In the Social Storm: Memoirs of the Russian Revolution By Boris Yelensky Preface & Prologue

                                             Boris Yelensky


By Arthur Topham
Editor & Publisher

It’s hard to believe that ten years have passed by since the Radical Press first began publishing Boris Yelensky’s anarchist memoirs of the Russian Revolution back in July of 1998. The plan then was to run the complete text in serial form but due to the demise of the monthly hard copy edition of The Radical in June of 2002 I was only able to print up to the first half of Chapter 24 thus leaving the final seven chapters unpublished and regular readers of the tabloid hanging in the air suspended. The eventual aim was to publish the book in hard copy but that too has not happened due to financial restrictions.

Later on, after the newspaper folded, I was able to get the completed text of the book online in the forum section of my website but that also came to a sudden halt back in the fall of 2007 when my server was forced by B’nai Brith Canada and their “League for Human Rights” to cease hosting my site thanks to threats of “racism” and “anti-Semitism” and “hate” literature being alleged against myself and my website.

Since November of 2007 when I was formally charged by the Canadian Human Rights Commission with allegedly publishing articles of a discriminatory nature contrary to section 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act I have been literally in an all-out battle with B’nai Brith Canada and the CHR Commission and had little time to reformat and repost this amazing historical document.

In retrospect the timing of its reappearance may be most appropriate. Today Canada and the whole of Western civilization is facing a very real and present threat from the very same mindset that Boris Yelensky describes in his memoirs of the 1917 coup d’etat euphemistically called by the Zionist media the “Russian Revolution.” Yelensky, a Russian Jew born in Krasnodar, southern Russia in 1889, had emigrated to the United States after having been involved in the unsuccessful revolutionary activities of 1905. He remained in the states until word arrived of the successful overthrow of Tzar Nicholas II in 1917 at which time, like many other Russians who had left the country, he returned to his home country to help create what he believed to be a new beginning for the Russian people and for the world in general.

Yelensky’s story, told from a fundamentally different perspective than most known historic recordings of the period, reflects the views of the anarchist movement as it existed during the early years of the 20th Century. Told in a prosaic, yet detailed fashion, unadorned by romanticism (which the anarchists argued for and against endlessly), Yelensky’s account of his time spent during the turbulent period leading up to and following the successful take-over of the former Russian monarchy by Lenin and the Bolshevik forces, provides history with an alternative viewpoint and an important third position with respect to how the events of that momentous period were viewed by a segment of the political dramatis personae known to the world as the anarchists.

In the Social Storm: Memoirs of the Russian Revolution is an attempt by the anarchist Boris Yelensky to try and discern the modus operandi of the Bolsheviks and the reasons for why they willingly sacrificed the one great opportunity to truly implement the socialist ideals that had been fleshed out over the previous half century or more and now were given the opportunity to be realized. But it is a whole lot more than merely an analysis of the mindset of the Bolsheviks. Yelensky provides the reader with vivid examples of how the anarchist movement was a living and vital part of the forces that were at play during the period. His accounts of the anarchists’ struggles and the contributions by men such as Nestor Makhno and his army of partisans who played a crucial role in the struggles during the period of civil war following the coup are both highly instructive and a necessary aspect of the history of the time in order for students of today to grasp the numerous nuances of intrigue that permeated the overall dynamics which necessarily come into play during periods of massive political and social upheaval.

Along with Yelensky’s descriptions of the unfolding events of the time are his own accounts of how the anarchists living and struggling within this maelstrom of sudden change were doing their utmost to live and exemplify their ideas by manifesting the anarchist perspective in everyday life. The experiments in actual anarchist projects which Yelensky was a part of and which he describes in detail and in which he played a vital role are positive examples of redefining social organizations so as to make them fair and liberating to those who were fortunate enough to have been able to partake of them. It was a window for the anarchists and a time, short as it was, where they were able to illustrate the positive aspects of their philosophy and how by example it held promise of exemplifying an alternative manner of social and industrial organization to those of the Bolsheviks who represented a repressive, totalitarian, brutal state dictatorship and that of the capitalists who likewise used a strong and centralized authoritarian government system disguised as “democracy” to fulfill similar ends.

For anarchists and political researchers Yelensky’s book is a revealing account of anarchism in action and a first-hand description of the lives and the efforts of those who went to Russia in good faith believing that positive changes were at hand only to come to the sudden and grim realization that instead of a new utopia, Russia had fallen into the hands of a powerful cabal of Marxist warlords who, along with their dreaded cheka terror squads, were hell-bent on gaining total power and control over one of the largest empires on earth and in the process murdering anyone who stood in the way of achieving their heinous ambitions.

In the Social Storm: Memoirs of the Russian Revolution

By Boris Yelensky

Author’s Preface

I was born February 17th, 1889, in the city of Yekotirenodar (the gift of Catherine the Great), now known as Krasnodar, located in the province of Kuban, in the northern part of southern Russia.  I was the fourth child of a middle-class family.  My father had a shop that manufactured fur hats for the Cossacks.

When I was five years old we moved 125 miles south to the city of Novorossiysk on the shores of the Black Sea.

It was my parents’ ambition that I should become a doctor.  My mother particularly, who could neither read nor write, was prepared to make any sacrifice to fulfill this dream.  Since only a very small percentage of Jewish children were accepted at the Gymnasium, I was tutored privately to prepare me for examinations. My parents’ ambitions for me were to remain only dreams though for from an early age my thoughts were concerned mainly with the simple questions of why the majority of the people had nothing while the few had so much.

In Russia, the transfer of prisoners from one city to another in large groups was called Etap. Since Novorossiysk was a port city, groups of these prisoners were continually coming through town, transferring from ships to trains.  They would come in by ship, spend the night in the city, and the next day be marched up the main street to the train station.

The picture of these worn-out groups of human beings, chained hand and foot, and the clink of their irons were with me all of my childhood as a continual reminder of oppression.

When I was twelve years old I accidentally found a handful of underground revolutionary literature. I brought it home innocently enough and nearly got a beating from my father when he saw it.  The fear in the faces of my parents and the few pages that I read started my mind working, and within a year I was involved in the underground revolutionary movement in our city.

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The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today by Elizabeth Dilling (First Published 1966)

Holman Hunt: The Finding of the Saviour in the Temple
The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
by Elizabeth Dilling
(First Published 1966)

Elizabeth Dilling

Dear Radical Reader,

Elizabeth Dilling, an American born in 1894 in Chicago, was one of those personalities who, like Douglas Reed of Great Britain and author of the classic on Political Zionism, The Controversy of Zion, chose to give up a life of comfort in order to do her part in exposing the Zionist Beast which she recognized back in the early 1930s when on a trip to Soviet Russia as an imminent and growing threat to every democratic nation that wished to live in peace and harmony.

Like every writer who digs long and deep enough into the soils of history searching for the root causes of the apparent woes of our contemporary world Elizabeth Dilling soon realized that behind the facade of this new “workers’”, “communist” system, brought about by alien forces which were able to capture, through vast sums of blood money, sleuth and deception and coup, one of the world’s then greatest nations, there lurked the same Rothschild Jewish cabal who had been instrumental in destroying nations since the time of the French Revolution.

Due to Mrs. Dilling being a devout Christian and because she was able to witness the blatant, malicious attitude of the Bolsheviks toward anything Christian in Russia after the coup of 1917, upon her return to the states she set out to reveal the faces of these murderous attackers and destroyers who were torturing and starving and killing Christian (and non-Christian) Russians by the millions. In doing so she also came to realize that her own nation was being deeply infiltrated and influenced by these same traitorous forces who had conquered Russia. Not only had they slaughtered the Tzar and his whole family and then proceeded to round up millions of Christian citizens and sent them to a sure death in the gulags of northern Russia but most astonishing of all these same people had originally been living in the United States and plotting the overthrow of the Russian Empire for decades!

All things considered therefore I believe that Elizabeth Dilling, like her contemporary Douglas Reed, was a prophetess in her own time. Her various works, including The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today, were some of the first critical analyses, along with those of Henry Ford Sr., of Bolshevism, Communism and Zionism as one and the same Beast with numerous names. Her writings, although tough to dig up due to Zionist subterfuge, remain a living testament to her courage and her foresight in revealing the truth during a period of American history when to speak out was to risk the inevitable attacks of the already brutal and malicious Zionist Jew establishment.

Groups like the American Jewish Congress and B’nai Brith International along with its attack-dog, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), were always ready and willing to slander, malign, vilify and legally harass anyone who dared speak out about the Zionist plan to implement their one world government and Elizabeth Dilling was forced to deal with their Talmudic tactics from the moment she picked up the sword of truth and justice and began wielding it.

One striking thing about Dilling’s early works and her revelations concerning the Zionist forces and their Babylonian Talmudic underpinnings is the fact that the organization known as B’nai Brith International, working throughout the world under various sub-titles such as Canada’s “League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada” remain firmly entrenched in Western democracies and are still performing the same seditious agenda for which they were initially created, that of being the Zionist guard dogs whose purpose is to keep their nefarious agenda well hidden from public purview.

This has always been my position with respect to the Canadian Human Rights Act sec. 13(1) “hate crime” complaint laid against myself and by Harry Abrams and the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada. It has nothing to do with discrimination against “Jews and/or citizens of Israel” but everything to do with silencing one of the rare websites in Canada that is willing to do what Elizabeth Dilling did and what Douglas Reed did over half a century ago, i.e. expose the Zionist agenda to the public eye.

In their Statement of Particulars to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal the complainants, Harry Abrams and the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada, listed a number of the earlier chapters contained in Elizabeth Dilling’s book The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today which I had posted on my site. Likely they would have posted all of the chapters had I been able to format and get them up but thanks to having to write legal papers in my defense I didn’t have the time to do that. Now I have found the time and the remainder of the book is up on the RadicalPress site and can be located on the Home Page in the upper right hand corner under “Pages” where its title appears. Just click on the title and you will be taken to the page you see below.

Dilling’s study of the Babylonian Talmud – its orgins, purpose and contents – is an eye-opener, not only for Christians who may still be suffering under the delusion that the Zionist Jews are somehow their best friends and allies and God’s “chosen people” but for non-Christians as well who, whether they’re members of another faith or atheists or merely secular students of life, still may be ignorant of the details contained within this horrendous book of self-deception. Once read, this study of Elizabeth Dillings ought to dispel any misconceptions concerning why one can’t walk into any library in the country and find an English copy of the Babylonian Talmud standing amongst the Holy Bible or the Qu’ran or any of the other notable writings of the world’s great religions.

Now Harry Abrams tells us in a thread on the website (see: Harry Abrams, Classical Liberalism vs. Human Rights Page 7) where he has been posting lately, “I don’t know much about the Talmud myself…” yet he and B’nai Brith Canada have gone to great lengths to suggest that what I published of Elizabeth Dilling’s work is not true and that I only published it in order to promote “hatred” toward “Jews and/or citizens of Israel.” I will leave it up to readers to judge as to whether or not Harry is correct in his allegations.

One final thing. This book is not just about the Jewish “religion.” It’s about the type of mindset that is created when people are fed the ideas that are contained in it. It’s also about how those ideas are then further translated into political programs such as Zionism which reflect the inherent views of the Talmudic Rabbis who have been instilling this paradigm into the heads and hearts of Jews for over two thousand years; views which have created over time a group psychopathology wherein the Zionists of today firmly believe that they actually ARE God’s chosen people and that they ARE IN FACT the MESSIAH and have been assigned by GOD to lead and control the rest of humanity as if we were but dumb cattle or sheep in need of a guiding, earthly shepherd.

Please pass this on to others who may find the information contained in Elizabeth Dilling’s book of value in figuring out why all the pieces of the puzzle still haven’t fallen into place and the Zionist ideology and the mystifying state of Israel continue to remain an enigma for so many.

Shine your Light for Love, Peace & Justice for All,

Arthur Topham
The Radical Press
Canada’s Radical News Network
“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998″


The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
by Elizabeth Dilling
The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
by Elizabeth Dilling
The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
by Elizabeth Dilling
The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
by Elizabeth Dilling
The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
by Elizabeth Dilling
The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
by Elizabeth Dilling
The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
by Elizabeth Dilling
The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
by Elizabeth Dilling
The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
by Elizabeth Dilling
The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
by Elizabeth Dilling

The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
by Elizabeth Dilling

The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
by Elizabeth Dilling
The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
by Elizabeth Dilling
The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
by Elizabeth Dilling
The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
by Elizabeth Dilling


Arthur Topham is the Publisher and Editor of He is currently involved in a free speech battle with the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada.

He is also in extremely dire need of financial support to sustain this battle with the forces of repression and censorship as he is not able to work during this period of intense litigation with the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the CHR Tribunal. Any donations therefore would be most welcome. Please see the following url on the Home Page (upper right hand corner) regarding donations. Also there is a “DONATE” button there for Paypal or here at . Feel free to use any of them if you can help out. Thanks.

Arthur welcomes all feedback to his articles and can be reached at .

For the Full Monty on the complaint case involving and B’nai Brith Canada please see:

from The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today by Elizabeth Dilling Ch. XIV: PROPHECY AND THE DEVELOPING ANTI-CHRIST WORLD GOVERNMENT

“The Talmudists” 1934 by Max Weber

[Editor’s Note: Elizabeth Dilling, all things considered, was a prophetess in her own time. Her various works, which include her exposure of the Zionist Jewish infiltration of the United States of America and her analysis of Bolshevism, Communism and Zionism as one Beast with numerous names, are a testament to her courage and her foresight in revealing the truth during a period of American history when to speak out was to risk the inevitable attacks by the Jewish establishment. Groups like the American Jewish Congress and B’nai Brith International and their attack-dog the Anti-Defamation League, were always ready and willing to vilify anyone who dared to speak out about their plans to implement their one world government and Elizabeth Dilling was forced to deal with their Talmudic tactics from the moment she picked up the sword of truth.

Each chapter of her book is preceded by the Forward and an Introduction. Readers who go beyond Chapter One will find it convenient to just scroll down the page until the start of the new chapter.]



Elizabeth Dilling Stokes was born, raised, and educated in Chicago. After attending the University of Chicago she married, and for many years devoted her life to her children, social activities on the North Shore of Chicago, and being a concert harpist. After hearing of the great “humanitarian experiment” in Soviet Russia, she traveled there in 1931, and was able to go behind the scenes. She was shocked at the forced labor, the squalid living quarters, and deplorable living conditions, and the atmosphere of fear created by the Soviet dictatorship.

She was most shocked by the virulent anti-Christianity of the atheist Communist regime.

Following her return to the United States she lectured and wrote about what she had seen, realizing from the opposition which immediately arose that a substantial Marxist movement was active in the United States.  In 1934 her first book The Red Network was published, an expose of the persons and organizations furthering Red causes in the United States. In 1936, her second book, The Roosevelt Red Record and Its Background, was published. Almost immediately after these books were published, she was attacked as “anti-semitic,” although she had actually offered her anti-Communist services to Jewish organizations, and knew nothing of organized Jewish involvement in the Marxist movement.  After researching and studying, however, in 1940 she published her third book The Octopus, which dealt with these subjects.

After World War II commenced, Mrs. Dilling became convinced that, despite President Roosevelt’s protestations that not one American boy would ever again fight on foreign soil, there was a movement afoot to involve the United States, with the result that a substantial part of the world would be communized later.

In 1941, she led a Mother’s March on Washington to oppose the “Lend Lease” bill, proclaimed to help keep us out of war by its sponsors, but proving the last step for our involvement.  The bill passed by only one vote.  A few months later, the United States went to war.

In 1944, Mrs. Dilling’s views involved her in the now infamous mass “sedition” trial.  The case was ultimately dismissed  by a Federal Court as “a travesty on justice.”

She was later remarried to Jeremiah Stokes, a Christian anti-Communist writer, and she continued to write and lecture in behalf of Christianity and Constitutional Americanism, first publishing this book in 1964.

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Responding to the Repressive Sec. 13 Anti-Free Speech Law by Arthur Topham

[Editor's Note: The following lengthy piece is my response to the Complainants' second, amended Statement of Particulars which they submitted to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal on July 12, 2009. In it they attempt once again to allege all sorts of nonsense about myself and my website in a further attempt to smear me as a hatemonger and an "anti-Semite" and racist and so on.

For those who have been following this Show Trial from the start I would recommend reading this reply to see the sorts of subterfuge that these folks resort to in order to meet the demands of the notorious Section 13 entrapment legislation under which they operate.]

Harry Abrams and The League For Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada


Arthur Topham and

File Number: T1360/9008


August 3, 2009

Zionismnothealthy radlogosmall

Nancy Lafontant
Registry Officer
Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

Dear Nancy Lafontant,

RE: Harry Abrams and the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada v. Arthur Topham and the
File Number: T1360/9008

Please find enclosed my reply to further distortions, misrepresentations and erroneous suppositions contained in the Complainant’s Amended Statement of Particulars of July 12, 2009.

For purposes of explanation please note that I will be going through the Complainant’s Amended Statement of Particulars in the order that it was presented and making comments where deemed applicable.

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Is Your Government Breeding Bolsheviks?


Is Your Government Breeding Bolsheviks?
B’nai Brith’s brazen attempt to hardwire Hatred and Censorship into the Canadian Psyche

By Arthur Topham

August 8, 2009

In his 2006 book, The Synagogue of Satan, the British writer Andrew C. Hitchcock has a lot to say about the house of Rothschild. In fact his book is a revelation of our times; the chronology of a crime syndicate that began in 1760 when Mayer Amschel Bauer took over his father’s money lending business in Frankfurt, Germany and changed his name from Bauer to Rothschild, a German word meaning “Red Shield” and hung the symbolic hexagram that now adorns the Israeli flag above his door.

The last 250 years is basically a record of the Rothschild’s devastating effects upon the people and the planet; one that has now brought our 20th Century civilization to the brink of either global disaster, or, should we awake in time to this imminent end and act accordingly, the final dismantling and dissolution of this infamous house of hell that’s been the root cause of humanity’s discontent for the past two and a half centuries.

Andrew Hitchcock’s book[1] in some respects parallel’s the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion in that it too is a road map like the Protocols only one that can lead us out of the wasteland of the present times rather than further into a gloomy and foreboding Big Brother future such as the Protocols reveal.

While Hitchcock’s first and foremost purpose is to document the accomplished deeds of this Rothschild house of horror as they pertain to global finance, politics and media, his particular expose of the secret masonic society of B’nai Brith, one of the many Rothschild enterprises designed to assist in its agenda for world domination, should be of special interest to Canadians; especially those Canadians who have managed to break free to some degree from the mind-numbing influence of the Rothschild controlled mainstream media and are relatively able to view, somewhat objectively, the ongoing machinations of this organization; one initially set up and funded in order to present to the world a viewpoint fundamentally Talmudic, cabalistic and atheistic in scope, nature and purpose.

In the USA when Americans think of B’nai Brith they automatically think of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) the now powerful, aggressive arm of B’nai Brith International originally formed in 1913 by the Rothschild Jews in reaction to a Jewish business man who was convicted of raping and murdering one of his young employees and actually put in jail for his crime.* This was considered an outrage by the then nascent Zionists and so they conspired to come up with an organization that would eventually become the Goliath of gutter journalism, spewing forth volumes of vituperative slander and malignant lies upon any individual, group or organization that ever dared to challenge the tendentious tenets of the Rothschild empire.

I believe Noam Chomsky, Professor of Linguistics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, put it rather succinctly when he once described the ADL as “…one of the ugliest, most powerful pressure groups in the U.S…. Its primary commitment is to use any technique, however dishonest and disgraceful, in order to defame and silence and destroy anybody who dares to criticize the Holy State (‘Israel’).”

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The Silence of the Wolves by Arthur Topham

The Silence of the Wolves
by Arthur Topham

July 16, 2009

“They’re selling you billows of smoke and calling them the fires of Freedom! They’re peddling shadows and labeling them light beams of Truth.”

~from Memos to Myself, Arthur Topham, January 1, 2009

A June 24, 2009 letter by Cal Mahan of Calgary to the Calgary Herald, appearing under the byline “Find someone new” and in response to the paper’s June 21st Editorial, “CHRC seeks more powers,” stated:

“This editorial is an updated rehash of the Feb. 13 editorial “Would-be censor seeks red pencil” and other single-minded opinion pieces. The poster boys remain the same – Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant – two unsympathetic propagandists and bullies.
Can’t you find a more attractive victim of the witch-hunting human rights commissions, who would elicit more general public affinity for your otherwise media-centric cause?”

In many respects Mahan’s comments epitomized, in two pithy sentences, the reality of Canada’s mainstream media and its current one-sided, circumscribed perspective on the issue of freedom of speech in Canada and who will be given a platform to express their perspective on this highly contentious subject. In allowing only the poster boys Levant and Steyn to monopolize this debate within the pages of the Zionist-owned media the obvious bias is showing through. The fact that the same two rogues from out of the gallery of the human rights commission’s victims are inevitably given this privilege on a regular basis doesn’t sit well with many who see the cozy set-up that appears to exist between certain ethnic/religious groups and their counterparts in the media.

It also got me thinking about my own situation with respect to this issue of who gets to be highlighted by the media and who doesn’t. In the case of myself and my website it’s now been just over two years since Harry Abrams, B.C. representative for the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada along with his co-complainant Anita Bromberg, formally laid a complaint[1] with the Canadian Human Rights Commission under the notorious Section 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act seeking “relief” for contended “discriminatory” publication of articles which they felt contrived “to promote ongoing hatred affecting persons identifiable as Jews and/or as citizens of Israel.”

Since receiving word of the complaint it’s become a full time profession for me trying to stave off this blatant attempt to silence my thoughts and opinions on an issue of public interest (Zionist politics) that is growing in leaps and bounds with each passing day.

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As Above, So Below: B’nai Brith charges Australian Website with anti-Semitic content


[Editor's Note: My goodness those B'nai Brith censors are busy these days! If it's not here in Canada harassing publishers such as it's their clone-like clowns "down under" using precisely the same disgusting methodology to shut down free and democratic websites in Australia. It appears the colonies of the once great British Commonwealth are under attack by the Rothschild inspired Zionist Jews.

Again, it's their pathetic cries of discrimination. In this case the farce goes to such lengths that its ridiculousness is beyond question. Imagine, these greedy mind-control freaks already own 99.9% of the world's media with which they spew out their Zionist propaganda on a 24/7 basis year in and century out and yet they have the balls to accuse some alternative news site of not publishing enough pro-Zionist bullshit to suit the likes of their "Anti-Defamation Commission."

It truly is mind-blowing to see the magnitude of their arrogance and self-righteous chauvinism and proves over and over the old maxim that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

So Canada, stand on guard for your diminishing right to freedom of speech. It's under attack big time and it's damn time you woke up to the fact. No greater example of the aphorism: As Above, So Below could be given than what we're witnessing with this incessant and stupid attempt on the part of B'nai Brith International to shut the goyim and the self-hating Jews up.

Read this pathetic article and weep. Then get off your butt and do something about it.]


B’nai B’rith charges Aussie Web site with anti-Semitic content

Jul. 4, 2009
sarah sechan,


The Australian-based news Web site has been charged by the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) with featuring anti-Israel and anti-Semitic content, particularly during the first three months of 2009, despite claims from the Web site’s editor that it is providing fair coverage.

The ADC issued a report highlighting newmatilda’s Israel coverage, taking issue with the website’s balance of Israeli and Palestinian narratives and the proportion of stories covering the conflict in the region during these months, particularly concerning Gaza.

Contrary to the editor’s claims of providing fair coverage, the report states that 17 out of the 18 articles concerning Operation Cast Lead featured the Palestinian narrative. None of the articles could be characterized as balanced, and one article acknowledged the existence of competing narrative, but argued for the validity of the Palestinian narrative.

Many of the ADC’s concerns regarding newmatilda are rooted in the fact that as a new media source, newmatilda does not need to adhere to journalistic standards of reporting and opinion writing. As the writers are not necessarily trained journalists and their work does not fall under the jurisdiction of a news editor, such standards are not always upheld.

Despite the fact that Australia has laws against racial vilification, the report maintains that it is both more difficult to prosecute violations of these laws in new media sources and that incriminating articles are easier to remove. The report also claims that due to the fact that this information is made available to the general public, holding newmatilda to lower standards of journalistic integrity would be inappropriate.

During the period in which the ADC studied newmatilda, the site provided a disproportionate amount of coverage on Israel. More than one article per week was published on the subject during the first three months of 2009, while only one article addressed the situation in Burma and no articles covered Darfur, North Korea, Zimbabwe, and Tibet, other countries possessing humanitarian-related news.

Newmatilda features Al-Jazeera as its sole newsfeed. In its Frequently Asked Questions section, the site states that as Al-Jazeera has a non-Western focus, it brings balance to the Australian media, as it carries stories that Australians otherwise might not pursue. The ADC maintains that while Al-Jazeera is a legitimate news source, newmatilda offers no alternative sources which would present the other side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The issue which the ADC finds most disconcerting is the fact that the Web site maintains very lax control over its comments section, which features responses of a highly anti-Semitic and anti-Israel nature. The comments make a variety of claims, such as denying the Holocaust or claiming that it was exaggerated or “used” by the Jewish people; claiming that Jews have no right or historical attachment to Israel; that anti-Semitism does not exist; that Jews control the media; that Jews are a threat to the world and would infect the world with the plague; and that Israel is supported by “blood money.” While it is likely that some of these comments breach the racial vilification provisions of both the Australian states and Commonwealth, newmatilda rarely deletes them and when it does, it does not do so immediately – granting the comments an extensive readership.

In April, the ADC wrote to newmatilda, expressing concern over the site’s comments page. In response, Marni Cordell, editor of newmatilda, thanked the ADC for providing feedback and wrote “We believe we provide a fair coverage of this important nexus of issues – but we are very committed to publishing informed /opinion/ pieces, and our content reflects that. The possibility that your organization doesn’t share the outlook of the bulk of our contributors – who also differ among themselves – does not make us unfair.”

“If you read opinions on our site that are not commonly found in the major dailies or in publications like the Australian Jewish News, then that is one sign that we are doing our jobs,” Cordell’s response continued.

The ADC states that its primary concern regarding newmatilda is the effect that prejudicial coverage has on the attitude of Australians towards the Jewish people, both in Israel and in the Diaspora.

As there is a documented connection between events in Israel and incidents of local anti-Semitism, the report posits that by hosting comments slandering Israel and Jews on unjust terms, newmatilda’s lax policies undermine the freedom and security of Australian Jews, regardless of whether or not this is the site’s intent.

This article can also be read at /servlet/Satellite?cid=1246443716603&pagename=JPArticle%2FShowFull

The Articles of Tyranny by Pastor Eli James

Arthur Topham
The Radical Press
Canada’s Radical News Network
4633 Barkerville Hwy
Quesnel, B.C. V2J 6T8
“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998”

Dear Radical Reader,

It’s been awhile since I’ve sent out any of Pastor Eli James’s writings. This article though is one which deserves the utmost attention by anyone concerned about their loss of freedoms whether they’re christian, pagan, atheist, buddhist, muslim, taoist or none of the aforementioned. The message crosses all boundaries and borders and will ring true to anyone who’s been paying attention to global events and the erosion of our cherished rights and freedoms, especially the right to express one’s opinions without fear of the Orwellian thought police busting down your door and hauling you away to some Stalinist Bolshevik “Show Trial.”

Freedom of Speech is the penultimate and quintessential right for without it we become but slaves to the state and to anyone wielding power for control over others.

Pastor Eli James pulls no punches in his heart-felt effort to alert his fellow Americans to the dangers posed by the Zionist Beast that now stalks the planet in search of more and more victims to feed its frenzied appetite for MORE control of our bodies, minds and spirits. His efforts and words apply just as much to Canada and every other nation of the world that’s been infiltrated and had their Constitutions abducted and usurped by this megalomaniacal psychopathic entity that’s out to fulfill its self-chosen agenda of world domination and one world “international” government.

It’s methods are systematic and once realized as predictable as one’s yearly tax notice or the waxing and waning of the moon. It’s greatest tactic of course is to create FEAR in whatever manner that it can, be it 9/11 or Hiroshima or Dresden or the Gulag Archipelago. Tyranny always has feasted upon fear and used fear to enhance the breadth and scope of its menacing and grasping tentacles. It knows how starved the world is for peace and love and it uses the mentally and spiritually emaciated masses and manipulates them via its news agencies into feeling insecure and afraid, for its then that they are most vulnerable to giving up their rights and freedoms.

The forces of Darkness by any other name still reek to high heaven. They do their utmost to force the faithful of any religion to take up arms against those who worship the one God under a different name. They’ve expended millions if not billions of the people’s money and wealth to create wars where innocents are led to sacrifice their lives for principles that ultimately become meaningless when the wars cease and the only winners are the Zionist elite who’ve fomented and feasted upon them and in the end acquired even greater riches and wealth while the blood of innocents soaks the planet and democracy reels and falters from the death blows dealt to it by the greed of a small number of psychopaths.

Everyone has a right to worship God in their own way. There is only one divine Presence, one divine Cosmos, one divine Purpose and that is LOVE AND PEACE AND BROTHERHOOD AND SISTERHOOD and a reverence for this garden given to us by the ONE CREATOR for the use of ALL.

We need to think about these things and start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Pastor Eli James has done just that with his expose of the Zionist cartel that’s now ruling the world via subterfuge and ill-gained power and wealth.

Without these three cherished Freedoms it’s highly unlikely that we will ever, as a race of human beings, achieve the fourth freedom which Norman Rockwell illustrated so beautifully and aptly in the illustrations that I’m using. The last freedom is freedom from want. Freedom from having to live on the streets, homeless and starving and existing hand to mouth because of a few power-crazed groups who want to rule the resources of the world. Freedom to feed our children and our families and enjoy the fruits of this holy garden we call the Earth Mother.

Like the four directions of the native American spiritual teachers these four freedoms are the pillars that hold up the temple of LIFE. They are now threatened by an alien force. It has to be first recognized and then resisted and stopped. God willing that will happen with the courage and conviction of all who value these four noble truths.

Please pass this article to everyone you can. The fate of freedom depends on each and every one of us doing something to ensure it carries on to our children and grandchildren.

Shine your Light for Love & Peace & Justice for All,

Arthur Topham
The Radical Press

The Articles of Tyranny

by Pastor Eli James

Church of the Restoration of True Israel

See also:

“In my distress I cried unto Yahweh, and He heard me. Deliver my soul, O Yahweh, from lying lips and a deceitful tongue. What shall be given unto thee, or what shall be done unto thee, thou false tongue? Sharp arrows of the mighty, with coals of juniper. Woe is me, that I sojourn in Mesech, that I dwell in the tents of Kedar! My soul hath long dwelt with him that hateth peace. I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war.” (Psalm 120)

“Beware the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.” (Luke 12:1)


This essay is about lying tongues that hate peace. May our Father, Yahweh, grant to His Children, Israel (not to be confused with the Jews), the Great Awakening, which will open their eyes to truth that will set them free.

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Concerns of a Canadian by Grenville Rogers


The real political advisers who are directing MP Harper’s Con-serve-Israel government

[Editor's Note: Mr. Rogers is an octogenarian with the political perspicacity of a wise Elder.

There was a time when cultures respected the words of their Elders as is still traditionally so in Native American circles.

Maybe it's time we once again began paying homage to those who have the courage to speak out in defense of their country when even to do so is deemed to be politically incorrect by some.

I, for one, hold Grenville's advice in the deepest of respect and admiration and thus would admonish other Canadians who believe in their country and its prized possessions of freedom of speech and political and spiritual sovereignty to do as he has done. Speak out! Voice your opinions without fear and with conviction and sincerity and the knowledge that what you are doing WILL have a positive effect upon others. If we are to ever regain our footings as an independent and free country and repossess our respect and our integrity then we MUST face our enemies who, from within, are hell-bent on destroying all that Canada once was that made her great and glorious.

Please pass this vitally important letter on to as many concerned Canadians as you can think of.]


Mr. Irving R. Gerstein, CFO
Conservative Party of Canada Fundraiser

Dear Mr Gerstein:

Mr. Gerstein, I am very concerned about the future of my country, and the direction in which our current Prime Minister is forcing us to go.

In good conscience, I cannot, and therefore will not longer support a party or government that does not act in the best interests of Canada and Canadians, a government which supports terrorism, as does the CPC under its present leader.  The party and its leader practice deceit and hypocrisy, and act in secrecy. I am convinced that not one single Canadian really trusts this leader or government, or Mr. Ignatieff or Mr. Layton. Integrity, at every level, is conspicuous by its complete and utter absence.

Mr. Harper has proven to be a dictator, not a leader of a democracy, which Canada pretends to be. Canada was, at one time in the distant past, close to being a democracy.  Canada has never been a democracy.

Canada is defintely not the “Free and Democratic” country that our erstwhile leader(s) trumpet it to be. We certainly do not have “Freedom of Expression for all” and we are demonstrably not democratic. Canadians live under the most powerful dictatorship in the world. Canada’s PM Harper has placed Canada in the deadly vortex of the doomed “USS Titanic”. He will not be a captain that goes down with his ship. Mr. Harper also has clearly demonstrated that he now worships at the Trinitarian Synagogue (Israel, Judaism, Zionism)., the central dogma of which is the gospel of a sacred holocaust.


Do you get that strange feeling of being surrounded by foreign interest groups?


The leader and party have declared support for a particular religion, Judaism, over all other religions. This is odious, especially in light of the supremacist teachings of the most holy book of Judaism, the Babylonian Talmud.

PM Harper, as does each puppet US President, takes his cue and orders from the Israel Lobby.

President Ariel Sharon was very blunt, straightforward and truthful, when, on 3 October 2001, he told Mr. Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio, that “We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”

Mr. Sharon’s complete statement to Mr. Shimon Peres is: “Every time we do something, you tell me America will do this and will do that … I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel.  We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”

Menachim Begin, Former Prime Minister of Israel, declared:

“Our race is the Master Race.
We are divine Gods on this planet.
We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects.
Compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best.
Other races are considered as human excrement.
Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races.
Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron.
The masses will lick our feet, and serve us as our slaves.”

I find these statements most disturbing, especially in light of PM Harper’s total commitment to Israel and to the defense of Judaism.  Perhaps you are similarly concerned.


B’nia Brith International – secret society of Zionists hiding
behind Canada’s infamous Section 13(1) gag laws

Mr. Harper is the most dangerous PM that Canada has ever had. Deceitfully following in the footsteps of his predecessors as regards the NAU (North American Union). He professes to be an economist, yet has no idea of, let alone intention of using the Bank of Canada to finance true infrastructure, and the maintenance of existing true infrastructure.

He, all by his dictatorial self, commits billions of the taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars to military equipment and foreign policy misadventures. But he never tells Canadians where that money comes from. He is mortgaging our great-grandchildren’s lives. He could and should, but will not use the BOC (Bank of Canada) for true infrastructure  projects that benefit Canada and Canadians.

Please convey these concerns and the warnings implicit in them, to PM Harper. Thank you.


Grenville Rogers

Response to: The $100,000 anti-Jewish teenage graffiti hate crusade. Or not by Laura Rosen Cohen


[Editor's Note: The following letter to Ms. Cohen is in response to her article of May 19th, 2009 in the National Post. (Please see bottom of this page for the url and the story.)

It's a good start both for her and for the Zionist-controlled National Post. While there's no good reason to be hopeful that either of them are serious about initiating any form of open debate on either Zionism or the domestic and foreign policies of the state of Israel, Ms. Cohen's critique of the Canadian Jewish Congress and B'nai Brith Canada does cut to the quick and on the surface at least exposes the growing dichotomy that appears to exist between these pro-Zionist lobbyists and the remainder of Canada's Jewish population. For whatever reasons  Jews like Ms. Cohen are speaking out finally and stating their dissatisfaction with the manner in which these pressure groups attempt to speak for all Jews while at the same time they use their inordinate and powerful influence to censor the rest of Canadians whose views they deem inimical to their own interests.

Ms. Cohen's revelations regarding the Harper government's blatant patronage toward orgs like the CJC are also quite revealing, especially I would imagine, for the majority of grassroots Conservative supporters who voted unanimously back in 2008 to rid this country of Section 13(1) of the CHR Act and strip the CHR Commission of its powers to censor free speech and the Internet.]


May 21, 2009
Dear Ms. Cohen,

I’m sure that by now you are sufficiently swamped with a backlog of responses to your challenging and impenitent critique of Canada’s foremost players in the censorship game but nonetheless I must add my comments as well.

As one non-Jewish Canadian who is being directly impacted by B’nai Brith Canada due to a Sec. 13(1) complaint launched against myself and my website by this foreign lobbyist group, see CHRC Complaint Against from Harry Abrams and B’nai Brith Canada, November 20, 2007, I can honestly say that your concerns about their methods of addressing issues of “hate” and “anti-Semitism,” etc. are both welcome and sorely needed.

For the most part I can only concur with your assessment of CJC and BBC although I would call you on one point in your article where you tend to tow the same party line as these Zionist lobbyists, that being your misunderstanding of Hamas.

Why Laura, given your purported awareness of current affairs, would you use the term “stealth normalization” to describe what very simply and honestly should be called the “open recognition” of the fact that Hamas is/was the democratically and duly elected government of the Palestinian people of Gaza?

Seeing as how internationally it is an historically recognized fact; one unfortunately which the governments of Israel, the USA, (and, deplorably) Canada have failed to come to terms with for blatant political reasons and have thus deigned to foster the erroneous deception that somehow Hamas is either of the two misconceptions which you have suggested in your article, I would think that you would acknowledge this reality and not add to the misconceptions already introduced into Canadian jurisprudence by the very forces you are attempting to correct in your fine article.

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Israel Wants Prison For Those Recognizing the Palestinian Holocaust–Jewish Groups Remain Silent
Israel Wants Prison For Those Recognizing the Palestinian Holocaust–Jewish Groups Remain Silent

May 20, 2009

By Mark Glenn
American Free Press Newspaper

Psycho Israeli IDF threatening a non-chosenite bringing AID to Palestinians

“And the LORD spake unto Moses saying, “Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them the following–When ye are passed over the Jordan river into the land of Canaan, ye shall drive out all the inhabitants of the land from before you, and destroy all their pictures, and destroy all their molten images, and tear down all their high places…And ye shall dispossess the inhabitants of the land, and dwell therein, for I have given you the land to possess it…But if ye will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you; then it shall come to pass, that those which shall remain shall be pricks in your eyes and thorns in your sides and shall vex you in the land wherein ye dwell…”

Book of Numbers 33:50-56

In the latest coughing fit laying bare the sickness of soul infecting and guiding the very existence of the Jewish state, one of Israel’s largest political parties has introduced a bill in the Knesset outlawing freedom of speech when it comes to commemorating the other Holocaust about which no one seems to know anything, meaning what was done to the Palestinians 60+ years ago by the Jews in an event known as “al Nakbah”.

Introduced by MK Alex Miller of Israel Beiteinu (”Our Land Israel“) the bill is set for deliberation this week in a Knesset dominated by radical, messianic, violence-prone members of both the aforementioned IB party and Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud. In the interest of covering up and then “wiping off the map” of history Israel’s 6-decade legacy of racism, genocide and terrorism against the Palestinian people, the law is but one more manifestation of what is now the all-too-typical Judeo-centric paradigm so much a part of the way Jews see themselves in relation to the rest of the world’s peoples ever since the days of Abraham and Moses.

In effect, the law criminalizes any publicly-demonstrated mourning surrounding the event taking place 61 years ago when as many as 750,000 Palestinians–Christian and Muslim alike–were “persuaded” by Jewish thugs working for terrorist organizations such as Irgun and the Stern Gang to succumb to a pre-planned program of ethnic cleansing by relocating themselves to all the luxury, opulence and comfort of tented outdoor refugee camps scattered throughout Gaza, Jordan, the West Bank and Lebanon.

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The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview: The Hidden Tyranny (1976) Part 2

The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview: The Hidden Tyranny (1976) Part 2


The Hidden Tyranny
Part Two

“Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer.”

The above is an exact quote of Harold Wallace Rosenthal, former top Administrative Aide to the then Senator Jacob Jayits, who was since defeated in the 1980 election.

I, Walter White, Jr., for the past 17 years Director and Editor of the monthly conservative publication WESTERN FRONT, was told about Mr. Rosenthal’s boastings around Washington, D.C., and I was encouraged to meet with him and to interview him (for a fee).

Mr. Rosenthal had stated publicly that the Jews will completely dominate throughout the entire world — and that they control every facet of political life in America and every aspect of the communication media. (Mr. R’s emphasis).

Eventually Mr. Rosenthal and l were brought together, at which time I interviewed him privately and taped said interview with Mr. Rosenthal’s knowledge and consent. During the lengthy meeting Mr. Rosenthal became impatient, rude and vulgar (all of which is recorded on the tape) and he sought the balance of his fee before I had concluded my questioning.

Since the entire interview was so lengthy, in 1977 we released and published only the first portion under the same title as above “THE HIDDEN TYRANNY.” Copies of this manuscript (Part I) have been sought by people from all around the globe. We now release the balance of the taped interview as Part Two. Although I do not wish to digress, an Eastern analyst has told me that “The Hidden Tyranny” manuscript (Part I) has had a pass-on readership of 3.5%. Thus, if true, the manuscript (Part I) has been read by more than 7 MILLION people. When this final portion (Part Two) begins circulating, its impact may be even greater. It depends upon you, the reader.

Before any agreement was reached between us, I had established with Mr. Rosenthal that he would answer an unlimited number of questions with complete honesty and to the best of his ability. It was because of this understanding that I took issue with Mr. Rosenthal during the final stages of the interview and accused him of not being honest with me as it related to his response to my question: “Do you have knowledge of WHEN and WHY the story began about the Jews being God’s chosen people?” That is when he said in part: “Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer — so I wasn’t lying — and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.”

As this goes to press, we still seek a governmental body to investigate Harold Rosenthal’s allegations. My dictionary conveys such allegations as “TREASON.”

We now pick up after a dispute during which the tape recorder has been turned off.

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The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview: The Hidden Tyranny (1976) Part 1
The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview: The Hidden Tyranny (1976) Part 1




This article contains the text of a most revealing and shocking interview of a Jew by the name of Harold Rosenthal, which was conducted in 1976, by a concerned patriot, a Walter White, Jr.. Mr. Rosenthal, an influential Jew learned in the Jewish ways and involved in the workings of government in Washington, D.C., explained the Jewish involvement and cause of the major problems we face today.

Rosenthal, in exposing certain aspects of the ‘inner invisible world of Jewry’, revealed the modes and tactics Jews have used in destroying Christian civilization and covertly attaining control over our lives and governments. The result has been a ‘hidden tyranny’ upon us like the tyranny waged against the Saints by the red beast system of Revelation referred to as ‘Mystery Babylon’.

But how could such a small number of Jews enslave so many people and gain such an overwhelming control over their governments, especially without their being aware of it? The answer to this may be found in Christ’s parable of the unjust steward, which represents Jewry. They are able to prevail in the world despite their ungodly ways because of their cunning and shrewd ways. As Christ said “For the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.” (Luke 16:8)

In other words, the Jew, with his worldly mind set, is wiser than God’s Christian people. When you read the words of Mr. Rosenthal the reality of this statement will come to light. This problem was so prevalent and important for us to overcome that Christ had instructed us to “be wise as serpents“. (Matthew 10:16)

America and the world is now covered in political, economic, moral and social problems which need to be acted upon by Christian people. As Edmund Burke stated: “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” But before we can properly act we need a proper (not just a superficial) understanding of the problem. This article will help provide the reader with that understanding.

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Henry Makow never forgets by Hans Krampe


     Watercolor painting of Karls Church in Winter by Adolf Hitler 1912


[Editor’s Note:

Henry Makow’s recent articles are showing strong signs of an underlying, not-too-subtle attempt at continuing the longstanding Zionist propaganda campaign of extreme hatred toward the German people plus endless vituperation toward the National Socialist party of former Nazi Germany.

It seems that no matter how hard some Jews try to overcome their own brainwashing regarding the holy hoax commonly known as the “Jewish Holocaust” (and it is harder for Jews than for any other group I believe) there are some who, like Mr. Makow, just cannot bring themselves to the point where accepting such a truth is possible. Instead, as in Henry’s case, he continues to expound upon and support the lie of that event and in doing so paints himself into an unenviable corner; that of yet another agents provocateur coloring his otherwise token samplings of injustice with the usual, ongoing disinformation campaign against the German nation and the German people; a process that first began in earnest in 1933 has never ceased to this day.

Blending strong portions of Illuminati and Freemasonry information with a dab of Zionism and a touch of Rothschild and a sprinkle or two of Satanism to come up with the standard recipe for global hegemony on the part of these assorted groups Henry weaves a fine and captivating tale of intrigue but, alas, one which ultimately exposes him as a double-agent when he throws into his potpourri of conspiracy theories the two ingredients that inevitably separate the wheat of truth from the chaff-leaven of Talmudic Zionist falsehood – those being the standard, ongoing denigration of the German people and Adolf Hitler as the Empire of Evil and the tacit, sanctimonious support for the holocaust lie – the two pillars upon which the faulty Zionist edifice rests.

As Hans Krampe states in his title, “Henry Makow never forgets” – he never forgets to always add more layers of deception to the two lies of the 20th Century that are absolutely necessary for the Zionist Jew Conspiracy to carry on its program for complete world control.

It’s unfortunate that Henry must kowtow in this manner to the Zionists by unwittingly (or wittingly) supporting their heinous program of hatred toward the one nation that had the balls to stand up to the Bolshevik/Zionist/Communist threat to the world. When we consider that he is supposedly under attack by these very same Zionist lobbyists (the Canadian Jewish Congress) who are using the infamous Section 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act to charge him with hate crimes against Jews it becomes almost too incongruous to imagine that he would allow himself to fall into the trap of emulating his oppressors and their insidious propaganda.

He was so close to breaking free of their mind-control programs; so close to ridding himself of an unnecessary lie bequeathed to all Canadians by the Zionist-controlled media; so close to discovering the truth behind the Zionist lie. So close…but not close enough Henry. And so, with a sad heart, and as the old saying goes, “Sorry Henry, close... but no cigar.]

Henry Makow never forgets
A Response to Henry Makow’s recent article, “Bormann Ran Hitler for the Illuminati”

By Hans Krampe

May 7, 2009


In the photo with Hitler, isn’t that Henry Makow in profile?

Henry Makow – a Bormann agent?

I think Henry Makow is an agent of Bormann, whose purpose it is to keep the memory of a devoted Bolshevik Nazi head and shoulders above that of Adi Hitler. Bormann must still be hanging in there, in South America somewhere, pulling Henry’s strings. How old would he be now? 109 or so?!

Hitler must’ve been not only an evil illuminati toy, but a successful guinea pig of a soviet style MKULTRA treatment (a “fact” still classified and buried in the Kremlin, but Henry has an inkling anyway), programmed and remote controlled. . . by Bormann. . . according to Makow’s instructive ruminations. Didn’t the Nazis invent brainwashing? Or may be they were all guinea pigs too and the illuminati made them invent it for themselves!


         John F. Kennedy


“Hitler… one of the most significant figures who ever lived”

~ President J.F. Kennedy

“Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived…
He had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him.
He had in him the stuff of which legends are made.”

~ John F. Kennedy,
President of the
United States of America

Jewess Gertrude Stein, Nobel Peace Laureate, recommended that Adolf Hitler be given the Nobel Peace prize. A self-hating Jew?

Apparently, the illuminati seem to have paid for everything the Nazis did; like: from national bankruptcy and over 6 million unemployed to full employment and a booming economy in three years, free medicare, free education right thru university, over 1.2 million affordable and extremely attractive family homes (coddling their favorite mass murderers), the 8 hour workday, Sundays off, 21 days paid holidays a year for workers, paid maternity leave for pregnant women and young mothers, maternity spas, over 4000 new kindergartens, holiday resorts for children, luxury liners on which workers could go on two week cruises for less than 170 marks, regular symphony orchestra performances in factories, vivisection outlawed, environmental standards Henry can only dream of, even today, the Autobahn, the Volkswagen, a low cost and high standard of living etc., when the rest of the world could only think of war as a measure of ending the depression. . . and all this with no natural resources to speak of, no gold reserves and nothing but hostility surrounding the country. . . except for the illuminati. Oh, and the Zionists; mustn’t forget those.


Hitler’s Volkswagen

It had to be a short state of grace, granted to the condemned before their execution by the illuminati, who kept the cost of living low and the standard of living high in the Third Reich out of sheer cynical malice. How else could the Nazis have managed, led by clueless and treacherous Adolf?? It’s all nice and evil, no doubt! Slave labour, plain as day, has been their key to success. Henry will be sure to unearth the necessary data and interconnect things for us, you know, cross the Ts and dot the Is.

We mustn’t forget the holocaust! It happened, as Henry would no doubt agree. We just can’t prove it, because the stupid Russians won’t release the files that would. They sure hung the right guys for Katyn, though, unless anyone wants to deny that too.

Auschwitz! A sheer horror show of swimming pools, soccer fields, a 40 000 volume library, a theatre, 12 different orchestras, a state of the art hospital and dental clinic run by Jewish doctors, a maternity ward, a kindergarten, university education classes, a state of the art community kitchen, brick dormitories, a post-office, an inmate run police, a jail, a brothel; and work, lots of it, WITH PAY. And let’s not forget INVISIBLE GAS CHAMBERS. And thousands of babies burned alive in massive ditches filled to the brim with ground water. Elie Wiesel saw it all himself and – doing Louis Kilzer one better – he got a Nobel Peace Prize for writing the book “Night” about it. That should qualify it as an astute first hand account. I mean, it won the top pooba of a prize, right? They even made it into a movie. So it’s got to be true, even more so than Kilzer’s. Only problem is, nobody who knows anything about Auschwitz believes a word in it. But at least he makes the Nazis look agreeably bad, which should compensate amply for zero truth. Perhaps Henry can help us here to debunk Wiesel’s detractors.

Auschwitz – still stands complete with brick housing facilities and swimming pool.

Today, thanks to guys like Henry, we “know”, the fancy stuff in Auschwitz (typical German deviousness) was just camouflage, you understand, to make the horror look normal for the International Red Cross and the catholic priests who were there from beginning to end but aren’t allowed to sing.

You don’t believe it? Ask Henry, he will find a way to prove it. . . sort of. And if he can’t, guys like Louis Kilzer will jump into the breech. You can trust old Louis, he’s got it all figured out. The main thing is that the Nazis were bad, bad, BAD. . . and getting worse by the minute.

Henry, we’ve got the message! You can relax now; and just tell the Canadian Jewish Congress to lay off. It’s obvious that you’re going to behave from now on.

Menachem Begin

“Our race is the Master Race. We Jews are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”  Prime Minister of Israel, Menachim Begin (left), in a speech to the Knesset, quoted in Amnon Kapeliouk, ‘Begin and the “Beasts”, New Statesman, 25 June 1982.

Noam Chomsky

“If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war American president would have been hanged” -Professor Noam Chomsky


Adolf Hitler & Young Friends

Hitler’s proposals for a European pacification plan for Europe were delivered to the Geneva League of Nations. His proposals included:

*    prohibition of the dropping of gas, poisonous or incendiary bombs
*    prohibition of dropping any bombs outside fighting fronts
*    prohibition of artillery weapons over 12 miles from battle zones

“Germany will be perfectly ready to disband her entire military establishment and destroy the small amount of arms remaining to her, if the neighboring countries will do the same thing with equal thoroughness. Germany is entirely ready to renounce aggressive weapons of every sort if the armed nations, on their part, will destroy their aggressive weapons within a specified period, and if their use is forbidden by an international convention. Germany is at all times prepared to renounce offensive weapons if the rest of the world does the same. Germany is prepared to agree to any solemn pact of non-aggression because she does not think of attacking anybody but only of acquiring security” ~ Adolf Hitler

Hans Krampe is a former feature writer for The Radical, a monthly tabloid pubished by The Radical Press from 1998 to 2002. He can be reached at Hans Krampe

Chapter 27 of The Controversy of Zion, THE “PROTOCOLS” by Douglas Reed


Original dustcover from 1st ed of Douglas Reed’s 1978 classic


[Editor's Note: There is currently a furious battle over freedom of speech going on in Canada brought on by the infamous Section 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act. Due to its subsequent misuse by pro-Zionist lobbyists such as B'nai Brith Canada and the Canadian Jewish Congress to stifle and stop all publication within Canada of any information relating to either Israeli foreign and domestic policies or information informing Canadians as to the real agenda of Political Zionism and its direct threat to Canadian institutions and laws, the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the CHR Tribunal have been hijacked into fulfilling the role of police censor and judge and jury.

This is the dilemma in which I and my website are caught up in. We have been subjected to continuous harassment since November of 2007 when Harry Abrams and the League for "Human Rights" of B'nai Brith Canada filed a "complaint" with the Canadian Human Rights Commission contending that I and my website are "spreading hatred toward Jews and/or citizens of Israel".  This situation has reached the "Show Trial" stage wherein the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal is attempting to fulfill its mandate to satisfy these foreign Zionist lobbyists by holding a "hearing" in which they will supposedly listen to arguments from both sides and then come to a decision as to whether or not I am guilty of said charges.

In the original complaint filed with the CHRC the complainants Abrams and B'nai Brith Canada cited the fact that I had published the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" on my website and thus, obviously must be guilty of "anti-Semitism" and "hatred" toward Jews and "racism" and whatever other enduring Zionist epithet might be used to slander anyone who dares to challenge the authority of Zionist Jews. 

But now the tables appear to have been turned and both the Complainants and the Commission are trying to deny that this document was submitted as evidence and are doing their damnedest to dismiss my demand that this particular document, of all those complained of, be entered into the official file of the Commission. Their reasons and logic for attempting to do so are as curious as they are ludicrous.

For that reason I am republishing some very important information on these so-called "vicious" "anti-Semitic" Protocols which was written by the famed British journalist Douglas Reed in 1956 in his world classic, The Controversy of Zion.  No writer anywhere has ever mastered the abilities of Reed to decipher the hidden agenda of the Zionists and their insidious plan to control the world and turn its peoples into slaves of a one world government known as the New World Order. If the Canadian Human Rights Commission gets its way this vital information, extremely relevant to the world today, will be dismissed outright as the Zionists have attempted to do since the first English edition of the Protocols appeared in 1920. But while the internet remains a free exchange of ideas and information it WILL appear here at I would ask anyone and everyone reading this article to save it and post it and pass the url to it along to their readers. Douglas Reed's interpretation of the Protocols is as vital to the overall understanding of today's political turmoil as fresh oxygen is to a living breathing human.]

Chapter 27 of The Controversy of Zion, THE “PROTOCOLS”
(circa 1956) published in 1978

by Douglas Reed




“The conspiracy for world dominion through a world slave state exists and cannot at this stage be abruptly checked or broken off; of the momentum which it has acquired it now must go on to fulfilment or failure. Either will be destructive for a time, and hard for those of the time in which the dénouement comes.”

~ Douglas Reed, from Chapter 27, THE “PROTOCOLS”

While Zionism thus took shape in the Eastern ghettoes during the last century and at the start of this one emerged as a new force in international affairs (when the British Government offered it Uganda), the world-revolution, in those same Talmudic areas, prepared its third “eruption”. The two forces moved forward together in synchronization (for Zionism, as has been shown, used the threat of Communism in Europe to gain the ear of European rulers for its territorial demand outside Europe). It was as if twin turbines began to revolve, generating what was in effect one force, from which the new century was to receive galvanic shocks.

According to Disraeli and Bakunin the world-revolution had come under Jewish leadership around the middle of the century, and its aims then changed. Bakunin’s followers, who sought to abolish the State as such because they foresaw that the revolutionary State might become more despotic than any earlier despotism, were ousted and forgotten. The world-revolution therewith took the shape of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, which aimed at the super-State founded in slave-labour and in “the confiscation of human liberty” (as de Tocqueville wrote in 1848).

This change in leadership and aims determined the course of the 20th Century. However, the methods by which the existing order was to be destroyed did not change; they continued to be those revealed by Weishaupt’s papers published in 1787. Many publications of the 19th Century showed that the original Illuminist plan continued through the generations to be the textbook of the revolutionaries of all camps, as to method.

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Introduction to the Protocols


Introduction to the Protocols

Since it was first published more than a century ago, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion has shocked and fascinated the world. It has appeared in countless editions in every major language, flourishing in spite of ceaseless efforts to dismiss, ridicule and suppress it.

What is this remarkable and enduring work?

Apparently a secret guide or handbook for achieving world domination, it explains how a small group of initiated Jews, the “Elders,” can gain power over the world’s non-Jewish peoples, the “goyim.”

Organized into 24 chapters or “protocols,” possibly based on notes from lectures, the work is in the form of instructions to a new member of the inner circle of conspirators. It lays out a plan by which the Elders can undermine and destroy stable societies, and impose their own monopolistic rule over humanity. To hasten the collapse of the societies not yet under their control, the conspirators will promote corruption, immorality and social strife in all countries, especially Christian ones, while working to obliterate the national, ethnic and religious character of all non-Jewish peoples.

The Jewish conspirators are instructed to work patiently toward their goal using deceit and guile, hiding their true intentions, and exploiting the naïve nature of the “goyim.” The Elders seek to replace the traditional social order with a “one world” government run by Jews that will cynically manipulate the public through control of finance and the media.

Freemasons figure in The Protocols as a secretive and well-organized group of non-Jews that is allied with the Jewish Elders, a sort of conspiracy within a conspiracy. While Freemasons and other liberals are considered helpful in destroying the traditional social order, eventually they will be shoved aside as the Jewish theocracy takes full control. The work describes a forthcoming “kingdom,” although even in this final stage of Jewish global rule, the Elders will avoid direct or open control, preferring instead to run things through devious manipulation of money, the media and cultural life. Even the “King of the Jews” will be a figurehead.

The Protocols was first published in an abridged edition, in Russian, in 1903 in the Saint Petersburg newspaper Znamya. In 1905 the full text was published in Russia by the orthodox priest Sergei Nilus, as an appendix to his work, “The Great in the Small.”


In an introduction to a 1911 edition, Nilus explained how he obtained the manuscript:

“In 1901 a now-deceased acquaintance, Court Marshal Alexei Sukhotin of Tchernigov, gave into my possession a hand-written manuscript that detailed completely and clearly the secret Jewish-Freemason conspiracy that will surely lead to the end of our vile world. The person who gave me this manuscript assured me that it was a faithful translation of the original document. It had been stolen by a lady from one of the highest  and most influential leaders of the Freemasons following a secret meeting somewhere in France, that hot-bed of Masonic conspiracy.”

In an edition issued in 1917 Nilus wrote:

“…Now for the first time I have learned from authoritative Jewish sources that the Protocols is nothing less than the strategic plan of world conquest whereby the world will be brought under Israel’s yoke, the enemy of God. The plan, worked out by the leaders of the Jewish people during the many centuries of the Diaspora, was finally disclosed to the Elders by the Prince in Exile, Theodor Herzl, at the time of the first Zionist congress in Basel (August 1897).”

Theodor Herzl is sometimes credited as the author of The Protocols, or as the person who gave the lectures upon which the work seems to be based. He was the founder of the modern Zionist movement, and the author of The Jewish State, a highly influential booklet that was the movement’s seminal work. Just half a century after the First Zionist Congress, the Jewish state of Israel was established in Palestine, a remarkable achievement that attests to Jewish determination, power and organizational skill.

Russia’s emperor, Tsar Nicholas II, read The Protocols with interest. In the margins of his personal copy, his handwritten notes express his first reaction: “What precise execution of their program!”; “Our [Russian] 1905 [uprising] was clearly orchestrated by the Zion Elders!”; “The Jews’ guiding and destroying had is visible everywhere.”

The November 1917 Bolshevik seizure of power in Russia seems to give shocking validation to the conspiracy laid out in The Protocols, and greatly boosted interest in the work. Bolshevism was indeed a secretive, conspiratorial movement whose ultimate goal was world domination. Along with other Communists, the Bolsheviks were fanatic followers of the German Jewish philosopher Karl Marx. They openly proclaimed that their goal was the imposition of a worldwide Communist “dictatorship of the proletariat.”

Jews were prominent among the revolutionary activists who took control of Russia in 1917 and established the Soviet regime. The two most important Bolshevik leaders were Lenin (Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov), who was one-quarter Jewish by ancestry, and Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein), who was entirely of Jewish descent. Trotsky headed the Red Army and, for a time, was chief of Soviet foreign affairs. Other leading Jewish Bolsheviks included Yakov Sverdlov (Solomon), who was both Bolshevik party’s executive secretary and chairman of the Soviet state’s Centrao Executive Committee; Grigori Zinoviev (Radomyslsky), who headed the Communist International (Comintern), the central agency for spreading revolution in foreign countries; press commissar Karl Radek (Sobelsohn); foreign affairs commissar Maxim Litvinov (Wallach); Lev Kamenev (Rosenfeld); and Moisei Uritsky.

Well-informed observers, both inside and outside of Russia, took note of the crucial Jewish role in Bolshevism. David R. Francis, United States ambassador in Russia, warned in a January 1918 dispatch to Washington: “The Bolshevik leaders here, most of whom are Jews and 90 percent of whom are returned exiles, care little for Russia or any other country but are internationalists and they are trying to start a worldwide social revolution.”

In England, Winston Churchill warned in an article published in the London Illustrated Sunday Herald (February 8, 1920) that Bolshevism is a “worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development of envious malevolence, and impossible equality.”


                       Winston Churchill

The eminent British political leader and historian went on to write:

“There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power come from the Jewish leaders. Thus Tchitcherin, a pure Russian, is eclipsed by his nominal subordinate, Litvinoff, and the influence of Russians like Bukharin or Lunacharski cannot be compared with the power of Trotsky, or of Zinovieff, the Dictator of the Red Citadel (Petrograd), or of Krassin or Radek – all Jews. In the Soviet institutions the predominance of Jews is even more astonishing. And the prominent, if not indeed the principal, part in the system of terrorism applied by the Extraordinary Commissions for Combating Counter-Revolution [the Cheka] has been taken by Jews, and in some notable cases by Jewesses.”

In 1920 editions of The Protocols began to appear in all the major European languages. The work was widely distributed throughout the 1920s and 1930s, with especially brisk sales in Britain, Germany and the United States.

The English-language text that appears in this edition was translated by Victor E. Marsden, a British journalist who was the correspondent in Russia for The Morning Post, an important London daily newspaper. After the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia, he was arrested and held prisoner for a time. Upon his release and return to England, he translated Nilus’ version into English. Marsden’s translation, first published in 1920 or 1921, has since remained the “standard” English-language text.

In the United States, an unsigned article headed “The International Jew: The World’s Problem,” appeared in the May 1920 issue of a Michigan weekly newspaper owned and controlled by the great American automobile pioneer and manufacturer Henry Ford. This was the first of dozens of articles in The Dearborn Independent that examined “the Jewish question” in detail.


Several of the articles sympathetically discussed The Protocols. In the issue of July 10, 1920, for example, an item titled “The Jewish Political Program,” explained:

“Whosoever was the mind that conceived them [The Protocols] possessed a knowledge of human nature, of history and statecraft which is dazzling in its brilliant completeness, and terrible in the objects to which it turns its powers. Neither a madman nor an international criminal, but more likely a super-mind mastered by devotion to a people and a faith could be the author, if indeed one mind alone conceived them. It is too terribly real for fiction, too well-sustained for speculation, too deep in its knowledge of the secret springs of life for forgery…

“The internal evidence makes it clear that the Protocols were not written by a Russian, nor originally in the Russian language, nor under the influence of Russian conditions. But they found their way to Russia and were first published there…

“The progress of the Protocols in the United States can only be explained on the ground that they supply light and give meaning to certain previously observed facts, and that this light and meaning is so startling as to give a certain standing and importance to these otherwise unaccredited documents. Sheer lies do not live long, their power soon dies. These Protocols are more alive than ever.

Two weeks later The Dearborn Independent again dealt with The Protocols. In an article entitled “An Introduction to the ‘Jewish Protocols’,” readers were told:

“The Protocols as we have them are apparently the notes of lectures which were made by someone who heard them. Some of them are lengthy; some of them are brief. The assertion which has always been made in connection with the Protocols since they have become known is that they are notes of lectures delivered to Jewish students presumably somewhere in France or Switzerland. The attempt to make them appear to be of Russian origin is absolutely forestalled by the point of view, the reference to the times and certain grammatical indications.

“…Whether the Protocols are judged as proving anything concerning the Jews or not, they constitute an education in the way the masses are turned about like sheep by influences which they do not understand. It is almost certain that once the principles of the Protocols are known widely and understood by the people, the criticism which they now rightly make of the Gentile mind will no longer hold good.”

The many Dearborn Independent articles dealing with “the Jewish question” were reprinted in four book-length volumes, known collectively as The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem. During the next five years, hundreds of thousands of copies of The International Jew were distributed in the United States, and abridged editions, often with Henry Ford’s name on the cover, appeared in a range of languages and countries. These publications greatly boosted the fame and notoriety of The Protocols.

“The only statement I care to make about The Protocols,” said Ford in a February 1921 interview, “is that they fit in with what is going on. They are 16 years old, and they have fitted the world situation up to this time. They fit it now.”

The first German-language edition of The Protocols was published in 1920, and numerous printings and editions appeared in the following years. Alfred Rosenberg, an associate of Adolf Hitler, prepared a German edition that appeared in 1923 under the title of Die Protokolle der Weisen von Zion und die judische Weltpolitik. (After the end of World War II, Rosenberg was condemned to death by a tribunal in Nuremberg organized by the victorious Allied [Zionist-controlled] powers.)

Hitler himself remarked on The Protocols in his book Mein Kampf, which he wrote in 1924-25:

“…To what extent the whole existence of this [Jewish] people is based on a continuous lie is shown incomparably by the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion, so infinitely hated by the Jews. They are based on a forgery, the Frankfurter Zeitung [an important Jewish-owned liberal daily] moans repeatedly to the world, which is the best evidence that they are authentic. What many Jews may do unconsciously is revealed here consciously. It does not really matter from which Jewish brain these disclosures originate. What is significant is that they reveal with rather terrifying precision the character and the activities of the Jewish nation and expose their inner contexts as well as their ultimate goals. The best critique of it, though, is reality. Anyone who examines the historical development of the last one hundred years from the perspective of this book will immediately understand the cries of the Jewish press. For when this book becomes the common property of a nation, the Jewish danger may be regarded as broken.”


                                   Adolf Hitler

Similar comments were made by other public figures. In 1934 a widely-read Irish priest, the Rev. Denis Fahey, C.S.Sp., B.A., D.D., wrote:

“These Protocols are said to be the rough notes of a series of conferences delivered to a select body of Jewish leaders assembled in secret conclave about the end of the nineteenth century. They purport to give an outline of Jewish plans for the preparation of the Messias to come. On the one hand, the authenticity of this document cannot be proved; on the other, the efforts made by some writers, principally Jewish, to show it to be a forgery do not carry conviction to many serious minds…

“What must be kept in clearly in mind and emphasized, throughout any discussion concerning the Protocols, is the very grave fact that the program outlined in them is being fulfilled… Anyone who reads the Protocols carefully will be obliged to confess that a more skillful plan could hardly be devised for the destruction of belief in our Lord and the preparation of the advent of the new Messias. In addition, if the reader is acquainted with the world, he will see that the plan is being carried out, and that, as a result, Jewish power is increasing.”

In Canada, Member of Parliament Norman Jaques declared in the House of Commons on July 9, 1943: “Those who feel libeled by the Protocols have the most obvious remedy in the world; all they have to do is rise and denounce the policy of them, instead of denying the authorship… But when you come to read them how can any reasonable man deny the truth of what is contained in them?”

Over the years numerous efforts have been made to “expose” The Protocols as a malevolent fraud. The first was a series of articles published in August 1921 in The Times of London, which told readers that the work was a plagiarized forgery. A few weeks later these articles were reprinted in The New York Times. In the years since, countless books and articles meant to discredit The Protocols have appeared.

Many governments have banned the work outright. The first was the Soviet regime that seized power in Russia in 1917. The country’s new Bolshevik rulers severely punished anyone caught distributing or even possessing a copy. Following the victory of the Soviet Union and the United States in World War II, The Protocols was banned in most of Europe, including in all Soviet-controlled countries. More than 60 years after the end of the war, publication and distribution of the work is still prohibited in Germany, Austria, and a number of other European countries that forbid writings that might encourage anti-Jewish sentiment.

In countries where The Protocols has not been suppressed, such as in South America an Asia, the work has remained popular. In Japan, books that echo the theme of The Protocols have been bestsellers. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, and the end of Soviet hegemony over central Europe, new editions have appeared in Russia and other formerly Soviet-controlled countries. The work has remained especially popular in Arab and Muslim countries, where numerous editions have been issued.

In January 2006 voters in occupied Palestine elected a new government headed by Hamas, the militantly anti-Zionist “Islamic Resistance Movement.” Article 32 of the Hamas Covenant states: “…The Zionist plan is limitless. After Palestine, the Zionists aspire to expand from the Nile to the Euphrates. When they will have digested the region they overtook, they will aspire to further expansion, and so on. Their plan is embodied in the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion,’ and their present conduct is the best proof of what we are saying.”

In addition to the many published editions, the internet makes The Protocols instantly available everywhere in a range of languages.

Much of the reason for the work’s enduring popularity and impact is that the conspiracy it outlines seems to be more dangerous than ever. Even many who might not accept The Protocols as an authentic document nonetheless regard it as a fascinating validation of Jewish methods and goals.

The awesome power and influence of organized Jewry is undeniable. Especially in the United States, Jews wield tremendous power, above all through their hold on television and motion pictures, and their prominent role in political life. The Jewish-run “Israel lobby” insures that U.S. Foreign policy steadfastly supports the Zionist state and its policies of brutal occupation  and aggressive war. It is this reality that moved Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed to boldly declare in October 2003 that “today the Jews rule this world by proxy.”

Read The Protocols on the RadicalPress site. Go to the following page:

The Hate Crime Law Concept: It is all very sinister for at least nine major reasons by William B. Fox


[Editor's Note: The following letter of support for freedom of speech in Canada and the USA plus the article below it is an example of the type of response that is receiving from people around the world with regard to the complaint laid by B’nai Brith Canada.

It is hoped that you will find the time to read it through and pass it along to your friends and associates.

Mr. Fox is an American who believes very strongly and passionately in the same values which those of us in Canada also are fighting to defend. His list of nine major reasons for getting rid of “hate crime” laws is as enlightening as it is frightening for all concerned citizens who wish to be treated equally under the law.

If you haven’t written a letter in support of this issue I would please ask you to reconsider and put your shoulder to the wheel for a common and worthy cause. See for information on the case and also for a suggested form letter explaining how to frame a letter to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. We need as many letters of support as possible so please do your best to write. Thank you.]


Nancy Lafontant
Registry Officer
Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

Dear Ms. Lafontant:

I consider it a great honor to be able to send a letter in support of the free speech rights of Arthur Topham, publisher of the Radical Press, whose persecution under Canada’s draconian “hate crime”-related laws is being registered under file number  T1360/9008.

I run the web site , in which I have archived the works of free speech activist Rev. Ted Pike at: .  There is quite a lot of material on this web page that is relevant to this case.

First, it contains numerous articles that document the underhanded tactics of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith (an unregistered agent of Israel) to steal free speech rights under the guise of “hate crime” laws in America as well as Canada.

Secondly, numerous articles by Rev. Ted Pike and his niece Harmony Grant explain how the Canadian Human Rights Act is exactly the kind of Orwellian nightmare that we must avoid here in America at all costs.  For this reason, I spent more than two full days of my time recently calling up every member of the House Judiciary Committee in Washington, D.C. to make my own personal strenuous effort to try to defeat the currently proposed “hate crime” legislation.  An archived copy of the follow on email that I sent to Congressmen can be found here: .

Please watch Rev. Ted Pike’s ten minute video that explains the Trojan Horse nature of proposed hate crime legislation in America, and how similar legislation has subverted Canadian free speech: .

At the end of this email I have reproduced the same essay that I submitted in my emails to Congressmen.  It is titled: “The Hate Crime Law Concept: It is all very sinister for at least nine major reasons.”

To put it bluntly, when it comes to the whole “hate crime” concept, the King wears no clothes. We should get all “hate crime” laws off the books and go back to being more free and civilized, as both Americans and Canadians were decades ago before all this Orwellian “hate crime” nonsense got snuck in through various Trojan Horse legislative initiatives.

[Read more...]

Horst Mahler’s Closing Statement




“Words fall into the flames of injustice like raindrops into Hell’s inferno when I attempt to express my outrage at the scale and intent of this lie against humanity.”

– Arthur Topham

Thursday, February 26, 2009
“Völkische Reichsbewegung”

Horst Mahler’s Closing Statement
Translated from the German by J M Damon

In My Show Trial Before Munich District Court II
Case No. 2 KLs 11 Js 42142/07

Closing Statement

The great mystery of human history has finally entered our consciousness as knowledge of Truth.

The passage of God through the world that He created is revealed to us as the eternal struggle within God Himself, as He participates in the struggle against evil on behalf of what we humans consider the Good. Through us, God thus becomes Absolute Spirit, which, transcending morality, is neither good nor bad.

Man cannot judge God. We can exist only as a Volk. Without a Volk, Man cannot exist as Man.

As Herder taught us, nations exist as thoughts of God. They have identity and significance only insofar as they can be distinguished from one another.

An orchestra consisting of nothing except violins would quickly bore the audience. Every Volk is a separate thought or concept of God and has the obligation to preserve itself as such, through all changes and vicissitudes.

It is the destiny of Judaism, the diffused nation within other nations, to exist as the spirit of negation. Without this spirit of negation God could not know what He is not as well as what He intends to be. Because it exists as the spirit of negation, Zion is and ever has been hated and shunned by all nations. (Book of Isaiah, Chap. 60, Verses 14 and 15).

In our (Christian) age, however, Zion has been redeemed by the nations through their acknowledgment of Judaism as “the negation of the lives of nations” (Martin Buber.)

Zion’s redemption began with Jesus’ words:

“You (the leaders of Zion) belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire.
He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him.
When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.
Because I tell the truth, you do not believe me!”

(John 8, 44-45)

As servants of God the Trinity, the Jews established the Empire of Mammon as a challenge and admonition for the nations of the Earth. The Empire of Mammon is now reaching its end, however. It has the lie of Jewish “gas chamber genocide” to thank for its culmination as well as its fall. The gas chamber or “Auschwitz Lie” was indeed the greatest lie in the history of mankind.

Now that the world monetary swindle has culminated and been exposed, the world is asking itself: “How could such a swindle have occurred?” It came about through international illusions about the role and the true nature of Judaism, in particular illusions about Jewish plutocrats. These illusions have now vanished, along with the make-believe homicidal gas chambers utilizing Cyclon B Insecticide at Auschwitz Concentration Camp. The Auschwitz Lie has finally run its course and the truth has triumphed.

The mighty protector of Israel, the United States of America, is disintegrating before our eyes, while the “Holocaust” Cult is devouring itself in ratlike fury by persecuting those who dare to expose it. If there were real empirical, forensic or documentary evidence for the unique crime that the Jewish-owned media call “Holocaust,” they would certainly have presented it long ago, and this would have enabled them to neutralize their skeptics with ridicule. But there is no such evidence, since no gas chamber genocide occurred.

It is incumbent upon companions of our Volk to deliver the death blow to the Judaic  “Holocaust” Cult, and this can be accomplished only through self-sacrifice. Until now we have been duped by the Jewish Media into opposing the compulsory “Holocaust” dogma under the banner of freedom of opinion. From now on, however, we are no longer restricted to struggling for human rights under this banner. Now there is more at stake than winning freedom to express opinions. The continuation of our existence as a German nation is at stake, the survival of our Volk.

Guilt kills the human spirit, as mankind has known since the pioneering discoveries by the Jewish scientist Sigmund Freud. Section 130 Paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code is more than a mere “muzzle” – it is a weapon for the spiritual destruction of our Volk, used in relentless attacks on our existence as a nation. Section 130 is illegal under international law. We are compelled to defend ourselves against it — and not just for our own sake. The German Volk is the light of the nations. We have a God-given obligation to keep it alive and beaming.

Germans must comprehend that, in the ancient Talmudic spirit, world Jewry is now attacking our right to defend ourselves and preserve our Volk with life imprisonment! Such drastic punishment is a good measure of their desperation. It has become necessary because Germans of sound character can no longer desist from speaking the truth and calling the Auschwitz Lie by its name.

Everyone  who acknowledges the right and the necessity of self-defense has a duty to oppose the Jewish genocide against the German spirit. The way to oppose this genocide is to speak the truth.

In our day, the German who does not kowtow to the Jews will be relentlessly brought before the courts and deprived of his freedom, so that he will spend his life behind bars. I stand convicted of exposing Talmudic perfidiousness by ceaselessly calling the Auschwitz Lie by its name and confronting it with the truth. I have been doing this for many years now, since I swore a sacred oath to my Volk never to relent in the struggle against the “Holocaust” Cult.

At the age of 73, I can expect to spend the rest of my days under the dictates of the foreign interests that dominate our Fatherland. 21 months of imprisonment have already been pronounced. In addition to this, the vassals of foreign domination in Potsdam District Court demand another 57 months while those in Munich demand 72 months. For a 73-year-old man, a sentence of twelve and a half years is life imprisonment.

Quod erat demonstrandum!
[This is what had to be demonstrated.]

I ask my fellow Germans: do you want to languish forever?
Throw off the joke of Jacob!
We have the most powerful weapon of all, the Truth.
We must make use of it!

Munich, 25 February 2009

Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason?
For if it prosper, none dare call it treason!
Sir John Harrington 1561-1612.
Here’s freedom to him who would speak,
Here’s freedom to him who would write;
For there’s none ever feared that the truth should be heard,
Save him whom the truth would indict!

Robert Burns (1759–96)

Six Years for Mahler’s Crime of Opinion! Dissident Led from Courtroom in Chains


Horst Mahler’s wife attorney Sylvia Stoltz and Horst Mahler

Six Years for Mahler’s Crime of Opinion!
Dissident Led from Courtroom in Chains

February 27, 2009

The Munich District Court has sentenced former Nationalist Attorney Horst Mahler to six years in prison.The 72-year-old was charged with a variety of opinion crimes.Two weeks ago he was sentenced to ten months imprisonment for similar crimes of conscience by a court in Landshut.A third sentence is still to be pronounced by Potsdam Court.In that trial, likewise on charges of uttering criminal opinions, the prosecutor has asked for four years and nine months.Mahler’s combined sentences come to 12 years and 5 months.

Mahler persists in expressing skepticism about the “Holocaust” Cult, which is the official state dogma of the pro Zionist regime in Germany.
The regime interprets such skepticism as incitement against all Jews, even though Jews are among the most outspoken critics of “Shoa Business” or “Holocaust Industry” (expressions coined by the Jews Aba Eban and Norman Finkelstein.)

The Munich court convicted the 72-year-old disbarred attorney of referring to “Holocaust” as “the greatest lie in all human history.” Mahler had also mailed CDs of Diploma Engineer Germar Rudolf’s proscribed book “Lectures on the Holocaust” to a number of persons.

On 14 November 2007, as part of the movement for human rights in Germany, he had filed an official complaint against himself. In an accompanying letter to the recipients of the CDs he had pointed out that they would have to testify against him in his trial. He instructed them to state that he had written, “I understand and accept that I will be tried and sentenced for this act.” Now he has received a sentence that surpasses those of other political dissidents by far.

Mahler’s trial makes clear that merely merely pointing out that “Holocaust Denial” is involved can legitimize any and all official tyranny. It makes clear that a dissident in “the freest state that ever existed on German soil” as the present regime likes to call itself, can receive a sentence surpassing that of the most violent criminal or murderer.

As some Altermedia readers will recall, in April of last year the stateless Lebanese Josef Ahmad was sentenced by Aachen District Court to exactly six years for the murder of Kevin Plum. If Mahler had simply beaten a father of several children into a coma, the State might have let him off with a warning and a course in aggression control, as it did in the case of the Turkish bully Erdinc S. of Cologne.

In view of the Mahler’s advanced age, today’s sentence probably means a death sentence for the crime of uttering dissident opinions. It probably makes executioners of his Munich judges. Does it invite comparison with previous ruthless regimes in Germany?

Latest Report: Altermedia was just informed by Philipp Hasselbach, a Free Nationalist, that Mahler was immediately arrested and led in handcuffs from the courtroom. Since he was expecting this, he had brought his packed suitcase along. He had also given his car keys to a friend. There were no surprises!


Here’s freedom to him who would speak,
Here’s freedom to him who would write;
For there’s none ever feared that the truth should be heard,
Save him whom the truth would indict!

ROBERT BURNS (1759–96)

Zionists and rabbis not satisfied by Bishop’s apology


The Hoffman Wire
Dedicated to Freedom of the Press, Investigative Reporting and Revisionist History

Michael A. Hoffman II: Editor.

Zionists and rabbis not satisfied by Bishop’s apology

Friday, February 27, 2009

Within hours the unforgiving, never-satisfied, ever-vengeful Talmudists and Zionists have rejected Bishop Williamson’s apology for telling the truth about the Auschwitz execution gas chamber tale.

“We should not imagine that we can calm a lion who wants to devour his prey just by giving him a little ball of meat.” -Don Curzio Nitoglia


Vatican Says Bishop Apology Fell Short

Feb. 27, 2009

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – The Vatican said on Friday that an apology by a traditionalist bishop who denied the Holocaust fell short of meeting the Holy See’s demand for a full and public recanting of his position. British Bishop Richard Williamson, whose comments in January caused a worldwide uproar among Jews and Catholics, on Thursday issued a statement in which he said: “To all souls that took honest scandal from what I said, before God I apologize.” But chief Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said Williamson’s statement “does not seem to respect the conditions” set forth by the Vatican on February 4, when it ordered Williamson to “in an absolutely unequivocal and public way distance himself from his positions” regarding the Holocaust.

Critics reject ‘apology’ from Holocaust-denial bishop Richard Williamson
Times (UK) February 27, 2009

The British bishop whose denial of the extent of the Holocaust embroiled the Pope in an international outcry has had his attempt to defuse the row rejected by religious and educational groups worldwide.

Bishop Richard Williamson last night issued a grudgingly-worded apology for the offence caused by an interview on Swedish television, in which he said that no Jews were killed in the gas chambers.

His words were today dismissed as “empty” because he refused to say whether he still believes that such claims were “lies”.

“The Holy Father and my Superior, Bishop Bernard Fellay, have requested that I reconsider the remarks I made on Swedish television four months ago, because their consequences have been so heavy,” Bishop Williamson said in a statement released by the Zenit Catholic news agency.

“Observing these consequences I can truthfully say that I regret having made such remarks, and that if I had known beforehand the full harm and hurt to which they would give rise, especially to the Church, but also to survivors and relatives of victims of injustice under the Third Reich, I would not have made them.”

Bishop Williamson said he was only giving his opinion as a non-historian. “An opinion formed 20 years ago on the basis of evidence then available, and rarely expressed in public since.”

He added: “However, the events of recent weeks and the advice of senior members of the Society of St Pius X have persuaded me of my responsibility for much distress caused. To all souls that took honest scandal from what I said, before God I apologise.”

Mark Frazer, a spokesman for the Board or Deputies of British Jews, said: “The Jewish community and many more besides will be unmoved by this apology. The Vatican were very clear that Richard Williamson must recant, yet he continues to refuse to do so. Sadly, this late regret comes across as nothing more than an empty sentiment from a man under the pressure of public scrutiny.”

Iris Rosenberg, spokeswoman for the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, said: “If he is looking to repent, he needs to admit that he was wrong in denying the truth.”

Stephen Smith, founder of Britain’s Holocaust Centre, said the apology was “far from complete.” Dr Smith said: “If Bishop Williamson is sincere in his apology and, recognising the harm caused by his original statement, recognises the truth that was the Holocaust, I invite him to visit us at the Holocaust Centre at any time so that his views in future are based on historical fact rather than 20-year-old anti-Semitic myths.”

Pope Benedict XVI lifted Bishop Williamson’s excommunication in January, days after the interview was broadcast, leading to an explosion of incredulous anger.

The Vatican said his aim had been to bring the Society of St Pius X, the ultraconservative sect to which Bishop Williamson belongs, back into full communion with the Church and that he had been unaware of Bishop Williamson’s views. The Pope was subsequently forced to condemn the bishop’s remarks and speak out strongly against anti-Semitism.

Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Los Angeles, said Bishop Williamson’s statement was “not the kind of an apology that would end this matter; because it failed to address the central issue. The one thing he doesn’t say, and the main thing, is that the Holocaust occurred, that it is not a fabrication, that it is not a lie,” he said. “If you want to make an apology, you have to affirm the Holocaust.”

Jewish groups in Italy called the apology “thoroughly ambiguous” and Dieter Graumann, vice-president of the Central Council for Jews in Germany, told the Handelsblatt newspaper that the statement was “thoroughly bungled.”

Bishop Williamson would not respond to request to clarify his views.



The John Paul II Theology of Pope Benedict XVI

Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit







What’s the Big Deal about the Holocaust?

What’s the Big Deal about the Holocaust?

February 16, 2009

WARNING: Reading this blog article and thinking about the issues covered may force you to completely reevaluate the real deal going on America’s head today. You may not want to take the red pill, Neo!

All over the place nowadays, people are asking questions about the Holocaust and wondering why this subject is still so controversial after all this time. What is it now, 64 years? People are too scared to voice any doubts, since they’ve been programmed to think that anyone who does so must be evil and anti-Semitic. But when you think about it, sentiments like that should be quite separate from historical facts and never, ever subject to legal efforts.

So, why is the Holocaust such a big deal? Because it’s a major leg propping up the New World Order and the people behind the curtain — no doubt about it. They know that if you start asking questions about any of this, soon it will lead to a whole helluva lot more. And it’s so easy to see all the reasons (below), that they’ve pushed this version of history on America and the White countries of the West — all the while knowing how much outrage the public would have for being lied to.

Recently, a Catholic Bishop in Argentina came out during a interview and said it was 200,000 to 300,000 Jews who died in the camps and none in a gas chamber. Bishop Richard Williamson ignited a bit of firestorm over his statements and was even briefly mentioned on the mainstream news.

Bishop Richard Williamson

Jew Thought Police, like the ADL’s Abe Foxman went haywire about it, demanded and had the spineless Vatican denounce his comments and remove him from the pulpit. World Jewish leaders then told the Vatican that “Holocaust denial is not an opinion, but a crime.” Jews ordered them to declare Holocaust denial as “heresy” and undergo Holocaust education.

Such is the arrogance of International Jewry and Big Zionism today. The Jews have always had it in for the Catholic church. They completely demonized and demoralized the church with non-stop press coverage of the Gay pedophile priests, still going strong today. Funny, how the press never breathes a word about all the rabbis who have been caught doing this kind of thing.

Another thing you won’t hear about in the mainstream media is that the Jews in Europe now want the Bishop literally arrested and thrown in the slammer. That’s right: By questioning anything about the sacred Holocaust can earn you a prison term in 11 countries in Europe and Canada. This should be completely unacceptable to any free thinking White person!

People like Ernst Zündel now sit in prison over what they’ve said in public (letters of support have even been kept from reaching him); Dr. Fredrik Töban from Australia came close to going to jail in Germany, simply for making an airport connection in Britain where Bobbies arrested him for the Germans, but brave free speech advocates soon came to his rescue and the government finally released him. Simon Shepard and Stephen Whittle, who created the fascinating site The Heretical Press, are now in jail by the British thought crime police after trying to flee to America for their political beliefs.

David Irving, once a highly respected WWII historian (he blew wide open the Hitler Diary forgery), had spent a decade in the German archives researching the war and then ended up spending 3 years in a Austrian Jail for what he dared say in print about the Holocaust evidence.

Let’s keep one thing perfectly clear about the topic: Holocaust “revisionism” does NOT say the Nazis didn’t kill Jews or anyone else for that matter. How many? Probably a lot. But so did the Soviets kill a lot of Whites (below). And the US and Britain killed over 600,000 White civilians in horrific bombing campaigns against the German cities. 3 Million Germans starved to death after the war, many of them POW’s penned up in American General Dwight Eisenhower’s open-air camps, exposed to the elements and fed almost nothing until they died.


What they don’t want you to know: Millions of Whites were starved to death (1) and executed by Commies in the “Holmador” under the direction of Jews like Lazar Kaganovich (2). Far, far more White Gentiles suffered at the hands of Commie Jews than whatever the Nazis ever did. (3) Stalin’s chief propagandist, the Jew Ilya Ehrenburg exhorted Soviet troops to rape and murder the women and children of Germany (4). His deviously imaginative anti-Nazi propaganda and genocide lies were later regurgitated by Globalist Zionists and regular Jewry on the naïve White countries of the West.


This guy lived through it.

Will you or your children?

The Bolsheviks and later, the Soviet Communists, killed millions of White Gentiles. In 1957, the Soviets admitted that 15 to 25 million were executed or starved to death since the Red revolution. But Alexandr Solzhenitsyn (right), in his book “The Gulag Archipelago,” using the research of I. A. Kurganov who had access to a secret government file, estimated it was 66 million who were killed. Jews were predominate in the secret police, like the NKVD and Cheka; in fact, the 6 leading administrators of Stalin’s death apparatus, Aron Solts, Yakov Rappoport, Lazar Kogan, Matvei Berman, Genrikh Yagoda and Naftaly Frenkel were all Jews.

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What Does Holocaust Denial Really Mean? by Daniel McGowan

What Does Holocaust Denial Really Mean?

by Daniel McGowan

February 17th, 2009

In April 2007 the European Union agreed to set jail sentences up to three years for those who deny or trivialize the Holocaust.1 More recently, in response to the remarks of Bishop Richard Williamson, the Pope has proclaimed that Holocaust denial is  intolerable and altogether unacceptable. 

But what does Holocaust denial really mean? Begin with the word Holocaust. The Holocaust2 (spelled with a capital H) refers to the killing of six million Jews by the Nazis during World War II. It is supposed to be the German’s “Final Solution” to the Jewish problem. Much of the systematic extermination was to have taken place in concentration camps by shooting, gassing, and burning alive innocent Jewish victims of the Third Reich.

People like Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel, and Bishop Williamson who do not believe this account and who dare to say so in public are reviled as bigots, anti-Semites, racists, and worse. Their alternate historical scenarios are not termed simply revisionist, but are demeaned as Holocaust denial. Rudolf and Zundel were shipped to Germany where they were tried, convicted, and sentenced to three and five years, respectively. Williamson may not be far behind.

Politicians deride Holocaust revisionist papers and conferences as  beyond the pale of international discourse and acceptable behavior.3 Non-Zionist Jews who participate in such revisionism, like Rabbi Dovid Weiss of the Neturei Karta, are denounced as “self-haters” and are shunned and spat upon. Even Professor Norman Finkelstein, whose parents were both Holocaust survivors and who wrote the book, The Holocaust Industry, has been branded a Holocaust denier.

But putting aside the virile hate directed against those who question the veracity of the typical Holocaust narrative, what is it that these people believe and say at the risk of imprisonment and bodily harm? For most Holocaust revisionists or deniers if you prefer, their arguments boil down to three simple contentions:

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‘Lancet’ Reveals Horrendous Israeli War Crimes


‘Lancet’ Reveals Horrendous
Israeli War Crimes
Dr Gideon Polya
February 16, 2009

The horrendous mortality and morbidity statistics revealed by the paper “The Wounds of Gaza”, just published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet are truly shocking: 1,350 killed (60% children) and 5,450 severely wounded (40% children) in reprisals for zero (0) Israeli deaths from Gaza rockets in the preceding year. This demands International Criminal Court and intra-national prosecutions (e.g. in major Israeli military R & R destination countries Australia, the US, the UK and India) and Sanctions and Boycotts against Apartheid Israel by all decent Australians and indeed all decent people around the world.

The Gaza Strip is a self-governing Apartheid Israeli Concentration Camp ruled by the Hamas Government which won 76 out of 132 seats in the Occupied Palestinian Parliamentary elections held under Israeli guns in 2006 (Fatah won 43 seats) (see: Hamas ). The Israelis responded by arresting as many Hamas MPs as they could find, the remainder fleeing to Gaza. In the current Israeli Gaza Massacre, the Israelis are evidently bent on “finishing the job” (they have already destroyed the Gaza Parliament House). The war criminal, pro-Zionist Western backers of Apartheid Israel followed suit by declaring the democratically elected Hamas MPs to be “terrorists” and only dealing with the Fatah.

Under the loathed, … racist Apartheid regime in South Africa its Bantustans were policed by police and the worst atrocity was the 1960 Sharpeville Massacre in which South African police killed 69 African protesters (see: Sharpeville_massacre ) – “The official figure is that 69 people were killed, including 8 women and 10 children, and over 180 injured, including 31 women and 19 children”.

Gaza – what the Catholic Church via Vatican justice and peace minister Cardinal Renato Martino and leading US conservative Pat Buchanan both call an Israeli-guarded Gaza Concentration Camp (see:,25197,24888817-15084,00.html and v=em8tREX9L8o ) – remains under blockade and under dire threat of further Israeli atrocities, this latest atrocity involving 1,350 Palestinians killed in asserted reprisals for zero (0) Israeli deaths from Gaza rockets in the preceding year and 28 Israeli deaths from Gaza missiles in the preceding 8.25 years, this latter statistic yielding an “annual homicide rate” in “persons killed per million of population” of 0.5 (Israelis killed by Gaza missiles) as compared to 0.5 (rapist husbands killed by raped wives), 1.0 (violent husbands killed by battered wives), 15 (Israelis by Israelis), 56 (Americans), 100 (Americans by guns), 164 (Palestinians killed violently by Israelis), 200 (African-Americans), 473 (citizens of Detroit, Michigan, USA) and 902 per million per year (annual Palestinian non- violent deaths through war criminal, Geneva Convention-violating Israeli-imposed deprivation) (see Dr Gideon Polya, “Palestinian- Israeli Death Ratios . [...] Israeli Gaza War Crimes”: http:// ).

However, the numerically vastly greater Israel atrocity lies in the avoidable deaths (excess deaths) in the Occupied Palestinian Territory due to Occupier refusal to supply life-sustaining food, medicine and medical services to its conquered subjects “to the fullest extent of the means available to it”, as unequivocally demanded by Articles 55 and 56 of the Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War (see: http:// ).

3,000 under-5 year old Occupied Palestinian infants die every year (about 80% avoidably), this corresponding to 3,000/ 0.7 = 4,286 total avoidable deaths annually (see “Layperson’s Guide to Counting Iraq Deaths”: ), and 4,286 x 8.25 = 35,360 non-violent Occupied Palestinian deaths since September 2000, in addition to the 6,200 violent Occupied Palestinian deaths at the hands of Apartheid Israelis in this period.

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By Doug Collins

[Editor's Note: I was reflecting on this piece Sunday morning as I read it through. Here was a man of singular honesty, forthright and filled with courage at the age of 77, writing in defense of his sincere belief in the value of freedom of thought and expression. A man who had, at the age of 19, joined in fighting a war that he felt would keep the world free of the sorts of traitorous acts which, 58 years later, would return to haunt him and his work as a Canadian journalist (not to mention the rest of us free speech lovers).

That of course brought to mind Mr. No Name and the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith Canada who were attacking everything that Collins had fought for (including escaping 11 times from Germany prisoner-of-war camps before the age of 25!) all of which was cause for rumination on my part and the recognition that in today's world how cheap and taudry have become the old principles of respect for and admiration of our elders especially those who sacrificed so damn much in order that we Canadians of today would have the freedom to express our thoughts and ideas without fear of repression and harassment and imprisonment and fines.

The idea of this relatively young, baby-boomer No Name and his co-conspirator the B'nai Brith, doing their damnedest to destroy the credibility and integrity of one of Canada's true heroes I found to be exceedingly repulsive and contemptible.

My own Dad, born in 1918 only two years before Doug Collins and a man who also fought in WW2 against the supposed “fascists", had he the requisite literary skills that Doug did, would likely have taken the same position of Collins on these very issues that Mr. No Name and his pro-Zionist org B'nai Brith Canada are hell-bent on imposing upon the Canadian legal and political environment. When I look at Doug's picture I also see my Father and become that much more incensed at the thought of what these anti-democratic, ungrateful and miserable, misinformed misanthropes are attempting to do to the most cherished of human values.

And for what I'm forced to ask? So that they can prevent Canadians from weighing the facts both pro and con as per the endless propaganda that's been literally forced upon the minds of Canadians for decade upon decade? Hardly a justification for making critical analysis a crime.

Now these censors are not only unhappy with preventing “hatred toward Jews" in Canada. In addition to such a totalitarian/Bolshevik notion they also want to stop Canadians from extending any critical analysis to the foreign nation of Israel as well. How quaint. What next? No criticism of the Harper Conservatives or the Ignaiff (Jewish) Liberals or the Layton NDP or the May Greens because they all happen to be in the same bed with the Jewish Lobbyists like the CJC and the B'nai Brith and so in their orgies of appreciation for this racist, apartheid state and their blatant prostrations before their Zionist idol of innocence and endless persecution any protest of a frank and critical nature against them must also not be allowed to enter into the slipstream of Canadian thought? That, I propose, is the intent of this latest attack upon myself and They're out to set a new precedent in duplicious cowery, one that I could, and would, and will state is on par with Israel's latest precedent-setting example of humanitarianism respecting their recent slaughter of the innocent Palestinian people of Gaza.

We must NEVER forget men like Doug Collins and what they spent their lives fighting for: the Free Will and God-given Right of every human being to express their deepest ideas and concerns without fear or threat or intimidation by others.]

By Doug Collins
July 20, 1997

from the North Shore News

North Vancouver, B.C.

Your man Doug is in trouble for saying that the “holocaust” six million story is nonsense, that the biggest influence in Hollywood is the Jewish influence, and that the whole thing has become a business.

Which latter point was emphasized some time ago by the Chief Rabbi in the U.K. As they say in Israel, “There’s no business like Shoah (holocaust) business.”

So while we await the verdict of the Great Heresy Trial, [the one involving Mr. No Name and B'nai Brith Canada. A.T.] I want to ask a question. If the Commissars of Right-think don’t mind, that is. Or even if they do mind.

It is this: how come that I am the only one on the griddle?

A chap called Michael Enright shot his mouth off a couple of months back.

Enright, successor to Peter Gzowski on the ever-holy – and blessed by liberals - CBC Morningside, declared that next to the Mafia, the Roman Catholic Church was the biggest criminal organization around.

There were a couple of squeeks of surprise. But no witch hunt. Little old Michael was in safe hands.

Allan Fotheringham didn’t call him a monster.

The Sun’s Vaughn Palmer didn’t call him contemptible.

Writer David Mitchell didn’t call him anti-Catholic. Which, of course, is by no means as moral a sin as being “anti-Semitic”.

Nobody complained to the Ontario Human Rights Commission about Enright, either. But what do you think would have happened if I had said that those of the Jewish faith were the biggest bunch of crooks outside of the Mafia?

The sky would have fallen. It would have been a case for criminal prosecution under the hate laws. I would have been sued. And burned at the stake.

Take a look around you.

In Alberta a couple of years ago a small magazine publisher was roasted for complaining that the Hollywood film, The Last Temptation of Christ, was anti-Christian and blasphemous.

Jewish groups cried havoc. Supermarkets refused to carry the magazine. And the publisher went out of business.

But what’s this?

Here we have an American rabbi, Yechiel Eckstein, accusing Hollywood of “a very real and pervasive anti-Christian bias.”

A story to that effect was carried on the Ecumenical News International wire.

The rabbi belongs to the the Orthodox branch of the Jewish faith and is quoted as saying that in order to rectify the situation, Christians should put pressure on the film industry in the same way as pressure has been put on American tobacco firms.

Writing in the North Jersey Jewish Standard he said that Hollywood had gone out of its way to portray evangelical Protestants and devout Roman Catholics in the worst possible light.

“The cherished symbols of their faith are put to blasphemous use,” he declared.

“If there is a Christian character in a film, he is usually depicted as a fool, a liar, a cheat, a diabolical murderer, or a crazy person. And if such images are allowed to accumulate without a response they could prove detrimental to faith and to Christianity.”

I pointed out years ago that you never saw a movie out of Hollywood that featured a bad Jew. For Hollywood, there aren’t any bad Jews.

Not to mention that Christianity, thanks mainly to “minority” pressures, has become a no-no in our schools and that the Christian cross cannot be shown in some public places.

As for the rabbi, I guess it would be OK for him to say these thing even if they had human rights tribunals in the U.S., which they do not. Comment is protected by the First Amendment so he could not be dragged before one.

There’s something else. In many movies WASPS generally are depicted as being sinister.

You might think they were all members of the KKK. Mississipi Burning was such a film.

If you ask me, and I know you haven’t asked me, my comments were like kid’s pap compared with what some other people have said.

I guess it all depends on who your friends are. And what is “right” and what is “wrong” in the halls of political correctness.