CNN Goldmann Sachs & the Zio Matrix – video by David Duke


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  1. David – the sad sad TRUTH is that we LOVE the filth and rancid putrid Godless jew sewer we now live in 24-7. WE LOVE the violence – the homosexuality – the adulation of the lowest form of ignorance in society – we love our jew owned pawn shop sludge – we love the jew featured mototcycle hoodlum gangs – we LOVE watching commedians use the vilest profanity in ourlivingrooms – we LOVE hearing our favorite jew entertainers like Jon Stewart cruelly mock the mother of Christ – we love cartoons created by jews – like South Park who frequently make fun of Jesus as some sort of idiot – we LOVE all the filthy language used by COUNTLESS jews like Adam Sandler – we LOVE the putrid filth of jew ‘comedians’ on all those raunchy jew ‘funny’ shows. We love graphic violence – and did I mention lurid SEX SEX SEX, ALL provided on jew Talmud-Vision.

    Compassion, beauty, wholesomeness, and heart warming CLEAN family entertainment are today considered boring and obsolete. We have become a SHIT Godless people living in a SHIT Godless nation – destined for the trash heap of history.

    God bless you David – for the selfless energy and sacrifices you make daily to save an ungrateful people. You are INDEED doing the work of the Lord.

    Joe Cortina

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