Month: February 2022

new watch is bought and leaves the store

The moment a brand new watch is bought and leaves the store, it technically becomes pre-owned. It may still have
The next question that is often asked by those who are new to watches is: Why buy a vintage watch? Why not buy a brand new model, one that is still shiny and unmarked, with all the latest technology and material developments?
It is a fair question. Even in an industry as steeped in tradition as mechanical watchmaking, the rate of progress is still constant. A piece with the very latest advancements may well retain the coloring on its dial and bezel longer, be more resistant to scratches and scrapes, and keep proper time than one produced 30 or 40 years ago – but that is rather missing the point.
Wearing a vintage replica watch is an expression of the special feature. The fact that not just anyone can go into a store and pick one up gives them an inherent individuality – each, by the very nature of its aging, scratches, and scrapes are somewhat unique. Its discoloration is a symbol of it having lived a life, of it, has its own story – something that a new model lacks. It shows a respect for heritage and an understanding of the artistry that goes into each one, from a time when quality and reliability were paramount.

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Rolex Sky-Dweller watch with Jubilee bracelet

As the brand does every year, 2022 sees Rolex introduce a series of new model line extensions to its popular watches. In the Sky-Dweller collection, we watch lovers get six new models, each paired with Rolex’s Jubilee-style multi-link bracelet. The new 2022 Rolex Sky-Dweller replica watches consist primarily of steel models, as well as a two-tone Rolesor version.
This is a great chance to mention that while the current generation of Rolex Datejust 41 and Sky-Dweller differ in size by 1mm on paper, in my opinion the 42mm wide Sky-Dweller is the larger, thicker watch that is best suited for larger wrist sizes. The price difference between these two models isn’t incredible either, although both are hard to come by from a 2022 perspective. My guess is that the Sky-Dweller will still be harder to obtain today than the Datejust due to it being a lower volume product. 

Inside the Sky-Dweller is a complex Rolex in-house made 9001 automatic movements. With the exception of the chronograph movement inside the Daytona watch, this is the most complex mechanical movement replica Rolex currently produces. The self-winding caliber 9001 features the time, a GMT indicator, and an annual calendar that displays both the date and the month. This 4 Hz running frequency movement provides a power reserve of approximately 3 days and features one of Rolex’s most interesting systems of movement regulation functions, using a bezel Rolex calls the “Ring Command”. I previously reviewed the Rolex Sky-Dweller watch here and here I talk more about the movement and wearing this interesting line of Rolex models.
The Rolex Sky-Dweller may be the brand’s most “watch friendly” offering, but it has always struggled with its own design themes. Early versions of the Sky-Dweller dial were not universally loved, and over time Rolex has made significant improvements to the dial. The problem is that the Sky-Dweller design, in addition to gaining its own personality, incorporates many elements from other fake Rolex models by incorporating Rolex’s more generic design DNA.
The GMT-Master maybe for people who fly airplanes, but the Sky-Dweller is actually for people who fly a lot. The world has changed a lot since Rolex originally introduced the Sky-Dweller line a few years ago, and it took a little longer for the Sky-Dweller to really make its mark on Rolex’s cherished themed pantheon. Until then, I appreciate the niche appeal of the Sky-Dweller and its excellent mechanism. It may be a bigger watch, but there is certainly a market for this.

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