A Tribute to Jim Keegstra – Canadian Patriot and Truth Teller by Arthur Topham

A Tribute to Jim Keegstra – Canadian Patriot and Truth Teller
Arthur Topham
June 16th, 2014
Jim Keegsra
March 30, 1934 – June 2, 2014
    Rest in Peace
No, I never knew Jim Keegstra personally nor did I have any verbal or written communications with him during his lifetime. Nor did I personally know Ernst Zundel or have any contact with him either. But regardless of that we still share a common bond that unites us in the spirit of Truth and Justice and that connection is permanently and indelibly burnt into our souls and no amount of brainwashing propaganda and calumny and hate-filled screeds from the Jew media will ever alter the fact. 
We all have stood up to and faced the enemy and revealed him for who and what he was and is – the consummate epitome of lies and eternal infamy and the historic instrument of endless destruction, war, torture, rape, murder, bestial abominations, terror and fear. And for those reasons we have been attacked and vilified and called every conceivable epithet known to man and Jew.
One other thing that I and Jim and Ernst (and many other victims of the Jewish criminal cartel) share in common is that we all were blessed to have been the fortunate beneficiaries of the spiritual and legal largesse of the world’s foremost counsel and freedom of speech fighter, the late and great Mr. Douglas Christie, who, up until his untimely demise in March of 2013, worked tirelessly to prevent the courts of Canada from being overrun by the Jews with their insidious conniving and legal scheming designed to twist and pervert Canadian jurisprudence into a deviant variant of the former Soviet Communist Bolshevik “Show Trial” courts wherein “Hate Propaganda” (please read this as any negative criticism of the Jews or their diabolical agenda against the rest of the humanity embodied in their politically psychopathic doctrine know as “Zionism”) has superseded Truth and Fact and sound Common Sense.
D.Christie BattlingBarrister
It’s a fact of life in 2014 just as it was a fact of life back in 1914 that the vast majority of the media (what many today call the “mainstream media”) is, in reality, a Jew monopoly Media and they own it lock, stock and barrel with the exception of (Praise God!) the Internet. For this reason and this reason alone no individual will ever be allowed the freedom to criticize a Jew or their crimes in any fashion without incurring the rage and hatred and lies which their media outlets will call upon en masse in order to prevent “the people” from knowing what really is going on behind their digital curtain of deception.
Jim Keegstra was a Christian and a school teacher and a man of integrity dedicated to teaching truth and that is what he did when it came to revealing to his students what is undoubtedly the greatest lie of the 20th century and, in all likelihood, of recorded history itself – the infamous LIE of the “6 Million Holocaust” – a deluded and macabre fantasy of the Judaic priesthood which humanity has been unwittingly forced to endure since 1945; a falsehood the Jews concocted in order to threaten, brow-beat, intimidate, cajole and bewitch the world into believing via their media cartel in order to buttress unchallenged support for their surreptitious designs for global hegemony.
HoloTorture copy
For that one reason and that reason alone the full weight of the Jew media and the state came down upon Jim Keegstra just as it did for Ernst Zundel when he attempted to educate Canadians about the very same LIE. 
A Google search of Jim Keegstra quickly reveals a gaggle of Jew media outlets that all lead off their stories with the catch-phrase “Jim Keegstra, Holocaust denier”. Over and over and over ad nauseum these disseminators of deception predictably punctuate, perpetuate and puke up their obscene, immoral “holocaust” perjury bile in voluminous amounts in order to keep brainwashed Canadians believing their gargantuan “6 Million” LIE; one that American writer Arthur R. Butz permanently demolished back in 1976 in his classic book The Hoax of the Twentieth Century.
Like voyeuristic opportunists the Jew media waits with lurid impatience for any opportunity to exploit their former victims in order to shore up the faltering foundations supporting their infrastructure of tyranny, better known to the world today as the New World Order. The “holocaust LIE” is the cornerstone of their temple of terrorism, deception and destruction and any chance they get to exploit it will create a media feast.
Jim Keegstra is now dead and his spirit is with all the other Truth seekers who, in the past, have stood up to and exposed the unconscionable atrocities that have been foisted upon humanity by this cult of evil Satanic vipers.  No less a Truth teller than Jesus Christ himself once said, “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.”
At the present moment I am the only remaining Canadian who is now before the Canadian courts charged with a sec. 319(2) “Hate Propaganda” crime against the Jews and facing a lengthy and costly trial in the B.C. Supreme Court. The section I was charged under was created and inserted into the Canadian law books by so-called “Canadian” Jews in order to stop people like Jim Keegstra, Ernst Zundel, John Ross Taylor, Malcolm Ross, myself and many others from challenging their outlandish and glaringly heinous legacy of lies that has turned the world into a living hell. 
I’ll conclude this short tribute with a few lines from a friend of Jim Keegstra’s who send them to me via email. They basically convey the sentiments that I’ve been trying to cover in this short essay.
“Kanadian patriot and school teacher Jim Keegsta was prosecuted in 1983 under Kanada’s then existing Hate statute for claiming the so-called “Holocaust” was “Exaggerated”. He subsequently became the first nationally vilified martyr for Kanadian freedom of speech in Kanada. That claim was subsequently substantiated when the world Jewish Congress in conjunction with the Auschwitz State Museum in Poland lowered the number of gassing victims at Auschwitz from 4 million to 1 million in 1990. So for any apologist who says the numbers don’t matter, it did to patriot Jim Keegstra who lost his job as a teacher and mayor of the town he lived in and was continuously vilified and slandered by the national media ever since. As a result, he was defunctionalized socially, politically and economically. Like heretics in the middle ages who denied that the earth was the center of the universe, you don’t deny the state religion of the west and get away with it. The only difference between then and now is that they’ve found a more civilized way of burning people at the stake.
There were other Kanadian martyrs before Jim, people like my good friend and mentor John Ross Taylor from Toronto who spent a year in jail in the late 1970s for a telephone message talking about the Jews and their machinations, but Jim Keegstra was the first to really go national in a big way. I guess THEY figured at the time that Kanadians had been dumbed down enough that it didn’t really matter what kind of outrage was perpetrated against traditional freedoms, notwithstanding that those freedoms went all the way back to the Magna Carta, and they were right. In fact the Keegstra case was the first one to my knowledge where a Kanadian judge in his final address to the jury stated, “The truth is not an issue in this case”. If the truth is not an issue in a court of Law, then what the hell is? I still haven’t figured that one out and obviously Jim Keegstra hadn’t either.
The RCMP even stationed armed snipers on the roof of the Red Deer, Alberta, court house when Jim was being tried. Kanada it seems must be protected against heretics at all cost.
Jim Keegstra was a friend and patriot who went out like a man. He will be sadly missed.”  T.L.

Doug Collins Canadian Free Speech Champion: 1 of 4 Controversial Articles



[Editor’s Note: On February 2, 1999, in Vancouver, B.C., Canada then Tribunal Member for the British Columbia Human Rights Commission, Tom W. Patch, brought down his decision in the controversial complaint brought against Doug Collins, writer and journalist for the North Shore News, a publication out of North Vancouver, B.C. by Agent Z and the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada.

The BCHRT’s Decision:

Individually, and taken out of context, each of the four columns at issue might not convey messages that meet the high threshold that is necessary to be considered hatred or contempt within the meaning of s. 7(1)(b) of the Code. However, collectively they do. They repeatedly reinforce some of the most virulent forms of anti-Semitism. They convey the message that Jews, individually and collectively, are selfish, greedy and manipulative; that they have conspired to control government institutions and the media; and that they use that control to perpetuate inflated figures concerning the victimization of Jews during the Holocaust and to persecute anyone who speaks out
against them.

The publication of these messages in a community newspaper that is delivered to almost every home in the community is likely to increase the risk to Jewish people of being exposed to hatred or contempt because of their race, religion or ancestry. Mr. Collins expresses hatred or contempt indirectly and subtly. He does not overtly incite hateful or contemptuous expressions. However, he reinforces negative stereotypes of the Jews that have been promulgated for centuries. Further, publication of these ideas in a credible newspaper increases the likelihood that others will manifest hateful and contemptuous views in a more directly harmful manner.

I find that the four columns, which were written by Doug Collins and published by the North Shore News, and which were the basis for this complaint, are likely to expose Jewish persons to hatred or contempt because of their race, religion or ancestry contrary to s. 7(1)(b) of the Code.

Tom W. Patch, Tribunal Member
Vancouver, British Columbia
February 2, 1999


In the case of Agent Z v. Doug Collins and the North Shore News the Respondents had decided not to attend the Tribunal hearing and defend their position as per Mr. Collins’ articles. In hindsight that may have been an error for in doing so it gave full license to Agent Z and the B’nai Brith to present their one-sided view of the issues which Doug Collins highlights in the four articles posted below.

It’s obvious when reading through the case that all the standard specious arguments used by the Zionists are presented by their coterie of “expert witnesses”. It’s also obvious that the Tribunal members swallowed all of this Zionist propaganda hook, line and sinker.

For the sake of today’s readers who are much more informed on these issues that the courageous journalist Doug Collins first highlighted for the general public I am republishing the four articles of Mr. Collins’ so that readers can decide for themselves whether or not justice was served back in 1999. Each of the four articles will include this introduction. By the way, Doug Collins’ column was called “On the Other Hand”.]

Four articles used by BCHRC in Agent Z vs Collins case written by Doug Collins

Article Number 1:

“On the Other Hand”

News flash! Daily press discovering free speech
Doug Collins
January 12, 1994

AMAZING! THE Vancouver dailies have discovered political correctness and freedom of speech. Sort of.

I know this because in December the Sun deplored the gag on the Teale manslaughter trial in Ontario.

“What’s next?” it asked. “Will Canada Post start censoring Christmas mail?”

Don’t those dopes know that Customs and Excise already censors Christmas mail if it happens to be a gift in the form of Professor Arthur Butz’s Hoax of the Twentieth Century or some other politically incorrect work?

The Province has waxed even bolder. It has denounced political correctness in the universities and has defended “controversial research.”

Will the dailies now discover that people have been hounded for having the wrong opinions ever since the hate laws were passed in 1971, especially if those opinions annoy the Canadian Jewish Congress?

The truth is that the Sun and Province were early worshippers at the altar of political correctness. Didn’t they back the prosecutions against Keegstra and Zundel?

And didn’t they grovel to the pressure groups when Zundel was charged under the “spreading false news” law for saying that something didn’t happen, namely, the six million matter?

Spreading false news? Santa Claus and the weatherman spread false news. Anyone who reports what the politicians say is probably spreading false news, too.

And our daily duo went into ecstacies when David Irving the British author and historian was put in handcuffs and clapped into jail pending his expulsion from this country for having the wrong opinions.

The Province editorial headline was “Shutting out hatred.”

And we got an amazing bit of false news from that newspaper in the claim that “no country encourages free speech more than Canada.”

“In Canada,” the fatuous piece continued, “you can climb on your soapbox and say whatever you want.”

So you can – if you are prepared to risk a spot in jail. Or being fired from your job. Or fined under B.C.’s Bill 33.

“Good riddance,” Mr. Irving, was the Province’s punchline.

The Sun was even more keen.

“Who’s on watch?” it asked editorially in saying that Irving was a criminal. Hadn’t he been fined under German hate laws “for insulting the memory of the dead” in alleging that the six million story was untrue?

The Sun much approved of the Ottawa Thought Police order barring Irving from entering Canada. But if his stuff is so ridiculous, why should he be barred?

Do we bar flat-earthers?

That “Who’s on watch” headline deserves an answer. Which is: Not the Vancouver Sun. Nor the Province. Nor any of our daring mainstream media commentators. If they were on watch on some of the more touchy questions they wouldn’t last long.

As in the west, so in the east. In New Brunswick Malcolm Ross was bundled out of the classroom when the Atlantic Jewish Council turned on the heat.

He had never aired his views in class. They just didn’t like his privately published books.

New Brunswick’s lickspittle attorney general added his voice to the chorus.

“There is no place in our society for dangerous thoughts,” he said. Great stuff, eh?

But just before Christmas the New Brunswick Court of Appeal took a different view. It said that a human rights inquisition had denied Ross’ human rights. (So what else is new?)

Five minutes later, Irving Abella of the Canadian Jewish Congress popped up to say he was “dumbfounded.”

He wants Ross kept out of the classroom anyway and has asked New Brunswick to take the case to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Predictably, in a piece that read like a CJC handout, the Vancouver Sun stepped up to say that the judges were wrong and that Ross was indeed a purveyor of dangerous thoughts.

In Toronto, another teacher, Paul Fromm, was moved after an agitation action was started by one Bernie Farber, another CJC character.

Fromm’s offence was to ask a facetious question about Indians and scalping at some gathering of 31 earnest left-wing souls.

He is also against immigration, which makes him a “racist.”

When Professor Phillipe Rushton of Ontario’s Western University did some politically incorrect racial research, the usual censors demanded that he be fired, a wish echoed by the then Premier Peterson. He wasn’t, but Third World thugs and white lunatics forced him to do his lectures on closed circuit TV.

The Province now says we shouldn’t be like some of those bad Americans and call people Nazis when we want to shut them up.

“Let’s not have it happen here,” it declares.

It should know, but apparently doesn’t, that it’s been happening here for a long time.

Zionist bloodshed. Intimidation by the word “anti-Semitism” will not save you from it

Zionist bloodshed. Intimidation by the word “anti-Semitism” will not save you from it.

By Dick Eastman

with additional corroborating evidence

by Eustace Mullins

January 17th, 2009
Are you willing that your family be next?

Your inaction tells me that you are.

I am hoping that the following history lesson from Eustace Mullins will change that.

You and I and everyone you care about have been set up for mass murder and you need to put aside your natural terror at the prospect and act rationally and seasonably in an out-of-character attempt to avoid what now appears all but inevitable.

It is irrational to talk about economic and political reforms you would like to see when your own government has been captured by a tribe of pathological killers working towards your speedy destruction and death. White puppet Presidents are put in office to deceive the public and cover the usual political corruption, but when a man is put in office of a different race and the fact that he was born in a different country is systematically concealed by the Jews who put him in power, then you know a real holocaust is about to be unleashed.  A black American president is not a bad idea, but the way this black president came to power and those he has chosen to fill critical offices show tells us everything.  When mass-murder of a people in a given country is on the agenda it is necessary that the man leading the operation not have racial loyalties and close affiliations with the people targeted.

I am certain. I think most people who will read this are inclined to agree, but are having a Hamlet crisis about whether to take action against the murderous traitors and hostile aliens in power – wondering if whether by keeping silent and looking as docile and cooperative and accepting of whatever the Zionists have in mind they might save you from the fate that they intend for those they deem their enemies. The article by Mullins that follows below is intended to convince you of the folly of that hope and the certain grim fate that awaits us all in a matter of weeks if we do not together resist as one.

I have a few important things to say first.

[Read more…]