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Rothschild vs. Rothschild by Jeff Nielson


Rothschild vs. Rothschild

Written by Jeff Nielson

February 16th, 2015 

Unsustainable. Self-destructive. Readers have heard these terms again and again over the past 6+ years. They accurately encompass the status of our societies/economies (unsustainable), and the process by which we are governed (self-destruction). But what happens after the “unsustainable” cannot be sustained for one more day/hour/minute? What happens after the banksters whom are destroying our economies succeed?

Previous analysis in this area has arrived at the conclusion that once this Old World Order completes the destruction of its own power base (Western economies), that (logically) it will lose power – at least partially, if not completely. However, this analysis will instead adopt the position of “Devil’s Advocate”, in honour of the Devils, themselves. What if the Rothschilds’ destruction of their own power base does not result in them losing their control (i.e. choke-hold) over our societies?

The key in such a hypothetical analysis is to be cognizant that we are dealing with psychopaths. This is essential, because psychopaths exhibit rigid, predictable patterns to their behavior. Specifically, their behavior is compulsive, i.e. they have little control over it, themselves. It can be easily illustrated, empirically, both that the Rothschilds are a clan of psychopaths, and that their conduct is “compulsive”, even when extremely detrimental to their own (long term) interests.

As was noted again in a recent commentary; when these banksters began their serious era of precious metals price-suppression (after Nixon assassinated the gold standard); this financial crime syndicate sat atop the largest (ill-gotten) hoard of bullion ever amassed by our species. Had their vehicle for financial rape, the One Bank, contented itself with merely controlling bullion prices; its bullion-manipulation racket could have been sustained in perpetuity, with no (long term) encroachment on their own hoards.

Instead, these financial psychopaths were (self) compelled to destroy the precious metals sector, bankrupting most of the mining companies, and creating a massive/structural supply-deficit – simply because they could. It was not merely malice without purpose, it was malice which severely undermined their own, long-term interests (by exhausting their own bullion stockpiles), the hallmark of psychopathic behavior.

No rational (i.e. sane/healthy) mammal defecates in its own bed. Yet what do we see continually reflected in the behavior of the Rothschilds? To gain further understanding here; we need merely refer to a definition of the phrase “power base”:

The area or group of people that provides the main support.

Obviously “power base” is synonymous with “foundation”. The Rothschilds have destroyed their own economic foundation (the U.S. economy, and to a lesser extent, other Western economies) because they couldn’t resist the compulsion to steal their own foundation.

The house-of-cards financial system imposed upon us by the One Bank was obviously and inherently unsustainable – over the long term. Yet look at the greatest “success” of these psychopaths, to date: the Crash of ’08. They scammed the world (but primarily their own base) for $trillions in constructing their bubbles. They scammed the world for $trillions more (but primarily their own power base), when they ruthlessly ruptured those bubbles.

Then, after that, they scammed Western governments (their own power base) for $10’s of trillions more, the secret value of the “bail-outs” which they blackmailed from our governments, after the One Bank proclaimed itself “too big to fail”. They took regimes which were financially/economically unsustainable over the long term, and made them financially/economically unsustainable over the near term.

Having plundered all our wealth; what we now have, effectively, is a massive, bloated, 300-lb parasite (the Rothschild clan) attempting to “feed” off of a 100-lb host – the emaciated West. It’s impossible, and we see this reflected in our economic reality, once we look past the saturation lies of the Corporate media.

Despite six years of permanent zero/near-zero interest rates (the most-extreme form of quasi-legitimate, monetary stimulus which is even theoretically possible); all of these Western economies (with the partial exception of Germany) remain totally lifeless. The only “growth” which has taken place in the West since the Crash of ’08 is the (exponential) growth in the size of the economic lies being told to us about our economies, by our own governments.

Anemic and emaciated from the relentless/rapacious blood-sucking of the 300-lb parasite; even the ultra-extreme stimulus of 0% interest rates cannot restore the tiniest semblance of health in “the hosts” (Western economies). They are dying, and in the case of the U.S. “host”, its economy is already dead.

Understanding how a non-psychopathic crime syndicate would have gone about blood-sucking our societies requires nothing more than recounting a fable: “the Goose that laid the Golden Eggs.” Before the word “psychopath” even existed as a concept in the lexicon of our culture; this fable defined the psychopath – and set apart their conduct from sane/healthy human beings.

The sane parasite/thief is not only content to steal the “eggs” of the Golden Goose; he is ecstatic in doing so. It is a permanent, bountiful harvest; one that he did nothing to earn; and a form of looting/blood-sucking which requires little effort to maintain.

Only the psychopath cannot content himself with merely stealing the eggs. Only the psychopath cannot resist the compulsion to kill the Goose. Only the psychopath regards that killing as a “success”, even after the (previous) flow of Golden Eggs evaporates. These are the psychopaths with whom we are dealing: the Killers of the Golden Goose.

The great irony here is that the Rothschild crime syndicate was instrumental in Western nations being previously engorged with wealth, through the various forms of “colonialism” it helped to perpetrate and impose upon much of the rest of the world, over the past 200+ years. In turn; through fattening up these Western nations, they produced a bountiful flow of “blood” (i.e. wealth) when the Rothschilds first began blood-sucking us.

Had they been able to content themselves with blood-sucking our societies/economies at a sustainable rate when the One Bank began doing so more than a hundred years ago; not only could they have continued to steal our Golden Eggs (perhaps) in perpetuity, but the entire Crime Syndicate system they have imposed upon us could have remained hidden/undetected – as it had been through most of the last century. Instead, as their rapacious blood-sucking now causes these economies to die-off, to the point where our social fabric is literally unravelling; we see this crime syndicate now resorting to overt fascism in order to (it hopes) maintain its control. The Velvet Glove has been replaced by the Iron Fist.

It is further self-destructive behavior, which further undermines their own power base. History has shown (again and again) that such hard-core authoritarianism generally does not prolong the life of governments (and empires), but rather hastens their own implosion. But let’s pretend otherwise.

Let’s pretend that despite this serial, short-sighted, self-destructive behavior, that after our economies crumble to dust (and the dust settles) that the Rothschilds retain their current choke-hold. Indeed, let’s project our hypothetical thinking even further, and simply assume that these parasites blood-suck all of the wealth, from all of the world. What then?

Will they stop stealing, merely because no one, no thing, no where has anything left to steal (other than themselves)? Of course not. These psychopathic parasites won’t stop their stealing/blood-sucking at that point – because they are powerless to stop. When (if) the Rothschilds finish stealing all the wealth, from all the world; they will inevitably turn on each other.

The psychopathic parasite is ultimately/inherently a cannibalistic organism, because after the psychopathic parasites have finished killing-off all available hosts (and become enormously engorged with blood in the process), they will inevitably begin to feed on each other. Indeed, almost certainly such thinking has already begun to affect (infect?) their minds.

The flow of “blood” from their Western hosts has already slowed to a trickle, something which is undoubtedly enormously frustrating, given the rapacious appetites of theses bloated parasites. Already, the question which must have begun gnawing at their demented minds, more and more, is how do they as individuals maintain (what they consider) a “healthy” flow of blood – one sufficient for them to maintain their own, obscenely bloated mass?

As they look about (ravenously) for “more blood”; it becomes harder and harder for them to ignore the new “Golden Geese”: each other. History also tells us that the process of succession within empires is usually not a “natural” one. The Next Generation of psychopaths (being psychopaths) are generally not content to “wait their turn”.

This leads us, inexorably to the Paradox of the Psychopath: ultimate success must lead to their own, ultimate destruction. Vanquishing all “enemies” still leaves one Enemy remaining: each other. Continued “success” for the Rothschild crime syndicate can only, possibly lead to one outcome: Rothschild vs. Rothschild. May the best parasite win!


Israel’s Stamp of Disapproval – Political Graphic by Latuff

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Frank Frost: Chilling Accounts of Pedophilia, Murder and Corruption in B.C.’s Judiciary, Ministry of Children & Family Development & the RCMP



“I wish sometimes that I had another medium than words, those pale and empty sounds and symbols.
I would like to tell a tale in acid, in poison, in vitriol, in fire and brimstone,
a tale that would sear and singe and scorch and curl up the pages as you read them.”

~ Douglas Reed, Disgrace Abounding, 1939

“Now the wintertime is coming,
The windows are filled with frost.
I went to tell everybody,
But I could not get across.”

Bob Dylan, It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry, 1965

RadPressEditorNew1 150

The incidents of rampant, overt corruption and cover-up of abominable criminal activities within the upper and lower levels of B.C.’s provincial government ministries, the federal and provincial judiciaries and the RCMP continue to expand with increased alacrity as new revelations by whistle blowing citizens, sickened and disgusted with what’s going on behind the smokescreen of media, court and police complicity in heinous acts of sexual abuse and pedophilia, step forth into the light of truth with their hitherto suppressed stories.

For the vast majority of victims who find themselves caught up in this vortex of venal depravity and perversion, without the financial means to hire high priced attorneys, there’s little recourse for them but to vainly cry out for help and recognition to avenues of public recourse such as  the RCMP Complaints Commission, the Human Rights organizations, the BC Civil Liberties Association, the Ombudsman and other miscellaneous agencies and government ministries that ostensibly exist to protect the victims of crimes here in this province, only to end up with the realization that all of them, ultimately, are but false and disappointing ruses whose primary purpose is to act as firewalls of protection for the criminals themselves.

When we tally them all up and then toss in the corporate, mainstream Zionist-controlled media whose primary purpose is to promote and protect these criminal elements within our judicial and social infrastructure we end up slamming our heads into what’s essentially a granite wall of collusion and criminality that not only boggles the mind but strikes fear into the hearts of those who once believed that their government and their courts and their police system were there to protect the honest and innocent and uphold the ideals of justice and fair play.

The sad and growing reality for all of the thousands upon thousands of victims of these forms of abuse is that the psychopaths have taken over the levers of government and foreign lobby groups representing the most voracious, avaricious, vile and decadent nation on the face of the planet have filled our national and provincial judiciary with cold-blooded, cruel replicas of themselves whose primary purpose is to serve and protect the sickos that are raping, abusing and murdering our youth and instilling fear and psychoses into their hearts and minds so that their lives are forever lived in terror and anxiety thus ensuring that they live dysfunctional lifestyles that again only benefit the courts and the corporate prison system (run by their demented brethren from the U.S.A.) which profit even further from the ongoing abuse of our present and future generations.

Were it not for the courage and tenacity and will of individuals like Frank FrostLonny Landrud and Byron Prior and Frank Martin & Helen Michel and Jack Cram and Jimi Townsend and Robert White-Erickson and Werner Bock and numerous others who’ve thrown off their shackles of fear and servitude and challenged this serpentine system of “law and order” and openly exposed the underbelly of these slithering slime balls the rest of the world would still be unaware of just how evil and psychotic the system really is once the veneer of media rhetoric is scraped off and the ghastly truth is revealed.

Here at The Radical Press I’ve been covering these and other tales of woe and misery and government misfeasance for well on to fifteen years and in doing so I’ve also had to pay the price that comes with challenging the authority of those who, in their deluded hubris and megalomania, still believe they have some god-given right to control and exploit and abuse our individual liberties and freedoms as human beings. For the whole of this duration I’ve been constantly in legal battles with the provincial government and  with the Zionist Jewish lobby groups who wield such inordinate and perverse influence over all levels of government in this once democratic and free nation we call Canada.


I’ve been harassed, intimidated, charged and taken to the BC Supreme Court by the highest levels of this province’s government for exposing pedophile activities within the same Ministry of children and Families (as it was then called back in 2001) during the reign of the former NDP government then under the leadership of Premier Ujjal Dosangh. Now, fifteen years later, nothing has changed and the criminal activities of these same sick, satanic perverts continues, aided and abetted by their No. 1 mind-control weapon, the Zionist Jew criminal media that dominates 95% or more of Canada’s information technology.


It was only recently while covering the legal case of criminal injustice involving Robert White-Erickson of McBride, B.C. that I became aware of Mr. Frank Frost. What made it even more uncanny was to find out from talking with him that, although he also resides in McBride, he once lived and worked in my own home town of Quesnel where for many years he worked as an advocate for the very same Ministry of Children and Family Development that he is now openly criticizing and exposing.

Like all stories of sexual perversion and abuse involving pedophilia, rape and murder Frank Frost’s story is not pleasing to either the ear or to one’s sense of moral serenity. What will very quickly become apparent for viewers of this two-part interview (filmed, incidentally by Robert White-Erickson who, as I write, is once again sitting in jail in the Prince George Regional Correctional Centre on additional trumped up charges laid by the same crooks that Frank Frost exposes) is that Mr. Frost is a man to be reckoned with. He’s someone who displays the traits of a determined and fearless fighter and to therefore suggest that his video presentation is “frank” would be an understatement of magnanimous proportions. Frank Frost holds no punches and when it comes to naming names he gives viewers the whole nine yards, sparing his adversaries  any of the niceties of language and protocol that many people today will likely find a bit shocking.

Like all the others Frank Frost has gone to the limit to try and exercise his Charter rights and to obtain justice via the standard procedures set up for such purposes. All of his efforts thus far have been in vain and realizing that his country has betrayed not only himself but his family and his friends and everyone one who has ever been unduly wronged Frost is not at this stage of his life what one would call a “happy camper.” Viewers will soon grasp that fact as they watch his presentation, one of the most riveting that I’ve ever encountered in my years of publishing.

Do share this post with others. We need to work together as Frank repeatedly states if we’re ever to end this seemingly endless cycle of perversion and injustice that’s permeated every level of our country’s legal system.

The only means of communicating with Frank Frost is to call him on his phone. The crooks in the RCMP and the Attorney General’s office have made it virtually impossible for him to access the internet or maintain an email address. Call Frank at 1-250-569-0338 if you wish to contact him.

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BC RCMP Continue Their Criminal Racist Hate Crimes Against Native Paraplegic Helen Michell and Her Husband Frank Martin by Arthur Topham

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 2.59.39 PM


The beatings and abuse and injustice never stops.

Helen Michell (shown in the photo above) and also known by her native name Telquaa, and her husband Frank Martin, both B.C. native-born residents, have been the victims of ongoing police brutality, stalking, harassment, racial profiling and hateful prejudice for the past twenty-five years and longer and the abuse continues to this day despite endless attempts at peaceful pleading to all levels of government ranging from the provincial to the federal to International agencies such as the United Nations to have the injustices committed against them halted.

The fact that this tortuous, incessant assault upon two now elderly First Nations people and their family, whose only ‘crime’ over the past decades has been their peaceful and ceaseless support for and advocacy to protect their unceded territories, the natural environment and their way of life as reflected in the wisdom and ways of their traditional hereditary ancestors, begs the question as to the type of justice system being reflected here in British Columbia by these heinous acts of deliberate terrorist against two innocent indigenous people.

What dire threat do these two sovereign-minded individuals pose to the province of B.C. that they have been profiled by the RCMP to the extent they have then subjected to endless attacks based upon either petty vehicle infractions or simply the fact that these victims of police abuse dared to venture out on our public highways?

What’s more astounding yet is the fact that due to all the repeated attacks over the years that have included deliberate acts of forcefully running their vehicle off the road and causing a near fatal accident that left Helen Michell a paraplegic and blind in one eye, these cruel, vindictive “peace officers” who hide their vicious actions behind a mask of police badge and uniform authoritarian legitimacy, are now dragging this same helpless, crippled woman out of her van and beating her, breaking her finger and bruising her body out on the public highway in broad daylight and in view of her children and then, if only to add insult to their despicable injuries, they turn around and deliberately twist the whole affair out of context like some cheap Mossad maneuver and lay charges of criminal assault against Helen, the very victim who they’ve intentionally and wrongfully battered and beaten for the supposed “crime” of not having a goddam signal light that worked properly; an accusation that both Helen and Frank adamantly deny!


There’s something is extremely vile and wicked with is whole scenario and it’s beyond time that B.C.’s Attorney General and Minister of Justice Shirley Bond stepped in and put a stop to this endless legacy of lunatic behaviour by these belligerent, para-military mercenaries of the state otherwise know as the RCMP before one of these asinine, psychos eventually loses total control and pumps either or both of these innocent people full of lead; a scenario that is becoming more and more prevalent during these times.  An investigation is overdue into who the people are responsible for stalking and threatening and terrorizing these people and that investigation should be commenced by the AG’s office and not any RCMP organizations like the RCMP Complaints Commission.


The Radical Press has been following the story of Frank and Helen and documenting their ongoing plight with the provincial authorities and their decades long efforts to get their territory located at Maxan Lake in the Burns Lake region of the province returned to them; land that that was stolen from under them back in the 1990’s by the actions of crooked government-elected chiefs and band counsels. In an Interview first published in the now defunct monthly tabloid called The Radical, back in June of 2001 readers can get a good glimpse of the possible reasons why these two indigenous sovereingtists have been subjected to this ongoing abuse for so long. I highly recommend that viewers look at it.

The list of repeated abuses, beatings and harassment is phenomenal and stands as a stark reminder of just how brazen and ugly the so-called justice system truly is here in B.C. if you’re not a member of the dominant, privileged society or a person of wealth and influence. The following story published by back on February 27th, 2011 is a vivid account of the life that Frank and Helen are living in Lotus Land, also touted as the most beautiful place on earth to live. It’s not a pretty tale at all. Frank Martin has been subjected to police violence again and again all for the simple crime of standing up for his rights as a free and independent thinker and a man who refuses to buckle under to the oppressively constant pressure to not question the criminal activities of his own “red apple” brothers or those who’ve created the current system of native governance across Turtle Island.


Almost daily in the controlled media we hear of horror stories of abuse after abuse by estranged RCMP officers who now behave more like the old bolshevik Cheka secret police did in the Soviet Union rather than decent, honest, sensitive protectors of the public. It’s these types of aberrant behaviour on the part of the cops that makes it so plainly obvious to Frank and Helen that the safety of their lives and their family members is becoming more and more precarious as time goes by and sooner or later one of these maniacs with the yellow striped pants will blow yet another fuse and end up murdering either them or their children.

This story is being sent to the mainstream media here in B.C. and elsewhere plus it is going directly to the Attorney General’s office and to Shirley Bond. Will she actually do something about these crimes against Frank and Helen and put an end to legacy of injustice? Let’s find out.

Helen Michell can be reached at: helen michell

Stephen Harper. Psychopath? Connect The Dots. by Robin Mathews

Psychopath Harper

Stephen Harper. Psychopath? Connect The Dots.

Robin Mathews


The question of Stephen Harper’s sanity is before Canadians again. Insistently.

A psychopath, characteristically, is someone who is morally dead, a habitual liar, a ‘control freak’ who will use any deceit to achieve his or her ends while, fully consciously, masquerading to appear ‘normal’… and honest.

The present Saskatchewan electoral boundaries scandal involving Stephen Harper, RackNine Inc., Fred Delorey, Tom Lukiwski, Gerry Ritz (and others) is, I believe, the product of psychopath-driven behaviour. It involves a pattern of deception, misinformation, and seemingly organized disinformation.

The Saskatchewan scandal involves an attempt to misinform Saskatchewan voters (and all other Canadians). It is intended, I believe, to violate the integrity of an independent electoral commission, to impose a fraudulent outcome in the re-drawing of electoral boundaries, and to destroy the right of Canadians to free and fair democratic elections – on the road to creating a Harper-managed despotism in Canada.

Connect the dots.

First, remember the Harper organization admitted guilt to a highly-organized electoral violation in the 2006 election involving 68 constituencies. It admitted guilt, and paid a fine, after denying the charges for five years.

The Harper organization is alleged to have launched a huge Robocall attack on fair election practices in the 2011 election. That scandal is still under investigation by Elections Canada.

The organization is alleged to have intervened with illicit Robocall attacks in the recent Alberta (2012) election on behalf of the Far Right Wild Rose party.

Where, you might ask, does such activity come from?  I suggest it comes directly from – and under the supervision of – Stephen Harper.  Remember the U.S. immigrant who helped shape Stephen Harper’s rise to power, and who was a national campaign manager for Harper – Tom Flanagan?

For apparently offending Stephen Harper, Tom Flanagan has been cut out of the inner circle.  Nevertheless, he reports the “control freak” quality of Stephen Harper.  What he calls “a [permanent] campaign manager” is always on the job …”reporting directly to the Conservative leader ”[Stephen Harper], “not to a committee”. [Hill Times, Sept 10, p.1,19]

In addition, ex-Tory staffer Michael Sona points to major, centralized planning of fraud. (Sona seems to have been thrown to the wolves in a cover-up of the fraudulent 2011 election Robocall  scandal revealed in Guelph, Ontario.) Referring to the Saskatchewan scandal, Michael Sona (CTV, Feb 10) said “everything is centralized at headquarters….  I don’t find that”[the Harperite claim of an error in internal communication] “a very credible excuse”.

The CTV story adds that “the same company implicated in the [2011] election robocalls scandal, Edmonton-based RackNine Inc., has been linked to the situation in Saskatchewan”.

The observations by once-loyal Harperites suggest that what I call the campaign to destroy fair elections in Canada is led, directed, and overseen by Stephen Harper himself.

Connect the dots.

Keep in mind the present situation of the Conservative Party of Canada. Canadians are becoming used to talking parrots, mindless responders among all Harperite spokespeople.  As Susan Riley remarked in a recent Hill Times column, an honest, independent Harperite MP cannot be found in Parliament.  They are all programmed puppets.

My favourite choice of puppet, Environment minister Peter Kent, unflaggingly spouts what I take to be a completely ridiculous line of apparent fantasy concerning government policy.  Most environmental experts say the Harper government’s declared goal of reduced environmental pollution is unobtainable nonsense. But Peter Kent repeats it and repeats it … and repeats it.

That points to a serious problem in Canada.  Psychopath-directed government in Canada means that ANY media interview, ANY government statement by ANY cabinet minister, MP, or spokesperson, including Stephen Harper himself – will be used to mislead, deceive, manipulate, and/or otherwise misinform Canadians.

The present Saskatchewan case is, I believe, a major, concerted effort of planning – from the prime minister down – to destroy the work of the a non-partisan electoral boundary commission.

The attack, I believe, began with (apparent) complete innocence in the Procedure and House Affairs Committee.  There, Harperite MP Tom Lukiwski (Regina-Lumsden Lake Centre, Saskatchewan) questioned the work of the commission, making what were probably empty quibbles of the kind that can be surfaced in any electoral boundary change.

Lukiwski suggests they might arrange “hearing objections to the commission’s findings” in the Procedure and House Affairs Committee.  He goes on: “I don’t want to say we’re going to interfere with an arms length commission….” [Hill Times, Jan 28, p. 23]

Then – we know without question – the Conservative majority acted, with apparent subterfuge (and possibly with fraudulent intent), “to interfere with an arms length commission”.

A pattern of what might be supposed to be calculated fraud is clear.

Investigating journalists at the Ottawa Citizen, Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher, set about to find out who was sending an unidentified (illicit) politically partisan “poll” to people in Saskatchewan about their electoral boundaries.

Tom Lukiwski said, of course, that no Saskatchewan MPs were “responsible for the calls”. Of course.

Conservative party spokesman Fred Delorey denied the party was involved at all! Then, as evidence to the contrary grew, Delorey admitted the Harperite Tories made the calls.

Doesn’t it seem clear that Delorey lied? Deliberately?

Asked if his voice-broadcasting companies RackNine [of the 2011 Robocall Election Scandal] and were involved in the Saskatchewan call scandal, Matt Meier, president of RackNine replied: “Thanks for thinking of me, but your fascination is unwarranted.”

As evidence grew, the line sending the Saskatchewan “poll” call was identified as “Chase Research”. Forensic audio expert Ed Primeau said he is “95-per-cent-certain” that “[Matt] Meier recorded the outgoing messages used by the mysterious Chase Research”. Chase Research is connected to RackNine Inc. What does Matt Meier’s statement about “unwarranted” questioning of his participation indicate?  Guess.

And then coincidence became distinctly uncoincidental.  In a spray of language that many Canadians will believe was a Stephen Harper attempt to misinform, mislead, and manipulate, Harper told the House of Commons that his party did nothing wrong.  He said it simply echoed the majority view in Saskatchewan where 75% who submitted opinions to the independent commission were opposed to the proposed changes.

Justice Ron Mills, commission member, denied Harper’s statement, saying “When you start looking at the [submitted opinion] numbers … it’s a mug’s game”.  He went on – as did the commission’s majority report – to point to bias and to [Conservative] MP-encouraged submissions.

The non-coincidence grows.  The 75% figure is obviously a farce.  Nonetheless, independently, Agriculture minister Gerry Ritz said on February 7 that “three quarters of the people of Saskatchewan are upset with the way the maps are drawn.” Ritz tortured the dubious statistic into being the opinion of people all across Saskatchewan –  engaging in patently unfounded nonsense.

Fred Delorey, Conservative party spokesman, admitted the party called for the phone messages.  In his news release Delorey also wrote that the commission’s proposed changes are “opposed by 75% of the public”.  A [planned?] use and repetition of the patently unfounded nonsense?

Non-coincidence.  Follow the dots.  Independently, at different times, Stephen Harper, Fred Delorey, and Gerry Ritz all promulgate what is essentially “disinformation”.  Some would call it the spreading of a lie, or misinformation, or intended distortion, or working together to create a falsehood.

The whole seamy, smelly process leads to five ugly conclusions.

(1) The process – however it may end – serves to call into question fair, impartial electoral boundary setting – on behalf of Harperite boundary-setting by bullying and deception.

(2) The scandal (including the Robocalls) appears to have been a very shady Conservative party-wide activity organized, put in place, and actively supported by Stephen Harper.

(3) Harperite MPs and staffers seem to have been organized and primed to spread the 75% fiction and try to make it “accepted truth”.

(4) Stephen Harper – when against the wall for apparently fraudulent party activity – brought forward the 75% fabrication in order, it seems, to continue the work of destroying a legitimate electoral boundaries commission.

(5) The Saskatchewan electoral boundaries scandal is one part, I believe, of a psychopath-driven attempt by the Stephen Harper cabal to destroy free and fair elections and democratic society in Canada.


There are people in Canada who continue to believe Stephen Harper is not a psychopath.  I am not one of those people.

Contact Robin at:


2013: The “Defunct Economist” and the Psychopathology Of Stephen Harper by Robin Mathews


2013: The “Defunct Economist” and the Psychopathology Of Stephen Harper

By Robin Mathews

2013.  We know a few fundamental truths about human society, now, at a point where we have the most dishonest federal government in Canadian history.

A very few truths must be acted upon if individual and community freedoms are to be maintained, if justice is to be upheld, and if reasonable measures of security, tranquility, and good health are to be assured for all.

The first truth to be noted and acted upon is the one uttered by Lord Acton – that power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  That is so in any political (or other) system. We do not act upon that knowledge sufficiently. Power must not be entrusted to any one person or group without automatic and effective safeguards more stringent than any present in so-called ‘democracies’ … or anywhere else.

The second truth we are coming to know is closely related to Acton’s.  It speaks to a medical condition of inequality that must be identified and controlled by equally automatic and effective safeguards.  As I write – by merest coincidence – public debate surrounds the desire of scientists to examine the DNA of a serial murderer to see if there might be an ascertainable genetic composition which guarantees the production of serial murderers.

Freighted with ethical and moral questions, that kind of inquiry won’t abate.  By the same token, research into the presence of psychopaths, sociopaths, and other social psychotics in responsible political and corporate positions has been shaping for a few decades, at least.  The subject is still in flux and strenuously argued over.  But with research of the kind by Robert D. Hare on psychopaths and psychopathy at UBC it won’t go away.

On the one hand, there is the normal person who is swayed by a position of power to become corrupted.  On the other hand, there is the person who is corrupt by nature, devious, power-driven, without conscience, a pathological liar who works hard to mislead and oppress others on his or her way to gaining power as close to absolute power as possible.

One of the assumptions of psychopaths and supporters of a world dominated by psychopaths is that human beings are unequal.  A part of Reactionary (Stephen Harper style) political philosophy insists upon human inequality – though it usually claims to believe in equality before the law.  The economist and self-described political philosopher Friedrich von Hayek (1899-1992) insists upon human inequality.  As might be expected from a Reactionary, an ardent Free Market advocate, and a supporter of neo-liberalism, he does so, I believe, in order to urge the release of specific kinds of people – unfettered, uncontrolled, unsupervised – into economic activity.


               FRIEDRICK AUGUST von HAYEK

The kinds of people he would release and those who champion them, I suggest, may be those who science may well come to prove are psychopaths, sociopaths, and other kinds of social psychotics.

2013. The present brutality and desolation being wrought in the world by corrupt power and deranged leadership are visible to all sane people.  The actions of those “leaders” have come to threaten life as we know it on the planet.  Addressing the problems they present must be of primary importance.

Friedrich von Hayek and his school are a major influence in all reactionary Canadian institutes, think-tanks, in the Canadian Conservative Party, and in the cabinet of Stephen Harper. Aping U.S. neo-liberalism, its economic monopolization of the economy called ‘the Free Market’, its anti-democratic governmental partnering with unchecked corporate power, the Stephen Harper Junta operates a barely disguised despotism in Canada.

In more than one election the Harper Junta has attempted to invalidate free elections by highly organized fraud. Stephen Harper has not shown any alarm at the lawlessness and has done what he can to cover it up. He is believed by many to be a pathological liar, and to force dishonesty upon all the members of his caucus.

In a summing up of the year 2012 in Ottawa, decades-long Ottawa columnist Susan Riley can’t find one honest Harper Conservative in Parliament. (The Hill Times, Dec. 17, 2012, pp. 1,12). Even of promising Chris Alexander, a former Assistant Deputy Minister and “star” candidate, Riley remarks that his claims about the F35 aircraft debate “are transparently and demonstrably false”.  Of ALL the Conservative Members of Parliament she asks: “Is there no limb too long, no lie too outrageous?”

Are those people terrified, robotized beings driven by a psychopathic, sociopathic Junta?

The Harper Junta is rendering Parliament almost ineffective by lies, deceptions and majority-steam-rolling passage of gigantic multi-subject legislation driven by Global Corporate Ideology that wholly discounts Canadians and Canadian interests except when challenged by massive thrusts of public opinion that might threaten to overturn the Junta. In their latest move, the Harper Junta has attempted to gut First Nations rights and freedoms without referring to history or the constitution or existing treaties.

Racist responses on Social Media to First Nations, Idle No More stories are even suspected to be manipulated from Harper Junta sources. Since evidence exists of repeated tawdry and illegal behaviour by Harper supporters no one can categorically deny the claim of Harper-supporter staged racism to inflame public opinion.

Much of the “reasoning” for Stephen Harper Junta policy comes from Friedrich von Hayek and his school.  Von Hayek’s presence in Harper policy-making calls up a statement by economist John Maynard Keynes.  He writes: “Practical men who believe themselves exempt from any intellectual influences, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist.  Madmen in authority, who hear voices in the air, are distilling their frenzy from some academic scribbler of a few years back.”

The “academic scribbler”, “the defunct economist” for the Harper Junta is Friedrich von Hayek.

Friedrich von Hayek believes power corrupts – but only government power exercised on behalf of the well-being of the general population.  His work is dedicated to getting the hands of democratic government away from power and releasing the ‘free individual’, unhindered, into economic activity.

He believes that wealth and poverty are both necessary, apparently so the poverty stricken (by being grossly exploitable) can assist the wealthy to make material advances.  The advances, then, eventually leak down to those among the impoverished who have survived the brutality of their exploitation. It is perhaps no accident that Margaret Thatcher is said to have thrown on the table von Hayek’s book The Constitution of Liberty at a Conservative Party meeting, saying “THIS is what we believe”.

Von Hayek wants strict limits on the powers of government and unions, but almost none on entrepreneurs and corporations.  “There are good reasons why all governmental concern with economic matters is suspect”, he writes. (The Constitution of Liberty, pp. 330-331). He admits that a free system might show concern for the economy within the rule of law.

But … as one might expect, Hayek’s rule of law is Stephen Harper’s.  It is a total sham.  Erecting ‘rule of law’ that can be almost completely eluded by private enterprise is von Hayek’s and Harper’s ideal.  The rule of law must be the basis of a free society, von Hayek, argues.  But any legislation [the making of law] that requires respect for human dignity and human rights von Hayek considers offensive.  Such law-making he consistently attacks and rejects as outside the rule of law!

If that suggests a touch of psychopathy, there is more in von Hayek’s book The Constitution of Liberty (1960) to back up the suspicion.

In the fashion of people who believe all social ideas of fairness and equality are, in fact, the product of selfishness and greed, von Hayek claims the attempts to assure equal opportunity for all rests “to put it bluntly, on envy”. (p. 155)  By the same token, questions about the legitimacy of wealthy people involved in “ostentation”… “bad taste”… and… wastefulness” arise “through envy”.

The idea of progressive taxation in which huge corporate and private profit-makers pay more tax than wage-earners is, he writes, about permitting “gratification of the envy of the less well off” (p. 438)  Progressive taxation for von Hayek, “even elevates into a principle what in fact has no better basis than envy”. (p. 450)

There is something bizarre and twisted about a “political philosopher” seeing only narrow and selfish motivations in the actions of social reformers.  That happens, I suggest, because von Hayek doesn’t possess normal humanity.  He cannot accept that human beings often, at their best, engage in selfless actions.

I think it may be said of von Hayek – and followers like the Stephen Harper Junta – that they have no moral intelligence.  They can learn the phrase “the rule of law”.  They can use it.  But they rebel when law is made that sanctifies something else than The Law of the Jungle by which they wish to live.

If that seems a strong statement, it is backed by von Hayek himself who not only fails to understand the humanitarian motivations of social reformers, but even denies the motivations can exist. “General altruism is a meaningless conception”, he writes (p. 141).”A free man”, von Hayek goes on, can decide for himself “what and whose needs” are important.  He makes clear that the “free man” will decide important needs exist for only a small, closely related few.

That is because the free man, in von Hayek’s view of reality, cannot register as real – cannot understand – what social reformers do over years and what whole segments of the population do at times of earthquake, disease, or other calamities on behalf of people they will never meet – give selflessly and generously to assist.

As if to validate his brutish views of humankind and human community, von Hayek declares that for people like him “the spiritual and temporal are different spheres which ought not to be confused”. (p. 528)  In Western democracies which contain a variety of religious beliefs we ask that the spheres of the Church and State are kept clearly separate.

That isn’t what Friedrich von Hayek means.

He means (as most neo-liberals do) that if the temporal sphere – for him the sphere of economic activity – requires the brutalization of other human beings in order to gain profit, then ideas of justice, mercy, benevolence, sharing, law and love which might come from, say, the spiritual sphere of Christianity must not be permitted “to be confused” with the temporal, economic sphere.

All is of a piece.  Like the “religious” Stephen Harper, von Hayek wouldn’t let the teachings of Christian spirituality get confused with the values of global corporate capitalism.  And, like Stephen Harper, von Hayek reveals that his free society has severe limits.  He is enraged that labour unions possess the right to free association.  He would forbid peaceful picketing (p. 393) as coercive, especially since he argues – as if he believes it – that unions have more power than capitalist enterprises in the Market Economy.  Peaceful picketing offends von Hayek as well because it can be used for “purely political purposes” – as if free association for political purposes is somehow a violation of democratic society.

Friedrich von Hayek finds peaceful picketing offensive as Stephen Harper finds free collective bargaining offensive.  Despite convention, law, and established practice, the Harper Junta has, more than once, erased free collective bargaining in order to assure profit-making by big employers.

Friedrich von Hayek touts the free society.  He extols the rule of law.  He battles for the unhindered activity of the ‘free man’.

But, nevertheless, in his section on education and research von Hayek declares that “a Communist should not be given ‘tenure’” (a permanent position and opportunity for promotion in professorial ranks). (p. 513) The danger is, of course, the person might talk about class [which von Hayek never mentions], class interests, Capitalism, and the role of working people as the providers of “surplus value” – or profits – that corporation owners claim they alone create.

2013. Friedrich von Hayek, it would seem, has planted seeds that have helped lead to a Conservative Party of unrelieved liars in the Canadian Parliament. They undertake wholesale and vicious attacks upon social reformers. They concentrate attacks upon labour unions, give consent to or participate in major law-breaking, and in secret foreign treaty-making. They accept scandalous election violation and repression of information absolutely necessary to democratic society.  They make up a Party in power in which a serious and experienced Ottawa newspaper columnist cannot find a single, honest, upright person.

Welcome Canadians to 2013 in Canada.


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