The desperate search for Guy Montag by John Kaminski


The desperate search
for Guy Montag

. . . among indifferent and alienated dupes
oblivious to their own impending demise

By John Kaminski

Guy Montag, Guy Montag, you think, tapping your fingers on your desk. Where have we heard that name before? Suddenly you remember.

He was the conflicted hero in arguably the most famous science fiction story of all time, something almost everybody in America read in school, and marveled over its frightful foresight. Guy Montag was the enigmatic fireman who burned outlawed books in Ray Bradbury’s epic novel Fahrenheit 451.

One day a woman chose to die with her books. But before she immolated herself, Guy stole a book from her to try to learn why she should do such a thing. Then Guy started smuggling books home. His suicidal wife turned him in to the authorities. When they came to burn down HIS house, Guy turned on his chief, sprayed him with fire, and burned him to a crisp. Following that, Guy escaped and lived with the impoverished intellectual hobos, with the hopeful aim of restoring sanity to a deranged society.

In a series of ironic twists years after it was written, small minded school boards tried to ban Fahrenheit 451 without ever realizing they were unwittingly mimicking the book’s plot — destroying books society has been persuaded not to read because their thoughts were too dangerous.

Bradbury’s narrative describes how Montag gradually began to doubt his mission after he saw how important books were to people willing to die rather than give them up, and his brittle life crumbled around him. When the book’s hero changed his mind about books and what he should be doing to them, he brought the power of the totalitarian state down upon him, before escaping into the shadows and yearning for revolution.

Bradbury never mentioned how that revolution turned out, but the future has revealed an uncanny twist in what the famous science fiction author wrote and the way reality has turned out.

Firemen are supposed to put fires out, but Bradbury’s firemen burned books the government deemed illegal.

This is how our future has progressed; what was once the truth is now a lie. Suddenly, forces once thought necessary and beneficial have now turned into their opposite — a destructive menace.

Think cops killing people’s pets while trying to bust somebody at the wrong address. Or a woman pulled over for not signaling a lane change winds up a few hours later supposedly hanging herself in the cell of a local jail.

Politicians and presidents preach for peace yet incinerate defenseless foreign countries while insisting they are killing innocent people to preserve freedom. It’s the modern variation of the old Vietnam proverb: We had to destroy the village in order to save it.

What is the shocking reversal dominating society today? It should be obvious to you. It’s the false flag syndrome, in which the government creates disasters that it then cleans up and boasts how efficiently and vigilantly it has protected the population. The list of FBI provocations reveals there would be practically no crime at all if not for the sadistic schemes like Oklahoma City and 9/11 that our government cooks up.

Firemen who burn things rather than extinguish them are exactly the opposite of the way things should work in a normal world. Most of us know by now the world is nowhere near normal.

Instead of trying to protect us, the police are killing us in record numbers, and then refusing to say how many they’ve killed, or why.

Today, judges ostensibly profess to protect the rights of individuals but consistently rule in favor of big businesses that demolish these very rights. Instead of seeking justice in courts, the judges and the lawyers are deciding how they can fleece and convict us to fulfill the contracts they have with the private prison corporations to keep the jails full.

And as we have seen most recently in Oregon, the government wants to put us in jail in order to take our land because that land contains valuable minerals that our bellicose bigwigs want to sell to the very corporations that provide the campaign finances that keep them in office. As long as the Hammonds are in jail, we are all incarcerated.

I think the thing that got me thinking about this reversal of intent was the discovery that bodies supposedly massacred in a Paris nightclub turned out to be dummies, mannikins, planted by the spinmeisters who arranged the whole hoax to convince the public that the bloody stunt really happened. <>

This kind of ridiculous effort on the part of the authorities fits right in with the Sandy Hook school affair, in which children were claimed to have been killed but no bodies were ever reported being seen by local hospitals. <> It was a prima facie example of the cops who are supposedly assigned to protect us preventing us from knowing about the truth of a major crime.

The Boston Marathon bombing was another government sponsored charade, with one designated patsy murdered in the streets by police and his brother sentenced to die by a kangaroo court without ever being allowed to speak candidly. <>

The conspiracy conducting this long-running political campaign to get people to give up their guns is insidious and seemingly inextinguishable, despite the fact that it only increases gun sales. It includes the entire Jewish controlled media, of course, and journalists and cops at every level willing to participate in scams for which, in the specific case of Sandy Hook, they are sometimes paid millions of dollars for their participation in the charade. <>

Why does the government want us to give up our guns? To put us all in prison and to take everything we own before eventually taking our lives. The process is well underway, as the Hammond family of Oregon knows so well. Ammon Bundy’s supporters bivouacked in a nearby forest know it, too, and despite the media slander that calls them vigilantes are really defending the rest of us from a future nobody really wants to see — total government control of every aspect of our lives.

The heroes who try to reveal government criminality — Edward Snowden, Michael Hastings, Julian Assange, Bill Cooper — are constantly killed or jailed by those who resent their lucrative criminal schemes being exposed.

The doctors who try to circumvent the poisonous medicines of Big Pharma — James Bradstreet, Theresa Sievers, Nicholas Gonzalez— are suicided by those who want to continue to poison their patients and deny life saving techniques and medicines from people who really need them.

But what sticks in my mind is the similarity between Bradbury’s descriptive prediction of firemen doing exactly the opposite of what they were supposed to be doing — putting out fires instead of lighting them — and the behavior of the U.S. military monster today, murdering innocents for totally false reasons, and the intelligence community creating phony terrorist incidents and then prosecuting and convicting innocent patsies to make government agents look good when in reality they are criminals.

As deranged firemen scorched neighborhoods as well as the minds of would be intellects oppressed by their governments, so our military and police today do exactly the opposite of what they have been charged to do — preserve our safety and defend our freedoms.

Instead they intimidate the majority into silence and leave them cringing in silence while secretly hoping to avoid the fickle finger of fate and a violent SWAT team crashing through their front door even though it is the wrong address.

This is not to say there aren’t heroic individuals in the U.S. military. This would account for all the generals the last few presidents have fired for counseling common sense rather the following homicidal orders.

And now happening in Oregon, quasi government agencies of questionable authenticity steal land from legitimate farmers, throw them in jail, and the dumbfounded population stands around with their mouths open, criticizing those who would save farmers from being hoodwinked out of their land and homes by corrupt judges in kangaroo courts. <>

The potential course of the future now depends on the resolve of a small group of patriots gathered in a cold forest sorely lacking in support from the general population. It is no exaggeration to predict that whatever happens to them will happen to the rest of us.

The Jews who run our country are never going to listen to reason and suddenly strive to behave in a reasonable and rational manner. They are going to keep stealing and killing until they are stopped.

The shooting has to start somewhere. Burns, Oregon might be a sensible place to begin.

But the vast majority of Americans don’t want to be bothered with matters of justice. Even as their privately owned land disappears, stolen by the government, they don’t think these issues will affect them. They just sit home and watch TV and wonder what they’ll do when the ATMs stop working and the banks all close.

At exactly the time we need more people to behave like Guy Montag and stop this slide into insanity when truth is what our voracious government says it is, and justice cannot intrude into the consciousness of a citizenry intent on watching TV and texting their friends, we observe an unprecedented turning away from what needs to be done to survive, and misplaced intent leading to the widespread destruction of our species and every other species as well.

Sorry to have to tell you again, but those who sleep now will be the first ones to die in the very near future. Our criminal, Jew-run government must be disenfranchised, detoxified and, where appropriate, disemboweled as soon as possible.

If you must pick a day to start fighting back, today might just be the best choice of all.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

Gun Control Legislation – the Facts by the Virtual Presidency

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Gun Control Vid

High River RCMP Shake-down – from Christopher di Armani’s Canadian Rights & Freedoms Bulletin

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Jewry’s Plan For Universal Background Checks on U.S. Gun Owners by Brother Nathanael Kapner

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Once again I wish to acknowledge the efforts of Brother Nathanael of Real Jew News to bring to the attention of  people everywhere the dangerous and insidious actions of the Zionist Jews who are fully in control of the American government as well as all the mainstream media and are now attempting, as they did in Russia, after their Bolshevik Zionist coup in 1917, to disarm the people by destroying the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution. In the case of the Soviet Marxist Bolshevik Jew-run regime, after they had gained absolute control there they proceeded to round up and murder close to 66 million Russian citizens.

Now they are planning to do the same thing in America. This may end up being their final fatal lunge at absolute control of the nation, one that hopefully will back fire and blow up in their greedy, power-hungry faces.]


Jew plan


Jewry’s Plan

For Universal Background Checks

By Brother Nathanael Kapner Copyright 2013
January 23, 2013

Send Your Contribution To:
The Brother Nathanael Foundation, PO Box 1242, Frisco CO 80443



UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS for ALL firearms purchases—whether at gun shows and shops, between individuals and online—is Jewry’s latest plan to strip the Gentiles of their Second Amendment rights.

In other words, gun buyers will soon be peeing into cups all across America.

Launching Jewry’s totalitarian scheme is Jewish Senator Chuck Schumer who announced his Marxist scheme on Meet The Press this past Sunday.

Boasting of his authorship of universal background checks, Schumer predicted that in the “next week or two” lawmakers would show “broad support” for his legislation.

Teaming up with Schumer is yet another Jew who hates our freedoms, billionaire Michael Rubens Bloomberg, Mayor of NYC.

With Bloomberg at his side, Schumer announced that his new legislation, the Fix Gun Checks Act, would mandate that all those purchasing guns, including transactions through private sellers, would be subject to a background check, effectively closing the so-called gun show loophole.

Schumer’s Jewish-inspired legislation would also slap harsh penalties on States that fail to comply with his background check system: a 25% cut in Federal funds.



A COMMUNIST MANIFESTO, the Denying Firearms And Explosives Act, sponsored by a slew of Jews: Lautenberg, Feinstein, Levin, Schumer and Boxer, grants the Attorney General the authority to prohibit citizens from owning firearms by placing selected names on a “Watch List” with no explanation for the denial of their Second Amendment rights.

Yet another draconian law, (sponsored by the same Constitution-Hating Jews), the Gun Show Background Check Act, targets Gun Shows and its attendees.

This piece of Jewish legislation provides regulation and inspection of Gun Shows by Federal agents and a two-year prison sentence for any Gun Show sponsor who fails to notify EVERY attendee of his ‘responsibilities’ under the Brady Law that criminalizes unlicensed gun buyers.

Not to be outdone by his synagogue buddies, Jewish Senator Frank Lautenberg on his first day back on Capitol Hill 2013 introduced his High-Capacity Magazine Ban that would ban ALL ammunition magazines holding more than 10 rounds.

Teaming up with (yes, ALL Jews) Feinstein, Blumenthal, Levin, ‘Chuckie’ Schumer and Boxer, Lautenberg resubmitted his Background Checks Act that requires background checks to be conducted on all purchases at Gun Shows, even sales by private parties.

Finally, Barbara Levy Boxer, (of course, a Jew), is after your hand guns with her sponsorship of the Concealed Firearms Permit Act.

Boxer’s Marxist Bill would require every State issuing a Concealed Carry Permit to “demonstrate good cause” for requesting a Concealed Firearm Permit and to “prove” that the applicant is “worthy of the public trust.”

WHAT BOXER AND THE JEWS really mean is that THEY will decide who can buy a gun and who cannot.

And once dossiers on millions of gun owners are fully entered into a Federal Data Bank, the question is what will Jewry demand background checks for next?

Membership in the NRA? Joining a Gun Club? Using a Shooting Range? Participating in a Protest March? Joining a Demonstration against our Jew-ridden government?

Methinks it’s time to buy defensive weapons NOW and prepare for their effective use.




E. Lyman
“A general Dissolution of Principles and Manners will more surely overthrow the Liberties of America than the whole force of the Common Enemy. “While the People are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their Virtue they will be ready to surrender their Liberties to the first external or internal invader. … If Virtue and Knowledge are diffused among the People, they will never be enslaved. This will be their great Security.”  Samuel Adams (Former US President)
Too often, local and world affairs appear to be unfolding as if someone were following a master script. In this context, these “ten steps to subversion” are fascinating.
Said to have been found in Dusseldorf, Germany, by Allied Forces in 1919, they were then printed in the U.S. in the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise (Oklahoma). Another source labels these “Communist Rules for the Russian Revolution, 1918”. In 1946, the attorney general of Florida obtained them from a known member of the Communist Party, who acknowledged that the “rules” were then still a part of the Communist program for the United States.  Nearly the same text was found in the purportedly 18th century Illuminati Protocols (labeled fake but written by someone).
Curiously, this plan fits in with recent times and seems to parallel the government and corporate agenda of today.
1. Corrupt the young: Get them away from spirituality. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial; destroy their ruggedness.
Some people not in the “young” age group might say this trend has been going on for a long time. For example, blatant sex can be seen in most advertising — so much so that it is difficult to remember when it was otherwise.
The operative goal here is a moral corruption of youth through excessively materialistic values, resulting in overwhelming superficiality. If a whole generation grows up to be concerned only about one’s personal benefit and enjoyment — the enjoyment being based on material possessions and superficial immediate gratification — society will not find it easy to fight for the survival of the community or the nation. It will be a fractured society, one that would be easy to take over and control by force.
We need to be aware of this goal and try to mitigate against it. Some may say that today’s youth have already gone in the direction of this first goal. But there is always a percentage who are more deeply aware and who will fight for higher visions. 
2. Get control of all means of publicity.
By making one or two corporations control all the print media, and also television, this goal is being achieved. 
3. Get people’s minds off their government by focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books, plays, and immoral movies.
This one, again, sounds dated, but the concept isn’t. How about, “Get people’s minds off what the government’s backers are making it do, by offering a great many sports on TV, and a multitude of soap operas and sitcoms liberally laced with sex, violence and scandal. In the news (TV and print media), feature as much news as possible about disasters, violence and murder. Don’t, however, print any news that would allow people to piece together what is really going on in the world. 
4. Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance.
We see this all the time. In B.C., one of the favourite topics to divide communities relate to land claims and indigenous rights. In 1995, we had a classic example in the Gustafsen Lake stand-off. The mainstream media made people believe that the Native sovereigntists were “after your private property”. Even after the Mounties self-condemned themselves in a “training video”, where they said they wanted to “smear the Indians” and make themselves “look good”, the disinformation continued in the major media.
Other popular divisive topics are illegal refugees, immigration, taxes, and various irrelevant aspects of government. Important issues that affect democracy and sovereignty — like the global corporate takeover via so-called “trade” deals where, for example, transnationals can sue governments but people cannot sue corporations — are never discussed. Nor are the real goals behind globalization. All we are told is that it is inevitable and it is good for us. 
5. Destroy the people’s faith in their natural leaders by holding the latter up to contempt, ridicule and disgrace.
One popular way to destroy people’s faith in their leaders is to marginalize these leaders by giving them no media access. We have seen this in connection with leaders of new political parties. During the last two federal elections, one of Canada’s elder statesmen, the Honourable Paul Hellyer, a former deputy prime minister, was deliberately humiliated by not being allowed in on the “major” leaders’ debates — because “minor” parties were not deemed to be of importance.
Potential leaders are also marginalized by being made to seem unreliable or lightweight. David Orchard is a young, charismatic “natural” leader. He has been pushed aside, even though he came second in a democratic vote for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party.
This list could go on. The practice is particularly common, even in the Native community where hereditary chiefs have been shunted out of power, replaced by government/corporate protégés. 
6. Always preach true democracy, but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible.
We have a brilliant example of this in the recent U.S. presidential election. Both George W. Bush and Vice-president Al Gore extolled American democracy in the face of a blatant power grab. Massive electoral irregularities in the State of Florida gave the presidency to Mr. Bush. However, subsequent informal counts have shown that Bush did not win the state or the nation. Nevertheless, he has been ensconced in the White House. 
7. By encouraging government extravagance, destroy its credit, produce years of inflation with rising prices and general discontent.
We have seen a rise in the public debt since our federal government moved away from using the publicly owned Bank of Canada to finance its expenditures, thus increasing private borrowing with interest. Inflationary interest rates in the ‘80s cost many Canadians their homes and businesses. After the introduction of the FTA and NAFTA, the country has never recovered. The floodgate was opened to the foreign takeover of Canadian resources, with the accompanying loss of sovereignty. It is correct to say that many Canadians are not content with the situation, but they are not sure how to fix it. 
8. Incite unnecessary strikes in vital industries, encourage civil disorders and foster a lenient and soft attitude on the part of the government toward such disorders.
We saw this plan in Canada in the 1970s. The lenient attitude was evident when large wage increases were permitted, unrelated to any growth in productivity, and a subsequent inflation in prices. Although it is denied, inflation continues today, to the detriment of people on fixed incomes. 
9. Cause breakdown of the old moral values — honesty, sobriety, self-restraint, faith in the pledged word, ruggedness.
These values were once dear to almost any thriving traditional society, having strong currency in European and North American society as recently as 100 years ago.
The Indigenous nations of North America lived by these moral values. Clearly one could not survive in the natural context without being able to trust one’s neighbours. Neighbours helped neighbours; clan helped clan. A family was a self-sufficient unit when it came to the procurement of food, shelter and clothing.
In the urban context, this simple equation has disappeared, replaced by an impersonal government and, increasingly, corporate infrastructure. Aside from being impersonal, this infrastructure is not responsive to the real needs of the individual citizen or family.
In this manner, self-sufficiency and ruggedness are lost in the metropolitan area context. If some disaster caused the loss of the supply infrastructure in our cities, people would starve because they’ve lost the skills of finding food for themselves. And due to huge rates of immigration, our numbers are inflated to the point that we could not put everyone out on the land to fend for themselves. Raiding parties would attack rural areas, causing starvation even where the food is grown. Corporate mega farms would become military encampments. Those pillaging for leftovers would be shot on sight. This actually happened under Communism in the Ukraine in the 1930s, with a loss of two million lives.
Whoever controls the food supply and drinking water is the complete master of all. The corporations are more aware of this than the average citizen, and they are busy modifying the food supply so that it can be controlled through patents — owned by the holders of the patents. Water is being commodified to give control to the transnational corporations. The current legal action under NAFTA by Sunbelt Water of California against Canada and B.C. is only the first salvo in the water wars. Recently a traditional chief revealed that bulk water exports are already taking place from the mid-coast regions. 
10. Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext, with a view to confiscate them and leaving the populace helpless.
This final step is in progress in Canada today, under the pretext of reducing crime. Australia has already travelled this road and given the lie to this excuse. They have had rising violence and crime after their guns were confiscated. In every recent dictatorship, guns have been taken from the people. It is the final step of a global plan.
This plan appears to be the essence of the New World Order and the global corporate power grab. It requires no stretch of the imagination to believe that it is being used against Canadians today by its federal government.
Only awareness and concerted counter-action can hope to alter this plan. In the long term, it spells disaster for mankind.


Gun Control Laws


The B’nai Brith’s ADL: The drive to outlaw guns, free speech and thought By John “the Birdman” Bryant
The B’nai Brith’s ADL: The drive to outlaw guns, free speech and thought

By John “the Birdman” Bryant

Question: What does the current media campaign to outlaw the private ownership of semiautomatic weapons by U.S. citizens have to do with the rapidly growing corpus of legislation dealing with “hate crimes”?

Answer: Success of the first is necessary to insure compliance with the second, and both are the creatures of a quasi-governmental secret-police agency of whose existence most Americans are unaware.

There is underway in America a vast, well-oiled, heavily financed campaign to limit sharply the rights of Americans under the First Amendment to their Constitution and to eliminate altogether their rights under the Second Amendment. It already has scored notable successes in rolling back the most basic American freedoms. It is gearing up now for a drive to achieve total victory in this decade.

The principal instrument in this campaign is a secret-police agency more sinister, more cunning, and infinitely more malevolent than the Soviet Committee for State Security — the KGB — ever was. Its initials are ADL.Those initials stand for Anti-Defamation League, an innocuous-sounding name wholly out of keeping with the character of the organization.

To understand its significance we must look into its origins. The ADL is the action arm of B’nai B’rith, the international Jewish secret society, whose Hebrew name means in English “Sons of the Covenant.” The “covenant” referred to is the one supposedly entered into between the ancient Hebrews and their tribal deity Yahweh more than 3,000 years ago.

Its terms are spelled out in Deuteronomy, the fifth book of Moses. The Jews pledged their allegiance to Yahweh in return for his promise to take them as his “chosen people” and to give them dominion over all the lands and the other peoples of the earth: “Every place whereon the soles of your feet shall tread shall be yours.” (Deut. 11: 24) B’nai B’rith sees as its task the taking of all necessary measures for this promise to be fulfilled.

The ADL itself was organized in the United States as a subdivision of B’nai B’rith in 1913, and its ostensible purpose was to counter the “defamation” of Jews, whose public image was even worse then than now. The ADL went about its work in characteristically heavy-handed fashion, bullying and intimidating those who said or published anything the organization considered incompatible with Jewish interests, and lobbying legislators and other public officials to obtain legislation or rulings which would advance Jewish aims. If a prominent businessman, educator, or politician made a public statement the Jews did not like, the ADL would attempt to persuade him to retract it, hinting at economic or political reprisals if he refused. If intimidation failed, the ADL often would turn to defamation, feeding derogatory statements about the target to newspapers under Jewish control or friendly to Jewish interests until he was thoroughly discredited in the eyes of the public.

Typical of ADL efforts in the period prior to the Second World War was its attempt to ban a book, Conquest of a Continent, by Madison Grant, the noted naturalist and president of the New York Zoological Society. The book was published in 1933 by Charles Scribner’s Sons and bore an enthusiastic introduction by Professor Henry Fairfield Osborn, the most prominent American paleontologist of his day. In the book Grant outlined the racial history of North America and argued for the reform of immigration laws in order to keep America primarily Northern European in its racial composition.

Jews are hardly mentioned in the book, and in no way can it be considered a “defamation” of them. Jewish policy then as now, however, was to change the European racial character of the United States by cutting off the flow of immigrants (other than Jews) from Europe and increasing the flow from the non-White world.

[Read more…]