It makes sense to invest in corporate health programmes. Promotional gifts provided by the company to promote health in and out of the workplace can improve employee retention, reduce overall medical costs, and improve employees’ work performance. 
Health gifts are part of a successful health program that shows your gratitude to your employees and gives them the tools to take control of their health. The best promotional health and wellness products highlight your brand while encouraging your team to live their best lives.
Here, you’ll find affordable health-geared products that feature plenty of options for customization – making your promos one-of-a-kind. Here are our best health giveaways:
These classic promotional items aren’t just a fun chance for branding. Stress balls also provide tangible benefits for every member of your office. 19% of people have reported leaving a position due to stress. Create a supportive environment to show your team that you are supporting their pressure balls in a variety of shapes, styles and colors.
Daily use of an SPF 15 or higher sunscreen will decrease your employees’ chances of developing melanoma by 40%. Help your team to stay protected and healthy for summer outings and work events with a convenient sunscreen stick. The special application method makes it easy to apply sunscreen to delicate areas like the face, nose, and ears.
Add a creative element to your fitness program with an innovative wellness promo. Our Keep It Cool Towel is a small towel made of PVA material, it will keep you cool for up to 4 hours! The towel can retain water while remaining dry to the touch. Mildew-retardant and resistant to bacterial buildup, our compact towel is a great fit for any sporting event or workout.
When people want to lose weight or gain weight, many people use smoothies instead of food or add protein shakes to their daily life. Make it easier for your staff to stay healthy by advertising the jet-vibrating sieve bottles. Detachable mixing balls allow for a breeze of mixed flavors and powder.
Support your team’s health journey, help them achieve their goals with pedometers, and make it easy to track their daily steps. Implement a company-wide challenge to ensure that your employees use pedometers and reward them with other high-quality promotional products, such as a gift set.