Zion’s New Crusaders: Ezra Levant – Muslim Hunting Jew – Rallies Canada’s Zionist Christians in Support of Israel by Arthur Topham

Zion’s New Crusaders: Ezra Levant – Muslim Hunting Jew – Rallies Canada’s Zionist Christians in Support of Israel

by Arthur Topham


Zion’s New Crusaders: Ezra Levant – Muslim Hunting Jew – Rallies Canada’s Zionist Christians in Support of Israel

by Arthur Topham

July 27th, 2014

It was just a matter of time before Canada’s Zionist media mouthpiece Ezra Levant reacted to Israel’s rain of hell-fire and brimstone that’s been falling on defenceless Palestinians in Gaza since July 13.

The Jew-controlled media around the world and here at home have been working their butt off ever since the Israeli government decided that it was time for another blood sacrifice to their satanic god, Moloch the Death Eater, doing their utmost to muster support for the murdering, blood-thirsty Zionists while the Internet explodes with outrage, disdain and negative reaction to their demonic deeds.

I’m sure the Zionists across the nation were shocked to see the number of Canadians who, finally fed up with the insanity of the Zionist Jews, took to the streets in great numbers to protest what will likely go down in history as a benchmark event in terms of that point in time where the awareness of what’s truly happening in Palestine is finally sinking  in for the majority of decent people across the nation.

Recent events in Calgary, Alberta where a large anti-Israel protest occurred and some rabid pro-Israel Zionist Jews got a thumping for starting trouble, has triggered what Levant is calling his “Calgary for Israel Rally” which is slated to take place in front of Calgary City Hall on Thursday, July 31st at 6 p.m.

Israhell Rally

Rally Map in Calgary, AB

Levant has a website erroneously called “Fighting for Freedom with Ezra Levant” where he sends out email to his subscribers. In his latest rally cry for support for poor, beleaguered Israel he writes:

“I live in Toronto now, but as a lifelong Calgarian I was appalled to see a riot by anti-Israel extremists that happened on the steps of City Hall. Worse still, the police did nothing — they weren’t even there. And half a dozen Calgarians were sent to hospital by this Hamas-style violence.

I’m fighting back — peacefully. On Thursday, July 31st at 6:00 p.m., I’m hosting my own rally. It’s partly in support of Israel. But it’s partly for Calgarians to strongly reject this imported Hamas-style violence.

This is Canada — not Gaza.

If you’re in the Calgary area on Thursday, please join us! All of the details are available at CalgaryForIsrael.ca.

Ezra Levant

P.S. Please spread the word about the CalgaryForIsrael.ca Rally on Twitter and Facebook. This event is in Calgary, but let’s make a national impact — we want peace in our Canadian streets, not riots and violence.”

Now how’s that for chutzpah? Ezra the Muslim Hunter who’s been spreading ongoing hatred toward the Arab people via the Sun News Network and elsewhere for decades is now going to rally all the Christian Zionists that he and his rag tag band of Irgun-inspired criminals have been duping and milking for donations for decades and show Canada and the world just how much our nation STANDS FOR ISRAEL!

Heaven forbid that such an outcome would occur but given the fact that Canada’s Christians have been dumbed down for so long by the Jew-controlled news media; so much so that Christians, whose very Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ, was murdered by this same gang of Talmudic Rabbinical tyrants two thousand years ago and they still haven’t figure out who the devil to trust, it will be of great interest to see to what degree their decades and centuries of mind-control propaganda will have on them and whether they’ll turn traitors like Harper and the Conservative government and pledge their allegiance to this foreign, apartheid and racist warmongering state of Israel rather than to their own country of birth and residence.

Ezra Levant is a traitor to Canada along with the Jew-controlled news media that daily uses its unwarranted power and influence to turn average Canadians into rabid Zionists and haters of the Arab people of the world. I see it happening all the time and witness otherwise decent, peace-loving Canadians suddenly go brain-dead when the subject of the Jews and the Arabs come up, all because of the daily brainwashing that they’ve received throughout their lives.

Levant facetiously states in his forked-tongue way: This is Canada — not Gaza” knowing damn well that THE WHOLE WORLD IS NOW GAZA not just Palestine and all because the Zionist Jews have been allowed to build uptheir Big Brother media network of deception and lies into a monopoly and use it to twist the minds of good, honest people who were raised up to believe that their media was independent and free and that it would give them historical truth and not fill their heads with prejudicial lies and and their hearts with hatred.


Canadians and freedom-loving, peace-loving people around the world are horrified at what Israel has done to the people and the infrastructure of Gaza and they have not only a right but a duty to be outraged and to express their outrage in the most appropriate manner possible.

Given this fact I hope that as many anti-Zionist, anti-Israel people as possible will gather in Calgary on July 31st and counter this move on the part of the traitorous Jewish lobbyists and their media maniacs like Ezra Levant to shift Canadians away from true Christian values and decent morals and ethics that have served as our guiding principles for centuries, long before our governments were infiltrated by the Jewish lobbyists like B’nai Brith Canada, the former Canadian Jewish Congress and the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy who have always been pro-Zionist and Israel Firsters.

It’s time for Canadians to rise up and unite in defence of freedom and democracy and in defence of the Palestinians who are being genocided right before out eyes while the likes of Zionist Jew Ezra Levant and his Zionist media monopoly lie and deceive us with their deadly deceptive propaganda and hate.


  1. i went to the “calgaryforisreal.ca” website and it’s more of an appeal for what the joos love best..(besides power) and thats $$$,no doubt Ez pockets those future donations

  2. why are you hiding the fact that Muslim – Arab’s ( pro “Palestinians”) came to the ralley at the end to shout out loud “Hail Hitler”? ha
    proofs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vPla7pqqmQ
    your an advocat of Nazi – Arabs if you dont report those events.

  3. Why thank you Justin for sending along this little snippet from Saint Ezra’s pro-Israhell rally. Sure was nice to see that they recognize all the fine efforts that Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists and people of Germany made back in 1933 – 1945 to try and rid the world of Zionism. Yes, I’m definitely an advocate of Hitler. Too bad the West was controlled by the Jews already at that time and supported the enemies of mankind rather than the true freedom fighters. Shalom. Arthur

  4. “We slaughtered the wrong pig.”—Winston Churchill referring to Hitler and showing about as much remorse as was possible for a Jew. Churchill’s mother was a Jewess, thus by Talmudic law Churchill was a Jew. Stalin, another Jew, by the way, was the one who should have been slaughtered according to Churchill. But of the 3, it was Churchill who most resembled a pig. Seig Heil!

  5. Seattlebloobear says:

    It makes me cringe that this man is on TV and spouts his shit over the airwaves every night. Its guys like him that have made me avoid looking for work at Sun News. I live 10 minutes for them, I graduated from Seneca/York and needed to find work when I finished the broadcast Journalism program. Sun News was an option but there is no way I can work for or with a racist fucktard like him.

    I will be glad when someone at Sun News wakes up and notices he is a liability and shown the door

  6. Yes, Levant is Sun News TV’s poster boy so there’s little chance they’ll let him go. They all form a club together and use it to bash other races and peoples especially the Muslims/Arabs in the M.E. Don’t think for a moment that Ezra is not a Zionist or working for the Zionist one world government agenda. That’s his primary purpose along with exploiting and sucking in all the dumb christians who can’t figure out what’s going on.

  7. Never heard Ezra say anything bad about other cultures but you will want to be up on your topic if he interviews you. He does a lot of research on the person and topic.

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