Canada’s Illegal Government by Jeff Nielson (Bullion Bulls Canada)

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Canada’s Illegal Government

Published: 30 January 2015

by Jeff Nielson (Bullion Bulls Canada)


On December 4th, 2008, Canada ceased to have a legal, legitimate government. It was on that date that Stephen Harper (and his Conservative regime) demanded that Parliament be illegally suspended, on the (supposed) grounds of a “national emergency”. And on that date, Canada’s Governor General, Michaëlle Jean, rubber-stamped Harper’s demand.

What was the basis of the so-called “national emergency” which prompted Harper’s illegal act? Canada’s opposition parties had publicly stated their intention to hold a Parliamentary vote, for the purpose of voting Harper’s corrupt, minority government out of office. While undoubtedly the prospect of being thrown out on his ass was a personal “emergency” for Stephen Harper, there is no possible way in which any rational human being could consider a Parliamentary vote to be “a national emergency”.

There can be no equivocation here. Harper’s demand to illegally suspend Parliament (and thus illegally usurp political power) was an act of treason. Michaëlle Jean’s choice to rubber-stamp that demand was also an act of treason. While the position of Governor General is largely ceremonial, she had one duty/responsibility to uphold: ensuring that any/all procedural acts in which she participated were legal and constitutional.

No mentally competent adult could have construed Harper’s illegal demand to be a legitimate basis for suspending Parliament. Her decision to rubber-stamp Harper’s demand made her a simple, criminal accomplice to Harper’s overt act of treason.

Arguably, however, these original acts of treason were not the greatest outrages which occurred at that time. The greatest outrages came immediately afterward. Canada’s corrupt Corporate media began a massive campaign to brainwash the Canadian people.

These liars described the intention of Canada’s opposition parties to vote the Harper government out of power as “undemocratic”. Again, there can be no equivocation. Voting is THE fundamental act of democracy. Voting is as essential an act for democracy as breathing is for all mammals.

It is impossible for any mentally competent adult to believe voting to be “undemocratic”. While mere lying is not/cannot be the basis for a charge of treason, it was the weeks of saturation-lying by the Corporate media which successfully cemented Harper’s original act of treason. They were accomplices in fact, if not in law.

But there was even a greater outrage involved here. The pathetic drones masquerading as the “citizens” of Canada passively accepted those lies, with nary a whimper. In doing so, the residents of Canada conclusively demonstrated that they were no longer citizens at all, but merely serfs.

Being a citizen does not merely confer privileges; it carries responsibilities. While one could construct a fairly lengthy list of such responsibilities, paramount on any such list would be the duty of vigilance. When the government of a nation ceases to be legitimate (because of its own treasonous act) and refuses to surrender power, what then?

It is then the duty of all citizens to demonstrate the Power of the People. It begins with public protest. Prying their eyes away from their computer monitors/TV screens, lifting themselves off of their (comfortable) couches – and getting out into the streets. Public protest is the greatest fear of all criminals/tyrants, because (if maintained) it cannot be ignored by any sitting government, nor can it be covered up by any lying, complicit media.

However, there is one duty of being a citizen which is even more fundamental than the duty of vigilance (and protest). Citizens have a duty to think. It is the serf (and only the serf) who passively does whatever he/she is told to do, without thinking. The “citizen” who refuses to use his brain is no longer a citizen.

It is because of this series of outrages that Canada continues to be governed by a totally illegal/illegitimate regime. But wait, shout Harper’s apologists. On May 2, 2011, Harper’s Conservatives “won” a majority in that election, and so now it is a “legitimate” government.

No, it is not.

Apart from the fact that Harper’s previous act of treason personally disqualifies him from any public office (let alone the Prime Minister’s chair), no subsequent election can/could legitimize this illegal regime. The reasoning here is legally and logically irrefutable.

Because of Harper’s prior act of treason, the Conservatives entered that election as the illegal incumbent. Political incumbents win roughly 2/3rds of all elections. Thus, Harper’s original act of treason literally doubled his chance of winning the election, and therefore “winning” an election via this large, illegal advantage de-legitimized this Conservative regime – in perpetuity.

As the illegal incumbent, no subsequent election can/could ever remove the stain of Harper’s previous act of treason, and thus transform an illegal government into a legal government. The only way, in theory, that the Conservative Party could ever form a legitimate/legal government is by first surrendering the political power which they have illegally usurped, and then getting elected as a non-incumbent (i.e. as an opposition party).

Unless/until that happens, the government of Canada – this traitorous Conservative regime – will remain an illegal government. However, there is still one more essential piece to this narrative, which not only fully explains how and why the opposition parties were going to vote the Conservatives out of office; it fully defines Stephen Harper as the Canadian traitor that he is.

It is no secret that there is little goodwill between Canada’s opposition parties. Indeed, it was/is their disunity which allowed Harper’s illegal government to achieve its “majority” in the last election, despite only having the support of 4 out of 10 Canadians. So what united these squabbling politicians to the point where they intended to form an official coalition?

Stephen Harper (while still running a minority government) arrogantly attempted to ram through what he called “electoral reform”. What Harper was really doing was attempting to end all public financing for elections. While the Canadian people (i.e. 30+ million serfs) totally failed to grasp the significance of this monstrous (and traitorous) act, the politicians in Canada’s opposition parties immediately understood Harper’s plan.

With no more public financing for elections, this would allow Canada’s largest Corporations (and the ultra-wealthy people who own these Corporations) to simply buy the government of their choice, through drowning out any and all other candidates with their ability to finance unlimited/infinite “campaign advertising” (i.e. propaganda). Obviously, if the Corporate media can (and did) convince Canada’s serf-population that voting is “undemocratic”, that same propaganda machine can get these same serfs to vote for whoever they are told to vote for.

Which party do all of Canada’s large corporations (and the Corporate media) support, with unswerving loyalty? Harper’s corrupt Conservatives. The “electoral reform” which Harper tried to implement would have (effectively) permanently ended Canada’s democracy and guaranteed corrupt Conservative rule, forever.

More than any other act, this defines Stephen Harper as the irredeemable traitor that he is. Of course, any Canadians who have actually been paying attention during Harper’s reign of error would also be aware of several other treasonous acts:
1) Along with his hand-picked stooge Mark Carney, Harper has deliberately destroyed the value of the Canadian dollar. Put another way, the collapse of the loonie under Stephen Harper is roughly equal to the current collapse of the Russian ruble – which the entire world refers to as “a currency crisis”.

2) He signed a “military cooperation” deal with the U.S., which surrenders Canada’s sovereignty to the U.S. government. The U.S. military is now legally allowed to enter Canada to conduct military operations (i.e. wage war), without obtaining the consent of Canada’s government.

3) Harper is giving away our most precious natural resource (tar-sands oil) as fast as he can, as cheaply as he can. Canada is currently losing as much as $50 per barrel on every barrel of tar-sands oil it “sells” to the U.S.
Those are only Harper’s most obvious treasonous acts. He has also totally undermined the Canadian financial system, destroyed Canada’s trade surplus, destroyed Canada’s budget surplus, deliberately duplicated the U.S.’s housing bubble in Canada, and entrenched the “bail-in” (simple, naked stealing by the Big Banks) into our political/legal system.

Not only does Canada have an illegal government, it has a traitorous government intent on destroying Canada. Stephen Harper does not serve the Canadian people. Stephen Harper has never served the Canadian people. He has only one Master, and his name is “Uncle Sam”.


Stephen Harper Is Dismantling Canadian Sovereignty for Globalism!

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Source article:

So You Thought the Green Party was Different from the rest, eh? By Arthur Topham




So you though the Green Party of Canada was different from the rest, eh? Well, no surprises here at Radical Press.

Given the current political climate in the former independent, sovereign democracy known as Canada and now recognized around the world as just another Zionist occupied, Jew controlled asset of Israel and the Rothschild banking cartel; the same cartel, mind you, that created the Jewish Central Banking System that’s now devastating the economies of the world; the false flag “US FEDERAL RESERVE” which is, in reality, just a consortium of private Jew banks that have put millions of gentiles or what they call goy or goyim (cattle) into massive and endless, un-repayable debt slavery; and that played the decisive role in creating that that little Zionist hell hole in the middle of Arab territory 66 years ago that’s now become the eyesore and embarrassment of the whole human race and what we once so proudly referred to as “civilization”.

At first it appeared that only Harper and the Conservatives were the lackeys of the Israeli Jews given their overt and unabashed subservience to that criminal “state” and all the media hype about it in the Jew controlled media here in Canada.

Then when Israel went ballistic once again in July and began yet another massive military attack on the defenceless citizens of Gaza the issue of who “STANDS WITH ISRAEL” and who doesn’t suddenly took on a whole new dimension.

It was after Israel began their high-tech, killing of Gazan men, women and children that the issue of obeisance and allegiance to that foreign, rogue state suddenly took on greater importance as average Canadians, outraged and incensed by both Israel’s pathological behaviour and Harper’s hyper cheerleading of the senseless slaughter, finally realized that the Conservatives were just as callous and crazy and criminal as the Jews in Israel and so they began to cast their eyes toward the other federal parties in search of some sanity, fairness and a sense of humanitarianism, compassion and justice.

Those on the left side of the political spectrum turned to the obvious choice and voice of the socialist ideal – the New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP), hoping to find there an opposing perspective on the issue of Israel’s outlandish slaughter of innocent Palestinians; something to act as a counterweight to the blatant imbalance that the country was witnessing in the shameful and degrading behaviour of the Harper Conservative government. Sadly, they were again disappointed to find that the leader of the NDP, Thomas Mulcair, was just another Zionist face hiding behind a beard and forked tongue mouthing the same old Zionist lies that Harper’s been spewing forth for years now.

On the other hand the more liberal-minded Canadians cast a longing gaze at the new federal Liberal party leader Justin Trudeau, again thinking that he, of all the federal leaders, would be the one that patriotic Canadians long for. He, above all the rest, would surely STAND UP FOR CANADA rather than for the war-mongering maniacs in Israel who are blowing little kids heads off and acting like psychopathic monstrosities out of some low grade Hollywood horror movie. But, alas, no, once again they were disillusioned to find that even Justin the Just was just another zio agent, paid flunky of Israhell, posturing as best he could yet still, after all was said and done, STANDING FOR ISRAEL rather than for Canada and a neutral, common sense and decent foreign policy. He was just another sycophant of the Jew lobby B’nai Brith Canada and one more traitor to the nation.

Well, it appeared that after striking out three times the country was left with only one choice and one leader left in the house – Elizabeth May of the federal Green Party of Canada. With the other three parties brown-nosing Zionist toadies and losers here was a golden opportunity for May and her band of Greenies to come to the fore and take an affirmative stand in support of the Palestinian people, world peace and justice. The Fourth Way so to speak and the final chance for Canada to redeem its former image as a truly democratic and peace-loving nation.


But now it appears that all is lost here in Canada as recent revelations show that May’s President of the Green Party of Canada, Paul Estrin, has revealed himself to be the latest and the final Zio-stake to be pounded into the heart of dying nation.

Now this is pure speculation on my part but over the many years of researching the subject of political Zionism and the Jewish Question I’ve cast my eye upon hundreds of faces of Jews and Paul Estrin’s face bares a striking resemblance to many of the self-chosen who I’ve seen before. I tried to find out if he was, in fact, a Jewish dual citizen but to date haven’t been successful. Possible someone reading this article will be able to point me in the right direction. But regardless of whether Estrin is actually Jewish or merely a shabez goy, he definitely made his position clear in an article, Why Gaza Makes me Sad, which was posted on the blog section of the Green Party of Canada’s website and which clearly states that he, as President of the party, is most assuredly someone who STANDS FOR ISRAEL.

Of course not all Greenies are obscenies who revel in and relish what Israel sees as its divine right to slaughter anyone and everyone who stands in its way of taking over the whole of middle east from the Nile to the Euphrates. Some of the more sensitive and sane of the lot called Estrin on his traitorous words and before you could say, “the moon is made out of green cheese”, the shyte hit the fan and the Jew media hopped on the story and now the Greens have managed to present their face to the world and, tragically, its covered with green slime and blood and gore and bits of little Palestinian baby parts sliding from its incredulous countenance. And Elizabeth May is suddenly caught in the ensuing media storm and struggling to preserve her image and the image of her party as one of conscientious, peace-loving, concerned, environmentally-sensitive, responsible people.

I don’t envy her one iota at this time and I think her reaction to Estrin’s pro-Israel article wasn’t forceful enough nor was it honest enough to convince Canadians that his Zionist leanings are merely the opinion of one person and that they don’t reflect Green Party policy.

May, as leader, cannot possibly be that disconnected from the second most influential person in her party that she’s unaware of his position with respect to Israel, the Jews, Zionism and the tragic conditions that the Palestinian people are forced to exist under. I don’t buy it for a second. It’s beyond dispute that these two individuals have spend countless hours in close collusion and discussion on issues such as the behaviour of the racist, apartheid state of Israel and its absolutely abysmal and inexcusable behaviour toward its neighbour Palestine. It’s virtually impossible to conceive of these two people not knowing each other’s deepest thoughts and opinions on matters such as these. Given such an assertion, for May to not have immediately fired or dismissed Estrin outright for his traitorous betrayal of Canada, is indefensible and a clear indication that she’s playing politics with the issue and not being honest or forthright to either her party members or Canadians as a whole.

For all the mealy-mouthed rhetoric that’s coming forth from all four of these Zionist Israel apologists the whole lot of them ought to resign and beg forgiveness of the people of Canada for having fallen prey to the siren songs of the Jewish lobbyists, Israeli sophistry, and the ‘power of the purse’ and their media that hold such psychic sway over the minds of Canada’s political ‘leaders’.

From all appearances thus far it looks like we’re right back at square one with another federal election looming in the not too distant future and not a single political party with any sound moral or ethical principles to choose from. What’s left for the electorate of Canada? The Rhino Party? The Canadian Action Party? Or possibly the Canadian People’s Party?

Canada has a lot of navel gazing to do over the next year and a lot of work ahead of her to regain her dignity and her place in the global community. I pray that she gets on with the task as soon as possible and that we rid our Zionist infected nation of all parties who support the blood thirsty New World Order ideology of Israel and Zionism.


Tikkun Magazine publisher Rabbi Lerner’s Home Attacked by Right-Wing Zionists


[Editor’s Note: I want to thank David Thomson for his excellent commentary here on the situation regarding Rabbi Michael Lerner of Tikkun magazine and how it compares with my own plight here in Canada regarding B’nai Brith and their sec. 13 “hate crime” complaint made against myself and Mr. Thomson’s very thoughtful appraisal of the situation is most appreciated.]



David Thomson


It is always traumatic to be targeted by criminal elements. To be repeatedly targeted in the manner Rabbi Lerner and other devotees to Tikkun have been the target of death threats and the like, even prior to last night’s disturbing act of vandalism against the Rabbi’s home. Each and every incident can be looked on as separate acts to extort, all aiming to violate these people’s rights to freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

Extortion is also a criminal act, is it not?

The only difference is all the physical evidence left to indicate motivation, this time, leading directly back to a highly suspect group of possible perpetrators who fit the personalities of those who drag hapless Canadians before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal on charges of hate-crimes (anti-Semitic to be precise) where they happen to be critical of Israeli foreign policy, the traditional historical record and/or the rising State of Zionism.

Arthur Topham of fame is one such Canadian currently accused of inciting hate, has been brought to task by a regular consumer of “human rights” products, one Harry Abram. Arthur claims among other things in his defense, that his reference to “Zionism” and the “State of Zionism” is purely political, not a religious or racial slur.

Yet here in your case, the police say that this is not a hate crime because it is aimed at your political stance against the State of Zionism, not your religious affiliation. Yet I’ll venture to say that you’ve been labeled as “a self-hating Jew”. That, to me, sounds “anti-Semitic”.

Am I the only one who sees a glaring contradiction, here, between the definition being thrust upon Mr. Topham for his political views, and the definition that the police provided in your case, Rabbi Lerner?

If you ask me, in both Arthur’s case and in yours, it all boils down to extorting our individual right to freedom of speech and expression, whether it is religious or political in nature. No one here is inciting hatred or violating the rights of others, except it seems, for some factions who sympathize with such extreme right-wing partisan actions as has been amply demonstrated by this latest attack on the freedoms of Rabbi Lerner, extending beyond his right to freedom of speech and political expression, violating his right to enjoy the peace, the tranquility, and the sanctity and security of his own home.

Naturally, this would extend to include Rabbi Lerner’s family, friends and colleagues, all of whom, as the police have pointed out, are also the targets in this latest attack against the efforts of any and all who support the good Rabbi in his efforts towards peace, harmony and love among all earthlings who inhabit this precious planet, people included, no matter what their race, religion or ethnicity. It could be argued that all of our common problems stem from irrational, conflicted, self-gratifying political ideologies.

Or as Howard Laswell put it: Politics: Who Gets What, When, How (1936), later penning The Garrison State (1941). Like both Rabbi Lerner and Arthur Topham, Laswell was wildly critiqued for publishing his daring perspective into the shape, the shapers and the purpose for evolving political ideologies. It is abundantly evident that for political ideologies to evolve as intended, open, intelligent debate simply will not be tolerated, as we head towards a globally-affected “garrison state”, populated by great masses of the “restless poor”, and pacified by the military might of a privileged few. See:
Those of us who stand firm on a common platform in support of peace, justice and equality for all, stand squarely in the way of all oppressive agendas. Oppression in all its forms is the primary strategy at work against us, and to exercise our right to speak the truth is our most versatile counter-strategy, both as a shield and to swing back with. The truth can only prevail once it has been amply revealed to that critical mass that gives such weight to the power of public opinion.

We have entered the age of the “computerized communications revolution” (David Korten, The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community). Never before have we had such power to contribute to the flow of information that shapes public opinion and inevitably, a social environment that can foster the birth of an “Earth Community”. Thank you Rabbi Lerner and the folks at Tikkun.Org, Let us all take this opportunity to begin to think and articulate what this might look like.

Yours very truly,

David Thomson
725 Franklyn Road
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Tikkun banner
Press Release: From Tikkun Magazine     Contact: Will Pasley 510 644 1200

Rabbi Lerner’s Home Attacked by Right-Wing Zionists

Berkeley, Ca. May 3, 2010

Release date: May 4, 2010

Berkeley police today confirmed that the attack on Rabbi Lerner’s home late Sunday May 2nd or early morning Sunday May 3rd was in fact a crime and was being investigated.

The attackers used a powerful form of glue to attach posters to his door and around the property of his home attacking Lerner personally, and attacking liberals and progressives as being supporters of terrorism and “Islamo-fascism.” They posted a printed bumper sticker saying “fight terror–support Israel” next to a caricature of Judge Goldstone whose UN report on Israel’s human rights violations in its attack on Gaza last year has been denounced as anti-Semitic and pro-terror by right wingers in Israel and the U.S.. The caricature has Goldstone talking about his being kept from his grandson’s bar mitzvah, and the caricature of Rabbi Lerner responds by saying “any enemy of Israel is a friend of mine.” This attack and vandalism follows on a week filled with Lerner and Tikkun staff receiving hate mail, prompted apparently by Tikkun’s announcement that in case the South African Zionists had succeeded in preventing Judge Goldstone from attending his grandson’s bar mitzvah, as they threatened several weeks ago, that Rabbi Lerner would gladly hold the bar mitzvah in the SF Bay Area instead, and following Tikkun’s announcement that in light of Goldstone’s courageous willingness to stand up for human rights in Israel (his report called on the Israeli government to do its own independent, public and credibly objective investigation, punish those responsible for the crimes or show that they didn’t happen, and thereby show that these actions were not government policy but the mistakes or evil choices by people in the IDF who were acting as rogue elements and not as a manifestation of the people of Israel) that Tikkun will award our prestigious Tikkun Award to Judge Goldstone in 2011 at the event celebrating our 25th anniversary! This story, which was prominent in Ha’aretz and many other Jewish magazines and websites, has intensified anger against Lerner and Tikkun among those who seek to perpetuate the Occupation, and great support among those who realize that the Occupation is really hurtful both to Israel and to the Jewish people world-wide.

In the 24 years of Tikkun’s operation, we have received many death threats and vicious hate mail, including phone calls to our office announcing that “Rabbi Lerner is dead” and others saying “We will kill all of you.” This particular attack has two worrisome elements not previously there: 1. They attack Rabbi Lerner’s home. As law enforcement people told us, this is a way of conveying the message to Lerner: “We know where you live, we know your house is vulnerable, so don’t ignore our threats.”  2. By linking Lerner to alleged terrorism, they provide for themselves and other extremists a “right-wing justification” to use violence against Lerner, even though Lerner has been a prominent advocate of non-violence. He regularly critiques Palestinian acts of violence when they occur, including the shelling of Israeli towns by Hamas,  just as he critiques the violence of the Israeli occupation, and as he critiques the US war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the occupation of Chechny by Russia, the occupation of Tibet by China, the human rights violations against their own people by the rulers of Iran, the acts of violence of those resisting the US occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, the violence against women and homosexuals in many Arab and African countries (and in the US and Israel as well), the genocide in Darfur, the violence against Jews in some parts of Europe, and the list goes on.

Needless to say, this latest attack, on Lerner’s home, has caused great concern to his family.

What can you do? Let people know that this kind of thing is happening in the Jewish world to people who critique Israeli policies.

Tikkun Magazine

To reach Rabbi Lerner directly: or call the Tikkun office at 510 644 1200.’s Statement of Particulars: Mr. Nobody v June 24, 2009

DRY ROT: The Far Right Targets the Left by Will Offley


[Editor’s Note: A word of explanation as to why this article is now being posted on the site. It was a feature article that first appeared in the Jan/Feb 2001 edition of Canadian Dimension, a “left” magazine located in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. The reason for re-publishing it now is because it is relevant to an understanding of how the so-called political “Left” in Canada is controlled by the very same Zionist forces who are also in control of the Canada’s political “Right” wing parties in this country.

On one hand (or claw, if you prefer 🙂 ) we have the Harper Conservatives and on the other the Zionist Jew Ignatieff Liberals along with their supposedly “socialist”, crypto-Zionist NDP and Bloc appendages.

By all outward appearances we have an ideological dichotomy but in actuality we have but two arms or tentacles stretching forth from the cephalopod source of all our discontent – political Zionism.

In order to show how this scenario unfolds in Canada it will be necessary to use this article as an example of how the Zionists infiltrate and eventually subordinate each and every movement in Canada that display tendencies which challenge the Zionist ideology or criticize the ‘state’ of Israel.

The article in question cannot be found by googling it and one cannot find it on the Canadian Dimension website. Apparently it has fallen into the sink-hole of non-history for whatever reasons.  I have it here mainly for reference as it will be useful in further discussions.]

DRY ROT: The Far Right Targets the Left

by Will Offley

Jan/Fed 2001 Vol. 35 No. 1
Canadian Dimension Magazine

Like most huge events in history, the fall of the Berlin Wall shook our world. In doing so it also changed the ground rules of politics.

Whether you call it paradigm shift or merely the temporary triumph of neoliberalism, the dust from the Wall’s collapse has clouded our vision for nearly a decade. Without exception, currents of the Left around the world have found themselves disoriented and scrambling to create a new vision and a new political framework within which to organize and to fight. This has not only been true for the traditional Communist parties, but for the non-Stalinist and anti-Stalinist Left as well.

The left has not yet been able to reconstitute a coherent vision of the new world we want to see issue from the ashes of the old, nor have we articulated the strategy or programme or organizations necessary to make that happen.  As a result, radical left politics have remained largely confined to “anti” politics for a decade or more: anticorporate, anti-globalization, anticapitalist.  We have remained locked down behind the relatively easy bulwark of what we’re against, rather than venturing out into the exposed and more dangerous terrain of defining what we’re for.  In addition, in some sectors there have been marked tendencies to view the capitalist system through the lens of conspiracism and irrationality, where plots and conspiracies replace class interests and mass politics as the motor forces of human society.

This weakening of its culture, institutions and politics have rendered some sectors of the broad left vulnerable to the conscious and organized predation being carried out in Canada by a specific current of the far right. In the U.S. this dates back as far as the Gulf War, where neo-fascist currents like the Larouche organization and Spotlight sought to attach themselves to the movement against the war.

Is the Canadian left immune from this sort of targeting?  No.

Is the situation any different now, a decade later?  Yes and no.

Yes, because Seattle has led to Washington, and from there to Philadelphia and L.A. and Windsor and Prague.  Quebec will be next, and it won’t be the end.  The rise of the struggle in the streets against globalization marks the end of ten years of demoralization and confusion.

There is a new dynamism and a new optimism, and if the path ahead is only partially visible, at least we’re collectively underway again.

However, one has only to look at Seattle to see that the growth of far right currents within and alongside the left and progressive movements has increased visibly over the decade.  There are also indicators that point to a change – during the Gulf War, the far right was active on the fringes, but by Seattle it seemed to be active at the very centre of things.  While the young militants faced down the cops and the gas in downtown Seattle, on a leadership level elements of that movement were being increasingly compromised politically by a de facto convergence between Ralph Nader and the most important far-right leader in the United States, the semi-fascist Pat Buchanan.  Five months later during the April 16th mobilizations in Washington, Buchanan shared a stage with Teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa Jr. as an invited guest of the AFL-CIO.

Antiglobalist politics are not the exclusive preserve of the left. Though it springs from different roots, Buchanan’s opposition to globalization and free trade is as genuine as ours. He just takes it in a direction diametrically opposed to everything else we stand for – protectionism, racism, exclusion.  Not only that, there have been plenty of examples this century to show the far right can be anti-corporate too.

Throughout the 1920’s Hitler’s Nazi Party contained a minority current led by Gregor and Otto Strasser that was inalterably opposed to the German trusts… as well as the Jews, the Communists, Social Democrats, gays and lesbians, unions, etc.

Nor is the far right confined solely to the hardcore neo-Nazism of the Heritage Front or the Northern Hammerskins.  It’s relatively easy to ward off the interventions of groups that put swastikas on their literature. It’s considerably more difficult when the politics of the groups in question are cloaked in progressive rhetoric and hidden behind coded language. Between Wolfgang Droege and Stockwell Day there is a whole swamp of currents and organizations – conspiracist, anti-Semitic, some with hidden fascist agendas, some totalitarian, some merely far right.

Some of these are targeting the left.  There is reason to be concerned.
Made for Each Other

Although they’re based at different ends of the country, they seem to be made for each other.

The Radical is a monthly tabloid published in Quesnel, B.C. since June 1998 by Arthur Topham, a self-described anarchist who regards himself as “a natural, sovereign and unique critter who doesn’t need any centralized forms of authority telling me how to run my life.”

Discourse and Disclosure is a more irregularly-published bimonthly, also a tabloid.  It has been put out by editor Sue Potvin since May 1996. Potvin, formerly a resident of Ottawa, now resides in Greenwood, Nova Scotia. Potvin is considerably less forthcoming about herself than is Topham.

Both publications share common positions on many different issues.  Both are opposed to globalization, the WTO, the MAI, NAFTA, the World Bank, the IMF, and now to the FTAA.  Both are opposed to the increasing corporate domination of the economy and most other sectors of everyday life.  Both have editorially supported the mobilizations against globalization, from Seattle to Prague.  Both have condemned NATO, and the West’s aggression against Yugoslavia.  Both oppose clearcutting and support many environmental causes.  Both are strongly supportive of Canadian nationalism.  Both have even run articles endorsing gay and lesbian rights, and have been outspoken in support of native struggles from Ipperwash to Gustafsen Lake. When you realize that each has survived hand-to-mouth for years, with very shaky finances, the announcement in the November 2000 issues of each publication that they were moving towards appearing as a joint publication makes a whole lot of sense.  The Radical is distributed widely throughout the hinterland of B.C; Discourse and Disclosure appears to have a broader national distribution.  Both share a number of regular contributors.  To move toward joint publication is a completely logical step in extending the reach of two papers which have essentially identical editorial approaches.

In fact, the similarities go far deeper, but this requires you to get out a fine-tooth comb and start a much closer examination of both publications.  Both papers are riddled with conspiracy theorists.  Both have supported the politics of David Icke, the new age anti-Semite who argues the world is being run by a conspiracy of blood-drinking lizards. Both regularly feature and support the activities of the far-right Detax movement.  Both exhibit numerous links to various prominent anti-Semites, militia supporters and white supremacists.  And because of these similarities both have become important vehicles in English Canada for the politics of the third position current of Canada’s far right, third position because this current of the right rejects capitalism AND Marxism.

The Third Position

Although a definite current of the far right, the third position current is distinct and apart from the mainstream of the neo-Nazi movement, which has attacked it in vitriolic terms. D&D’s editor has herself been directly criticized by a fascist web site in the following terms: “Sue Potvin publishes a Canadian tabloid titled Discourse and Disclosure … [which] believes aboriginals (Native North Americans) are the planet’s chief (no pun intended) victims and contains an enormous amount of White guilt and rants about not only what Whites have “done” to these sacred aboriginals, but to the world in general.  There is also so much ranting about corporations that it’s hardly distinguishable from your local Marxist/communist publication.”  Clearly it would be a misrepresentation to equate Potvin’s publication with mainstream neofascism, as this is simply not the case.  However, it’s also undeniable that the political content of both The Radical and Discourse and Disclosure extensively overlaps the politics of neonazism, anti-Semitism and some of the most crazed conspiracy theorists on the planet.  Judge for yourself:

• On more than one occasion D&D and Potvin herself have quoted extensively from the U.S. newspaper, The Spotlight , which has been described as “the most significant voice of the far right”.  It is published by the Liberty Lobby, itself described as “the major source of anti-Semitic propaganda in the United States” , and whose leader, Willis Carto, has been publicly quoted as stating that “only a few Americans are concerned with the inevitable niggerification of America” and “the Jews came first and remain Public Enemy Number One.”

• The December 1999 issue of Discourse and Disclosure appeared with a guest editor, Jim McKee.  McKee has contributed frequently to the paper on numerous topics.  Three months earlier a letter from him appeared, condemning immigration and stating that “in recent years, we have been bringing most of our immigrants from countries where the predominant religions are non-Christian, and the cultures are quite different from ours.  Integrating these people into Canadian society poses problems that didn’t exist for the British and European immigrants….Our heritage of Christian standards is being swept aside.”  McKee’s racism assumes even sharper definition when it’s recalled that on May 13, 1997 he held a public meeting in his Glenarm, Ontario home which was addressed by Paul Fromm.  Fromm, the head of several racist organizations, gained notoriety ten years ago when the Toronto Sun obtained a video of his appearance on stage at a December 8, 1990 meeting of the Heritage Front, flanked by a huge Nazi flag and giving a Nazi salute.

• D&D features a regular column on the activities of the Canadian Action Party written by Carla Marie Dancey, CAP’s representative to Elections Canada.  In 1997, Dancey was the Reform Party candidate in Ottawa South, where she immortalized herself on the topic of “ethnic” immigration.  An article in the May 18, 1997 Edmonton Journal reported that “Canada’s immigration system is racially driven to ensure at least 85 percent of people who come into the country aren’t white, a Reform candidate said May 17. “If you look at the immigration system right now… they’ve got it divided according to racial lines,’ said Carla Dancey…. Eighty-five percent of the people coming into the country have to be ethnic and 15 percent white, because before they had 85 percent white and 15 percent ethnic and they decided that was racist.'”  Paul Fromm’s thoroughly racist Canadian Immigration Hotline liked this quote so much it was promptly republished on its web site.

From Paul Fromm to David Icke to Wiebo Ludwig

• Almost every recent issue of Discourse and Disclosure features at least one article by Tom J. Kennedy, the Ottawa tour organizer for David Icke in 1999.  Kennedy’s main area of activity centres around the Detax movement. He has published material on the Internet that he has reprinted from neo-Nazi and Holocaust Denial websites, and he has also publicly admitted to a friendship with Ernst Zundel that goes back nearly twenty years. Currently, Kennedy has a brief tribute on the web naming his friends, mentors and leaders; this list includes not only Sue Potvin, but also Paul Fromm, Ernst Zundel, David Icke, David Irving, Glen Kealey and no less than ten leaders of the Detax movement.

• Potvin herself has editorially promoted the Detax movement, an ultra-right tax denial movement that is in many respects the Canadian equivalent of the Posse Comitatus, the U.S. current in the 1980’s that was one of the key predecessors to today’s militia movement.  Writing in a front-page article in the May/June 1997 issue of her paper entitled “Canadian Challenges The Illegal Income Tax System”, Potvin extensively profiled David Butterfield’s B.C,-based “Shareholders of Canada” and echoed its claim that no one need pay income tax, since “it’s illegal”. However, Potvin’s editorials have rarely been as overtly far right as those of her other regular contributors.  On occasion she has even publicly distanced herself from some of her most extreme contributors.

• Other D&D articles continually harp on the same conspiracist themes, whether it’s on the New World Order plot that murdered Princess Diana (Sydney White, September-October 1999), or the New World Order plot to take away our guns (John Welham, Sept/Oct. 1998), or the conspiracy of the Illuminati to control the world economy (Fred Kirkman, August 1998).  And as for Canadian nationalism, contributor Ed Benson gave a flavor of D&D’s politics in the August 1997 issue when he wrote that Canada has been “reduced to being the major financial and atomic benefactor of Red Communism; a country which condones the jailing of people for displaying a sign in English; a country that allows democratic votive fraud and military sedition; and a country that permits bare-breasted women on the streets.”

Discourse and Disclosure functions as the public voice of a far right current that first came clearly into sight during the 1993 campaign of the National Party of Canada.  Since the National Party’s demise, many D&D supporters have remained active in its successor organization, the Canadian Action Party, particularly in CAP’s leadership.  Regular contributors to Discourse and Disclosure include party leader Paul Hellyer, CAP’s national president Connie Fogal, at least three CAP regional directors , and more than 10% of CAP’s candidates in both the 1997 and 2000 federal elections.  D&D supporters have also been visibly active in and around numerous other organizations since then, including several PIRG organizations, Concerned Citizens Against Free Trade, David Orchard’s campaign for the leadership of the Progressive Conservatives, the Council of Canadians, various anti-globalization groups and others.

The Radical appears to have taken a completely different trajectory, only to wind up at the same spot.  Where the D&D current appears to have set out to penetrate various sectors of the left, The Radical appears to have engaged in a process of political evolution away from anarcho/green politics towards those of the far right.  Both papers share both a common editorial approach and a common pool of writers.  David Icke has appeared repeatedly in both papers, and has been listed on the masthead of both as a contributor.  (The May/June 2000 issue of Canadian Dimension features an assessment of Icke and his backers in greater depth than is possible here). Numerous other writers besides Icke appear regularly in both The Radical and Discourse and Disclosure.  including Bev Collins, Joseph Duggan, Robert Rodvik, John Welham, Eva Lyman, Pat Bennett, Kevin Annett, and Connie Fogal, among others.  Joseph Duggan is David Icke’s main Vancouver organizer, whose speakers’ bureau Strong Eagles Productions organizes tours in Vancouver and B.C. for much of the conspiracist right.

Bev Collins made the cryptic comment in the April 1999 issue of The Radical, “are you prepared for an American military officer under United Nations command to enter your home and remove you and your family because of Y2K?”, and went on to hint darkly about a battalion of British troops on “training exercises” at the time outside Rossland, B.C.  This has been one of her main preoccupations for a long time.  In August 1996 she authored a long piece in D&D entitled “U.S. Militia Victim Of Negative Image Makers”, which stated that “more than three million patriots in the U.S. today have joined with law enforcement and a cross-nation militia organization network”.  She went on to add that “the militia is not, as those in power would have you believe, some extremist band of thugs.”  On the contrary, she wrote, “militia members are said to be everyday, ordinary American citizens who care enough to take steps to protect their country against corrupt government.”  She pooh-poohed the armed Freeman standoff taking place in Montana by simply declaring the Freemen were not really militia, after all, which probably came as news to them.

Collins’ links to militia activity do not seem to be confined to ideological support alone, either.  According to David Lethbridge of the Salmon Arm Coalition Against Racism, “not long before the 1997 federal election, Collins attended and spoke at a secret meeting of the Texas Light Infantry, one of the earliest militias to be set up after the [1992] Estes Park gathering which founded the contemporary militia movement.” Bob Holloway, one of the key organizers of the Texas Light Infantry, is an associate of Louis Beam, Grand Dragon of the Texas Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

John Welham has written for both papers as well.  He authored a piece in the July 1998 issue of The Radical entitled “Why Federal Income Tax Is Illegal” which stated in part “Revenue Canada has done a fantastic job of brainwashing Canadians into believing that federal income tax in legal. Nothing could be further from the truth….No one has to pay income tax to the federal government.  It’s illegal….”  The following month his article was picked up by Discourse and Disclosure and reprinted verbatim.

And not least, both paper have given extensive publicity to the various leaders of the Detax movement, including Eldon Warman, Tom J. Kennedy, Byrun Fox, Hans Krampe, David Butterfield and others.  On more than one occasion Discourse and Disclosure has published four-page supplements on Butterfield’s group, and The Radical has also repeatedly run ads for various Detax seminars and public events.

The Radical: You Can’t Judge This Book by its Cover

If you judge a book by its cover, you’d have to conclude that The Radical is radical – after all, every issue is festooned with peace symbols, anarchist A’s, hemp plants and (cruellest joke of all) little pictures of Che.  It would be much more accurate to say that while the layout may be radical, the editorial content’s been taken so far to the right that it’s off the page.  And it’s not like Arthur Topham is the first, either. Throughout the last century, every single current in the broad left has seen defectors from its ranks crossing over to the far right.  Benito Mussolini left the Socialist Party to lead the Italian fascist movement. Many sections of the Comintern experienced losses to fascism during the 1930’s, like the split of the Jacques Doriot wing from the French Communist Party.  Lyndon Larouche came out of the Trotskyist SWP.  Why should we expect hippie anarchism to be any different?

The problem is, The Radical, like D&D, has connections and it has influence.  The current November issue demonstrates this clearly.  It contains articles by militia supporter Bev Collins, Detax activist Tom Kennedy and Wiebo Ludwig supporter Allan Johnston. It has a column by Hans Krampe stating that this federal election “may very well be our last chance to deal with despotic and treasonous systems in a democratic and relatively peaceful manner.  After that, who knows what will happen.”, accompanied by an editorial calling on readers to refuse to register their guns.  But others are present as well.  There is an article by the Prince George Green Party.  There is an article by Vancouver Parks Board commissioner Roz Cassels, elected on the Green Party slate.  There is a letter from 72-year-old Betty Krawczyk, currently serving a one-year prison sentence for her participation in the logging blockades in the Elaho Valley.

This is where we find the danger from this current.  They have a hearing within our ranks, and it looks like a pretty big one.  Both papers have systematically courted sectors of the left, the greens and anarchist currents, most spectacularly in the case of The Radical.  Over the last year Topham’s paper has featured front-page articles on the Elaho blockades, Toronto Green mayoralty candidate Tooker Gomberg, the Vancouver Mayworks Festival and the David Suzuki Foundation.  The March issue featured a full-page ad on the back cover placed by the World March of Women for International Women’s Day.  Articles and letters have been printed from and about the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, Friends of the Earth, the Cariboo Green Party, Vicki Husband of the Sierra Club of B.C., Veterans Against Nuclear Arms, the Valhalla Wilderness Society, the Council of Canadians, Amnesty International, SPEC, Check Your Head, the New Internationalist, Greenpeace, Leonard Peltier, the Sierra Legal Defence Fund and others.  Articles by Noam Chomsky appear regularly. And the paper continues to be distributed not only by the progressive Magpie Magazines, but by the leftie Peoples’ Coop and Spartacus bookstores.

What is at Stake?

Third-position politics are a threat to the left, the green movement and progressive organizations in general.  To counter them, first and above all we need to expose them to the light of day.  Many of the cases above have a very simple explanation, that Potvin’s and Topham’s politics are largely concealed from public view, and therefore neither known or understood by many who associate with these papers.  This is pretty common with crypto-right currents..  But there will undoubtedly be those who defend The Radical and Discourse and Disclosure, just as there are at least some who appear prepared to accept Wiebo Ludwig as an ally, and David Icke as a guru.  This will require not only exposure, but political struggle as well.

In the final analysis, the rejection and marginalization of third position politics require many of the same political discussions that will be integral to any process of rebuilding the left.  What is at stake?  A rejection of irrationalism, of conspiracy theories, of scapegoating. Repudiating Canadian nationalism.  Moving beyond a reflexive anti-capitalist politics to begin to develop a broad vision of the world we want to be able to leave to our children.  Articulating what we’re for, and how we intend to get there.  Redefining socialism. And reconstructing the left.

Will Offley is a Vancouver-based researcher.

And He calls us “Conspiracy Theorists”?

And He calls us “Conspiracy Theorists”?

by Bev Collins

The US President was in Canada last week trying to charge that anyone who was concerned the Security and Prosperity Partnership was advancing a North American Union agenda or supporting NAFTA Superhighways was a “conspiracy theorist.”

The US must be loaded with these conspiracy theorists in both the Republican and Democratic parties, because 19 American State Legislatures have put forward resolutions opposing this same SPP/NAU agenda.

22 Congressmen wrote Bush a letter urging him to back off his North American integration efforts when he attended the SPP of North America in Montebello, Quebec.

In July, the Duncan Hunter Amendment (H.R. 3074) to the Transportation Appropriations Act, „prohibiting the use of federal funds for participation in working groups under the Security and Prosperity Partnership, including the creation of the Super Highway‰ passed with a vote of 362-63. These conspiracy theorists are everywhere!

At this time, impeachment proceedings under HR 333 are before Congress against both President Bush and Vice President Cheney, for high crimes and more Congressmen are signing on. They say there was a conspiracy perpetrated by Bush and his administration to lie to the US Congress and American people over the reasons for war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

With Rumsfeld, Rove, and now Gonzales out of the way, Bush is losing his support base faster than he can say AL CI DA.

Now we have former and present officials warning their fellow Americans and the world that Vice President Dick Cheney and friends are planning to launch a 911 style attack on American soil within the coming weeks and months to bring about martial law and keep their hold on power.

This could be ignored as a conspiracy, except for the high caliber people who signed onto this public written warning including a former Colonel and Congresswoman.

Add to this, the thousands of foreclosures, and large number of mortgage companies and banks being bailed out of the recent market fall, it is no wonder that the Federal Reserve boys are heading to a top government installation this Friday. Perhaps they are running for cover. Perhaps it is one of these members who have just placed 4.5 Billion dollars into put options, betting that the American dollar will lose 30-50% of its value within the next 4 weeks. Perhaps they will be joined there by Bush and Cheney.

Just another conspiracy? You tell me.

Bev Collins-Candidate
President Canadian Action Party of Canada


From: Connie Fogal
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 02:02:30 -0700

Leader of Canadian Action Party Calls for Non Confidence Motion in Federal Government


CONNIE FOGAL, Leader of the Canadian Action Party, CAP/PAC, calls for a September 2007 MOTION of NON CONFIDENCE in the Conservative government arising out of its integration of Canada into a North American Union.

Whereas Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin, President George Bush of the USA and President Vincente Fox of Mexico in Waco Texas in March 2005 entered an agreement called the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement, (S.P.P.) which intention and effect is to harmonize and integrate the three countries of Canada, U.S.A. and Mexico into a North American Union;

Whereas immediately thereafter Prime Minister Martin assigned three Liberal cabinet ministers, David Emerson, Anne MacClellan, and David Pettigrew the task of directing the institutional implementation of the integration through the executive branch of the Canadian government which ministers reported back to the leaders in June 2005 of their progress to that date;

Whereas the Conservative government of Stephen Harper recommitted to the S.P.P with President Bush and President Fox in March of 2006, and is continuing the implementation of the integration of Canada into a North American Union with the U.S.A. and Mexico;

Whereas Prime Minister Harper appointed three cabinet ministers (currently Stockwell Day, Maxime Bernier, and Peter McKay) to continue the integration through the executive branch of the Canadian government, which ministers reported back to the leaders in June 2006 of their progress to that date, and reported again in 2007;

Whereas entering and implementing the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement is an abuse of and beyond the reach of the Prime Minister’s and Cabinet’s executive power;

Whereas the three national leaders have adopted and submitted to a North American Competitiveness Council comprised of representatives of industry who advise and direct the Leaders and their cabinets on the institutionalization of the North American Union through the executive arm of government;

Whereas the members of the North American Competitiveness Council are:
[Read more…]


“We’d Rather Be Canadian” “We’d rather CAP the Debt”

Report March 29, 2007

1. Election Canada requires Confirmation of Membership in CAP from Canadian Action Party Members. We have to provide a New List of 250 Members by submitting 250 New Signed Declarations.

In order to maintain our status as a registered political party in Canada, S. 384(2) of The Canada Elections Act now requires all political parties every third year to submit a minimum of 250 declarations by electors who are Party members. This year’s deadline for receipt by Elections Canada of the declarations is on or before June 30, 2007. The declaration will confirm you are a member of the party, that you are a qualified elector, that you are 18 years old or more, that you are a Canadian citizen. We must submit the original declarations, not a copy nor a fax.

A qualified elector is defined in the Canada Elections Act s. 3 as follows: Every person who is a Canadian citizen and is 18 years of age or older on polling day is qualified as an elector. We ask that you fill out a declaration form and returnit to us by mail as soon as possible to:

Canadian Action Party
# 385 – 916 West Broadway Ave.
Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 1K7

The important URLs are:

to download the declaration and

to renew or take out a membership in CAP.

(Faxes and Photocopies not allowed by Elections Canada)

If we do not receive at least 250 valid declarations, we will be de-registered as a party. This requirement by Elections Canada is onerous to us as a small party. Many people feel inhibited about giving the government this personal information of how they cast their vote. As a result, gathering the declarations is not easy. Bigger parties have riding associations that can be utilized to access members to obtain the declarations. We do not.

You must be a CAP member to sign the declaration. [Read more…]


To interested parties

Notice of candidate and election readiness meeting

Saturday March 31, 2007 at 1:00 pm at:

Cedar Cottage Neighborhood PUB (not neighborhood house) located at 3728 Clark Drive in Vancouver ( on North side of Kingsway just one block East of Knight St. also known as Clarke drive)

CAP has called a meeting to begin organizing in the lower mainland for the coming federal election. In particular we begin candidate recruitment and training. Sorry for the short notice- an indication of our short resources.

Please come and help.

Connie Fogal Leader CAP/PAC

Canadian Action Party/ Parti Action Canadienne
Leader: Constance (Connie) Fogal
#385-916 West Broadway,Vancouver B.C., Canada, V5Z1K7
Telephone party: (604) 708 3372 ; Fax: (604) 872 1504
Telephone leader: (604) 872 2128
E-mail leader :

The Hanging of Saddam Hussein is a Phase Four Advance of the Global Empire

Sun, 31 Dec 2006

The Hanging of Saddam Hussein is a Phase Four Advance of the Global Empire

by Connie Fogal
Canadian Action Party

“The Hanging of Saddam Hussein is a Phase Four Advance of the Global Empire”…. Connie Fogal

The execution of Saddam Hussein is a failure of social justice and of democracy. No developed civilized society imposes the death penalty. World leaders who are just condemn the execution.

On December 30, 2006, Cardinal Renato Martina, representative for the Vatican on questions of justice, said the execution of Saddam Hussein is punishing crime with another crime. Further he said: “La peine de mort n’est pas une mort naturelle. Et personne ne doit donner la mort, pas meme l’Etat.”

Romano Prodi, président du Conseil italian Counsel, a dit “Aucune faute ne peut déterminer un homme à se faire le porteur de mort d`un autre homme.”

José Luis Rodriguez, Premier ministre espagnol a dit, ” Je ne défendre jamais le principe de la peine de mort, meme pour le pire des politiciens ” (I never defend the death penalty, even for the worst politicians.”)

The hanging of Saddam Hussein by the USA -intalled Iraquian puppet government is a public relations effort to legitimate the U.S.A.’s illegal invasion of Iraq. Neither the invasion nor this execution have anything to do with democracy for Iraq, but rather everything to do with justifying the USA’s conquest of the geopolitical control over the middle east along with the control of Iraq’s water and oil. It is common knowledge that whoever controls Iraq has the key to control of the Middle East and its resources.
[Read more…]

Harper’s Bill re: Quebec paves way for a non-nation within a non-nation

[The following commentary on this issue by inge hanle is very relevant and I have included it as additional ammunition for this argument by CAP. Ed.]
From: “inge hanle”
Date: November 28, 2006 9:26:58 AM PST
Subject: Harper’s Bill re Quebec paves way for a non-nation within a non-nation

Inge’s Added Comments: This message is EXTREMELY important because it hits the nail on the head – and discloses the real agenda behind the present moves of the Harper government – preceded by intentions of the Liberal candidate Ignatieff’s comments. The Quebec issue is not being raised at this crucial time to address an internal issue. This is using an internal issue to facilitate the insidious agenda of disintegrating the sovereignty of Canada so that it can be more readily integrated (swallowed up) into the North American Union – where it will serve as nothing more that a “Banana Republic source” of exploitable resources, with no internal powers of self-governance. Already all agencies within the Canadian Government are secretly “harmonizing” Canadian laws and policies with those dictated by a ‘hijacked’ USA Administration – which will, or course, be the dominant administrator of the North American Union – but also not for the American People, but for the multinational/financial/corporate monopolies that claim for themselves the RIGHT TO RAPE all resources solely for THEIR benefit and profit. THEIR economies eclipse ALL OTHER ISSUES!.

Citizens who choose to wander along with their eyes closed will suddenly be faced with a reality that will be beyond their control as a fait-de-compli – which will render all citizens as servants to an elite structure of exploitation.

Please take this seriously – Are you really prepared to surrender Canada as a sovereign nation, in control of its own internal affairs? See past the camouflage – and start to connect the dots that really matter.




CAP on Quebec

“These craftsmen do not intend any nationhood!”

Canadian Action Party Leader, Connie Fogal, today said that the recognition by Parliament of Quebec as a nation within Canada is one giant step toward the death of nationhood for all Canadians.

“It is the formalization,” she said, “of the Balkanization of Canada on the way to perfecting the North American Union. The craftsmen are bent on destroying sovereignty and nationhood for all citizens. This is the saga the media refuses to profile and Parliament refuses to acknowledge as both dance the jig to Yankee Doodle Dandy.”

“It is a shameful, disgraceful exploitation of a Canadian issue as a cover – a mask – to deliver us over to an unconstitutional shadow rule by military /industrial panels, not government of the people, by the people, for the people,” she insisted.
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Political Parties and Democracy in Canada?

Political Parties and Democracy in Canada?
Op-ed by Catherine Whelan Costen
Canadian Action Party President
November 19, 2006

The Canadian public continually admonishes politicians because they feel the system is undemocratic or not accountable to the people. I assert that the system was founded with the ability to become more democratic as the country matured, but has not evolved into a more interactive system, in part because those who hold power are reluctant to share that power with the people they serve. Power is given not taken. Democracy is meant to involve the people. The word ‘politics’ was derived from the Greek root ’politeia’ meaning, ‘gathering of citizens’. Oxford Dictionary definition: ‘ORIGIN late Middle English : from Old French politique ‘political,’ via Latin from Greek politikos, from politïs ‘citizen,’ from polis ‘city.’

It is time politicians understood this and the people gathered to involve themselves in the democracy of our nation, while we still can. Democracy ought to reflect the values, morals and aspirations of the people. As the word political becomes associated with corruption, and high powered games, the people naturally recoil in disgust, leaving a democratic deficit. Through my position with the Canadian Action Party I have witnessed first hand the desperate attempts of the empire builders to block the people from their Constitutional Right to self-government.
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Canada Wide Action Day October 28, 2006 “Troops OUT of Afghanistan!”

Message to CAP Members

Canadian Action Party is joining with many peace movements and other organizations for the Canada Wide Action Day October 28,2006. “Troops OUT of Afghanistan!” We hope you will consider attending one of the many rallies across the nation. We have provided a pdf document which is a two sided article suitable for downloading and printing. Use one or both articles. Identity Crisis speaks to the loss of our country, while the second is the voice of a Mother of a Canadian Soldier. Please feel free to use it and spread the word at the rallies. Other brochures are also available on our website, especially in the North American Union Section. If you have a CAP banner please use it at the rally, if you don’t have one consider making one and take it to the events. It is important for us to be a strong voice across the nation! Thank you for taking a stand with us. The events locations are listed below.
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Canadian Action Party Wins Legal Right to $1.75 per vote

Canadian Action Party Wins Legal Right to $1.75 per vote
from CAP Party
October 14, 2006

The lawsuit Cap was part of to end the discrimination against small parties respecting payment of $1.75 per vote ended in our favour. We will receive the money retroactive to January 2004. In addition, we will receive pre-judgement interest and cost.

Since we did not have many candidates to vote for the about will not be very much but it will sure help.

So, your vote does count.

The Judge said, “Small and weaker political parties play a very important role in the Canadian electoral process whether or not they receive large numbers of votes and they should be entitled to receive the quarterly allowance on exactly the same basis as the large political parties.”

The exact amount we will learn later. More details of information will follow this email later.

Call Connie Fogal

Cap_contacts mailing list

CAP/PAC asserts Rule of Law in Canada in face of USA Torture Detainee Act, HR 6166

CAP/PAC asserts Rule of Law in Canada in face of USA Torture Detainee Act, HR 6166
Connie Fogal
October 7, 2006

Two letters are included in this mail-out, One to Canadians politicians, and another to the world leaders on the issue of President Bush of the USA assuming the most egregious dictatorial powers akin to the worst of history.

1. RE: USA Detainee Torture Act, HR 6166 signed into law by President Bush, October 5th, 2006.

The Canadian Action Party demands that Canada formally condemn the new bill in the United States of America that grants the US president the right to torture, removes Habeus Corpus (a rule against arbitrary detention), defines as a terrorist anyone who questions or challenges the President or his government, removes civil trials, and otherwise purports to legalize crimes against humanity, and purports to extend into and apply in foreign jurisdictions against other nationals, as well as US citizens.

This new Bill is itself an act of terror.

Canadians are particularly at risk not just due to our physical proximity to the USA, but as a result of the unconstitutional agreements and arrangements being implemented secretly and/ or administratively such as the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement, the Smart Border Plan, and others, which integrate Canada with the United States of America.
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North American Integration-Another Step Closer

North American Integration-Another Step Closer

by Bev Collins
Vice-President, Canadian Action Party

September 27, 2006

While our kids returned to school, there were politicians and business leaders from both sides of the border meeting in Banff to discuss the future of North American Integration.

This high powered meeting was not covered by the mainstream Canadian media, nor the US media for that matter, even though their Defense Minister Donald Rumsfeld and Republican George Schultz were here meeting with our Defense Minister Gordon O’Connor, and our Minister of Public Safety, Stockwell Day as well as many business leaders.

Topics on their agenda were “A Vision for North America”, “A North American Energy Strategy”, “Demographic and Social Dimensions of North American Integration,” “Opportunities for Security Co-operation”.

Meetings like this have been taking place ever since former Prime Minister Paul Martin signed the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America with George Bush, and Vincente Fox in March 2005.

These Chief Executive Officers and their political counterparts are merging our regulations and legislations with that of the USA and Mexico. There are now more than 20 working groups committed to integrating everything from our resources, to our transportation, communication, economy, and military networks and they want it done by 2010.

What will this mean for you as a Canadian? Well you will be giving up your sovereignty as a free and independent country. You will be merged with American and Mexican workers at whatever desired wage and workers rights the business elite deem necessary.

You will be living in a police state, monitored and controlled with your biometric passports. Are you ready for this?

According to experts there is a shadow government that has been established in all three countries that will no longer require elected representatives of the people, as these leaders will take control of all government entities with no accountability to you.

There were Cabinet Ministers, five star generals, and corporate executives in attendance including John Manley, Anne McLellan, Chief of Defense staff Rick Hellier, US Admiral Tim Keating, Tom D’Aquino, and the heads of Lockheed Martin, Chevron and Suncor to name a few.

If this is such a great thing for Canada, why do you not know about it? There has been no input or debate or decision made by our elected parliamentarians. Where do our MP’s stand on this? Are they in favour of integration or will they stand for a sovereign and independent Canada?

Isn’t it time you found out?
Bev Collins

Press Release CAP/PAC flies Canadian Flag upside down at Convention as a sign of distress and resistance against the North American Union



We will be flying the Canadian flag UPSIDE DOWN as a signal of distress and resistance against the integration of Canada with the USA and Mexico into the new entity of a North American Union that media and government pretends is not happening, although the restructuring is almost complete, and is in total violation of citizen constitutional rights.


Friday. September 8th,

4.00p.m. Registration begins

6.30p.m. Opening of the Convention by the President, Catherine Whelan Costen. Welcome, introduction, presentation, setting the tone

7.00p.m. to 9.00p.m. Video “Money as Debt” (45mins) followed by panel on Money

Panelists : Paul Grignon, Pat Meloy, Bev Collins, – Discussion

Saturday. September 9th
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CAP Declares ‘Enough is Enough!’ Bring Canadian Troops Home Now!

CAP Declares ‘Enough is Enough!’ Bring Canadian Troops Home Now!
September 3, 2006

Canadian Action Party Leader Connie Fogal says, “Bring our troops home now! There is no reason to wait until 2007.” She concurs with others that immediate withdrawal would send a clear message to the world that Canada is not in the business of cleaning up the mess caused by four years of US bombing of Afghanistan justified as a search for the hiding places of Osama bin Laden. Fogal asks, “Why is Canada even there? Osama bin Laden is not even on any terrorist list in the world. President Bush now says he is no longer interested in finding Osama.”

CAP/PAC president Catherine Whelan Costen insists,”‘Enough is Enough’! Four more Canadian soldiers are coming home in body bags. Four more deaths without the due honour and respect of a lowered national flag. Four more deaths for the ‘mission’! ”

CAP Leader Connie Fogal accuses elected Canadian political leaders of preening in their position of puppet to the USA permanent war agenda, unwilling to exercise sovereign Canadian decisions. She says, “In the USA, dissenting opinion is labelled anti- American and unpatriotic. In Canada, dissenting opinion is labelled anti -American and unpatriotic. This is an interesting real commonality in a unified North America. Dissent in Canada and the USA is united and integrated in their view that it is not unpatriotic to oppose bad government. In fact, it is our democratic duty to do so! We are united in our horror of and opposition to blood, carnage and human destruction.”

“NO MORE! Not in Our Name'” insists President Whelan Costen. “Canadian patriots will not be told to be quiet while our sons and daughters’ lives are sacrificed for corporate profits that feed off the permanent war industry.The Middle East has been destabilized by that agenda”

“The Canadian people did not want to send them and do not wish to wage corporate wars. What did the Afghanistan people or Taliban do to Canada, or what threat do they pose to Canada? Osama bin Laden was created by the U.S., but even if he is more than a stooge, the people of Afghanistan did not commit any acts of aggression against the USA or Canada . You cannot export democracy at the end of a gun barrel!” she continued.

Connie Fogal says, “It is immoral to sacrifice the senseless deaths of our Canadian soldiers (who are bound to follow orders) to a mission Canadians oppose, a mission never explained, a mission that is no service to Canada. Our government is so used to governing by incrementalism and deception that it believes its own lies. ”

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VIDEO- Connie Fogal, Towers of Deception Keynote Speech

From: “Paul Barnes”

VIDEO- Connie Fogal, Towers of Deception Keynote Speech
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 22:27:57 -0400

Connie speaks in Winnipeg on August 20, 2006. Thanks to Dr. Joe Hawkins for the following video and for his courage and action for making this event a reality.

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Canadian Action Party President Speaks from the Heart

Canadian Action Party President Speaks from the Heart
by Catherine Whelan Costen
Canadian Action Party President & Communications Director

“All we are saying is give peace a chance…” John Lennon.

Peace is attainable if we give it a chance and that time is now. We must be the change we want in the world. I have recognized the importance of gathering those who are capable of making positive change into the most effective power. Consider this your personal invitation to become part of the positive change we know is possible. Yes the time has come for that important decision. Your country needs you and the world needs a strong peace making Canada. By offering your talents, skills, wisdom and knowledge, we shall be more able to speak with one voice in the most positive form.

Martin Luther-King was not a solitary dreamer. In fact his dream has transcended time and space because it was a dream of universal proportions. It is the dream that lives in our hearts today. A dream for a better world, a safer world and a sustainable world, and it did not die with him. It lives because the dream itself is the future. Whether we choose that future today for our children’s children or they are forced to eek out a harsh survival for themselves, is simply a matter of choice. We can make the sacrifice today to ensure a smoother transition for the next generation or we can hand them a mess to clean up. That dream for equality and life sustaining governments, is as real to me as if I had been standing at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. on August 28, 1963 when Martin Luther King delivered his speech. It is the dream of John Lennon’s songs, Anne Murray’s “Little Good News” song, Ghandi’s India, Mohamed and Jesus Christ’s lifeblood, as well as many other prophets, and saints from time immemorial. These teachings and examples of living in peace and love by being peace and love is the universal dream. It is only a dream as long as we keep it hidden from ourselves and each other. Humanity is the only species that has the ability to make that dream a reality. No other species has the ability to cause so far reaching negative or positive an impact on the earth as humans do.
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CAP Press Release on Israel/Lebanon

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Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2006
Subject: CAP Press Release on Israel/Lebanon

PRESS RELEASE July 18, 2006


On Israel/Lebanon

Connie Fogal, Leader of the Canadian Action Party, calls for an immediate ceasefire in the Israel- Lebanon crisis, and a return to negotiations.

Fogal calls on Prime Minister Harper to return to Canada’s traditional, sovereign, and historical role of a balanced foreign policy approach that recognizes the grievances of both the Israelis and the Palestinians.

“It is most unfortunate and contrary to Canadian interests that Mr. Harper chooses to submit to the foreign policy dictates of the USA and England”, said Connie Fogal.
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