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  1. Four4Toes says:

    Just tried to get this book from Barnes Review, but when I went to check out… it wouldn’t give me the shipping cost. Sent them an email, never got a reply, and 2 days later when I tried again… it removed this book, saying it was no longer available, and THEN shipping worked for the rest of my order… which I cancelled due to being PI**ED off!

    Anyone know where I can get a copy of this in Canada? I guess USA won’t sell me one, since I’ll bet Canada is blocking it. I feel like I now live in the old Soviet Russia or Germany where you can’t speak a word about anything related to the greatest lie ever told. Especially now that Netanyahu is also a Holohoax Denier. LOL Just GOTTA love that. What a freakin’ moron… why not own up totally and tell the truth? Millions no longer believe the fairytale.

  2. The Jew media has put out the word on the book. Numerous sources are reporting the same results as you are. Here in Canada Amazon (I believe) won’t ship it in. It’ll have to be made into a pdf and distributed via the net it seems.

  3. I just had a similar experience at TBR, couldn’t find it on their website, though it is in their pdf catalog. I just ordered a copy from American Free Press, which is one of the sources listed by CODOH Books One source is listed as a free kindle download.

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