While you can get a vintage Rolex for a few thousand dollars, there’s something to be said about spending a little more and starting your vintage Rolex collection with a model that will really make you happy. Here are a few classic models with universal appeal, from stainless steel to solid gold and everything in between.  
This vintage replica Rolex Day-Date 1803 is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in Rolex’s flagship collection. Also known as the Rolex President, this classic formal watch can be a staple in any collection, and for many, it could easily be the only luxury watch they need. But what we like about this Rolex 1803 is that “pie plate” dial. The unique face makes this watch a great addition to your collection, as it provides an inherently vintage look and feels to this particular model and visually sets it apart from all subsequent Day-Date references. The Rolex President 1803 is a staple model with an iconic vintage style that will add value to your watch box and will always have a meaningful place in your collection.
This yellow gold vintage Rolex 1503 date watch is another great starting point for collectors looking for more high-end pieces in an unexpectedly luxurious execution. In its normal stainless steel form, the Rolex Date is one of the most affordable vintage watches available. However, the Reference 1503 swaps stainless steel for solid 14k yellow gold to create a highly luxurious and familiar classic.
The versatile 34mm case fits wrists of all sizes, making the Rolex 1503 in yellow gold universally appealing and slightly more compact than similar famous Rolex models such as the Datejust and Day-Date. With that in mind, the Reference 1503 is not made of 18k gold but rather of solid 14k yellow gold, which can be found in an Oyster or Jubilee bracelet style to match the 14k gold. We love that this watch comes with Rolex’s ion-fluted bezel, as opposed to the more traditional smooth bezel that most stainless steel Rolex date replica watches come with, which provides an element of luxury that makes it immediately recognizable as one of Rolex’s designs.
We can’t leave out that, like its larger Datejust sibling, the Rolex Date 1503 is powered by the COSC chronometer-certified 1575 self-winding movement, which drives three gold hands and an automatically changing date display at 3 o’clock. Finally, while the ref. 1503 offers all of Rolex’s signature features and is made of solid gold; the simple fact that it is made of 14k gold rather than 18k gold makes it much less expensive than its slightly larger 36mm sibling in the Datejust or Day-Date collections.