High-waist jeans are everywhere and have been for a long time. However, this new denim style is essentially the opposite of skinny jeans, replacing skinny jeans with very loose, non-stretch jeans. High-waist wide-leg jeans are often cut to the ankle, a nod to the 1970s, but don’t require platform boots to wear. Short hair allows you to show off the trendy Western Cuban heels.  
This year’s update to a style that has been around a couple of seasons, is the wider leg in selvage denim. Selvage denim is formed using an old-fashioned weaving technique – one performed on a loom, but this has been modernized, this is the way denim was made before we had machines that could be mass-produced.
A nod to ‘slow fashion, the wider leg jean in a selvage style is a middle finger to disposable buying habits. The tougher grain means it’s a hardy style to invest in and stands to exist in your arsenal for longer.
The point here is on the ankle, so style these jeans wholesale with a high-heeled patent boot or a trophy shoe. Keep it neat up top with a short jacket.
Thanks to super-skinny models like Bella Hadid, a denim style that has become as controversial as skinny jeans have caught on. Just as the skinny jean ruled over all other denim styles for years, so has the high-waist. After over-exposure to the 90s and 00s’ pelvis-baring low-slung look, we welcomed the return of the belly-button hugging styles that shot up in rebellion.
They’re not the only ones at it though. Spanish brand Desigual recently partnered with Ecoalf, to produce styles made entirely out of recycled denim. LA-based Re/Done has for a long time had a similar approach, taking vintage Levi’s apart at the seams and repurposing the fabric to create one-of-a-kind jeans that are made all the better by the worn denim.
But now, after years of favoring the high-waist in every jeans style, we can finally confirm the rumor is true. Ultralow jeans are making a comeback. Dew pants, Thongs, low-rise jeans (and cargo pants) are back.