As Rolex will never make the Submariner 11613LB, this two-tone dive watch is only available from the secondary market. The blue pre-owned Submariner 116613 is usually a little more expensive than the black variant, which is identical in every way except for the color of the dial and bezel. This is particularly interesting since both replica watches retailed for the exact same price at the time of production. 
If you want a fancier version of Rolex’s legendary SCUBA dive watch, but don’t want to commit to a solid gold timepiece for everyday wear and use, the Rolex Submariner 116613LB’s Rising Sun Blue dial is a great choice, combining durable stainless steel and bright 18k yellow gold to create a look that is both sturdy and luxurious.
A Rolex staple since the 1980s, each generation of the two-tone Rolesor Submariner has offered an option of black or blue dials and bezel inserts. While the black look is slightly more formal and versatile, the blue version adds a nautical aesthetic, a constant reminder that replica Rolex designed the Submariner for serious water use.
One of the signature features of the Rolex Submariner with its blue dial is its sunburst finish, which consists of subtle lines radiating outward from the center, giving it a certain iridescent quality that changes its color in a prismatic fashion as it catches the incoming light from different angles. So it was a surprising move when Rolex’s Submariner Ref. 116613LB made its debut at Baselworld 2009 with a blue dial that was no longer sunburst but flat – similar to that of the white gold “Smurf” Submariner 116619LB.
The rationale for the adjustment is that the flat blue dial better complements the shade of the blue Cerachrom bezel. While some people appreciate the look of the flat blue dial, most regret the loss of the dynamic sunburst blue option. The sunburst option was missed so much that fake Rolex brought back the sunburst blue dial in 2013 for the reference 116613LB, which will remain in production until the end of the watch’s production run in 2020.
It is worth noting that the flat blue dial has diamond hour markers, while the sunburst blue dial does not. The style and finish of the blue sunburst submarine dial are very similar to the silver or champagne dials often found in several other Rolex non-sports fake watch collections; however, when the dial is mounted inside the watch, its rich blue color and white hour markers are outlined in gold create the illusion of greater depth.