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Cool fitness promotional gifts anyone can enjoy

We all know that most Americans are not health-conscious. Most of us eat too many sweets and use our exercise time to watch TV or lie on the sofa. With that in mind, it’s time to plan ahead for your fitness giveaways and promotions. At the beginning of a New Year, your customers’ mindset often changes. All of a sudden, their focus will be on getting rid of the “holiday proud flesh” and starting the year with healthier feet. But that mindset shouldn’t just be a New Year’s resolution for a week or two.  hair bands
Whether your customers are fitness focused year-round or just New Year’s resolutions focused, free fitness products have wide appeal throughout the year. Take a look at the creativity of these branded products that will help your customers achieve their fitness goals.
Finding the perfect promotional product to send out is about getting to know your customers. The more they use your product, the more reminders they get about your business. In many cases, they will use your product in public to raise awareness.
If you want to appeal to the 45% of Americans who make fitness-related New Year’s resolutions, check out these branded fitness ideas.
For those who go to the Shared gym, a good towel is a must so that they can wipe off their equipment. Even for those who don’t exercise, the fitness towel is necessary, because it can wipe the sweat off, so that they can finish the exercise strongly.
However, instead of using a traditional gym towel, use a cooler one. Cooling towels are made about 20 degrees cooler than air, making them the cleanest way to eliminate sweat during workouts.
Want to expand your business? The same technology is used to cool hair bands, collars and similar products. Best of all, they can be used by any type of fitness enthusiast: runners, weightlifters, yogis, you name it.
In the case of weight training, resistance bands are the answer to common problems. Everyone wants to have a strong body, but traditional weight lifting equipment is not easy to have. From storage space to the hassle of getting them home, it’s enough to make anyone throw in the towel.
On the contrary, more and more people choose resistive bands for their compact space and multipurpose. You can jump on the bandwagon and give away branded fitness bands that your customers will be happy to try.
Don’t forget that there are several types of resistance bands. Traditional noodle bands are more economical and versatile. On the other hand, straps with handles are more comfortable to use. Consider asking some people in your target audience which they prefer.

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How to Use Promotional Products at the Charity Event

Whether it’s running a charity race against cancer or running a dance marathon to protect families from domestic violence, local communities love to give back. Charities come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have a common purpose: to bring a large group of people together to raise money for a just cause.
When your organization is hosting a charity event, giving away functional promotional products will tie your brand to the cause and increase brand awareness long after the event is over.
Portable power banks are great giveaways for large charity events. Attendees at outdoor events won’t be able to charge their smartphones or tablets, and as evening approaches, power banks become a necessary accessory. Allow your participants to capture every moment and keep their cameras and other devices at full power with a useful power bank. 
Choosing a cause ribbon is a simple and effective way to promote your cause in the community, as well as make full use of word-of-mouth marketing. Cause ribbons have been synonymous with charity events since the ’80s and ’90s. Learn more about cause ribbons and choose appropriate colors for your event by reading our color ribbons guide. Consider ordering awareness  products like car magnets or notepads in the shape of cause ribbons.
Keep runners or other participants hydrated with a sports bottle featuring the logos of your organization and your chosen charity. Branded water bottles are a useful and cheap promotional product everyone appreciates. If you want high-value giveaways for smaller events, upgrade to vacuum-sealed bottles and thermoses for a sleek corporate look.
Ideal giveaways for wellness and health campaigns, fitness tracker bands are an inexpensive and popular promo to give away to event attendees. Walk-a-thons are particularly relevant for these custom promotional bands, but they can also be given away at any event meant to encourage a more active lifestyle.
Get the party begun with a branded compact Bluetooth® speaker so event attendees can play their favorite pump-up jams while taking part in a charity run or other outdoor activity. Speakers can be given away as prizes for contests throughout the day or as part of a “thank you” package to community sponsors.
What’s a charity event without a commemorative T-shirt or hat? We offer a wide variety of branded clothing, so you can reach your audience with sizes and styles they appreciate. Eighty-five percent can recall the organization that provided them with a promotional hat or shirt, making clothing a wise investment in any eve

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Custom Clips Can Help You Raise Brand Awareness

Is it a bag clip? Some brands ignore some simple but effective promotion methods, such as customized editing, because they are not a fashion or trend. However, the secret to the success of ads like the pocketbook is their timeless reliability and superior practicality. Learn how to build brand awareness by getting cost-effective bag clips to your customers and connections to your home. Brand
The average promotional item is kept for one year – according to the latest ASI ad impressions study. If you break down this statistic further, powerful promotions last twice as long as other promotional gifts. In other words, items like coats, umbrellas and basic household items will have a place in the home and stay there for a long time.
Giving away customized clips at events like trade shows and conventions may seem unorthodox, but that special offering will remain on the desk, in the pantry, or on the refrigerator door of a prospective client for an extended period of time. Every time they crave a chip or check their calendar you will build brand awareness for your products and services.
As an advertiser, you want to increase your reach without spending money on various custom promotional products. Some popular promo items strongly connect with certain demographics, but may not have universal appeal; your baby boomer clients probably won’t think twice about a PopSocket®.
This is not the case with personalized clips — kitchen items and household essentials are among the most universally appreciated promotional products. They’re everywhere! 88% of American households own branded drinkware and other sorts of kitchen or household items. A custom clip connects with customers across all regions, genders, age groups, and industries. 
Bag clips help keep crisps and other foods fresh, but they also have multiple uses at home and in the office, ensuring your brand name is prominently displayed.
Many products do well, but not cheaply. While products like polos, power bank and duffel bags cost as much as $10 each, personalized clips cost less than $0.50 tem. The low price point maximizes your return on investment and reduces risk, ensuring that the brand awareness you build is never overshadowed by costs. Both other companies can benefit from increased visibility as a result of an affordable marketing push.

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