The Gitxsan: Betrayal of a Nation by Arthur Topham Jan. 27/2004

[Editor’s Note: This article is dated and appears here simply because the forum on which it was originally posted was destroyed by the malicious machinations of the Zionist B’nai Brith Canada censors. I’m posting it here for posterity and for future reference.]

The Gitxsan: Betrayal of a Nation
by Arthur Topham
Jan. 27/2004

“We know that justice and generosity can flourish only in an atmosphere of trust. For if individuals and minorities do not feel protected against the possibility of the tyranny of the majority, if French-speaking Canadians or native peoples or new Canadians do not feel they will be treated with justice, it is useless to ask them to open their hearts and minds to their fellow Canadians.” – Pierre Trudeau, April 17, 1982

The irony contained in the Globe & Mail’s January 27, 04 front page story “PM’s Throne Speech has native focus”, I’m sure was not lost on the 50 Hereditary Chiefs of the Gitxsan Nation and their 5000 band members living in the north-western region of central British Columbia.

Just weeks ago, on the 14th of January, this same group of frustrated, disillusioned, yet determined people, filed a lengthy and controversial Complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) and the federal Minister of Justice, Mr. Irwin Cotler citing a shocking list of grievances against an array of highly prominent B.C. judges, lawyers, law firms, politicians and corporations all linked to a host of crimes ranging from misconduct to deceit, bribery, corruption, obstruction of justice and complicity, the sum of which has devastated and endangered the 33,000 square kilometre area of their traditional lands.

First and foremost of the complaints is the conduct of B.C.’s Supreme Court Chief Justice Donald J. Brenner while presiding over the “restructuring” proceedings related to a large forest products company in Prince Rupert, B.C.; one in which the provincial government held controlling interest and declining revenues. That initial example, shown in great detail within the lengthy submission, exemplified at the onset the serious nature of the many other accusations of fault contained within the document, illustrating once again the seemingly endless challenges which have plagued the treaty process in B.C. for decades.

Readers may recall that it was this same First Nation that captured headlines across the country during the latter part of the Mulroney era when what the Claimants describe as “arguably the most important case in Canadian jurisprudence” the Gitxsan Wet’suwet’en land claims trial, known as Delgamuukw, finally concluded with judgment on March 8, 1991, after 374 protracted court days stretching over a three year period.

According to Ron Jackson and Robert Jackson, the two signatories of the Complaint representing the 50 Hereditary Gitxsan Chiefs and their people, the original Delgamuukw trial was a staggeringly complex and insidious deception that saw figures from all levels of government, the judiciary, industry and the media conspiring to foist upon the general public, and specifically the Gitxsan people themselves, a horrendous ‘legal’ hoax which would allow the B.C. government to further augment its power over the traditional territories of the Gitxsan Wet’suwet’en for the benefit of all vested interests except the indigenous inhabitants of the region themselves.
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An Alaska Native speaks out on Palin, Oil, and Alaska

An Alaska Native speaks out on Palin, Oil, and Alaska*

By Evon Peter

evonpeter@mac. com
Sept. 9, 2008
My name is Evon Peter; I am a former Chief of the Neetsaii Gwich’in tribe from Arctic Village, Alaska and the current Executive Director of Native Movement. My organization provides culturally based leadership development through offices in Alaska and Arizona. My wife, who is Navajo, and I have been based out of Flagstaff, Arizona for the past few years, although I travel home to Alaska in support of our initiatives there as well. It is interesting to me that my wife and I find ourselves as Indigenous people from the two states where McCain and Palin originate in their leadership.

I am writing this letter to raise awareness about the ongoing colonization and violation of human rights being carried out against Alaska Native peoples in the name of unsustainable progress, with a particular emphasis on the role of Sarah Palin and the Republican leadership. My hope is that it helps to elevate truth about the nature of Alaskan politics in relation to Alaska Native peoples and that it lays a framework for our path to justice.

Ever since the Russian claim to Alaska and the subsequent sale to the United States through the Treaty of Cession in 1867, the attitude and treatment towards Alaska Native peoples has been fairly consistent. We were initially referred to as less than human “uncivilized tribes”, so we were excluded from any dialogues and decisions regarding our lands, lives, and status. The dominating attitude within the Unites States at the time was called Manifest Destiny; that God had given Americans this great land to take from the Indians because they were non-Christian and incapable of self-government. Over the years since that time, this framework for relating to Alaska Native peoples has become entrenched in the United States legislative and legal systems in an ongoing direct violation of our human rights.

What does this mean? Allow me to share an analogy. If a group of people were to arrive in your city and tell you their people had made laws, among which were:

1. What were once your home and land now belong to them (although you could live in the garage or backyard)

2. Forced you to send your children to boarding schools to learn their language and be acculturated into their ways with leaders who touted “Kill the American, save the man” (based on the original statement made by US Captain Richard H. Pratt in regards to Native American education “Kill the Indian, save the man.”)

3. Supported missionaries and government agents to forcefully (for example, with poisons placed on the tongues of your children and withheld vaccines) convince you that your Jesus, Buddha, Torah, or Mohammed was actually an agent of evil and that salvation in the afterlife could only be found through believing otherwise

4. Made it illegal for you to continue to do your job to support your family, except under strict oversight and through extensive regulation

5. Made it illegal for you to own any land or run a business as an individual and did not allow you to participate in any form of their government, which controlled your life (voting or otherwise)

How would this make you feel? What if you also knew that if you were to retaliate, that you would be swiftly killed or incarcerated? How long do you think it would take for you to forget or would you be sure to share this history with your children with the hope that justice could one day prevail for your descendents? And most importantly to our conversation, how American does this sound to you?

To put this into perspective, my grandfather who helped to raise me in Arctic Village was born in 1904, just thirty-seven years after the United States laid claim to Alaska. If my grandfather had unjustly stolen your grandfathers home and I was still living in the house and watching you live outdoors, would you feel a change was in order? Congress unilaterally passed most of the major US legislation that affect our people in my grandfathers’ lifetime. There has never been a Treaty between Alaska Native Peoples and the United States over these injustices. Each time that Alaska Native people stand up for our rights, the US responds with token shifts in its laws and policies to appease the building discontent, yet avoiding the underlying injustice that I believe can be resolved if leadership in the United States would be willing to acknowledge the underlying injustice of its control over Alaska Native peoples, our lands, and our ways of life.

United States legal history in relation to Alaska Natives has been based on one major platform – minimize the potential for Alaska Native people to regain control of their lives, lands, and resources and maximize benefit to the Unites States government and its corporations. While the rest of the world, following World War II, was seeking to return African and European Nations to their rightful owners, the United States pushed in the opposite direction by pulling the then Territory of Alaska out of the United Nations dialogues and pushing for Statehood into the Union. Why is it that Alaska Native Nations are still perceived as being incapable of governing our own lands, lives, and resources differently than African, Asian, and European nations?

Let me get specific about what is at stake and how this relates to Palin and the Republican leadership in Alaska and across this country. To this day, Alaska Native peoples are among the only Indigenous peoples in all of North America whose Indigenous Hunting and Fishing Rights have been extinguished by federal legislation and yet we are the most dependent people on this way of life. Most of our villages have no roads that connect them to cities; many live with poverty level incomes, and all rely to varying degrees on traditional hunting, fishing, and harvesting for survival. This has become known as the debate on Alaska Native Subsistence.

As Alaska Governor, Palin has continued the path of her predecessor Frank Murkowski in challenging attempts by Alaska Native people to regain their human right to their traditional way of life through subsistence.

The same piece of unilateral federal legislation, known as the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) of 1971, that extinguished our hunting and fishing rights, also extinguished all federal Alaska Native land claims and my Tribe’s reservation status. In the continental United States, this sort of legislation is referred to as ‘termination legislation’ because it takes the rights of self-government away from Tribes. It is based in the same age-old idea that we are not capable of governing our people, lands, and resources. To justify these terminations, ANCSA also created Alaska Native led for profit corporations (which were provided the remaining lands not taken by the government and a one time payment the equivalent of about 1/20th of the annual profits made by corporations in Alaska each year) with a mission of exploiting the land in partnership with the US government and outside corporations. It was a brilliant piece of legislation for the legal termination and cultural assimilation of Alaska Natives under the guise of progress.

Since the passage of ANCSA, political leaders in Alaska, with a few exceptions, have maintained that, as stated by indicted Senator Ted Stevens, “Tribes have never existed in Alaska.” They maintain this position out of fear that the real injustice being carried out upon Alaska Natives may break into mainstream awareness and lead to a re-opening of due treaty dialogues between Alaska Native leaders and the federal government. At the same time the federal government chose to list Alaska Native tribes in the list of federally recognized tribes in 1993. Governor Palin maintains that tribes were federally recognized but that they do not have the same rights as the tribes in the continental United States to sovereignty and self-governance, even to the extent of legally challenging our Tribes rights pursuant to the Indian Child Welfare Act. What good are governments that can’t make decisions concerning their own land and people?

The colonial mentality in and towards Alaska is to exploit the land and resources for profits and power, at the expense of Alaska Native people. Governor Palin reflects this attitude and perspective in her words and leadership. She comes from an area within Alaska that was settled by relocated agricultural families from the continental United States in the second half of the last century. It is striking that a leader from that particular area feels she has a right, considering all of the injustices to Alaska Native people, to offer Alaskan oil and resources in an attempt to solve the national energy crisis at the Republican Convention. Palin also chose not to mention the connection between oil development and global warming, which is wreaking havoc on Alaska Native villages, forcing some to begin the process of relocation at a cost sure to reach into the hundreds of millions.

Our tribes depend on healthy and abundant land and animals for our survival. For example, my people depend on the Porcupine Caribou herd, which migrates into the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge each spring to birth their young. Any disruption and contamination will directly impact the health and capacity for my people to continue to live in a homeland we have been blessed to live in for over 10,000 years. This is the sacrifice Palin offered to the nation. The worst part of it is that there are viable alternatives to addressing the energy crisis in the United States, yet Palin chooses options that very well may result in the extinguishment of some of the last remaining intact ecosystems and original cultures in all of North America. Palin is also promoting off shore oil drilling and increased mining in sensitive areas of Alaska, all of which would have a lifespan of far fewer years than my grandfather walked on this earth and which would not even make a smidgen of an impact on national consumption rates or longer term sustainability. McCain was once a champion of protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and it is sad to see, that with Palin on board, he is no longer vocal and perhaps even giving up on what he believes in to satisfy Palin’s position.

While I have much more to say, this is my current offering to elevate the conversation about what is at stake in Alaska and for Alaska Native peoples. Please share this offering with others and help us to make this an election that brings out honest dialogue. We have an opportunity to bring lasting change, but only if we can be open to hearing the truth about our situations and facing the challenges that arise.

Many thanks to all those who are taking stands for a just and sustainable future for all of our future generations.


*This essay is a personal reflection and should not be attributed to my tribe or organization.

Mohawk Nation News: HOT FLASH! The Infinite “Red-X” discovers “Secret Instruction Manual:

© MNN: Mohawk Nation News. Subscribe–Be Informed–Be Aware
05.03.2008 16:24:43
HOT FLASH! The Infinite “Red-X” discovers “Secret Instruction Manual:Advanced Strategies on Stealing Indigenous Resources”


MNN. Mar. 4, 2008. “All the tricks of the colonists are now revealed”, sayeth the infamous Indigenous sage, Red-X. “It’s a manual on how to cash in on our land and resources”. It was used at Dehcho and it looks like they’re using it at Sharbot Lake too. Here are some of the key hints on their dirty tricks and how to counter them.

Colonial Dirty Trick #1. Call it “democracy” and make sure you keep control. Invite the Indigenous to conferences on “self-governance”. Make sure they go to lots of fancy cocktail parties with open bars, with colonial big-wigs like Michaelle Jean and other “heavies. Give them tiaras to try on and a taste of “life in the fast lane”. Lead them down the garden path. Make sure they’re too drunk to notice they’ve sold out their people.

Colonial Dirty Trick #2.
Make sure we are outnumbered three to one at every meeting. Red-X says, “Don’t go to Ottawa , Vancouver or Kingston or any big city. Hold them meetings at home in your tipi, longhouse or your condemned Indian Affairs bungalow with the cracked window panes and asbestos contaminated floors and walls”.

Colonial Dirty Trick #3. Put out colonial law as if it’s Indigenous law. Announce that Canada recognizes the rule of law and affirms “aboriginal” tradition. But ignore Indigenous legal processes. Only look at what counts according to the colonial Supreme Court.

The Red-X says, “Let’s take a look at how two colonial reptiles played out the “life and death” game against our people of the Northwest Territories”. Red-X goes on to reveal the “Colonial Cheat Sheet” used to try to pull the wool over our eyes.

CDT #4. Information is power – the colonists have two control strategies: collect, horde and keep it to themselves. When necessary they make it disappear. The other option is to put out a whole lot of lies, like false history and myth making.

CDT #5. Put some “heavies” at the table. The bigger the title, the longer the resume, the fatter, the better. At the talks with our Dehcho brothers and sisters, the “heavy”, Minister of Indian Affairs, Robert Nault, said, “The signing of these agreements is an acknowledgment of a new relationship between the Deh Cho, Canada and the GNWT”. What he really said was, “I hope I confused you because I’m f—king confused myself.”
Michael Nadli, a sell-out band councillor, said, “We look forward to Phase II to begin substantive negotiations on the more fundamental elements of Deh Cho Governance.” Translation: “I’m being played. They’re making me read a script I don’t understand”.

CDT #6. They try to use hierarchical colonial criteria with them sitting at the top seeing themselves with guns and money in hand. We are supposed to be down there somewhere out of sight. They never come right out. They always beat around the bush.

CDT #7. They design an extreme “offer-concession strategy” to bowl us over if we start kicking up a fuss or raise awkward questions, like, “How’re you gonna clean up your filthy mess?” That’s when they throw the chair back and pull away from the table. We can stop these sleazes even when they threaten to take the “bribe” money with them.

CDT #8. They will walk out if they lose “control”. That’s when you know the whole is falling. Translation: “We ain’t playing with you bad ‘Injuns’ anymore!”

CDT #9. Look for weaknesses. They may even use a “good cop” and a “bad cop” strategy to throw us off balance. We all know there’s no “good cop”. They’re all “bad”. They then threaten illegal injunctions, jail time and law suits. At the January 6, 2008 Kingston meeting “ODB” Reid’s pal, “Algonquin Would-be”, Robert Lovelace, was sent back in to talk to the Mohawks after the “carpetbaggers” walked out in a huff. Would- Be’s job was to side track the Mohawks with his “Cointelpro” charm. The next day these “air punching” carpetbaggers disappeared to a secret hideaway. The Mohawks found them and once again they slithered off into the darkness.

CDT #10. The carpetbaggers don’t like the people you bring along. They will suggest taking your sell-outs into another room to make a deal behind closed doors. ODB Reid was overheard telling “Need-to-be-Algonquin-to-settle-a-phony-land-claim” Lovelace, “The next time we should meet with George White of Frontenac Ventures alone with no lawyers”. They’re trying to make a deal on uranium mining on Haudenosaunee land at Sharbot Lake. When we tried to ask questions, they fled again with their coat tails flapping.

CDT #11. They want the same targets. In the 1990 Mohawk-Oka Crisis at Kanehsatake, we sent in different spokespeople every day. Alex Patterson and Bernard Roy, the negotiators for Quebec and Canada, got spitting mad. Their threats were ignored. They picked up their toys and left. Negotiations broke down.

CDT #12. “Don’t let the colonial agents stuff their side with ‘know-it-alls”. Warns the Red-X, “This does not intimidate us. We just have more foul smell to cut through. Just keep telling them this is all our land, we are sovereign and that they are trespassers”.

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The War That Dare Not Speak Its Name:The Jewish War Against Gentiles

The War That Dare Not Speak Its Name: The Jewish War Against Gentiles

By John “Birdman” Bryant

Tora! Tora! Tora! –The Japanese war cry during the WWII attack on Pearl Harbor

Torah and Talmud — The most sacred scriptures of Judaism, which are notable for their chauvinism and their many expressions of extreme hatred for gentiles

The last half-century has been witness to one of the most deadly wars in history — a war for the soul of Western civilization. It is deadly not because it is a shooting war — it isn’t, or at least not yet — but rather because it is a war whose purpose is the destruction of Western culture and the genocide of the white race. It is a war ostensibly being waged by the various racial, ethnic and sexual minorities of the planet which are overrunning national boundaries and cultural institutions and are outbreeding and downbreeding the white genome, but — while these groups may supply the front-line troops — the war is being directed and fueled by a single political minority, namely, the supporters of political liberalism, and more specifically by the ethnic group which — itself almost entirely liberal — funds and has significant control over this political minority, to wit, the Jews. This must be qualified, however, by saying that it is not the body of the Jewish people who are waging this war — most Jews, indeed, are probably not aware of it — but rather the ‘head’ which directs this body, namely, the Jewish establishment; that is, the worldwide collection of Jewish organizations which acts in concert to promote liberal/Jewish goals worldwide.

The unique thing about this war — what I shall call the Jewish War Against Gentiles, or JWAG for short — is that it is rarely recognized; and in the few cases where it is recognized, it is rarely spoken of for fear of encountering the ‘usual epithets’ (‘racist’, antisemite’, ‘bigot’, etc) and other similar forms of condemnation normally reserved for flat-earthers, conspiracy theorists, pedophiles and other outcasts. This is not really surprising, however — after all, it is the ‘Jewsmedia’ which controls what is regarded as true or false, good or bad, hip or halt; and it is not in the Jewish interest that the war be named (much less discussed), because as long as gentiles cannot name it, they cannot fight back.

But there is another reason the gentiles cannot name this war, and that is because its battles are presented to us as morality plays, with white- hatted Jewish-fueled liberalism contending — not against the white race or Western civilization directly — but rather indirectly against ‘bigotry’, ‘racism’, ‘antisemitism’, ‘sexism’, ‘discrimination’, ‘homophobia’, ‘xenophobia’, ‘handicappism’, ‘lookism’, ‘weightism’, and other similar isms, tions, and phobias which represent one of the most amazing collections of alleged evils ever assembled, not merely because no one ever thought of opposing them until recently, but because anyone seriously thinking of championing an opposition to them before the present day would have been regarded as out of his mind.

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[Editor’s Note: First they came for the radical shit-disturbing hippies and then they came for the native sovereigntists and everyone sat on their proverbial asses and said, “I ain’t one of those them!” Then they came for all the rest of the sleeping, apathetic sheep and all they could do was bleeeeeeet until they’d been shoarn and sent to the slaughterhouse. It’s time to get our act together folks and start doing something besides watching and moaning. Write ol’ Ernie an email and ask him what the hell is going on. I’m sure he’d have an answer for you. If you do get one please let us know here at Radical Press. Thanks.]


Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Kahentinetha Horn

MNNN. Jan. 30, 2008. The gross corruption revealed in “Access to Information” documents from Public Security and Emergency Preparedness Canada and Indian Affairs has not made the front pages of the corporate media. [Dossier No. 1336-A-2006-0034]. Instead they’ve temporarily sabotaged MNN. It appears to now be owned by 1599754 Ontario Limited!! How could this happen? How could we lose ownership of our website without our knowledge or consent. Ernie Hilts, the website host, at 705-429-4792 email won’t answer our calls or emails, that I never gave up ownership of my website. We can’t think of anyone who would have a motivation for doing this.

[“Canada’s ‘Indian Affairs’ financed war machine to attack Mohawks on Jan. 12, 2004” – Jan. 27, 2008].

We know that the Canadian government is riddled with corruption. They aren’t as careful to cover their tracks because they don’t see us as people. They think we are powerless, have no voice and are blind. They have secret meeting about us. We have no rights. They can plan to deprive us or even kill us.

The people written about are objecting to the nicknames we gave them, such as “ambulance chaser” and “turn coat”. They are not denying the factual substance of the information found in the documents we reviewed. None have expressed any concern for those who are suffering from poverty, poor health, inferior education and unemployment because they are withholding or diverting our funds.

None have called for an investigation. No criminal charges have been laid. This proves that Canada does not live by the rule of law. To them, as long as something is authorized by someone higher up, it’s legal even if it’s in blatant violation of their legal mandate set out for them by the laws passed by Parliament.

Back in 1978 when I was working for Indian Affairs in Ottawa, the Assistant Deputy Minister, Cam Mackie, had a Christmas party in his swank spacious office on the 21st floor. No Indians were invited. A fellow non-native employee invited me to go up there. Cam Mackie was walking around wearing a t-shirt with the message, “Let’s have an Indian Affair”. Honest to goodness! It was supposed to be a joke. Just reading it felt like a knife right in my gut. I was terrified for the future of my three little girls. How could I protect them as a single mother and a native woman?

“You are disgusting”, I said and went home to protect my little ones. My fear was real. Indigenous women are still being victimized. 500 are missing and not investigated. Everyone knew that it was open season on young native girls like Betty Osborne who had been raped and killed by four non-native young men. Everyone in the community knew. Nobody did a thing. It went unpunished for almost 20 years.

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[Editor’s Note: When John Graham first was arrested by Canadian authorities I knew that he didn’t have a hope in hell of receiving any justice from Canada’s court system. This so-called cheap imitation of a real justice system is nothing but a clone of the US system which has been infiltrated and controlled by traitorous Zionist elements for countless decades. Canada’s supreme court is no different. It contains at least 50% Zionists in its make up and behind the scenes lay numerous other Zionist lobbyists who ensure that THEIR agenda (i.e. that of the pseudo-American one) is ALWAYS met.

It was my contention from the start that the lawyers for John Graham should have brought the issue of this phony extradition legislation to the forefront of Graham’s defense strategy. They could have, with some honest effort, shown that this legislation was enacted purposefully in order to undermine Canada’s justice system. It’s the Zionist way of destroying a nation’s sovereignty and throwing its legal system into confusion and disrepute. Now we see the results of this infamy. But will people now stand up and turn their attention toward the real culprits in this melodrama? It’s high time we rid our courts of Zionist-traitors and put the independence of our nation back on track and working for Canadians rather than foreign elements.]


December 8, 2007
Statement by Graham Family

The Canadian Supreme Court of Canada has denied the extradition appeal made by John Graham. On Thursday morning, John was moved from the North Fraser Pre-trial Centre in Port Coquitlam BC, to Rapid City South Dakota, where he has been indicted for first degree murder of Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash. Her body was found in 1976, in South Dakota.

On December 1, 2003, John was arrested in Vancouver, for indictments for the first degree murder of Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash. In January 2004 he began living under house arrest in Vancouver during his legal struggle against the extradition. In 2005 the BC Supreme court approved John’s extradition to South Dakota, based on positive identification of his photos, despite discrepancies in his height, weight and race. The Canadian/US Extradition Treaty does not challenge the evidence provided by the country seeking extradition. Despite the fact that 3 of the 4 testimonies the US provided proved faulty, this was not taken into consideration by the Canadian court. The fact that the US has no legal jurisdiction over indigenous nations, especially one currently occupied by British Columbia, was never brought up in court.

On June 26 2007, the BC Supreme Court dismissed his appeal and John Graham turned himself in. He was transferred to North Fraser Pretrial, a high
security facility where he waited for the appeal decision on the Supreme Court of Canada. We, his family, were granted one hour daily visits separated by glass. While in the pretrial center he was treated as though he’d already been convicted. He was not allowed to receive any books or put up pictures.

We were not contacted when John was transferred from North Fraser Pretrial to the airport and extradited to Rapid City SD. We were lead to believe the John Graham would receive a personal message and be able to set up a visit with the family before extradition. The family was not able to see John before he was taken away. We were not allowed to say our good byes or even give him his personal belongings.
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Open Letter to R.C.M.P. COMPLAINTS COMMISSION: RE: The intolerable conditions of drunk tanks and police abuse of drunks

[Editor’s Note: I met Crystal Clear yesterday at the Quesnel Tillicum Native Friendship Center. She read me the following letter and said that she was sending it off to the R.C.M.P. Complaints Commission in Vancouver. She was not a happy camper. Her letter explains why.]


Commission for Public Complaints the R.C.M.P
102 – 7337 – 137 Street
Surrey, B.C. V3W 1A4
Toll Free 1-800-665-6878

Crystal Clear
C/O 1600 Third Avenue
Prince George, B.C.
V2L 3G6
Fax: 1-250-563-5627

To Whomever:


Welcome to our 74 Sherry tent. We have 74 sherry, 35 sherry, Lysol and Listerine. YOUR PREFERENCE; WE ALSO SUPPLY BAGS for when you feel like pinching THE HELL out of somebody! This will eliminate black eyes and broken bones and if you pass out, you can fall to the moss in our 74 Sherry tent. Our safe house would provide the big bad R.C.M.P.  more time to deal with the real problems other than picking us drunks up off the streets and sidewalks in Prince George, Dawson Creek, Fort McMurray, Edmonton and Quesnel. We drunks are everywhere and you will not stop US! GOOD LUCK.

Rather than throwing us in the drunk tank, tasering  and pepper-spraying us why don’t they tranquilize us like they do the animals? Do animals deserve better treatment than we do?

The R.C.M.P. loses our personal belongings such as identification, jewelry, clothing, prescription glasses, money – LOST or STOLEN?
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An open letter to the Shuswap, Okanagan & Ktunaxa nations

An open letter to the Shuswap, Okanagan & Ktunaxa nations,

I would like to introduce myself to your people. To clarify my intention, I would like to share with you who I am and why I am writing this. My name is Cliff Woffenden. I am originally from Montreal and am of British decent. In the 1970’s I left my job as an engineer to live in the wilderness of northern British Columbia. My daily contact with the wild creatures of the forest made me aware of a huge hole in my education.

This motivated me to look closely at the traditional spiritual ways of the original peoples of this land. My journey eventually led me to the presence of a Cree elder, Albert (Buffalo Child) Lightning, of Hobema Alberta who became my teacher. This amazing being was not only the spiritual leader of his people he was one of the most respected spiritual leaders on Turtle Island.

Among the many things Albert taught me was respect for the cultural laws of the land. That is why, upon my arrival in the Slocan Valley, I was obligated to make contact with the original people of this area. Their obvious lack of presence made me curious and I set out to find out why. I studied the archeological and historical records. I traveled to Vancouver and Victoria to investigate the disappearance of a people from their landscape.

My studies led me to the Colville reservation and the descendents of the Sinixt. It was my cultural duty to ask their permission to live on their land. In 1989 I was hired by the BC government to care take the Vallican Heritage site to protect it from vandals. Shortly after, I went to the Colville reservation with another person of British ancestry, to apprise the Sinixt of the intention of the government to build a road dangerously close to their sacred burial grounds at Vallican and to ask them to return home to help protect it.

I lived with these people through this very traumatic event. I shared their tears and their joy. Their story and determination has been a major motivating factor in my life ever since. So it was with great sorrow that I saw the deliberate attempt by the government to continue the genocide of the Sinixt by asking the Ktunaxa, Shuswap and West Bank aboriginals to claim Sinixt land. Watching this so-called treaty process has been very frustrating because it goes against all I have been taught to respect about aboriginal culture.
One of the traditional laws of the land has always been that if a person or group moved to the territory of another nation, they integrated and became members of the host nation. That is why I am an associate member of the Sinixt nation.

So when the Sinixt, for example, were dispersed by persecution by White miners, settlers and disease in the 1800s, they went to live among their neighbours. Some went to the Okanagan, some to Ktunaxa territory. Some ended up as far away as the Queen Charlotte Islands. Those that live among the Ktunaxa have become Ktunaxa. Those who went to live among the Shuswap became Shuswap.

This is also why the Ktunaxa, Shuswap and the West Bank band have living memory of having cultural ties to Sinixt territory. This is why it pains me to see these nations claim Sinixt territory as theirs. It is against cultural law. Those among these nations who are of Sinixt ancestry should be standing in solidarity with the Sinixt against the genocide of their people. Instead they entered into negotiations with the government to steal Sinixt land. This is not the way of the people. I can’t imagine the magnitude of the pain the Sinixt feel at this betrayal.

We are entering a new era in human consciousness where separation has no place. We are all brothers and sisters of the same Mother, Mother Earth. We can no longer stand alone against the Juggernaut of capitalistic interests. The governments of Canada and British Columbia have intentionally designed this so-called treaty process to divide and conquer the aboriginal peoples – to pit one against the other. It is time to make peace among the nations. It is time to bury the hatchet.

Someone has to make the first move, to break the ice. Negotiate among yourselves before making deals with Canada or BC. I suggested to one of our elders, Ganishka Silver Fox of Nakusp, that perhaps she should try to use her wisdom to find a way to bring the local nations together to smoke for peace and understanding of their shared brother/sisterhood.
Respect each other. Respect your Mother. We are all one under Father Sky.

All my relations,

Cliff Woffenden,
Sinixt territory


Cliff Woffenden is an artist, writer and spiritual seeker now living in the Nukusp area of Sinixt territory. He can be contacted at:

Zionist Victory: John Graham loses out to corrupt Canadian court system

[Editor’s Comment: While most people will dismiss the accusation it is my opinion that the Canadian court system is under full control of the Zionist Jews just as the U.S. system is and that is why whatever Canadian citizens do or attempt to do in order to obtain justice, falls upon deaf ears. It was a foregone conclusion that John would lose this appeal. If the Canadian justice system was in truth “Canadian” and independent and in possession of any integrity and courage and honesty it would have told the US government to fuck off the minute it tried to proceed with extradition hearings in John’s case. Their evidence was fraught with discrepancies and outright lies and still the Canadian courts bent over and submitted to their unreasonable and obviously prejudiced reports and accusations. This can only happen when the two are controlled by the same hidden hand. That hand is the Zionist Jews who control the U.S. government and the judiciary. That is also why I refer to the legal system as the “Jewdiciary”. Go figure!]


A Travesty Continues as John’s Appeal is Dismissed

June 26, 2007

The BC Supreme Court in Vancouver dismissed the extradition appeal by John Graham today, demonstrating the Canadian government’s weak-kneed response to the United States.

Following the announcement by the panel of three judges, a wave of emotion went through the courtroom. John’s bail was revoked and he will remain incarcerated during the 30 day period in which an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada may be submitted. However, given the three judges’ unanimous decision, the chances appear to be slim that such an appeal would be heard.

The impending extradition to South Dakota could take place shortly following the 30 day appeal period.

It is ironic that June 26 was also a turning point 32 years ago in 1975 when the shoot-out took place on Pine Ridge that ended in the deaths of three young men, FBI Agents Jack Coler and Ronald Williams and Native man Joe Stuntz. This tragic event eventually led to the murder of Anna Mae Aquash.

Our hearts ache for John and his family as preparations commence for the legal battle ahead. We remain confident that John’s informed testimony will surely turn an uncomfortable and illuminating light on the actions of the FBI and their COINTELPRO activities against Native American people and culture. This is a bloody tale of racism, oppression, systematic murder, and justice un-served.

We thank you most sincerely for your continuing and unwavering support in this dark hour, and will keep in touch as developments occur.

All our relations,
Matthew Lien and the John Graham Defense Committee

Australian government imposes military-police regime on Aborigines

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24.06.2007 09:38:25


Australian government imposes military-police regime on Aborigines

Alarm! Is this the reason for the June 29th “Phil Fontaine Day”? Are Prime Minister Steven Harper and the corporate powers trying to set us up to impose martial rule on us? This ratcheting up of violence against Aborigines and Indigenous people is erupting at the very moment when courts in Australia and Canada are beginning to acknowledge and demand respect for our land and “jurisdictional rights”. It’s another land grab. The Howards and Harpers want to turn even the most peaceful and prosperous parts of the world into another Middle East. Sexual abuse was a colonial tactic. It began with the colonists who treated us like animals. Australians, we’d like to hear from you. Everyone should read this and send objections to Australia and the UN. This is a crime! Posted by MNN Mohawk Nation News.

Australian government imposes military-police regime on Aborigines
By the Socialist Equality Party (Australia)
23 June 2007

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Under the cynical guise of protecting indigenous children from sexual abuse, the Howard government announced on Thursday a “national emergency” plan to take control of dozens of Aboriginal communities throughout the Northern Territory and impose virtual martial law conditions. Over coming weeks, police and troops will flood into as many as 60 towns and camps to enforce a series of draconian measures.

Welfare and family payments will be halved, with the seized portions transferred to food and clothing vouchers. All payments will be cut off if children fail to attend school, or are considered “at risk”. Forced labour will be imposed, via “work for the dole” programs, to “clean up” communities.

In “prescribed” zones across the Northern Territory, all children under the age of 16 will be subjected to compulsory medical checks for sexual abuse. Alcohol and X-rated pornography will be banned, with individuals as well as suppliers facing imprisonment.

At the same time, the existing permit system, which allows indigenous communities to restrict access to their lands, will be scrapped. Business managers—so-called “tsars”—will take charge of all public housing and government enterprises. These people will function as modern-day versions of the “administrators” and “protectors” who exercised complete authority over Aboriginal reservations in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
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Update from the John Graham Defense Committee

The panel of three Judges that heard the appeal on May 27th will announce their decision on Tuesday, June 26th at 9:30 a.m. at the BC Supreme Court, 800 Smythe St., Vancouver, B.C.

John must arrive at the court by 9:00 a.m.

John’s family will holding a prayer circle Tuesday morning June 26th at 8:00 a.m. (in private) and ask that all supporters join in prayer in their own way, wherever they may be, at the same time.

All supporters able to be present in the court room to hear the decision are urged to attend.

Stand Up for Harriet Nahanee!

May 17, 2007

Stand Up for Harriet Nahanee!

People across the province were shocked by the 14 day jail sentence handed down to 71 year old native Elder Harriet Nahanee in January, 2007 for peacefully protesting while inside an injunction zone at Eagleridge Bluffs. Harriet served 9 days in prison at a maximum security pre-trial facility. She had filed an appeal, but became gravely ill and died shortly after being released from prison.

A petition that raises specific concerns surrounding Harriet Nahanee s sentencing is in circulation. It demands that our elected officials call an immediate public inquiry into the handling of this case. The petition is now available online.

Please honour a very courageous native elder by reading the petition, signing it and passing the link on to others on your contact lists. The Supreme Court of BC must be held accountable for their actions in this case. It is the duty of our elected officials to ensure that a full and public inquiry is held.

FREE BETTY shirts available now available! All proceeds to Betty’s court appeal.

For info on how to order, please email


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April 13, 2007


MNN. April 13, 2007. “The Candian Army was itching to kill us in 1990”, said a young Mohawk, referring to the Crisis at Kanehsatake. That’s when the army surrounded us for 78 days. We didn’t want the nearby town of Oka to put a golf course over our burial and ceremonial site. We saw Indigenous faces sticking out of the tanks and standing around with their fingers on the trigger ready to kill us. It was sickening! Now Denis Coderre, Liberal Defence critic in Ottawa, wants Canada to build a special Canadian Forces base to train native soldiers.

What’s going on? Are they planning to send native soldiers against us like they did in the past? This announcement comes right after Canada put out the National Defense training manual calling us “domestic insurgents”, with tactics on how to attack unarmed Indigenous civilians. They categorized us as “Taliban”, “Tamil Tigers” and “Al Queda”. They are, in all reality, “freedom fighters”. The Mohawk Warrior Society are not criminals. They are standing for the rule of law and for colonial states to obey the laws.

Is this how Canada tries to deal with recent worldwide criticism over their continued genocide of our people? The idea came up because natives are crossing the border to join the U.S. armed forces. There is no border for us. It is an imaginary colonial line.
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MNN. April 14, 2007. Indigenous people everywhere – watch out! Is this more of Canada’s “might is right” mentality. Or have the military, police, RCMP, secret service and government bureaucrats become “guns for hire” by the multinational corporations? Are they all under the same corruption that is going on in the RCMP?

Canadian armed forces plan to ignore indigenous sovereignty by invading Deh Cho territory. The crime is planned for Monday April 16th. It’s at Norman Wells and Ft. Simpson, Northwest Territory.

“Operation Narwhal” is being conducted despite the expressed opposition to this operation and to the McKenzie Valley Pipeline that Canada wants to build through their land. The Deh Cho never agreed to become part of Canada though they are willing to work with Canada. They want the colonial power to implement their “Land Use Plan”, in keeping with their rights as interpreted by the Supreme Court of canada and under international law. Canada rejected the Plan. The Deh Cho insist the pipeline cannot cross their land without their approval.

The Deh Cho want to stop the environmental destruction by corporations and their government and military puppets that are bent on removing all “restraints” to “business”. This pipeline is part of a massive exploitation of land across all of Turtle Island [North America]. The “slash” and “pollute” mentality will affect everyrone living on it as well as the environment worldwide.

Let’s not kid ourselves, this is really an end-run around the Dene opposition. [Read more…]



MNN. April 14, 2007. Indigenous people everywhere – watch out! Is this more of Canada’s “might is right” mentality. Or have the military, police, RCMP, secret service and government bureaucrats become “guns for hire” by the multinational corporations? Are they all under the same corruption that is going on in the RCMP?

Canadian armed forces plan to ignore indigenous sovereignty by invading Deh Cho territory. The crime is planned for Monday April 16th. It’s at Norman Wells and Ft. Simpson, Northwest Territory.

“Operation Narwhal” is being conducted despite the expressed opposition to this operation and to the McKenzie Valley Pipeline that Canada wants to build through their land. The Deh Cho never agreed to become part of Canada though they are willing to work with Canada. They want the colonial power to implement their “Land Use Plan”, in keeping with their rights as interpreted by the Supreme Court of canada and under international law. Canada rejected the Plan. The Deh Cho insist the pipeline cannot cross their land without their approval.

The Deh Cho want to stop the environmental destruction by corporations and their government and military puppets that are bent on removing all “restraints” to “business”. This pipeline is part of a massive exploitation of land across all of Turtle Island [North America]. The “slash” and “pollute” mentality will affect everyrone living on it as well as the environment worldwide.

Let’s not kid ourselves, this is really an end-run around the Dene opposition. The Canadian govenrment press release says that 40 Joint Task Force North military personnel will take over the airport from April 16-27 from imaginary “terrorists” as part of “a sovereignty operation for the military”. Another 240 troops will be stationed at Norman Wells. They claim these two places are “possible terrorist sites” because of their location on the pipeline route.

Despite leaving the Deh Cho out of the loop, “Imperial Oil” and “Enbridge Gas”, two of Canada’s largest energy companies, are in the thick of the action. More than 200 soldiers will mass to practice their response to their fantasized terrorist attack. Lt.-Col. Kevin “TNT” Tyler of the Yellowknife-based JTF North said there will be a fictional “al Qaeda” sleeper cell from Edmonton. “This is supposed to be a small cell of two terrorists who have explosire devices to disrupt the flow of oil.

Are they hitchhiking up there? Is there a road? Why are the troops in the middle of a town? Why not in the middle of nowhere? Is it because the troops need to be close to a bar?

After the attack at Norman Wells the RCMP will call in the military for help to protect Imperial Oil fields west of Great Bear Lake along the MacKenzie River. It is served by the 870-kilometer Enbridge pipeline designed to carry up to 30,000 barrels of oil a day.

The operation will bring in 150 reservists from the Maritimes. Aurora surveillance aircraft, Griffon helicopters and Twin Otter airplanes based in Yellowknife will bring in 140 staff and air crew. The RCMP, Emergency Preparedness, Imperial Oil and Enbridge areall part of the gang. Of course, it will all be under U.S. command.

These video maniacs are all looking forward to having a lot of fun. It sounds like a big party at the expense of the Dene, the Canadian taxpayers, the people and the environment.

The military was never known for its intelligence. Soldiers will be armed, without live ammunition. Does this make sense? In a real life situation will a gun be of any help? Are they going to shoot the bomb? Hope they bring enough ‘duct tape’ for the holes they’re bound to make in the pipeline.

Sgt. Larry “Obey” O’Brien in Yellow knife said RCMP officers that are not in Ottawa testifying about ocrruption will be consulting with military officials.

This is simulated warfare to simulate their “phony baloney” sovereignty on our land. But the assault on our land is real. Three years ago the military had an exercise in the waters off Pangnirtung, an Indigenous nunavut community on southeast Baffin island. They pretended that a “foreign” country was trying to retrieve a satellite that had fallen into Davis Strait. The question is why do they have to fight over that? Everyone knows that the U.S. is the main bully falsely claiming our Arctic waters.

Recently Canada claimed sovereignty up there by taking a shipload of Inuit, the real owners, on a cruise through Arctic waters. In their heart of hearts, they know they are in Inuit space.

The Deh Cho won’t give the invading troops a warm welcome, like moccasins for their frozen feet. It’s just one colony telling another how to click its heels. The Deh Cho are not intimidated by foreign troops being sent in using imaginary “terrorism” as an excuse to hoist their flag on our land.

The Deh Cho think their plans for oil are completely insane! This follows on the heels of the recent military training manual flap where they referred to Indigenous people as “insurgents”.

The Deh Cho are asking for support. Canada is conducting an illegal invasion. The title holders have not been consulted nor gave their consent. Are Canadian forces planning to stay until Canada breaks down Deh Cho opposition to their pipeline, or until it finishes building it to take gas to the U.S.? It’s the same trampling over our rights as ever before. Can somebody help get a court injunction?

N.W.T. X0E 0N0
TEL: 867-695-2355
FAX 867-695-2038

Send your concerns to: Prime Minister Stephen Harper ; Governor General of Canada ; Indian Affairs Canada ; Queen Elizabeth(?); NATO; United Nations ; Environment Canada (?) ; & anybody you can think of.

Kahentinetha Horn – MNN Mohawk Nation News &
for updates, workshops, speakers, to sign up, go to
Sight Women Title Holders petititon.
Coming soon online books on Mohawk issues.

Open Letter to Chief Justice D. Brennan of the B.C. Supreme Court

[Editor’s Note: The following letter by Robin Mathews to the Chief Justice of the B.C. Supreme Court is a courageous and finely worded challenge to the person in charge of justice for all British Columbians. It’s essential that the questions which Mr. Mathews asks of the Chief Justice are forwarded to as many citizens as possible throughout this province to insure that the courts are made aware of the extent of the general dissatisfaction with the questionable processes and decisions that Mr. Mathews alludes to in his letter. Please pass this letter on to as many of your associates as you possibly can. For the sake of those still living in prison under false charges i.e. Betty Krawczyk and for justice concerning the unnecessary death of Harriet Nahanee consider this request of an urgent nature. Thank you. Arthur Topham, Editor and Publisher, The Radical Press]

Open Letter to Chief Justice D. Brennan of the B.C. Supreme Court

Robin Mathews
520 Salsbury Drive,
Vancouver, B.C., V5L 3Z7,
April 12, 2007.

The Honourable D. Brenner,
Chief Justice,
Supreme Court of British Columbia,
800 Smythe Street, Vancouver,
British Columbia, V6Z 2E1

copies to: Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett, Madam Justice Brenda Brown, Ms. H. L. McBride, The Canadian Judicial Council, Concerned Canadians

Re: R.v. Basi, Basi, and Virk,
Registry No. VA23299

Re: District of Kitimat and Wozney v. Minister of Energy and Mines, the Attorney General of British Columbia and Alcan
Docket L050918

Re: Complaint against Madam Justice Brenda Brown to the Canadian Judicial Council concerning the Court-implicated death by draconian use of “criminal contempt” of court and by the unnecessary incarceration of Harriett Nahanee, aged and ill Native environmental protester. [And the parallel draconian incarceration of Betty Krawczyk, non-Native protester, not addressed in the Complaint].

My Lord:

Law Officer of the Supreme Court of British Columbia H.L. McBride, replying (March 30) to a letter of mine to Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett concerning “public access to documents filed” in the Basi, Basi, and Virk matter, repeated the objectionable terms of the general restriction of documents from public examination imposed by Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm – obviously imposed with the approval or consent of judges involved and with your support. That so-called “Practice Direction” has been explained as a device employed to insure the protection of the accused. In my own experience the substance of such documents does not bear negatively upon the accused; rather the denial of those public documents to the public appears to protect those who may be corrupt members of the present and past Gordon Campbell government and other highly placed people possessing political power in the province.

With respect, I submit to you that the so-called “Practice Direction” – which is in fact an illegitimate universal gag order – is intolerable and is a violation of the freedoms of Canadians to know. I believe an address to the Supreme Court of Canada would see the so-called “Practice Direction” struck down as illegitimate. I believe a process by writ of mandamus might have the same effect. With respect, I believe that any fair-minded person concerned with justice and the freedoms of Canadians would see the present so-called “Practice Direction” as an intolerable, dictatorial, and repressive invasion of the freedoms and the tranquility of Canadians. If you do not see it as that, would you explain to me why you do not?
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Frank & Helen Speak Out: A Radical Interview with two of B.C.’s most staunch indigenous sovereigntists in their quest for native rights and justice.



[Editor’s Note: The following interview with Frank Martin and Helen Michell aka Telquaa took place back in June of 2001 and ran in Vol. 3 No. 10 of The Radical, Canada’s Activist Monthly Newspaper. Frank and Helen are still very much active in their ongoing struggles with the State, the Judicial system and the police and it is in their interest and that of public awareness that I am running this interview once again.]

Frank & Helen Speak Out
Eddie John, B.C. Land Treaties, Residential School Abuse, Genocide and Native Justice

By Arthur Topham
Radical Reporter
June, 2001


(Original Editor’s Note: Frank Martin and Helen Michell first appeared in The Radical in conjunction with the Ed John scandal which, to date, still remains unresolved. They were two of many native people who had given sworn testimony during the UN-sponsored Tribunal into Residential School abuse which was held in June of 1998 in Vancouver, B.C. I was able to connect up with them while in Vancouver for the”Hearing That Wasn’t” – a phony court set-up designed to slap an injunction on The Radical and six others in order to prevent us from speaking about the issue of Ed John and Ujjal Dosanjh and the Pedophile/Drug Ring cover-up that they are alleged to have been a part of. Frank and Helen were two of the Defendants named in that lawsuit. The interview took place at their home in east Vancouver on Friday, May 11, 2001.)

Frank Martin, Telquaa (Helen) Michell and their family have been in the forefront of the struggle by indigenous peoples of BC to have the issue of treaty rights addressed in a just and equitable manner. Unassociated with any of the government “approved” channels created by the Department of Indian Affairs, the Federal government of Canada and the B.C. Provincial government which have been set up in order to “handle” the land title issues has meant that Telquaa and her husband Frank Martin – great great grandson of famed totem carver Mungo Martin – have had to operate outside the frameworks that were arbitrarily put in place to insure the eventual loss of traditional unceded native territories.

Like renegades within their own homelands Telquaa, Frank, their family members have fought and died in order to achieve recognition of their inherent rights as the legal owners of this area of land now called B.C. Along with that struggle has been the call for justice to address the outrage, discrimination and police brutality that has dogged their trail for well over a decade now.

For the purpose of this talk we pick up on the ongoing collusion by the trinity of government, church and residential school “clones” who have conspired to steal the land base from Telquaa’s traditional territory known as Maxan Lake located near Burns Lake in central BC. It’s only one of many areas within the unceded territories of this province where the DIA, the Feds and Provincial government, in association with Tribal Band Councils peopled by “Red Apples” i.e. groomed residential school victims willing to sell out to government officials for power, prestige and money, have forced her family off their traditional land base in order to reap the rewards of timber and other resource extraction and at the same time destroy their chances at reclaiming what is rightfully their traditional birthright.

Telquaa and Frank’s struggle against such formidable odds represents, both in a graphic and a microcosmic sense, the overall struggle of native peoples everywhere around the world who are facing the same merciless onslaught by the dominant white culture to steal and exploit their traditional lands while at the same time destroying their ancient culture.

Throughout the turbulent, trying and incessantly violent challenges presented by DIA band councils, police and native “goon squads” that have overshadowed and tormented their lives Telquaa and Frank have remained resolute and fearless in their efforts to achieve justice for their people.

Working as they do, within a reality that the majority of British Columbians would find difficult to grasp, it’s not surprising that Telquaa and Frank’s story has gone unnoticed by the status quo, mainstream media. They challenge that status quo perception of native land claims just as the defenders at Gustafsen Lake challenged it in 1995 and the Sun Peaks protesters and the Melvin Creek protesters are challenging it today. And in a similar manner they have faced the harsh and brutal reactionary responses to their work by every segment of the dominant culture including segments of their own native people. Their story is not a romantic one nor is it a subject that decent white folk would wish to discuss around the evening supper table. It’s a story of survival and pain and endless struggle and it’s a story of courage and hope as well.

The Radical would like to thank Telquaa and Frank and their family for the opportunity to speak with them. It’s our hope that their voices, so often stifled and distorted amid the din and glare of bureaucratic red tape and the modern-day glitz that passes for mainstream reporting, can finally be heard.

Our talk begins with Telquaa showing me the marks on her wrists that she claims were a result of the handcuffs which the RCMP put on her two years ago when she and Frank and their family were returning to Canada after a chiefs conference in June of 1998. Telquaa said that the cuffs were purposely applied too tight and left that way for so long that she was left handicapped to the point where it took nearly two years to be able to use her hands properly for writing or doing her artwork.
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Frank and Helen’s Continuing Battle with Racism and Discrimination by Canada’s Police and Courts

From: “helen michell”
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007

Subject: FW: UN CERD Calls Upon Canada to Endorse UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

As an indigenous woman and a human rights defender of the western hemisphere, I would like to write a report for the international day of racism and discrimination especially toward us, as indigenous people of Canada.

For the past year I have been walking side by side with my husband and children, whom are presently being processed through the injustice system of Canada. First of all, my son was beaten up by the Vancouver city police, for supposedly being in a place where he was not suppose to be, according to the police. Than was charged for defying the order. There was no such court order, for my son not to be on Hastings and Main street, at the time of the police brutality. The vancouver city police took it onto themselves to beat up my son.

The racism and discrimination runs rampant within the policing system and the justice system of this province.

My youngest daughter is also dragged into the revolving doors of the injustice system. There seems to be no end in sight, when it comes down to processing indigenous people through the justice system of this country called Canada.

As a result of standing up and speaking out and protecting our sacred lands of Maxan Lake and territories, we have been attacked once again by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. On Friday, March 16, 2006 at 7 pm, we were once again pulled over on the highway by the Chilliwack police. This illegal stop was for no apparent reason, what so ever. Except for probably being colored indigenous people and driving down the freeway, between Chilliwack and Harrison Hot Springs, where our home is situated at.

The police officers name was Constable Townsley, from the Chilliwack Detachment. We had just left the Chilliwack Superstore area and pulled out onto the highway to go home. A police vehicle was parked just ahead of us, on the overpass of the next cross street. As I was not speeding I went passed this police car with care. As I went past him, he pulled out behind me, as if he was waiting for me. He had his light flashing. I pulled over for him.

Const. Townsley came up to my door, the drivers side, and asked for my drivers license and the car papers. I gave them to him, and he went back to his vehicle to check the papers, and came back and gave them back to me. We asked him if this was a harrassment and intimidation tactic of his, as he had no reason to stop us. His sarcastic remark toward us was, “I’ll show you what harrassment and intimidation is, by the time I’m done with you. You want my name, its right here.” Than he stuck his name tag right into my face, than he spelled his name out for us. He was scaring me, by than. Than he went back to his vehicle.

I thought this would be the end of this ugly encounter, but it wasn’t. [Read more…]

Rex Weyler Responds to Accusations of Disruption RE: John Graham

[Editor’s Note: I received the letter below written by Rex Weyler and sent to Aaron Mercredi from Helen Michel. It’s obvious from the type of reaction that Mr. Weyler received to his questions regarding John Graham that Bob Robideau, a person supposedly in Vancouver to promote justice for Leonard Peltier, is in town for ulterior reasons. Please read and pass this article on to your lists.]

helen michell4/4/07

Important article to pass along. Another divide and conquer tactic. This article shows who is a sellout and who is a real warrior for Mother Earth. Its so sad to see that the sell outs get more of the publics support, while many of us, true indigenous warriors get none.

Subject: Rex Weyler’s response to disruption.
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2007

From: “Rex Weyler”
To: “Derrick O’Keefe” ,”Aaron Mercredi”
CC: “Native Youth”

Subject: disruptions Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2007

Aaron Mercredi:

I see you have accused me of disrupting your event on Friday, March 30, 2007, UBC.

As you witnessed, I rose to ask Mr. Bob Robideau a question after he publicly accused Tutchone citizen, Canadian citizen, and Vancouver resident John Graham with murdering fellow Canadian activist Anna Mae Pictou Aquash. The question I asked, which remains unanswered, is simple:

1. What evidence does Mr. Robideau possess that suggests Mr. Graham was involved with the death of Ms. Pictou Aquash?

As you also witnessed, Mr. Robideau offered no evidence, but rather, immediately insulted me personally. He called me a “white man” (true), a “pig” (a matter of opinion), and he accused me of “exploiting native people,” which would be a surprise to my indigenous friends and colleagues around the world.

In any case, these were insults, rather than an answer to a fair and important question. Mr. Robideau also issued a common street threat: “I’ll deal with you later,” which perhaps was intended to intimidate me from asking further questions.

Since this is a matter of freedom, perhaps life & death for John Graham, who has family, children, friends, and associates from three decades of work in Canada for human rights and other issues (mercury poisoning, uranium mining, etc.) you should be extremely careful in making unfounded accusations and in supporting those who do.

As you also witnessed, Mr. Robideau further suggested that he knows “the people” who ordered the death of Ms. Pictou Aquash. I rose again to ask Mr. Robideau two more questions:

2. Who are these people?

3. What evidence do you have that they ordered an execution?

Again, as you saw, Mr. Robideau refused to offer any evidence and again leveled insults: “white man”, “pig” and so forth, which seems to be his stock insult for someone who asks inconvenient questions.

Keep in mind, there is no evidence that AIM ever dealt with informers by “executing” them. It is unheard of. [Read more…]

Letter to Editor: RE: Harriet Nahanee


I’ve sent a hard copy of your letter to the Judicial Council, along with a letter I sent to several papers, some of which printed it.


Legal critics of Betty Krawczyk for defending the ecosystem above Eagleridge Bluff tell us anarchy results when the public disobeys the rule of law. But the law and justice must coordinate.

In the Krawczyk case, and the preceding case against First Nation leader Harriet Nahanee, their rights to argue the environmental and land entitlement issues were subverted by Judge Brenda Brown deciding to consider only the “contempt of court” issue.

In a previous court case with which I was connected, the public protest against the building of a parking lot in Cathedral Grove, Justice Georgina Quijano ruled there are sufficient laws to allow the police to remove protesters without the “contempt” injunction. She refused to allow her court to be used to protect the rights of corporations and developers against the
rights of individuals. That’s justice.

When British Properties (BPP) and development corporations are protected by a court system that subverts the rights of citizens, “contempt” is too mild a word to express my views of same. We approach anarchy as courts use laws to prevent justice.

Jim Erkiletian
Nanaimo BC

Letter to Canadian Judicial Council/RE: Harriet Nahanee’s Needless Death

[Editor’s Note: The letter posted below was sent to the Canadian Judicial Council on March 26, 2007 by Expresspost with 28 signatures (non-native and native). Copies are still in circulation and the CJC was informed that they may be receiving more submissions on the subject. If you can, please copy this letter to your own files and circulate it amongst your associates and try to get additional supportive signatures. Once you have sufficient replies please send a hardcopy to the CJC at the address below and also send an email to Robin Mathews at the following E address: You can also send your list to me at and I will forward the signatures as well. Thanks for supporting this initiative.]

520 Salsbury Drive.
Vancouver, B.C., V5L 3Z7,
March 26, 2007

The Canadian Judicial Council,
ATTN: Jeannie Thomas,
Place de ville B,
112 Kent Street, Suite 450,
Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0W8

To the Councillors:

The undersigned Canadians are using this letter to you to file a formal complaint with the Canadian Judicial Council about the actions of Madam Justice Brenda Brown of the British Columbia Supreme Court. We wish to see clear evidence of investigation. And we wish to receive a formal report from The Canadian Judicial Council of its findings and the actions which you will take.

Our complaint concerns the treatment by Madam Justice Brenda Brown of a Native protester, Harriett Nahanee -Tseboilt (hereafter named Harriett Nahanee) whom Madam Justice Brenda Brown caused to be incarcerated in a detention place known to be unsuitable after being directly informed of the Native woman’s age and perilous ill-health. After some days imprisonment in what was described in court to Madam Justice Brown as a “hell hole”, Harriet Nahanee had to be rushed to hospital with life-threatening illness from which she died.

She was first arrested on May 25, we believe, “along with 20 others who “refused to comply with” an enforcement order concerning resistance by members of the public to forest clearing and road-making in West Vancouver in preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Harriett Nahanee died in St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver on February 25, 2007.

It is not our place to say that Madam Justice Brenda Brown was an accessory in the induced death of Harriett Nahanee. That will be for the Canadian Judicial Council to say. We do believe strongly, however, that – at the very least – Madam Justice Brenda Brown should be removed from the bench.

We expect (1) that the Canadian Judicial Council will interview Betty Krawczyk (presently incarcerated) who actively informed Madam Justice Brenda Brown of the condition of Harriett Nahanee. We expect (2) that the Canadian Judicial Council will ask from Madam Justice Brenda Brown a full report of her role in the death of Harriett Nahanee, and will make that report public. We expect (3) that the Canadian Judicial Council will investigate the degree (if any) to which Madam Justice Brenda Brown consulted and was guided by the agreement to hold the 2010 Olympics signed by three governments: the Canadian, the British Columbian, and the City of Vancouver.

That document sets out environmental terms that may very well have been seriously violated by the West Vancouver (Eagleridge) road-building which is the reason for the events presented in this letter. Apart from the question of her fairness, balance, and impartiality in relation to an old, sick woman who died unnecessarily while held in the power of the court, how much did Madam Justice Brenda Brown refer to the substance of the Olympic agreement? Did she consider the large implications of and the reasons for a concerted and serious public resistance to the road-building? Or did she consider (in narrow service to the B.C. government and the U.S. road-building corporation) only the paper upon which the original court order was printed as she set it out.

We have presented here the substance of our formal complaint, and we will be happy to answer questions from the Canadian Judicial Council. We respectfully request prompt and expeditious consideration of our complaint.

Yours respectfully:



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March 25, 2007


By Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News &

MNN. March 24, 07. Swarming is a new form of making connections and taking control. It is creating a new balance between hierarchy and new social networks. Self-determination is a human survival instinct. People will always look for ways to survive. It’s an ingenious way to challenge the corporate government and the military-industrial complex through internet connections and alternative social networks.

Swarming can be a leaderless movement. It reflects the human instinct to make connections. On the plus side it can be used by people to protest against injustices and to overcome abuse. Like all kinds of power, it can be used to commit crimes. This is why the police and military are studying swarming so they can add it to their artillery of abuse.
Swarming is a demonstration of the power of the modern belief in human equality. It shows that autonomy, control and social will is in every single one of us. We can work together for better or worse. We can use our intelligence to be helpful and to defend society from abusers. We can also use it to abuse. Hierarchical powers try to oppress swarming but they can’t. They can’t deal with the idea that they aren’t in control or that no one is in control. Social order is a product of the collective will. Hierarchy is structured to dictate.

Hierarchy is efficient for certain purposes like natural disasters when it makes sense to follow one person’s plan. Most of the time hierarchies suck. The misuse and abuse of hierarchy has caused endless human misery and suffering. The people who fight their way to the top are the worst people in society, greedy controllers who are doing it for power over other people.
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Call for Public Inquiry into the needless killing of Harriet Nahanee by B.C. Court system


Aboriginal Leaders, Activists and Non-Aboriginal Supporters Call for an Independent Public Inquiry Into the Death of Activist and Elder Harriet Nahanee.

On February 24, 2007 Aboriginal Elder Harriet Nahanee passed away, exactly one month after she was sent to jail on January 24, 2007. Madame Justice Brenda Brown sentenced Mrs. Nahanee, age 72, to fourteen days incarceration for contempt of court in disobeying the Eagle Ridge Bluff injunction. While in jail under unacceptable conditions at Surrey Pre-Trial Centre, where she was held in a cell with tens of other inmates and subject to racist treatment, Harriet Nahanee contracted pneumonia. She was hospitalized within a week of her release from custody and passed away within a week of that.

Aboriginal activists and non-indigenous concerned citizens demand a public inquiry into Harriet Nahanee’s death as a direct result of her incarceration. These are the questions we want answered:

1) Why was Aboriginal elder Harriet Nahanee sent to jail despite clear direction from the Supreme Court of Canada that imprisonment should be the last remedy for Aboriginal persons?

2) Why did Madame Justice Brown fail to take Mrs. Nahanee’s frail health into consideration?

3) Why did Madame Justice Brown refuse to hear Mrs. Nahanee’s Aboriginal sovereignty defence?

4) Why was Mrs. Nahanee incarcerated at Surrey Pre-Trial Centre, under such inappropriate conditions?

A public inquiry will have to determine why Madame Justice Brown refused to hear Mrs. Nahanee’s Aboriginal sovereignty defence and incarcerated her, whereas all non-Aboriginal defenders of Eagle Ridge Bluff charged with the same offence were given either fines or community service. Such an inquiry will also have to address Madame Justice Brown refusal to exercise her discretionary powers in considering other sentencing options or ordering medical check up before incarcerating a great-grandmother. Madame Justice Brown was made aware of elder Harriet Nahanee’s health condition, including her asthma and recent influenza before sentencing.

Madame Justice Brown is also set to sentence, fellow activist and elder, Betty Krawczyk, 78, on Monday, March 5, 2006 for her involvement in the Eagle Ridge Bluff Protests. Crown Counsel is asking for 9-15 months of incarceration for Mrs. Krawczyk for her opposition to the expansion of the Sea to Sky Highway, paving the way to the 2010 Olympics.

The Crown and the courts also have to answer the underlying question: why are 2 respected elders and women over seventy years of age being prosecuted for protecting the environment and sent to jail for defending the land?

There can be no justification for the incarceration and resulting death of esteemed Aboriginal elder Harriet Nahanee, a strong voice for her people at a time when many are afraid to speak out in the light of criminalization of dissent.

Harriet Nahanee was a part of many struggles, firstly for the recognition of Aboriginal land rights and protecting the environment and also fighting against discrimination, marginalization and institutionalization of Aboriginal people in the cities, especially Aboriginal women in Vancouver’s Eastside. She was a vital member of so many movements and activist communities, a role model for many and will be deeply missed.

The loss is aggravated by the fact, that she passed away as a direct result of her incarceration, starting January 24, 2007, in Surrey Pre-Trial where she contracted pneumonia. A service was held at the Squamish Recreation Centre on February 28 with hundreds of people in attendance mourning the passing of their mother, grand-mother, great-grandmother, fellow activists, friend and role-model.


Kat Norris, Indigenous Action Movement:

Or (604) 253-1020


J.A. Wade 2/25/07 1:07 PM

Arthur, this is very sad news. Harriet Nahanee died last night. I went to see her last Thurs and she was very weak but got out the words CBC and John….


Dear Jennifer.

Thank you for letting me know this. It truly is a tragic example of the neglect and injustice meted out upon our most courageous of elders by the established powers. She was a fighter until the end and will undoubtedly become a symbol to the young natives who hopefully will carry on the struggle for justice and truth.

Blessings and Peace,



Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007

Friday 6pm

This is DISGRACEFUL!!!! Elders are dying because they risked their lives for the hope of
the mountains, the rivers, the streams, the cedars…their children.

Please pray for Harriet.

AS you may know, Harriet Nahanee, an Elder of the Pacheedaht Nation, Port Renfrew, BC (now called) was tried and sentenced for standing up for her rights to protect part of the Coast Salish territory, thus our environment, from being bulldozed thus destroying natural habitat. Because she refused to say, ‘I’M SORRY…” to Madam “Justice” Brown… because she refused to apologize for her part in the protest she was jailed and now her health is deteriorating in hospital.

I received a call this morning by two concerned friends of hers. Harriet is now in critical condition at St Pauls Hospital and has lost much weight and is not doing well. Part of the problem she dealt with in the courtroom was that she is hard of hearing and this caused issues for the judge and now in the hospital. Her hearing loss was as a result of abusive treatment in residential school as a child.

She needs our prayers!! She needs to know she has support.

The Indigenous Action Movement is organizing a prayer vigil on Friday, February 23 2007 beginning at 6:00 outside of St. Paul’s Hospital.
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