The New World Order Is Universally Chaotic by Jonas E. Alexis and Gerard Menuhin


The New World Order Is Universally Chaotic
by Jonas E. Alexis and Gerard Menuhin, Veterans Today
April 15, 2016

“Every time we see some politician on television, pontificating about the benefits of some scheme which is obviously against the interests of the majority of any population, we must remind ourselves that he is just being paid to lie.”
~ Gerard Mehunin, Author of Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil

Alexis: You argue that “The only winners of the World Wars were the politicians and bankers who instigated them. The politicians were not representatives of their peoples but traitors; the bankers by their trade were cosmopolites. It followed that the benefits of these conflagrations were so significant that they eclipsed the importance of the estimated 76 million who left their lives while fighting in them. Since finance backed both sides in a ‘managed conflict,’ the citizens of both sides were left to foot the bill.”[1]

This is an important point. The war in Iraq for example will cost the average American at least $6 trillion.[2] Neither George W. Bush nor the Neocons who spearheaded the war will suffer from it. In fact, those same Neocons, most specifically people like Daniel Pipes, want to use perpetual wars to destroy countries like Syria.

With respect to the World Wars, you argue that “In the interval between the first and second acts, the Versailles Treaty, with its impossible demands, was imposed, in order to ensure that the looting could continue.”[3] You also quote Winston Churchill elsewhere saying that “Everything tends towards catastrophe and collapse. I am interested and geared up and happy.” Expand on that statement a bit. Tell us how the oligarchs used political manipulation to bludgeon the West into the World Wars.

Menuhin: What is an oligarch? An oligarch may not only be a business magnate but a powerful individual too. ‘Oligarch: member of oligarchy. Oligarchy: Government, State governed by the few.’ (Greek, oligoi few, arkho rule, Oxford Concise Dictionary) It all depends on their purpose.

When we think of oligarchs, we usually mean the Russians who came to their riches during alcoholic President Yeltsin’s reign (Beresowski, Abramovich, Khodorkovsky, etc.), with the advice of Harvard’s Jeffrey Sachs. The word ‘oligarch’ implies a quality of banditry, a frontier spirit, which we in the West attribute to primitive societies.

However, ‘The most civilized people are as near to barbarism as the most polished steel is to rust. Nations, like metals, have only a superficial brilliancy’ (Antoine de Rivarol). Some might dispute whether the U.S. is truly civilized. It was ‘discovered’ in the 15th century, colonized in the 17th century, its indigenous inhabitants tamed or exterminated, and then re-occupied by the money powers in the 18th , 19th, and 20th centuries, crowning their efforts with the institution of the Fed.

Britain had been infected with the pestilence as early as 1066 and capitulated entirely by 1694; France in 1789. 1913 was a key year for the money powers in America. It saw the establishment of the Fed, of income taxes, and of the ADL, created to prevent criticism of Jews, by the same powers who wave the magic wand over those designated to become oligarchs.

By the time the enormous landmass that is Russia became a target, North America had been captured by its own oligarchs. Oil, transport and the media had been monopolized. Carnegie, Harriman, Mellon, Morgan, Rockefeller are some of the most famous of the original 19th century ‘robber barons’, but there are plenty of other present-day pillars of U.S. society, who also began as oligarchs.

How can one ‘begin’ as an oligarch? Well, oligarchism doesn’t involve becoming in a regular way. It involves a sudden – to the external world inexplicable — boost in fortune. It doesn’t necessarily include a learning curve, or a brilliant invention. Inventions can be stolen, learning is on the job. It’s more an endowment, or assignment.

Ethnicity isn’t always essential; a suitable character is. Some oligarchs have both. The required traits are: opportunism, indifference, venality. But oligarchs are all chosen for their willingness to endorse a New World Order. Briefly put, the New World Order requires universal chaos to be caused by means of a ‘strategy of tension’ (false flag terrorist action) which, in turn, requires a new order to be imposed, ‘for the good of the people’.

Clearly, this change from a stable to an unstable society cannot occur overnight. It must be guided by hand-picked politicians, major foundations (created by the oligarchs), and ostensibly well-meaning, convincingly-named organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center or the NAACP.

Populations must be degraded and dumbed down by means of expensive but devalued education, senseless entertainment, noxious nutrition and its ensuing disorders and addictions, and harmful pharmaceutical medication.[4]

The young must be indoctrinated in subjects supported by generous university endowments, and infiltrated by egalitarian principles, like ‘Equal Opportunity’ and Women’s Rights, which purport to seek only what sounds utterly reasonable and desirable (‘Liberté, Fraternité, Egalité), but, in fact, are driven by quite other long term motives. This plan has been ongoing since the late 19th century and is now nearing fruition.[5]

In the occupied countries, populations have succumbed to ‘Representative Democracy’, as exemplified by the parliamentary system. By and large, even under the politics of controlled opposition in the parliamentary system, populations are a nuisance. They must be allowed only as much choice as will lull them into apathy and the illusion that they enjoy basic freedoms, like freedom of expression, until the new world order takes form and they can be dominated completely.

No electorate is genuinely empowered to choose a popular leader. Should, as a result of a breakdown in oversight, a popular leader be elected (Chavez in Venezuela, Morales in Bolivia, earlier, Peron in Argentina), they are threatened by corrupt ‘opposition’, backed by external powers, and, almost inevitably, overthrown by a coup.

Oligarchs exist and flourish all over the world. Particularly in the unsettled or rebellious countries, they play a useful role. The Ukraine, for instance, is run, officially and unofficially, by oligarchs, actually successful gangsters who stop at nothing to get what they want.

In the Ukraine, ethnicity has been a major factor since the 8th century Khazar conversion. Practically all business and media in the Ukraine is in the hands of Jewish oligarchs, some of them previous communist party apparatchiks. In such unruly countries, where government is still unsettled, oligarchs must control their fiefdoms by violence; in secured or occupied countries, where governments have been accustomed to obeying the money powers for centuries, oligarchs may simply act as placeholders for wealth transfers from alleged foes, like Russia.

In unsettled countries, people are still marginally free. That is, they may be shot for expressing a genuine desire for choice/freedom. That explains why countries previously ruled from Moscow are unwilling to submit to the dictates of the EU now. They refuse to accept hordes of refugees. In the secured countries, opposition is often feigned, or instigated only to confuse citizens. Decades of dumbing down and debt-acquired benefits have ensured that any genuine resistance seldom occurs and is easily quelled with a few whiffs of teargas.

So how do you get to be an oligarch? How does a nobody from nowhere become enormously wealthy, or president of a country? Who gives them their jump-start?

One can only go by probability. Essential is, obviously, to search for a suitable person among those to whom money means everything. This qualification alone reduces the quest to a certain ethnicity, although not exclusively. Probably, a young, malleable person (often an orphan) comes to the attention of those who make these decisions and is put on the right track. (One can almost picture a line-up of protégés being interviewed by the local rabbi.)

Those who prove unsuitable may have to be discarded, but the attractions are so great that the chosen must hardly ever disappoint their mentors. Eventually, you have a structure in which politics (e.g. Clinton, Obama) and business (e.g. Murdoch) are in lockstep. They perform on demand and are allowed their private weaknesses, no matter how deplorable. Most likely, they would never have been chosen, had they not exhibited a potential weakness in the first place. In this way, the ones who really pull the strings and whose ethnicity is unvaried can stay in the background.

Take, for example, Roman Abramovich. Depending on whom you believe:

‘Abramovich, the son of Jewish parents from Saratow on the Volga, was an early orphan and school dropout from the provinces, who became a powerful oil and metals tycoon during the Yeltsin era. When Abramovich was one and a half years old, his mother Irina, a piano teacher, died of blood poisoning (the result of an illegal abortion), at four, he lost his father Arkadi too, in a work-related accident (he was knocked down by a construction crane).’ (Metapedia, translated from the German)

‘(Abramovich) first worked as a street-trader and then as a mechanic at a local factory. At the peak of perestroika, Abramovich sold imported rubber ducks from his Moscow apartment. He attended the Gubkin Institute of Oil and Gas in Moscow (where he sold retreaded car tires as a sideline), then traded commodities for Runicom, a Swiss trading company.

‘In 1988, as perestroika opened up opportunities for privatization in the Soviet Union, Abramovich got a chance to legitimize his old business. He and Olga set up a company making dolls. Within a few years his wealth spread from oil conglomerates to pig farms and he also started investing in other businesses.’ (Wikipedia)

Possibly, the mysterious boost in Abramovich’s entrepreneurial fortunes occurred between the rubber duck venture and his induction into the Institute of Oil and Gas. Presumably, his success at selling bath toys did not integrate seamlessly into the stratosphere of a billionaire. Today, Abramovich owns three of the world’s largest yachts and the Chelsea football team. How much time such amusements allow him for ‘business’ is debatable.

The father of Abramovich’s mentor, Berezovsky, was, like Abramovich’s, a construction worker, who then moved to Moscow and became a rabbi (Metapedia). The mystery of how Berezovsky and Abramovich acquired Russia’s largest energy provider (Sibneft, now Gazprom) and probably were used to export its ownership to the UK where they both live(d) — in 2013, Berezovsky was found suspended by his scarf from a shower rail — is explained by  the action of the third oligarch in this trio, Khodorkovsky, who left the shares of his oil firm, Yukos, to Jacob Rothschild, when Putin had him arrested in 2003. Gazprom is based in Moscow, but its profits may not remain there.


In the case of Europe’s latest political pawns, an additional curious commonality is their small stature: France’s Sarkozy and Hollande, Italy’s Berlusconi, Russia’s Medvedev, Germany’s Heiko Maas are all very small men, at a time when humans are growing taller. Apart from their smallness, each would reveal under scrutiny some standard deficiency which has rendered them serviceable.

Conversely, none of them is interesting in his own right (except perhaps as a study in pathology), or statesmanlike, or distinguished. These marionettes are not stupid, but they were perhaps not very good at their chosen professions. Lack of ability is more than made up by ambition.

Churchill, a political turncoat, was the perfect example of such a character. He was infinitely adaptable and cared only for luxury and personal aggrandizement. Judging by the famous photograph of him with the cigar and sub-machine gun, he liked to think of himself as a sort of upper class gangster.

“Everything tends towards catastrophe and collapse. I am interested, geared up and happy. Is it not horrible to be built like that? The preparations have a hideous fascination for me” (Letter to his wife, 28 July, 1914).

By 1914, all the second-ranking kingpins were in place and financed to ensure that the plan for world domination could take the next great step: the imposition of ’Communism’ (false socialism) on Russia. For Communism to have a chance, Tsarist Russia had to be weakened. Japan had been backed by Rothschild front Schiff against Russia in 1904 – 1905, but the 1905 Russian revolution was premature.

Obviously a greater conflagration was required. The fuse for World War I was lit with the assassination by Serbs of Archduke Franz Ferdinand at Sarajevo in June 1914 (planned by the Grand Orient Lodge in 1912). Russian politicians Iswolski and Sasonow, rather than Nicholas II, colluded with France’s President Poincaré (a Germanophobe, married to a Jewess), and were financed by France to spread anti-Austria/Germany propaganda.

Germany, as the main target, had to be enticed into the conflict. Each of the major powers, Germany, Britain and France, received loans from its own Rothschild affiliate, to enable it to fight the war. Even before the turn of the century, Russia had received loans from ‘French’ banks Hoskier-Paribas and Rothschild.

To ensure the manipulation of public opinion, the money powers bought the most important news agencies: Wolff (Germany), Reuters (Britain), Havas (France). Their control of these agencies also enabled the Rothschilds to keep their name out of the news.

During the First World War, Churchill, having advanced meanwhile to First Sea Lord, instigated the catastrophic 1915/1916 Gallipoli campaign (115,000 British and dominion casualties).

“I know this war is smashing and shattering the lives of thousands every moment –and yet –I cannot help it—I love every second I live.” (Letter to Asquith’s daughter Violet, 22 February, 1915).

During the Second World War, Churchill fulfilled his role, once he had been saved from bankruptcy and incorrect political views, by a genetic helper and thus reminded of his duty to this mother’s ethnicity. Ever unsuitable in his position, he was responsible for the failed Norway campaign, even before he became Prime Minister. If Chamberlain had remained prime minister, the war might not have occurred, or might have been curtailed, the U.S. might not have been able to participate, Germany might have defeated Soviet Russia, etc.

“… the powers of financial capitalism had another far reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.” (Tragedy and Hope, Carroll Quigley, 1966)

The collusion of business and politics, of ethnic oligarchs and politicians, is clearly illustrated by the photograph of Churchill and Bernard Baruch in the back of Baruch’s limousine in 1944. Baruch, a major force behind the War Industries Board, had left the NYSE (on which he had bought a seat), to ‘advise’ both Woodrow Wilson and Roosevelt, both of whom performed ideally for their handlers, for some of the same reasons as mentioned above.

FDR had been diagnosed with polio already in 1921. As for his wife, she shared certain of Hillary Clinton’s preferences, which, while ordinary these days, were scandalous then. And so it continues.

Every time we see some politician on television, pontificating about the benefits of some scheme which is obviously against the interests of the majority of any population, we must remind ourselves that he is just being paid to lie. The marriage of money and politics, in the service of a plan conceived by mercenary hominids, will prove the downfall of humanity.


[1] Gerard Menuhin, Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil (Washington: The Barnes Review, 2015), 367.

[2] David Lazarus, “Iraq war cost: $6 trillion. What else could have been done?,” LA Times, March 18, 2013; Michael B Kelley and Geoffrey Ingersoll, “The Iraq War Could Cost More Than $6 Trillion,” Business Insider, March 14, 2013; Bob Dreyfuss, “The $6 Trillion Wars,” The Nation, March 29, 2013; “Iraq War Cost U.S. More Than $2 Trillion, Could Grow to $6 Trillion, Says Watson Institute Study,” Huffington Post, March 14, 2013.

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[5] See for example E. Michael Jones, Degenerate Moderns: Modernity as Rationalized Sexual Misbehavior (South Bend: Fidelity Press, 2012).



Former World Bank executive Karen Hudes exposes the Network of Global Corporate Control

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Eldon Warman for sending me this video on The Network of Global Corporate Control by a whistleblower from the World Bank called Karen Hudes. It’s a two-part presentation that many will find hard to believe but even though one is left to extrapolate as to who this Network truly is the information appears to me to be bang on the money. It’s actually mind-boggling that the truth has worked its way this far up the ladder and is affecting levels of society that one would never think might speak out. 

Additional commentary on this video from a Facebook associate: 

She’s correct about the Act of 1871 making the US a corporation at the demand of the City of London bankers in order to borrow money necessary following the War Between the States. The organic US Constitution was called the Constitution for the United States, the Act changed the Constitution to THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES (all CAPS — A Corporate designation). At that point all the Sovereign Peoples’ Rights became privileges and every president since then swears to uphold the Corporate Statutes, Acts, etc. and DOES NOT swear to uphold the original Constitution. He is merely the acting CEO of the USA inc. The original Constitution no longer exists in US Courts or Law especially since the secret bankruptcy of the US in 1933. The “government” is de facto rather than de jure (see: Black’s Law Dictionary). Canada is also incorporated (Google: Canada a Corporation) and so are you through your Birth Certificate sold and traded on the Bond Market through the New York Commodities Exchange Commission as the sole commodity your “government” is in business to market. You are a tax-wage slave and your extorted taxes pay the principal plus interest owed the international Banks that extended credit to “your” government to operate on. You are considered mere “human resources” to be used up then discarded. And despite what people may think (Freemen, Sovereigns, etc.) it is not a SIN # or SS # that has you in bondage — it is your Birth Certificate and your NAME registered as a Crown copyright in the square mile City of London (this applies also to Americans since the Act of 1871 led to the introduction in time of the Birth Certificate there, also). Your tracking number (CUSIP#) on the reverse side is the # traded on the Market. In fact you do not own your name and use of it is copyright fraud and thus you are committing fraud every time you use it and therefore are technically Guilty of fraud (Guilty until proven innocent) in “our” Crown incorporated Statute, Admiralty “Law” Courts as soon as you admit to being the NAME. Neat trick, no? Only BAR (British Accreditation Registry) Attorneys (called so because they turn your NAME over to you in Court to act as agent for the Strawman Corporation they have secretly incorporated you as in order to milk you dry) have permission to use the name. And remember ALL Law Society members, police and military swear allegiance not to the People but rather the Crown. Feudalism is alive and well and not one person in a thousand knows it. Here’s what Edward Mandel House had to say about all this: 1913 to 1921 (exact date unknown): Colonel Edward Mandel House to Woodrow Wilson found in Wilson’s personal diary/logs:

“Very soon, every American will be required to register their biological property (that’s you and your children) in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will affect our security as a charge back for our fiat paper currency. Every American will be forced to register or suffer being able to work and earn a living. They will be our chattels (property) and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions. Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading (Birth Certificate) to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two should figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability. After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debts to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud, which we will call “Social Insurance.” Without realizing it, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and we will employ the high office (presidency) of our dummy corporation (USA) to foment this plot against America.”

Did this Dutch Jew just describe the Number of the Beast or not? Can you buy or sell without a Birth Certificate? Wanna fight back and starve the Beast? Then you have to sacrifice a little. But the answers are here: Spend a few hours looking at this site (over 1 million hits a day now) and decide. We are doing it.

One More:



by Harry A. Rutherford, Sr.

March 22nd, 2014



If you do a search on FEMA CAMPS, FEMA COFFINS, you will find plenty of information about numerous detention centers being built in the USA, including many thousands of plastic coffins, with a holding capacity of several bodies, which are clearly designed for emergency storage of corpses.

YouTube has many videos on the subject, as well as footage of foreign troops on US soil; there is a video in which Polish and German soldiers are doing joint exercises with the US army in a residential area wherein the producer had commented about their national origin. They were side-by-side with the American soldiers, who were doing a training exercise in taking control of residential areas, doing such offensive things as breaking into the houses, pointing guns at the civilians and ordering them to lie down.

In another video it was alleged that the troops of the Russian Federation were doing similar exercises on US soil, moreover, they were apparently setting fires to the forests to provide justification for the orders to evacuate civilians from the neighbouring areas.

There are videos of armoured vehicles being moved around the USA. Those vehicles are clearly designed for urban policing and they have large bullet-proof windows. Such vehicles are not suitable for field engagement where artillery and grenades can be used.

The evidence of some massive preparations for dealing with large-scale public disturbances is clearly there and yet the media is strangely silent about it.

How do we make sense of it all? Is it really possible that some events are being planned, which would necessitate using all that military power and detention facilities against the American people?

Nowadays pretty much anybody can tell you something about the New World Order, however, people mostly perceive it as a long-range plan by the globalists to create one global, supra-national state. And many dismiss it as unrealistic by pointing to the obvious impossibilities, such as a union between Europe and Asia, or America and Asia; and if we try to imagine Africa in the same union, then we are really getting into the realm of the ridiculous!

Such schemes are likely to be a decoy, which is used by the globalist propaganda machine to mislead public opinion. The most practical goal of the globalists is to remove the money issuance out of the reach of the political process and to replace it with a treaty obligation; it is very realistic and it can be done in stages and it has already been implemented with the creation of the European Union.

If you do a search on YouTube on PRIVATE CENTRAL BANKS, FEDERAL RESERVE, you will find plenty of interesting information. All central banks in the western world are private, which means, they are owned by private shareholders and are NOT a branch of government. Even tiny Rhodesia, still during the UDI, had a private central bank.

The US Federal Reserve is a private institution, notwithstanding the fact that it has the word “Federal” in its name. It creates money OUT OF NOTHING, not supported by anything and then the “Fed” loans that money to the government.

There is a very informative video on YouTube, “All Wars Are Banker’s Wars” by Michael Rivero. It has lots of information about the private banking racket and is well worth watching.

The administration of Abraham Lincoln, rather than borrowing from the bankers, was printing interest-free money. Former President John F. Kennedy also printed some six billion dollars of interest-free money, which were called “United States Notes”. This was done in accordance with his executive order. The fate of both Presidents is well known. Congressman Louis McFadden was also murdered for speaking out against the Federal Reserve.

The US Federal Reserve was been created by an act of Congress in 1913 and it can be abolished by an act of Congress. If people knew the truth about this money issuance scheme they would have forced their elected representatives to pass appropriate legislation a long time ago, but apparently relatively few know, even though Americans work at least THREE months per year just to pay the interest on the so-called “National Debt”, which is interest on money created out of nothing by the bankers.

If you do a search for “NATIONAL DEBT”, “NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK”, “US DEBT CLOCK” you get a number over 17 trillion (at the time of this writing), which is a US “national debt”, this is the money we still owe to the bankers, even after the decades  already spent repaying it! And it is truly shocking!

It is only reasonable to ask why do we need such a money issuance scheme, why do I need to work several months per year towards servicing the debt, which we would not have with the interest-free money, which can be printed by the government, just the way it was done by Abraham Lincoln.

Introduction of an honest money-creation scheme would give every citizen a three-month vacation every year! But most people, unfortunately, are busy watching ball games, following celebrity gossip and other nonsense.

Here is a good example to illustrate how brazen this racket becomes with the private ownership of central banks:

Imagine I am the owner of a farm, but instead of selling directly to the fruit wholesaler, I find some hobo on a street and suggest that he take my produce, get the money from the wholesaler, keep twenty percent and give me the rest. This would be an utterly idiotic arrangement and yet that’s exactly how we deal with the parties who have usurped the right to issue our money! We do not need them, we can manage without them very well, we can print our own means of exchange at no interest, no cost to us, except ink and paper, and those characters know it very well. That is why it is a matter of sheer survival for them to remove the money issuance from the reach of the political process and to impose it on us as a treaty obligation.


In addition to getting interest from loaning the money, the owners of the central banks can do other tricks, as well, to enrich themselves. One such trick involves printing lots of paper money, thus creating runaway inflation. A certain class of people then goes on a “shopping spree” buying real estate, land, industrial enterprises, works of art, commodities, etc. They get loans, immediately buy tangible assets and then repay those loans with depreciated money. He borrowed a million and he returns a million. The only “problem” is that with runaway inflation by the time the loan is due for repayment, that million is worth a small fraction of what it was worth when the loan was first taken.

This criminal scheme was implemented in many countries after the First World War. The reason for the runaway inflation, according to the bankers and their media, was “postwar devastation”.

This is a blatant lie! Runaway inflation is caused by a criminal emission of large quantities of paper money for the purposes of stealing the national assets through the scheme described above.

This means only one thing – that the people who carry out such schemes are criminals. But these same people own central banks in every country! The criminals have usurped the right to print our money!

The criminal nature of this money issuance scheme can be illustrated by a simple comparison – when some private party, an individual or a criminal enterprise, prints money, they are guilty of printing counterfeit notes and they will be charged, if caught, and given prison time and their possessions may be confiscated.

In the early stage of Civil War in Russia, when the communists got hold of the printing presses of the Department of Treasury, they unleashed runaway inflation by printing lots of money; the result was economic devastation and ruin of the productive segment of the population.

Peasants would sell their produce but a few weeks later the money they earned became worthless paper. And, of course, the catastrophic inflation was blamed on “postwar devastation”.

This criminal scheme is so brazen that these criminals need all the power of their media to maintain this legend that runaway inflation is caused by “natural causes”.

Exactly the same criminal scheme played out in Germany. At the time of the Armistice Agreement at the end of 1918, the German Mark was worth about a quarter of a US dollar, less than four years later, you needed several TRILLION Marks (TWELVE ZEROS) to buy one dollar! This is a remarkable example of the criminal emission of paper money!


And who was in charge of the German Central Bank in those days? It was under the control of the Allied Commission, the so-called “Dawes Commission”. They certainly knew a few tricks on how to plunder the national assets! (To be precise, there were seven members from the “Dawes” and seven with German passports, the owners of the largest German banks, who were all in cahoots with this criminal plan).

It’s very revealing of the criminal scheme, that during the period of catastrophic inflation, from the very beginning the interest rates on borrowed money were at FIVE PERCENT PER YEAR while inflation was raging at THOUSANDS OF PERCENT PER MONTH! The interest rates briefly rose to ten percent by the late summer 1923, then to twenty percent in September, and stayed there until October 1923 when the new currency had been introduced, a so-called “Rentenmark”.

This may seem incredible but it is nevertheless true! It was all reflected in the periodical press of the day, where the currency exchange rates were being printed on a daily basis. Their summaries from those years can be found in the literature.

On November 9th, 1923 Hitler, with a group of other National Socialists, staged a march on the Feldherrnhalle in Munich, which went down in history under the name “Hitler putsch” or “Hitler failed coup”.

But how could it possibly be called an “uprising”, considering the fact that those men were marching without weapons?

We should also keep in mind that the Feldherrnhalle was not a government building, but a simple German war veterans building, a place for the veterans to hold commemorative events. The police had opened fire nevertheless and sixteen participants of that march were killed and many others wounded.

The slant given by the mass propaganda media to that march was clearly an attempt to paint it as an idiotic plot, which had no chance of success. Really, you can read in any communist uprising manual that the main goals of an armed uprising should be the capture of key installations, such as bridges, railway terminals, telephone and telegraph stations and that Hitler was so stupid, he could not even figure out these basics!

Obviously, we can only guess, but the more likely purpose of that march was to call the public attention to the reality that the power in Germany had been usurped by a bunch of criminals, who plunder the country at will.

Coming back to the new currency, which was issued in Germany in late 1923 (the Rentenmark), the runaway inflation stopped OVERNIGHT and was replaced with an inadequate volume of money in circulation, which meant high interest rates; now the industrial enterprises were going bankrupt because they could not service their loans!

As we can see, the owners of central banks can fleece the populace in many ways.

The same scheme was also played out in the former Soviet Union after the collapse of communism. Inflation during at least one year had reached a THOUSAND PERCENT. This was considerably less than in Germany, but Yeltsin’s gang was using several other schemes to steal the national assets. All those billionaires who fled abroad with their loot, were taking part in those criminal financial schemes. Just think of it! he was an ordinary government bureaucrat somewhere and then he suddenly surfaces abroad as a billionaire! At the same time the people in the former Soviet Union were quite literally starving!

It was widely reported in the alternative media that Yeltsin had personally enriched himself to the tune of FIFTY BILLION. The fact that he was jetting around in his personal passenger jet is a sufficient indication of how big was his loot; no American president ever owned a jet, not even a private one for half a dozen people!

Since the owners of the central bank set the interest rates, they knew how they were going to set them months ahead and thus they could predict the trends of the stock market and make money there, as well. They also fully controlled the currency markets. Those, who “play” those markets blindly, are truly a naive bunch!

Shifting the exchange rate between the two European currencies was a very profitable game in the pre-Euro days; this was done with the “help” of governments who buy currencies in large amounts under the pretext of being forced to “support their sagging values”. First, one government does it, and when the currency “fluctuation” is made to go the other way, the other government does the purchasing, thus “returning the favor” while the people are watching the ball game!

You could hear such things in the news in the old days, but not any more. The financial racketeers are clearly getting worried that people are learning about this business; the total number of hits on Michael Rivero’s film under different submissions was over half a million as of early 2014.

dd395-Scheme (s)

You cannot deny that owning a central bank is a very profitable undertaking! However, the owners can never afford to forget that their bliss can come to an end if political pressure in a country is strong enough to dismantle that scheme of money issuance and introduce interest-free money.

There was a very big political movement in the West, in particularly, in Britain and Canada, to introduce Social Credit, an interest-free money issuance scheme. There are public movements in many countries, which work towards abolishing private ownership of central banks, and as the size of the so-called national debt is growing in every country, the awareness about this issue among the general public is also growing. Because of that, removing the money issuance out of reach of the political process has been a goal of the bankers ever since they got control of the first central bank.

They first achieved their plans by creating the European Union. The Euro is a hundred percent fiat currency, not supported by anything. It is created out of nothing, at the price of paper and ink, and is then loaned to the governments of the member countries in the Euro zone. Every country under the treaty obligation has to comply with the requirements of having the Euro in circulation and the treaty obligation supercedes all national laws.

You cannot deny, it was a great success for the bankers!

If you read honest reports about the life in the countries of the European Union, the standard of living has deteriorated considerably; according to some accounts, it has dropped to about a half of what it used to be when the countries were independent. The contributions by the member countries to the European Union are very substantial. I heard that Britain pays 53 million Euro PER DAY, but still, this is not enough to substantially maintain the standard of living.


The other major item, which entails expense, is the interest on the borrowed Euros. And even though the central banks in the old days were also in private hands, the bankers could never forget that, at least theoretically, they could be voted out of existence by the people’s elected representatives. But this “danger” no longer exists (in practical terms) and the appetites of the bankers have grown accordingly.

The next target of the bankers is to remove their money issuance scheme out of the reach of people in the US and Canada; this can be done through the creation of a common currency zone between US and Canada. They also want to “throw in” Mexico.

Alternative media have been warning the public about the plans of certain parties to collapse the economy, but they don’t always explain why. The economic depression is needed as a part of an overall calamity, which can then be used as a smoke screen to collapse the dollar and after that to move to a new currency, which is created under treaty obligations of a multi-national currency union. Treaty obligations would then supercede the national laws. After that the bankers would be safe.

But why all these preparations for massive public disturbances?

This seems to be a part of a universal scheme being played out by the ruling clans throughout human history; if you want people to go along with great hardships and deprivations, you first have to make them taste even greater hardships and deprivations, then the improved conditions will seem like a relief, even though they would still be much worse than it used to be.

Pretty much everybody knows the realities of life in Mexico; the prospect of opening the floodgates of the Mexican population movement to the north would never survive the political process in Canada or US, that is why the elites apparently want to do it differently, they want to create some national or regional calamity, maybe some sort of a pandemic, which would necessitate Draconian measures to control the population; after everything calmed down to some extent, the people would be too shell-shocked to be able to mount an effective resistance.


It is, of course, possible to imagine a currency union without open borders, but the total inaction of the US government on the matters of policing the Mexican border is a clear enough indication of their future plans.

Let’s now examine the visible part of all these preparations, namely, the construction of the vast network of detention centers, as well as storage of thousands and thousands of plastic coffins in various locations in US. Those coffins are a clear indication that some very sinister plans are in the making.

So what can we expect from all that?

First, it should be clear to any normal person that nobody in his right mind would go along with hostile designs against him, nobody would follow an order to commit suicide. By the same token, no system would self-destruct, where a bunch of thugs with guns would start killing the people in the country and everybody would be sitting quietly, awaiting their fate.

If a group of foreign soldiers start doing that, it would be enough for any military commander of a US Army unit to order his men into action to defend the American citizens and the Constitution. Such news would spread like wildfire, notwithstanding the fact that there is an executive order to place all means of communication under the presidential control.

You can find reports on the Internet and YouTube about the interviews being conducted with members of the US military, who were allegedly being asked if they would be ready to use weapons against the American population.

If such interviews are indeed taking place, it would be very naive for the architects of this whole plan to conclude that if a person had answered in the affirmative, then he would do what he is told.

A person, who has joined the army, does not automatically lose his brain, he may well decide to use whatever methods are necessary to stay in the system in order to be able to sabotage the criminal policies, criminal orders, to help his people, maybe even to turn the weapons against those in power, who have conspired to bring this calamity on their country.

There are quite a few videos on YouTube showing the US military conducting training in urban areas, breaking into the houses, terrorizing the population, pointing guns at people, ordering them to lie down.

The soldiers and police who are doing it, may well think that they are doing a good thing, following orders, but they will be thinking differently after they find out that some of their relatives have also been terrorized or even disappeared.

It is also easy to imagine how US soldiers on foreign soil or on board a navy ship, would feel after they find out that they can no longer establish contact with their relatives. Very soon the criminal design of all these policies would become apparent.

A human being is not a robot. If several dozen soldiers are exchanging opinions, there will be many thoughts and ideas, which correctly describe the situation and it may well be enough to result in a mutiny.

I have read one book about the Vietnam war, where it was written that the deck personnel on an aircraft carrier could give a “present” to a particularly nasty pilot by pasting a small metal object with duct tape in an air intake; after a few minutes of flight it would fly off right into the turbine and produce a nice explosion.

According to the author, these things were being done as an expression of a personal dislike towards some pilots, but who is here to say it was not done as an act of protest against the war or some other aspects of the administration’s policy? Who can say that the armed forces personnel would not start sabotaging the war effort after they learn about some staged calamity in US?

Everywhere you look, US veterans are uniformly against the globalist policies of the administration, they are at the forefront of many public protests, and yet it seems that the current administration assumes that the people on active service are blind to the realities that made the previous generation of soldiers switch sides.

Considering that the army and the police agencies in US are undergoing training designed to simulate large public disturbances, it cannot be excluded, that mass shootings may well be ordered by the architects of this massive police operation that is being prepared. These “zombie shooting” exercises are clearly psychological training designed to break the emotional barrier when shooting civilians at a close range and they are a very sinister indication of what is apparently being planned.

The fallout from such actions is impossible to predict, but one thing is certain, there would be a massive breakdown of public order, with devastating implications, especially considering the fact that the civilians have lots of weapons and that there are many organized para-military groups in US.

Those on the service of the regime may think they are safe in their armoured vehicles, but their families are in the open, vulnerable to frightful retribution.

The architects of the current plans should keep in mind that just two shootings of unarmed people by the army in Russia in 1905 resulted in massive protests, which quite literally turned the country upside down and paved the way for the revolution. That revolution was hijacked by the communists, but that is beyond the scope of what I am trying to say here.

In apparent desperation, the tsar had then decided to plunge his country into the war against Germany in order justify drafting the “active” men into the army and thus keep them “busy” and away from the streets.

Another thing to consider is the implications of a national calamity on the economy and the military capability of a highly industrialized country. Russia was a good illustration of it; after the collapse of communism, the country was quite literally devastated, the industrial enterprises were brought to a virtual standstill, unemployment soared, there was widespread hunger in the country and there were even cases of death as a result of malnutrition.

As one can well imagine, the effects of economic devastation spread like a virus. There were no resources to conduct proper maintenance of equipment and  infrastructure. Everything fell apart. Accidents were happening everywhere with planes falling from the sky, ships sinking, boilers exploding and oil and gas pipelines beginning to leak with subsequent oil spills producing ecological disasters.

Corruption flourished. All kinds of criminal activities were on the rise and organized crime become a true national problem. Families broke up, the homeless filled the streets and alcoholism and suicide reached disastrous levels; and the list goes on and on.

When a country is in turmoil, all aspects of life are affected. Communist Russia again provides an illustrative example: they had several times more scientists and engineers, as compared to the US, and yet their scientific and engineering output was a small part of what the American scientists and engineers were producing; even with the massive theft and other forms of technology “transfer” from the West. That was the result of the lack of incentives, but the incentives would also disappear in the event of a national calamity and the United States would plunge into a true catastrophe!

It should be added here that the main driving force of the economic disaster in post-communist Russia was the corruption in the top government circles, which included massive criminal financial schemes, among them the creating of runaway inflation (criminal emission of paper money), as well as many other criminal schemes.

But let’s not forget that all these massive preparations for some national calamity in the USA are also driven by the corrupt designs of a small clique of international bankers who want to remove the money issuance out of reach of the political process and impose it on the American, Canadian and Mexican people as a treaty obligation.


Dear reader: if you find this article informative, you may want to consider putting a comment on this subject under one (or several) YouTube videos, which deal with the issues of the massive preparations for some national emergency in US. The most likely purpose of it is the planned imposition of a private central bank system on us as a treaty obligation under the framework of a tri-lateral monetary union between US, Canada and Mexico. Once this racket is removed from the reach of the political process, the bankers are safe and we are doomed.


Anthem For Dissent by Splitting the sky

A poem by Splitting The Sky, critical of the social/political state in the world today, eloquently orated by STS, and set to music performed by guitarist Ron Bankley, with variety of related imagery. The mp3 can be downloaded for free at

By Ann Onimus, John Boncore/Splitting The Sky and Ron Bankley

United in fear we trade freedom, our prize for the Patriot Act as united we securitize
United in power over patriarchy, we misogynize
United in self-righteous arrogance, we imperialise
United in degenerate genital mutilation, we circumcise
United we consume and spend, and, united, we capitalize
United in greed we exploit, as united we multinationalize
United we commit economic suicide as, united, we globalise
United in beligerent violence, we waste trillions as, united, we militarize
United we massacre millions and think we’re so brave, united we fantasize
United we bomb, destroy, maim, mass murder, slaughter and terrorize
United in massive denial we look the other way, as united, we atrocitize
United in ‘might makes right’, we dominate and, united, we hegemonize
United we pillage the third world and then, united, we moralize
United we covet their resources and, united, we monopolize
United in total denial we deny that, united, we brutalize
United we believe without question the star spangled propaganda our leaders so unceasingly televise
United we, so very obediently, swallow the many fabricated red white and blue lies
United we’re so blind, with closed eyes except wide-eyed Ashcroft spies
And in the many resource rich countries that, united, we occupy and we colonize, and united we impoverish and victimize
Yet another corporate billion is pried and yet another heart broken mother cries and yet another star spangled bomb drops
And yet another innocent child heinously dies
Yet another example of united we collateralize
Just U.S. business as usual, as united we privatize
United we stand completely deranged
Global terrorist in our ‘freedom and democracy’ disguise
As united we stand apathetic and complicit in American terrorism
As united we turn on TV to de-sensitise
As united we stand in massive denial
As united we ignore the innocent pleas of the innocent ones we exterminate
As united we stand inanely pledging allegiance to the flag of facist terrorism
As their blood on it dries
As united we stand, surrendering our freedom to the real ‘axis of evil’ Corporation, CIA, and Military guise
As united we stand with our heads in the sand, as the American Fourth Reich is born
And freedom dies
As united we stand so comfortably numb and deniably dumb
That united we don’t have sense to realise
That united we stand on the brink of the New World Order totalitarian police state
United we are so……Blind