Is it a bag clip? Some brands ignore some simple but effective promotion methods, such as customized editing, because they are not a fashion or trend. However, the secret to the success of ads like the pocketbook is their timeless reliability and superior practicality. Learn how to build brand awareness by getting cost-effective bag clips to your customers and connections to your home. Brand
The average promotional item is kept for one year – according to the latest ASI ad impressions study. If you break down this statistic further, powerful promotions last twice as long as other promotional gifts. In other words, items like coats, umbrellas and basic household items will have a place in the home and stay there for a long time.
Giving away customized clips at events like trade shows and conventions may seem unorthodox, but that special offering will remain on the desk, in the pantry, or on the refrigerator door of a prospective client for an extended period of time. Every time they crave a chip or check their calendar you will build brand awareness for your products and services.
As an advertiser, you want to increase your reach without spending money on various custom promotional products. Some popular promo items strongly connect with certain demographics, but may not have universal appeal; your baby boomer clients probably won’t think twice about a PopSocket®.
This is not the case with personalized clips — kitchen items and household essentials are among the most universally appreciated promotional products. They’re everywhere! 88% of American households own branded drinkware and other sorts of kitchen or household items. A custom clip connects with customers across all regions, genders, age groups, and industries. 
Bag clips help keep crisps and other foods fresh, but they also have multiple uses at home and in the office, ensuring your brand name is prominently displayed.
Many products do well, but not cheaply. While products like polos, power bank and duffel bags cost as much as $10 each, personalized clips cost less than $0.50 tem. The low price point maximizes your return on investment and reduces risk, ensuring that the brand awareness you build is never overshadowed by costs. Both other companies can benefit from increased visibility as a result of an affordable marketing push.