What will the New Year bring for Canadians? By Betty Krawczyk


What will the New Year bring for Canadians?

By Betty Krawczyk


What will the New Year bring for Canadians? I think the western world lead by the US, and including Canada, is losing its collective mind. It’s as if the US is telling itself fairy tales and getting very angry when any collection of individuals or even one individual, who says, by way of resistance “but wait…I personally do not believe the bull excrement you are shoveling onto my doorstep (and into my airways)”. Not that any important media, or important person, for that matter, at least recognized by Canada, is trying to do this. But I personally rebel when the Canadian press and media, following the US story line, tries to persuade me, and millions of others, that Hillary Clinton lost the election because Putin personally elected Trump as US president by hacking into the American voting machines. I have to say they are lying through their expensive implanted teeth.


The US accusers can’t offer any proof of their accusations of Putin hacking because there isn’t any. I ask, did Putin also hack the machines that put Republicans back into the Senate? And also hack into the House of Representatives voting machines? The cabal of international interests that push austerity onto the people of the world while sucking the economy itself dry says it does. With the help of the Russia Today TV programs of course. The cabal claims that Putin, through RT, plays evil, insidious propaganda lies that are also very powerful and causes strange things to happen in America. Many US lawmakers are calling for the US to outright ban RT being broadcast in and into America. So much for freedom of speech. So do I watch RT?

I do, and I don’t even have television. I get RT through my computer. I also tune in to other alternate news casts but none have the constantly growing ratings of RT. I recommend RT to everyone. Of course they are presenting the Russian point of view which the Russians say is the purpose of the news shows. Why would the Russians have a television show of Russia Today if not to present the Russian point of view? How can Canadians and Americans make up their minds about anything if they only hear one side? That’s all we hear in most of the news programs that service the cabal (the side that CNN and 90 per cent of the other US broadcasting and our very own CBC) wants us to hear. Shouldn’t we also hear the other side? Shouldn’t we all hear honest debate on how “the liberation of Aleppo” in The Russian media becomes the “the downfall of Aleppo” in the American media? Even the government of British Columbia seems to think so.


The province of BC is now advertising on the Russian channel. The BC provincial government has been running a large, chatty video showing and explaining how wonderful British Columbia is to countries everywhere through the RT channel. Christy Clark knows how many people worldwide watch RT. Other Canadian businesses are beginning to catch on, too. I think it is too late to shut RT up. The cabal is trying to distract the people who are slipping out of the middle class, and even out of the working class, into abject poverty by blaming their economic and physic woes on the bogyman Putin instead of their own blood sucking policies which will eventually fail. However, I think a “hard rain has to fall” before the US and Canada comes up with economic programs that allow all in our countries to prosper, not just the banks, and without prosperity being based on war. But war with Russia is exactly what the US is conditioning the western world to accept by constantly presenting Putin as being beneath the consideration of civilized nations; of being inhuman. The US headed cabal wants war with Russia in the New Year. And apparently, listening to the CBC, Canada is willing to tag along.


  1. Fake news=comments shut down says:

    Its not Obama, what we are seeing is the US deep state sacrificing its highest asset in desperate attempts at preventing a Trump ascension to power. Its going to take them 20 days but Trump is a dead man walking, to find a body double to take the hit with his hair and small hands, is while nigh impossible.

  2. What scares me the most Betty is, what are the next four or five years of the Trudeau regime going to bring us? One year has already been bad enough. And the next item is, how will the CBC spin the news from Ottawa and around the world to sanitize Mr. Trudeau’s Cultural Marxism and still make it appear our government is in lock step with warmongering Washington?

  3. Good post by Betty Krawczyk. The CBC is very frustrating for Canadians to watch. We pay for it and get our faces rubbed in such insulting, groveling adherence to the official narrative as ordered by the US presstitutes. When the comments forums explode with dissent…it never gets from there to the political analysis in the actual reports. The longtime CBC pundits like Brian Stewart are probably CIA moles in Canada. The CBC is going down in readership…like CNNABCNBCBS…while RT is going up.

    BTW, why isn’t my Blog, Greencrow As the Crow Flies on your blogroll? Radical Press has been on MY blogroll for years. I have given my URL in my contact details below. Thanks.



    Forget ‘CANADA 150’ in 2017, the cry should be ‘TAKE CANADA BACK IN 2017’. I will deal
    further with that early in the new year.

  5. Hi GreenCrow. Why isn’t your blog on my blogroll? Likely because you never asked. I don’t usually add others to my own list unless they give me permission but now that you’ve asked. . . . so shall it be. 🙂 Happy New Year! Arthur.

  6. Heaven forbid!

  7. Further Green Crow. I checked out your article on Betty’s and it’s excellent. You’ve added a lot of very good collateral information to the issues Betty addressed. I used to cover all of Betty’s activities back when I still published The Radical (circa 1998 – 2002). Nice to hear that you also appreciated her efforts. A.T.

  8. In the past election, Americans were given a choice. A possible-cannibal lesbian psychopath vs. a Zionist-backed Trump. (Trump won’t be killed–he’s protected by Mossad.) This choice could have come right out of that infamous “forgery” The Protocols of Zion. The people who created the problem become the angels of light and all the “populist” movements are carefully groomed and certified Kosher. 2017 is the year to look out for a purge of the anti-Zionist elements of the “Alt-Right.”

    2016 was hailed by ultra-radical Jews as the start of the “Messianic Era.” It appears that it was. Middle Ages woodcuts show this Mosiach (Antichrist of the Christian tradition) as having armfuls of dead “goyim.”

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