In The Land of the Assassins by Betty Krawczyk


In The Land of the Assassins
Betty Krawczyk


Assassinations are always political. I was raised in Louisiana. Huey P. Long, who had served as governor of Louisiana and then was elected senator of the state was assassinated in 1935 .I was seven years old. Traumatized by this event, I became extremely nervous. My mother started dosing me with an oral product called Liberty Tonic that my father sold from his car along with other items. No telling what was in this concoction, but the taste was so ghastly I tried hard not to have the nightmares that were plaguing me. These nightmares were accompanied by involuntary cries and whimpering that would bring my mother and another dose of the dreaded tonic. I would insist that I was fine, but my mother knew I wasn’t. So did I. How could anybody be fine when the Armageddon was at hand? I knew this because of the way all of the adults in my world were acting following Huey P. Long’s assassination. Especially my father.

The country was trying to come out of the Great Depression. We were cash poor but never hungry as we grew and raised most of what we ate. The money my father made from his business helped. Others weren’t so lucky. The rich oil wells and refining capacities of the state were owned by Standard Oil. Little of the oil money slipped outside of the coffers of the company owners and corrupt government officials. Until Huey P. Long became governor in 1928. Then things started perking up. Long taxed the big oil money and started building new roads. He instituted new health care programs and best of all, new schools for both black and white kids. Everybody I knew loved Huey P. Long. He was a man of the people, for all the people. I thought he must be like Jesus. When Long was assassinated my father withdrew. I had never seen him cry before. To me, that signified the end of the world. Later I realized that assassinations kill more than the duly elected politician. They can also kill the hopes and dreams of ordinary people and plunge the nation (state, province) into despair. In recent times the American people have become so used to political assassinations’ we hardly notice anymore, or remember …Malcom X, President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martian Luther King, and the ongoing almost daily assassinations of African Americans by US police. Obama’s drone program and kill lists are the perfect assassination tools for modern times.

The shrill US demands for Trump’s blood are growing louder. Trump is the opposite of my hero, Huey P. Long in most ways, but he will be the duly elected president. If the combined interests of the White House, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security and the banking cabals can’t get Trump through the media, I worry they are planning to bring him down in other ways. The three options they have are (a) to figure out a way to impeach Trump as soon as he takes office, (b) start a war with Russia that Trump would have to continue, (c) or kill him. Any of these three options will bring confusion, chaos and endless bloodshed, at home and abroad. I pray to the Great Mother of us all that I am wrong in worrying about this so much.



What will the New Year bring for Canadians? By Betty Krawczyk


What will the New Year bring for Canadians?

By Betty Krawczyk


What will the New Year bring for Canadians? I think the western world lead by the US, and including Canada, is losing its collective mind. It’s as if the US is telling itself fairy tales and getting very angry when any collection of individuals or even one individual, who says, by way of resistance “but wait…I personally do not believe the bull excrement you are shoveling onto my doorstep (and into my airways)”. Not that any important media, or important person, for that matter, at least recognized by Canada, is trying to do this. But I personally rebel when the Canadian press and media, following the US story line, tries to persuade me, and millions of others, that Hillary Clinton lost the election because Putin personally elected Trump as US president by hacking into the American voting machines. I have to say they are lying through their expensive implanted teeth.


The US accusers can’t offer any proof of their accusations of Putin hacking because there isn’t any. I ask, did Putin also hack the machines that put Republicans back into the Senate? And also hack into the House of Representatives voting machines? The cabal of international interests that push austerity onto the people of the world while sucking the economy itself dry says it does. With the help of the Russia Today TV programs of course. The cabal claims that Putin, through RT, plays evil, insidious propaganda lies that are also very powerful and causes strange things to happen in America. Many US lawmakers are calling for the US to outright ban RT being broadcast in and into America. So much for freedom of speech. So do I watch RT?

I do, and I don’t even have television. I get RT through my computer. I also tune in to other alternate news casts but none have the constantly growing ratings of RT. I recommend RT to everyone. Of course they are presenting the Russian point of view which the Russians say is the purpose of the news shows. Why would the Russians have a television show of Russia Today if not to present the Russian point of view? How can Canadians and Americans make up their minds about anything if they only hear one side? That’s all we hear in most of the news programs that service the cabal (the side that CNN and 90 per cent of the other US broadcasting and our very own CBC) wants us to hear. Shouldn’t we also hear the other side? Shouldn’t we all hear honest debate on how “the liberation of Aleppo” in The Russian media becomes the “the downfall of Aleppo” in the American media? Even the government of British Columbia seems to think so.


The province of BC is now advertising on the Russian channel. The BC provincial government has been running a large, chatty video showing and explaining how wonderful British Columbia is to countries everywhere through the RT channel. Christy Clark knows how many people worldwide watch RT. Other Canadian businesses are beginning to catch on, too. I think it is too late to shut RT up. The cabal is trying to distract the people who are slipping out of the middle class, and even out of the working class, into abject poverty by blaming their economic and physic woes on the bogyman Putin instead of their own blood sucking policies which will eventually fail. However, I think a “hard rain has to fall” before the US and Canada comes up with economic programs that allow all in our countries to prosper, not just the banks, and without prosperity being based on war. But war with Russia is exactly what the US is conditioning the western world to accept by constantly presenting Putin as being beneath the consideration of civilized nations; of being inhuman. The US headed cabal wants war with Russia in the New Year. And apparently, listening to the CBC, Canada is willing to tag along.

Get over it, CBC! by Betty Krawczyk



Connecting the environment to everything in the age of disconnection.

Get over it, CBC!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Get over it, CBC. The rest of us have had to. Hillary Clinton, running under the same electoral rules she was proud of before she lost, now wants to turn the electoral tide around. She didn’t really lose, she says, the election was stolen from her by Putin. He hacked the voting machines. And the FBI and the CIA back her up, along with the neocons in government who see these accusations as the very thing needed to convince the American people that Putin is an inhuman devil and Russia must be conquered to set things right again (US undisputed hegemony). How to conquer Russia? By invasion, of course. The same way they conquered Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The slavish NATO has ringed the countries on Russian’s borders as well as the entire neighbourhood with air and missile bases. They’re ready to go. As soon as they can figure out how to get Hillary Clinton back into the White House and on Wall Street’s payroll. Certainly all of the agencies that matter for them, especially the Pentagon, are rearing to go get those nasty Ruskies.

Jill Stein, for whom I voted, in the end bowed to Hillary (like Bernie Sanders) and was persuaded to call for a vote recount. That’s her privilege. But there is no proof of any reason to even be suspicious that a hack was made, much less that the Russian’s did it. The CIA says it has proof of the Russian hack, but just can’t reveal it. You know, like the Weapons of Mass destruction that killed so many human beings in Iraq. But this line is excellent fodder for the main stream media that understands only too well that their jobs depends on bashing Putin for the “US Deep State” that wants to invade Russia. But Trump supporters won’t peacefully stand for shenanigans that declare Trump’s legal right to the presidency invalid. There will be lots of trouble should this happen.

But no worry, we will be told by craven main stream journalists, these kinds of protesters will be taken care of. We have anticipated such an occurrence and the jails are waiting. We’ve built lots of new ones and they are nicely privatized the police are militarized with crowd control devices including tanks. And the main stream media, including CBC and BBC TV and radio stations will rise to the challenge of echoing almost word for word the US war propaganda of why this war (nuclear)with Russia was(is) necessary. If you think I am worrying foolishly, just listen when listening to the National News to how much space is given to beating the war drums against Putin and Russia. I hope you become as alarmed as I am about what the CBC is pounding unrelenting into our ears on the need to teach Putin and Russia a lesson. A really hard lesson. But remember, Russia is not Libya, Iraq, or Afghanistan. Russia is a modern state with nuclear weapons. They are equipped to give as well as take. If you do become concerned about the Putin bashing, Russia hating, one sided reporting of your national broadcasting station please let them know. Maybe it’s not too late for the CBC to get over it.


My Love Affair with Justin Trudeau et al. is Over By Betty Krawczyk


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shaking hands with Latvian President Raimonds Rejoins. Trudeau is “pleased”  Canada will send troops to Latvia as part of a NATO force to threaten aggression against Russia. 

My Love Affair with Justin Trudeau et al. is Over

By Betty Krawczyk


Okay, so my love affair with Justin Trudeau et al. is over. I voted for him but I wouldn’t do it again even though he has already fulfilled some of the election promises he made. Why? I turned away from the NDP in the last election because of their “balanced budget” that seemed more of the “same ole”. I did worry about Trudeau’s youth and inexperience in international matters, but I felt comforted that he had Jean Chretien to advise him. Remember Jean Chretien? When Prime Minster, how he was under enormous pressure from the Bush administration to join the US and Britain to help invade Iraq? And how he refused and kept us out of the horrible, disgusting illegal mess of invading Iraq?

Well, I don’t know where Chretien was when Justin just caved to US pressure and decided to imitate the role UK’s Tony Blair played in the murderous invasions and bombings of Iraq. Trudeau has become the new lap-dog on the block by sending Canadian troops and military equipment to Latvia. Blair will forever be remembered as the lap dog of the US. And I think Trudeau seems to be taking on this role although a damming report has just been released in the UK on Blair’s role in the deaths of so many people in Iraq. Yes, our lovely young handsome prime minister has caved to Obama’s pressure and agreed to send troops and military equipment to Latvia.

Does Trudeau know that Latvia is smack on Russian’s borders? And that he has just dedicated Canadians to join in a war mongering that could very well bring on World War Three? This at a time when countries like France, Italy and Greece are reducing their own NATO spending? They see the senselessness of threatening Russia who has few military bases outside its own country (in previous Soviet Union countries) while Republican Ron Paul in the US presidential debate (2011) said that the US military was in 130 countries and has 900 bases around the world. How did Justin Trudeau come to the decision to send Canadian troops to Latvia? Has he fallen in love with his own Hollywood image? Does he want to help play John Wayne with nuclear weapons? My God, I am disappointed in him.

The Canadian Banking System: Debt Servitude I By Betty Krawczyk


The Canadian Banking System: Debt Servitude I  


Betty Krawczyk

Betty K Photo copy

Please click on THIS LINK to watch Part 5 of my video series on the Canadian Banking System. Please also read accompanying text below.

Our Politicians and What they Know

The IMF? Bank of Canada? Our major politicians obviously have never heard of them. At least it didn’t come up in the debates. No, the major thing that came out of the first national leader’s debate was that Tom Mulcair got Harper to admit that a recession actually existed. Or, kind of, as Harper seemed to take it back later.

Sure, all three opposition parties said some good things. However, in my opinion, few of these good things will come to pass even if elected unless our Bank of Canada is rescued from the international bankers. And I doubt that even Elizabeth May will speak out about this, although she is very knowledgeable.

But why would she not speak out? Politicians like Elizabeth May, who are rare, and who want to serve the people, may underestimate the capacity of the Canadian public to listen and understand relatively complex issues. This banking issue is the most important issue before us, as the droughts, the burning and flooding of our lands, and the non-stop global killer winds won’t lessen in any meaningful way until we get freed from the private bankers’ stranglehold.

This tiny group of people sit atop a pyramid of misery for increasing numbers of the world’s population and they are powerful. How did they get so powerful? Compound interest. On everything they touch. I mentioned last time that I would tell you about a recent ruling brought before the courts by a group called COMER. COMER (Committee for Monetary and Economic Reform) has turned to the courts for help in trying to overturn Pierre Trudeau’s decision in 1974 to turn over our Bank of Canada to the private banks. The first judge to hear COMER’S case characterized the claims as follows and were reiterated by Mr. Justice Russell in April, 2014 in federal court:

1.The Bank and Crown refuse to provide interest free loans for capital expenditures;

2.The Crown uses flawed accounting methods in describing public finances, which provides the rational for refusing to grant interest-free loans, and

3.These and other harms are caused by the Bank being controlled by private foreign interests. (my italics) date:20140424, Neutral citation 2014 FC 380, file numbers T-2010-11

The first judge struck down COMER’S claims, but Mr. Justice Russell saw it differently on appeal and ordered: (para 76 same hearing) “So, as regards the declaratory relief sought in this Claim, it is my view that the matters raised could be justiciable and appropriate for consideration by the Court…There is a difference between the Court declaring that the Government or the Governor, or the Minister, should pursue a particular policy and a declaration as to whether the policies they have pursued are compliant with the Bank of Canada and the Constitution. The facts are pleaded on these issues. Subject to what I have to say about other aspects of the Claim, the Plaintiffs should be allowed to go forward, call their evidence and attempt to make their case.”

So wow. The Bank of Canada is in court, fighting for its life, for the right to go back to serving the people. More next time.

Betty Krawczyk


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Canadians Must Demand Psychological Testing of PM Harper by Betty Krawczyk


Harper’s Threats to Israel’s Boycotters


Betty Krawczyk

Betty K Photo

Okay, let me get this straight. Harper has announced that he and his government will severely punish anybody or any agency that signs onto the movement known as “Boycott, Divest and Sanction” (BDS). This organization, or movement, is aimed at encouraging Israel to do the right thing and stop treating its own Arab citizens as well as its Arab neighbours like dirt. One way to do this is by boycotting Israel’s products and investments. However, so far Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, backed up 200 per cent by our own Prime Minister says the BDS constitutes hate speech against Israel. Furthermore, Netanyahu has pledged to continue with his practice of apartheid within Israel as well as the murderous methodical bombing of the Gaza strip (mowing the grass, as Netanyahu reportedly called it) whenever he feels it is warranted. And Stephen Harper has pledged to Netanyahu that any Canadian who objects publically to this apartheid of Palestinians, and bombing of Gaza, especially by joining the BDS movement, will be prosecuted criminally by his government. Harper says there will be zero tolerance for anyone who dares support BDS. And that he will use Canadian hate crime legislation to back up his threats.

The man is precious. He really is. Talk about illusions of grandeur. But we Canadians deserve this kind of treatment from a man who fits the description of a megalomaniac. We just let him roll over us like a duck on the back of a June Bug. Why? Because we can’t believe how devious and delusional our Prime Minister actually is. And how much he is guided by his Angelical Fundamentalist Christian Religion. Harper loves Israel so much that he took twenty-one Jewish rabbis’ with him to visit Israel last year along with along with ten evangelical ministers of Harper’s own religious persuasion. Christian fundamentalists like Harper believe the Bible literally, including the book of Revelations. This Biblical revelation explains that Jesus will return to earth when Israel is at war with its neighbours (Jews being God’s chosen people). I believe this is the main reason Harper is so determined to get us into a deeper war in the Middle East. Never mind that the Canadian economy is getting scarier every day, with Canadians living on credit cards, student debt crippling our young, housing out of sight for city populations, climbing unemployment and the stock market roaring not from increased Canadian production, but from corporations buying back their own stock to make the market prices rise even higher for the one per cent.

I think we Canadians should demand a mental health test for all politicians when they become candidates for high public office. And that would include an examination of religious beliefs. Religious fundamentalists of any kind should be excluded from high public office. Fundamentalist religions of any kind can make people crazy and give them the conviction that because they belong to the right sect that they are the special children of a powerful god and others are, well, dirt. Evidentially Stephen Harper considers the general Canadian population to be so stupid that we can be told anything and we’ll obey. I don’t know about you, but for my part, I intend to find out pronto where I go to join the “Boycott, Divest, Sanction” (BDS) movement.

Seeking the Balance by Betty Krawczyk

BK-Seeking BalanceHdr 800

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.32.43 PM

Betty K Photo

Oh, geez. I just got to the article written by Steve Burgess for the Tyee on women politicians ( 8/11/14). In “Women Leaders Behaving Badly” Steve Burgess flies high, soaring way, way above the scorn he heaps on certain right wing women politicians in Canada. Burgess is terribly disappointed with these politicians (Cindy Clark, Allison Redford) for not bringing a higher standard of behaviour to political office. My goodness, he says in effect, if women are supposed to be more moral than men, what happened to these two? And won’t all female politicians, when and if more get into public office, act in a like manner? That is, no different from men?

My answer to Burgess is probably not. That is, women cannot act very differently from the men who have allowed them to come forward in any political party, and for a very simple reason. For a female politician to rise to the top in a corporate driven capitalist world like ours, she to a large extent, must begin to think like a male politician. That is, the emphasis must be on winning at all costs. To do this there must be obfuscation of the facts, out- right lying, and always looking for campaign funds.

Money, money, money. Power and influence. That’s where it’s at for female politicians as well as male politicians under our present system. Women and men alike must adhere to these rules of conduct. “If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen,” as Harry S. Truman (33rd president of the US) was fond of saying.

So women who enter the political arena in the western world must forget all about the stuff that was wired into the formation of our brains in utero. Stuff like wanting to see that all children in a community are cared for, not just a few chosen ones, or a certain class of children whose parents can afford private schools and enriched experiences. Stuff like caring for the elderly and handicapped. Making the environment a priority. Acting on female inherited knowledge that the community, the commons, is crucial for a good civilization and that the scramble for individual wealth and individual advancement at the expense of the commons will eventually make for a lethal outcome. Even an Armageddon, such as fundamentalist Christians like our Prime Minister long for. Still, globally, ordinary women keep the world spinning by their tireless efforts to try to protect loved ones and vulnerable others. Women try to protect the defenseless whether it is in Africa; South America, Europe, Asia or North America, women seek to hide children from pitiless wars, the drug trade, domestic violence, and sexual exploitation for men’s pleasure.

In my opinion, with few exceptions, because our political and financial system is so at odds with most women’s basic sensibilities that the women who do make it to the top in our present system are, it seems to me, parade in a kind of drag. Even Elizabeth May, a woman politician I esteem, bowed under the pressure of the Jewish lobby concerning the ongoing struggle in Gaza. How?

By endorsing the “engaged neutrality” concept as the Green Party position toward the slaughter of civilians in Gaza by Israel. But how can one (or a party) be neutral if one is truly cognizant of the slaughter of innocents? Does Elizabeth May even know about the seven year blockade and siege of Gaza by Israel? The slow seven year strangulation death of the people there? If she does, does she consider it a neutral thing? I don’t know. But at least Paul Epstein, Green Party President, had the grace to resign after his burst of blogged hatred for the Palestinians. But I do know the Jewish lobby is as powerful in Canada as it is in the US. And wealthy. Must be, because most North American politicians cravenly stand in line to suck up. Our Prime Minister can’t bend over backward far enough to please the Jewish lobby. In his last trip to fawn at Israel’s feel and declare that Canada is solidly behind their slaughter of Palestinians he became so bent out of shape from the kneeling even before the trip he had to take 21 Jewish rabbis with him to help him stand up. And holding up the rear guard in case of need where 10 fundamentalist Evangelical preachers.

Stephen Harper’s slavishness to Israel no matter what they do is a religious thing. In his fundamentalist Evangelical religion with its literal interpretation of the Bible, the Biblical prophecy says that Israel must be in wars with its neighbours before the Armageddon and the Rapture can happen, that is, the return of Jesus descending from the sky. Hot wars, not cold wars. Our Prime Minister is all for keeping the war against the people of Gaza hot no matter what he says about hoping for peace there. Look at his voting record in the UN.

While Women have been intellectually stunted in the last five thousand years under patriarchy and male religions, our brains still work much the same, just as men’s do. Women as a rule are not attracted to physical violence. We don’t have the same kind of blood lust that men can get into. We like to negotiate. We know that when people, or a nation of people, are humiliated they will try to get even. We know that things run better when people feel good about themselves and others. The individualistic one up- man- ship that men like to practice is tearing the world apart. Without the checks and balances of the female brain life has become hell in capitalist corporate worlds for most people, even the winners. What we really need is a women’s revolution. One that will overthrow the absolute domination of the one sided male brain we are all living under and seek a balance of both male and female brains.

I believe that all people everywhere, whether they realize it or not, are searching for this balance. And I believe this time will come when the balance seekers will prevail because without this balance the human race with not survive. And when this balance does come, misogynist males like Steve Burgess will just have to adjust or shut up.


Betty Krawczyk


Betty Krawczyk Speaks on her new book and environmental activism Mon. May 19, 2014


The Canadian Way by Betty Krawczyk

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The Canadian Way

(to quietly become zionist)

By Betty Krawczyk

March 16, 2014

“Do we abdicate…or do we resist?” 

~ Betty Krawczyk


Stephen Harper seems to have us all hog tied and ready for market. Yes, we’ll all be lined up and accounted for to accommodate the signing of the free trade agreements and the sell-off of our natural resources. The legalities will all be in place to silence Canadian scientists, environmental agencies and First Nations objections.

Harper will have most trouble, I think, with the more traditional First Nations. I believe this is why Stephen Harper has recently attacked seven major Canadian environmental groups with government “investigations.” The leaders of the environmental groups can’t, or won’t, discuss matters pertaining to these “investigations”. If the investigations are drawn out, then they could last until pipes (Kinder Morgan, Enbridge) are in the ground in BC. Which of course would be too late for the environmental groups to be of much assistance in rallying around First Nations who have already been doing most of the heavy lifting in protesting the pipelines and the traffic.

So if our scientists and environmental groups are silenced with threats and threats of threats, who’s left to assist First Nations if needed? Individual activists?

Harper’s got that covered, too, with his new Citizenship laws. At least this law would affect activists like me who hold dual citizenship (US-Canadian). Of course the law reads that one would have to be guilty of “terrorism” to be stripped of one’s Canadian citizenship.

But who defines these days what “terrorism” means? The government in charge, of course, both at home and abroad. I have already been compared by the Crown of BC to violent pedophiles who reoffend because I often practice civil disobedience in defense of BC forests. In the Eagleridge Bluffs aftermath the crown submitted to the court suggestions that I be sentenced as a incurable repeat offender. And even if citizenship matters do come under the head of immigration instead of the Supreme Courts of Canada we all know that immigration is not independent of the Harper government.

I believe Stephen Harper intends to cram pipelines down our throats, with the Christy Clark provincial government steering the destruction, of course, with both the major Kinder Morgan and Enbridge pipelines along with Keystone XL ( I think Obama is going to approve this) through Alberta and Saskatchewan. With environmental groups and environmental scientists silenced, and people like me softened on the side lines, Harper thinks in the long run he can just buy off First Nations or bully them into submission. Well, I don’t know about that.

It is becoming clearer that both the US and Canada are quietly becoming quasi-fascists. How can this happen in democratic countries where the Jewish Lobby wields so much influence in both countries? I believe patriarchal religions cloud the mind and wipes out the concept of citizenship. For instance, Stephen Harper took an enormous delegation of rabbis and other influential Jewish people with him as well as cynical politicians when he visited Israel recently, thus positing Canada solidly in the Jewish camp.

However, Stephen Harper is also presently acting as the bad cop for the Obama administration in trying to present Russia as a demonic threat for giving the people in Crimea a choice of their future (which they have just taken advantage of by voting to join Russia) while the US is busy supporting and engineering the pro-fascist government in the Ukraine.

According to some news reports, already many Jews are leaving the Ukraine because of the swastika signs painted on their synagogues and threats of violence to their persons. Israel is certainly aware of these neo-Nazis in the new Ukraine government but raises no objections. Netanyahu’s hatred of Syria and Iran is so overwhelming it evidently tops any worry about the rise of fascism in the Ukraine, or anywhere else.

Stephan Harper’s fervent support for Israel no matter what they do is not just a favour to the Jewish lobby in my opinion, but religion based. Harper believes literally in the Bible which is why he can’t tolerate scientists. And the Bible suggests that Israel must be in a fiery conflagration before Armageddon can happen and Jesus can come again. In my opinion, we are living in a country where political decisions are being made to facilitate the necrophiliac religious fantasies of our leader and forwarding the spectre of an all-out third world war.

So we have this situation where our prime minister clings to Israel no matter what that government does, while abetting and abating the rise of fascism in the Ukraine. With his particular mind set and religious beliefs, tearing up Canadian earth, water and air with pipe lines, fracking, and tanker traffic from tar sands does not present a contradiction for Stephen Harper. It’s all good.

But it isn’t all good. We, as citizens know it isn’t all good. Or even partially good. And we have to ask ourselves…what is the duty of citizens when our governments become incapable of choosing between right and wrong? Do we abdicate our responsibility as citizens? Or do we resist?



 photo ScreenShot2013-03-11at102224AM_zps68b58ad6.png


By Betty Krawczyk

March 10, 2013

Hugo Chavez is dead. Long live Hugo Chavez! May his policies that have lifted millions of Venezuelans out of poverty prevail into the future. And let’s take a moment to contrast Hugo Chavez’s regard for his people with that of our own Prime Minister. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Prime Minister who actually loved the people of Canada, who worried about our welfare, especially the poor, the working poor, the children of the poor, the increasing poor as well as the business and middle class of Canada, as Chavez loved his people? But the message Stephen Harper sent to a grieving Venezuela along with many other South American peoples was a short, curt, unbelievably arrogant slap in the face. Harper’s message in part read:

“At this key juncture, I hope the people of Venezuela can now build for themselves a better, brighter future based on the principals of freedom, democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights.”

In the first place, this message is hypocritical beyond belief. Hugo Chavez was elected with a 54 per cent majority in a democratic election. And Chavez used the country’s oil money to lift millions of his people out of dire poverty. Harper is striving to push as many of us in Canada into poverty as quickly as he can. In spite of everything the US and global finance did to crush him, Chavez stuck to his mandate to improve the lives of his people, from the bottom economic tier up, and to inspire all people to work to improve themselves. Who and what does Harper inspire? The answer is so discouraging it makes one feel sick.

Aside from rancid hypocrisy, Harper’s message carried clues to what he sees ahead for us. Just more of the same. Harper is not urging us on to more workers’ councils and the creation of democratic community learning centers as Chavez did, but the opposite. Harper is taking away our rights, along with First Nation’s rights, to be stewards of the lands and water of Canada. He is doing all he can to crowd our overflowing jails with asinine pot charges against young people while cutting to the bone the people programs that help, protect, and prepare for the future. Worker’s tax money that used to go into building a caring, modern, just nation has taken a sharp turn to the right that simply makes the rich richer while our life sustaining infrastructures crumble.

When I first came to Canada in 1966 I was thrilled to be in a county that recognized and practiced all of the concepts that Stephen Harper, in his message to the Venezuela people tries to pretend we Canadians still have…freedom, democracy, rule of law and respect for human rights. But now? For us? Not so much. But where did all these concepts and programs to improve ordinary people’s lives go if they were still here when I immigrated in 1966?

They didn’t go anywhere until 1974. That was the year then Prime Minister Elliot Trudeau and Paul Martin made the decision to stop borrowing money from the Bank of Canada at no interest for public works and started borrowing from private banks at compound interest. This set the stage for Canada’s thirty- nine year slide from a diverse, strong, just, sovereign country into one of an internationalism so pervasive Canadians and First Nations can no longer independently manage our own soil and waters, much less the resources contained within. And jobs?

Our job market has been internationalized, too. Manufacturing has largely been gutted out of Canada. Oil and the search for oil and gas will be about all we have to depend on for big money makers, but even these are rife with problems such as First Nations claims, environmental protests and falling market demand. But how did we lose control over work? Over our environment? Why did worker’s wages start going down as banks profits soared? How did we as a people start getting poorer as private bank profits soared? Did our deteriorating social and economic health of Canada have everything to do with the decision of Pierre Trudeau and Paul Martin to start borrowing needed public money from private banks? And if so, did Pierre Trudeau and Paul Martin deliberately conspire to try to drag Canada down into the dust bin of failed states?

Yes and no. I don’t think either Pierre Trudeau or Paul Martin had at the time any particular desire to see Canada go down the tube. They were just privileged men, conceited in their supposed intellectual superiority, and dedicated first, to their own class. So they listened to other privileged men (private bankers) who had an idea about of how to siphon huge chunks of money out of public tax dollars.

Tax dollars, of course, pay for public programs and public debt. At the time, the government was borrowing what money it needed from the Bank of Canada. The Bank of Canada is our bank, the Canadian people’s bank. The Constitution says so. And it specifically mandates that our bank is there for us, for our government to borrow what it needs to run the government, and at no interest.

Well, the private banks prevailed. They persuaded Trudeau and Paul Martin to borrow the money that the government needed from them instead of from the Bank of Canada. And the private banks not only charge interest, they charge compound interest. This practice doubles and triples the amount of money to be paid back from the government (us) to the private banks. And this is how our national debt has become so large. Two thirds of the money Canadians pay on the National Debt each year is interest on interest (compound interest).

If we just remember that the government is us, and we are different from the politicians we elect. Some of the politicians we elect will be okay, some will be terrible, but they are not the government. We are the government. We have the Canadian Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the Criminal Code. We also have Case Law (the history of Canadian judge’s decisions concerning specific cases that went to trial) First Nations legal agreements and we have the Bank of Canada. All of these together constitute a major component, but of course not all, of the tools of government. Our tools.

It has only been 39 years since Trudeau and Paul Martin changed the banking rules. These rules aren’t written in any stone that I know of. But even if some vague documents are unearthed detailing the supposed reasons for plunging Canadians into massive debt somewhere, they wouldn’t stand up to the Canadian Constitution. The Bank of Canada provisions are written in stone. The rules and rights of the people to the Bank of Canada are anchored in the Constitution. Can we go somewhere with this?

Stephen Harper knows he isn’t loved much by Canadians. He doesn’t care, because in spite of his cruelties (or perhaps because of them) he thinks he is right with God and the Rapture is approaching. How did we get a crazy man for Prime minister? Oh, for a sane, earnest man like Hugo Chavez, one who united people, fought injustice and believed profoundly in sharing. Hugo Chavez was a comfort to me as are many others who are on the world stage including Vandana Shiva, Mohamed Nasheed (The Island President) Naomi Klein, Amy Goodman (Democracy now) and the entire government of Iceland. But I will deeply miss you, Hugo.


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bank of canada


by Betty Krawczyk

February 17, 2012

Those of you who did watch the OH CANADA MOVIE on You Tube would have caught the interview with Elizabeth May. And would have learned that Elizabeth May was more than just aware of how we are all becoming indentured debt slaves by the way our federal government (us) borrows from private banks (Royal Bank, TD, The Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank of Montreal, CIBC), she seemed quite unhappy about it.

Elizabeth May understands how our government (us) borrows money from these private banks at compound interest when the government (us) could borrow whatever money is needed to run the country from The Bank of Canada (our own bank) with no interest. That’s what our bank, The Bank of Canada, was created for. So why does our government (us) borrow the money needed to run the country from private banks at compound interest instead of from the Bank of Canada, our own bank, at no interest? A practice that is rapidly making us a nation of paupers?

elizabeth 1

Because back in 1974 private banks persuaded the government of the day (as represented by Pierre Trudeau with a liberal majority) that private banks would work best in supplying money to the government (us) at compound interest. Better for whom? For them, of course. And they were right in their assessment of how much money they could syphon out of the system with compound interest:

CANADA’S FIVE BIGGEST BANKS POST STUNNING $7.8 BILLION IN PROFITS IN THIRD QUARTER (The Canadian Press, Aug. 30, 2012). That $7.8 billion is just for one quarter. There are four quarters. Assuming the profits are roughly the same for each quarter that’s over $ 31 billion dollars in profits for the five biggest private banks in Canada. And this is why our national debt is skyrocketing and why we’re going broke. The private banks have stolen that thirty one billion from our own modest incomes. It was stolen through compound interest that our own governments have given, free gratis, to the private banks, the same banks that claim they are loaning us for our mortgages, credit cards, and almost anything we buy on credit.

This is weird. And I think it has gone on for so long simply because it is so weird. People can’t believe that banks don’t really have the money to loan them for a mortgage or anything else. The banks have no money in their vaults. Or next to none compared to the amount of money they create out of thin air when they give you a loan. That you have to pay back with compound interest. You pay this compound interest back with good hard money that was not created in fantasy land. However, our politicians say that this monetary fantasy land laced with compound interest the banks give out is good because it sucks away our real money for the loans on paper that the private banks conjured up just for us.

In the OH CANADA MOVIE Elizabeth May also talked about how this compound interest becomes national debt (us again). And of course we know who is in hock for the National Debt besides us. Our children. And their children. And if this horror show continues, their children’s children. In a very real sense, the private banks operating in Canada are eating up our progeny. At least their futures. What is to be done?

A lot. And while it would be upsetting to the private banks we need a government who would agree to borrow what is needed from our own bank (Bank of Canada) with no interest. As Elizabeth May put it, we (the government/us) could simply borrow the money from the Bank of Canada (us) to pay off our national debt and then these loans would be dissolved. We could then pay back the Bank of Canada with no interest what was left owing less the compound interest. And all future expenditures would be through the Bank of Canada.

Then our national debt would truly reflect what we (the government) actually borrowed instead of the enormous pay back of compound interest from the private banks that are killing us. This relentless demand from the banks for compound pay back is also driving the economy into the sludge of the tar sands (where the desperate need for jobs leads when government (us) investment in infrastructure, clean energy, and expanded health care is overwhelmed by the compound interest demands of private banks on citizens). All national and environmental interests get swept aside to feed the private banks their ill-gotten criminal compound interests.

As the OH CANADA MOVIE points out, it is true that Elizabeth May did not bring the Bank of Canada vs. private banks operating in Canada into the conversation during the last two federal elections. However, if you look on the Green Party website you will find that in the Green Party’s 2012 Convention that private banks vs. The Bank of Canada was on the agenda.
On page 2 of the Green Party Motion and I quote:

…”interest on interest is by far the largest part of that debt (National Debt). A 1993 Auditor General report said that of the accumulated net debt of $423 billion, only $37 billion was principal-the rest was due to the magic of compound interest. Thus, a very large portion of all the painful cutbacks, program cuts, etc. needed to “pay down the debt” are to pay interest on debts loaned to bankers….It doesn’t have to be this way. This system of government borrowing is rarely questioned because the people running our banks and central banks have a vested interest in keeping the system as it is because it works very well for them-they receive billions in interests payment for the “risk” of lending government money.“

Okay, Elizabeth, we get it. We’re with you on this. We are tired of never getting ahead because when we have a few bucks in the bank we receive little or no interest from the banks, but when we borrow from the banks through credit card or lines of credit or mortgages we pay compound interest charges that absolutely stuns us and makes us wish, at least temporarily, that we were dead. Or at least that we had never been born. So what happened to this Green Party motion to compel the federal government (us) to borrow interest free from the Bank of Canada instead of from private banks, and if passed and won, would free us from virtual slavery to the private banks? It didn’t pass? You’ve got to be kidding us!

Why on earth would anyone in the Green Party vote against national solvency? Why would anyone in the Green party vote against refusing to have our children eaten alive by compound interest? Or vote against families that are struggling to stay afloat and take care of kids, or vote against old people, health care, good schools, and affordable housing? Conservatives voting against these things? Yes, I can see that. Along with the Liberals, both Provincial and Federal. And while I’m not certain, I don’t think the NDP would even bring forward a motion like this, either.

But this motion was put forward by Elizabeth May in the Green Party. I believe she would lead us out of the private banks compound interest nightmare if she gets the chance. If her own party won’t support her on this then she needs help from the outside.

For Pete’s sake, you people in the Green Party who voted against this motion, what is wrong with you? Don’t you want the Green Party to demonstrate that it is against whatever is sucking the life blood out of Canada? This one motion, if passed, and given out to the public at large in bright, bold language could change all of our lives and future lives for the greatest good. And perhaps bring a government to power whose leader has some sense and some compassion.

Let’s help Elizabeth in this. Let’s demand, beg, and plead that she bring this motion forward again whether we’re in the Green Party or not. Let’s convince the Green Party in general that this one issue is doable, that they need only go forward with it and vote down the ones who object. Or kick them out of the party. They obviously don’t understand the terrible burden that we, the people, are striving under now, with the future looking even worse. We’re with you on this, Elizabeth. Please carry this motion forward again.


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Can Idle No More Save Canada by Betty Krawczyk




Betty Krawczyk

January 13, 2013

Will Idle No More save us from environmental collapse? An environmental collapse that could very well result from the full implementation of the Omnibus Bill? Oh, sweet Earth Mother of us all, I hope so. Because nothing else in our social or political structures, including environmental action groups, have been up to the task of alarming and energizing the public around the absolute destruction of environment protections of Canada’s land and waters as that contained in the Omnibus Bill.

In the face of the Idle No More movement sweeping the land, how is Harper to defend himself and his government? By trying to change the focus. By trying to convince the public that Idle No More doesn’t really have anything to do with the Omnibus Bill and is just the usual whining complaint from aboriginals who can’t be satisfied no matter what the government does. Rescinding the Omnibus Bill, Harper says, is not on the table.

Well, we’ll see. Because if the Omnibus Bill isn’t rescinded, what will become of Canada? With no protections for fish bearing streams, lakes, and rivers what will become of the fish? With no protections for what is left of Canadian forests what will then become of our parks and wild animals? If no protections for watersheds, what will become of our drinking water? If no protections against mining, fracking, pipe lines and off shore oil and gas exploration, what will become of the land and oceans? Will Canada become like Haiti?

Yes. This could definitely be in the not too distant future for Canada if the Omnibus Bill isn’t rescinded. Why is Haiti such a mess? Because Haiti was completely deforested by the French. Oh, the French government didn’t send loggers to Haiti to cut down the valuable old growth forests; they made the Haitians do it themselves. Why would the Haitians do such a thing?

In order to pay for their freedom. They had been slaves; they revolted. The French on the ground said okay, you win, and the French government said okay, you can have Haiti but you have to pay. We want your forests or we’ll send in the French Navy. The Haitians, valuing their freedom over the trees, complied. And then, as the trees were all they had, the rest of the forests went to build government and civil services. Corruption rampaged. The result is a nation of vast mud holes. When the rains come, there is nothing to hold back the water. Haiti is being dubbed a “failed state”. (Read “Collapse” by Jared Diamond)

Through the Omnibus Bill Stephen Harper has ordered that henceforth there will be a “lay waste to the land” policy for Canada. But why would Harper do such a thing? Harper’s Omnibus Bill is less understandable than the French’s disgusting ecological rampage of Haiti’s forests. After all, Stephen Harper is not only the Prime Minister of Canada, he lives here. He doesn’t live in another country while making an order to sack some distant more primitive country. Stephen Harper, through the Omnibus Bill, has ordered the sacking of his own country. He has ordered the ecological collapse of his own nation for no good reason. We, collectively, have put into power over us, over Canada’s people, lands, waters, and animals a man who for no good reason, has in his heart and soul, the desire to destroy what is living. There is a name for this. It is called necrophilia.

Okay, so we have a necrophiliac for a Prime Minister who has gathered other necrophiliacs round him. And our side? Who do we have? Besides Idle No More? A whole bunch of good people, good people who are the vast majorly of Canadians. Anything else? Yes, the law. The law? How can I say that when the law has all but crucified me along with thousands of other Eco-protesters in British Columbia for trying to do the same thing that Idle No More is doing? For trying to protect the land and waters of Canada?

Because it’s true. First Nations have the power to transform not only the environmental laws of this country, but to transform the rule of law as it is practiced. Specifically, First Nations have the power to transform the way in which injunctions are given out by the courts to protect corporations who lust after resource profits at all costs. And that this may be starting to happen is suggested to me by a recent article in the National Post.

In the newspaper article (reported Jan. 8, 2013 by Blatchford) on a recent rail blockade by the Chippewa of Sarnia First Nation (Ontario) Judge Brown remarked concerning the refusal of the police to arrest the protesters by order of an injunction: “This kind of passivity leads me to doubt that a future exists in this province for the use of court injunctions in cases of public demonstrations”.

Furthermore, Judge Brown said when asked, given that police have the powers of arrest already, “Why does the operator of a critical railway have to run off to court to secure an injunction when a small group of protesters park themselves on the rail line bringing operations to a grinding halt. I don’t get it.”

I don’t get it, either. I never have. Even if the group of protesters is a large one, police already have the power to arrest. But the reason First Nations can succeed where I and thousands of other protesters failed is because even if First Nations are charged and even convicted under an injunction, reserve aboriginals cannot have liens filed against their communal property (which is one reason Harper wants to privatize the reserve lands). The right thing, the fair thing, the just thing, of course, would be to do away with the use of injunctions for crowd control entirely. Either way, First Nations people have the upper hand in the matter.

What can a judge do if he or she doesn’t want to clog the jails with Idle No More people protesting the environmental destruction of Canada (which would make Canada a pariah internationally) and can’t even levy a lien against reserve property? Make them pay a fine? With what money? Cut off their government money? Let them starve? Freeze to death in the cold? I don’t think so.

I was first introduced (in prison) to the practice of starting every Healing Circle meeting with a smudge (the BC Liberal government has since cut off an elder coming into prison to hold the ceremonies). Sweet grass and sage is burned in a shell and the smoke wafted over different parts of the supplicant’s body who asks that as the smoke cleanses, that they be helped by the ancient grandmothers and grandfathers to walk in healing ways. This is a silent prayer and the only words spoken out loud are at the very end of the ceremony: “And for all of my relations.”

At first I thought “And for all of my relations” meant human relatives. But it doesn’t. It means all the non-human creatures of the world that haven’t the language to speak for themselves. This is the idea still deeply engrained in many First Nations peoples that has remained, despite all the atrocities against them; the idea that yet may save Canada from ecological collapse. The belief is that humans are responsible for the protection of the earth and her creatures.

I believe this, too. Are we not all human? Are we not all responsible for the health and protection of the earth and waters and skies? The choice is ours. We as Canadians can put our collective weight behind the Idle No More movement or hang back. But I strongly believe that if the Idle No Movement hangs tough, and the rest of us stand with them, then Stephen Harper will rethink the Omnibus Bill, start dismantling it, and give back the protections that that belong to a decent, orderly, environmentally secure nation. It’s up to us.

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Stand Up or Stand Down by Betty Krawczyk


Stand Up or Stand Down

January 10th, 2011
By Betty Krawczyk


Presently residing in the Comox Valley, I was struck by a letter to the editor by Mr. Rick James in the Comox Valley Record (Jan. 7, 2011).  Mr. James believes in his own perceptions instead of the lies we are persuaded to believe by government and logging corporations and his letter is a harbinger of hope. Political life has reached the point where many of us are numbed down and dumbed down to the point of no return. And in my opinion there will be no return unless we listen to people like Rick James.

Mr. James suggests that the recent threatened flooding in Courtenay was not due to “natural uncontrolled impacts” as pronounced by Stephen Watson, spokesperson for BC Hydro, but was instead, caused by the incredible amount of logging going on “up along the headwaters of the Valley’s rivers and streams over the past 10 or twelve years”.  Mr. James goes on to say the logging is essentially stripping the higher-elevation forests down into a “barren, lunar landscape”.  And in turn, is responsible for the huge inflows of water into the Comox Lake reservoir which seriously threatened Courtenay with flooding.

We have to recognize that the courts and the present Liberal government of British Columbia (and their apologists i.e. Stephen Watson) will protect the rights of logging companies to cut forests on hill and mountain sides to the bone even though it will bring massive flooding in the future to the towns below.  Consider the flooding of Bella Coola last September and the massive clear cutting around and above the town.  Ditto the BC towns and settlements of Port Hardy, Holberg, Kingcome Inlet, and Port Alice who were also terrorized by massive flooding; all were surrounded by clear cuts. In the book COLLAPSE by Jared Diamond (New York Times bestseller) Diamond details the total deforestation of Haiti as the reason Haiti is now a failed state and an occupied state (by US personnel). There is nothing left on Haitian hillsides to catch the rains; their towns and cities are virtual mud holes.  Can’t happen here?

It’s happening as we speak.  What can stop it?  Anger.  Enough anger to prompt citizens to start thinking about peaceful civil disobedience, to learn about it, to acknowledge it as part and parcel of the evolution of the law and the Charter and an equitable society.  Either we stand up, or stand down.  If we stand down our children will inherit scrub grasses, mud holes, ill health and few jobs instead of forests and fish and reasonable economic stability. As a people, we have to make some serious decisions.  Our government officials including the courts are too incompetent or corrupt to make decisions for the greater good.  It really is up to us. Thank you, Mr. James.

I personally am sick of the highjacking of our resources of BC by privatizing-mad governments and gutless Supreme Court judges who give out injunctions to every pillaging, polluting, privatizing logging or construction company that asks for one.  However, the disobeying of a court injunction hauls one before the same court which gave it out in the first place (judges protect each others orders, right or wrong) which means instead of being allowed to plead your case for the environment, the judge will declare you in contempt of the court and the environment is of no consequence to the court.


Gerry Hummel’s latest “Take Back Our B.C.” Poster


Gerry Hummel’s latest – the official “Take Back Our BC” design – soon to grace collectible T-shirts and posters around the province!

DRY ROT: The Far Right Targets the Left by Will Offley


[Editor’s Note: A word of explanation as to why this article is now being posted on the site. It was a feature article that first appeared in the Jan/Feb 2001 edition of Canadian Dimension, a “left” magazine located in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. The reason for re-publishing it now is because it is relevant to an understanding of how the so-called political “Left” in Canada is controlled by the very same Zionist forces who are also in control of the Canada’s political “Right” wing parties in this country.

On one hand (or claw, if you prefer 🙂 ) we have the Harper Conservatives and on the other the Zionist Jew Ignatieff Liberals along with their supposedly “socialist”, crypto-Zionist NDP and Bloc appendages.

By all outward appearances we have an ideological dichotomy but in actuality we have but two arms or tentacles stretching forth from the cephalopod source of all our discontent – political Zionism.

In order to show how this scenario unfolds in Canada it will be necessary to use this article as an example of how the Zionists infiltrate and eventually subordinate each and every movement in Canada that display tendencies which challenge the Zionist ideology or criticize the ‘state’ of Israel.

The article in question cannot be found by googling it and one cannot find it on the Canadian Dimension website. Apparently it has fallen into the sink-hole of non-history for whatever reasons.  I have it here mainly for reference as it will be useful in further discussions.]

DRY ROT: The Far Right Targets the Left

by Will Offley

Jan/Fed 2001 Vol. 35 No. 1
Canadian Dimension Magazine

Like most huge events in history, the fall of the Berlin Wall shook our world. In doing so it also changed the ground rules of politics.

Whether you call it paradigm shift or merely the temporary triumph of neoliberalism, the dust from the Wall’s collapse has clouded our vision for nearly a decade. Without exception, currents of the Left around the world have found themselves disoriented and scrambling to create a new vision and a new political framework within which to organize and to fight. This has not only been true for the traditional Communist parties, but for the non-Stalinist and anti-Stalinist Left as well.

The left has not yet been able to reconstitute a coherent vision of the new world we want to see issue from the ashes of the old, nor have we articulated the strategy or programme or organizations necessary to make that happen.  As a result, radical left politics have remained largely confined to “anti” politics for a decade or more: anticorporate, anti-globalization, anticapitalist.  We have remained locked down behind the relatively easy bulwark of what we’re against, rather than venturing out into the exposed and more dangerous terrain of defining what we’re for.  In addition, in some sectors there have been marked tendencies to view the capitalist system through the lens of conspiracism and irrationality, where plots and conspiracies replace class interests and mass politics as the motor forces of human society.

This weakening of its culture, institutions and politics have rendered some sectors of the broad left vulnerable to the conscious and organized predation being carried out in Canada by a specific current of the far right. In the U.S. this dates back as far as the Gulf War, where neo-fascist currents like the Larouche organization and Spotlight sought to attach themselves to the movement against the war.

Is the Canadian left immune from this sort of targeting?  No.

Is the situation any different now, a decade later?  Yes and no.

Yes, because Seattle has led to Washington, and from there to Philadelphia and L.A. and Windsor and Prague.  Quebec will be next, and it won’t be the end.  The rise of the struggle in the streets against globalization marks the end of ten years of demoralization and confusion.

There is a new dynamism and a new optimism, and if the path ahead is only partially visible, at least we’re collectively underway again.

However, one has only to look at Seattle to see that the growth of far right currents within and alongside the left and progressive movements has increased visibly over the decade.  There are also indicators that point to a change – during the Gulf War, the far right was active on the fringes, but by Seattle it seemed to be active at the very centre of things.  While the young militants faced down the cops and the gas in downtown Seattle, on a leadership level elements of that movement were being increasingly compromised politically by a de facto convergence between Ralph Nader and the most important far-right leader in the United States, the semi-fascist Pat Buchanan.  Five months later during the April 16th mobilizations in Washington, Buchanan shared a stage with Teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa Jr. as an invited guest of the AFL-CIO.

Antiglobalist politics are not the exclusive preserve of the left. Though it springs from different roots, Buchanan’s opposition to globalization and free trade is as genuine as ours. He just takes it in a direction diametrically opposed to everything else we stand for – protectionism, racism, exclusion.  Not only that, there have been plenty of examples this century to show the far right can be anti-corporate too.

Throughout the 1920’s Hitler’s Nazi Party contained a minority current led by Gregor and Otto Strasser that was inalterably opposed to the German trusts… as well as the Jews, the Communists, Social Democrats, gays and lesbians, unions, etc.

Nor is the far right confined solely to the hardcore neo-Nazism of the Heritage Front or the Northern Hammerskins.  It’s relatively easy to ward off the interventions of groups that put swastikas on their literature. It’s considerably more difficult when the politics of the groups in question are cloaked in progressive rhetoric and hidden behind coded language. Between Wolfgang Droege and Stockwell Day there is a whole swamp of currents and organizations – conspiracist, anti-Semitic, some with hidden fascist agendas, some totalitarian, some merely far right.

Some of these are targeting the left.  There is reason to be concerned.
Made for Each Other

Although they’re based at different ends of the country, they seem to be made for each other.

The Radical is a monthly tabloid published in Quesnel, B.C. since June 1998 by Arthur Topham, a self-described anarchist who regards himself as “a natural, sovereign and unique critter who doesn’t need any centralized forms of authority telling me how to run my life.”

Discourse and Disclosure is a more irregularly-published bimonthly, also a tabloid.  It has been put out by editor Sue Potvin since May 1996. Potvin, formerly a resident of Ottawa, now resides in Greenwood, Nova Scotia. Potvin is considerably less forthcoming about herself than is Topham.

Both publications share common positions on many different issues.  Both are opposed to globalization, the WTO, the MAI, NAFTA, the World Bank, the IMF, and now to the FTAA.  Both are opposed to the increasing corporate domination of the economy and most other sectors of everyday life.  Both have editorially supported the mobilizations against globalization, from Seattle to Prague.  Both have condemned NATO, and the West’s aggression against Yugoslavia.  Both oppose clearcutting and support many environmental causes.  Both are strongly supportive of Canadian nationalism.  Both have even run articles endorsing gay and lesbian rights, and have been outspoken in support of native struggles from Ipperwash to Gustafsen Lake. When you realize that each has survived hand-to-mouth for years, with very shaky finances, the announcement in the November 2000 issues of each publication that they were moving towards appearing as a joint publication makes a whole lot of sense.  The Radical is distributed widely throughout the hinterland of B.C; Discourse and Disclosure appears to have a broader national distribution.  Both share a number of regular contributors.  To move toward joint publication is a completely logical step in extending the reach of two papers which have essentially identical editorial approaches.

In fact, the similarities go far deeper, but this requires you to get out a fine-tooth comb and start a much closer examination of both publications.  Both papers are riddled with conspiracy theorists.  Both have supported the politics of David Icke, the new age anti-Semite who argues the world is being run by a conspiracy of blood-drinking lizards. Both regularly feature and support the activities of the far-right Detax movement.  Both exhibit numerous links to various prominent anti-Semites, militia supporters and white supremacists.  And because of these similarities both have become important vehicles in English Canada for the politics of the third position current of Canada’s far right, third position because this current of the right rejects capitalism AND Marxism.

The Third Position

Although a definite current of the far right, the third position current is distinct and apart from the mainstream of the neo-Nazi movement, which has attacked it in vitriolic terms. D&D’s editor has herself been directly criticized by a fascist web site in the following terms: “Sue Potvin publishes a Canadian tabloid titled Discourse and Disclosure … [which] believes aboriginals (Native North Americans) are the planet’s chief (no pun intended) victims and contains an enormous amount of White guilt and rants about not only what Whites have “done” to these sacred aboriginals, but to the world in general.  There is also so much ranting about corporations that it’s hardly distinguishable from your local Marxist/communist publication.”  Clearly it would be a misrepresentation to equate Potvin’s publication with mainstream neofascism, as this is simply not the case.  However, it’s also undeniable that the political content of both The Radical and Discourse and Disclosure extensively overlaps the politics of neonazism, anti-Semitism and some of the most crazed conspiracy theorists on the planet.  Judge for yourself:

• On more than one occasion D&D and Potvin herself have quoted extensively from the U.S. newspaper, The Spotlight , which has been described as “the most significant voice of the far right”.  It is published by the Liberty Lobby, itself described as “the major source of anti-Semitic propaganda in the United States” , and whose leader, Willis Carto, has been publicly quoted as stating that “only a few Americans are concerned with the inevitable niggerification of America” and “the Jews came first and remain Public Enemy Number One.”

• The December 1999 issue of Discourse and Disclosure appeared with a guest editor, Jim McKee.  McKee has contributed frequently to the paper on numerous topics.  Three months earlier a letter from him appeared, condemning immigration and stating that “in recent years, we have been bringing most of our immigrants from countries where the predominant religions are non-Christian, and the cultures are quite different from ours.  Integrating these people into Canadian society poses problems that didn’t exist for the British and European immigrants….Our heritage of Christian standards is being swept aside.”  McKee’s racism assumes even sharper definition when it’s recalled that on May 13, 1997 he held a public meeting in his Glenarm, Ontario home which was addressed by Paul Fromm.  Fromm, the head of several racist organizations, gained notoriety ten years ago when the Toronto Sun obtained a video of his appearance on stage at a December 8, 1990 meeting of the Heritage Front, flanked by a huge Nazi flag and giving a Nazi salute.

• D&D features a regular column on the activities of the Canadian Action Party written by Carla Marie Dancey, CAP’s representative to Elections Canada.  In 1997, Dancey was the Reform Party candidate in Ottawa South, where she immortalized herself on the topic of “ethnic” immigration.  An article in the May 18, 1997 Edmonton Journal reported that “Canada’s immigration system is racially driven to ensure at least 85 percent of people who come into the country aren’t white, a Reform candidate said May 17. “If you look at the immigration system right now… they’ve got it divided according to racial lines,’ said Carla Dancey…. Eighty-five percent of the people coming into the country have to be ethnic and 15 percent white, because before they had 85 percent white and 15 percent ethnic and they decided that was racist.'”  Paul Fromm’s thoroughly racist Canadian Immigration Hotline liked this quote so much it was promptly republished on its web site.

From Paul Fromm to David Icke to Wiebo Ludwig

• Almost every recent issue of Discourse and Disclosure features at least one article by Tom J. Kennedy, the Ottawa tour organizer for David Icke in 1999.  Kennedy’s main area of activity centres around the Detax movement. He has published material on the Internet that he has reprinted from neo-Nazi and Holocaust Denial websites, and he has also publicly admitted to a friendship with Ernst Zundel that goes back nearly twenty years. Currently, Kennedy has a brief tribute on the web naming his friends, mentors and leaders; this list includes not only Sue Potvin, but also Paul Fromm, Ernst Zundel, David Icke, David Irving, Glen Kealey and no less than ten leaders of the Detax movement.

• Potvin herself has editorially promoted the Detax movement, an ultra-right tax denial movement that is in many respects the Canadian equivalent of the Posse Comitatus, the U.S. current in the 1980’s that was one of the key predecessors to today’s militia movement.  Writing in a front-page article in the May/June 1997 issue of her paper entitled “Canadian Challenges The Illegal Income Tax System”, Potvin extensively profiled David Butterfield’s B.C,-based “Shareholders of Canada” and echoed its claim that no one need pay income tax, since “it’s illegal”. However, Potvin’s editorials have rarely been as overtly far right as those of her other regular contributors.  On occasion she has even publicly distanced herself from some of her most extreme contributors.

• Other D&D articles continually harp on the same conspiracist themes, whether it’s on the New World Order plot that murdered Princess Diana (Sydney White, September-October 1999), or the New World Order plot to take away our guns (John Welham, Sept/Oct. 1998), or the conspiracy of the Illuminati to control the world economy (Fred Kirkman, August 1998).  And as for Canadian nationalism, contributor Ed Benson gave a flavor of D&D’s politics in the August 1997 issue when he wrote that Canada has been “reduced to being the major financial and atomic benefactor of Red Communism; a country which condones the jailing of people for displaying a sign in English; a country that allows democratic votive fraud and military sedition; and a country that permits bare-breasted women on the streets.”

Discourse and Disclosure functions as the public voice of a far right current that first came clearly into sight during the 1993 campaign of the National Party of Canada.  Since the National Party’s demise, many D&D supporters have remained active in its successor organization, the Canadian Action Party, particularly in CAP’s leadership.  Regular contributors to Discourse and Disclosure include party leader Paul Hellyer, CAP’s national president Connie Fogal, at least three CAP regional directors , and more than 10% of CAP’s candidates in both the 1997 and 2000 federal elections.  D&D supporters have also been visibly active in and around numerous other organizations since then, including several PIRG organizations, Concerned Citizens Against Free Trade, David Orchard’s campaign for the leadership of the Progressive Conservatives, the Council of Canadians, various anti-globalization groups and others.

The Radical appears to have taken a completely different trajectory, only to wind up at the same spot.  Where the D&D current appears to have set out to penetrate various sectors of the left, The Radical appears to have engaged in a process of political evolution away from anarcho/green politics towards those of the far right.  Both papers share both a common editorial approach and a common pool of writers.  David Icke has appeared repeatedly in both papers, and has been listed on the masthead of both as a contributor.  (The May/June 2000 issue of Canadian Dimension features an assessment of Icke and his backers in greater depth than is possible here). Numerous other writers besides Icke appear regularly in both The Radical and Discourse and Disclosure.  including Bev Collins, Joseph Duggan, Robert Rodvik, John Welham, Eva Lyman, Pat Bennett, Kevin Annett, and Connie Fogal, among others.  Joseph Duggan is David Icke’s main Vancouver organizer, whose speakers’ bureau Strong Eagles Productions organizes tours in Vancouver and B.C. for much of the conspiracist right.

Bev Collins made the cryptic comment in the April 1999 issue of The Radical, “are you prepared for an American military officer under United Nations command to enter your home and remove you and your family because of Y2K?”, and went on to hint darkly about a battalion of British troops on “training exercises” at the time outside Rossland, B.C.  This has been one of her main preoccupations for a long time.  In August 1996 she authored a long piece in D&D entitled “U.S. Militia Victim Of Negative Image Makers”, which stated that “more than three million patriots in the U.S. today have joined with law enforcement and a cross-nation militia organization network”.  She went on to add that “the militia is not, as those in power would have you believe, some extremist band of thugs.”  On the contrary, she wrote, “militia members are said to be everyday, ordinary American citizens who care enough to take steps to protect their country against corrupt government.”  She pooh-poohed the armed Freeman standoff taking place in Montana by simply declaring the Freemen were not really militia, after all, which probably came as news to them.

Collins’ links to militia activity do not seem to be confined to ideological support alone, either.  According to David Lethbridge of the Salmon Arm Coalition Against Racism, “not long before the 1997 federal election, Collins attended and spoke at a secret meeting of the Texas Light Infantry, one of the earliest militias to be set up after the [1992] Estes Park gathering which founded the contemporary militia movement.” Bob Holloway, one of the key organizers of the Texas Light Infantry, is an associate of Louis Beam, Grand Dragon of the Texas Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

John Welham has written for both papers as well.  He authored a piece in the July 1998 issue of The Radical entitled “Why Federal Income Tax Is Illegal” which stated in part “Revenue Canada has done a fantastic job of brainwashing Canadians into believing that federal income tax in legal. Nothing could be further from the truth….No one has to pay income tax to the federal government.  It’s illegal….”  The following month his article was picked up by Discourse and Disclosure and reprinted verbatim.

And not least, both paper have given extensive publicity to the various leaders of the Detax movement, including Eldon Warman, Tom J. Kennedy, Byrun Fox, Hans Krampe, David Butterfield and others.  On more than one occasion Discourse and Disclosure has published four-page supplements on Butterfield’s group, and The Radical has also repeatedly run ads for various Detax seminars and public events.

The Radical: You Can’t Judge This Book by its Cover

If you judge a book by its cover, you’d have to conclude that The Radical is radical – after all, every issue is festooned with peace symbols, anarchist A’s, hemp plants and (cruellest joke of all) little pictures of Che.  It would be much more accurate to say that while the layout may be radical, the editorial content’s been taken so far to the right that it’s off the page.  And it’s not like Arthur Topham is the first, either. Throughout the last century, every single current in the broad left has seen defectors from its ranks crossing over to the far right.  Benito Mussolini left the Socialist Party to lead the Italian fascist movement. Many sections of the Comintern experienced losses to fascism during the 1930’s, like the split of the Jacques Doriot wing from the French Communist Party.  Lyndon Larouche came out of the Trotskyist SWP.  Why should we expect hippie anarchism to be any different?

The problem is, The Radical, like D&D, has connections and it has influence.  The current November issue demonstrates this clearly.  It contains articles by militia supporter Bev Collins, Detax activist Tom Kennedy and Wiebo Ludwig supporter Allan Johnston. It has a column by Hans Krampe stating that this federal election “may very well be our last chance to deal with despotic and treasonous systems in a democratic and relatively peaceful manner.  After that, who knows what will happen.”, accompanied by an editorial calling on readers to refuse to register their guns.  But others are present as well.  There is an article by the Prince George Green Party.  There is an article by Vancouver Parks Board commissioner Roz Cassels, elected on the Green Party slate.  There is a letter from 72-year-old Betty Krawczyk, currently serving a one-year prison sentence for her participation in the logging blockades in the Elaho Valley.

This is where we find the danger from this current.  They have a hearing within our ranks, and it looks like a pretty big one.  Both papers have systematically courted sectors of the left, the greens and anarchist currents, most spectacularly in the case of The Radical.  Over the last year Topham’s paper has featured front-page articles on the Elaho blockades, Toronto Green mayoralty candidate Tooker Gomberg, the Vancouver Mayworks Festival and the David Suzuki Foundation.  The March issue featured a full-page ad on the back cover placed by the World March of Women for International Women’s Day.  Articles and letters have been printed from and about the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, Friends of the Earth, the Cariboo Green Party, Vicki Husband of the Sierra Club of B.C., Veterans Against Nuclear Arms, the Valhalla Wilderness Society, the Council of Canadians, Amnesty International, SPEC, Check Your Head, the New Internationalist, Greenpeace, Leonard Peltier, the Sierra Legal Defence Fund and others.  Articles by Noam Chomsky appear regularly. And the paper continues to be distributed not only by the progressive Magpie Magazines, but by the leftie Peoples’ Coop and Spartacus bookstores.

What is at Stake?

Third-position politics are a threat to the left, the green movement and progressive organizations in general.  To counter them, first and above all we need to expose them to the light of day.  Many of the cases above have a very simple explanation, that Potvin’s and Topham’s politics are largely concealed from public view, and therefore neither known or understood by many who associate with these papers.  This is pretty common with crypto-right currents..  But there will undoubtedly be those who defend The Radical and Discourse and Disclosure, just as there are at least some who appear prepared to accept Wiebo Ludwig as an ally, and David Icke as a guru.  This will require not only exposure, but political struggle as well.

In the final analysis, the rejection and marginalization of third position politics require many of the same political discussions that will be integral to any process of rebuilding the left.  What is at stake?  A rejection of irrationalism, of conspiracy theories, of scapegoating. Repudiating Canadian nationalism.  Moving beyond a reflexive anti-capitalist politics to begin to develop a broad vision of the world we want to be able to leave to our children.  Articulating what we’re for, and how we intend to get there.  Redefining socialism. And reconstructing the left.

Will Offley is a Vancouver-based researcher.

NEWS RELEASE: LEFT OF WHAT? LEFT OF CENTRE? by Betty Krawczyk Mayoralty candidate for Vancouver, B.C.


Vancouver, Monday,

August 18th 2008
Left of what? Left of Centre?

by Betty Krawczyk

That’s how Vision, a Municipal Political Party of Vancouver is being described, by themselves, and by the media, as left of centre. My question is: how can any political party be described as left of centre when it is seventy per cent funded by developers and corporations?  But this question is never raised by our only two daily print newspapers, The Vancouver Sun and the Province.  Both newspapers are owned by the Asper family of Winnipeg.

Okay, if only one family who lives in Winnipeg owns the only two daily print newspapers in Vancouver, (the family owns CanWest, the largest media conglomerate in Canada) what are the politics of this family, that is, the way they slant the news ?   Decidedly right wing.  That is, the usual right wing messages advocating the privatizing of everything public, including health care.  All in a reasonable tone, of course.  And the Aspers have already elected Gregor Robertson of Vision as the next mayor of Vancouver.  How have they done this?  By getting Gregor Robinson out there, at every opportunity, front and centre. in their newspapers.  And never even mentioning the fact that I, too, am running for mayor of Vancouver.

The Aspers obviously consider the fact that a little old lady environmental activist running for mayor as completely unworthy of mention.  Or, the other possibility is that I present some kind of a threat.   Because here’s an odd thing.  In my role as an environmental activist, both papers have covered my activities.   But as soon as I’m out of prison and announce that I’m running for mayor of Vancouver there is absolute silence.  The Vancouver Sun and the Province have never heard of me.  And furthermore, they have no intention of hearing my name or seeing my face.  Wouldn’t you agree that this is odd?  Wouldn’t you think that the only two local daily print newspapers would at lest mention that I, too, am running for mayor of Vancouver?  Especially since there is only one other declared candidate for mayor (besides myself), Peter Ladner of NPA?  And they do report on Mr. Ladner?  I would even feel that the Aspers were fulfilling some kind of civic responsibility to their readers if,  when discussing the mayoral race in an article, they  just tossed a throw away line at the bottom by adding : and oh yes, and  Betty Krawczyk is also running for mayor.  But not even this footnote.

The fact that there is not even a footnote makes me suspicious.  Could the Aspers really be afraid of me?  Of what I represent?  Which is public resistance to their corporate agenda and value systems?  If so, what right have they to pick the next mayor of Vancouver, one whom they consider to be more amenable to their ring wing agendas?   To do this by endorsing a nice man with a soft image and calling his seventy per cent corporate and developer funded party left of centre?  And the Aspers don’t even live in British Columbia.  Oh, money is a powerful thing!

If one bluntly questioned the Aspers about this they would probably reply that they have a right to say what they please and ignore what they please as they own the newspapers.  But I say they have a responsibility to the public as owners of the only two local print dailies in Vancouver to report the news, what is actually happening, not ignore what displeases them.  I say, just print the news, you Asper family of the Vancouver Sun and the Province.  And part of the news concerning the mayoral candidate race in Vancouver is that Betty Krawczyk is also a candidate and she is running under the auspices of The Work Less Party.  You don’t like that?  You’re afraid of it?  Better to ignore it?  Beneath your notice?

Ah, but you have a public obligation, you Aspers. You have an obligation to print names of declared candidates and legal municipal parties who have declared.  In fact, I think there may even be some legal obligation here to do so.   Just mentioning this as a foot note.

Betty Krawczyk


For more information contact:

Betty Krawczyk
Mayoral Candidate, City of Vancouver

German Citizens Protest Logging of Mountain Caribou Habitat at Canadian Embassy in Berlin

January 31, 2008


German Citizens Protest Logging of Mountain Caribou Habitat at Canadian Embassy in Berlin

British Columbia, Canada –  The BC government’s failure to stop logging in mountain caribou habitat sparked protest at the Canadian embassy in Berlin today. German citizens gathered in front of the embassy carrying a banner with the slogan “Save the Inland Rainforest of Canada” and two life-sized effigies of the mountain caribou.  The environmental organization Robin Wood delivered a letter to the embassy addressed to BC Premier Gordon Campbell. It was signed by 4,835 people.  The letter declares support for a petition that was sent to the BC government last year by fifty Canadian and US biologists.  It called for an end to logging all old-growth mountain caribou forest older than 140 years.

Last year several German environmental groups including Koordinationszentrum Natur und Umwelt, Naturschatz, Regenwald Kanada, and Urgewald wrote letters of concern to the BC government.  The government has now announced its new plan to save the mountain caribou. However, the plan did not reduce the allowable annual cut in mountain caribou habitat. It did not create one real protected area. With the kind of protection that’s being granted, if the caribou disappear because too little habitat has been protected, the logging can commence, continuing to send numerous other old-growth species into extinction. Today’s protest demonstrates growing concern in Germany.

“For the last 47 years the nations of the world have had the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species to ensure that trade did not make species go extinct,” says Anne Sherrod, a director of Valhalla Wilderness Watch based in New Denver, BC. Canada is a signatory. But suppose what’s being traded is wood products, and it’s the logging of the wood that’s causing species to go extinct? This is happening in Canada’s Inland Rainforest. Many kinds of old-growth dependent lichens, plants and animals are endangered.

“The last intact old-growth Inland Temperate Rainforests are being destroyed for profiteering at any cost,” says Eric Schindler of Pro Terra, based in Argenta, BC. “Yet the huge crown volume of one of those majestic trees produces more oxygen, filters more dust from the air, transpires more moisture, gives more protective shade to the ground, regulates the climate better than a thousand young plantation trees. These are astounding ecosystems and world-unique assets which only fools would allow to be harmed and destroyed.”

The mountain caribou and its habitat, the Interior Wetbelt, extend into the northern US, where there has been a large effort to get BC to protect its part of the habitat. The following are a few of the BC and US environmental groups that also support the scientists’ mountain caribou petition.  “We cannot support a plan for recovering mountain caribou that does not stop the logging of forest critical to their survival. Thousands of Canadians have written letters to the BC government begging for an end to logging the old-growth caribou forests, especially Inland Rainforest.  But the new plan ignores their pleas just as it ignores the main cause of the mountain caribou’s decline: logging.  This is an ecosystem of global significance, and now the international community is starting to speak out.  We hope the governments of BC and Canada will listen.”


Anne Sherrod, Valhalla Wilderness Watch
Dr. Rick Zammuto, Save the Cedar League,
Eric Schindler, ProTerra
Judy Stratton, Northern Ecology Watch¬
Glen Barry, Ecological Internet
Marilyn Burgoon, Perry Ridge Water Users
Pat Rasmussen, World Temperate Rainforest Network
Elizabeth von Ah, Kids for Caribou

Contact person:  Anne Sherrod, 358-2610


Sudden Court Date for Betty Krawczyk set for Jan. 11th/08

PLEASE come out and support Betty this Friday!!!! I will be away on business so please help make sure that she has the support she needs!


Vancouver, Wednesday, January 9th, 2007
Betty Krawczyk

Kevin Falcon, the Minister of Transportation, is quick on the draw.  Oh, yes.  Mr. Falcon is in the process of shooting down my law suit against him for collusion and malfeasance of public office stemming from his role at creating and guiding the destruction of an intact eco system at Eagleridge to build an ugly, unneeded, destructive four lane highway over the bluffs and wetlands and enchanting us all with his witty remarks about China’s method of dealing with protesters.  But Mr. Falcon has his own methods.

He has surprised me with a demand that I be in the Supreme Court Building at 9:45 on Friday morning (Jan. 11) so he (and/or his lawyer) can shoot down my case against him from close range without the documents he refuses to reveal.  It’s a catch 22.  Or sawed off shotgun.  The Minister refused to give the documents I need to prove my case, then will ask the judge to strike my claims, as I don’t have the documents to prove them.

Clever, these guys.  It looks hopeless but please come witness the shoot out at the OK corral!  I will be representing myself.  Who knows, maybe the sky will fall.  Remember.  Friday morning.  9:45.  Supreme Court building, 800 Smithe Street.
Thank you.

Betty Krawczyk



For more information contact  x-msg://1441/
Monika Sheardown

(Betty’s No.1 priority as mayor)

Vancouver, Thursday, December 20th, 2007

Betty Krawczyk

Don’t shoot ‘em in my back yard! That’s become the new NIMBY for many people in Vancouver. That’s what happened in my neighbourhood last week, just a few streets away. And the murdered man who died in a back alley behind his house on Napier Street had a partner in the real estate business. Pot and real estate is a natural business connection. Who would know better than real estate people where the best grow-op houses would be? And as the RCMP estimates that the estimated annualized retail return for marijuana cultivated in BC is six billion dollars some growers are willing to simply shoot it out to protect such lucrative territory. And even our esteemed Attorney General Wally Oppal, who says he hardly ever sees his brother who is connected with a grow op house, squirms uncomfortably when questioned about this blood connection, not to mention the drug connection with some ex ministers assistants and God and Goddess only knows who else will eventually surface in the legislature as the ruthlessly suppressed accusations unfold.

Six billion dollars! Think of that. Could the ready drug cash for grow op houses, especially upscale ones that are pushing all house prices up have anything to do with the obscene house prices even the most miserable hovels in the poorest parts of town and is making most average income people house and rent poor? In order to make developers and speculators besides the gang cartels even richer? Well, what else could it be? Just about everybody knows who has ever smoked pot or who smokes pot or knows someone intimately who smokes pot that it is a lot less harmful than alcohol. It’s alcohol that drives people crazy. It’s alcohol that causes fights, car wrecks, wife beating, and child abuse. When I am mayor of Vancouver I will make it a priority to work to legalize pot, tax the hell out of it as ex-mayor Larry Campbell recently advised ( although I have to wonder why he waited until he was no longer mayor to advise it) and use the proceeds for reasonable housing for everybody. Doesn’t that sound like a workable solution? Why are politicians so afraid to say these things? Well, I’ll say them. And do them. When I’m mayor. When you make me mayor.

Betty Krawczyk


The Way It Works by Betty Krawczyk



By Betty Krawczyk

There is an old adage that says one gets what one pays for. But not in British Columbia. Taxpayers here pay a lot for a justice system that like a cow, gives steady streams of the sweet milk of justice to posh people (Gordon Campbell’s friends of privatization) but decreasing dribbles to poor people (and that includes just about everyone else in Vancouver (except old money) who are trying to survive the drug trade ratcheted up rents and mortgages and eat at the same time) while forcing the people to bring in the hay and of course, clean out the barn to boot. A In fact, if I remember clearly even the law society of BC was aggravated with Wally Oppal for his part in the trashing of legal services and wrote a letter of non-confidence in him.

Gordon Campbell’s privatizing policies are working through the system and showing up in the courtroom What does a citizen do if s/he can’t afford high priced lawyers and can’t get legal aid? Forget the whole thing or do it yourself. Which is what I’m doing. Doing it myself. While I have a great lawyer for my appeal, one who is helping me pro bono, I’m also trying to sue Kevin Falcon, The Minister of Transportation, and Peter Kiewit Sons. Co., the West Vancouver Police and the City of West Vancouver for Collusion and Malfeasance in civil court and as I have no money to speak of I have to do this myself. And I would like to take as many citizens as possible with me through the process.

It’s important. Not only are the issues I raise important in the sense that they concern everyone, the process itself is important. We as citizens must try to understand the legal process in British Columbia or else remain helpless before it. Either we make it work for us, or it will continue to work for them, the posh agencies of government and corporations that puzzle and stifle us with legalize language and processes that not only hide their ideologies but their actions. I’m for making it work for us.

So I want to take those interested with me step by step as I negotiate the legal process of trying to sue the agencies of government and corporations that destroyed the eco integrity of Eagleridge Bluffs and caused the untimely death of Harriet Nahanee. In my next missile I will tackle my first step in filing a law suit and applying for a jury trial and I will post these on my blog:

Betty K.

NOTE from Monika:
Betty K served court papers on Tuesday December 3rd to Peter Kiewit Sons. Co, Kevin Falcon, the West Vancouver Police and their employer, the City of West Vancouver. These offices have 7 days to reply to Betty’s Writ of Summons. We’ll keep you posted.


For more information contact

For the rich and powerful, “Law” (?) . For the others, “Contempt” from the Court. Justice in the Supreme Court of British Columbia.


For the rich and powerful, “Law” (?) . For the others, “Contempt” from the Court. Justice in the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

By Robin Mathews

In a news release of June 12, 2007, Monika Sheardown wrote of Betty Krawczyk and her case. Environmental protester with many others, Krawczyk defied Supreme Court judge Brenda Brown who was, incidentally, using a highly dubious, almost “made in B.C.” criminal contempt charge to shut up protesters exposing the Private Corporate/Campbell government/Vancouver Olympic Committee rape of the Province on behalf of wealthy interests – called “the 2010 Olympics”. Justice Brown sent Krawczyk, a 78 year old woman (clearly a huge threat to the peace and security of Canadians), to ten months in prison.

Brown also sentenced ailing and aged Harriett Nahanee (against strong advice) to days in a prison “hell hole” which – in fact – Nahanee did not live out. Justice. The Complaint against Brown in that last matter, made to the Canadian Judicial Council from a body of ordinary Canadians has been treated, I suggest, with contempt from the Canadian Judicial Council.

Very clearly the more than 40 people who lodged the Complaint with the Canadian Judicial Council were complaining of the conduct of Madam Justice Brenda Brown. They wrote: “Our complaint concerns the treatment by Madam Justice Brenda Brown of a Native protester, Harriet Nahanee-Tseboilt (hereafter named Harriett Nahanee) whom Madam Justice Brenda Brown caused to be incarcerated in a detention place known to be unsuitable after being directly informed of the Native woman’s age and perilous ill-health. After some days imprisonment in what was described in court to Madam Justice Brown as a “hell hole”, Harriett Nahanee had to be rushed to hospital with life-threatening illness from which she died”.

In fact, Justice Brown sentenced Harriett Nahanee to an apparently nasty jail. She was informed of Nahanee’s perilous condition and asked to conduct herself differently – to retain the sentence, the decision that Nahanee was in Contempt of Court if she wished, but to have her live out that sentence in a form and in a place from which she might come out alive. Brown was asked to conduct herself differently than she did in the matter.

The reply from Norman Sabourin on behalf of the CJC reported that we were not complaining of the conduct of Justice Brown. But (stupid, ordinary people that we are), we were, according to Associate Chief Justice Robert Pidgeon of the Superior Court of Quebec, complaining about the sentence, the decision of Justice Brown. And so… And so, of course, the Canadian Judicial Council couldn’t possibly look at our Complaint. Smoke and mirrors. Hide and seek. Prestidigitation. At no place in his letter, by the way, did Norman Sabourin acknowledge the Complaint came from a large number of people. He addressed me and MY Complaint.

I wrote back a stern letter, requesting that another judge review the matter and that it be reopened as a Complaint against the conduct of Madam Justice Brenda Brown, as it was intended. I made clear I thought the matter had been wrongly dealt with.
[Read more…]


Politics in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Secrecy. Bias, Protection of Wrong-Doers.

Part Three: Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett.

By Robin Mathews

Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett presides, and hearings resume, after recess, on June 4. They are the hearings in the Supreme Court of B.C. on the way (?) to the criminal trial of Dave Basi, Bob Virk, and Aneal Basi. The men are accused of various (fraud and breach of trust) charges related to the dirty sale by the Gordon Campbell government of B.C. Rail four years ago.

The sale was publicly attacked by the CPR as being the result of a compromised bidding process. CPR withdrew from the bidding, dissatisfied, alleging the Campbell government made a “clear breach” of fairness and had given CN an unfair advantage in the bidding. To fake a real competition, moreover, government representatives are alleged to have promised benefits to the U.S. company Omnitrax to pretend to stay in the race, and…and…. In fact, the sale of B.C. Rail is very probably illegitimate.

On June 4, 2007, the hearings resume as Madam Justice Bennett rules on requests Defence has made for further disclosure of evidence so far denied. Evidence, it seems, has been denied or delayed by the Special Crown Prosecutor and his Crown team because of apparent oversight, apparent neglect, apparent disorganization, absent-mindedness, RCMP obstruction, apparent forgetfulness, cabinet obtuseness, RCMP inefficiency, computer failure, claims of irrelevance, and…and…and….

Justice Bennett has presided over months and months of delay and obstruction which now are shouting from every nook and cranny of Courtroom 54 in the B.C. Supreme Court building. The question which is forced upon the serious observer is this: is Justice Bennett a part of the forces wanting to “de-rail” (pun intended) the proceedings against Basi, Basi, and Virk?
[Read more…]

Free Betty shirts have arrived, hot off the presses!

Hi Arthur,
Thanks for your support for Betty.
Here’s the info on the shirts.. i don’t have any info on bumper stickers…
Very best wishes!

Free Betty shirts have arrived, hot off the presses!

With an award winning photo of Betty by Ron Watts of Saltspring Island, hand silkscreening by Andy Sinats in Victoria, creative input from Damian Kettlewell and design by yours truly, these 70% Bamboo and 30% Organic Cotton Tee’s from HT Naturals have binding on the neck and a cap sleeve. This shirt is a must have staple that isn’t just a fashion statement!

But seriously folks, all proceeds from the sale of these T-shirts will go Betty’s Appeal funds, which will be sorely needed. The date for the appeal may be approaching faster than we think…

Prices, including tax, and delivery: $25 for all Bamboo T’s. Some cotton shirts are available at a price of $20. Women’s long sleeved Bamboo T’s: $35

To order, please send a cheque for the T’s, plus any donation you wish to add, made out to “Betty K Fund”, and a note with:

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Vancouver BC
V6J 1B8

and we will send your T-shirt(s) to you promptly!

Best wishes,

“We have more possibilities available in each moment that we realize”
Thick Nhat Hanh


Open Letter to Chief Justice D. Brennan of the B.C. Supreme Court

[Editor’s Note: The following letter by Robin Mathews to the Chief Justice of the B.C. Supreme Court is a courageous and finely worded challenge to the person in charge of justice for all British Columbians. It’s essential that the questions which Mr. Mathews asks of the Chief Justice are forwarded to as many citizens as possible throughout this province to insure that the courts are made aware of the extent of the general dissatisfaction with the questionable processes and decisions that Mr. Mathews alludes to in his letter. Please pass this letter on to as many of your associates as you possibly can. For the sake of those still living in prison under false charges i.e. Betty Krawczyk and for justice concerning the unnecessary death of Harriet Nahanee consider this request of an urgent nature. Thank you. Arthur Topham, Editor and Publisher, The Radical Press]

Open Letter to Chief Justice D. Brennan of the B.C. Supreme Court

Robin Mathews
520 Salsbury Drive,
Vancouver, B.C., V5L 3Z7,
April 12, 2007.

The Honourable D. Brenner,
Chief Justice,
Supreme Court of British Columbia,
800 Smythe Street, Vancouver,
British Columbia, V6Z 2E1

copies to: Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett, Madam Justice Brenda Brown, Ms. H. L. McBride, The Canadian Judicial Council, Concerned Canadians

Re: R.v. Basi, Basi, and Virk,
Registry No. VA23299

Re: District of Kitimat and Wozney v. Minister of Energy and Mines, the Attorney General of British Columbia and Alcan
Docket L050918

Re: Complaint against Madam Justice Brenda Brown to the Canadian Judicial Council concerning the Court-implicated death by draconian use of “criminal contempt” of court and by the unnecessary incarceration of Harriett Nahanee, aged and ill Native environmental protester. [And the parallel draconian incarceration of Betty Krawczyk, non-Native protester, not addressed in the Complaint].

My Lord:

Law Officer of the Supreme Court of British Columbia H.L. McBride, replying (March 30) to a letter of mine to Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett concerning “public access to documents filed” in the Basi, Basi, and Virk matter, repeated the objectionable terms of the general restriction of documents from public examination imposed by Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm – obviously imposed with the approval or consent of judges involved and with your support. That so-called “Practice Direction” has been explained as a device employed to insure the protection of the accused. In my own experience the substance of such documents does not bear negatively upon the accused; rather the denial of those public documents to the public appears to protect those who may be corrupt members of the present and past Gordon Campbell government and other highly placed people possessing political power in the province.

With respect, I submit to you that the so-called “Practice Direction” – which is in fact an illegitimate universal gag order – is intolerable and is a violation of the freedoms of Canadians to know. I believe an address to the Supreme Court of Canada would see the so-called “Practice Direction” struck down as illegitimate. I believe a process by writ of mandamus might have the same effect. With respect, I believe that any fair-minded person concerned with justice and the freedoms of Canadians would see the present so-called “Practice Direction” as an intolerable, dictatorial, and repressive invasion of the freedoms and the tranquility of Canadians. If you do not see it as that, would you explain to me why you do not?
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