A New Day or the Same Old Shit? By Arthur Topham


A New Day or the Same Old Shit?
By Arthur Topham
October 1, 2009


Response to: The $100,000 anti-Jewish teenage graffiti hate crusade. Or not by Laura Rosen Cohen


[Editor’s Note: The following letter to Ms. Cohen is in response to her article of May 19th, 2009 in the National Post. (Please see bottom of this page for the url and the story.)

It’s a good start both for her and for the Zionist-controlled National Post. While there’s no good reason to be hopeful that either of them are serious about initiating any form of open debate on either Zionism or the domestic and foreign policies of the state of Israel, Ms. Cohen’s critique of the Canadian Jewish Congress and B’nai Brith Canada does cut to the quick and on the surface at least exposes the growing dichotomy that appears to exist between these pro-Zionist lobbyists and the remainder of Canada’s Jewish population. For whatever reasons Jews like Ms. Cohen are speaking out finally and stating their dissatisfaction with the manner in which these pressure groups attempt to speak for all Jews while at the same time they use their inordinate and powerful influence to censor the rest of Canadians whose views they deem inimical to their own interests.

Ms. Cohen’s revelations regarding the Harper government’s blatant patronage toward orgs like the CJC are also quite revealing, especially I would imagine, for the majority of grassroots Conservative supporters who voted unanimously back in 2008 to rid this country of Section 13(1) of the CHR Act and strip the CHR Commission of its powers to censor free speech and the Internet.]


May 21, 2009


Dear Ms. Cohen,

I’m sure that by now you are sufficiently swamped with a backlog of responses to your challenging and impenitent critique of Canada’s foremost players in the censorship game but nonetheless I must add my comments as well.

As one non-Jewish Canadian who is being directly impacted by B’nai Brith Canada due to a Sec. 13(1) complaint launched against myself and my website http://www.radicalpress.com by this foreign lobbyist group, see http://www.radicalpress.com/?p=821 CHRC Complaint Against RadicalPress.com from Harvey Smarba and B’nai Brith Canada, November 20, 2007, I can honestly say that your concerns about their methods of addressing issues of “hate” and “anti-Semitism,” etc. are both welcome and sorely needed.

For the most part I can only concur with your assessment of CJC and BBC although I would call you on one point in your article where you tend to tow the same party line as these Zionist lobbyists, that being your misunderstanding of Hamas.

Why Laura, given your purported awareness of current affairs, would you use the term “stealth normalization” to describe what very simply and honestly should be called the “open recognition” of the fact that Hamas is/was the democratically and duly elected government of the Palestinian people of Gaza?

Seeing as how internationally it is an historically recognized fact; one unfortunately which the governments of Israel, the USA, (and, deplorably) Canada have failed to come to terms with for blatant political reasons and have thus deigned to foster the erroneous deception that somehow Hamas is either of the two misconceptions which you have suggested in your article, I would think that you would acknowledge this reality and not add to the misconceptions already introduced into Canadian jurisprudence by the very forces you are attempting to correct in your fine article.

With respect though Laura to your comment about the CJC’s windfall donation from Canadian taxpayers of a hundred grand to use for increased security, given the almost identical physical surroundings which one will find upon attempting to breach the ramparts of the offices of the Canadian Human Rights Commission or the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal in Ottawa, one can easily extrapolate from such practises that both these quasi-judicial organizations are of the very same mindset which permeates that of the CJC and B’nai Brith Canada.

What that indicates to me, as a person now struggling full time with this “hate crimes” dragon of deception, is that these “undemocratically elected advocacy organizations” which you so aptly identify, have infiltrated Canada’s highest levels of government bureaucracy and are having an extremely negative effect upon the nation’s fundamental laws, affecting both our domestic and our foreign policies, which are bringing not only Canadian Jews but Canada itself into international disrepute and ignominy.

Since I am now embroiled in a “hate crimes” complaint involving Harvey Smarba and Anita Bromberg of the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada I have spent time teleconferencing with these people over the past couple of months in an attempt by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to establish the groundwork needed to proceed with a Tribunal “Hearing” concerning charges that I and my website http://www.radicalpress.com have been spreading “hatred toward Jews and/or citizens of Israel.”

All of this waste of government/taxpayer money, plus the direct threats made toward my person by these sycophantic governmental HRCs for gross sums of money to compensate these groups for their supposed “hurt feelings,” is due to what you’ve highlighted here about Jewish lobbyists such as B’nai Brith Canada and the CJC failing to get a grip on present-day realities and relinquishing their outmoded, draconian, “embarrassing, failed policies,” and returning to what you call “the Jewish tradition of spirited debate.”

In this regard I would be most interested in knowing just how many thousands of dollars Mr. Harper has given to this pro-Zionist, pro-Israeli group so that it can carry on harassing and subjecting honest, free speech advocates such as myself, to the infamous, illegal repercussions of Section 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act. Rather than additional physical defenses Mr. Harper’s generous donation to this beleaguered foreign lobby group (assuming they had their fingers in the pie) will likely go toward offsetting Anita Bromberg’s legal costs to her B’nai Brith lawyer Mr. Marvin Kurz who is leading the charge to destroy not only my reputation but also my livelihood and that of my family as well.

Your final plea to these two foreign lobbyists for some type of sanity and reason is laudable and most likely appreciated by many gent(i)le Canadians who perceive these two groups in precisely the same manner in which you do.

While you’ve failed to share with your readers exactly what the real “true threats facing Jews” are (which I would hope you will do in a subsequent article) you’ve definitely pinpointed the fundamental problem now plaguing not only the non-Jewish majority of Canadians i.e. Canada’s “hate crimes” legislation embedded in Section 13(1) of the CHR Act, but also the Jewish community as a whole who don’t buy into these “bullish” attempts to censor Canadians who choose to express their contrary political opinions on issues directly related to Jews and/or Israel.

Until this specious legislation is removed from Canada’s law books we’ll be forced to constantly deal with what I would call Canada’s “persecuted majority,” that is any non-Jewish Canadian who voices criticism of Israeli policies and/or the ideological framework upon which the state of Israel rests. Here, I would humbly suggest, is the root of any future problems which might face the Jewish community at large. When only Jews can voice their opinions and everyone else is punished with “hate crimes” legislation that doesn’t bode well for a harmonious relationship between the two cultures.

If you are interested further in this case please see the following url for a complete port folio of articles related to it: http://www.radicalpress.com/?page_id=995 .

And thank you for your efforts at helping to assist in the process of peaceful resolution of this problem by identifying one of the major problems besetting Canada.

Shine your Light for Love & Peace & Justice for All,

Arthur Topham
The Radical Press
Canada’s Radical News Network
“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998”


The $100,000 anti-Jewish teenage graffiti hate crusade. Or not

By Laura Rosen Cohen
National Post, Full Comment

May 19, 2009

The ‘organized’ Jewish community of Canada, in two separate incidents, has once again demonstrated it has little understanding of average Canadians. In the past week, its two leading, undemocratically elected advocacy organizations have demonstrated yet again an appalling zeal for censorship and a familiar, and emasculated response to issues with real public policy implications for both Jews and non-Jews in Canada alike.

Last week, according to a story in the Jewish Tribune, the parents of a Grade 6 student in Richmond, B.C. complained about a lesson plan that included a current events article that portrayed Hamas as a “militant Islamic group,” rather than a terrorist organization, as defined by the Canadian government. A news story from Richmond quotes a representative of the Canadian Jewish Congress as saying “it is risky trying to teach 11-year-old kids about Middle East politics because it is so complex and polarized.” He agrees with teaching children about current events, but says “don’t start with the most complex.” And that is the beginning and end of the CJC’s involvement in the issue.

In other words, the stealth normalization of Hamas within the public school curriculum in British Columbia is problematic just because it’s ‘complex’. What is so complex and nuanced about Hamas? Surely, there is room for more discussion or advocacy on this issue.

The same week, the CJC did have time to perpetrate the myth that the Jews of Canada are a community at risk from the now thoroughly debunked “hate crimes”. The federal government just allocated $1 million to fight “hate crimes”, and amazingly, the Canadian Jewish Congress used its $100,000 share for more security at — wait for it — the Canadian Jewish Congress headquarters. Canadian Jews must be very relieved to know that potential haters must pass three levels of security before getting to CEO Bernie Farber’s office. My children’s Jewish day schools have no such luck.

B’nai B’rith fared just as dismally, with its call for a banning of the wretched piece of theatre known as Seven Jewish Children.

In their call for the banning of the play, Anita Bromberg, B’nai B’rith’s director of legal affairs said: “It’s not necessarily up to us to demand that such things never see the light of day … but there has to be some understanding and some appreciation of the complexity of the issues”. Excuse me? That’s exactly what you are demanding, and there is that ‘complexity’ thing again.

Coincidentally this week, and apparently unbeknownst to the Canadian Jewish Congress and B’nai B’rith, a Statistic Canada release showed that police services in Canada reported 785 crimes that were motivated by hate in 2007, down from 892 in 2006. That’s an awfully small amount of “hate” in a country as large as Canada. Moreover, most of the “hate crimes” were teenaged graffiti and involved no physical violence. How much funding is required to fend off such “hate”? How many levels of Jewish bureaucracy are needed to save Canadian Jews from hateful teenage graffiti? The reality is that the number of “hate crimes” in Canada cannot possibly justify a 24-hour anti-Semitism hotline. Perhaps B’nai B’rith should switch to pay as you go?

If anyone in Toronto, or anywhere else in the world wants to go to the theatre and subject themselves to skin-crawling, Jew-hating, anti-Israel tripe and listen to 10 minutes or five hours of how Jews are the new, real, true Nazis let them do so. It’s their choice — and their right to do so.

Of course it’s ‘hateful’ stuff. It’s downright nauseating garbage. But if the B’nai B’rith doesn’t like it, they should do it better. Why not counter ‘hate speech’ with better speech, more persuasive speech, or more compelling speech? Why not sponsor a play-writing or songwriting contest on Israel and send the winner to Israel for an all-expenses paid trip?

In April, when a bunch of rag-tag lefty activists tried to get the LCBO to stop buying Israel “apartheid” wines, all it took was a few e-mails for Toronto Jews to organize themselves and, along with their non-Jewish friends, purchase the entire stock of Israeli wines from GTA liquor stores. We beat them at their own game.

Jewish free speech advocates such as myself and Ezra Levant are constantly maligned for questioning the liberal, leftist orthodoxy of the organized community. But perhaps it is the time for a gentle retreat from embarrassing, failed policies, and a return the Jewish tradition of spirited debate. Whatever happened to ‘two Jews, three opinions’, and ‘three Jews, four synagogues’?

The organized Jewish community needs to recognize the true threats facing Jews (not Internet Nazis) and give voice to more conservative political voices. This Canadian Jew is begging you to stop being bullish on censorship and give up the ‘persecuted minority’ shtick.

National Post

Laura Rosen Cohen is a Toronto freelance writer