Point of Light By Arthur Topham

Point of Light
Arthur Topham
January 1st, 2017

“There is a point when you cannot walk away
When you have to stand up straight and tall and mean the words you say
There is a point you must decide, just to do it ’cause it’s right
That’s when you become a point of light.”
~ Randy Travis, Point of Light

As the year 2017 begins to unfold we find ourselves living in a time of extreme darkness and evil. Trailing years of wars, bloodshed and acts of terrorism on par with those of the French Revolution, 2016 inevitably culminated – on New Year’s Eve – with yet another act of satanic bloodletting as if to reassure the masses that any hope of peace is not part of the Devil’s equation.

And so it begs the question for those of us, the seekers of real Truth, Light, Justice and Peace who are now treading ever so lightly upon a world overshadowed by fear, insecurity, doubt and a deep and unnerving sense of suspended hope, what course we will and must follow in the days and months ahead.

The Trump card still remains a mystery to all but the 45th President and his close advisors as the American Republic inches closer and closer to their own reckoning with Fate. Will Donald actually “drain the swamp” of the elitist bottom feeders and their Talmudic taskmasters who have inexorably pursued the demise of that once great nation since 1913 as he unequivocally stated again and again throughout the US election campaign? No one outside the new insiders truly knows although speculation has been building to a deafening crescendo on blog sites around the world with each passing day.

So much is out of our direct control but regardless there still remains some fundamental truths that no fickleness on the part of mainstream media can alter. First off we know beyond certainty that the global mainstream media throughout the Western world is absolutely under the control of the Zionist Jew Rothschild criminal cartel and that ALL ZIONIST NEWS IS FAKE NEWS. Secondly, we know that more and more people throughout the Western world are turning to the Alternative News media in search of real news along with real interpretations of events and a whole host of broad-ranging opinions and perspectives that resonate with fundamental human values such as honesty, morality, authenticity, open-mindedness and plain-dealing. The third and still growing certitude is the revelation that the swamp is infested with #pizza-eating satanic, demonic entities who thrive upon the basest of human behaviours that span the gamut of grotesque to despicable in terms of pedophilia, beastiality, cannibalism and child sacrifice.


In other words those who now run the world have three strikes against them and the general consensus of the common people is that it’s game over and time for them to leave the playing field. The only problem is they don’t want to leave, nor do they want to play by the rules of the game but would rather institute their own rules as they go along depending upon whether or not they think they’re ahead and winning or losing ground.

Now of course they’re finally coming to the realization that way too many people are on to their scams and they have to come up with a whole new ball game; one that will not only be a total game changer but also will prevent the masses from gaining further information about their nefarious schemes to destroy all semblance of the natural order of Man and substitute it with a hodgepodge of perverse, Nihilistic, satanic sexually-deviant behaviours designed to severe forever the heart and soul of humanity from its original transcendental Source. If it sounds diabolical that’s because it is. If it sounds incredibly dangerous that’s also because it is.

So the New World Order has finally struck out. They’ve been exposed through the Internet by the Truth Revealers and now stand stark-butt naked before a world fraught and fuming with anxiety, mistrust, disgust and a fiercely-felt form of universal outrage.

What to do?

That is the question for those who have, as the old saying goes, “seen the light”. One of American’s great Country & Western singers Randy Travis, has, I believe, offered us a clue to what we must do in his song from which the title of this article was taken:

“There is a point when you cannot walk away
When you have to stand up straight and tall and mean the words you say
There is a point you must decide, just to do it ’cause it’s right
That’s when you become a point of light.”

God, Truth, Love and Light are synonymous terms that identify the One source of not only Life per se but all Existence upon all planes from the most sub-atomic to the highest of the Divine. Put in layman’s terms by the Christian Bible in Genesis for all to See are the following words:

“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.”


The division or gulf between the Light and darkness is now reaching its zenith and as the darkness appears to be waxing in power and presence so does the resplendence of the Light workers continue to grow and glow against this background gestalt of blackness and evil that vainly would attempt to entrance and snuff out our individual candles of Light and turn heaven on Earth into a hell of perversity and hatred.

Those who, for myriad reasons, have already sold their souls to the Devil in a last-ditch, Mephistophelian attempt to acquire power over others and the planet Itself, are beyond the ken of redemption and their fate is sealed. In terms of brevity they’ve been labeled by the Truth Revealers as the “1%”. Juxtaposed with that 1% are the Light bringers whose numbers we still cannot pin-point. All we can say with any certainty is that they are the individual points of light that Randy Travis speaks of in his song and that their numbers, judging by internet stats, are legion and growing at an exponential rate. It is here that we find our greatest and most valuable weapon in the battle between Good and Evil; here that we realize we have within us the power of Understanding and, but for lack of courage and self-confidence, we can exercise our divinely given Free Will and SHARE that light of understanding with our fellow human beings who are still searching for the real news; the real Truth and not the endless litany of LIES and DECEPTION that the world has been consistently subjected to over the past century and longer. Again, I repeat Travis’s words:

“There is a point when you cannot walk away
When you have to stand up straight and tall and mean the words you say
There is a point you must decide, just to do it ’cause it’s right
That’s when you become a point of light.”

There are millions, if not billions, of people on Gaia, our Mother Ship who are still innocent of the evil that has taken over so much of our planet. They are, metaphorically speaking, the slumbering ones who for countless reasons have not yet been able to find enough of the missing pieces of the puzzle that they might see the bigger picture and realize what’s happening to them, their families, their friends and their communities and countries. Each of them is, as yet, a wick unlit; a candle awaiting the flame of Truth that will not only enlighten their inner sense of Self but will, in turn, motivate them, as Travis sang, “to stand up straight and tall and mean the words” they say. And they’ll do it “cause it’s right” and because they’ll finally understand that the power to change the world for the better lies within ourselves and not in some alien, surrogate political system outside themselves that allows for the grievous errors and darkness which now afflict the vast majority of Humanity.


Let the Light continue to spread in 2017 and let it drive back the darkness and the suffering and the injustices that sorely oppress the bulk of Mankind. The time to stand up and speak out is NOW. Share the Truth and spread the Light and help dispel the NWO night!


  1. Very good article showing the separation of sheep from the goats and tares as never the two can mix.

  2. Monika Schaefer says:

    Thank you Arthur for this beautiful and inspirational piece of prose.
    Yes, the time to stand up and speak out is NOW indeed!
    Your light is bright, and you have surely contributed to many many other people becoming Points of Light as well. Thank you for that.
    With love and hope,

  3. Alfred Schaefer says:

    Thank you Arthur!
    You have given us more inspiration and strength than you can imagine, just because you were the light that we so desperately needed to keep us going.
    Somehow, every time when we thought that they are taking you down, when the storm passed, you were still there. That fact alone gives the legion of those who are morphing from zombies to human beings, the light that gives them the direction to keep going, knowing that the light is steady and strong, and growing.

    Europe is now under attack. Gerd Ittner (dissident speaks out) spent the new year with us. On his way home, going north, the trains were jam packed with “refugees” consisting of 99 percent young military age africans, arrogant, loud, and confident. In France, Africans are urinating in the trains in front of other passengers, just anywhere. People living here in subsidised housing are growing fearful of leaving their homes because of the new “refugees” who are taking over the neighbourhoods. Maybe now, the “Gutmenschen” will understand that “Gutmenschen” are slated for extinction. The rage that is growing will trigger the biological response that will make us healthy again. You know the feeling, when you get a real bad case of the flu. Your bones ache, your teeth hurt, your head throbs, and you think you are going to die. You get a high fever, and your white blood cells kick in and deal with the invaders. Then, after much pain and anguish, you overcome the unexpected surprise attack, and regain your health, with a new immunity to this sort of illness. That is where we are today. The WHITE blood cells are being aroused, and soon they will kick in and deal with that which is attacking us.

  4. Thank you Alfred for your kind words. It appears to me that your nation is being “vaccinated” by the Jews with a deadly virus in order to fulfil the Morganthau Plan. God grant that the German immune system will soon amass sufficient white blood cells to reject this Talmudic intrusion. Let’s hope the remedy begins with the quarantine of Merkel and her government commissars and then works its way down into Germany’s judiciary where the poison has taken its worst toll. Happy New Year to you Alfred!

  5. excellent, and poignant…

    take heed all who would oppose the light,


    and TRUTH.

    what a splendid observation, and encouragement for the small and harried
    little people who need a small ray of hope to continue into the Kingdom
    of eternal righteousness, where there are no poopagaandidsts from
    the stool scultpture deity cult compound with those nasal whines and
    worn out canards…HAPPY NEW YEAR !

    {according to the calendar presently in use }

  6. Hello Arthur,
    I could see that you have put your heart and soul into this script. And your reference to Faust shows that you are not only a pragmatic fighter, but also a philosopher looking far beyond the Anglosaxon sphere. Yes, we all hope that the heart of Europe will overcome the poison, which has been injected into it for everybody knows without a healthy heart Europe will regress in time and space at ever
    increasing speed. Greet me the Schäfers please, who on their own part are doing equally important
    work toward the world we would all like to live in…

  7. Thanks Wotan. I will pass your greeting on to Monika and Alfred. All the best in the times ahead.

  8. bob klinck says:

    This focusing on the “1%” is a grievous error. The elite who dictate overall economic and legal policy are able to do so only because the majority of people acquiesce in their schemes. Thus, culpability for the state of society is much more widespread than most would care to think. If people in general refused to “go along to get along” (one of those probably Masonic-inspired poisonous formulae, like the blasphemous, grace-denying “There’s no free lunch”), then the Big Plans would collapse. Yet there is much evidence that many, probably most, people are not very willing participants; e.g., studies by psychologists that have concluded that about 85% of people are dissatisfied with their jobs, which conclusions are confirmed by the ongoing success of lotteries, which ingeniously attenuate this dissatisfaction by holding out the possibility of escape.

    Why do people go along with a system for which, if they do not despise it, they have little enthusiasm? Because in a money economy they have been alienated from any means of survival apart from getting a job (i.e., UNDER FINANCIAL COERCION subordinating their will to someone else’s within a hierarchy) in order to obtain an income.

    The inanity of this situation is being terminally exposed by the fact that robots are now being introduced into the productive system at an exponential rate, most rapidly in the new “economic phenomenon” of China. Everything needed materially to support a decent living is being churned out with less and less need for human involvement.

    It is ironic that in this sense our generation as a whole has indeed won the lottery, but it hasn’t sufficient social cohesion, arising from love for our neighbours (a moral, and practical, teaching subverted by Marxist-inspired educational conditioning and all forms of mass media) , to wrest control of the money system from the monopolists and thereby claim the prize.

  9. The new jew homeland is Vancouver, BC…right there under your nose…you are in the guts of the world beast right now…take heed:

    that symbol on the canadian flag isn’t a leaf…it’s the (12 point) 3 prong crown of the ashkenazi (Nasi) kingdom…put the israeli flag next to the canadian flag…to complete the grand ruse…

  10. Thanks Bob. As you say 85% of the people are dissatisfied with their jobs. But was it the 85% who came up with and implemented the current economic system? I don’t think so. Those who brought us to the point we are today I believe amount to likely less that 1% even. When you have the privilege or the legal right to manufacture fiat currency out of thin air and benefit from it then I don’t think it’s fair to lay the blame on those who are born into such a system where they have no say in how it operates.

    Possibly you could explain how we, the culpable ones, might avoid acquiescing to their schemes? That would be most beneficial to the vast majority of us.

  11. bob klinck says:

    Of course you are right about the vulnerability of the population in this evil control system. Those who take an unapproved principled stand are mercilessly crushed by the psychopathic agents of what Winston Churchill in 1920, in his better days, described as a developing “world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, envious malevolence, and impossible equality”. Dr. Jordan Peterson is a recent case in point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnEFt20qe0o. You personally are another. For some reason obscure to me, I have had the validity of my degrees from the University of Alberta denied by the House of Commons in Ottawa (my former employer) for the past 29 years, which is the kind of outlandish handicap our new-style bureaucracy apparently can arbitrarily impose with impunity on any citizen to which it for some reason (nepotism in my case?) takes a dislike.

    The only way of rectifying the situation is through pressure on politicians from below surpassing the pressure that they now respond to from the integrated financial and corporate oligarchies “above”. This can only come about by the creation of a climate of opinion sufficiently powerful to convert elected persons into genuine representatives of the population. This task becomes harder as social cohesion is weakened by the creation of what Gilad Atzmon has valuably analyzed as artificially manipulated “identity politics” (a refinement of the hoary policy of divide and conquer) and the infusion into societies everywhere of floods of immigrants from different cultures. On the other hand, the contrast between what a robotized industrial system is capable of supplying and the ongoing struggle for economic survival experienced by millions is now so flagrant that the dysfunctional nature of the existing distribution (NOT socialistic REdistribution, for which, in an ocean of wealth, there is no need) apparatus is easily pointed out.

    I am not urging that everyone should become a martyr for the cause of economic or social reform (although serious Christians, and no doubt people of other faiths, might feel a divine imperative in this direction), but if we will not even discuss the necessity for new and efficient means of getting wealth into the hands of consumers when employment (always a degrading word when applied to people), despite the deceiving promises of politicians of all stripes to keep it “full”, is evaporating like rainfall on a desert, then truly there is no hope.

  12. Know the Truth…

    as you know that is a costly endeavor, and few have the will or the stamina
    since most of that 85% are so-called “Family” and “friends” who have a LARGE
    or HUUUUUGE….
    emotional investment in the official “Narrative”…no thinking involved!


    the Almighty knows your Heart, and eventually a Brave and
    courageous – STOUT HEARTED one arrives to remove the proverbial
    sword from the stone


    eventually the dross is reduced to ashes and those who have earned their
    REWARD will receive it,
    as promised

    it is simply a matter of a few seconds
    of time

    carry on

  13. Farren McDonald says:

    ‘Libtards, Libtards everywhere…nor any brain to think.’
    – Farren McDonald

    Welcome to 2017

  14. ‘Libtards, Libtards everywhere…nor any brain to think.’
    ‘Libtards, Libtards everywhere…and all their hearts did shrink.’ 🙂

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