I was once a very proud Canadian by Alberta Al


Editor’s  Note: Alberta Al responds to an email from Paul Fromm containing a video of Monika Schaefer’s titled:

Sorry, Mom, I Was Wrong About the Holocaust

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=E0_BZphQ7Qo&feature=youtu.be 4m48s

“Why German guilt is based on the most unjust accusation in history. Here is the truth from a proud German.

And here is my two cents worth on this subject; if the morons who fought for the allies against Germany had fought for the right side in the first place, there wouldn’t have been any Vietnam or Korea or any of the other subsequent wars including the phony “War on Terror” and the coming WW III which will result. So don’t ever talk to me about being a “proud Canadian”. I damn near puke every time I hear some brain dead idiot parrot that expression.” ~ Terry Long


I’ve seen this already. I have yet to receive a reply from the JDL to my question put to them 2 years ago: please tell me how the Israeli government, their spokesmen and their agencies arrived at EXACTLY 6 million Jews being killed by the Germans during WW2?

I have read extensively on the subject and have kept numerous articles and research papers but I could NOT find anything DEFINITIVE on the answer, particularly how the answer might pertain to all the Jews in German-occupied territory during WW2. All I have is speculation dating from the 1890s when a Jewish person, whose name immediately escapes me, predicted that 6 million would die but he didn’t state WHO would kill them and from whence these Jews would come. We have definitive evidence that the statistics of the numbers of those who died in Auschwitz decreased from 4.5 million to what is exhibited now at 1.5 million and this number includes ALL persons who died in that camp from about 1942-45.

One of the fascinating things about mankind is its ability to concoct, fabricate and make up false stories that, when published, are believed by the dumbed-down masses to be the truth. To me lying, corruption and murder are simply mans way of life, his eternal and historical legacy. And the worst part about this is that they get PAID for lying and that honesty being the best policy has been shuffled to the back of the bus just like virginity. So, the question remains: who is responsible for TEACHING this way of life? The answer is as simple as the question: MAN HIMSELF AND HIS GENIUS, HIS INVENTIVENESS AND THE TOTALITY OF HIS THINKING WAS THE GENESIS OF ALL THIS AND THE PERPETUATION OF IT CAN ALSO BE LAID AT THE FEET OF MAN!

Enough of this. Let me comment on the words of Terry Long. I don’t know the chap but presumably he is a Canadian born in this country having attended school here and maybe university and has been a productive member of our sick society.  I was once a very proud Canadian when I could see my country having a semblance of unity from sea to sea, where people who emigrated here in short order assimilated with the existing population become useful and productive members of our society. Our blinds and minds were open and there was no internal strife except for the Quebecois civil revolution and the killing of LaPorte. Everything changed seemingly overnight when Pierre E. Trudeau and his cabal of Frenchies were elected by us in 1968. People across our nation got hung up with his so-called “charisma” but he was uglier than sin. The demographics of our nation changed so much that we became disengaged from each other, we avoided discussing political and other meaningful affairs and instead concentrated on rock concerts, sports, the feminization of our society and the dictatorship into which we have fallen – with nary a squeak from the public.

We have been silenced by the goon squads consisting of the various Human Rights Commissions and changes to our Criminal laws making it an offence to offend someone because of our eroding freedoms. It’s come to the point where you have to shut your fucking mouth because the walls have ears. Don’t get me wrong; I did once upon a time respect the German people. I am more bloody proud of the Brits for opting out of the EU than I am of my country, Canada, where I was born, raised, bred and educated and faithfully paid my GD taxes. I’ve worked since I was 12 and have never been without a job. I have never asked for welfare nor any government of other assistance whatsoever. I DID EVERYTHING MY WAY AND NEVER SOLD MY SOUL TO FOREIGN INTERESTS LIKE THE ISRAELI ZIONISTS AND THEIR LOBBYISTS HERE IN CANADA. NOR HAVE I EVER NOR WILL I BELIEVE THAT ISLAM IS A FUCKING RELIGION OF PEACE.


So where does it leave people like me at 80 years of age who participated in the political affairs of his nation and community? Any worthwhile suggestions that I have made over the years have gone unheeded. Our governments continue to be unaccountable and transparent to us but my goodness they sure let us know how many billions they have GIVEN to foreign nations only to be frittered away or used to build opulent premises for their GD governors. We continue to allow the City of Victoria to dump some 129 million litres a day of raw sewage into the Pacific, but dole out billions to the Indians and other minorities for nothing under the aegis of MULTICULTURALISM. We are a nation so divided today that I don’t think anything will bring it together again; the English and French in Ontario and Quebec and NB are continuing the fight that should have ended on the Plains of Abraham. Like someone wrote recently we were settled by geniuses but are ruled by idiots. I think all of us have to look into our mirrors and take stock of who the hell we are and where we are going. But to me most people will shy away because they are afraid to answer simple questions and they are afraid to ask simple questions. Like William Aberhart said in 1938: “IF YOU HAVEN’T BEEN PUNISHED ENOUGH, YOU HAVE THE GOD-GIVEN RIGHT TO BE PUNISHED SOME MORE”.

We have allows our fate and destiny to be determined by foreign interests and our sovereignty is also slowly eroding. I learned the other day on the golf course that NEXEN, a relatively large Canadian oil company, was sold to the Chinese for mega bucks. Why would anyone turn down something that is hard to refuse. The Chinese are buying up as many corporations and housing as they can get their hands on and no one gives a good God damn! The rich are waiting for our economy to crumble so that they can pick up companies at pennies on the dollar and you can bet your jolly jumper that the Jews, Arabs and Chinese will be the first in line making us crawl into gopher holes. We have become WIMPS AND COMPLAINERS. We are leeches upon a society which continues to be productive, i.e. those that produce goods and those that labour to produce them.

Enough of Al’s rant for the day. I had to get these things off my mind so that I can enjoy a cool beer and watch the Eskies take of the Ottawa Red Blacks in Edmonton in a few minutes. Take care.



Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil – The sensational book by Gerard Menuhin, son of the famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin.

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Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil

The sensational book by Gerard Menuhin, son of the famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin.

Gerard could no longer bear the lies being perpetrated against Germany and risked all to unmask what he called the “biggest lie in history” and the mightiest fraudulent criminal enterprise in mankind’s history—the Holocaust industry.

In this, his first book in English, Gerard Menuhin breaks through every taboo barrier.

He writes: “The Holocaust is the biggest lie in history. Germany has no blame for the Second World War.” He also makes a case for Adolf Hitler being the only statesman in the modern era who could have liberated the enslaved people of planet Earth from the clutches of organized world Zionism.

He writes:

“I suppose it began with a sense, nothing more. Not even a vague sentiment, let alone the certitude that what the average child is taught about major historical events is a pack of lies. It was just a lurking mental itch. My father never spoke of the war, any more than he spoke of anything negative or disagreeable or, indeed, about the past at all, if he could help it.

I never gave the subject much thought, occupied as I was with my daily drudgery, until the Nineties, when, while I was ordering the contents of my deceased grandparents’ house, I chanced on a copy of the National Zeitung, the patriotic German newspaper to which my grandfather had contributed a column for several years during the Sixties.

Due to the exceptional nature of the twelve years of National Socialism, a large and growing body of lurid fiction and alleged fact has materialized, based on its dramatic superficialities rather than on any study or comprehension of its socialist policies, and inspired by a particular agenda.

Sobriety rejects sensationalism. A perusal of reputable historical sources, some of them quite hard to find, helped me to form my own opinion. The most powerful persuasion, however, did not come from the rather dry accounts in my reading, but from the perfectly straightforward deduction that a people with the traditions and culture of the Germans did not almost overnight become barbarians and commit mass murder.”

Gerard was punished for breaking ranks and declaring himself on the side of truth.

In 2005, he was fired from his position as chairman of the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation after giving an interview in the Deutsche Stimme newspaper in which he said:

“An international lobby of influential people and organizations is trying to keep the Germans under pressure. Some nations — mainly America, but other Europeans, too — are profiting from an obedient Germany.”

He also called on Germans to stop paying taxes and thus protest at the outflow of German funds to the European Union. “People cannot be eternally exploited in this way,” he said, “as long as there is a budget deficit, no German public money should flow abroad.”

In his regular column with the Nationale Zeitung newspaper, Gerard condemned Jewish “souvenir hunters” who gather evidence in Germany to help them to lodge financial claims for wartime persecution.


Layout 1

By Gerard Menuhin.  

Have you ever asked yourself why the world won’t come to rest? Why your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents had to die in wars that never should have occurred in the first place?

A book of monumental importance for the people of the world today. Many know that something is not right in the world. Nations engage in perpetual war while bankers and armaments makers line their pockets from the carnage. The average citizen of the world has been cut out of the decision-making process of government, whether he lives in a democracy, republic, theocracy or dictatorship.

All the while, the ruling elite grow stronger and richer as the real producers struggle to survive. Behind the scenes, events are controlled by a coterie of ethnic puppetmasters who work their marionettes in high places out of public view. How did this world get to the dark place it is today?? Who could have stopped it and what can we do today?

The book consists of three sections. The first section concerns Adolf Hitler, his character and intentions, and the real causes leading up to the outbreak of WWII, including the actions of the real culprits and the rejection of the great lie.

The second section enlarges on the activities of the real culprits, provides a historical overview of their progress, their nature, their power over finance and the media, and the methods by which they achieved it. It includes insights into Freemasonry, the European revolutions, the influence and control of education and foreign policy, the creation of the EU, the New World Order and the evolution of the plan through the same powers and their proxies, since the 17th century up to the present.

The third section concerns the First and Second World Wars (what the author refers to as “the Second Thirty Years War”), their conception, funding and inescapable continuity; current laws against freedom of expression, and the evolution of the Orwellian state; the importance of U.S. support for the Soviet Union throughout the Cold War, and Communism’s significance in the plan; the true origins of the enemy; Palestine’s occupation and its fate as an example of our common fate; plus much more.

The text is interspersed with “Memos from Today,” that emphasize its relevance by citing current events. Hundreds of quotes are included from a wide range of authoritative sources, original and translated. The last pages of this manuscript comprise conclusions and predictions.

The narrative is dense and packed with facts, and backed by expert testimony. At times, the style is personal, even casual, and absolutely non-intellectual. It has been assumed that a personal touch makes the contents more accessible.

The author is the son of the great American-born violinist Yehudi Menuhin, who, though from a long line of rabbinical ancestors, fiercely criticized the foreign policy of the state of Israel and its repression of the Palestinians in the Holy Land.

Read it. Think about it. Distribute it to others. This is a book that can make a difference!

Source: http://www.philosophers-stone.co.uk/



Kenneth L. Marcus: King Canard and the Lie of Anti-Semitism By Arthur Topham


Kenneth L. Marcus: King Canard and the Lie of Anti-Semitism

A response to the Marcus Interview in the Canadian Jewish News


Arthur Topham

UPDATE: DEC. 23/15

Editor’s Note: In the interest of dialogue I posted the following comment on the Canadian Jewish News website where Kenneth L. Marcus’s interview was published. When I clicked “send” the following window appeared:


Four hours later when I checked to see if my comment had appeared on the site I found this:


So I suppose it proves the point that I’ve been trying to make when it comes to dialoguing with the Zionist Jews:

FBHeaderNew copy

A dear friend recently alerted me to a Jonathan Dick email interview in the Canadian Jewish News with Kenneth L. Marcus, self-chosen founder, president and legal beagle for his Zionist propaganda organization titled the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law. The reason for doing so was because Marcus had mentioned my trial here in Canada in response to a question from Dick regarding whether he could provide readers with any specific examples of anti-Semitism “in a Canadian context”.

Marcus’s interview was mainly focused on the Zionist’s ongoing attempts at equating “anti-Semitism” with criticism of Israel and its Zionist ideology within the context of what the Zionists perceive as a growing resurgence of “anti-Semitism” on U.S. campuses. My response is as follows:

In his interview with the Canadian Jewish News Kenneth L. Marcus tells us that he “sadly discovered that anti-Semitism was surging on university campuses” but of course fails to address the reasons why he perceives such a phenomenon occurring today.

In response to the question, “How do you feel about the EU’s recent ruling in the labelling of products originating from Israeli settlements? Could this type of legislation bolster anti-Semitism globally?” Marcus replies that “The European Union’s labelling policy is classically discriminatory in that it subjects products produced in Jewish-owned businesses to adverse treatment. It is no mere response to occupation.” and then goes on to state that “Other countries are engaged in occupations, but Europe does not treat them in this way.” This of course is pure, outright hypocrisy and bigotry veiled behind a lame, undocumented accusation that other nations are doing it so why can’t Israel.

Marcus then attempts to suggest that the reason for Israel being singled out is simply because it is a “Jewish state” as if that, in itself, was something warranting a positive response. Merely making such a confession is proof enough that Israel is a RACIST, Jews-only state that treats its own non-Jewish, Arab and Christian citizens as second class, thus refusing them equality under state laws.

To then further his sophistry Marcus has the unmitigated gall to state that “The EU’s actions make sense only as an example of anti-Jewish hate. The EU may protest that they are not anti-Semitic. But their actions speak for themselves.”

It didn’t take Marcus too long to get to the “hate” factor which is the essence of his groundless accusations against the EU, “hate” of course being the semantic oil that the Zionist Jew applies liberally to every aspect of Jewish misfeasance and crime against humanity in order to make their “anti-Semitism” canard run smoothly throughout their global network of lies, deception, and brainwashing.

Marcus adds, “Whether consciously or unconsciously, Europe’s leaders are treating Israel as the collective Jew, assailing its legitimacy in the same way that their ancestors challenged the legitimacy of the Jewish people.” It begs the question as to whether or not Marcus actually expects readers to fall for such simplistic, transparent jingoism given that during the last genocide of the Palestinian people of Gaza by the Israeli state the Israeli people were 95% in favour of the wanton bombing and killing of thousands of innocent men, women and children. No Marcus you’re wrong. Israel IS the collective Jew in that its Jewish population, as a collective, whole-heartedly endorses mass genocide of innocent Palestinian citizens and the theft of their legitimate territory and it therefore begs the question as to why it’s that difficult for Marcus to understand such a simple and truthful concept?

Then, to add further injury to his already pretentious, self-righteous accusations, Marcus has the chutzpah to reference the charlatan of all modern-day charlatans, Elie Wiesel and allude to his fictional, propagandist novel, Night, as a “classic”. Yes, Kenneth it truly is a classic alright; a classic example of pure, fictional lies and hate propaganda designed to promote endless Germanophobia and prop up the Zionist 6 Million “holocaust” lie that the Jew media has been inculcating into gentile minds since the end of WW II. It’s lies and bigotry are only surpassed by that other hideous “classic” Jewish “hate” novel, Germany Must Perish! penned by the American Jewish writer Theodore N. Kaufman back in 1941.

Of closer note though are references to your traitorous Canadian Jew associates/advisers like Irwin Cotler who has been working tirelessly for decades to undermine Canada’s Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms by conspiring with like-minded dual-citizen Israeli/Canadian Jews and gentile sycophants to promote his brain-scheme the “Ottawa Protocols” along with infesting Canada’s judicial system with Talmudic-driven “Hate Propaganda” legislation such as Sec. 319(2) under which I was recently falsely accused, tried and (thus far) found guilty on one count out of two of “promoting hatred” toward “people of the Jewish religion or ethnic origin”.

Your remark that, “Part of the problem is that anti-Semitism is not widely enough understood.” is a classic statement in itself Kenneth. Most intelligent observers of the actions of the state of Israel are quite aware of the discrepancies that exist within that government’s policies toward non-Jews, be they the second-class citizens within Israel or the Arab people of Palestine, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Israel’s actions are legally and morally reprehensible and most worthy of condemnation by any normal, civilized nation or individual. No, Kenneth, we don’t need any more “education” from the Zionists about what Jewish hatred toward non-Jews is all about. We see it enacted daily around the world in both the open and hidden actions of the Zionists everywhere. The only “problem” is you and your ilk who cannot seem to grasp the obvious truth that it’s your actions against others that call forth the indignation and displeasure of decent people around the world; healthy, natural reactions which you refuse to acknowledge because of your own grotesquely perverse mindset that sees any attempt to dissuade you from your killing and destructive behaviour as merely “anti-Semitism”.

As for young people today on campuses reacting with horror and revulsion upon witnessing the actions of Israel against the defenceless Palestinian people of Gaza and the West Bank this is no different than the reactions of young people on campuses back in the 1960s when the Viet Nam war was being enacted before the world. Judging from your age you were likely still in diapers at the time or else unborn but I clearly recall the temper of those times. The only difference now is that it’s not the US military doing the slaughtering but the IDF and so for students to be able to recognize who the guilty culprits are is as simple as going online and watching the devastation. But not only have you got this wrong Kenneth you’re also out to lunch as well in stating that “North American campuses often harbour radical left-wing movements that are hostile to Israel, Zionism, and the Jewish people.” If you knew your “left-wingers” you’d know that most of them support the actions of Israel for the “left” is but another category of the Zionist conspiracy. It’s the truth-revealers and those on the right who condemn Israel’s heinous actions not the “left”.

Your attempt to lay blame on the German people (again) for being the original instigators of boycotts like the BDS movement is another futile gesture which others have exposed in the comments section below your CJN article. Again, it all boils down to your refusal to look into the mirror and see yourself for what you are – a pretentious fool so entangled in your own convoluted, Talmudic “logic” and sophistry that you cannot extricate yourself from an identity that’s leading you and your Zionist cohorts to the edge of that same self-created abyss you’ve always arrived at throughout history.

Your advice to college students again illustrates the degree to which you misinterpret what’s happening to Jewish people everywhere due to the actions of the Zionist element which is apparently now beyond redemption. To suggest that people should “maintain the moral high ground” and not “use the vicious tactics of Jewry’s enemies” has got to be another gross example of Zion’s fatuous, deluded mentality given the incredibly immoral actions on the part of the state of Israel which you are attempting to legitimize in your interview. The same goes for your advice to “Stay safe”, “Stand tall”, “Organize”, “Collaborate”, “Educate”, “Cooperate”, “Laugh” and “Fight”. These are actions for individuals who are ethical and moral beings; people who understand what truth and freedom and justice mean. It’s obvious from the stance that you take in this interview that none of those qualities could ever apply to people who condone what the state of Israel is doing to the Palestinian people and others around the world.

In a further question form Dick “Could you provide specific examples of recent anti-Semitism in a Canadian context?” you replied, “More recently, one thinks about the trial of Arthur Topham [emphasis added. A.T.]”

It’s good that you should think about the trial of Arthur Topham Kenneth Marcus. You and all the rest of the Zionist Jews across Canada, the USA, the EU and elsewhere in the world. That trial is far from over and there will be additional lessons to be learned by studying its unfoldment. It’s not, as you would suggest, a case involving “anti-Semitism” but rather a case revealing to the world the TRUTH about the extent of Zionist Jew collusion and conspiracy, not only in Canada, but in every democratic nation around the planet. It’s a case of wilful collusion designed to destroy the civil and legal rights of individuals and prevent people from expressing on the internet their opinions and thoughts on political matters relevant to their own lives, the lives of their families and friends and their respective nations. What’s really on trial in the Arthur Topham case Kenneth is whether Truth or Deception will reign supreme in the future of free and democratic countries around the world. Your “anti-Semitism” canard is but an old, worn-out, transparently duplicitous epithet whose time is long past and will never serve to cover up the crimes of the Zionists as it once did when you controlled all the major media sources.

Dick’s final question to Marcus: “Where do you see Israel in ten years? Where do you see the state of global anti-Semitism/anti-Zionism in ten years?”

Your final comment Kenneth that the future of Israel and of the Jewish people is “in our hands” couldn’t be closer to the truth although you obviously cannot envision what that truth is or how it might unfold for the “Jewish people”.

The “truth” is unfolding before your eyes and before the eyes of all Zionists today, be they Jewish or gentile, yet you are unable to recognize it for what it is because of your own lack of prejudicial understanding and the age-old handicap known as the Talmudic mindset that has formed the foundational basis of your religious/political ideology over the past two thousand years.

Seeing as how Christmas and Hannukah are currently underway it might be a fitting time to draw some analogies from these two historic events.

Just as Jesus Christ attempted to convince the Jewish Pharisees and Sanhedrin of old that their stifling, dead letter approach to divine Law was no longer relevant in a world evolving toward love, peace, universal brotherhood and freedom of the individual, so too now, as the world at large is attempting to tell you once again that your actions and Israel’s actions are no longer acceptable to the freedom-loving people of the world today, you are still doing your utmost to deny what’s happening and resorting to the only escape you feel is available which is to delude yourselves and others into thinking that the truth-revealers who are trying to help you avoid the ultimate pitfall actually “hate” you and wish to do you wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth Kenneth.

Your Pharisaic, Talmudic legacy was responsible for the murdering of the prophets of old in a vain attempt to co-opt the divinity of the heavenly Father and claim Providence as your own but that time has now passed away. As things stand today it’s inconceivable that Israel will still exist as a nation in ten years if it doesn’t break free from its Pharisiac-imposed, ghetto consciousness (psychosis) wherein it sees every action designed to enlighten it and bring it back into the family of man as mere “anti-Semitism”. The global truth movement Kenneth will not be stopped. It’s unstoppable as the rising sun is unstoppable. The Zionist’s licence to indiscriminately kill has been revoked. The light of truth is increasing at an exponential rate and cannot be resisted without having major detrimental effects upon those who fight against it. You do have the power to change Kenneth but that power will only come from recognizing the error of your ways and returning to a path of peace and love for all of humanity not just your own tribe. Only then will you and the rest of humanity achieve what you term “justice for all”.



by Harry A. Rutherford, Sr.

March 22nd, 2014



If you do a search on FEMA CAMPS, FEMA COFFINS, you will find plenty of information about numerous detention centers being built in the USA, including many thousands of plastic coffins, with a holding capacity of several bodies, which are clearly designed for emergency storage of corpses.

YouTube has many videos on the subject, as well as footage of foreign troops on US soil; there is a video in which Polish and German soldiers are doing joint exercises with the US army in a residential area wherein the producer had commented about their national origin. They were side-by-side with the American soldiers, who were doing a training exercise in taking control of residential areas, doing such offensive things as breaking into the houses, pointing guns at the civilians and ordering them to lie down.

In another video it was alleged that the troops of the Russian Federation were doing similar exercises on US soil, moreover, they were apparently setting fires to the forests to provide justification for the orders to evacuate civilians from the neighbouring areas.

There are videos of armoured vehicles being moved around the USA. Those vehicles are clearly designed for urban policing and they have large bullet-proof windows. Such vehicles are not suitable for field engagement where artillery and grenades can be used.

The evidence of some massive preparations for dealing with large-scale public disturbances is clearly there and yet the media is strangely silent about it.

How do we make sense of it all? Is it really possible that some events are being planned, which would necessitate using all that military power and detention facilities against the American people?

Nowadays pretty much anybody can tell you something about the New World Order, however, people mostly perceive it as a long-range plan by the globalists to create one global, supra-national state. And many dismiss it as unrealistic by pointing to the obvious impossibilities, such as a union between Europe and Asia, or America and Asia; and if we try to imagine Africa in the same union, then we are really getting into the realm of the ridiculous!

Such schemes are likely to be a decoy, which is used by the globalist propaganda machine to mislead public opinion. The most practical goal of the globalists is to remove the money issuance out of the reach of the political process and to replace it with a treaty obligation; it is very realistic and it can be done in stages and it has already been implemented with the creation of the European Union.

If you do a search on YouTube on PRIVATE CENTRAL BANKS, FEDERAL RESERVE, you will find plenty of interesting information. All central banks in the western world are private, which means, they are owned by private shareholders and are NOT a branch of government. Even tiny Rhodesia, still during the UDI, had a private central bank.

The US Federal Reserve is a private institution, notwithstanding the fact that it has the word “Federal” in its name. It creates money OUT OF NOTHING, not supported by anything and then the “Fed” loans that money to the government.

There is a very informative video on YouTube, “All Wars Are Banker’s Wars” by Michael Rivero. It has lots of information about the private banking racket and is well worth watching.

The administration of Abraham Lincoln, rather than borrowing from the bankers, was printing interest-free money. Former President John F. Kennedy also printed some six billion dollars of interest-free money, which were called “United States Notes”. This was done in accordance with his executive order. The fate of both Presidents is well known. Congressman Louis McFadden was also murdered for speaking out against the Federal Reserve.

The US Federal Reserve was been created by an act of Congress in 1913 and it can be abolished by an act of Congress. If people knew the truth about this money issuance scheme they would have forced their elected representatives to pass appropriate legislation a long time ago, but apparently relatively few know, even though Americans work at least THREE months per year just to pay the interest on the so-called “National Debt”, which is interest on money created out of nothing by the bankers.

If you do a search for “NATIONAL DEBT”, “NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK”, “US DEBT CLOCK” you get a number over 17 trillion (at the time of this writing), which is a US “national debt”, this is the money we still owe to the bankers, even after the decades  already spent repaying it! And it is truly shocking!

It is only reasonable to ask why do we need such a money issuance scheme, why do I need to work several months per year towards servicing the debt, which we would not have with the interest-free money, which can be printed by the government, just the way it was done by Abraham Lincoln.

Introduction of an honest money-creation scheme would give every citizen a three-month vacation every year! But most people, unfortunately, are busy watching ball games, following celebrity gossip and other nonsense.

Here is a good example to illustrate how brazen this racket becomes with the private ownership of central banks:

Imagine I am the owner of a farm, but instead of selling directly to the fruit wholesaler, I find some hobo on a street and suggest that he take my produce, get the money from the wholesaler, keep twenty percent and give me the rest. This would be an utterly idiotic arrangement and yet that’s exactly how we deal with the parties who have usurped the right to issue our money! We do not need them, we can manage without them very well, we can print our own means of exchange at no interest, no cost to us, except ink and paper, and those characters know it very well. That is why it is a matter of sheer survival for them to remove the money issuance from the reach of the political process and to impose it on us as a treaty obligation.


In addition to getting interest from loaning the money, the owners of the central banks can do other tricks, as well, to enrich themselves. One such trick involves printing lots of paper money, thus creating runaway inflation. A certain class of people then goes on a “shopping spree” buying real estate, land, industrial enterprises, works of art, commodities, etc. They get loans, immediately buy tangible assets and then repay those loans with depreciated money. He borrowed a million and he returns a million. The only “problem” is that with runaway inflation by the time the loan is due for repayment, that million is worth a small fraction of what it was worth when the loan was first taken.

This criminal scheme was implemented in many countries after the First World War. The reason for the runaway inflation, according to the bankers and their media, was “postwar devastation”.

This is a blatant lie! Runaway inflation is caused by a criminal emission of large quantities of paper money for the purposes of stealing the national assets through the scheme described above.

This means only one thing – that the people who carry out such schemes are criminals. But these same people own central banks in every country! The criminals have usurped the right to print our money!

The criminal nature of this money issuance scheme can be illustrated by a simple comparison – when some private party, an individual or a criminal enterprise, prints money, they are guilty of printing counterfeit notes and they will be charged, if caught, and given prison time and their possessions may be confiscated.

In the early stage of Civil War in Russia, when the communists got hold of the printing presses of the Department of Treasury, they unleashed runaway inflation by printing lots of money; the result was economic devastation and ruin of the productive segment of the population.

Peasants would sell their produce but a few weeks later the money they earned became worthless paper. And, of course, the catastrophic inflation was blamed on “postwar devastation”.

This criminal scheme is so brazen that these criminals need all the power of their media to maintain this legend that runaway inflation is caused by “natural causes”.

Exactly the same criminal scheme played out in Germany. At the time of the Armistice Agreement at the end of 1918, the German Mark was worth about a quarter of a US dollar, less than four years later, you needed several TRILLION Marks (TWELVE ZEROS) to buy one dollar! This is a remarkable example of the criminal emission of paper money!


And who was in charge of the German Central Bank in those days? It was under the control of the Allied Commission, the so-called “Dawes Commission”. They certainly knew a few tricks on how to plunder the national assets! (To be precise, there were seven members from the “Dawes” and seven with German passports, the owners of the largest German banks, who were all in cahoots with this criminal plan).

It’s very revealing of the criminal scheme, that during the period of catastrophic inflation, from the very beginning the interest rates on borrowed money were at FIVE PERCENT PER YEAR while inflation was raging at THOUSANDS OF PERCENT PER MONTH! The interest rates briefly rose to ten percent by the late summer 1923, then to twenty percent in September, and stayed there until October 1923 when the new currency had been introduced, a so-called “Rentenmark”.

This may seem incredible but it is nevertheless true! It was all reflected in the periodical press of the day, where the currency exchange rates were being printed on a daily basis. Their summaries from those years can be found in the literature.

On November 9th, 1923 Hitler, with a group of other National Socialists, staged a march on the Feldherrnhalle in Munich, which went down in history under the name “Hitler putsch” or “Hitler failed coup”.

But how could it possibly be called an “uprising”, considering the fact that those men were marching without weapons?

We should also keep in mind that the Feldherrnhalle was not a government building, but a simple German war veterans building, a place for the veterans to hold commemorative events. The police had opened fire nevertheless and sixteen participants of that march were killed and many others wounded.

The slant given by the mass propaganda media to that march was clearly an attempt to paint it as an idiotic plot, which had no chance of success. Really, you can read in any communist uprising manual that the main goals of an armed uprising should be the capture of key installations, such as bridges, railway terminals, telephone and telegraph stations and that Hitler was so stupid, he could not even figure out these basics!

Obviously, we can only guess, but the more likely purpose of that march was to call the public attention to the reality that the power in Germany had been usurped by a bunch of criminals, who plunder the country at will.

Coming back to the new currency, which was issued in Germany in late 1923 (the Rentenmark), the runaway inflation stopped OVERNIGHT and was replaced with an inadequate volume of money in circulation, which meant high interest rates; now the industrial enterprises were going bankrupt because they could not service their loans!

As we can see, the owners of central banks can fleece the populace in many ways.

The same scheme was also played out in the former Soviet Union after the collapse of communism. Inflation during at least one year had reached a THOUSAND PERCENT. This was considerably less than in Germany, but Yeltsin’s gang was using several other schemes to steal the national assets. All those billionaires who fled abroad with their loot, were taking part in those criminal financial schemes. Just think of it! he was an ordinary government bureaucrat somewhere and then he suddenly surfaces abroad as a billionaire! At the same time the people in the former Soviet Union were quite literally starving!

It was widely reported in the alternative media that Yeltsin had personally enriched himself to the tune of FIFTY BILLION. The fact that he was jetting around in his personal passenger jet is a sufficient indication of how big was his loot; no American president ever owned a jet, not even a private one for half a dozen people!

Since the owners of the central bank set the interest rates, they knew how they were going to set them months ahead and thus they could predict the trends of the stock market and make money there, as well. They also fully controlled the currency markets. Those, who “play” those markets blindly, are truly a naive bunch!

Shifting the exchange rate between the two European currencies was a very profitable game in the pre-Euro days; this was done with the “help” of governments who buy currencies in large amounts under the pretext of being forced to “support their sagging values”. First, one government does it, and when the currency “fluctuation” is made to go the other way, the other government does the purchasing, thus “returning the favor” while the people are watching the ball game!

You could hear such things in the news in the old days, but not any more. The financial racketeers are clearly getting worried that people are learning about this business; the total number of hits on Michael Rivero’s film under different submissions was over half a million as of early 2014.

dd395-Scheme (s)

You cannot deny that owning a central bank is a very profitable undertaking! However, the owners can never afford to forget that their bliss can come to an end if political pressure in a country is strong enough to dismantle that scheme of money issuance and introduce interest-free money.

There was a very big political movement in the West, in particularly, in Britain and Canada, to introduce Social Credit, an interest-free money issuance scheme. There are public movements in many countries, which work towards abolishing private ownership of central banks, and as the size of the so-called national debt is growing in every country, the awareness about this issue among the general public is also growing. Because of that, removing the money issuance out of reach of the political process has been a goal of the bankers ever since they got control of the first central bank.

They first achieved their plans by creating the European Union. The Euro is a hundred percent fiat currency, not supported by anything. It is created out of nothing, at the price of paper and ink, and is then loaned to the governments of the member countries in the Euro zone. Every country under the treaty obligation has to comply with the requirements of having the Euro in circulation and the treaty obligation supercedes all national laws.

You cannot deny, it was a great success for the bankers!

If you read honest reports about the life in the countries of the European Union, the standard of living has deteriorated considerably; according to some accounts, it has dropped to about a half of what it used to be when the countries were independent. The contributions by the member countries to the European Union are very substantial. I heard that Britain pays 53 million Euro PER DAY, but still, this is not enough to substantially maintain the standard of living.


The other major item, which entails expense, is the interest on the borrowed Euros. And even though the central banks in the old days were also in private hands, the bankers could never forget that, at least theoretically, they could be voted out of existence by the people’s elected representatives. But this “danger” no longer exists (in practical terms) and the appetites of the bankers have grown accordingly.

The next target of the bankers is to remove their money issuance scheme out of the reach of people in the US and Canada; this can be done through the creation of a common currency zone between US and Canada. They also want to “throw in” Mexico.

Alternative media have been warning the public about the plans of certain parties to collapse the economy, but they don’t always explain why. The economic depression is needed as a part of an overall calamity, which can then be used as a smoke screen to collapse the dollar and after that to move to a new currency, which is created under treaty obligations of a multi-national currency union. Treaty obligations would then supercede the national laws. After that the bankers would be safe.

But why all these preparations for massive public disturbances?

This seems to be a part of a universal scheme being played out by the ruling clans throughout human history; if you want people to go along with great hardships and deprivations, you first have to make them taste even greater hardships and deprivations, then the improved conditions will seem like a relief, even though they would still be much worse than it used to be.

Pretty much everybody knows the realities of life in Mexico; the prospect of opening the floodgates of the Mexican population movement to the north would never survive the political process in Canada or US, that is why the elites apparently want to do it differently, they want to create some national or regional calamity, maybe some sort of a pandemic, which would necessitate Draconian measures to control the population; after everything calmed down to some extent, the people would be too shell-shocked to be able to mount an effective resistance.


It is, of course, possible to imagine a currency union without open borders, but the total inaction of the US government on the matters of policing the Mexican border is a clear enough indication of their future plans.

Let’s now examine the visible part of all these preparations, namely, the construction of the vast network of detention centers, as well as storage of thousands and thousands of plastic coffins in various locations in US. Those coffins are a clear indication that some very sinister plans are in the making.

So what can we expect from all that?

First, it should be clear to any normal person that nobody in his right mind would go along with hostile designs against him, nobody would follow an order to commit suicide. By the same token, no system would self-destruct, where a bunch of thugs with guns would start killing the people in the country and everybody would be sitting quietly, awaiting their fate.

If a group of foreign soldiers start doing that, it would be enough for any military commander of a US Army unit to order his men into action to defend the American citizens and the Constitution. Such news would spread like wildfire, notwithstanding the fact that there is an executive order to place all means of communication under the presidential control.

You can find reports on the Internet and YouTube about the interviews being conducted with members of the US military, who were allegedly being asked if they would be ready to use weapons against the American population.

If such interviews are indeed taking place, it would be very naive for the architects of this whole plan to conclude that if a person had answered in the affirmative, then he would do what he is told.

A person, who has joined the army, does not automatically lose his brain, he may well decide to use whatever methods are necessary to stay in the system in order to be able to sabotage the criminal policies, criminal orders, to help his people, maybe even to turn the weapons against those in power, who have conspired to bring this calamity on their country.

There are quite a few videos on YouTube showing the US military conducting training in urban areas, breaking into the houses, terrorizing the population, pointing guns at people, ordering them to lie down.

The soldiers and police who are doing it, may well think that they are doing a good thing, following orders, but they will be thinking differently after they find out that some of their relatives have also been terrorized or even disappeared.

It is also easy to imagine how US soldiers on foreign soil or on board a navy ship, would feel after they find out that they can no longer establish contact with their relatives. Very soon the criminal design of all these policies would become apparent.

A human being is not a robot. If several dozen soldiers are exchanging opinions, there will be many thoughts and ideas, which correctly describe the situation and it may well be enough to result in a mutiny.

I have read one book about the Vietnam war, where it was written that the deck personnel on an aircraft carrier could give a “present” to a particularly nasty pilot by pasting a small metal object with duct tape in an air intake; after a few minutes of flight it would fly off right into the turbine and produce a nice explosion.

According to the author, these things were being done as an expression of a personal dislike towards some pilots, but who is here to say it was not done as an act of protest against the war or some other aspects of the administration’s policy? Who can say that the armed forces personnel would not start sabotaging the war effort after they learn about some staged calamity in US?

Everywhere you look, US veterans are uniformly against the globalist policies of the administration, they are at the forefront of many public protests, and yet it seems that the current administration assumes that the people on active service are blind to the realities that made the previous generation of soldiers switch sides.

Considering that the army and the police agencies in US are undergoing training designed to simulate large public disturbances, it cannot be excluded, that mass shootings may well be ordered by the architects of this massive police operation that is being prepared. These “zombie shooting” exercises are clearly psychological training designed to break the emotional barrier when shooting civilians at a close range and they are a very sinister indication of what is apparently being planned.

The fallout from such actions is impossible to predict, but one thing is certain, there would be a massive breakdown of public order, with devastating implications, especially considering the fact that the civilians have lots of weapons and that there are many organized para-military groups in US.

Those on the service of the regime may think they are safe in their armoured vehicles, but their families are in the open, vulnerable to frightful retribution.

The architects of the current plans should keep in mind that just two shootings of unarmed people by the army in Russia in 1905 resulted in massive protests, which quite literally turned the country upside down and paved the way for the revolution. That revolution was hijacked by the communists, but that is beyond the scope of what I am trying to say here.

In apparent desperation, the tsar had then decided to plunge his country into the war against Germany in order justify drafting the “active” men into the army and thus keep them “busy” and away from the streets.

Another thing to consider is the implications of a national calamity on the economy and the military capability of a highly industrialized country. Russia was a good illustration of it; after the collapse of communism, the country was quite literally devastated, the industrial enterprises were brought to a virtual standstill, unemployment soared, there was widespread hunger in the country and there were even cases of death as a result of malnutrition.

As one can well imagine, the effects of economic devastation spread like a virus. There were no resources to conduct proper maintenance of equipment and  infrastructure. Everything fell apart. Accidents were happening everywhere with planes falling from the sky, ships sinking, boilers exploding and oil and gas pipelines beginning to leak with subsequent oil spills producing ecological disasters.

Corruption flourished. All kinds of criminal activities were on the rise and organized crime become a true national problem. Families broke up, the homeless filled the streets and alcoholism and suicide reached disastrous levels; and the list goes on and on.

When a country is in turmoil, all aspects of life are affected. Communist Russia again provides an illustrative example: they had several times more scientists and engineers, as compared to the US, and yet their scientific and engineering output was a small part of what the American scientists and engineers were producing; even with the massive theft and other forms of technology “transfer” from the West. That was the result of the lack of incentives, but the incentives would also disappear in the event of a national calamity and the United States would plunge into a true catastrophe!

It should be added here that the main driving force of the economic disaster in post-communist Russia was the corruption in the top government circles, which included massive criminal financial schemes, among them the creating of runaway inflation (criminal emission of paper money), as well as many other criminal schemes.

But let’s not forget that all these massive preparations for some national calamity in the USA are also driven by the corrupt designs of a small clique of international bankers who want to remove the money issuance out of reach of the political process and impose it on the American, Canadian and Mexican people as a treaty obligation.


Dear reader: if you find this article informative, you may want to consider putting a comment on this subject under one (or several) YouTube videos, which deal with the issues of the massive preparations for some national emergency in US. The most likely purpose of it is the planned imposition of a private central bank system on us as a treaty obligation under the framework of a tri-lateral monetary union between US, Canada and Mexico. Once this racket is removed from the reach of the political process, the bankers are safe and we are doomed.


Ukraine: another piece in US-NATO-EU Zionist Jew puzzle

Ukraine: another piece in US-NATO-EU Zionist Jew puzzle


John Robles


Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 12.10.47 AMA monstrous crime is being committed in Ukraine right before the eyes of the world and the western  media is helping to cover it up and distract the attention of the entire world from the core fact that the events in Ukraine are not a popular uprising but a carefully orchestrated synthetic coup d’état brought about by long entrenched western color revolution infrastructure that was installed by US/NATO/EU to bring about the illegal act of regime change on the sovereign country of Ukraine.

The unprecedented violent actions by the armed insurgents, who openly use deadly force on law enforcement and have set Kiev in flames, attempting to overthrow the government by force, are in fact treasonous crimes against the Ukraine and the people of Ukraine as they are being controlled from the outside and violate all internationally accepted democratic principles as well as all of the internal laws and constitutionally dictated standards of conduct enshrined in the Constitution of Ukraine.

It is illegal under international law for any country to carry out measures to bring about the illegal change of the government in any other sovereign state, this includes support of any kind for insurgent forces, the implementation of economic and other measures to pressure the government to step down or dissolve and all other instruments and measures both covert and overt that may be used to bring about what is now popularly called “regime change” by the West and the US Government.

International Law

Overthrowing governments and removing presidents by force is illegal and covered in laws and ruling by bodies such as the World Court and even the International Criminal Court, which has become a mere instrument of the West, however the United Nations Charter is the most important document and widely respected of all of these instruments and one which all countries that attempt to abide by international law attempt to follow.

Under the UN Charter all attempts by the US/NATO/EU to influence the events in Ukraine so as to bring about a resolution that conforms to their own interests are illegal.

The debate over US/NATO/EU meddling in Ukraine and the use of US/NATO/EU military force, economic measures, political pressure and all of the other “tools” they use, including aggressive military attack and occupation, to effect regime changes in countries such as Afghanistan, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Serbia, Venezuela, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Sudan and the other targeted countries, has conveniently been absent of one key fact: coercive, forced and outside regime change violates basically all of the accepted tenets of international law.

UN Charter

According to Article 1 (2) of the UN Charter developing peaceful international relations based on the “principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples” is one of the founding principles of the United Nations, and by default the UN Security Council. Therefore any attempt by any country to subjugate or pressure another into implementing measures or carrying out an agenda not instigated from within and not in keeping with the will of the people is illegal. The “will of the people” can only be known through referendums and democratic political processes and debates, not through fabricated pogroms in the streets, which the US is expert at organizing. As for pressure on the government, even the implementation of sanctions is therefore illegal as this is done to pressure a government from the outside.

It is prohibited under international law to threaten to use force and Article 2 (4) of the UN Charter states this clearly and requires all UN member states to respect the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of other states. US/NATO/EU have not threatened military force against Ukraine, as they already have their ground force installed as they did in Syria, Libya, etc. but this applies to other countries they have invaded recently.

Article 2 (7) of the UN Charter states clearly that the United Nations and its members have no authority to intervene in matters which are within the domestic jurisdiction of any state (sovereign country). However the US/NATO/EU have gotten around this by implementing and using what they call the Responsibility to Protect. Uprisings and violent demonstrations such as what is happening in Ukraine fall within the definition of domestic jurisdiction, therefore any outside attempt to interfere is illegal.

Armed Insurgents

What is alarming in Ukraine is the violent and militarized nature of what the West is endlessly painting as a legitimate opposition. This portrayal runs contrary to what the most of the world is seeing right in front of their eyes on their TV screens. Even multiple statements by US officials themselves and a recently released telephone conversation between US official Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador to Ukraine, show that these are not members of a legitimate internal opposition, but rather radicalized, militarized, trained, planted, funded and supported members of western “color revolution” infrastructure.

The US/NATO/EU continue to egregiously blame the government and are criminally silent when the opposition they support, and in fact planted, murder members of the security forces and policemen. The outright murder, kidnapping and extreme violence against police and security forces should be something that would cause an outcry among police officers worldwide, especially in the US, where their police are given almost god-like reverence, yet the so called “international community” and members of the world’s law enforcement bodies are silent.

Nothing that the insurgents have done would be supported in any US/NATO/EU country or city, yet they continue to call on, threaten and pressure the authorities in Ukraine to not interfere or take required measures. The violent insurgents have made a mockery of law and order and have literally set the capital of a civilized, democratic European country on fire.

Storming, seizing and burning down the buildings which house the instruments and bodies of the state; openly shooting, murdering, kidnapping and falsely detaining members of law enforcement; destroying and setting alight the property of the state and the people; organizing the pogrom we are seeing in Ukraine; violating the law and acting against their own constitution; blackmailing and threatening officials to step down or be compliant and finally promoting policies that are not in keeping with the desires of the Ukrainian people, are all factual aspects of the Ukrainian “opposition”. So why is US/NATO/EU openly supporting them?

Business As Usual for US/NATO/EU

In my journalistic work I have attempted to robustly detail for years what US/NATO have been doing in their redesigning of the world’s geopolitical landscape and I cannot repeat this enough, what we are seeing in Ukraine is just another regime change for the West. The tactics they use are always the same, we have seen them and documented them time and again and they continue to be illegal and egregious. Yet they continue with impunity.

All of the regime change actions and provocations that US/NATO/EU have used in Ukraine have been documented and exposed before the fact, yet the US president, EU leaders and their compliant media continue to egregiously stick to their own artificial pre-planned narrative.

The goal was regime change because US/NATO/EU understood that the Ukrainian Government and more importantly the Ukrainian people would not allow their country to be subverted and become yet another US/NATO/EU client state. More importantly this turn to Russia seriously interferes with US/NATO/EU military plans to base US/NATO missiles in Ukraine, evict the Russian Black Sea Fleet and achieve their prime military objective of neutralizing Russia and eliminating Russia’s response to a first strike nuclear attack, which at the end of the day is the goal. The people of Ukraine and the organs of government are just inconveniences for US/NATO/EU and even if the country is completely destroyed and divided, their goal will be carried out. The destruction of the state of Ukraine will in fact benefit the US/NATO/EU and this fact we have seen repeatedly in the last 15 years.

Obama Connects Syria and Ukraine

In comments related to a soon to be released Voice of Russia interview Professor Francis Boyle a professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law told me the following: “Obama said that the people of the Ukraine should be able to determine their own future just like the people of Syria should be able to determine their own future. So Obama himself linked the two. The strategy is the same: regime change, civil war, destruction of the State. So this elevates the call by the State Department for a transition to a government of technocrats to the presidential level. The cat is out of the bag. Regime Change of the democratically elected government of Ukraine is openly admitted to be USG policy. Even worse than Syria, whose government was arguably not really democratic. Nevertheless as I point out in my book, the demand for regime change by one government against another government is illegal and violates the World Court’s ruling against the United States in the Nicaragua decision (1996).”

Media Failure

The western mass media continues to promote and spread a phony slanted narrative of the events in Ukraine and their attempts have been formidable and almost impossible to counter. This concerns mostly the nature and portrayal of the police murdering opposition which, like the cop killers in the Caucuses, the West portrays as heroes and some sort of freedom fighters.

Again the hypocrisy of the West in Ukraine is resounding and completely obvious, yet they continue with impunity. US illegality and their complete and total disregard for international law continue to stare the world in the face in Guantanamo and worldwide, yet the compliant media has failed as US illegality has now spread like a cancer to include all NATO/EU countries.

It is another black day for the world as we see that the mass media has completely failed and been corrupted in the West. All of the facts surrounding the murderous insurgents in Ukraine and their bloody uprising and the collusion of the Central Intelligence Agency, US/NATO/EU and the West are being conveniently ignored as the subservient media chooses to attempt to go so far as to blame Russia which has from day one made it a point not to interfere.

Nowhere do we see debates going on regarding: the over $50 billion the US has spent buying out Ukraine; the admission by Victoria Nuland of US meddling in her telephone conversation, during which she implicated the head of the UN in US/NATO/EU plans; the training and equipping of the insurgents by US/NATO/EU; the fact that all outside pressure and meddling is illegal nor the fact that if anything similar happened in the West it would in no way be allowed.

Wake Up Call

They have won and Ukraine has fallen. The President of Ukraine has stated he will step down, which was the first call by the US/NATO/EU, when the first encampments appeared on Maidan Square. This was their clear goal and even though we documented it they have won. However what they have in fact done is committed another crime on an international scale.

Will anyone answer for the crime of subversion and for violating the sovereignty of Ukraine? Not likely. Therefore this should be a serious wake up call to all countries of the world, but will it? Also not likely.

What is striking in Ukraine was that it was a democratically elected government, that all of the US/NATO/EU plans were know from the start and that it was still allowed to proceed.

Once again, as we saw in Iraq, Libya and all other countries where the governments have been recently overthrown and the leader executed or otherwise removed (with North Korea being the perfect example) the only protection that any country has from the imposition of US/NATO/EU regime change is quite simply nuclear weapons.

US/NATO Obama/Neo-Con Plans and Impunity

After 9-11 Neo-Con Paul Wolfowitz, the then US Deputy Secretary of Defense stated that the US Government is now in the business of destroying countries, executing presidents and changing governments at will.

General Wesley Clark who was the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, took issue with the Neo-Con architects from the Project for a New American Century (LINK 5) and gave testimony that the US planned to overthrow seven countries after 9/11: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.

Mr. Clark called the post 9-11 overtaking of the US Government a coup and said it was plotted by Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and “a half dozen other collaborators from the Project for the New American Century”. In a report Glen Greenwald cites a US Secretary of Defense Memo which gave even more detail and put a timeframe on the plan: “I just got this memo from the Secretary of Defense’s office. It says we’re going to attack and destroy the governments in 7 countries in five years – we’re going to start with Iraq, and then we’re going to move to Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.”

Greenwald reported that General Clark was shocked and wrote about the following exchange: “And we’ve got about 5 or 10 years to clean up those old Soviet regimes – Syria, Iran [sic], Iraq – before the next great superpower comes on to challenge us.” Clark said he was shocked by Wolfowitz’s desires because, as Clark put it: “the purpose of the military is to start wars and change governments? It’s not to deter conflicts?”.” Clark said he was shocked by Wolfowitz’s desires because, as Clark put it: “the purpose of the military is to start wars and change governments? It’s not to deter conflicts?”

A New Regime Would Be Illegal

Any regime installed in any way other than trough democratic elections in Ukraine and under the current crisis will be illegal. President Yanukovich despite being weak and some might argue incompetent in maintaining stability in his country, was democratically elected in elections that were recognized by the entire world. This is important to underline.

Even though he was placed in a Catch 22 situation by the West where if he cracked down he would be demonized and if he did not he would be overthrown, his handling of the internal crisis leaves a lot of questions to be answered.

Timing of Ukrainian Coup

It is also important to note the similarities between the timing of the events in Ukraine and the invasion by Georgia of South OssetiaBoth taking place during Olympics and again the words of Neo-Con Paul Wolfowitz: “… we’ve got about 5 or 10 years to clean up those old Soviet regimes before the next great superpower comes on to challenge us.”

Ukraine is the crowning jewel and it looks like they will obtain it.

The views and opinions expressed here are my own. I can be reached at robles@ruvr.ru.

Ukraine crisis portends apocalypse, by Dr Paul Craig Roberts

Ukraine crisis portends apocalypse, by Dr Paul Craig


Whither Ukraine? Will the attempt to steal Ukraine from Russia and incorporate it into Europe trigger World War Three?

Notes and Comments by Lasha Darkmoon


Introductory note by Lasha Darkmoon


Ukraine has now fallen under the control of Right Sector, a group of violent “neo-Nazis” who hate Jews and Russians even more than they hate the US and Europe. The US has foolishly spent $5 billion helping to finance a coup d’état on behalf of people who essentially hate them. This is the sad and sober truth.

The Western media have presented a totally simplistic and distorted picture of the situation in Ukraine.

One half of the country (the east) is Russian-speaking and loyal to Putin’s Russia. This half of the country, as you might expect, is portrayed by Western media as the “bad half”. The other half of the country (the west) turns adoring eyes toward the US and Europe and longs to become part of the European community and have NATO defend them from Russia. Full of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young idealists, panting for the freedom and democracy purportedly enjoyed by all Americans and Europeans, this part of Ukraine is naturally presented as the “good half”.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As the article below will make clear, Ukraine is now under the hegemony of armed thugs whose ideological roots go back to Hitler’s Germany. These were ordinary Ukrainians who had suffered horrendously under Stalin. Roughly 10 million of them had been starved to death in the Holodomor famine (1932-33), a premediated act of genocidal mass murder for which they rightly blamed the Soviet Union.

Since the Russian commissars who confiscated Ukrainian corn and presided over the deliberate starvation of the Ukrainian peasants were mostly Jewish — and since Communism and the Bolshevik Revolution itself  (1917) had the mark of international Jewry written all over them — it is only natural that these Ukrainian nationalists should regard Jews with utter abhorrence.

When World War II broke out, these Ukrainian Jew haters naturally joined forces with Hitler’s Germany.  Hitler would protect them, they thought, from the filthy bastards who had  tried to starve them to death in the man-made Holodomor famine.

Right Sector, who now control Ukraine thanks to American “regime change”, are the ideological descendants of the Ukrainian victims of the Holodomor famine. They hate the Jews for starving their forefathers to death. They hate the Russians for letting the Jews take over Russia. And they hate the US — because not only did the US defeat their ally Hitler, but the US was also allied to Russia in WWII and was itself a disgusting puppet of international Jewry.

The hidden hand of international Jewry must be seen behind recent events in Ukraine. It must not be forgotten that Yulia Tymoshenko, the blonde-plaited darling of so many Western Ukrainians and a former Prime Minister of Ukraine, was known to have close business ties with crime boss Semyon Moglievich, head of the Jewish Russian mafia. I have written about this shady character before, billed as “the world’s most dangerous man”.  (See here).

It needs to be asked: how come the former Prime Minister of Ukraine was in cahoots with the head of Jewish Russian mafia? Who has helped to finance Right Sector? Were those Israeli snipers by any chance who shot and killed both sides in the recent conflict in Kiev, the protesters as well as the Ukrainian police?

These questions need answering.


Ukraine Crisis portends apocalypse

by Dr Paul Craig Roberts

Who’s in charge in Ukraine? Certainly not the bought-and-paid-for-moderates that Washington and the EU hoped to install as the new government of Ukraine. The agreement that the Washington and EU supported opposition concluded with President Yanukovich to end the crisis did not last an hour. Even the former boxing champion, Vitaly Klitschko, who was riding high as an opposition leader until a few hours ago has been booed by the rioters and shoved aside.

The newly appointed president by what is perhaps an irrelevant parliament, Oleksandr Turchynov, has no support base among those who overthrew the government. As the BBC reports, “like all of the mainstream opposition politicians, Mr. Turchynov is not entirely trusted or respected by the protesters in Kiev’s Independence Square.”

In western Ukraine the only organized and armed force is the ultra-nationalist Right Sector. From the way this group’s leaders speak, they assume that they are in charge. One of the group’s leaders, Aleksandr Muzychko, has pledged to fight against “Jews and Russians until I die.” Asserting the Right Sector’s authority over the situation, Muzychko declared that now that the democratically elected government has been overthrown, “there will be order and discipline” or “Right Sector squads will shoot the bastards on the spot.”

The bastards are any protesters who dare to protest the Right Sector’s control.

Muzychko declared, “The next president of Ukraine will be from Right Sector.”

Another Right Sector leader, Dmitry Yarosh, declared: “the Right Sector will not lay down its arms.” He declared the deal made between the opposition and the President to be “unacceptable” and demanded the liquidation of President Yanukovich’s political party.

The Right Sector’s roots go back to the Ukrainians who fought for Adolf Hitler against the Soviet Union during World War II. It was the Right Sector that introduced armed fighters and turned the tide of the protests in Kiev from peaceful protests in favor of joining the EU to violent attacks on police with the view of overthrowing the democratically elected government, which the Right Sector succeeded in doing.

The Right Sector did not overthrow the Ukraine government in order to deliver it into the hands of the Washington and EU paid “opposition.”

There is a tendency to discount the Right Sector as a small fringe group, but the Right Sector not only took control of the protests away from the Western supported moderates, as moderate leaders themselves admitted, but also the Right Sector has enough public support to destroy the national monument to the Red Army soldiers who died liberating Ukraine from Nazi Germany.

Unlike the US orchestrated toppling of the stature of Saddam Hussein, which was a PR event for the presstitutes in which Iraqis themselves were not involved, Ukrainian rightists’ destruction of the monument commemorating the Red Army’s liberation of the Ukraine had public support.

If the Right Sector hates Russians for defeating the Nazis, the Right Sector also hates the US, France, and England for the same reason. The Right Sector is an unlikely political party to take Ukraine into the EU.

Lasha Darkmoon comments:

As I indicated earlier, Right Sector has not forgotten the Holodomor genocide of 1932-33  and the savage cruelties inflicted on Ukrainian peasants by Stalin and his Jewish commissars.

Right Sector also remembers that the Red Army,  at the instigation of Russian Jew Ilya Ehrenberg, not only raped over 2 million German women in 1945 but also raped, tortured and killed thousands of women in Ukraine.

So these Ukrainian nationalists, portrayed by Western media as “neo-Nazi scum”,  have very good reason to be angry with Jews and Russians — especially Russian Jews like Ilya Ehrenberg and Trotsky who made the lives of their forefathers such a living hell.

It is highly significant that all over western Ukraine statues of Lenin, whose grandfather was Jewish, have been torn down and reduced to rubble.

It is also significant that “the chief rabbi of Ukraine has just  declared the country unsafe for Jews and is urging them to emigrate: he says the Israeli embassy is telling them not to leave their homes because Jews are not safe in the streets.” (See here)

The Russian parts of Ukraine clearly understand that the Right Sector’s destruction of the monument commemorating the stand of the Red Army against the German troops is a threat against the Russian population of Ukraine. Provincial governments in eastern and southern Ukraine that formerly were part of Russia are organizing militias against the ultra-nationalist threat unleashed by Washington’s stupidity and incompetence and by the naive and gullible Kiev protesters.

Having interfered in Ukraine’s internal affairs and lost control, Washington is now issuing ultimatums to Russia not to interfere in Ukraine.

Does the idiot Susan Rice, Obama’s neoconservative National Security Advisor, think Putin is going to pay any attention to her ultimatums or to any instruction from a government so militarily incompetent that it was unable to successfully occupy Baghdad after 8 years or to defeat a few thousand lightly armed Taliban after 12 years?

In only took a few hours for Russian troops to destroy the American and Israeli trained and armed Georgian army that Washington sent to invade South Ossetia.

Where does Obama find morons like Susan Rice and Victoria Nuland? These two belong in a kindergarten for mentally handicapped children, not in the government of a superpower where their ignorance and arrogance can start World War III.

Lasha Darkmoon comments:

Obama has lost it. His appointees to important political posts often appear to be are as clueless as himself.  His ambassador to Sweden was recently found lying dead drunk in the snow. His current hotel chain owner nominee for Norway was unaware that Norway was a constitutional monarchy.  His TV soap opera producer pick for Hungary had no idea what the US was doing in Hungary or what its interests there were. “One Obama appointee,” we are told, “Seattle investor Cynthia Stroum, was forced to resign after running her embassy in Luxembourg into the ground, verbally abusing her staff and spending embassy funds on personal travel and alcohol.” (See here)

Ukraine is far more important to Russia than it is to the US or EU. If the situation in Ukraine spirals out of control and right-wing extremists seize control, Russian intervention is certain. The arrogant and stupid Obama regime has carelessly and recklessly created a direct strategic threat to the existence of Russia.

According to the Moscow Times, this is what a senior Russian official has to say: “If Ukraine breaks apart, it will trigger a war.” Ukraine “will lose Crimera first,” because Russia “will go in just as we did in Georgia.” Another Russian official said: “ We will not allow Europe and the US to take Ukraine from us. The states of the former Soviet Union, we are one family. They think Russia is still as weak as in the early 1990s but we are not.”

The Ukrainian right-wing is in a stronger position than Washington’s paid Ukrainian puppets, essentially weak and irrelevant persons who sold out their country for Washington’s money. The Right Sector is organized. It is armed. It is indigenous. It is not dependent on money funneled in from Washington and EU financed NGOs. It has an ideology, and it is focused. The Right Sector doesn’t have to pay its protesters to take to the streets like Washington had to do.

Most importantly, well-meaning but stupid protesters–especially the Kiev students–and an Ukrainian parliament playing to the protesters destroyed Ukrainian democracy. The opposition controlled parliament removed an elected president from office without an election, an obvious illegal and undemocratic action. The opposition controlled parliament issued illegal arrest warrants for members of the president’s government. The opposition controlled parliament illegally released criminals from prison. As the opposition has created a regime of illegality in place of law and constitutional procedures, the field is wide open for the Right Sector. Expect everything the opposition did to Yanukovich to be done to them by the Right Sector. By their own illegal and unconstitutional actions, the opposition has set the precedent for their own demise.

Just as the February 1917 revolution against the Russian Tsar set the stage for the October 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, surprising the stupid “reformers,” the overthrow of the Ukrainian political order has set the stage for the Right Sector. We can only hope that the Right Sector blows its chance.

The American media is a useless news source. It serves as a Ministry for Government Lies. The corrupt propagandists are portraying the undemocratic removal of Yanukovich as a victory for freedom and democracy. When it begins to leak out that everything has gone wrong, the presstitutes will blame it all on Russia and Putin. The Western media is a plague upon humanity.


Americans have no idea that the neoconservative regime of the White House Fool is leading them into a Great Power Confrontation that could end in destruction of life on earth.

Ironic, isn’t it. America’s “first black president,” the person liberals thought would restore justice, morality, and reason to Western civilization, is instead now positioned as the person who will have to accept humiliating defeat or risk the destruction of life on earth.

Israel Hit with EU War Crimes Sanctions by Gordon Duff and Press TV

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 11.24.13 AMScreen Shot 2013-07-21 at 7.24.29 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 7.24.46 PM

In a surprise last minute move, the European Union set forth a strong set of economic sanctions against Israel, leaving that nation both surprised and reeling.

The sanctions, stimulated by what the EU refers to as “Israeli intransigence” regarding peace talks with the Palestinians, cover all  financial dealings, loans, awards, transfer of “instruments” and severely limiting economic cooperation between Israel and all EU member nations starting in 2014.

The sanctions are against any Israeli “economic activity,” not just within what has been referred to as the “occupied territories” but broad areas of Israel that had been designated for the establishment of an “Arab State” in 1947.

Those territories extend in an almost contiguous line from the Lebanon border to the Red Sea.

Israel has referred to these territories as “Golan Heights, Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem.”  The term “Judea” alone could refer to the entire Roman province including large regions of Lebanon and Jordan.

Thus, one might question why the European Union would include such broad territories, clearly intended to offset Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s demands for “defensible borders.”

The EU has gone much further than imagined, an act Israel sees as an “ambush.”


Israel has responded with a number of objections citing, initially that they feel the “EU attacks us because we are small,” as cited by Gil Ronen with Arutz Sheva, Israel National News.

The sanctions, to be published Friday, July 19, 2013, will prohibit all 28 European Union member states from any economic contacts with Israeli “entities” that operate outside the 1947 UN partition resolution.

These territories differ greatly from the ceasefire lines of the 1967 war and include up to 25% of the territory of Israel, according to an article in Arutz Sheva.

According to that publication, the EU has made further differentiations based on the 1967 truce lines, clearly delineating territories seized as “occupied” and requiring Israel to identify any economic activity originating from those regions for exclusion.

EU officials have commented that there has been significant pressure to modify and limit the approve sanctions prior to their upcoming publication.


The decision to move against Israel falls on the eve of announcements from France and then Britain to hold back materiel support for pro-Israeli factions fighting against the Syrian government.

Germany had previously announced that no aid would be forthcoming.

The United States, although announcing, in June, that arms would be supplied, has withheld promised military aid though the Syrian government has made significant advances against rebel held enclaves.


Quoting a high ranking Israeli official:

“The attack by the EU disproportionate and is likely to have no positive effect on restarting meaningful dialog over the Palestinian question.  When it comes to disputed territories, the Europeans prefer to attack a small country like Israel instead of taking on more powerful states, because they are afraid of retaliation.

We were only informed at the last moment.”

Israel’s position was confirmed by Deputy Foreign Minister, Ze’ev Elkin.  In a statement to the press, Elkin referred to the EU directive as a “mistake” likely to undermine any progress already made.

“We are not ready to sign on this clause in our agreements with the European Union.”

Elkin also cited Israel’s failure to get in front of the issues that led to this confrontation which will, as he also stated, “halt all cooperation in economics” and be extremely harmful to Israel’s economy.


Speaking for the European Union, David Kriss is quoted:

“These are guidelines on the eligibility of Israeli entities and their activity in the territories occupied by Israel since June 1967 for grants, prizes and financial instruments funded by the EU from 2014 onwards.

(Sanctions)It makes (sic) a distinction between Israel and the entities in the West Bank, east Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights.”

It’s a very worrying initiative launched at a bad time, because it only reinforces the Palestinians’ refusal to restart negotiations.”

Kriss then called for Israel to cooperate fully with the sanctions, threatening Israel with defunding of joint projects already scheduled, projects that would otherwise not be impacted by sanctions.


Arutz Sheva reports that Palestinian leaders will only negotiate based on pre-1967 lines and “if Israel freezes all settlement activity in Judea and Samaria.”

Thus far, the world press has been unaware of these expanded Palestinian demands that would require Israel to not only stop all settlement activities in areas referred to as “occupied” but over wider areas now settled by up to 1.8 million Israelis.

There are already over 550,000 Israelis living in the “occupied zones,” primarily eastern Jerusalem, known as Al Quds, and the West Bank.

The EU position impacts nearly one third of Israel’s population, one third of its economic base.


The real impetus for increased pressure on Israel has been the failure of western economies and their disastrous currencies.

The real subtext for scaling back support for Israel has been seen in the strangely unreported change in America’s deficits.

During the last fiscal quarter, the United States has shown a net budget surplus for the first time in decades.  Two of the last three months have yielded surpluses in excess of $100 billion.

The message has been clear to EU leaders, as America has drawn down its role as “policeman of the world,” the real security issue, potential economic collapse, has become less of a threat.

What is unlikely to be admitted is the simple fact that the projection of military power to secure resources, when those resources are exploited by multi-national entities, offers a very poor return.

Thus, Israel’s current dilemma is much more rooted in its role as an economic liability than in any concerns regarding human rights.

Netanyahu Upset That the Goyim Aren’t Getting It! by Bob Johnson

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 11.24.13 AM

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 11.23.39 AM

Netanyahu Upset That the Goyim Aren’t Getting It!

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 11.33.07 AM

by Bob Johnson
Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Netanyahu can’t understand why the goys from Europe are resisting his Hebrew Bible/Old Testament authority over them.

The European Commission, the executive branch of the European Union, issued a directive two weeks ago requiring all member states of the EU to ban“all funding, collaboration, scholarships, research grants and awards to Israeli entities in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, while requiring that any future agreements signed with Israel must include a clause stating that the settlements are not part of the sovereign State of Israel and therefore are not part of said agreement.” The ban against expansionist Israel will begin this Friday, July 19, 2013.

Benjamin Netanyahu is angry with the Europeans. It must be very frustrating for him when the goys are resisting and dare to confront the superior Jewish state in its illegal occupation of Palestine. Netanyahu is used to compliant political whores like they have in the US. Both the Democrats and the Republicans all bow down to the King of Israel. They not only bow down themselves, they also betray their own people and take BILLIONS of dollars from American tax payers EVERY YEAR and hand it over to the Jewish state. And even worse than that, they commit young American lives to die, to kill, and to be horrifically maimed in wars which only benefit Israel. Of course, the political whores have a key motivation – to help their political careers by pleasing the powerful Israel lobby. No American military person’s life is of greater value than their political careers in their minds! (The last US President to seriously stand-up to Israel regarding both the Jewish state acquiring nuclear weapons and to its excessive influence over US politicians was John F. Kennedy. There are no politicians from either party on the horizon who even seem like they will take up the fight for America and Americans over Israel.)

Netanyahu’s temper tantrum must have been caused by the Europeans not rolling over for him like the American politicians regularly do. He released a statement in which he said Israel “”will not accept any external edicts” in regards to the Jewish state’s borders.

The reason Netanyahu is so touchy about Israel’s borders is because Israel is based on the Israel of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. Based on those boarders the US will have to fight and pay for  many more wars for Israel as those borders include not only Palestine but also parts of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq. The Zionist Christian Pat Robertson even wrote an article about Israel’s “true” Bible based borders, The Land of Israel: A Gift From God. Netanyahu is also living this delusional dream of a Greater Israel of Biblical proportions as he made clear when he said, ““[Jerusalem] is not a settlement. It is the sovereign capital of the State of Israel. We have been building in Jerusalem for 3,000 years.”

Individual European nations are standing up to Judaism and Israel in other ways as well. For example the brutal and unnecessarily cruel way animals are butchered when done based on kosher regulations was recently outlawed in Poland (they also outlawed the same superstitious slaughter method practiced by Muslims called halal). In order to satisfy their “revealed”/hearsay religious superstition animals cannot be stunned prior to being slaughtered, they must be fully conscious while their throats are cut and then bleed to death. Think of this the next time you see a Hebrew National hot-dog commercial! Kosher is not only cruel, it is a giant religious scam which takes money from almost everyone and uses it to advance Jewish causes at the expense of Gentiles.

The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament tells Netanyahu not only what Israel’s borders should be, but it also tells him (and us) what will happen to Gentile nations who refuse to submit to the self-appointed “chosen ones.” According to Isaiah 60:12 the Bible god threatened the Gentile nations by saying “the the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee (Israel) shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.” When the official rabbi of Israel called for Jews to pray for Iran’s destruction he was in line with these teachings from the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. Jewish superiority and Israel over all is key to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament.

If we would take the advice of the American founder and Deist, Thomas Paine, who in his important and thought provoking book on God, Deism, the Bible and religion, The Age of Reason, The Complete Edition, called for a revolution in religion based in our innate God-given reason and Deism, we could go a long way in putting the brakes on Israel’s religious violence. It’s a grass-roots effort which can change the world for the better.

Form Letter to send to the German Government on behalf of Ernst Zundel

Form Letter to send to the German Government on behalf of Ernst Zundel
Written by Paul Fromm
Sunday, 18 February 2007

Dear Free Speech Supporter:

Please write the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and demand the release of political prisoner Ernst Zundel.

You may send the letter directly to her or, even better, send it to the nearest German Embassy of Consulate and ask that it be forwarded to her. Thus, your letter gets seen and recorded twice.

Below this letter is a list of contact addressed for German diplomatic missions around the world.

Paul Fromm
Canadian Association for Free Expression
Box 332,
Rexdale, Ontario, M9W 5L3
Ph: 905-274-3868;
FAX: 905-278-2413

Federal Chancellery
Willy Brand Straße 110178

Dear Chancellor Merkel:
[Read more…]

Germany vows to erase Nazi symbols from across Europe

The Times January 15, 2007

Germany vows to erase Nazi symbols from across Europe
David Charter in Berlin

Germany intends to introduce a Europe-wide law banning the display of Nazi symbols and making denial of the Holocaust a crime to fulfil its “historical obligation” 62 years after the liberation of Auschwitz.

Brigitte Zypries, the Justice Minister, will today outline plans to punish with up to three years in prison anyone in the European Union who publicly rejects the Nazi slaughter of six million Jews.

Germany’s programme for its six-month presidency of the EU also revives the idea of criminalising the flaunting of the swastika, which gained momentum after publication of photographs of Prince Harry in Nazi uniform at a fancy dress party.

A previous attempt to ban Nazi symbols was blocked by several governments, including Britain, while Holocaust denial was halted on the grounds of freedom of speech by Italy, which then had the post-fascist National Alliance in its ruling coalition. The Italian Government has now changed, giving the Germans hope of EU agreement. But there will be extra pressure from former Soviet-bloc countries for a ban on the provocative use of the communist hammer and sickle.

Ms Zypries will appeal to them at a meeting in Dresden today and tomorrow to build a European criminal code on racism and xenophobia.

“We have always said it cannot be the case that it should still be acceptable in Europe to say that six million Jews were never killed,” she said. “There is some controversy about that under ‘freedom of expression’ but we believe that there are limits to freedom of expression, and the limits are there when it is offensive to other religions and ethnic groups.”

Laws banning the denial of the Holocaust already exist in 10 of the 27 EU states and Latvia and Estonia ban the display of communist symbols.

The move would need the unanimous support of every country to have legal force.

Britain maintains that its laws banning incitement to hatred provide sufficient cover. The revisionist historian David Irving escaped prosecution until he proclaimed his scepticism in Austria and was jailed for 13 months. A British government spokeswoman said that a specific offence of Holocaust denial “would sit uncomfortably with existing freedom of speech legislation”, but did not dismiss the German plan.

Price of denial

Austria 10 years

Belgium 1 year

Czech Republic 2 years

France 2 years

Germany 5 years

Lithuania 10 years

Poland 3 years

Romania 5 years

Slovakia 3 years

Spain no maximum

*maximum penalty for denying the Holocaust