Did President Trump Just Save Western Civilization? By Stefan Molyneux



  1. English Outdoor Khazi says:

    One thing is for sure the 3% DNA glitches (transgenders/gays), the risk we take for being born straight, were about to take over the Western civilisation together with their fake jew khazi sponsor jon leibovitzes of SNL and Hollywood, a totally disproportionate state of affairs. We were very close to even having a gay pride national holiday in every country’s calendar !! But thank God, humanity has progressed a lot since Hitlerian days, or both would have been traveling by cattle cars together AGAIN in this Trump backlash !!!!!

  2. The problem with the U.S. bringing in droves of any foreign persons is that they will stay grouped together, continue their home cultures, customs and language and further divide the nation. Just remember how that very thing happened with the Vietnamese. Entire sections of cities were captured by these foreigners who many to this day still don’t speak our language.
    When a few immigrants are allowed in with controlled efforts, they move into housing and then are forced to learn the language and adapt. When a horde comes in, the fact that they can stick together make it easier for them to stay united in their own language, customs and culture at the expense of the American citizens around them.
    Oh, and all those people need money and transportation to migrate anywhere. So, who is footing the bill? Just get to that issue and you have found the head of the snake behind the entire problem. And it has a BIG head.

  3. Trump is a shill. He will not save you. The flood of foreigners will continue. The flood is to be used against the white man because people are finally starting to understand that our governments are criminals and liars and need to be arrested, tried and the traitors dealt with in a proper fashion befitting their guilt.

  4. Your comments on Donald Trump are getting a bit redundant Jim. He’s already done enough good stuff to warrant a bit of slack.

  5. Enough good stuff!? Did I miss something? Has he corrected history? Exposed foreign infiltration of government? Apologized for the murder of German’s by the millions? How about banking cleaned up? Has he issued a U.S. currency yet? How about a policy to build just one wee factory? Arrested anyone for 9/11? Renounced the fraudulent “debt” perhaps? I guess I get a different view from this side. But he sure did “restrict”, for what? 30 days! a small portion of immigrants.
    I do realize that we all desperately need a leader to sort this shite out, but he isn’t even close to being it. He sure is entertaining though….if one were blattered perhaps.

  6. President Trump has done more for Americans, and other countries in the first 10 days that all the other presidents in our lifetime. Please stop repeating what you hear on CNN which is Enemy #1 of the US. Stop buying the products of CNN Sponsors. CNN is trying to divide Americans. Be your own man and listen to the truth before you start running down YOUR PRESIDENT. Be true American or go back to your roots. We must all pull together to give President Trump a chance. YOU DO NOT OWE SUCH ALLEGIANCE TO CNN or any damaging media but you do OWE ALLEGIANCE TO YOUR PRESIDENT AND YOUR COUNTRY. I am not American. If I were I would be ashamed at so many allowing others to do their thinking for them, STOP IT. give trump a year or so to prove himself. Besides he was elected by the Americans so please do your part in giving him some slack.

  7. Moleneux? MOLENEUX? Ja, okay…anudda blathering jew. The Trumpette groupies seem to be flirting with the libtards for first place in the “full of opinions, short on facts” crowd.
    I believe Jim above asked a legitimate question. What exactly has this buffoon known as “The MacDonald” ACTUALLY done?
    Still waiting for an intelligent answer. Only responses so far appears to be scolding and insults.
    Thought “WE” were better than that. It’s beginning to become hard to tell the left from the right judging by “quality” of answers, or rather, the lack thereof.

  8. Okay, so here’s my excuses for not being brilliant tonight, I mean of course besides not being brilliant in general.
    I’m sick, it’s cold, I’m outta firewood, I thing I have a cracked rib and my Pitt puppies have gas (which I can’t easily hide from cuz we’re all in the sleeping bag tryna stay warm…).
    So…here’s a random article I recently googed (I know it’s gud, cuz snopes sez so)….


    All in all, a fair piece of work by DT, and apparently a fairly unbiased article (not properly cross referenced or fact checked and just kidding about snopes).

    But, I’m tellin ya, the moment he takes off his swastika boxers, I’m on his azz (maybe that didn’t come out right, meh).
    I have to a 100 day wait and see test drive with the caveat, that I’ll remain suspiciously pessimistic as opposed to optimistically hopeful, that’s ATs job.
    Hey, gimme a break hear (hear the NYC jive?)…C’mon cracked ribs AND Pittbull farts…I’m grouchy as shyte, guess I could get the pups their own sleeping bad (I mean one which they HAVEN’T shredded…but…it’s…cold…berrrrrr….

  9. One point where you hit close to home Zeb. It is beginning to become hard to tell left from right. Do you actually watch Stefan’s videos and listen to what he’s saying or do you just react and jump to the Jew card in order to save time and not deal with the information? Not every Jew is a lefty zio. Don’t get caught without the basics. Firewood, etc.

  10. Did President Trump Just Save Western Civilization? …Did “President” Trump abolish interest on money? And this is the ONLY thing that will save anyone.

  11. Randy Robbins says:

    Randy says, Trump is steamrolling over Obama’s previous actions reversing the course of the country, at least that is what it seems like on the surface, but we know that in the realm of deception, things are never what they seem. While Trump is making some “Cosmetic” changes, the underlying agenda will continue unabated to wit: the Zionists will get their financial collapse, and resultant Jew-World-Order.

  12. The Remer people from Uxbridge report on a shism within the Jewish crime syndicates. The
    Jerusalemers and the Oligarchian East Coasters seem to see things trough different glasses, have
    aims, which lead to different directions. For the less initiated: NWO US cabal capital NY, that`s where those feel at home,
    who stand for queers and trannies. NWO israeli cabal capital Jerusalem is where those are at home, who have copied AH`s race protection laws. It would be near at hand that these two factions don`t find it all that easy to look into each others eyes, which would at once explain obongos problems with the men-men. I personally regard the israeli faction as the more sensible, whereas the US faction
    is a thousand times more dangerous for white people and the fabric of their culture and societies.
    I see Trump connected to Israel and his lethal fight with the US faction may show the degree of infighting that is taking place among these people. Fact is: Jewry is weakened so long as this fight goes
    on and it will be more weakened when this fight is over. Fact is also: There will be no freedom for
    white people unless there is freedom in the US, for the elites in the western hemisphere usually lick the stinky feet of trannies and queers. That`s why Trump must be supported by the right for in his
    waters and in his shadow resistance may grow and some smooth figure may emerge that will sweep
    the Jews of evil mind into the hellholes where they belong. The moment America reaches out for real freedom the Heloten-Governments of the western hemisphere will collapse like empty card houses…

  13. Laskarina says:

    Please Arthur,
    Urgent publicity and help is needed for “Peekay”, a person who dares to tell the truth, and even mentions Jewish involvement certain events. When you had your day in court, we all supported you.

    Peekay –real name Peter–is due to appear in court in Melbourne, Australia this Monday. In typical Soviet/1984 fashion they want to administer a psyche eval on him. It is just unbelievable. So far, only one person in the so called truth movement has called for help for him.

    He has, over the years, exposed as fraudulent, many events that the self chosen have foisted on the world. He has given the informaiton freely on his various YouTube channels–information that is in the public domain. In his complete expose of the Melbourne “car attack”, he also detailed information about extensive Jewish involvement, naming names that were already known etc. His vids were removed by YouTube and he was banned for weeks.

    Since he lives in Melbourne, he was able to go to the scene of the crime with other Australian truth seekers. while there, he was given a “citation”, though the others weren’t. A person (from Australian Jewish News supposedly) called him at his home and called his ex wife of 14 years as well asking all sorts of personal questions. Next thing you know he is being maligned in the press, even in the tabloid Daily Mail (no comments on the articles allowed of course).

    I am glad I saw those videos before they were removed. They even removed his video about his ban as well. They really want to silence him.

    Please, Arthur, you have such a great blog and reach so many. You can certainly make a difference.

  14. It’s rather amazing that this person receives no exposure from other activists in Australia Laskarina. I’ve never seen anything on the net about him. Is there no one who lives there who can write a supportive article on Peter? I can and will post your comment here but it’s not going to reach many people.

    My “day in court” is still happening so it’s not as if I’m foot loose and free yet. Give me some names of people in Australia who are involved in the truth movement. It seems a bit odd to state, he “even mentions Jewish involvement.” How the hell could he not mention Jewish involvement if he “dares to tell the truth?”

    Give me more to work with. I don’t have time to research now. I’v got one month to go before I’m back in court again.

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