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  1. Dark March Backwards

    Just had an idea. In order to help you raise funds for your legal defense, I propose to jog from Vancouver to Halifax, a la mode Terry Fox.

    However, I will do it backwards. I mean, I will jog backwards literally. By doing so, by jogging backwards, the meaning and symbolism should be self-evident even to a 6-year old.

    Tentative working title is: Dark March Backwards—a campaign to raise public awareness of Harper’s march backwards to the Dark Ages vis a vis his bogus anti-hate speech law.

    What a funny and absurd spectacle I would make jogging backwards. What a great visual and symbolic statement/metaphor it would make about the anti-hate speech law!

    At 54, my stamina isn’t what it used to be and so would like to solicit some of the younger Free Speech Activists to make this a tag team event. Some names off the top of my head would be Brandon Martinez, Greg Felton, Joshua Blakeney, etc. Can you contact them?

    Let me know what you think about my general concept. We can iron out the details with interested parties/sponsors in private.

    Joe Canuck, The People’s Artist.


    As the Jews control the Media, this campaign will be blacked out precisely because it will finger the Jews as the masterminds behind this draconian censorship law circa the Dark Ages. But I still have some name recognition in Hong Kong and in the Free China Media (i.e. Taiwan). If they pick up this story, the Canadian Jew Media will be forced to report on it also, we hope. Even bad publicity will be better than none.

    FYI, and for the past 10 days, the Taiwanese Legislature has been occupied by about 100 students in protest of the “black box” (i.e. mysterious) “free trade” deals between Taiwan and mainland-China. Two days ago, 100,000 people marched on the streets of Taipei to show their support of the students. Now that’s what I call a robust democracy!

  2. Hi Joe. I can see your mind works overtime like mine! 🙂 What a novel and innovative idea! It should garner the support of many people across the country if it’s promoted well. The timing too is perfect with Harper’s rating most likely at an all time low and concerns over internet censorship and “Hate Propaganda” legislation at an all time high.

    As I write there are major discussions going on on FB with the very folks you mention in your post. Any chance you could activate your page and befriend me? That would automatically catapult you into the online forum type discussions now happening on FB (much to their dismay). An initiative such as you suggest would gain an immense amount of coverage online if you joined in the discussions and FB folks started tuning in on your site.

    Very interesting what you wrote about Taiwan and Honk Kong. That could be the clincher in terms of busting open the story on the msm.

    I gather that you haven’t had a reply from the Quesnel Art Community? 🙂 Not that I expected it given the nature of these small town cliques. I’m all for this Joe. I have to keep focussed on my preparations for the my bail hearing this coming April 9th, Wed. but after that, given that they don’t issue an order prohibiting me from posting online (which is the objective) I’ll have time to work on this with you.

    Peace bro,


  3. Glad you like my concept.

    Re: Face Book, I will reactivate my account. I stopped using it when I became Jew-wise and regard FB and all social media as the Jews’ surveillance tools. But if we can use FB to our advantage why not use their own tools to organize a resistance against them.

    Re: Quesnel Art Gallery, I have not heard from it or from the Art Gallery at Prince George, which I also approached. I suspect the innocent country folks are still in a state of shock. Their jaws are still on the ground. 99% of the sheeple have no clue that we have been colonized by the Jews, and that we in Canada and in the West all live in Zionist Occupied Governments (ZOGs). I sometimes still don’t believe it myself.

    Intellectually I understand it, because I can connect all the dots. But because the concept of regarding other human beings as cattle is so alien and abhorrent to everything that I was taught and believe in, I sometimes still can’t believe the Jews regard us non-Jews as cattle to be harvested and slaughtered. Most sane people just can’t wrap their minds around this, and so just run away or become so frightened they become incapacitated.

    In any event, the Dark March Backwards is a much better idea. We can sell my hockey prints all along Canada to raise funds for your legal defense and also to pay for the cross- country tour.

    Will be in touch. Strength and Honour!

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