception, all of it wrapped in the gilded glitter of falsely misplaced emotional rhetoric, blatant lies and contrived television imagery specifically designed and pre-packaged to elicit a world-wide response from an unconscious audience of somnambulant innocents still too blurry-eyed and bewitched to recognize the reality of the Rothschild New World Order and its modus operandi.

Reacting with predictable clockwork precision to their own fabricated murderous crime; one bearing all the standard hallmarks of yet another Israeli Mossad covert operation designed to appear as a deliberate “terrorist act” by a fanatical group of “radical” Muslims, the Canada-wide Zionist-controlled media immediately cranked up its Islamophobic sirens to a deafening roar with broadcasts blaring forth from talking heads accompanied by what W. H. Auden once aptly styled, “the hum of the printing presses, turning forests into lies” with their broadsheets whirling like buzz saws 24/7, flashing out nonstop, monotonous anti-Islam hate messages to Canadians across the country.

This relentless verbal/visual assault by the Talmudic inspired Israeli/Rothschild media upon the abused psyche of Western civilization – ongoing since their hugely successful 9/11 coup of September 11th, 2001 – has now reached the stage where every facet of their global crime syndicate is being utilized to increase hatred and fear of Islam to a climactic point of no return, thus providing their needed justification for whatever pre-emptive mode of violent attack the Zionist Jew killing machine might wish to adopt in the near future.

No better example exists of this hypocritical, bigoted vilification of Islam by the Zionist-controlled media than that found in their premier flag ship hate generator the National Post, Tel Aviv’s direct propaganda line for funnelling into the unwary, dumbed down minds of Canadians, Israel’s racist, supremacist, apartheid mindset; one that constitutes the foundational basis of its twisted, psychopathic political ideology known as Zionism.

NatZJPost copy 7

Completely disregarding Canada’s horrific record of outright censorship, harassment, fines, jailings and ongoing suppression of its own citizens’ fundamental right to freedom of speech, the Zionist media now has the unmitigated chutzpah to sermonize to Canadians about how important it is to protect “FREE SPEECH” for the likes of Charlie Hebdo and co. all the while overlooking the stinking mess of free speech violations in Canada’s own backyard.

Canada’s Disgraceful “Free Speech” Record

The National Post, of all Canada’s zio-rags, is a veteran of the infamous and controversial Section 13 “hate speech” legislation wars that suddenly gained prominence across the nation around 2007 when the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) filing a Section 13 “hate speech” complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) against Rogers Media Inc. (Macleans Magazine), based upon the reproduction of perceived anti-Islam writings by one of their pro-Zionist Jewish writers Mark Steyn.

Coinciding with Steyn’s case was also that of Ezra Levant, then owner of the Western Standard, an Alberta based tabloid that callously published the infamous Jyllands-Posten cartoons of the  Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) back in February of 2006. As a result of Levant’s insolent disregard for Islam’s holy Prophet both the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada and the Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities filed complaints against Levant and his magazine with the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission that resulted in a hearing in January of 2008.


Marc Lemire, one of Canada’s most distinguished Section 13 victims and staunch resister to this nasty piece of Zionist/Bolshevik-motivated legislation, gives us a compete, well documented history of the rise and fall of Section 13 which can be found on his website, FreedomSite Blog As well, for those interested in delving into the specifics surrounding this specious piece of draconian “hate speech” legislation that initially slithered its way into Canadian jurisprudence via the untiring efforts of Canada’s Jewish lobby organizations (predominantly the former Canadian Jewish Congress and B’nai Brith Canada) beginning as far back as the 1950’s, I suggest reading the following article, Bad Moon Rising: How the Jewish Lobbies Created Canada’s “Hate Propaganda” Laws.

In Part 3 of Lemire’s history, under sub-heading “Section 13: The Shit hits the fan”, he writes: “Keep in mind that the primary intent of Section 13 was to quietly keep it behind closed doors and censor individuals in a manner which “would not be attended by great publicity”.  While this was true with most Section 13 cases, it certainly was not true with Mark Steyn and Macleans Magazine. The proverbial ‘hate speech earthquake’ hit the media, once it was revealed that one of Canada’s most respected magazines and the “one-man global content provider” Mark Steyn were under investigation for hate speech.  Editorials against censorship went viral from coast to coast in Canada and spread across the globe via the Internet.”

The war to silence Canadians and stymie any public speech that the Jewish lobby felt might negatively impact them or Israel in any way (either on or off the internet), gained its foothold back in 1977 when the federal government first implemented the so-called Canadian Human Rights Act and created its attendant enforcement agencies, the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT). Both the commission and the tribunal were quasi-judicial, i.e. “crazy” judicial in that they basically set their own rules and guidelines and consistently changed the “legal” goal posts depending upon whatever case they were dealing with, in order to ensure a conviction. If fact, of the hundreds of Canadians dragged before these Stalinist style “Show Trial” tribunals, EVERYONE was found guilty for the simple reason that all it took was for someone to register a complain against them and that, in itself, sealed their fate. When I describe Section 13 as a “Bolshevik” type law I do so with the full knowledge that under the former Soviet system, Lenin, in one of the regime’s very first acts upon gaining absolute power, was to make “anti-Semitism” a crime punishable by death. Death, that is, without so much as a trial even. All it would take, (just as with the Section 13 “complaints”) was for someone to accuse another of said crime and the Cheka (soviet secret police) had the excuse to execute the victim.

In the case of Canada and its Section 13 “hate crime” laws, which invariably include the same accusation of “anti-Semitism”, the punishment wasn’t quite as severe or immediate but metaphorically speaking, in term of survival, the victims stood no greater chance of gaining their freedom once accused.  Many, if not most of the victims, were unable to afford to hire counsel and even if they were able to the fact that Truth was not considered a viable defence against whatever they had written or spoken, it was virtually impossible to argue against the charge. As such the defendants were at the mercy of the tribunals and the commission’s commissars were able to maintain a 100% conviction rate right up until 2007 when, Allah be praised!, the Canadian Islamic Congress and other Muslim organizations finally decided to file similar Section 13 complaints against the two self-chosen writers mentioned above who were, by their Judaic birthmarks, both members of the same conniving covenant that initially bore responsibility for creating these very censorship laws in the first place. Not only that, they were the only two Jews in Canada ever to be charged with “hate speech” under Section 13 and, surprise! surprise! the only two individuals ever to escape the snares and traps that CHRC and the CHRT had used on hundreds of non-Jewish Canadians for decades prior to then.


It has always been this writer’s contention, based upon my last eight years of personal experience in dealing with these Orwellian censors, that had the Canadian Islamic Congress not filed a complaint against Mark Steyn and Macleans Magazine and had Ezra Levant also not been charged by a Muslim complainant over his publication of the infamous Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) cartoons, this Zionist-inspired legislation known as Section 13 that clung like a barnacle to the dark underside of Canada’s legal system for the past thirty years without the Zionist media challenging it, would, in all likelihood, have continued on unabated and still not have been repealed. It was only the final realization by the Jewish lobby that Section 13 was, in fact, a double-edged sword capable of being used against their own kind as well that spurred the Zionist media on to make a major issue out of an Orwellian, Zionist-driven law that had for decades been used against non-Jews with hardly a murmur of protest. Now that the perpetrators themselves were being held to account for the same crimes the whole dynamic changed and the war to rid the nation of Section 13 began in earnest.

It was around the same period (2007) when Steyn and Levant received their just deserts that I and my website were also caught up in the legally sticky Section 13 “hate speech” web and I suddenly found myself forcefully initiated into that elite, Zionist-created group of alleged “hate-mongers”,”anti-Semites”, “racists” and “neo-Nazis” who had come before me throughout the late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. In my own case it was the secret, Jews-only Masonic society, B’nai Brith Canada who had filed a Section 13 complaint against me with the Canadian Human Rights Commission; one premised on the “contention that Arthur Topham of Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada and his internet publication known as contrive to promote ongoing hatred affecting persons identifiable as Jews and/or as citizens of Israel.” Please note the “citizens of Israel” portion. It was the first time in Canadian jurisprudence that the Jews, via their back-room manipulation of the CHRC, had arbitrarily introduced this novel addition to the Section 13 complaint; one which now included people of a foreign nation! [There are reasons why they attempted this but a thorough analysis of that particular subterfuge is beyond the scope of this article. A.T.]

While the Zionist news media, throughout its campaign to hasten the demise of Section 13, magnified its two pet Jewish “free speech” advocates to heroic proportions, the remaining hundreds of victims, once they had been tried and convicted, inevitably sank back into Zion’s media pit of silence and anonymity their identities liquidated and their unjust sufferings lost forever. Their names though are important, more important to the struggle for real freedom of speech than the media’s manufactured heroes, Steyn and Levant, for the nameless ones were the truly courageous Canadian heroes, those resisters whose who, on their own and motivated by their strong convictions, had stood up to Canada’s Marxist/Bolshevik commissars with little or no money and next to nil support from the general public while the Zio-media used all of its ill-gained media power to malign, vilify and crucify them in the public eye, just as they always do to anyone who stands in the way of their hate-filled agenda.  And so here I present the names of some of victims that I was able to find. God forgive me for the ones I’ve left off (if readers can provide me with additional names I’ll add them to my website as they emerge).

The list began with John Ross Taylor back in the late 70’s and carried on with Terry Long, Randy Johnston, William James Harcus, Wolfgang Droege, Kevin Lew, Derek J. Peterson, Tony McAleer, Charles Scott, Ernst Zundel, John Micka, Fred Kyburz, Eldon Warman, Alexan Kulbashian, James Scott Richardson, Tomasz Winnicki, Craig Harrison, Peter Kouba, Glen Bahr, Terry Tremaine, Alex Di Civita, Liz Lampman, Lubomyr Prytulak, Bobby Wilkinson, Jessica Beaumont, Melissa Guille, Ciaran Paul Donnelly, Jason Ouwendyk, Heather Fleming, Ronald Fleming, Jim Keegstra, Malcolm Ross, Doug Collins, Marc Lemire, Arthur Topham, David Ahenakew, Bill Whatcott, Mark Merek, Dean Clifford….

It must also be mentioned here that those pictured below, as well as Bill Whatcott, were all assisted in great measure by Canada’s foremost defender of true freedom of speech, the late Douglas Christie, who acted in varying capacities for all of the accused, including myself, right up to the point of his tragic passing in March of 2013.

DouglasHChristieFreedomFighter copy 3


In previous writings I’ve delved further into the creation of Canada’s “Hate Propaganda” laws and in every case of ongoing persecution and prosecution it was always the Jewish lobby groups in Canada who were clambering and crying for the use and retention of these anti-democratic, unconstitutional “laws” that for some strange reason, in practically 99% of all cases, involved non-Jewish individuals who were being critical of the ideology of political Zionism or the illegal, terrorist actions of the state of Israel toward the Palestinian people or else exposing the mendacious Jewish Rothschild central banking cartel that controls much of the world’s monetary system or the Jewish media cartel that controls the vast proportion of the Western world’s media and source of information. Those who were publishing critical articles were doing so because they firmly believed that their country, its government, jurisprudence, culture and social mores were under direct attack by the foreign influences of these Zionist organizations plus the choke hold that the state of Israel was gaining over Canada’s federal leaders and their parties. In other words their criticisms in many cases were based upon their personal belief and knowledge that Canada was under attack from foreign agents and that it was their constitutional right and duty to express their views on this vital matter of national security.

Charlie Hebdo and the ongoing Lies of the Jews

Juxtaposed against this background gestalt of brutal, repressive anti-Free Speech legislation (easily traced back to and premised upon the foundational lie of the 20th Century by World Jewry that “6 Million Jews” had been “holocausted” by gas and ovens in the work camps of National Socialist Germany during the latter half of WWII, a deception now proven to have been a fabricated event of mythical and universal proportions perpetrated upon humanity), Canada’s anti-Free Speech laws tended, in practically every case, to always benefit only one small minority  – the nation’s Jewish community – who amount to less that 2% of the country’s population. Thus all the present hoopla emanating from the Jewish-controlled media about “Freedom of Speech”, “free expression” and the West’s longstanding “liberal” tradition of justifiable satire for the likes of Islamophobic and Christianophobic writers, artists and publishers like Charlie Hebdo, the repulsively loathsome Jew ‘comedian’ Sarah Silverman, et al, resonates with even greater magnitude the same hollow sounds of bigotry and deception here in Canada today.

When the news began to break via Twitter on June 26th, 2013 that the Canada’s Senate had finally given third and final reading to Bill C-304, an Act to repeal the censorship provision – Section 13 – contained in the Canadian Human Rights Act this didn’t automatically signal the end of ALL of Canada’s repressive “Free Speech” legislation. Far from it. All the repeal accomplished was to removed the provisions within the Act that formerly gave non-Jews the same legal right to point a fierce and accusing finger at those of “Jewish ethnicity” who were out to destroy Canada’s socio-cultural and democratic way of life and demand that they also be held accountable for their traitorous actions against the nation in this regard. The demise, therefore, of Section 13, as far as the Zionist media was concerned, was the end of their coverage on the issue of “Freedom of Speech”. Their job was done and their own media was now far less restricted in its ability to carry on with their Islamophobic agenda of vilifying Muslims everywhere. As for the even more threatening, draconian legislation still contained within Canada’s Criminal Code under Section 318 to 320, “Hate Propaganda”, those heinous laws are still very much alive and currently being used to the max to take down my website and myself and thus set a new precedent that will undoubtedly be used to coerce any other Canadian citizen who might think they still have the right of “Freedom of Speech” to self-censor their opinions and beliefs and whatever historic research they may have uncovered that might support their viewpoint.

When you are immersed in the thick of a battle, be it to retain your constitutional right to freedom of expression or your fundamental right to stay alive physically, you quickly learn who the enemy is and what type of tactics they employ to overpower you. After eight long years of being in the trenches of what metaphorically (and some say realistically) might appropriately be called World War III and witnessing the stratagems used by the Zionist forces, it becomes clear how their modus operandi works. In actual physical warfare the Zionist forces, be they Israel attacking Gaza with their superior military firepower or the USA attacking Iraq with its superior firepower, they always resort to what they coined their “Shock and Awe” bombing power on their perceived enemy. This same strategy though is also, first and foremost, used pre-emptively when it comes to their disinformation “bombing campaign”campaigns that always precede any actual on the ground operations. In esoteric terms it exhibits the old adage, “As above, so below”.

At this stage of writing, the Charlie Hebdo narrative, for those whose minds haven’t already succumbed to the current “Shock and Awe” propaganda ordinance emanating forth from Zion’s big media guns, more than sufficient evidence now exists to prove that we’ve being subjected once again to another Israeli Mossad false flag operation; one deliberately orchestrated in order to provide the necessary media grist to carry out their latest “Free Speech” disinfo blitzkrieg designed to fool the traumatized masses into believing their lie that the massacre was carried out by “Muslim Jihadists” incensed over the magazine’s ongoing slander and mockery of Islam’s Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW). Nothing could be further from the truth.

As many writers have already revealed, including the American writer Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: “The Charlie Hebdo Story Simply Doesn’t Wash“. There’s just too many similarities to all the previous false flag events, including the greatest of all thus far in the 21st Century – 9/11– all of which were carried out with precisely the same global mind-control objective – the obfuscation, via dissimulation and outright LIES projected through Zion’s global media cartel, of the true motives and actions of the state of Israel, first by transforming, then transposing their wilful and ongoing acts of terrorism against the Muslim people of the Middle East into a completely opposite, inverted and deceptive narrative; one that portrays Israel (again and again) as the woefully misunderstood victim of the former “Nazi-insprired Holocaust of 6 Million Jews”  plus interminable Islamic ill-will, anti-Semitic chicanery and racist hatred, all of which is presently being focalized in the Charlie Hebdo incident in order to then justify their ultimate purpose in pulling off this latest cabalistic caper; one intended to be a “shock and awe” strike against the very foundations of freedom itself, that is, the fundamental, God-given right and necessity for every single human being on the face of this planet to be allowed to speak their mind and criticize whomever they feel may be attempting to stand in the way of this core human characteristic and all it entails in terms of keeping the principles of truth, honesty and moral rectitude alive.

By their past fruits we are able to recognize the Zionist’s present plot to disenfranchise the West of its basic human right to free expression via their entrenched “Hate Speech” laws which they themselves were instrumental in setting in place over the decades following WWII and have steadfastly refused to abolish in Canada and France and Germany and Australia and numerous other EU nations. It also explains the Zionist media’s refusal to deal with Section 318 to 320 during the many years that Section 13 was a hot topic across the Zionist news wires. The big question remains though, why are they waxing so eloquent about “Freedom of Speech” for the likes of Charlie Hebdo yet refusing to face the reality of these current, draconian “Hate Propaganda”laws; ones that fly in the face of the very principles and liberties that they are now espousing with such zealous vigour and haughtiness?

Dieudonne, Moi, Satire and Big Brother double standards

Je suis Dieudonne!! 1000 NEW

The most inescapable act of hypocrisy regarding the Zionist media’s trumpeting of “Freedom of Speech” is France’s disingenuous and despicable treatment of that nation’s famed comedian Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala, without a doubt one of the finest and incisive minds, popular comedians and satirists alive today. The French officials’ two-faced approach of promoting Charlie Hebdo and the concept of “Freedom of Speech” and the right to satire anything satireable while at the same time going on a “Hate Speech” rampage around the country arresting anyone who so much as made a contrary peep about the manifestly obvious suspicious murders or didn’t append their “Je suis” to the proper name, not only showed the world what a bunch of hypocritical and dangerous clowns they were but also reinforced the fact that France’s government is totally under the control of seditious Zionist Jew forces.

Just recently, in a radio interview with Kevin Barrett where we were discussing the whole Dieudonne debacle, it was pointed out that what is happening to Dieudonne in France and myself here in Canada over the past eight years of ongoing harassment, arrests, libel suit threats and so on is indicative of a world-wide conspiracy to stop the flow of truthful information concerning the miserable machinations of World Jewry’s Zionist juggernaut whether it issues forth from writings on a blogsite or from out of the mouths of satirical comedians such as Dieudonne.

While it’s just fine for Charlie Hebdo to “satirize” whomever they like (but please don’t criticize Zionism or Israel) when I penned a satire on a hate-filled screed against the German people originally written by a Jewish writer, Theodore n. Kaufman, back in 1941 in his now infamous book, Germany Must Perish! and called it Israel Must Perish! the immediate reaction from the Jew lobby in Canada was to file a Sec. 319(2) “Hate Propaganda” complaint against me and my website alleging that I was calling for the genocide of the whole Jewish population! Did the satire aspect of the article elude their intellectual acumen or were they just grasping at straws in order to somehow get me arrested? Only time will tell.

Here in Canada it’s B’nai Brith International, one of Rothschild’s 19th century secret masonic brainchilds, who man Big Brother’s “hate speech” ghetto towers, sweeping the Cyberian landscape 24/7 with their search lights in an ongoing effort to spot a Truth Revealer lurking somewhere in the digital underbrush that they can then literally hunt down by simply filing a Section 319(2) “hate speech” complaint against them with whatever local “Hate Crime Team” may be available depending upon the province the patriot resides in.


In France they likely hide behind a different mask but regardless of the name their purpose is to spy on a nation’s citizens and rat out anyone who they think may be a danger to Zion’s ongoing subterfuge and then use that nation’s “Hate Speech” laws to prosecute the alleged “anti-Semitic” victim.

The notion of satire has to be the biggest joke of all when viewed within the context of the current feigned fuss over free expression and the Charlie Hebdo false flag. For the Zionist Jew media the right to be able to publish endless lies, hatred, pornography, Islamophobia, Christianophobia – all of which mock everything that humanity has held sacred for millennia – is foremost and nothing illustrates this fact more than the government/media’s full-scale promotion of the latest edition of Charlie Hebdo that came out within practically a week following the demise of its former staff. Touting this deliberate act of further promoting a magazine whose contents supposedly were responsible for the deaths of around a dozen or more people as “Freedom of Speech” has to be one of the more provocative examples of Jewish chutzpah ever witnessed, yet, thanks to such sinister machinations this jaded, derelict crime syndicate comprised of interminable moral reprobates and serial killers were then able to utilize their widespread media sorcery to cast their evil spell over millions of French citizens thus manipulating them into believing their absurd lies while at the same time dashing about the country arresting others who were theoretically exercising these same, supposed “freedoms”.

As a Christian I’ve observed the artistic, literary and mimetic actions of the Jews when it comes to “satirizing” non-Jewish religions, their churches, their leaders or their saints and I’ve seen with my own eyes too many examples of what they consider to be “free expression” and “satire” disguised as “modern art” or “satire” yet, upon closer examination reveal themselves to be nothing more than lurid, depraved exhibitions of pornographic, scatological/sexual perversion and deviancy, reprehensible to the eye and an affront to one’s spiritual and moral sense of propriety. And when I witness such moral obscenity associated with their “artistic” creations I can only conclude and agree with those who state that the ideology of political Zionism is, at its root, immoral, atheistic and demonic in nature and cannot be connected to anything truly spiritual or holy in the traditional sense of those terms.

That said it behooves me to further add that, given all of the revulsion, disrespect, contempt and derision that much of what Zion vainly attempts to portray as “art” and “satire” entails, what is even more insulting, outrageous and unjust, is the fact that, after appointing themselves the arbiters of all things permissible, including the right to insult and denigrate anyone that they so wish to (for whatever purposes), they then turn around and create, promulgate and rigidly uphold so-called “Hate Speech” laws that exist only to prohibit, by the force of the state, anyone else from exercising these same identical freedoms which they sell to the gullible public as universal rights and freedoms!  Put in layman’s language there can never be such a thing as a level playing field when it comes to “Freedom of Speech” if, as in Orwell’s Animal Farm, some people are more free to say what they want than others.

Allow me to present some examples. As a Christian I’ll use two ‘cartoons’ from Charlie Hebdo that relate to spreading Christianophobia or anti-Christian, anti-God hate propaganda rather than adding to the already existing plethora of specious, Zionist hate-motivated Islamophobic “art”. To wit:



The Babylonian Talmud, the “bible” of the Rabbinical cult we associate with “Judaism”, consists of massive tomes of Jewish “Law” purported (by the priesthood) to have been handed down orally to Moses by the Jewish “g-d” Jehovah in the self-chosen people’s hoary past. Then, with the addition of greater masses of written commentary on said law, finally set in print around the 5th century A.D. The Talmud considered to be the ultimate authority and reference when it comes to any and all questions dealing with the religious life of an orthodox Jew supersedes the Torah in all aspects of authority.

Hidden for centuries from the prying eyes of non-Jews the Talmud was eventually translated into English in the early part of the 20th Century. Not long afterward an American author and researcher, Elizabeth Dilling, began a comprehensive study of the Talmud after returning from a visit to the Soviet Union in 1931 where she had gone to observe what the Zio-Communists were then touting as their great “humanitarian experiment”. Being able to go behind the scenes Dilling was, “shocked at the forced labor, the squalid living quarters, and deplorable living conditions, and the atmosphere of fear created by the Soviet dictatorship.” But even more so was she shocked by the “virulent anti-Christianity of the atheist Communist regime.”

Had Dilling been able, at the time, to penetrate further into the vast reaches of the Soviet wastelands she would have witnessed what, thanks to the heroic efforts of Russia’s Nobel Prize winning author and dissident Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, he described as the greatest mass genocide of Gentile Russian Christians ever undertaken in the history of the world. According to Solzhenitsyn somewhere in the neighbourhood of sixty-six million souls vanished into that frozen nightmare of terror and fear now known as the Gulag Archipelago.

SolzhenitsynGulagZioHatredquote 800

Dillings book, THE JEWISH RELIGION: Its Influence Today is a wealth of factual information on the hidden side of Pharisiac Judaism. Chapter 3 in particular, “The Talmud and Bible Believers” examines in detail how the Rabbinical priesthood views the likes of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary; both of whom are treated with the utmost contempt and disrespect. When one realizes just how vile and hateful the passages are describing Jesus and his Mother it’s not too difficult to connect the dots when it comes to understanding why this book, which is posted on my website in digital format (and numerous other websites around the world), was one of the principal documents submitted by the “complainants” in my present case as “proof” that I am willfully promoting hatred against “people of the Jewish religion or ethnic group”. Still, as the old saying goes, “The proof is in the pudding” and in the case of the Gulag Archipelago that pudding is stuffed to overflowing with the bloated and starved carcasses of countless millions of innocent people.

As such it beggars the mind to think that BC’s Attorney General, the Honourable Suzanne Anton, would have attached her name to such a sleazy and ill-conceived accusation; one that eventually led the thought police to proceed with their stalking and final arrest and jailing that then allowed them to illegally enter my home and steal all of my computers and electronic files and subsequently subject me to years of ongoing litigation in order to prove my innocence. This “law” we call Section 319(2) is a purely Bolshevik-inspired piece of Zionist double-talk and deception that allows the state to accuse me (or any other Canadian) of willfully promoting hatred against “people of the Jewish religion or ethnic group” for simply re-posting historical facts gleaned from the annals of the former Zionist Jew dominated Soviet dictatorship.


Upon reading what the Talmud has to say about Jesus Christ and Mother Mary it won’t take a whole lot of extrapolating to see why the Talmud-driven Zionist media commissars are still going out of their way to defend the likes of images such as these. Just like the New York Times, Charlie Hebdo’s messages appear to be  exactly what the Zionist media cartel deems content “fit to print”. I will leave it to viewers to decide whether they see these ‘cartoons’ as satire, humour or otherwise. They certainly aren’t the ones though that the Zionist media has been flashing about since the Charlie Hebdo incident.

One of the National Post’s well known Jewish writers, Andrew Coyne, in the comment section of its January 15, 2015 edition, penned an article entitled, “Humour busts taboos” (currently changed online to read: “Coyne: Everything can be laughed about, because everything can be discussed”) wherein he labours to intellectually justify the “humour” associated with Charlie Hebdo and Jewish ‘comedians’ such as Sarah Silverman (Coyne finds her humour “indefensibly funny”) who get their jollies out of telling anti-Christian jokes such as the example below:


Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 11.45.31 PM

British Internet writer and contributor to Veteran’s Today, Lasha Darkmoon, also has a few pertinent things to say about Silverman in her recent and popular article, “The Paris Massacre: they had it coming” where she writes,  “The Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman, the nice young lady who likes humping dogs and licking their anuses in various video skits—see here—and who gets many a cheap laugh by insulting Christianity in America, would have been a great hit with these satirical French journalists. They would have loved her for saying, “I hope the Jews DID kill Christ! I’d fucking do it again—in a second!”.

Coyne on the other hand, quoting François Cavanna, founder of Charlie Hebdo, who once stated, “Nothing is sacred” goes on to say, “I have been turning over those words in my mind ever since I saw them, shortly after the massacre. Can he really have meant it? Nothing is sacred? Why? Why was he so insistent, so absolute? …But I think it is more than that. I think it stems from an understanding that “offensive” humour is not an aberration, a warped version of the real thing, but rather that offensiveness of one kind or another is an intrinsic part of humour. Virtually all humour is offensive to someone; most humour is hurtful to some sensibility; much humour is rooted in pain and fear and the ugly reality of things.”

In his analysis of why people laugh, he tells us, “Nobody really knows why people laugh. They just do.” … “What one can say, however, is that it [laughter] emerges from some fundamentally healthy part of us.”

So I ask myself, why didn’t I laugh when I looked at the Charlie Hebdo image of God the Father being bum-phucked by my Lord Jesus Christ who, in turn, is having his own derriere desecrated by what is supposed to be a symbolic image of the Holy Spirit? The standard interpretation for Jews like Coyne would be that it’s apparently just a pun (satire) on the Catholic church’s opposition to gay marriage. No problem. Get over it guys. It’s all just “a joke”. Remember, “Nothing is sacred” and the laughter produced by such “satire” obviously “emerges from some fundamentally healthy part of us.”

But if you don’t find it funny at all and rather offensive then according to Coyne’s reasoning “…that’s also the moral answer. The first thing to ask about a joke is not, is it offensive, but: is it funny? If it is, if we laugh at it in spite of ourselves, chances are it is because there is something else to it than mere insult or grotesquerie: some larger truth, some point we resist acknowledging, because to do so would make us uncomfortable.” [Note: all emphasis throughout this article is by the author. A.T.]

Really now Andrew? Oi vey! I should truly like to know just what it is, what “larger truth” is hidden there that we, who don’t laugh at supposed ‘cartoons’ such as this, “resist acknowledging” because it would “make us uncomfortable”? How about the “larger truth” that the atheistic Zionist mindset could care less about what Christians or Muslims hold to be sacred? Is this not their standard operating procedure today just as it was after the overthrow of Czar Nicholas of Russia in 1917 when the Jew-led Bolsheviks systematically went about raping and murdering and torturing the Christian priests and nuns and destroying their houses of worship on a scale that, were it fully disclosed to the masses today on the Zionist media, would turn the stomachs of whole nations to the point where their present belief in your endless lies would suddenly cease to exist?

Commenting on Sarah Silverman’s career Coyne says, “If her routine were only about shock value, I don’t imagine she would have lasted as long as she has. Rather, she has thought long and hard about what makes us anxious — what we’re least willing to talk about.”

So, according to the atheistic Zionist mind-set of Jewish writers like Coyne, if someone has expended a lot of mental energy trying to figure out how to make Christians “anxious” about homos marrying homos by forcing them to talk about it through portraying their Saviour screwing God the Father up the ass, then this is a good thing. A funny thing. A laughter producing mechanism that gets the desired result “by turning our anxieties and discomforts in on themselves, forcing us to confront them rather than bury them.” Sigmund, I’m certain, would have been proud of Andrew Coyne’s deeply analytical diagnosis of Sarah Silverman’s perverted, sick mind.

Then of course, as Coyne goes on to say, “There’s a world of meaning in this. When an “offensive” comic says nothing is unsayable, they mean that we do not have to be afraid of words. They are not our master: we are theirs. Everything can be laughed about, because everything can be discussed.”

Now this is all fine and dandy for Andrew Coyne and his Jewish comedians and the National Post and its readership who subscribe to this type of psycho-babble purporting to be wisdom but, like all babble that arises in the Zionist media, it only caters to the self-chosen mindset, be it ethnic Jews or culturally and socially indoctrinated “mentally-cloned” chabez goy “Jews” who, because of their own life experiences growing up in a culture saturated with endless Zionist propaganda, have come to think and react and behave just like their Zionist counterparts.

But of course for all of Coyne’s sophisticated rhetoric and sophistry, specifically designed to make an ugly pile of dog shit look like a fruit cake, his arguments in favour of justifying what is nothing more than pure pornography, an “art” and an industry which the the Jews have developed to the point of perfection and now reap countless millions from its exploitation via their mass media, don’t impress me one iota.

But, and believe me when I say this is a BIG BUT (no pun or typo intended), there are the rest of us great unwashed goyim who amount to not millions but billions, who for numerous reasons don’t think at all like the Zionists would have us think. We have our own codes of moral conduct and our own spiritual views and perspectives on what we believe to be the holy and sacred side of life here on planet Earth. And yes, we also value justice and freedom of speech just like the Zionists purport to value it. Nonetheless, there is a vast and fundamental separation between the Zionist version of freedom of speech and that of the non-Zionist; a difference based upon the elemental fact that non-Zionists believe in freedom of speech for EVERYONE, not just for the Zionist Jews and their fawning sycophants who, for whatever reason, feel that Zion’s version of TRUTH and FREEDOM is somehow the only version permissible for the whole of humanity. Therein lies the rub and therein lies the one single factor that historically has made the “Jewish Question” one of continuing paramount importance for all of mankind and, as far back as a century ago, prompted the late Henry Ford, Sr. to describe this amazing occurrence with the Jews as “The world’s Foremost Problem”.

HenryQuotesTemplate 600

Given a level playing field in all the critical sectors of a nation that comprise government, banking, economics, industry, education, social and religious institutions and most important of all, openness and diversity within the most crucial area – its media/news/entertainment/communication systems – the majority of citizens in any democratic nation would have the wherewithal to manage their country for the good of all rather than be held hostage to a tiny deviant minority that now rules over us with greater and greater disregard for the essential values that do make life both sacred and worthwhile. This is a lesson that the Zionists and their obeisant sycophants are still in denial about. For the majority it’s but a matter of ignorance due to their brainwashing and were they to be told the whole truth would likely change their ways but for those in power who manage the levers of deception it’s not so much a matter of denial but one of cold, calculated, wilful, heartless premeditated criminal intent to perpetrate and perpetuate their execrable program to enslave the vast majority of humanity via the ongoing misuse of their media cartel and other control mechanisms.

Some final thoughts on Canada’s PM Stephen Harper and “Freedom of Speech”

Saving the worst for last and not wishing to subject readers to more obnoxious imagery I will forgo posting a photo of Canada’s No. 1 Zionist lackey and current Prime Minister of Canada, the Dishonourable Stephen Harper.

Before commenting on his recent reaction to the Charlie Hebdo affair I want to reiterate a fact that needs to be born in mind with respect to my legal proceedings now before the court. On April 27th, 2011, about one week prior to the last federal election, being fully conscious of the imminent threat that Harper posed to my country should his Conservative party gain a majority vote and be given the opportunity to exercise h/is-rael’s agenda via their controlled puppet, I penned an article titled, Hating Harper and posted it to my website. There you will find an image of the traitor who is now attempting to tell Canadians what a wonderful, free and democratic nation they live in; one that, were it not for those insanely envious ‘Mooslim’ terrorist Jihadists who hate our way of life, would have us all living just happy as a clam. When I wrote the article I knew full well what Canada would be facing should Stephen Harper and his Con-servative Party gain a majority of votes necessary to rule the country for next four years.

The very next day, Canada’s former No. 1 serial complainant in the vast majority of the now repealed Sec. 13 “Human Rights” cases (please note that I am under a court order NOT to publish his name anywhere on the net), filed a Sec. 319(2) “Hate Propaganda” complaint with the BC Hate Crime Team under the supervision of Det. Cst. Terry Wilson pictured below along with his partner in crime Cst. Normandie Levas. That was the first step taken in a long drawn-out clandestine process that eventually culminated in my arrest and incarceration on May 16th, 2012.

The BC Hate Crime Team’s website tells us that it “has two full-time police officers trained to recognize the specialized and multi-jurisdictional nature of hate propaganda offences.”  It was one of those “trained” police officers, Cst. Levas, who filed a report with BC Attorney General, Hon. Suzanne Anton, outlining her reasons why she felt I had committed the unforgivable crime of “willfully promoting hatred against people of the Jewish religion or ethnic group” by, (quoting Det. Cst. Wilson’s words to me while I was in jail), “calling for the total genocide of the Jewish population”. Based on this “trained” police officer’s  “evidence” the Attorney General then gave their consent to have me formally charged. Later on, during the preliminary inquiry when I cross examined Cst. Levas in court about her “training” and what it was that qualified her to make such presumptive and false accusations about me, she revealed to the court that prior to joining the “Hate Crime Team” she had worked as a . . . dental assistant!


Returning to the Charlie Hebdo hoax and that other hoax, the Zionist National Post, I want to make further reference to an article that appeared on the front page of the January 9, 2015 edition titled, “THIS IS WAR ON US ALL, HARPER SAYS: PM says terror law to be tabled soon.” (My apologies to readers but I’ve been unable to find a link to the article online)

Before the blood had dried on the two young Muslim brothers alleged to have carried out the shootings at the office of Charlie Hebdo then subsequently murdered by the French security forces in order to ensure that they would never have the opportunity to tell their side of the story, Canada’s Zionist-controlled puppet, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, was already blabbering on in the media about how the “jihadists are at war with anyone who values openness and tolerance” and further stating that his government was already busy formulating new proposed legislation that would introduce “new arrest powers aimed at thwarting terrorist threats” in an upcoming bill destined to be tabled at the end of January when Parliament resumes.

He then went on to say, “They have declared war and are already executing it on a massive scale on a whole range of countries with which they are in contact, and they have declared war on any country, like ourselves(sic), that values freedom, openness and tolerance. We may not like this and wish it would go away, but it is not going to go away.

Yes, Stephen Harper, you can be damn sure that these false flag events such as we’ve just witnessed in Paris, France won’t “go away” so long as the wars which your government has plunged Canada into at the behest of Israel are slated to carry on and the necessity to manufacture greater and greater levels of fear remain a prerequisite to gaining approval for your heinous acts of genocide against defenceless people like the Palestinians of Gaza and the West Bank, the Afghans and those still surviving in other Middle East nations where the Zionist forces are constantly committing their war crimes.

Making these hypocritically absurd pronouncements given the fact that there was still no definite proof as to who had committed the murders merely shows the insidiousness and transparent bigotry of those in power who, because they are puppets dangling on Zionist strings, will mouth their aggressive lies and threats to the world regardless of whatever the people may think to the contrary. This process of accusing either an individual or a nation of crimes yet unproven applies not only to the Islamic community as a whole but to my own “Freedom of Speech” case here at home in Canada and now before the Supreme court of British Columbia. The fact that I have yet to be tried for the alleged “crime” of “willfully promoting hatred against people of the Jewish religion or ethnic group” certainly didn’t deter the Zionist media in Canada from making all sorts of false and defamatory accusations and slanderous remarks against my person when the Indictment was first handed down November 5, 2012. The same Zionist big mouth, Ezra Levant, was only too happy to interview my former counsel, Douglas Christie on his SunNews show “The Source” where he then proceeded to accuse me of all sorts of falsehoods just like Harper does when it comes to discussing issues to do with Islam and Israel’s false flag events all of which are designed to further enhance just such vitriolic rhetoric.

Within the short span of about six minutes good ol’ free speech advocate Ezra Levant managed to slander, defame and libel me as many times as possible, punctuating every comment or question to lawyer Doug Christie with at least one or more ad hominem slur,  in order to show the world just how grand and liberal the Zionist mainstream media truly is when it comes to freedom of expression.

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 4.55.45 PM

Yes, said Ezra, that Topham is an “anti-Semite.” He’s “offensive” and an “anti-Zionist [which is] code for anti-Semitic.” His website is “gross” and his comments “repulsive” and everything that he does is “motivated by a form of malice.” And on top of that Levant also shared freely his opinion that I was a “nobody” and an “anti-Semitic idiot and a right wing wacko” ending his “freedom of speech” soliloquy by emphatically pronouncing to all of Canada that when it came right down to it “I HATE ARTHUR TOPHAM!”

When I finished watched the interview I said to myself, oi vey! with “free speech” friends like this who needs enemies? Here he is, one of Canada’s most vocal advocates for “freedom of speech” on the Internet and he’s sitting there abusing me left, right and center telling the world blatant lies about me and making me out to be some sort of crazed Jew-hating anti-Semite! That folks is how “Freedom of Speech” works for those holding the mechanisms of mind-control in their nefarious little hands.

Getting back to Harper and his disingenuous statements to the media he goes on to say, “At the same time, we also encourage people to go about their lives and to exercise our rights and freedoms and our openness as a society as loudly and as clear as we can because that is the best way of defeating what is ultimately a movement of hatred and intolerance.” “No shit Batman” as a friend of mine used to say when confronted with such transparent posturing. That is precisely what I and many other Canadians have been doing for decades. And were we able to “exercise our rights and freedoms” without the Jewish lobbyists using their “Hate Propaganda” laws to attack and imprison us? No. Just more hypocritical smoke and mirrors and sententious sophistry that’s all.

Commenting on the Paris demonstrations that followed in the wake of the shootings Harper, monotonously mouthing the Zionist agenda rather than taking into consideration ALL Canadians, displayed his now usual chutzpah by stating, “Today, I know all Canadians…stand together with [Israel? A.T.] the people of France…our great friends and allies” culminating his bigoted remarks with his final fatuous remark that, “When a trio of [alleged. A.T.] hooded men struck at some of our most cherished democratic principles – freedom of expression,  freedom of the press – they assaulted democracy everywhere.”

Talk is obviously cheap and meaningless when a nation’s leader can make such blatantly deceptive statements to the press and the so-called “independent” media stands by unquestioningly allowing it to go on.


So what are we to make of this latest false flag event that occurred in Paris, France? Will the world fall for it like most people fell for the 9/11 false flag and continue on supporting those who are the perpetrators of the majority of mankind’s problems? How long will the pretense last before the mask of Zion finally falls from the face of evil, revealing forever the primary source of mankind’s collective woes and allowing for the final liberation of the millions of people still suffering from the ignorance that’s ultimately a result of having lived their lives in a trauma-induced trance of fear and insecurity; products of deliberate mind-control by a globally elite force of psychopaths who truly believe that they were given the right by their G_d to wield unlimited power and control over the majority of humanity? How long before the majority of Jews themselves will be healed of this devastating ghetto consciousness that’s plagued the world for over two millennia?

For most people today the realization that they are going about their lives unaware of the fact that there’s a war going on around them designed to eventually enslave them is beyond belief. They simply remain transfixed by Big Brother’s media, struggle on a daily basis to pay their credit card debts and keep food on the table and a roof over their heads all the while faithfully watching the sitcoms and television news and sports and a myriad number of channels all designed with the intent of diverting their attention away from the psycho/spiritual battles that are going on behind the scenes both in Cyberspace (the Internet) where the final battle is now well underway as well as in the courtrooms of the nation where the Zionist forces are surreptitiously at work both enacting new legislation and protecting old legislation like Section 318 to 320 of Canada’s Criminal Code, laws overtly and covertly designed to  criminalize the Truth Revealers who are on to their scams and are doing their utmost with scant resources to strike the chimes of truth and freedom and connect the dots so that the majority of those still asleep might one day awaken.

Make no mistake about it. The Zionists KNOW their days are numbered and that time is fast running out for them to pull off their global coup. The fact that they know though is not something that will automatically tempt them to change their evil ways. That’s not how psychopaths operate. The stronger the resistance to their plotting and scheming the more they dig their heels in and resort to greater and greater subterfuges to prevent the tide of truth from rising. They understand better than anyone the power of their media and the power of their purse and they will not stop using either of these devices to achieve the end they’ve worked for so long and with such single-minded, albeit, malicious  intent.

It may be pointless at this juncture in the battle to remind people that this war has been going on since Lucifer first broke rank with the heavenly hosts and decided that he would rather be God and do his own thing instead of remaining a willing and loving participant in the grand scheme of Creation. God of course, having endowed all of his Creation, from the heavenly realms down to us mundane time-space mortal creatures of flesh and blood with free will wasn’t about to interfere with his design and so left his somewhat recalcitrant and sentient family to work it out on their own.

The debate over who the Zionists really are and why they’re motivated to act as they do would fill a thousand Alexandrian libraries. The origins of such primal urges to control others cannot help but lead serious thinkers to an eventual realization that such questions ultimately cannot be answered without delving into speculative philosophical, occult and spiritual realms that go far beyond the scope of this article.

The Internet at this early juncture in its nascent beginnings is already expanding at quantum speeds. The information age is gaining ground with every millisecond, exploding our preconceived notions of time and space and taking us on a transcendental journey that at this point in time is akin in terms of progress to our little toe projecting out upon the threshold of a dream that undoubtedly will continue to unfold throughout the remainder of the present Aquarian cycle, leading us onward and inward to greater and greater understanding, peace, harmony, and love.

Together humanity now faces the supreme trial of all ages past. We stand as a vast human species with one foot embedded in yesterday  and the other foot jutting forth into a future that all too often appears shrouded in grey, chemtrail-like clouds of self doubt brought forth daily through the interminable Big Brother’s flak of fear and loathing which constitute the hallmarks of the Zionist Information Media now permanently acting in collusion with its counterparts in every other phase of global involvement who are intent on breaking the will of the people to the point where they eventually give up and bow their heads to accept their chains of slavery and subservience to the satanic power  that now rules the world by default.


Bob Dylan, one of the leading American Jewish poets, songwriters and musicians of the 1960’s prophetically expressed best our current existential dilemma when, in 1964 he wrote his immortal song, “The Times They Are A-Changing”. I publish it here for readers to consider.

Come gather ’round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You’ll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you is worth savin’
Then you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin’

Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won’t come again
And don’t speak too soon
For the wheel’s still in spin
And there’s no tellin’ who that it’s namin’
For the loser now will be later to win
For the times they are a-changin’

Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call
Don’t stand in the doorway
Don’t block up the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
There’s a battle outside and it is ragin’
It’ll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin’

Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don’t criticize
What you can’t understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is rapidly agin’
Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin’

The line it is drawn
The curse it is cast
The slow one now
Will later be fast
As the present now
Will later be past
The order is rapidly fadin’
And the first one now will later be last
For the times they are a-changin’

The glorious sun of Truth and Justice is now rising upon an otherwise outwardly bleak, forlorn, terror-stricken Cyberian landscape according to divine plan, casting great shadows across the wreckage of thousands of years of endless war and strife and suffering. Its radiant rays of life-giving hope are bursting forth with new and brighter intensity than ever before, defying with the full intensity of its love-driven will and determination all of the Evil and Darkness emanating forth from the present Zio-Talmudic tyranny now so frantic with fear and desperately attempting to pull off its age-long plan for absolute control of planet Earth.

In the end Truth and Love and Peace WILL prevail.



An Open Letter to all Truth Deniers & Holocaust Believers By Arthur Topham


An Open Letter to all Truth Deniers and Holocaust Believers


Arthur Topham

August 22nd, 2014



[Editor’s Preface:

What sparked this open letter to those who still believe in what historical revisionist and author Arthur R. Butz called “The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry” (the title of his 1976 book that demolished forever the mythological basis for what, in my estimation, was, and remains, the most colossal and earth-threatening lie ever to have been told to mankind) was a comment from a person (Nick Inglis) on a post that I had submitted to a local Quesnel, B.C. Facebook group of which I was a member at the time. It was the standard “guilty by association” ploy that both Jews and their deluded gentile lackeys in the west perpetually use whenever they don’t have anything intelligent to offer to a debate. In this case the fellow who posted it appeared to be a member of the science faculty at a B.C. university in the southern region of the province. Given that the author of comment represented what might be called a member of Canada’s intelligentsia I felt it was time to inform those of his mindset of a few things that they were unwittingly overlooking in their efforts to sustain this massive falsification that has plagued the world since 1945.]


Dear Nick Inglis, Truth Deniers & Holocaust Believers:

While out getting firewood yesterday I got to thinking about your August 16th comment on the WTF Quesnel FB group where you had remarked on a post of mine, “I wonder what Councillor Thapar would think about being used as a reference to support a Holocaust denier.”

Apart from the fact that your words were obviously meant to imply “guilt by association” between myself and Quesnel City Councillor Sushil Thapar, thus reflecting badly on the councillor, that aspect of your comment wasn’t what I was meditating on while falling the beetle-killed pines along the Cariboo roadside.

It appears (from clicking on your FB profile) that you have begun a new job with the Biology Faculty at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Surrey, B.C.  It was this point that caught my attention and got me thinking further about your remark concerning the fact that I don’t believe in the 6 Million myth and therefore am a prime candidate for labelling as a “Holocaust denier” by the Zionist Jews and those like yourself who support their psychopathy.

As someone who appears to be involved in science it begs the question as to why you would be so quick to make such an accusation against me and also why you would be buying into the “Holocaust” fiction in the first place given that your profession rests, for the most part, upon reason, logic and provable facts rather than assertions, accusations, emotions and beliefs (as odd, inconceivable and incomprehensible as they may be).

As a scientist I’m certain you must be aware of the situation that the 16th Century Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher Galileo found himself in when he discovered (thanks to his newly designed telescope) that his predecessor Nicolaus Copernicus’ theory that the Earth and all of the planets actually revolved around the Sun rather than the opposite world view  – one that postulated the Earth was the center of our Universe – was, in fact, true.

You must also be aware of the persecution, ignominy and lifetime incarceration that Galileo underwent thanks to the machinations of the Roman Catholic Church when he refused to recant his position, all of which relates to this 20th century phenomenon that the Jews have, with wilful and intentional malice, forced upon the world via their monopolistic control of all major media sources coupled with their inordinate financial and political influence over western nations and politicians (as has now become so patently obvious during the latest round of genocide in Gaza wherein no western “leader” has shown the courage or fortitude to question and demand a stop to the needless slaughter of thousands of innocent men, women and especially children).

It was the Renaissance Nick that first gave birth to what we now call the Scientific Method – a time, after centuries of darkness and ignorance, when man’s inquisitive and skeptical mind and spirit of inquiry finally burst forth in open opposition to the then accepted Authority of the day. Without this method of approaching any hypothetical question and proving it with verifiable facts the world would still be held in throng to superstition and religious speculation rather than actual truth. Given this new reality that the world adopted over four hundred years ago I fail to understand how you, as a scientist, can equate (and justify) making ILLEGAL the questioning of anything; be it a scientific theory, an accepted fact of nature or, even the fiction of “6 Million Jews” having been gassed to death and then cremated in ovens in German occupied territory during WW2?

Cannot you see that, in this particular case, i.e., the 6 Million myth, you are being confronted with the ONLY exception to the scientific methodology upon which your profession and all scientific professions rest? Why is it that, in this one instance, you are somehow able to suspend your understanding of the scientific method of discovery and suddenly accept, on hearsay and proven contrived “evidence”, that governments, under the influence of one small religious cult, can actually legislate laws that make it an indictable offence to question this fiction or anything else for that matter? Where does freedom of thought and inquiry play into this diabolical farce? Where does common sense and the basics of scientific research come in? Where, in truth, does anything logical or reasonable come into play when anyone, be they a government or a religious group (as in the case of the Jews) or an individual, is able to make it illegal to question any matter of history or any event or anything that may be theorized, ranging from the scientific up through the branches of philosophy and art to even the spiritual pinnacle of theological speculation?

One would think (reasonably and logically) that if any statement, of all the myriad questions that mankind has considered throughout history, ought to meet such a criterion and be prohibited by law it would be the denial of God rather than a purported historic event that has countless loopholes in it which would prevent it from becoming accepted by the whole world (scientific or otherwise) as an unquestionable fact. In other words are we to remain free to question the existence of the Creator Himself yet unable to question, based upon scientific evidence or otherwise, the fraudulent claims of the Zionist Jews who, through cunning and conspiracy, plus the heavily weighted influence of their purse and their control of all aspects of our major sources of communication, have not only successfully foisted this lie upon mankind and then exacerbated it by programming successive generations of people to accept it as the gospel truth but have now managed to actually elevate it to the apex of juridical absurdity through the manufacture of actual legislation in certain countries that make it ILLEGAL to question what is undoubtedly, as researcher Arthur R. Butz clearly proved back in 1976, the greatest hoax of the 20th century?

Of course I know why you made that comment just as I know why the Zionist Jews and the state of Israel have been slaughtering Palestinians and stealing their land for over a century. It is, as the Jews so often have stated in the past with respect to their 6 Million myth, “manifestly obvious” that your intent is to discourage others from any association with those who, like myself, refuse to accept the unacceptable and fraudulent premise of the 6 Million and thus segregate and isolate our thoughts and ideas and opinions and years of intensive research so that no one will be tempted to investigate further what I or numerous others have to say about any of the related problems that political Zionism has created throughout the 20th century and which now, are coming to a head, in the early beginnings of the 21st.

Here is your modus operandi and the scenario that you would have others believe:

The primary purpose of labelling a person an “anti-Semite” or a “Holocaust denier” or a “hate monger” or any number of other similar epithets is, pure and simple, outright vilification. In other words if you can first create labels like those just identified and then instil their circumscribed and false meanings in the minds of the general public through mass programming (via the mainstream media which the Jews control), then once this is established it precludes having to establish any further solid proof to support whatever allegations you may wish to make about a person, group, organization or even government for that matter, which you intend to destroy by first defaming them in order to discredit either their character and integrity or their work (i.e. opposing views).

To return to your original remark let us see how this program of vilification would work should it actually be followed through.

I have lived in Cariboo region of British Columbia, Canada since 1970 which amounts to forty-four years (with some brief absences). From 1975 on I have lived here steadily working and raising a family and contributing to the local community in a number of ways. 

The Quesnel area has a overall population of about 30,000 people which is not a large number to get to know  or become known to over the span of nearly half a century. Because of my propensity for writing and my interest in politics and history I have been a regular contributor to Quesnel’s community newspaper, the Quesnel Cariboo Observer where, according to statistics, I earned a reputation for having contributed more “Letters to the Editor” to that publication than anyone else in its 106 year history of publishing.  As well I have been a paid columnist for the same publication.

My civil commitments to the local region have also been  substantial and fulfilling with years of community service in my own local community of Cottonwood which lies approximately 20 miles east of the city of Quesnel. I’ve worked in a number of different professions ranging from school teaching to that of a Park Ranger and Supervisor to being a log builder, the owner of a registered carpentry business  as well as owning and running a registered publishing business known as The Radical Press along with placer mining and being the Secretary of the Cariboo Mining Association.

On top of these activities I’ve been actively participating in local politics at the regional, municipal and provincial levels of government having at different times ran for the position of Councillor for the city of Quesnel as well as for the provincial MLA’s position for the Cariboo North electoral district.

In other words I haven’t been sitting idle over the past forty years plus. It is this legacy of community contributions and effort that you are attempting to destroy by your calculated and malicious attempt to discredit my life’s work using worn-out tactics of slander and libel and defamation, all of which are meant to malign my character and denigrate all of my efforts over the past four decades. 

But that’s not the worst of it. You would have your mean-spirited accusations and spiteful assertions carry over to all those with whom I’ve established relations with throughout my lifetime here in the Cariboo. In other words all of my friends and associates and those within my community who I’ve had social or business dealings with for decades are all to suddenly void their association with me because now I am a “Holocaust denier” and no longer the person I’ve been all my life. Are you not capable of intellectually grasping the enormity of what you are attempting to do via your spurious, and, yes, hateful slander?

You mentioned Councillor Sushil Thapar in your comment but you have failed to mention the rest of the many councillors and mayors of the city of Quesnel who I have known and associated with and befriended over the past forty-four years. Are they also expected to treat me as if I were suddenly a pariah and a leper because someone of your mental measure has  inferred that I am a “Holocaust denier”?

Why it wasn’t that long ago that I was speaking with one of the former mayors of Quesnel and he remarked to me, upon hearing that I had been charged with a “hate crime”, “Why Arthur how can this be? I’ve always known you to be a “peace and love” sorta guy, one of the old Hippies who’s always strived to bring  social justice and brotherhood and sisterhood and environmental sanity back to the world.” Were he and all the other public figures who I know to take your ill-intentioned and evil advice they would all, needs be, have to see me in a totally different light and accept that they had been wrong about me all their lives and that in reality I’m just a no-good, worthless, hate-mongering, Jew-hating anti-Semite and, horror of horrors, a “Holocaust denier”!

And that, Nick Inglis, is the long and the short of your intentions and your sleazy tactics. Rather than have to defend your libellous accusations made against my person by offering up substantial evidence to prove what you are alleging is verifiable truth it’s much easier to merely resort to the Zionist Jew’s deceptive deck of shitty smear cards in the vain hope that whatever ones you pull out will somehow stick to me and save you having to actually offer credible sources to support your surreptitiously motivated intentions.

Like I mentioned earlier in this article the definitive proof that the so-called 6 Million Jewish Holocaust is nothing more than a fabricated fraud is all contained in Arthur R. Butz’s book, The Hoax of the Twentieth Century. Once again I humbly suggest to you and all the rest of the truth-deniers and holocaust believers in the world that you obtain a copy of this book and read it carefully. Having done that and you are still convinced that you can disprove what Mr. Butz has shown to be the truth regarding this deception then please share your findings with the rest of the truth seekers of the world who have already determined the veracity of this indisputable document.

In Peace and Justice for All,

I remain,

Arthur Topham





Open Letter to B.C. Premier Christie Clark from Radical Press Publisher Arthur Topham



Premier Christie Clark
West Annex
Parliament Buildings
Victoria, BC
V8V 1X4
July 31, 2014

Ms. Clark,
I cannot adequately convey my deep sense of disappointment and outrage over the fact that you have appeared before B.C.’s Zionist Jew community in Vancouver and despoiled and sullied the good name of the province of British Columbia and all of its inhabitants by speaking to and telling the crowd of complicit Zionist war criminals within its midst that British Columbians support the bloody, genocidal actions of the state of Israel against the defenceless people of Gaza, Palestine. 
By your own actions you are telling the world, not just B.C., that all the citizens of this great province support the ongoing slaughter of children and women and men in Gaza, and in doing so you not only are betraying the trust of British Columbians but committing an act of treason against your country.
The state of Israel is the most belligerent, blood-thirsty, zealously racist, rogue, apartheid nation on the face of the planet; one that’s been illegally and irrationally stealing territory from the rightful owners of the land since its inception in 1948, using murder and genocide and terror of the defenceless Palestinian people as its primary aim, all with the intention of driving the Palestinians out of their own territory so that Israel can gain control of the land and all its resources.
Israel has herded the Palestinians into concentration camps like Gaza and then imposed outrageously unjust restrictions upon their freedoms so as to make them dependent upon the  Israeli state for all basic necessities like water, food, medical supplies and education. 
As this unjustifiable carnage and slaughter continues and the world’s media, controlled by the Zionist Jews, continues to pump out its lies and anti-Palestinian propaganda on a 24/7 basis, people around the world are rising up to protest the crimes of Israel against their helpless victims, finally realizing from all the blatant, astounding destruction and death, that this Jews-only, supremacist state is not only a threat to peace in the Middle East but the number one stumbling block to peace around the world.
As a citizen of the province of B.C. from before the time that you were born I strongly object to the fact that you’ve assumed the right to speak on my behalf and attempted to tell the Jewish Zionist community of Vancouver that all of British Columbia is in full support of Israel’s illegal, immoral, illogical and ill-conceived actions toward the people of Gaza. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your complicity in this matter is beyond the pale of anything resembling a humanitarian, statesman-like approach to a conflict that’s been the bane of civilized people for the past sixty-six years of Israel’s existence as an independent member of the world’s nations.
Your callous and crude display of feigned allegiance to the racist, murderous actions of Israel, all based upon the lie that “Israel has the right to defend itself” by slaughtering innocent men, women and children, will go down in history as yet one more example of how the mighty have fallen for the lies of World Jewry’s insidious, ongoing propaganda. 
I cannot tell you just how ashamed I am of you and your government for having taken this political stance in your unabashed support for war crimes committed by the state of Israel. As head of B.C.’s elected government you’ve added your name and the name of the B.C. Liberal Party to a growing list of undisguised, shameless traitors and sycophants who, like Prime Minister Stephen Harper, have dragged Canada’s former reputation as a peace-loving nation down into the gore and blood and rubble and terror that is Gaza today. 
Were you a true Christian I would advise you to fall down on your knees and pray to God to forgive you for your gross stupidity and lack of compassion. Even as a single mother who presumably loves her child, the notion that you can stand up in public and brazenly support a tribe of racist, self-serving malcontents who are sacrificing and slaughtering little children by the hundreds, is beyond comprehension for anyone, Christian or otherwise, who has and who loves their own children and grandchildren.
It begs the question Christie Clark: for what price have you sold your soul to this Machiavellian agenda that political Zionism has created around the world? We all, by now, realize the inordinate influence of the Jewish lobby and the “power of their purse” as well as the absolute media control that they have here in Canada and around the globe, all of which only makes them that much more delusional, believing in their own rabbinically induced phantasy that they are somehow, “God’s chosen people” destined to become the heirs to not only all of Palestine but to the planet itself. They obviously have chosen of their own accord to assume such a mantle of malicious intent and ill-will and mask it behind their endless lies and media cover ups which you, in your servile display of flattery and obsequiousness before the crowd assembled at the Temple Sholom synagogue in Vancouver have only helped to exacerbate.
Your pretentiousness and arrogance in thinking that by aligning your party and the province with this dark, sinister, demonic and evil presence you will somehow gain any positive benefits for B.C. or your party is both ill-conceived and erroneous. You’ve only brought shame and disgrace to our province and shown the world that you and your Liberal party are nothing more than complicit, guilty war criminals deserving of nothing less than to be removed from office and banished from Canada forever.   


Arthur Topham
Canada’s Radical News Network
“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998”


B.C. Liberal’s Smart Meter “options” No Choice At All by CST


SmartMeter Poster500 copy 2

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 8.49.05 AM

It is clear the Smart Meter “options” offered yesterday by our new Minister of Energy only apply to people who don’t have a Smart Meter yet. It doesn’t apply to the thousands of people who were lied to or bullied into taking a Smart Meter against their will, nor does it apply to those who have changed their minds since installation, those who move to a new house, or those who stop paying the “fee”, and this offers no choice at all for people living in multiple housing developments with numerous microwave smart meters pulsing through their homes. Smart Meter installations have been imposed on thousands of customers despite their refusal which is not reflected in any of Mr. Bennett’s calculations. All of these people want and must have the right of choice to a safe and secure electrical meter that does nothing more than record energy use.

While we appreciate that Bill Bennett no longer wants to see people bullied into taking a microwave emitting Smart Meter against their will, we do not believe the options presented so far are fair and reasonable to the people of BC. In fact, the proposed “options” appear to be a ploy to get the remaining Smart Meters installed with some window dressing to hide the true nature of the plan. Making sure that every citizen has a Smart Meter makes it very easy to turn the radio on at a future date, with or without the resident’s consent or knowledge, and so by sleight of hand, the microwave Smart Grid rollout would be complete.

The BC Liberals are providing scant comfort in stating that the BC Utilities Commission will oversee the charges. They are attempting to restrict thte inevitable BCUC hearings to cost alone, but the areas of contention and concern regarding this Smart Grid go far beyond financial.

We are being told that nobody will be forced any more, but now we are faced with clearly coercive tactics – we will put a Smart Meter on your house unless you pay money, and if you move or cannot afford to pay the extorion fee, or already have a smart meter, YOU ARE OUT OF LUCK.

Every single ratepayer in BC is already paying for the Smart Grid program, whether you get a meter of not. Smart Meters and all the infrastructure, plus many future upgrades, are bought using our money paid to BC Hydro in our rate charges. If you choose to keep your analogue, BC Hydro should actually pay you a rebate check since you are already paying for a service you don’t want. There is no need to incur the cost of meter readers except to verify readings once per year. Many places throughout BC and Canada use a system of customer relayed information to form billings. At a cost per microwave Smart Meter of approximately $555 per household to install, when the customer says no, there is a saving to BC Hydro which should be passed along to the customer.

So where’s the real and true democratic choice, Mr. Bennett? The real choice is to make the Smart Grid an opt in system, and any person who chooses not to participate in this questionable and risky program can do so without harassment or underhanded coercion.

The Human Rights case is still moving ahead, with the hearing scheduled for November. The Class Action lawsuit against BC Hydro will be filed next week on behalf of persons against whom a wireless smart meter has been imposed. Those wishing to join the class action may follow directions posted on our website,

Know the truth about these options, and that is they are NO CHOICE AT ALL.


Consider joining the Class Action lawsuit against BC Hydro HERE

Complete the No Fee Opt Out Registration Notice HERE so we can get a more accurate picture of how many people have been forced to take a Smart Meter and want it OFF

Read about the BC Centre for Disease Control recent review of health damage from wireless exposure HERE

Get this information out to people who support democratic choice as a right in Canada.

Una St.Clair
Executive Director

Zionist Jew Media Campaign to Smear Radical Press by Arthur Topham


“Someday, someone, somewhere, is going to break that silence and only then will we begin to hear the sounds of balanced media coverage finally rising above what Solzhenitsyn described as “the incessant dinning of slogans and dogmas that abolish the human essence and deny all individuality to man.” Then, and only then, will the silence of the wolves begin to disperse as the clear light of a new day of freedom of speech dawns for all Canadians.”

Arthur Topham, Silence of the Wolves, July 16, 2009

Early beginnings

It’s been ongoing since the day I first openly criticized the Zionist Jews and their political dogma or ideology known as Zionism. That was back during the heady last days of the 20th Century when I was publishing my monthly hard copy edition of The Radical, an alternative tabloid which ran for forty-two consecutive editions ending in June of 2002.

Throughout most of my tenure as Publisher and Editor of The Radical I was basically ignorant of the Zionist agenda and didn’t begin to clue into what it was all about until after reading the writings of the Jewish intellectual Noam Chomsky, in particular his account of the Middle East situation contained in his book, The Fateful Triangle – Israel, the United States, and the Palestinians. After digesting Chomsky’s account of Israel and who is controlling it and its ideological base I began to pay more and more attention to this issue as time went on.

Of course being a radical alternative publisher with an eclectic sense of what is news and what is b.s. I soon attracted a lot of unwanted attention from what one might call the “Left” in Canada’s political circles. At first it was rather odd as I had always thought of myself as a lefty. My father had been a strong supporter of both the CCF and the NDP throughout most of his life and my paternal grandfather had actually been a good friend of Tommy Douglas’s back when Tommy was still working as a minister of the church in Saskatchewan back in the 1930s.

Anyhow, Canadian Dimension magazine at one point did a major smear edition on myself, The Radical and another alternative newspaper back in January of 2001 that finally established the fact that the so-called “Left” in Canada was in fact riddled with people who were died in the wool Marxists and Communists and stalwart supporters of Zionism and the Jewish state of Israel. Anyone else in the movement who wasn’t was labelled “right wing” or an “anti-Semite” or some other unsavoury epithet.

It was at this period of my life that I first met Paul Fromm, the feisty spokesperson for the Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE) and began publishing occasional articles that he had penned. I was also covering the whole issue with Wiebo Ludwig and his Trickle Creek Christian Community and their ongoing battles with the Oil and Gas Industry in Alberta and publishing the early writings of controversial speaker and author David Icke.

Those familiar with David Icke will likely be aware that he too was attacked and smeared by this same chronic complainer Ricardo Warmouse who has been attacking me and my website since at least 2007. David still has articles on Warmouse posted on his website .

NDP government takes Radical Press to court

Eventually I ended up in B.C.Supreme Court in 2002 after exposing the dubious character of a former NDP MLA appointed by the Dosanjh government who had been given the portfolio for the Ministry of Children and Families all the while staving off continuous allegation by his many detractors that he had been involved in drug running, child pornography and worse. This same individual is now the Chief Red Apple for the First Nations Summit here in British Columbia and his name is Edward John.

The Dosanjh government hired a good Jewish lawyer, Marvin Storrow to defend him and I ended up acting on my own behalf in pro ce fashion defending my newspaper and my right to publish. Poor Marvin of course was former PM Trudeau’s appointed council during the APEC fiasco in Vancouver and ended up being outed by the Raging Grannies who spotted him attending a Liberal fundraiser while attempting to act impartially in dealing with all the protesters who had been beaten and pepper sprayed while protesting the visit to Vancouver by Indonesia’s infamous war criminal Suharto who Trudeau lauded as some sort of admirable dignitary.

Eventually it became too onerous and expensive to publish my tabloid and I switched to the Internet in 2002 and carried on until my website was sabotaged by the Zionist sayannim who are everywhere on the net and throughout the media and the assorted political organizations throughout the country.

That is why today when you visit my website you will find that the articles begin in June of 2006.

B’nai Brith Canada: The root of the issue


That short synopsis said let me now proceed to the root of this issue that I am facing today, the significant and overt attack against my publishing business and my person by the world’s foremost Zionist Jew lobby organization known as B’nai Brith International.

As I’ve said before most Canadians see this organization as a benevolent society whose main purpose is to look after little old Jewish widows and raise money for the needy, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth! For all the suave rhetoric from its many spokespersons such as Anita Bromberg of B’nai Brith Canada one would certainly get this impression of B’nai Brith as nothing more than the image projected by the Zionist media which works in direct tandem with BBC (B’nai Brith Canada).

But what they don’t tell you is that every nation in the western world has a branch or tentacle formed out of the Mother plant known as B’nai Brith International which is a Jews-only masonic order first established back in the mid 1840s in the USA and that Mother was the creation of the Rothschild dynasty that now controls global finance, the global media, global “International” organizations like the UN, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and dozens upon dozens of other affiliated organizations whose main purpose is to maintain the House of Rothschild and the control of the world’s money supply; for without that ill-gained ability to manifest money out of thin air and then lend it to the governments of the world at exorbitant interest rates (Usury), the whole fabric of the Zionist curtain would quickly disintegrate before the eyes of the world and like the Wizard of Oz the public would suddenly realize just who was behind all of the financial troubles, endless wars and incessant woes and miseries facing the world today.

B’nai Brith Canada first attacked me and my publishing business back in November of 2007 when its B.C. representative filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission alleging the following:

“This concerns  a complaint filed with the Canadian Human Rights Commission seeking relief for discriminatory publication under prohibited grounds caught by Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.

The premise of this complaint is a contention that Arthur Topham of Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada and his internet publication known as  contrive to promote ongoing hatred affecting persons identifiable as Jews and/or as citizens of Israel.”


That is the story which the Zionist media is now making reference to in their one-sided portrayal of what the issue truly was about. For those readers who wish to review the whole of that tale of Zionist malfeasance I would ask that you go look at the following Reference Guide to the B’nai Brith v Radical Press Complaint case to see the extent of this chronology of subterfuge on the part of this little old benevolent society. That first attack only ended (possibly temporarily) on June 7th of this year when the Harper government voted to toss out the notorious Sec. 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act that the Zionists were using to the max to shut down any and all critics of Israel or the Zionist ideology.

Knowing that Sec. 13 was fated to fade away from their power hungry hands B’nai Brith Canada then decided that they would pick up a new club with which to beat their opponents into oblivion and chose instead Sec. 319(2) of the Canadian Criminal Code. Again, using the same serial sidewinders, they filed this latest charge against me alleging once again that I and my website are promoting hatred toward (not Jews per se) but “people of the Jewish religion or ethnic origin”.

Attempting to use the Canadian law courts instead of the shady likes of the Canadian Human Rights Commission and its Tribunal system which work fundamentally in the same manner as the Soviet Stalinist Show Trials of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s did, was a risk that B’nai Brith Canada was now forced to take if they wanted to carry on with their harassment and vilification of those Canadians who wish to exercise their Charter of Rights and Freedoms and write about the truth as they see it. The outcome of their desire to control the Internet here in Canada may well depend on how they are able to prosecute this case against me. If they are successful in gaining a guilty verdict then that will be the final nail in the coffin for freedom of speech here in Canada and anyone else who attempts to criticize the Zionist elephant that is now sitting in the living room of every Canadian household across the country will receive the same treatment that these power crazed psychopaths are now attempting to mete out to me and my publishing business

The Smear Campaign Today

And now to the gist of their present smear campaign against The Radical Press. It has always been the modus operandi of the Zionists, when attacking their critics, to first malign and vilify them using the vast resources contained in their media monopoly which includes the majority of Canada’s mainstream newspapers and television news stations, etc. It’s their first overt strike and is akin to their same warfare techniques where they pull off what they call “preemptive” strikes against their perceived enemy and attack without any direct provocation and destroy the infrastructure and communications systems of their victim before sending in the ground troops.

We’ve saw this happen in Egypt during the 1967 war, then in Iraq in 2003 and lately in Libya where they pulled the same stunt using all of their Zionist-controlled UN sycophants and their media including their Zionist-run orgs like Avaaz, to divert and confuse the attention of the general public.

That is what they are now attempting to do to me: create this massive deception that I am some sort of bonker, crazed, hate mongering, lunatic fringe (they haven’t started with the ‘dope-smoking hippie’ yet), placer miner living out in the backwoods of the Cariboo who doesn’t know diddley squat about how the world really is run but is just out there in cyberspace spewing forth all his neo-Nazi, Jew-hating, anti-Semitic venom in order to incite the public to rise up and perform another great pogrom against the poor downtrodden and victimized Jews of Canada and the world!

Then (when they figure they’ve established this massive lie in the minds of as many gullible Canadians as possible) they will begin their court trial and ship in all their carefully selected “expert witnesses” to testify that all of my information is somehow incorrect and that Eustice Mullins was a notorious “anti-Semite” and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is really just a forgery as everyone who was brought up in a Zionist controlled culture obviously knows.

Contrary to this programmed reaction to their lies though are the wise words of that famous poet and activist Ezra Pound who once said about this road map for the 20th Century:

“If or when one mentions the Protocols, alleged to be of the Elders of Zion, one is frequently met with the reply: Oh, but they are a forgery! Certainly they are a forgery, and that is the one proof we have of their authenticity. The Jews have worked with forged documents for the past 24 hundred years, namely ever since they have had any documents whatsoever. And no one can qualify as a historian of this half century without having examined the Protocols.

What we know for certain is that they were published [in English] two decades ago. [In the early 1920’s. Ed.] That Lord Sydenham wrote a preface to them. That their content has been traced to another sketch said to have appeared in the eighteen forties. The interest in them does not lie in [the] question of their having been, or not been concocted by a legislative assembly of Rabbis, democratically elected, or secretly chosen by the Mysterious Order of the Seven Branched Antlers or the Bowling Society of Milwaukee. Their interest lies in the type of mind, or the state of mind of their authors.

What is interesting, perhaps most, to the historian is their definite campaign against history altogether, their declared intention to blot out the classics, to blot out the record, and to dazzle men with talk of tomorrow.”

As I said this is just the gist of what they are now planning to do. Time will reveal all of this in the days ahead.


My primary concern

Of course my primary concern is not that the Zionist controlled media will be smearing me from the start to the finish. I can and have handled that quite easily over the past decade or longer. What really concerns me is that the Crown will do its damnedest to set or place bail conditions upon me tomorrow when I go to court in Quesnel demanding that I cannot post to my website or write emails to anyone I so choose or post information regarding my court case to other websites of a kindred nature so that the thousands of supporters who now are keenly interested in this case will be able to get an unbiased, non-Zionist media presentation of what is happening to myself and my legal situation.

I have discussed this at length with my lawyer Doug Christie and he has assured me that under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and GIVEN THE FACT that I have not been convicted of these phoney charges, that the court cannot legally prevent me from writing and posting on my website or sending articles to other sites. While I believe this to be true nonetheless that is precisely what Det -Cst Terry Wilson pulled off when I was arrested back on May 16, 2012. Prior to releasing me from jail he gave me an Order stating that I was not to browse the Internet or write any emails to anyone who was not directly associated with my placer mining business. That pile of legal(?) horse feathers held sway over my freedom of speech and expression right up until October 9th, 2012 when my first “Appearance” in court was due to happen but the Crown still hadn’t got their act together to formally charge me. That is when the Order ceased.

B’nai Brith Canada, the RCMP, the Zionist Media and the Crown all know that the only stone I have left in my sling is the freedom to defend myself against this Zionist Goliath that is now openly wielding its censorship spear in my face by using my right to publish my side of the story on my website. Without that right the ensuing struggle will remain a Stalinist side-show of the Zionist controlled media and the general public, as usual, will receive a slanted, biased tale; one told by an idiot, signifying nothing but the reality that Canada is under full domination by a foreign and deadly enemy.

May God guide and protect those of us who will be battling this dark and evil entity called Zionism!

Arthur Topham
“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998”

Contact Arthur at or should he be restrained from using the net write to him at:

Arthur Topham
4633 Barkerville Highway
Quesnel, B.C. Canada
V2J 6T8

RadicalPress News Alert: Formal charges laid against RadicalPress Publisher Nov. 5, 2012


Dear Radical Readers and Free Speech Supporters,

Today, Monday, November 5, 2012 I received word via an email from the office of lawyer Douglas Christie that a formal Indictment has been sworn against me.

The following is what is contained in the pdf file which I’m typing out for your benefit. The actual pdf document is contained in the scanned images below.


Court Identifier:5921:PRA
Court File Number: 25166
Type Reference:
Inf. Seq Number:  5
Agency File Number: RMCS:11-4897
DNA: [X]

“By Indictment”

This is the information of Marina Onciul, a Court Liaison Officer (the “Informant”) of Quesnel, British Columbia.

The informant says that the informant has reasonable grounds to believe and does believe that

Count 1
Roy Arthur TOPHAM, between the 28th day of April, 2011 and the 4th day of May, 2012, inclusive, at or near Quesnel, ink the Province of British Columbia, did by communicating statements, other than in private conversation, willfully promote hatred against an identifiable group, people of the Jewish religion or ethnic origin, contrary to Section 319(2) of the Criminal Code.

Count 2
Roy Arthur TOPHAM, on or about the 4th day of May, 2012, at or near Quesnel, in the Province of British Columbia, did store firearms, in a manner contrary to the regulations under Storage, Display, Transportation and Handling of Firearms by Individual Regulations made under paragraph 117(h) of the Firearms Act, contrary to Section 86(2) of the Criminal Code.



D. Carey 2012.11.05 10:43:46 -08’00’

Roy Arthur TOPHAM: Warrant

D. Carey 2012.11.05 10:44:10 -08’00’

I would ask that you hang on to this information as I could in fact be arrested tomorrow and prohibited from posting any more information on the net or sending emails as was the case for the past 5 months.

Now that I’ve been charged the case will go to court and I plan to have it held here in my local community of Quesnel before a Judge and a Jury of my peers.

I would also ask of you that you hang on to the website url to the following blog which contains my PayPal account. I will most likely need this to help in soliciting for donations to pay legal costs. The url is and the PayPal button is on the top right hand corner of the home page.

Anyone wishing to send financial assistance via Canada Post can send it to:

Arthur Topham
4633 Barkerville Hwy
Quesnel, B.C. CANADA
V2J 6T8

Please, if you care to donate don’t send any cheques or money orders in care of “Radical Press”.

Judging from the wording of this Indictment it looks like it’s going to be a battle between the Christians and the Jews. As the graphic at the top of this post and the one below indicate, it is B’nai Brith Canada who is sponsoring this attack against me and my website and by extension all Canadians who value the inherent right to freedom of speech and expression wherever it may be. Please bear that in mind always.

The two people who laid the complaint against me are Agent X from Victoria, B.C. and Agent Y an Ontario lawyer. Both of them are working for B’nai Brith Canada (although Agent Y would deny this).


I would ask of all my fellow Christians that you keep me and my family and Douglas Christie in your thoughts and prayers as we proceed into this crucial battle for freedom of speech here in Canada.

Please pass this on to your friends and associates. The police took all of my email contacts back in May and I’ve lost 90% of the addresses I used to have. Thank you.

For Peace, Truth, Justice, and Free Speech for ALL Canadians,

Arthur Topham
“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998”



Prison Writings: Letter #3 to RadicalPress from Jim Townsend – Political Prisoner


[Editor’s Note: Due to the fact that Jim is writing from jail in Kamloops, B.C. and sending his letters off via snail mail it takes about three days to get them. This is the last letter that I received from Jim thus far. It also contained a number of other hand written articles and documents. As Jim writes in his letter he is awaiting a visit from his wife Judith. A visit that never took place. I spoke with Jim via telephone on the evening of Thursday, March 22nd and he was expecting to see his wife Friday. Friday morning I received an email from an associate informing me that during the night Jim had been removed from the Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre and taken to North Fraser Corrections in Maple Ridge on the lower mainland, ostensibly due to overcrowding.

It sounds damn suspicious and will remain so until some reasonable explanation supplants such an assumption on my part. Later I got a phone call from Judith Townsend who found out about the sudden move when she received a message on her cell phone while traveling up to Kamloops to see Jim.

These sorts of sleezy, underhanded tactics designed to exacerbate all the injustices, stress and worry that Jim and his family have been subjected to for years now are quite frankly getting a little boring and repetitive and only serve to bring the justice system further into disrepute.

The final word thus far, as Judith told me, was that Jim might be brought back up to Kamloops in a few days. The only drawback being that he will once again miss seeing his wife.

But, as every cloud has a silver lining this post also has one too. I was informed via email from the Law offices of Barrister & Solicitor Douglas Christie of Victoria, B.C. that Mr. Christie had looked at some of the preliminary circumstances surrounding Jim’s case and told Radical Press that he would be willing to help out. At that point he was awaiting information on the specific nature of the charges laid against Mr. Townsend which since have been sent to Mr. Christie’s office.


I will be relating more on this story as it unfolds. Here then is Jim’s third letter sent on March 21st.]

Letter #3 from Jim Townsend to Radical Press
Kamloops Regional Correctional Center
March 21th, 2012

Dear Arthur,

Thank you again my friend for all of your efforts. Here is a little poem I wrote while I was sitting here overwhelmed. Judith is coming into town today so I can tell her the main points for my bail review but we are locked down because a few morons  had a fight with each other.

On top of taking weeks to get or send a letter, one hour a week for access to the law library and the inability to get my Disclosures or Transcripts the conspiracy to pervert justice continues. The cops that tried to murder us have charged me with their crimes and I am locked up without trial or conviction under sec. 515 (10) (c) which is extremely rare and violates my presumption of innocence.

Who am I to appeal to when the courts, government and the Attorney General are behind it? My only hope is my fellow country men banding together and demanding justice.

Please thank everyone for me. Without each other we remain divided and conquered.

I have included my random notes since I have no way to put them all together.

Much love to you all,


A Violation of my Life and Rights

An 8 x 12 concrete toilet
with a welded metal bed
Is where I spend most my day
and nightly lay my head

The window doesn’t open
on this frozen little cell
Outside it is a police state
and inside its just like hell

If you write of the corruption
in our courts and government
Then you also can join me
another Canadian dissident

The powers that be don’t like it
when you complain about their crime
For they just blindfold justice
then steal all of your time

Like a child playing peek a boo
with a hand held over their eyes
They think that no one sees them
and that none of us are wise

But some of us are patient
and we love our fellow country man
So we work diligently for freedom
knowing the Golden Rule will save our land

~ Jimi Townsend

Prison Writings: Letter #2 to RadicalPress from Jim Townsend – Political Prisoner


Letter #2 from Jim Towsend to Radical Press

Kamloops Regional Correctional Center

March 11th, 2012

Dear Arthur,

It’s funny that one of the places they say I am to appeal the public misfeasance of the JP, Crown Prosecutor and Court Clerk is the Ombudsman’s office. That did not seem to work out too well for me in the first place. Odd that the Ombudsman said before he would accept my complaint I would have to see MHSD [Ministry of Housing and Social Development. Ed.] about it first. We tried to set up a hearing at MHSD with Pat’s [Pat Clemens. Ed.] Supervisor but it went unheard. Pat, on the other hand, never had to address the Ombudsman complaint. He simply had the cop he was colluding with lay charges. These are our servants?

One finds many pieces of the puzzle lying around. Henry Makow’s site for instance, gives some interesting facts about the British Crown of Israel and their Jewish Oligarchs. Ever watch the Rev. Ted Pike’s videos on the Talmud? After thirty years of badgering his wife committed suicide last Christmas. The hidden evil attacks constantly and hisses satanically when such as you or I shine the bright white of day on it. Henry Makow is Jewish and he speaks openly of how Jews are used as scapegoats by the powers from BIS [Bank of International Settlements.Ed.] According to him they are not a minority at all but remain hidden as they did while they tore Germany apart from inside.

Have you seen the YouTube videos on Jewish militias operating in North America? I fear all those religions have been designed to operate hand in glove and we victims remain divided and conquered by BIS.

I’m up in the middle of night. This place constitutes cruel and unusual punishment for me. Most are merely detained but for someone as badly disabled as me it is a torture chamber. My arthritis leaves my hands feeling as if they are being crushed. I can’t have an extra mattress, pillow or blankets. It is tough but how do you complain when you can’t even get the forms for the BC or Canadian Human Rights Commission? It’s like complaining to the Attorney General when they are leading the attack in the first place. Ask Judith about the Attorney General. They helped seize my mining claim. I am playing into a stacked deck and they want 20 years and the maximum I could get is 40!

I am housed in maximum security with murderers and violent offenders. How do you defend yourself locked in a cell with access to the law library one hour a week? Not sure what that stuff is that passes for food and can’t afford the canteen. It costs three times as much as things do on the street for food from stores yet they buy it all in bulk. If I want mouthwash, Buckley’s, cough drops or noodles, Kraft Dinner, hot chocolate, etc., I need to pay for it. What the crown provides is bare minimal.

Now they have tossed a sick person that doesn’t wash into my cell with me. I’m desperately gargling with salt to try to keep it at bay but I can feel myself getting sick. The guy eats all over my court papers leaving crumbs on them and doesn’t wash; the table or himself. He wants to fight with me and screams at me if I say anything. It’s all I need to get put into the hole if I end up having to try to defend myself.

Phoney charges laid. No opportunity to make a full defense. Excess of jurisdiction. Vexatious and adversarial prosecution and many other errors in the prosecution as well as the inability to get the forms I need mean I am likely going to serve a long time. I watch people with serious drug and firearm violations make bail every day. They have the proceeds of drugs and crime to buy their way out. The two lawyers I have had have tried as hard as the crown to sink me. I have yet to be tried or convicted and yet have been under house arrest or incarcerated since early November 2011. Nearly three months in maximum security. Bit harsh for a man that is 55, disabled and has no criminal record.

My next two appearances are by video court. Haven’t got the details yet. There was no reason to incarcerate me. I was arrested when I showed up for court so they cannot say I didn’t show up although that is their claim and I think the reason they pulled the stunt of posting my first trial in the docket and telling me the Crown wasn’t proceeding. The judge that denied me bail said the charges were serious and I was going to do a long time so she ordered me incarcerated. In maximum security with no trial or conviction, it looks like the future is predictable.

My granddaughter was born the day after they arrested me when I showed up for court. She will be my daughter’s age by the time I get to hug her but I don’t think my punctured lungs and crushed heart are going to last that long. I will be 75 by then.

Freedom of Speech? I can’t even write a letter of complaint to the Ombudsman. So much for the right to petition government for redress. Fair trial? Locked in a cell trying to prepare with paper and pen? Not much more I can write before this is out of ink.

Jude is broke too and has no vehicle to get into town to even help me. She is dependent on catching a ride in and walking when she gets there. And yet she desperately tries to do what she can. Thirty three years we spent together and raised our children to adulthood while we couldn’t even work with CRA seizing our cheques and targeting us the whole time. All we ever wanted to do was honour their hidden ex parte court order and yet I am in jail for making a video about the federal government unlawfully seizing my cheque. Why was my Charter right to free speech suspended without trial in the first place? To stop me posting their criminal behaviour?

I do hope you can get the trial dates from Jude and pack the courts. They wanted $1200.00 for just one bail hearing transcript. At least with someone there people can see what goes on. Kind of late for me I guess but people should understand the nature of the beast that attacks them.

Trying to write this by the light of the tv. I hate food commercials. Guts are growling. Weekends are only two meals so you go from 4pm to 10 am the next day – 18 hours. They give you 3 extra slices of bread to make it through. No wonder there are so many fights in here.

Some people are pure ignorance. The guy they tossed in here is called Frenchy. In here for beating his wife. Gets up and turns on the tv and wakes me up then goes back to bed and tells me to turn down the sound. Can hardly hear it sitting in front of it cuz I turned it down when he went back to bed. Tells me he’s sick and can’t sleep because he takes methadone. Whatever that is it must make a person full tilt retarded. Guess I’ll finish this off and meditate the rest of the night. Hard to calm the mind while I grit my teeth. That’s another thing. Not allowed Jude’s herbal remedies in here. We have kept the pain from my broken teeth that I incurred during the tractor accident to a minimum with clove and myrrh oil. God damned things ache like a bastard and I have been told that they are going to take a round out of me if I don’t do something about it because I have bad breath as a result. All they do here is pull teeth though so I am likely to end up toothless on top of everything else. Ask Jude about the tooth debacle. After the accident they told me I had $30,000.00 worth of damage to my teeth and jaw but they were not going to fix it unless I did my income tax. We did our income tax and the ex-CRA employees estimated they owed us $28,000.00. But instead the disallowed the deductions and estimated we owed them $78,000.00. The Crown just turns everything around at their whim. Like my complaining about the RCMP publishing a defamatory libel, harassing us and trying to kill us. There were five points to our complaint against the police and now I have five charges against me for the same things after the RCMP criminals investigated themselves.

You may want to to call **** and ****. They can tell you what it was like growing up with the sword of Damocles hanging over our heads. Do you know **** or ****? Hoping I can contact them to get court paperwork. Funny how people you try to help abandon you when you are in need. Hate to bitch Arthur but I have always believed looking the other way just allows evil to reign unbridled. Don’t want you to think there is no hope only because I feel that way at the moment.

My head is aching and I am freezing in this chair. Thank everyone for their help Arthur.

Much love to you all,


Prison Writings: Letters to RadicalPress from Jim Townsend


Prison Writings: Letters to RadicalPress from Jim Townsend
Kamloops Regional Correctional Center

March 10th, 2012

Hello Arthur,

Was nice to talk to you on the phone and hear you are trying to do so much for me. I am a man of words and yet feel at a loss to find any to express how truly thankful for your efforts I am. Thank you Arthur. Please convey my respect and love and appreciation to those who are also standing up to help us. The belief that a nation divided is a nation conquered has motivated me to stand up for the freedom of my country and I know it has motivated your won efforts.

It grieves me that the system is still attacking my wife Judith. They cut off her cheque again saying they did not have our address and yet we have mail from them. Anything to cause hardship and tear at my heart. The malice that lies in the hearts of “our servants” is incomprehensible to me. She is also disabled from scoliosis and an accident that I now think was an attempt to kill her years ago. What manner of soulless creature is so depraved as to attack a little grandmother less than 5’ tall and 100 lbs soaking wet when they know she is disabled and stuck in four feet of snow in the middle of nowhere and is dependent on them for the very basic necessities of life?

Damn. My hand is swollen and my ribs feel like they are being crushed and my arms are numb. I am supposed to be detained not tortured. There are no disabled facilities in here. This is cruel and unusual punishment. I am told to suck it up; this is jail and I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t deserve it. Morals, ethics, empathy, compassion, honour, integrity and justice are not in the vocabulary of our justice department.

I have included the 7 page statement I read at my last bail hearing. The prosecutor talked about both cases in his adversarial presentation while I sat chained like a dog in a box. I was not able to make answer to anything he said and got less than ten minutes to present my statement. The judge ordered me detained saying that I was likely going to do jail for a long time. So much for the presumption of innocence.

The very fact they arrested me when I showed up for court shows I am not at risk to not show. I have sent the 13 page statement that I was not allowed to read at my arraignment. These trials that make a mockery of justice are for show to say I have had a day in court. I hope you can get copies of all my transcripts to post online. Perhaps you can ask around ans see if you can help Jude get a little car so she is not stuck out there and can get in to Vernon to get forms and paperwork for me.

I am reminded of Robert Service’s line in “the Quitter”:

“And though you come out of each grueling bout,
All broken and beaten and scarred,
Just have one more try – it’s dead easy to die,
It’s the keeping-on-living that’s hard.”

Much love to you Arthur,


Open Letter to B.C. Minister of Justice Shirley Bond Re: Political Prisoner Jim Townsend by Arthur Topham


March 15, 2012

Hon. Shirley Bond
Minister of Justice and Attorney General
Room 232
Parliament Buildings
Victoria, B.C.
V8V 1X4

Dear Shirley,

There is a great amount of irony plus an unwholesome portion of pathos mixed within my having to write to you once again on the extremely urgent matter that concerns a fellow B.C. resident and Canadian citizen who is presently being held in maximum security at the Kamloops Regional Correctional Center.


Of course, if you personally have received any of my previous letters in this regard, you will be well aware that I am referring here to Mr. Harry James (Jim) Townsend.

Prior to penning this latest letter to you Shirley I took the time to go on to your online constituency office website to try and glean a better picture of you as a human being. Thanks to the 119 pages of photo ops that you have posted there I must say that I did get a rather general overview of your efforts on behalf of your constituents in the northern reaches of central B.C. You appear in many ways to be a decent, hard-working and socially conscience individual who has put a lot of work into serving your local community over the years that you’ve been in politics.


Especially laudable are your apparent commitments to helping promote awareness of groups and organizations connected with heath problems such as those relating to cancer, Alzheimer’s, MS, the Blind, Disabled and others.

As well, your commitment to learning and supporting industrial initiatives in your region are also very positive endeavors; ones that bespeak a genuine interest in the area of the province that you serve in such a dedicated way.

I noted as well (via a Wikipedia search rather than finding this information on your website) that you’ve worked extremely hard over the years to acquire yourself an arts and sciences diploma from the College of New Caledonia. Being a former student of Simon Fraser University and having been involved in the teaching profession here in B.C. over the years I can attest to the determination that’s required in order to pursue further educational initiatives while at the same time raising a family and working and being involved in political activities as well.

I also see that you’ve lived in the Prince George – Valemont region of the province a long while and that you took the reins over from Lois Boone back in 2001 and then after persevering and serving a 10 year apprenticeship within government finally reached the pinnacle of judicial power in this province on August 18th, 2011 when you assumed the high office of Attorney General of British Columbia. Hardly a shabby performance Shirley given the fact that you weren’t a lower mainland or Victoria resident nor were you a lawyer.

I would only add here that I too have been a resident of central interior of B.C. for the past 42 years and live in the riding directly south of you known as Cariboo North and that I am well versed in both the political and the physical climates in which we dwell having been involved myself in politics over this period of time.

I also know, as you surely do as well, that our region of the province has been rocked again and again by scandals involving both court officials and examples of RCMP abuse of power. In particular I would draw your attention to the as yet unresolved case of Mr. Lonnie Landrud of Quesnel who was witness to a police crime of such horrendous proportions that all the forces of ‘justice’ and the ‘media’ conspired to cover it up. It’s yet another example of the types of criminal activity by our so-called “peace officers” that remains uninvestigated and unresolved at this time.

Now I don’t wish to waste any of your valuable time (God only knows how much of my own I’ve had to expend thus far in trying to alert you to this matter!) but it appears that either due to your own lack of legal expertise or more likely a result of the machinations of those within your ministry who act as your advisors, both you and your office of Attorney General are, for unknown reasons, adamantly refusing to acknowledge both the seriousness of and the plainly nonsensical, twisted and misguided direction in which the case of Jim Townsend has been treated.

Much, of course, of Jim Townsend’s case has been already sent to you but as the days go by and more revelations are brought forth, even, I might add, while he is being held illegally without trial in the maximum security section of the Kamloops Regional Correctional Center along with murderers and other violent offenders for the heinous crime of having exercises his Charter rights to file official complaints to the RCMP Complaints Commission and the BC Ombudsman, it becomes increasingly imperative to keep communicating to you the urgency of his cry for justice. This of course in light of the fact that such complaints as Jim’s; ones which were inverted and then turned against him with a vengeance that still remains inexplicable, are actually happening in real time while both you and Premier Christy Clark and Richard Rosenthal, the new head of the civilian office recently set up in order to, as the sign above reads, provide “Increasing Accountability” when it comes to complaints by citizens directed against the policing organizations here in the province, are attempting to give the general public the impression that your office is truly serious about making some fundamental changes to the way in which the administration of justice in this province is being carried out.

While Jim Townsend is being held without trial and refused bail and, given his physical health, treated in a manner virtually criminal and bordering on torture, your office Shirley is behaving in a way that is diametrically opposite to what you are professing its duties to be. Why is this happening Shirley?

Allow me to depict one striking example that might, God willing, drive home the audacity and the absurdity and the great sadness which typifies this case. I noted in your many publicity photo ops that you were holding one of your grandchildren in your arms. You obviously were enjoying the experience and proud of it (and so you should be).


I too have seven lovely grandchildren and I know how it feels to hold them close to my heart.

But in Jim’s case, thanks to the gross miscarriage of justice that he and his wife Judith have been forced to endure for many years now, his first grandchild was born only days after Jim was lured by court officials in Vernon, B.C. into attending what he was told would be a trial to address his grievances only to find that he had been deceived and then arrested and thrown in jail for crimes he never committed. He never got the chance to see and hold his first grandchild Shirley. All Jim got was the full force of a corrupt and deeply criminal justice system that is out of control both here in B.C. and across our nation.

This, Shirley, is the state of affairs that I was alluding to at the start of my letter when I said that it would be a letter filled with both irony and pathos. It is but one in a long string of grievances committed against Jim Townsend.  Having a diploma in the Arts I trust that you will understand my meaning here.

In closing I wish to draw your attention to yet another recent document written by Jim Townsend; one in which he further attempts to explain why he has ended up in the situation that he has. For the sake of his failing health, his loving wife and family and his first grandchild I fervently hope that you will personally take a hand in this case and show the people of British Columbia that you truly do mean what you said when you assured us that your office would bring B.C. residents “Increasing Accountability” and justice.


Arthur Topham
The Radical Press
Canada’s Radical News Network
“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998”


Supreme Court Bail Review Errors in Judgement and Extenuating Circumstances

by Jim Townsend

March 13th, 2012

File # 4971;  45063-1; 46776-1; 46776-4-A

I would like the court to honour their own court orders.  For years we have had two federal court judgements hanging over our heads to seize our belongings for debts owed to her Majesty.  On many occasions we have offered everything we have.  They refuse to honour their own court orders and yet they expect me to honour the court when they are without honour.

We did not know about the ex parté federal court orders from CRA until we got our files back under the Freedom of Information ACT.  FOIA files show with Revenue Canada’s own documentation that they hid the fact that they rubber stamped a federal court order to seize our belongings.  When we found the hidden court orders we tried to give the courts all of our belongings, and have tried to do so on many occasions.

Only weeks after we gave CRA all of our money that we had, $4500.00, they arrived at our house to see if we had any belongings.  We were sleeping on the floor with only blankets and had no food in the house.  We offered the CRA Crown Agent everything we had and he said they did not work like that.  They asked for our bank account number and we gave it to them, they seized our last $3.21 with two lawyers from the bank and three from CRA.  They have twice seized our damage deposits to make us homeless, which is illegal.  We had to move our family over a dozen times as CRA bugged our landlords and seized our cheques.

Unable to work, we moved our family to the middle of nowhere.  Still CRA pursued us and went around asking all of our neighbours where we were and they never came to see us.  It was an effort to defame our character and leave us unable to work.  The many times we have asked CRA to honour their ex parté federal court order, they have refused saying they would rather have our money and will wait until we have something worth seizing to do so.  We gave up trying to find work years ago since our cheque’s just got seized.

The crown has no problem laying phoney charges against us after trying to murder our family.  I have never been convicted of anything and yet I am incarcerated.

When I was let out on bail, the crown CRA unlawfully seized our disability cheque and left us without even the basic necessities of life.  When I told the judge CRA had seized our cheque illegally, she thought nothing of the fact that the crown took all of our disability cheque and left us to freeze and starve in the middle of nowhere in three feet of snow.  I sat chained like a dog in a cage and could not have access to my files or notes.

The Crown went over both cases for an hour and a half and he read a sentence from one letter and a sentence from another letter and did so until he pieced together a total lie.  So much for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth or the presumption of innocence.

My wife was not even able to assist me by handing me my notes and yet the Crown Prosecutor did not stick to my bail question as I was required to.  He got over an hour and a half to talk and I was not allowed to address anything he said and got less than ten minutes to present my case.

This pretence of holding a trial to say I have had a day in court is to aid and abet the attempt to murder my family and cover it up.  We have the right to petition government for redress.  Justice is deaf when I tell the judge the injuries I list in my complaint to the ombudsman are what happened to me when I was crushed by a tractor.  Horrendous injuries are they not?

I am supposed to be presumed innocent and yet I sit untried and unconvicted in a jail cell while the people who tried to murder me investigate and exonerate themselves.

When I again petitioned government for redress and made a complaint to the RCMP Complaints Commission, the RCMP were allowed to investigate themselves and then charged me with the very things that they committed against me.

I did show up for court for my trial and the lady criminal court clerk said that I was not scheduled and that the Crown was not proceeding.  I have the docket that shows I was not listed and it is signed by my six witnesses who were at court as well.  The clerk who was supposed to put my name on the list turned around and testified in court (he was the court clerk that day) that he told me to come to court and lied outright.  He told us that I was not scheduled as well.  Why was the fellow who was supposed to be recording the proceedings allowed to turn around and testify to the judge?  Balance of probabilities says he was likely covering up his own omissions.

But what of the fact that the benefit of the doubt is supposed to accrue to the accused?  It is over two years since I was charged and this delay violates my right to a trial in a reasonable amount of time.

The judge does not allow me to call the people who initiated the charges in the crowns information disclosure and yet accepts their allegations.  Surely this is another error in judgement.  It is a violation of my charter right to cross examine witnesses and a violation of the allegation rule as posited in Black’s Law Dictionary.

In his own statement Pat Clemens says he was not threatened by the letter (complaint to the ombudsman that the crown is using as evidence).  He only made a complaint after the RCMP had already arrested me and charged me.  Then the RCMP put an alarm system in his house and scared him into going along with their charges.  Since I predicate the statement with “I feel like” it is obvious that my complaint to the ombudsman was an effort to tell a man that is supposed to be my disability worker how I feel.  To cut off my disability cheque a few days after the attempt to murder us saying he was investigating the drive by shooting was entirely lacking in empathy or compassion.  Someone tries to murder us and he cuts off our funds is callous in the extreme.

That the Crown wrote in the information “I am going to” and purposely changed what I wrote makes it evident that they do know the difference between someone saying they are going to do something and someone trying to convey their feelings.  I state in plain English what my intent is in listing my horrendous injuries.  Does the Crown seriously think I am going to park a tractor on Pat Clemens head as happened to me?  Where do they think a disabled man with no money is going to get a tractor?  Or drive it into town undetected?  This is preposterous in the extreme.  Surely the fact that I state what my intent is in listing my injuries casts a reasonable doubt on the Prosecutor’s contention.

I sent out 50,000 copies of this complaint to the ombudsman in desperation to have an independent body investigate the attempt to murder us and yet crown prosecutor Wong told the judge that Cst. Goodyear had road out and seized the letter.  This was a ludicrous lie and shows Wong grasps at any straws to defame my character and cast aspersion on me.

Crown CRA files we obtained under FOIA show the ex parte order was stamped by a minor bureaucrat.  It is heinous to do such things to law abiding people.  The files show we were asking for our day in court and also show they purposely hid the fact that they had already rubber stamped a court judgement against us.  CRA’s federal court judgement shows that we did not have a chance to enter a plea, that we did not have a day in court and that we did not have a chance to state our case, show documents or cross examine any witnesses.

My lawyer excused himself as my representative citing irreconcilable differences.  I understand why.  He is a good man but is unaware my view of the courts is based upon this criminal activity of CRA federal courts and the decade and a half of stress and destruction of my business and family with malice of forethought.  I rather like the fellow and am much distressed with this outcome.

Since the Crown Prosecutor never reads my letter that he submits in its entirety, it is obvious the evidence he produces is not the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  The judge never read the whole letter offered as evidence, nor did she read the entire paragraph that is in question, either.  Crown prosecutor Wong reads one sentence from a letter here and another from a letter there and pieces together an absolute lie.  I have to sit silently chained in a box and am not allowed to address what he said.

When we went to see the Crown Prosecutor in Calgary to Crown CRA agents, he said he would not charge them as they worked for him.  He told us income tax was a scam run by the Justice department and we were never going to win.  We only wanted to honour their unlawful judgement and get our lives back.

The RCMP said the book I wrote as President of the Alberta Party was racist and promoted violence and yet the book states the exact opposite.  The planks in my platform illustrate the fact it is our wish to live in a lawful jural society.  We printed 25,000 copies of the book and the first recipients went to all the MP’s and MLA’s in Canada.  Joe Clark and Stockwell Day both wrote back letters of thanks and we were invited to lunch, in his office by Joe Clark.

Since public records show that the CRA federal courts inflict judgements without our day in court, without entering a plea and without presenting our case, which is not only a gross error in judgement and a violation of our charter rights, I do not see that they can not do the same with these charges.  I do not see that I need to enter in a plea or be forced to sit silent, chained in a box, unable to take notes or to refer to my own files or object to the Prosecutor’s presentation when it is blatantly obvious what the outcome of such unethical and immoral actions are going to be.  The Crown wants tighter control of the internet and takes down my websites only because atrocities such as these are legion and there are now thousands of websites containing such atrocities by Crown Agents.

I do not wish to enter a plea or attempt to defend myself in such ludicrous circumstances.  This whole charade amply illustrates my contention that the government and courts have a significant corrupt element within them that defames the honest people that also staff our public service.  Please spare me the stress and the Crown the expense of these proceedings, when the outcome is obvious to tens of thousands of people who watch my videos.  If you need so badly to beat up on two disabled people to make the point that your despotism is complete and without any recourse of appeal, you may take it that we understand.

Can you sentence me now without the charade so you can have your revenge for me exercising my charter right to freedom of speech?  The sooner I am sentenced, the sooner I can do my time and get this over with.  Since the differences between us and the British Crown are irreconcilable, we are going to appeal for political asylum and leave our country to their despotic rule.

Jim Townsend

Maximum Security Prison

Kamloops Regional Correctional Center


Charter Violations Committed Against Jim Townsend:

2(b) – Freedom of Speech

7 -  Right to security of person – attempted murder, Ombudsman, RCMP Complaints

Criminal procedure – right to make full answer

Abuse of Process – right to stay proceedings

10 – arrest or detention – to be informed of details promptly

11 – Proceeding on criminal offence

a)     right to be informed of details

b)    to be tried within reasonable time

d)    to be presumed innocent

Stay of proceedings since it is beyond a reasonable time

e)     right to trial by jury

12 – Right to not be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment.

15 – Equality Rights – right to equal protection and benefit of law.


RCMP CORRUPTION: The Lonnie Landrud Story by Arthur Topham


RCMP CORRUPTION: The Lonnie Landrud Story

by Arthur Topham

February 28, 2012

Corruption, particularly within police forces, be they municipal police or Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), is not a new phenomenon. Neither for that matter is corruption within Canada’s judiciary system be it at the provincial or federal levels. Most people realize this who have ever had dealings with either of these two branches of government.

Coupled with corruption of course is the vital need for cover-up, be it by those working within the policing systems and the courts or, failing that, analogous media channels normally (or once normally) understood to be sources of unbiased news and information. There was a time when the mainstream media’s (msm) job was, traditionally, to investigate criminal activities of all types and expose them for the greater good of society. That was one of the fundamental reasons why democracies supposedly valued a free and independent press and media.

But, as we are now realizing, especially here in British Columbia over the past number of years, the RCMP have done a bang up job of heaping ignominy and shame upon their once highly regarded reputation within policing agencies around the world. It’s not my intent though in this article to go into the numerous cases which illustrate this fact but rather to focus on one particular, highly contentious example that up to this point has failed to receive the press and media attention that I believe it is due. I am referring to the startling and for many normal people, the almost unbelievable experience of Mr. Lonnie Lundrud which is now being presented here for readers viewing and consideration.

What was most amazing for me when I first viewed this short 7-Part YouTube series was the fact that the story had occurred right in my own backyard (Quesnel, B.C.) and still I hadn’t become aware of it until close to 5 years later after the video interview with Mr. Landrud was first put up on YouTube and this was 9 years after the alleged incident took place. On top of that I had been in the publishing business myself since 1998 and still the event somehow eluded me. Strange indeed.

Stranger still, when I began to check into some of the bizarre occurrences, was the fact that I had once had dealings with one of the murdered RCMP officers, Bev Hosker. While it was unrelated to the incident that Lonnie Landrud describes in his videos it nonetheless linked the two events, again, in unusual ways. Those events are recorded within the archives of the Quesnel Cariboo Observer’s letters section and date back to 1997.

The obvious question arose in my mind when I viewed the videos: Why was it that so few people had actually seen them over the past five years? Given their content plus the fact that the RCMP have been in the news for years now thanks to their illegal and increasingly aberrant behaviour toward the public, I found it mind-boggling that on average less than two thousand views of the full seven parts had taken place over this period of time.

Having investigated similar stories of RCMP corruption in the past as well as now covering the case of Jim Townsend which is also linked directly to malfeasance on the part of the RCMP, I felt that this story needed some added impetus to bring it further out of the shadows and into the clear light of public awareness. It’s definitely not something that makes the mounties look good in any way and it’s for that reason that they, the judicial system and the controlled media within B.C. and Canada have done their damnedest to keep this story from gaining any serious publicity. Should justice ever prevail in this instance it will not only absolve Lonnie Landrud of all the bad publicity and lies that have befallen him but it may also unearth the hidden truth about many of the young women who have disappeared along the “Highway of Tears” in this area of the province over the past decade and longer. It is my contention, based upon these videos and other evidence, that the RCMP and the courts and the Crown itself are directly complicit in all of this horrible breach of justice.

A note to readers regarding the images in this article. They are just screen shots of the YouTubes. To watch the actual videos please click on the highlighted url below each of the images. As well, if you feel this story should be available to more people please send the url to it to your friends and associates and media that you deem willing to cover it.

Any inquiries or feedback is always welcome. Write me at








RCMP Complaint Against Corporal Henry Proce and Sergeant Dan Wendland by Jim & Judith Townsend


RCMP Complaint Against Corporal Henry Proce and Sergeant Dan Wendland

by Jim & Judith Townsend

I would like your office to investigate two RCMP officers that we believe were involved in and are covering up a drive-by shooting.  Five bullets went through our motorhome in the middle of the night while my husband, son, and myself were sleeping in it.  These two officers are Corporal Henry Proce, acting NCO in the Lumby, B.C. RCMP detachment and RCMP Sergeant Dan Wendland, B Watch in the Vernon, B.C. detachment.

The two officers have also harassed us, invaded our dwelling, and colluded with several government agencies over the years.  They have also been derelict in their duty, abused the court system laying false charges against my husband Harry James Townsend (Jim), violated their oath of office, and aided and abetted in an attempt to murder my family.  They have now arrested and incarcerated my husband under vague and unspecified charges.  My husband is not violent and does not have a criminal record.  He is however a political writer and a strong voice against the criminal activities of the RCMP and this is one of the reasons for their ongoing invasion into our lives.  I have documentation from letters and government FOIA files proving my allegations and am more than willing to submit them.

Cpl. Henry Proce:

Proce has harassed us since the summer of 2007 when he came up with his informant who accused us of being squatters.  We were on our mining claim and had all the proper licenses to be there.  His informant came up before him and hid in the bush the whole time.

Proce has constantly invaded our dwelling since then. His activities include:

-       Questioning our son when we were not at home.

-       Mocking us, laughing at us, besetting our dwelling, sending up and coming up to our camp with various government agents, including forestry, Mining Titles Office (July 28, 2009; October 14, 2009 – File # 10040-02; 13825-02 1362). Also MTO and Proce were attacking us again in August 2011.  Proce always insisted that we had our claim “for non-mining purposes”, but we could never get an answer from him as to what that purpose was.

-       He has also sent up and come up with employees from the B.C. Attorney General’s office (more than one occasion).  Troy Kimber from the Attorney General’s office came up with Proce and Don Smith from MTO in October 2009.

-       Invaded our dwelling with Clint Zimmerman from the Ministry of Forests, Land and Natural Resources, giving us an illegal Trespass Notice which was later rescinded by Zimmerman when he realized what Proce was up to.  Proce laughed at us when he was there exuberantly telling us that he was going to seize all of our belongings, fine us and he was going to see us in jail.  (July 5, , 2011; file # 11740-20/RSI-11-010)

-       Sneaking up to our claim, and when we saw him he drove up the drive and told us that his informants told him that we were gone and he was just driving by to see.  Our claim is 12 kilometres from the highway and 4 kilometres up a forest service road.  (October 5, 2009).

-       He has come up to the claim to tell us that we would have no privacy and his higher ups want us gone (November 16, 2009).  We have since learned that his “higher-up” is Dan Wendland; who also initiated the investigation by John Cox on July 28, 2009 (admitted by Proce on October 5, 2009), when Proce stated that we had “a situation here” but not explaining exactly what that was.

-       After the drive-by shooting (August 22, 2009 – Police File #2009-18700; Victims Assistance File #10-1153), which was not investigated properly, Proce would come up to our place laugh and say that the shooting would never be solved because no one would ever confess.  Two months after the shooting he told us that the bullets had not been analyzed (October 5, 2009).  On a later date he told me that the investigation of the shooting had been closed.  When I asked if he had arrested anyone and what the results were he stated that no, he had not arrested anyone and that the results were none of my business (July 5, 2011).  We believe that Proce, Wendland and their informant were all involved in and are covering up the drive-by shooting.

-       On March 29, 2011 we showed up at Vernon Court House for the trial that was for the false charge of uttering threats against Pat Clemens of Ministry of Housing and Social Development (MHSD).  Jim’s name was not on the docket and we were told that he was not scheduled and that the crown was not proceeding.  We have the posted docket with signatures of witness that were at the court with us on that day.  On April 10, 2011 Henry Proce published in the Vernon Morning Star that Jim did not show up for court and that there was a warrant out for his arrest for uttering “death threats.”  Both of these public statements are untrue.  Jim was subsequently arrested again without being taken into the station.  The RCMP used a cell phone to get an undertaking.  We had to go in to court again to get a new trial date.

-       Proce has now colluded and engineered with Dan Wendland more false charges that did not give a specific date (each count has a span of 6 months), are vague and do not give any specific details or any specific incident, only that Jim has uttered threats against him.  Jim was arrested and incarcerated by RCMP officers who were not in uniform, pretended to want food and coffee at the café, stating they were from Alberta, and not producing identification, a warrant or telling what the charges were.  They twisted my husbands arms while handcuffing him. (November 9, 2011 – Police file # 119:11-6428; Court File # 4971- 46776-1).

Sergeant Dan Wendland:

In July of 1996 Wendland was in charge of an investigation for the break-in of our home, of which most of our property was stolen, including all of our equipment for our home based business.  When we got back on our feet after everything was stolen we filed our taxes.  This became a nightmare for us.  Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) wanted a police file number for the break and enter.  We discovered that Wendland was derelict in his duties and never investigated or even opened a file.  This resulted in a complaint against him where they found him to be derelict (file #96-74213: PCC 200-0160).

-       Seeing his chance for revenge Wendland ordered Cpl. Henry Proce to initiate a MTO inspection of our mining claim (July 28, 2009); this was Henry’s “situation” (File # 10040-02; 13825-02 1362).

-       We believe that Wendland has knowledge of, was involved in, and is now covering up the attempt to murder us (Aug. 22, 2009; file # 2009-18700).

-       He told Proce that we would have no privacy and that he wanted us off our mining claim.

-     Wendland engineered the false charge of “uttering threats” with Troy Kimber of the Attorney General’s office and Pat Clemens of Ministry of Housing and Social Development.  After the RCMP arrested my husband Wendland alarmed Patrick Clemens by showing him Jim’s internet sites, putting an alarm system in his house and talked him into laying the phoney charge.  The website, that does not belong to Jim, points to a website about RCMP crimes.  Wendland sent up Constable Goodyear on February 19, 2010 (before any charge was laid), who stated that he was arresting Jim because his NCO had “his panties in a knot”.  Goodyear also said that “no charges had been laid before a Justice, nor had the crown laid any charges.  He gave Jim blank pieces of paper (undertaking, et al) that were not filled out (police file 119:10:2675), and did not take Jim into the station.

-       Wendland put together an indictment which was obviously a lie (April 7, 2010; file # 45063.  We did not get this indictment until one hour before our court date on April 8, 2010.  We phoned court registry and the crown office continually after the arrest but they always said that there was no file.

-       Wendland has threatened Jim in an email telling Jim to shut-up.

-       Wendland has colluded with MTO, MHSD, the Attorney Generals office, Criminal Justice Branch, and has been profiling Jim with the Behavioural Science Team looking for something to charg Jim with.

-       Wendland has now made up more phoney charges and had Jim arrested and imprisoned on vague, unspecified charges of uttering threats against him (November 9, 2011 – Court file 49711:46776-1; police file# 119:11:6428)

This whole thing has been because we are trying to get the attempt to murder us investigated and using the lawful venues available to us in order to do so.  Nobody seems to get that we are trying to get the drive by shooting solved and we are upset about bullets being fired at us.


Jim’s case is urgent. He was supposed to go to court for a trial and instead they just grabbed him and put him in jail. His health has been compromised due to an unfortunate tractor accident that crushed his body a few years ago. His condition has forced upon him and his family a scenario where finding the wherewithal to survive financially has been an ongoing challenge. As such I would ask you, dear reader, to look into your heart and try to imagine yourself in Jim’s situation and from there extrapolate to whether or not you might be able to help him and his family out. If you are able to please consider sending some much needed funds to Jim’s wife using the only means available to them which is a PayPal account.

Alexis Elixirs  EMAIL:




by Arthur Topham
February 27, 2012

“And I won’t be laughing at the lies when I’m gone
And the sands will be shifting from my sight when I’m gone
Can’t add my name to the fight while I’m gone
So I guess I’ll have to do it while I’m here”

~Phil Ochs, When I’m Gone circa 1960’s

Jim Townsend has spent most of his lifetime fighting for peace and freedom, both within Canada and globally. Like many of us from the 60’s Generation he was able to see the future for the simple reason that he spend his time living in the now. And ‘now’, because of his beliefs, in his country and in life itself, and in his knowing that freedom means the God given right and duty to speak one’s truth, he has been pursued and harassed and hunted down like a dog by those forces within our nation who, for vested and criminal reasons, have set out to silence one of Canada’s great and patriotic citizens.

One might, if they wished to find a comparison to Jim’s voice of reason and common sense, find his equal in that great English patriot and hero of the American War of Independence, Thomas Paine. It was Paine’s ideas; the fruit of his discerning and independent spirit, that tipped the balance of both opinion and history itself, during a period of history when the early American colonies, fast waxing in freedom and prosperity thanks to an abundance of natural resources and space, were faced with the prospect of having to make an ultimate decision; one that would decide their fate as a nation.

The British Crown in 1776 was determined to go to war against the newly founded colonies in the new found world where so many Europeans had fled in vast numbers to escape the endless maelstrom of wars, tyranny, taxation, wage slavery and religious persecution that was then order of the day. Men like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin all were influenced and impressed into action by the rational arguments made by Paine; arguments as old as dawn’s history and as cold and tangible as the chains that bind every free born human forced to bow down before another’s will.

The fact that today Jim Townsend is in jail in Kamloops, British Columbia, attests not only to what Thomas Paine warned the American people of but also speaks volumes in terms of just how much (or little) humanity has actually progressed over the past 236 years of living in what purports to be a “democratic” country.

Jim, like myself, and many other seekers after truth and justice of the 60s generation, has gone through the mentally challenging incremental stages of growth and learning that are a prerequisite to the actual gaining of a broad, encompassing knowledge of how the world of politics and religion actually works. He began his journey to awareness, not by gazing out idealistically from the hallowed halls of academia and studying college text books in comfort but by entering the real world of common man; a world where freedom depended upon how much money was in your pocket not how many certificates hung from your office wall.

When it comes to understanding how a person’s country is ran politically and economically and who the players are that tend to shape its destiny such degrees of understanding, no different than the academic credentials that adorn the intellectual classes of today’s world, demand a willful, determined effort; one continuously accosted by the conditioned customs of the day.

Jim met these challenges and as a result accomplished what most people today still yearn for: an all encompassing realization and a lucid comprehension of how our world actually is organized when it comes to the basic mechanisms that permit the wheels of both industry and intellect to revolve in harmonious fashion. It is due to his understanding of these principles as well as his cognizance of how they have been usurped and perverted and the fact that he has used his verbal and technical skills via the Internet to transmit his truth that he and his family have been threatened, accosted, literally shot at and prevented from living their lives in peace and comfort.

Jim’s initial book that reveals what he learned about how Canada has been set up can be read at on The title is FREEDOM! CANADA and can be found in the right column on the home page.

Jim’s story is much too long and way too interesting for me to tell it in a short introductory essay. My purpose in writing these lines is to hopefully convey to Canadians the urgency of Jim and his family’s plight. The police forces, the judicial forces, the msm forces, and assorted government ministries (both provincial and federal) have determined to destroy Jim’s character and his ability to support his family all because of what Jim has learned about how the “system” works and because he had the courage and integrity to risk his personal freedom in order to convey his truth to other Canadians.

The state is doing its damnedest to stop Jim’s ideas from gaining any traction on the Internet and thus they have arrested him and forced him to remove his websites that contain the incriminating evidence of their own malfeasance. What remains though and what I would encourage anyone reading these words to do is go try and watch Jim’s YouTube productions that still remain in cyberspace and are the essence of what his life’s work has taught him. If you Google “Jim Townsend – videos” you will still be able to find numerous short 10 minute presentations that cover a number of core topics dealing with how our country has been shaped and manipulated into the conditions that presently prevail. I will be posting the titles and urls to a number of them below.

I have been associated both with Jim’s his work and his valiant efforts to support his family for over a dozen years now. His situation, not that unlike my own, is symbolic to other Canadians who are also struggling to shed light on our collective plight as a nation and who find themselves up against a common, conditioned wall of prejudice and idiosyncratic ignorance coupled with a form of self-imposed bigotry that is as daunting as it is delusional.

As the line from another of Phil Ochs’ famous songs goes; one that applies to not only Jim Townsend but to all who strive for freedom and justice, “there but for fortune, go you or I.”

Back in November of 2011 I posted on my website the following message and plea for Jim. If you haven’t signed that petition request yet please try to do so.

Jim’s case is urgent. He was supposed to go to court for a trial and instead they just grabbed him and put him in jail. His health has been compromised due to an unfortunate tractor accident that crushed his body a few years ago. His condition has forced upon him and his family a scenario where finding the wherewithal to survive financially has been an ongoing challenge. As such I would ask you, dear reader, to look into your heart and try to imagine yourself in Jim’s situation and from there extrapolate to whether or not you might be able to help him and his family out. If you are able to please consider sending some much needed funds to Jim’s wife using the only means available to them which is a PayPal account.

Alexis Elixirs at

Jim’s courage, tenacity, advocacy and imaginative, creative spirit throughout this period is a living testament to the fact that all he has done now exposes the corruption of the police state we’re all living in.

I will be posting more information on my website regarding Jim’s situation. PLEASE TRY TO FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO OTHERS. Also, I have the Poster “FREE JIM TOWNSEND” in a higher resolution for anyone who might wish to print copies for distribution. Please contact me via email and I will send you a larger copy.

Anyone wishing further information on Jim or to contact Jim via his wife Judith is asked to write to: Judith Townsend

As far as I know these two urls are still operating. Please advise if you find they are not working.


























On behalf of Jim and his family and his supporter,

Shine your Light for Love, Peace & Justice for All,

Arthur Topham
The Radical Press
Canada’s Radical News Network
“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998”

The Rotten State of Law and The Courts In Canada: Madness

rotten state

The Rotten State of Law and The Courts In Canada: Madness

By Robin Mathews

January 12, 2012

The higher (and other) courts in B.C. are in the news again – this time because of the almost ridiculous state of financial deprivation the Gordon Campbell/Christy Clark government has put the court system into. Courts are starving.  Judges are in short supply.  Staff is minimal.  Legal Aid support is a disgrace.  Serious cases are being tossed as a result of unacceptable delay.  Justice is being denied ….

Major court commentator (Vancouver Sun) Ian Mulgrew trivializes the situation by using it to insult a lawyer trying to do something to ease the injustice.  Madness.  But madness is afoot in a British Columbia staggering from high-level corruption.  And the madness is incarnated in the Mainstream Press and Media, as Ian Mulgrew shows.

Begin by recognizing a fundamental point. Good, effective (especially) higher courts are a threat to corrupt governments and corporations.  There could be a direct connection between that fact and the starving of the courts in B.C.

The rule of law is under attack in Canada – led by the Stephen Harper government which eludes justice in cases against it and laughs in the face of law, contract, and decency.  Maybe I should say “led by the Stephen Harper government which is following the Gordon Campbell/Christy Clark government that violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in its first years by attempting to smash unions – breaking contract with the hospital employees union and denying teachers fundamental bargaining rights”. Both actions have been overturned by the courts. Christy Clark has yet to restore the rights of teachers, even after a Supreme Court of B.C. order more than a year ago.

How’s that for open contempt for the rule of law by the Christy Clark government? Open, public rejection of a Supreme Court order.

The BC Rail Scandal trial of Dave Basi, Bobby Virk, and Aneal Basi threatened the survival of the Gordon Campbell/Christy Clark government and many of their “cooperating” corporate associates.  The trial was dubiously conducted from the beginning of pre-trial hearings.  It was slammed shut four years later in a way that has scandalized even usually unobserving Canadians.

We’ll look at that – and at the B.C. Attorney General’s attempts to get – (and getting) – “independent” whitewashes of deeply soiled processes involving top government officers.

What do we know about the corrupt state of the Basi, Virk, and Basi trial?

(1) We know material placed on public record was kept from the public, to protect, I believe, wrongly, a number of people.

(2) We know the court operates a “journalist accreditation” process that uses Mainstream Press and Media journalists as court officers, giving them illegitimate judicial power, and guaranteeing they will act in major conflict of interest.

(3) We know that the Special (Crown) Prosecutor, key to the later investigations in the BC Rail Scandal case and to the charges laid against the accused – as well as their prosecution in court – was appointed in clear violation of the legislation governing the appointment of Special Prosecutors.  He was, in short, illegitimately in the court conducting cases arising out of the BC Rail Scandal.

(4) We know the removal (by promotion) and replacement of Madame Justice Elizabeth Bennett in the Basi, Virk, and Basi case involved a motion made by the illegitimate Special Prosecutor presented to Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm to have her removed.  And we know that Associate Chief Justice Dohm declared in that process that he had Bennett’s replacement all ready (obviously before the hearing even occurred to present the motion).

(5) We know that the Chief Justice, the Associate Chief Justice, and the judge on the Basi, Virk, and Basi trial received formal notice (with evidence) that the Special Prosecutor was appointed in violation of the legislation governing appointments and was, therefore, illegitimately in the court and that his wrongful appointment made the pre-trial hearings and the trial itself illegitimate.  The Chief Justice, the Associate Chief Justice and the judge on the Basi, Virk, and Basi case did not deny the facts presented, but they refused to act. Madness.

6) We know the people in the three positions were informed again formally. [Patrick Dohm had retired as Associate Chief Justice and Anne MacKenzie was raised to that position.]  Once again major judges of the Supreme Court of British Columbia refused to act in any way. Once again, they did not deny the evidence presented to them.  Associate Chief Justice Anne MacKenzie replaced Elizabeth Bennett as judge on the case, and permitted the illegitimate Special Prosecutor to remain.

(7) We know the evidence of the wrongful appointment of the Special Prosecutor was presented to the Attorney General’s office and that the Assistant Deputy Attorney General replied by saying – falsely – that the Attorney General’s office could not act because the matter was sub judice.  The appointment of William Berardino as Special Prosecutor was never sub judice.

(8) We know I wrote to Attorney General Michael de Jong and asked for a reply on the matter from him.  I received no answer.

(9) We know I wrote to the Canadian Judicial Council – final resource in Canada for complaints of judicial misconduct – and reported Associate Chief Justice Anne MacKenzie was guilty of misconduct for allowing the illegitimate Special Prosecutor to act in her courtroom.

(10) We know that the Chief Justice of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench (Supreme Court), Neil C.Wittmann, replied for the Canadian Judicial Council in the words of his court officer.  He judged the complaint was not a matter of conduct and so was dismissed.  He added that he had no opinion about the matter of William Berardino’s wrongful appointment.  Chief Justice Wittmann is a member, as Associate Chief Justice MacKenzie is, of the Canadian Judicial Council.

(11) We know that Attorney General Michael de Jong (who refused to reply to my correspondence) set up UBC Vice-president Stephen Owen to do a two-month review of the Special Prosecutor process. What I believe was the cover-up move came when Terrence Robertson, looking into allegations of election misconduct in the case of Kash Heed, Liberal candidate, had to resign for an alleged conflict of interest. Though informed of the William Berardino matter while doing his review, Stephen Owen never made any acknowledgement. He completed his Report  in July 2010, without mentioning the major appointment violation in William Berardino’s case.

Stephen Owen reported the Special Prosecutor process is in good health.

Michael de Jong got the whitewash that I believe he sought.

(12) We know that the next Attorney General Barry Penner asked President and Vice-Chancellor of UBC Stephen J. Toope in May of 2011 to review the process for granting indemnities to cover legal costs of B.C. public servants.  I believe Attorney General Penner wanted a whitewash of the astounding payment made to cover the costs of two of the convicted in the Basi, Virk, and Basi case – six million dollars.

The appointment of officers of the University of British Columbia , I insist, to do work for the B.C. government, creates a clear conflict of interest. The B.C. government has power over UBC, and could bring it to its knees if it wanted to do so. An officer of UBC is in a master/servant relation with the B.C. government. Legal theory says that a servant cannot act independently in relation to his or her master, and cannot be believed to do so.  And yet Stephen Owen, UBC Vice-President, and now Stephen J. Toope, President and Vice-Chancellor of UBC, both lawyers, both informed about matters of conflict of interest, both accepted “tasks” from government in which they were to judge “independently” government actions and processes.  Madness. They are a part of the madness.

The two top officers of UBC, I allege, have tainted themselves with the corruption of the Gordon Campbell/Christy Clark government.

In a move to clean himself and to be something other than he is, Stephen J. Toope presents his report as “Professor”, not as President and Vice-Chancellor.  He is, in effect, claiming that he isn’t acting as President and Vice-Chancellor but as a mere, powerless professor.  That pose would stand up in a court of law for about 13 seconds.  It is rubbish.

In his report written, it seems, not from B.C. but from lawyer fantasyland, Toope tells us the Attorney General (in B.C.! ! ) “provides impartial and independent legal advice to government”.

He goes on to acknowledge that his review was brought about in some degree by “public interest in the indemnities granted to Messrs. Basi and Virk in criminal proceedings against them.” (p. 2)  And he admits there is some focus on their case as well as others.

He clears the Ministry of the Attorney General of suspicion, not referring to any other aspect of the astounding “deal” that closed the trial and avoided cross-examination of many people the public suspects of criminal behaviour.  Toope writes:

“Using firmly established common law method, the officials charged with exercising discretion have justified their decisions by drawing out principles present in existing cases and analogizing those principles to new circumstances.  As far as I can tell from the documents to which I had access, the results to date have been principled….” (p.29)

In two sentences, President and Vice-Chancellor Toope white-washes the actions of the Gordon Campbell/Christy Clark government in the matter of the $6 million payment for the costs of Basi and Virk.  Madness.

No wonder the present Attorney General, Shirley Bond, declared herself delighted with the Report!

And then there’s Ian Mulgrew.  He admits the court system is in terrible shape.  He admits angry court staff are beginning to withdraw services to focus on the refusal of the Gordon Campbell/Christy Clark government to do ANYTHING.

And so Ian Mulgrew attacks Kevin McCullough who flies to Vancouver to get the release of jailed people – “doing duty counsel services” – who cannot get to trial.  And he attacks McCullough because he was counsel for Bobby Virk in the BC Rail Scandal trial and – in bargaining with Special Prosecutor (?) William Berardino  – got a financial deal for his client on payment for services.

Ian Mulgrew has never reported that William Berardino was appointed Special Prosecutor in violation of the legislation covering such appointments.  He has never reported Associate Chief Justice Anne MacKenzie refused to act on the fact of an illegitimate Special Prosecutor in her court.  Madness – and, I would say – a failure of journalistic integrity, too.

But he draws a picture for his readers of “celebrity Victoria lawyer Kevin McCullough [looking] like Mother Teresa flying to Vancouver to help spring the poor, the indigent, the unfairly locked up….”

Then – missing the point completely – Mulgrew gives the instance of a fellow with 78 convictions, arrested on “sex assault, assault and threatening charges” who Kevin McCullough got released.

But of course he did!  When the legal and court system fail, ALL the jailed (not yet tried and judged, and so, in our system, innocent) are done injustice.  It is easy for the irresponsible to say “why shouldn’t THIS ONE stay in jail.  I don’t like the look of him or her”.  But that a major commentator on law and the courts for a major Canadian newspaper would suggest that kind of thing is … well  … Madness. Madness.


Contact Robin Mathews at

Stand Up or Stand Down by Betty Krawczyk


Stand Up or Stand Down

January 10th, 2011
By Betty Krawczyk


Presently residing in the Comox Valley, I was struck by a letter to the editor by Mr. Rick James in the Comox Valley Record (Jan. 7, 2011).  Mr. James believes in his own perceptions instead of the lies we are persuaded to believe by government and logging corporations and his letter is a harbinger of hope. Political life has reached the point where many of us are numbed down and dumbed down to the point of no return. And in my opinion there will be no return unless we listen to people like Rick James.

Mr. James suggests that the recent threatened flooding in Courtenay was not due to “natural uncontrolled impacts” as pronounced by Stephen Watson, spokesperson for BC Hydro, but was instead, caused by the incredible amount of logging going on “up along the headwaters of the Valley’s rivers and streams over the past 10 or twelve years”.  Mr. James goes on to say the logging is essentially stripping the higher-elevation forests down into a “barren, lunar landscape”.  And in turn, is responsible for the huge inflows of water into the Comox Lake reservoir which seriously threatened Courtenay with flooding.

We have to recognize that the courts and the present Liberal government of British Columbia (and their apologists i.e. Stephen Watson) will protect the rights of logging companies to cut forests on hill and mountain sides to the bone even though it will bring massive flooding in the future to the towns below.  Consider the flooding of Bella Coola last September and the massive clear cutting around and above the town.  Ditto the BC towns and settlements of Port Hardy, Holberg, Kingcome Inlet, and Port Alice who were also terrorized by massive flooding; all were surrounded by clear cuts. In the book COLLAPSE by Jared Diamond (New York Times bestseller) Diamond details the total deforestation of Haiti as the reason Haiti is now a failed state and an occupied state (by US personnel). There is nothing left on Haitian hillsides to catch the rains; their towns and cities are virtual mud holes.  Can’t happen here?

It’s happening as we speak.  What can stop it?  Anger.  Enough anger to prompt citizens to start thinking about peaceful civil disobedience, to learn about it, to acknowledge it as part and parcel of the evolution of the law and the Charter and an equitable society.  Either we stand up, or stand down.  If we stand down our children will inherit scrub grasses, mud holes, ill health and few jobs instead of forests and fish and reasonable economic stability. As a people, we have to make some serious decisions.  Our government officials including the courts are too incompetent or corrupt to make decisions for the greater good.  It really is up to us. Thank you, Mr. James.

I personally am sick of the highjacking of our resources of BC by privatizing-mad governments and gutless Supreme Court judges who give out injunctions to every pillaging, polluting, privatizing logging or construction company that asks for one.  However, the disobeying of a court injunction hauls one before the same court which gave it out in the first place (judges protect each others orders, right or wrong) which means instead of being allowed to plead your case for the environment, the judge will declare you in contempt of the court and the environment is of no consequence to the court.


Gerry Hummel’s latest “Take Back Our B.C.” Poster


Gerry Hummel’s latest – the official “Take Back Our BC” design – soon to grace collectible T-shirts and posters around the province!

BC’s very own Pinocchio by Gerry Hummel


Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) Decision on Fish Lake Recommends Project be Stopped!

Dear Radical Reader,

Some welcome news for all those who’ve been fighting to preserve the sacred lands of the Tsilhqot’in people. Whether or not the recommendations of CEAA are taken to heart by the politicians in Ottawa is, of course, a horse of another colour. Time will reveal all. For now though folks ought to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of their long and arduous efforts.

Shine your Light for Love, Peace & Justice for All,

Arthur Topham
The Radical Press
Canada’s Radical News Network
“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998”

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) Decision on Fish Lake Recommends Project be Stopped!

JULY 2, 2010


I would like to forward FONV’s email regarding the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency’s decision from today.

Today the federal review Panel of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) made their long, and anxiously awaited, recommendations to the federal government re Taseko Mines proposed open pit gold and copper mine: the mine that would destroy Fish Lake/Teztan Biny.

We are very pleased to say that the Panel made the best decision we could have hoped for!

Here is an excerpt from the Summary Review (availble here: )

The Panel concludes that the Project would result in significant adverse environmental effects on fish and fish habitat, on navigation, on the current use of lands and resources for traditional purposes by First Nations and on cultural heritage, and on certain potential or established Aboriginal rights or title.

The Panel also concludes that the Project, in combination with past, present and reasonably foreseeable future projects would result in a significant adverse cumulative effect on grizzly bears in the South Chilcotin region and on fish and fish habitat.

The Panel notes that Taseko’s propsoed “replacement” lake would not meet DFO’s “No Net Loss” policy and that Taseko could not provide assurances that the fish in such a lake would be safe to consume.

The Panel cites the effects on navigation would be “high magnitude and irreversible” as presented by Transport Canada’s submission.

The Panel places significant and detailed emphasis on the presentations and teachings from the First Nations witnesses who appeared before them, saying their “overall conclusion is that the Project would have a high magnitude, long term, irreversible effect on the Tsilqhot’in”. They also note that, “the effects of the Project on the potential Tsilhqot’in title would be significant as the value of the claim would be reduced substantially due to changes in the landscape and the loss of the area for current use for traditional purposes”.

In regard to grizzlies, the Panel says that Taseko’s proposal to mitigate the effects of increased traffic (through speed limits, etc.) are not suffiecient to compensate for loss of habitat or landscape fragmentation.

Reference to negative impacts on local use of meadows and trap lines is also included.

FONV would like to congratulate everyone who wrote letters to the panel and who appeared before them. For many, this was a difficult and upsetting process to go through and it was done with great dignity and integrity. Thanks to you all.

Now, it’s up to the federal government to decide how they will proceed.

Pat Swift

A Corruption Trial in a Corrupt B.C. Supreme Court? by Robin Mathews


A Corruption Trial in a Corrupt B.C. Supreme Court?
A call to Associate Chief Justice Anne MacKenzie to cite this writer as being “in contempt of court”.

By Robin Mathews

June 13, 2010

Public Corruption.  British Columbia is its national symbol.

Canada and the world saw a hint of B.C.’s public corruption in the Robert Dziekanski killing by RCMP in Vancouver International Airport.  First the world was given lies – all the way up the RCMP.  Then the RCMP turned to “damage control”.  Damage control will be the report by Mr. Justice Thomas Braidwood who is conducting the Robert Dziekanski “Inquiry”.  “Damage control”.  Depend on it.

Public corruption in British Columbia is huge – is everywhere.  The“privatization” of B.C. Ferries was corrupt.  Gordon Campbell’s U.S. CEO friend is now making $1,000,000.00 annually (on the books) at B.C. Ferries.  Off the books, debt of the Ferry Corporation is enough to sink a battleship.

The corrupt “privatization” and sell-off of BC Gas – was completed by Gordon Campbell, folding the finish of BC Gas into a volume of omnibus legislation.

The corrupt “privatization” of BC Hydro – is lied about, manipulated, the corporation shredded, legislated into impotence.  One third of BC Hydro – to sweeten the story – was handed (still secretly) to Accenture of the Arthur Anderson/ENRON gigantic U.S. energy corruption and collapse scandal.  Accenture?  Why Accenture?  A story beyond belief.

Corruption is the B.C. (public) way of doing business: the sea-to-sky highway, bridges, river licenses … whatever.  Name it.  Name … almost anything.

Corruption was (and is) in the transfer of BC Rail to CNR – by lies, manipulation, “failure strategy” buddy pay-offs, organization of whole teams to build to the fraudulent transfer.

All of those major acts of corruption are supported by the mainstream press and media of British Columbia and Canada by avoidance, half-reporting, failure to investigate, complete abnegation of responsibility right up the ladder.

The corruption/BC Rail Scandal is huge.  It is now in B.C. Supreme Court.  It is, alas, probably in a corrupt court – as we shall see.  First witness in the BC Rail Scandal/ Basi, Virk, and Basi trial is Gordon Campbell’s top political advisor and Chief of Staff, Martyn Brown.

Martyn Brown refuses  – day after day – to remember almost anything about major policy, major initiatives, major strategies, major people, major associates.  That tells all.  By what at least some in the gallery of courtroom 54 have concluded, Martyn Brown’s failure to tell what he knows, what he remembers, points to a web of falsehood and deceit.

So deep is the corruption in the BC Rail Scandal alone, that Martyn Brown, it seems, can’t admit even to the purchase of a box of paper clips.  That admission might lead to, say, evidence of an alleged secret meeting of Gordon Campbell, David McLean CEO of CN Rail, CEO of Rocky Mountain Line Peter Armstrong, and Ken Dobell, deputy minister of everything, to chop up the loot from BC Rail and distribute it to croneys … before the railway was anywhere near being “sold”.

At this point, in the depths of corruption, Canadians may be asking – “where is the RCMP?”

The question – like a throbbing toothache – haunts the province.  After the RCMP’s lies about Robert Dziekanski were revealed, people threw garbage at RCMP vehicles in Vancouver.  We might ask why they stopped doing so.

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Railroading Justice by Robin Mathews

The BC Rail Scandal, Basi, Virk, and Basi Trial Focuses Wide-Ranging Political Abuse (by Campbell) of Special Crown Prosecutor Appointments

By Robin Mathews


June 5, 2010

The following is a letter sent to Stephen Owen, UBC vice-president, External, Legal, and Community Relations.  Mr. Owen has been asked by B.C. Attorney General Michael de Jong to “review” the appointment process for Special Crown Prosecutors and – it seems – to smother criticism and to cover-up what I believe has been (and is) serious, on-going abuse.

Attorney General de Jong said at the time of Mr. Owen’s appointment: “In my view the system has generally worked well over the years”. Mr. de Jong merely wants a look at ”fine-tuning some of the issues”.

Stephen Owen said: “I don’t see the recent cases as suggesting the system needs to be dramatically changed or doesn’t work, but it should be reviewed to see if it can be improved.”(May, 2010)

The category of Special Prosecutor needs, I believe, dramatic rebuilding or abolition altogether.  But both (Liberal) Michael de Jong and (Liberal) Stephen Owen soft-pedal the abuse that has taken (and is taking) place. I believe the process of appointment of Special (Crown) Prosecutors has been regularly abused.  I believe it has been employed politically to protect wrongdoing by the Gordon Campbell government.  I am forced to the suspicion that the de Jong/Owen move is an attempt to cover up a sorry condition needing complete overhaul.

That moves me to ask about Stephen Owen’s suitability to undertake the review.  Is conflict of interest and/or the potential for perception of conflict of interest on his part so strong as to rule him out?  Owen was, and presumably is, a Liberal.  He was deputy Attorney General in the B.C. ministry, and he was a Liberal MP.  He is presently – by job description – “responsible for guiding and enhancing engagement with government at all levels” for UBC…. Can such a person ALSO act as an unbiased critic (as a Liberal) of a B.C. (Liberal) government process (and ministry) under serious attack?

The answer, I believe, is that he cannot possibly act as an unbiased critic.

As if to make a fantasy of the whole “review” process, Mr. Owen very likely SHOULD NOT have been appointed because of “the potential for perception of bias or the incontrovertible bias” he will show in any work he does on the matter. He has been appointed to look at the potential for perception of bias or incontrovertible bias shown in the appointment of Special (Crown) Prosecutors!

Every Special Crown Prosecutor appointed since the election of Gordon Campbell in 2001 must be suspect.

Every appointee must be carefully and completely examined. (What were his/her connections to the Campbell Machine? What was he/she paid?)

How much is the Special Prosecutor appointment kept as a rich plum to give to Liberal supporters – and how much do they, in turn, contribute to the Gordon Campbell party?

How many of the appointments have been demonstrable, political appointments to further the political aims of, or to cover wrongdoing by Gordon Campbell and/or his associates?

How many have been made in clear violation of the Special (Crown) Prosecutor legislation?

Why is there no check, no review, no process by which potential appointees are thoroughly vetted?

The Letter to Mr. Stephen Owen follows.

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Canada: A Chance to Begin National Rebirth – Now by Robin Mathews

Canada: A Chance to Begin National Rebirth – Now.


By Robin Mathews

May 15, 2010

A chance has come to Canadians, in a courtroom of the British Columbia Supreme Court … now … to begin undoing the disastrous sell-out of public wealth that has been the major policy of the Gordon Campbell (and – less visibly but determinedly – the Stephen Harper) regime.

Let me repeat – the chance to take real action, within the law, and with the chance of major effect, is present in the BC Supreme Court right NOW. The history of major resource and infrastructure sell-out over the last ten years has produced a moment for action … and it is now.

The policy of extravagant sell-out has just been taken on by Ontario – through an almost unbelievable Goldman Sachs-Ontario government agreement to dump into private hands 49% of “Crown assets, including public power, liquor stores, and the lottery commission”.  (The 49% will stay that amount for the shortest time you may imagine.)

Ish Theilheimer of Global Research and Straight Goods News quotes Ontario NDP environment critic Peter Tabuns.  Staggered at the use of Goldman Sachs “after their role in destabilizing Greece and the world economy”, Tabuns says: “We are talking about the sale of the most lucrative and amongst the most strategic of Ontario’s assets.”

Jay Spark writes: “Transport, security, energy, and WATER are all essential parts….  (In) 5-10 years, Sir John A’s Canada will be only a vaguely remembered entre-temps to ‘manifest destiny’.”

Those items are precisely what the Campbell group has sold off and is selling off in British Columbia – and is working on selling off more.

The opportunity to fight back, now, arises out of the B.C., Campbell group’s corrupt transfer of (publicly owned) BC Rail to (U.S. privately-owned) CNR.  Out of that contorted (and I allege criminally effected – but resolutely RCMP uninvestigated) transfer a single set of accusations against lower order cabinet aides has made its pre-trial, years-long march (from 2004) to trial – to start on May 17, 2010.

But there is a HUGE hitch in the validity of the trial.

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A Monstrous Canadian Miscarriage Of Justice About To Unfold

El DiktatorHarper
A Monstrous Canadian Miscarriage Of Justice About To Unfold

    by Robin Mathews


May 7, 2010

Part Four in the series on the Gordon Campbell BC Rail Scandal.

The miscarriage of justice about to unfold is what I call “the staged trial” about to begin (May 17) as a result of the corrupt transfer of publicly-owned BC Rail to privately (in fact) U.S.-owned CNR.

Canadians sleep-walk through the takeover of their society by thugs and political adventurists.  The signs are clear.  In Ottawa the cynical Stephen Harper attacks the Supremacy of Parliament [the fundamental safeguard against undemocratic takeover]. His power grab is debated as a question of the need to “compromise” on solutions to the denial of essential information to elected representatives. Those men and women,  elected by Canadians, stand embarrassingly naked, (simply) stripped of their power to represent the people who elect them. (And their condition is blurred, misrepresented, and misreported by the “bought” mainstream press and media.)

In Alberta, government allies itself with corporations to produce a (planned) almost unsupervised looting of community and environment – in the tar sands rape.  The whole world notices what Canadians shut their  eyes to. The April (Paris, France) ‘Le Monde diplomatique’ features a huge spread on the subject.  [translation] “The conservatives in power in Alberta have transformed, with the aid of Ottawa, the north of the province into a supermarket of dirty oil for the profit of multinationals and their U.S. neighbour.  The boreal forest is being sacrificed as are the first nations of the region.” The story concentrates on the cynical erasure of native rights –which in recent decades have been a symbol that Canadian democracy was alive and demanding universal equality.

In British Columbia I allege that the Gordon Campbell government – aided by a depressingly servile journalism (mainstream and other) – is engaged in an almost incredible collaboration with RCMP, the higher courts, and the formal political Opposition (poster-group for the failure of Opposition in Canada) – asleep, bribed, or stupid – to hand the province to thugs and political adventurists.

That involves, as we will see, the calculated destruction of law and the administration of justice in the province.

Public wealth is being gifted to private corporations by sleight-of-hand, often in secret contracts, and – I allege – by criminal activity (elaborately uninvestigated by the RCMP).  The tax burden is being lifted from the corporations-in-close-cooperation with the Campbell group and laid on an increasingly impoverished population.  Education is being attacked.  Protection of children is being slashed by calculated legislation. The new Clean Energy Act is a simple ruse to destroy the publicly accountable B.C. Utilities Commission. A slow, continuous undermining of universal health care is – to the observing – a calculated, continuous government policy.

In short, all levels of accountability to the public for the use (and misuse) of government and corporate power are being undermined or destroyed outright in British Columbia.

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Is HST paying for Campbell’s Olympic Prestige?

Editor –

RE: HST & Olympic spending
In regards to the HST Tax and the Olympics I believe the HST is for paying for the phony fancy image “prestige” of the Olympics where they spent 10 to 100 times more then they needed to which is destroying what little credibility and integrity the government may have.
Putting on a fancy show to the extreme for prestige is ridiculous as appearances are superficial and of very little value and spending other people’s money such as taxes is what I call criminal. If the  politicians and multimillionaires want to put on a show of prestige by way of fancy expensive looks (which is totally superficial and useless) they’re the ones that should pay for it not anyone else.
The benefits of sports, which includes the Olympics, is learning to work and play well together, i.e. “sociability”, exercise, increasing one’s abilities and having fun; how well you play the game is very important but winning is not as important. Main thing to remember is it is just a game.
To make hard working people pay for expensive looks that are of no benefit to them is totally wrong and unfair.
Jack Cutting

Parksville, B.C.

Jack Cutting