In The Land of the Assassins by Betty Krawczyk


In The Land of the Assassins
Betty Krawczyk


Assassinations are always political. I was raised in Louisiana. Huey P. Long, who had served as governor of Louisiana and then was elected senator of the state was assassinated in 1935 .I was seven years old. Traumatized by this event, I became extremely nervous. My mother started dosing me with an oral product called Liberty Tonic that my father sold from his car along with other items. No telling what was in this concoction, but the taste was so ghastly I tried hard not to have the nightmares that were plaguing me. These nightmares were accompanied by involuntary cries and whimpering that would bring my mother and another dose of the dreaded tonic. I would insist that I was fine, but my mother knew I wasn’t. So did I. How could anybody be fine when the Armageddon was at hand? I knew this because of the way all of the adults in my world were acting following Huey P. Long’s assassination. Especially my father.

The country was trying to come out of the Great Depression. We were cash poor but never hungry as we grew and raised most of what we ate. The money my father made from his business helped. Others weren’t so lucky. The rich oil wells and refining capacities of the state were owned by Standard Oil. Little of the oil money slipped outside of the coffers of the company owners and corrupt government officials. Until Huey P. Long became governor in 1928. Then things started perking up. Long taxed the big oil money and started building new roads. He instituted new health care programs and best of all, new schools for both black and white kids. Everybody I knew loved Huey P. Long. He was a man of the people, for all the people. I thought he must be like Jesus. When Long was assassinated my father withdrew. I had never seen him cry before. To me, that signified the end of the world. Later I realized that assassinations kill more than the duly elected politician. They can also kill the hopes and dreams of ordinary people and plunge the nation (state, province) into despair. In recent times the American people have become so used to political assassinations’ we hardly notice anymore, or remember …Malcom X, President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martian Luther King, and the ongoing almost daily assassinations of African Americans by US police. Obama’s drone program and kill lists are the perfect assassination tools for modern times.

The shrill US demands for Trump’s blood are growing louder. Trump is the opposite of my hero, Huey P. Long in most ways, but he will be the duly elected president. If the combined interests of the White House, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security and the banking cabals can’t get Trump through the media, I worry they are planning to bring him down in other ways. The three options they have are (a) to figure out a way to impeach Trump as soon as he takes office, (b) start a war with Russia that Trump would have to continue, (c) or kill him. Any of these three options will bring confusion, chaos and endless bloodshed, at home and abroad. I pray to the Great Mother of us all that I am wrong in worrying about this so much.




  1. Gordon S Watson says:

    Miss Krawczyk
    The hearts of kings are in the hand of the Lord … that Lord, being, the God of Israel. So I recommend you make your Prayer of Relief to Him, namely Jesus Christ. If you’re old enough to remember Huey Long – accurately! – you know that the essential character of America, was … and still is … white Christianity. Not that god pretended called the Queen of Heaven, also known as The Whore of ancient Babylon, decked-out in her classic colours of purple and red, Roman-ism astride the Beast.

    The Ku Klux Klan was especially strong in British Columbia circa the 1920s. It would be fascinating to read what you remember about the South from that era … especially, what the Klan was REALLY about at that time.

  2. Trump 2020 says:

    Yes, the devils who carried out 911 and had a Cheney from INSIDE the White House making sure NORAD did not shoot down any plane, for fear the plan would then fail, should not be underestimated. Crypto Paul Ryan will be the judas assigned the job of bringing down Trump if all else fails.

  3. There is an excellent book “Voices of Protest: Huey Long, Father Coughlan & the Great Depression ” (1983) by Alan Brinkley. (Vintage Press). The book details the Social Credit Movement in the US, but it was not called that.

  4. Farren McDonald says:

    Hmmm…call me a paranoid conspiracy theorist if you must, but the above comment by Gordon S Watson has a faint whiff of Globalist shill sycophantism.

    Rememeber: Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.

    I’ve only myself to blame for making comments on sites I haven’t fully explored or understood.
    My ‘guilt’, as it were, was to casually peruse articles about Landrud and affiliated articles back in the day.
    I admit I’ve not given the time to enlighten myself what this site is all about.
    There are some things I agree with 100%, and then there is the flip-side.

    I, like many other ‘Whiteys’, recognize that our race is being deliberately targeted by the EU/Council On Foreign Relations/Globalist Psychopaths. I can only surmise that the reasons are:
    A) We are the biggest threat to their one-world-government ambitions.
    B) Religious fervor – warped and skewed as it is, as the Globalist have no allegiance to ANYONE but themselves, including their ‘own people’ – as these ‘Zionist’ sickos hate ALL the human race. Clearly they consider themselves a ‘new’ race of people, superior to all others. Given what they’ve ‘accomplished’ so far, it’s rather hard to argue that point, really.

    Yes, the Whitey is being targeted, of that there is no doubt.
    But it has far more to do with corporate ownership and control of the planet than any cockeyed Kalergi, Karl Popper (who was George Soros’s university instructor – and we all know that Soros is helping to fund the EU and all the societal division programs in North America and Europe with BLM, university Snowflake SJW’s, and mass immigration ‘policies’ under the guise of ‘Liberalism’ – and let’s not forget the fact that Soros betrayed his own Jewish people by RATTING on them to gain Nazi favor and wealth), and the countless other globalists such as the Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Schiff, Morgan – but to name a few.

    Funny, though, that ALL these societal-conditioning progenitors were of Jewish lineage – of this there is no dispute.
    I suppose that’s where the animosity comes into play with many folks on this site, and of which causes me to pause.

    When I see shit like the ‘KKK’ mentioned, I’m inclined to believe it’s the same old false flag ops and infiltration by the Globalists, who can readily afford to hire millions of 3rd-world peasantry to sabotage anything that may disrupt their manipulation of mainstream media to control the public conscience. I assume you all know what is going on with global politics, and their need to censor the internet?

    Funny, that.
    I stated back in 2003 that the biggest mistake the ‘Elite’ (I didn’t know of the more apt term of ‘Globalist’ then) ever made was not garnering complete control of the internet. It kind of blows me away that they didn’t, and STILL haven’t. Perhaps it’s because they make untold trillions from it by virtue of mere advertising? Who knows. Who cares.

    Anyway…I don’t want this to turn into another whiny, snivelly novel.
    But I have to ask people on this site and Mr. Topham:

    You ARE aware that your beloved RCMP and Crown Counsel are under the direct tutelage of the European Union and their minions, yes?

    I have to ask because you seem so focused upon the misgivings of individual employees of the the pseudo-government and the conveniently largest police force on the planet (who have their own braggadocio website listing all the countries they help the EU ‘control’).

    You need to know your enemies.

    Your enemy is not the psychopathic, violent thug with a room-temperature I.Q who is dangerously over-empowered (they deliberately seek out these morons in their recruiting process, as they are vital to creating further societal divisions and strife, which they then provide ‘solutions’ to, which are covert methods of implementing further laws and legislations that are designed specifically to undermine your human rights – thus making the ambitions of the Globalist agenda just that much easier and closer to reality).
    Nor is it the company he works for.
    Nor is it the ‘nation’ that brainwashes its tax base with anti-patriotic guilt if they don’t recognize and revere its national police force or the faux judicial system it touts as ‘democratic’.

    I’m surprised at some of you, but mostly at you, Mr. Topham.

    Anyway…I don’t have time right now…gotta run.

    When I have time, I’ll do my best to dissect this site and truly see what it’s all about – but I’ve a sneaky suspicion of what to expect, and that it’s true motivation is redneck prejudices, falling on the same old standard issue of religion.

    I have no agenda.
    I don’t plan on changing anyone’s mind.
    But I’m just trying to figure out why our species is so utterly fucked up – I mean, truly fucked up in every manner, shape and fashion.

    Gotta go.

    Got lots to say, but no time right now.

    Do your research, folks!

  5. Gordon S Watson says:

    good advice Farren McDonnald = take a good look in the mirror, then, “do your own research” particularly about what the Ku Klux Klan was, originally, versus the Hollyweirded version you – apparently – presume. When Buckminster Fuller spoke to us, at Simon Fraser in 1967, his theme was “UN-learning” ie. that one must UN learn what he’s been programmed to think, in order to start learning what truly is.

    I recommend you crack open a few books by Eustace Mullins ; War Cycles Peace Cycles, by Richard Kelly Hoskins, would be a good primer on what went on in the Southland, after the War between the States.

  6. Mr Farren McDonald,
    You say…”But I’m just trying to figure out why our species is so utterly fucked up – I mean, truly fucked up in every manner, shape and fashion.”
    Perhaps one will find part of the answer here:

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