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Many thanks to my friend “pdk” in France.
Please read as much as your mind can tolerate. You will never find as many courageous truth tellers represented in one place.
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Anthony Lawson: In Memorium Rest in Peace by RadicalPress.com

Anthony Lawson In Memorium



Editor’s Note: As one can see below from the email dated January 8th, 2015 I had written to Anthony because I suddenly felt that something was not right. My previous communications with him were back in December of 2014 at which time Anthony had been discussing some serious issues he was having with the Australian Embassy and Consulate Services in Bangkok, Thailand where he was living. While in hospital for medical treatment he had been assaulted and was seeking some redress. In his email to myself and three others he had written:
From: Anthony Lawson <lawson911@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Failure of the Australian Embassy and Consulate Services in Bangkok to react to a very serious matter
Date: 4 December, 2014 4:23:06 PM PST
To: Rex Williams <australiansforjustice@iinet.net.au>, valerie.mathe@dfat.gov.au
Cc: D M, Arthur Topham <radical@radicalpress.com>

Hello Rex – et al,

So it seems that being assaulted while paying for medical treatment in the government hospital of a foreign country can be classed as a ‘nuisance’ complaint.

This Julie Friend-of-Israel Bishop is a detestable person, and I am sure that were my Dear Motherfamous English actress, Queenie  Ashton still alive she would hand back her Member of Australia honour, awarded for her services to the Australian Performing Arts, had she seen the new depths her adopted country has sunk to.

And what of the marvellous characters created by Banjo Paterson, like the Man From Snowy River, who never gave up when only Clancy of the Overflow stood by him?  Would they bow in obeisance to the Zionist ‘Chosen’ who now have so much influence over so many politicians and Australia’s foreign policy?

And this is just after former prime minister Malcolm Fraser called for Australia to stop following in the footsteps of other nations, like the Bribeocracy known as the United States, and Canada’s bought-and-paid-for Zionist lackey, Stephen Harper, who voted against Justice for the Palestinians, at the United Nations.

It all reminds me of Old John of Gaunt, time-honoured Lancaster’ s lament that:

This other Eden, demi-paradise,
This jewel, set in a silver sea . . .. . . This England, has been sold out,
As to a pelting farm . . .

The speech from Shakespeare’s King Richard the Second, which I haven’t time to look up, but which I learnt (?) when I was about eleven-years-old and attending The Scots College, in Sydney.

Please see my recent video:

Israel’s Apologist: Jon Faine is at it Again

Perhaps I feel a new video stirring somewhere in my sub-conscious, which will have to wait until I’ve sorted out my own immediate problems.

Take care, and thank you, one again for the heads-up.



The last time I heard from him was on December 24th, 2014 when he replied with a short message to the news that Hans Krampe had died. His message read:

I am so sorry, Arthur but unable to write more.

Take care,



Ironic as it may be my final communique to Anthony was written on the day he died. It wasn’t until news of his death broke on the net January 31st, 2015 that I finally realized why I hadn’t received a reply back.

Following on the heels of the recent death of Hans Krampe it was another tragic loss that the freedom and truth movement surely did not need. His final eulogy delivered by his son in the video above is a fine farewell to a courageous man who did his utmost to expose the lies and treachery of the Zionist criminal cartel now in full attack mode upon planet Earth. His common sense videos on 9/11 and his defence of the Palestinian people will surely go down in the annals of history as some of the first and foremost challenging productions calling for justice and peace during these heady days of the nascent beginning of the 21 century.

God grant his soul the peace it so truly deserves.

Arthur Topham
The Radical Press


Subject: Is everything okay?

Date: 8 January, 2015 4:31:02 PM PST

To: Anthony Lawson <lawson911@gmail.com>


Dear Anthony,

I’ve been thinking about your last email and need to ask you if you are okay health wise. You sounded distraught.

Hoping all’s well.


Arthur Topham
The Radical Press
Canada’s Radical News Network
“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998”





UN General Assembly: Israel’s actions in Jerusalem are null and void by Anthony Lawson


UN General Assembly: Israel’s actions in Jerusalem are null and void


Anthony Lawson

MEMO | November 27, 2014


The United Nations General Assembly adopted six resolutions regarding Israeli occupied territories through a recorded vote last night, addressing the areas of Jerusalem and the Syrian Golan.

In terms of Jerusalem, the Assembly voted on a resolution confirming that all legislative and administrative measures taken by Israel to change the legal status of the Holy City of Jerusalem are null and void.

The decision was supported by a recorded vote of 144 countries in favour, six countries opposed, namely Canada, Israel, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Palau and United States, while ten countries abstained from the vote (Australia, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Madagascar, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Togo and Tonga and Vanuatu).

The Assembly also adopted a resolution that stressed the need for Israel, the occupying power, to withdraw from the occupied Palestinian territories, and demanded the complete cessation of all Israeli settlement activity and Israel’s compliance with its obligations under international law.

The Assembly’s decision also outlined the need for delivering humanitarian and medical aid to the Palestinians.

Another decision was implemented regarding the Syrian Golan Heights as a result of the Assembly’s concern for Israel’s lack of compliance with Resolution 497 (issued in 1981) calling on Israel to withdraw its forces from the Golan Heights which have been illegally occupied since 1967. The decision was supported by 99 countries, rejected by six, while 57 (mostly European) countries abstained from the vote.

We can only sit and wonder when some Apartheid-Zionist-Jewish-Israel-loving nation will blow this out of the water, just as Israel tried to blow the USS Liberty out of the water in June, 1967.  Will it be the United States applying its veto?

And just look at the nations controlled by the grubby little bribe takers: Stephen Harper of Canada and Australia’s Tony Abbott, who either voted against the six resolutions, or abstained; openly admitting that land-theft and prisoner-of-war slaying are permissible, as long as the Jewish State of Israel can cloak them in some kind of constitutionally fraudulent legalese.


Shame on them!

And look at their expressions.  What are they thinking?

“This should be worth a nice a good-sized packet of Shekels.”

Anthony Lawson — with thanks to aletho for bringing it to my notice.

*    *    *

Only fools believe what they are told, when it is clear that much else is being hidden.


Sexual Consent & Israel’s Biggest Lie. The Orange Strikes Back video by Anthony Lawson

Sexual Consent & Israel’s Biggest Lie
The Orange Strikes Back

CLICK HERE TO VIEW: http://youtu.be/jpGLMymm2UM

The Blood of Palestine is on the Hands of the Bribe-Takers. Anthony Lawson’s latest video on the Palestine/Gaza Genocide



What Does it Mean to be A Friend of Israel? by Anthony Lawson


Click to watch: http://youtu.be/DhwW9JFEGkI


Please help this video go viral — there really isn’t much time left.

Title:  What Does if Mean to be A Friend of Israel?

The message is simple:  DON’T EVER VOTE FOR A FRIEND OF ISRAEL.

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 1.54.22 AM
Please distribute this video as widely as possible.  It is one of the few chances that the Un-chosen People have of fighting back.  

But be careful who you ask for advice.  If I were a Friend of Israel (perish the thought) I would try to infiltrate as many anti-Israel organisations that I could, including websites that purported to be pro-Palestinian.  

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 1.51.53 AM

Remember Mossad’s motto:  “By way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War.”  

Thank you, and take care,

Anthony Lawson


Only fools believe what they are told, when it is clear that much else is being hidden.

Syria: The Crime and the Criminals by Anthony Lawson



Jewish Peer Attacks Violinist Nigel Kennedy for Israel Apartheid Remark by Anthony Lawson



I’ve just uploaded a new video of mine:
Jewish Peer Attacks Violinist for Israel Apartheid Remark

Apart from the seriousness of attacking a fine musician who was speaking the truth, then having his words censored from any future broadcasts by the BBC, the video looks into the activities of the Jewish lobbies in the United Kingdom in attempting to suppress the vicious activities of the Jewish, Apartheid State of Israel against the Palestinian people.

I hope you will feature it, mention it on Facebook and Twitter it and whatever.


Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 7.52.00 AM copy

  Anthony Lawson

Only fools believe what they are told, when it is clear that much else is being hidden.

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