An Appeal to President Putin and the Russian Federation: Please Provide Direct Military and Administrative Support for Gaza and Palestine By Arthur Topham

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An Appeal to President Putin and the Russian Federation: 

Please Provide Direct Military and Administrative Support for Gaza and Palestine


Arthur Topham

August 3, 2014

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Canada,
285 Charlotte Street,
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 8L5


Dear Ambassador,

It would be with great and sincere appreciation if you could pass this appeal on to President Putin and the Russian Federation for their consideration.

The world requires peace and I believe that the Russian Federation holds the means to accomplishing that noble aim in its hands.

Thank you,


Arthur Topham
Publisher & Editor
The Radical Press
Phone: 1-250-992-3479
4633 Barkerville Highway
Quesnel, B.C. V2J 6T8


Dear President Putin and the People of the Russian Federation,

Recent events in Gaza have now shown the world that Israel is prepared to genocide the whole of the Palestinian people in its quest for absolute control of the Middle East. Their blatant actions have pushed the envelope of their credibility as a morally and legally acceptable member of the nations of the planet to its maximum and the time has come for the international community to execute extraordinary measures that go beyond the scope of what the United Nations Organization is capable of providing in terms of reasonable protection for the Palestinian people.

Without a doubt the West has also lost the ability to respond to this crucial crisis that now faces Palestine and Gaza. Every nation state is fully under the sway of the Zionist juggernaut that’s been steadily and relentlessly pursuing its agenda for, not only middle eastern dominance, but global hegemony.

The world, now more than ever in its history, is a tinderbox of terror and fear – held in some strange, occult form of spiritually and morally suspended animation – while the people are left emasculated and bereft of any real means of affecting what is now transpiring in Gaza. Their so-called “democratic” governments have all been deliberately misdirected by the Zionist forces within their boundaries so as to effect a debilitating situation wherein all of the heads of state are now held in thrall to Israel and no longer willing to listen to their people and stand up for International law and what is morally and humanly acceptable behaviour.

Paralyzed, as it were, by the Zionist lobby and the machinations of the Zionist media that heavily influences public opinion, we, the people of the West are now powerless to intervene in any meaningful way in order to stop the slaughter and destruction that is occurring in Gaza.

Time is of the essence. We need help from the only remaining power in the West that has the strength and the rectitude to come to the aid of the Palestinian people and that is Russia.

It is my plea to you that you initiate direct communications with the government of Hamas and offer to immediately send Russian military and medical personal to Gaza and to the West Bank and set up a mutually agreed upon pact that would see any and all military aggression on the part of the state of Israel met by direct and immediate counter attacks against the cities of Israel using equivalent or superior technological weaponry.

My plea is for Russian to take on the role of protectorate of the Palestinian people and all of the territory that has been illegally expropriated from them since the inception of the Jewish state of Israel in May of 1948.  It’s the only plan of action that will realistically stop the killing of the Palestinian people and the theft of their land and resources.

The world stands ready for any nation with the military might and the strength and resilience of character to come to the aid of Gaza and the people of Palestine as a whole. I believe that fate has ordained it is for the Russian people to willingly take on this task on behalf of a world now sorely distressed and incapacitated by centuries of Zionist intrigue and manipulation. I also believe that in doing so Russia will go down in history as the one nation that was ultimately responsible for having put an end to global conflict and bringing peace to the world.

The time for your intervention in the genocide of Gaza is upon you. Please respond, not only for the sake of the Palestinian people but for the world at large who long for the bloodshed and the destruction to finally end.



Arthur Topham
Publisher & Editor
The Radical Press


  1. Terrific letter. Putin is the Rosetta Stone, both in Gaza and as the primary obstacle to the unimpeded advance of the the New World Order. Canada is finished. The Old American Republic is dead. Our respective countries are supporting the “strong delusion” (2 Thessalonians 2) and the appearance of the Beast.

  2. Thanks Mark. If only it makes it to Russia (with Love, of course! 🙂 )

  3. An excellent idea and letter. However, President Putin may not be able to do anything…but if he does…it will probably be in Ukraine first. The Jew Bolsheviks are genociding the White Russian Orthodox Christians and trying to start another Holodomor there.

  4. I agree, terrific letter. Good to see Canadians getting on board with like-minded Americans who now advocate the sale of bumper stickers in America reading: “Putin for President”, and who are prepared to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize. Folks should check out the good things that Texe Marrs of The Power of Prophecy has to say about Putin and perhaps order copies of his broadcast tapes. There is a fellow brave enough to come forward and say it the way it is based on his documented evidence.

  5. Dear Arthur,

    I hope you don`t mind if I add my compliments to your open letter to Putin.
    Sincerety and style of your script are as compelling as all of your presentations.
    But believe me there can be no doubt that what Putin would really like to do
    is exactly what you are suggesting namely to go into the Ukraine and end
    the slaughter of his compatriots. For me there can be no doubt about the reasons
    why Putin is not doing this, i. e. he can see the similarity to the trap, which was
    set to AH in Poland. To be certain of a stalemate in such a situation Russia
    needs 10 more years to develop its infrastructure, the Chinese need 10 more
    years to develop their technology and there must be a concrete and watertight
    military pact between China and Russia. Another point is of course: Why
    should Putin involve himself in a life to death struggle when he may have
    information that the Western World is about to collapse anyway? Concrete
    Middle East intervention next to the Ukraine crisis seems a bit far fetched,
    would fail already on US veto, but might be possible at some time in the future when
    the above conditions prevail. Time is working for Russia and China,
    that`s why hurried action might only serve the Jew, who wants to set the
    West against the East now! Putin is aware of that, that`s my firm belief!

  6. Rebecca Gingrich says:

    Arthur–I agree with you–Putin is the only leader left who knows the truth about the evil that controls us and is destroying the Palestinian people. Russia was once under the control of this evil and they murdered over 20 million Russian people. Ukraine is now under their control and people are dying.
    The Ukranian people also know this evil–there were millions of Ukrainian people starved to death by the jews, and now the jews again control Ukraine.
    Putin is our last hope.

  7. Thanks Wotan. I hear you on much of your arguments as to why Putin would be hesitant to intervene in Palestine. The one point about about AH and Poland though I don’t feel compares to the situation today in Gaza and for obvious reasons. People around the world cannot be fooled any longer like they were back in ’38, ’39 when the Jewish media had exclusive control over the propaganda of the day.

    Now we all can witness who truly are the victims and who are the demented aggressors and world opinion (of those who can see what’s occurring) would side with Russia.

    Yes, it may all crumble regardless of this but with so many western nations still behind Israel they would still be able to wriggle out via their mass media and other new “false flag” events or even a global “depression” like they pulled in the ’30’s.

    Can you imagine another ten years of this slaughter in Gaza and still see any hope of there being any Palestinians left alive?

  8. Dear Arthur, in using the analogy of Poland I was mainly referring to Putin`s position vis a vis the
    Ukraine. As for Gaza I agree with you that Israel`s purpose is the extermination of the Palestinians
    and the creation of a Greater Israel. If nobody puts a stop to it there may not be much left of these
    heroic people in 10 years time. Whilst it cuts deep into my heart to see on a daily basis the ongoing
    slaughter in Gaza (you would have to be a Jew to enjoy such thing!) I also know that the untimely fall of Russia would be worse for all and open the way to China. Putin has for now closed that avenue for the syndicates, that`s why they hate him so much and that`s why they want to do him in separately.
    They know if the two get real close their game is over.

  9. I’m always cognizant of Lenin’s dictate that “He who controls China will ultimately control the world”. The issue of Russia and China is definitely one of major import to any discussion of world peace. My sense of China is that it’s still being manipulated by the Zionist Jews.

  10. KGB Putin and the west are purposefully destabilizing Ukraine for their true masters. The EU will economically destroy Ukraine and The Eurasian Union’s most loving and powerful member the communist Chinese will have any easy time colonizing Ukraine and using it as a launch pad to conquer and destroy Europe.

  11. @ Mark Dankof

    If Russia (Putin) is the Rosetta Stone, then China may be the wild card.

    Chinese nationalism is very primitive and easily manipulated. The greatest threat to the Communist leaders is internal rebellion…this is why the pent-up discontent of the masses has been masterfully manipulated and directed against the Japanese and the recurring conflicts over who owns the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. Supposedly there is a lot of oil there. But this is a long-running and rather boring puppet show to any one with an IQ over room temperature.

    The point I’m making is that if the Chinese people had any inkling that the Jews run China, (i.e. foreigners run China) there would be a revolution overnight! Moreover, the Chinese have not been brainwashed with fake “Judeo-Christianity” and will kill Jews without any guilt whatsoever. This happened during the so-called Boxer Rebellion in 1900 when the normally docile and peace-loving Chinese had had just about all the misery that it could tolerate and went berserk and hunted down all Europeans and killed them mercilessly.

    The Chinese did not know that the destruction of China was the handiwork of the Jews who ran (still run) the opium and drug trade. All White Europeans, men, women and children and even their pets were brutally massacred. This is what I mean when I say that Chinese nationalism is very primitive and may be the wild card to end the Jew World Order.

    Back then, as now, the idea or proposition that the Jews are special or are ‘God’s chosen’ would be intuitively wrong, if not patently absurd to the Chinese. In any event, once the Chinese realize that the same family of Jews who destroyed and plundered China 200 years ago and made millions of Chinese addicted to opium is the same damn Jew family now running the show in China, the shit will hit the fan.


    I am under surveillance and believe I am being gang-stalked. This means that I must be approaching and almost directly over the target.

  12. Rebecca Gingrich says:

    Another interesting article re Putin

    Time Russian Bear bared some fangs

  13. RE: “KGB Putin and the west are purposefully destabilizing Ukraine for their true masters. The EU will economically destroy Ukraine and The Eurasian Union’s most loving and powerful member the communist Chinese will have any easy time colonizing Ukraine and using it as a launch pad to conquer and destroy Europe.”

    This is also a view being propagated most notably by Christopher Jon Bjerknes, Joel Skousen, and Scott Roberts… but I find it hard to believe. Anyone who has any understanding of China would simply find this assertion absurd, if it is not propaganda to demonize China and scare the already besieged and scared shitless sheeple. Is this propaganda part and parcel of the propaganda that has been demonizing the Russians in general and Putin in particular?…part of the PSYOP to steer the sheeple and lead them into the slaughter of WW3 with Russia and China?

    There are about a thousand riots each day in China and the last thing on the minds of the Chinese leaders is an invasion and colonization of Ukraine. Hong Kong is a powder keg right now, as ‘pro-democracy’ activists are becoming ever more strident and make daily newspaper headlines. The day that China invades Ukraine or any other foreign country, for that mater, will be the day that the Communist Party is overthrown by the people of China.

    I am not sure what to think about Bejerknes. He has done some very interesting and unusual work exposing the Jewish skullduggery in Turkey and the Jewish role in the Armenian Genocide and shedding light on the fact that Einstein was a plagiarist—a rather eccentric battle to pick and fight and to write a book about (Einstein), if you ask me. As for Skousen, I find him not original or interesting at all and rather irritating in fact. Regarding Roberts…I’m still trying to form an intelligent opinion about him.

    Why don’t so-called “pro-white” and “American patriots” ever tell us that on any given day in America, thousands of “white Americans” will be assaulted or murdered or become a victim of a crime (i.e. robbery, B&E etc.) at the hands of blacks, Hispanics, and or an illegal alien? Why do they instead try to convince us that we will soon be invaded by the Russians and or by the Chinese? Are these so-called “white patriots” not aware that a slow-cooked White Genocide is taking place; has been taking place in the U.S.A. ever since the Orwellian “Civil Rights Acts” of the mid-60s and forced Integration? — literally under the gun and threat of violence by the U.S. [Jew-S] National Guards.

    The same thing could also be said about Europe… that there is a slow-cooked White Genocide taking place vis-à-vis an on-going invasion of 3rd-world and non-assimilating, if not downright hostile Muslim immigrants. Over 50% of the people in London and in Paris are non-white immigrants and in most other European capitals as well. Who voted for this? Were the native inhabitants even given a vote on this matter? Of course not: This was all done by deception.

    Lastly, I find it rather disingenuous if not rather idiotic that so-called “anti-immigration activists” attack the immigrants but never attack the Jews who are actually responsible for bringing the immigrants into our countries. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a racist and in fact I am an immigrant myself. But what is happening now is a deliberate destruction of European culture and White Genocide. The Jews have weaponized immigration to do precisely this. Moreover, the immigrants are mere puppets, just as are the homosexuals and transsexuals and should not be attacked. If you don’t like the puppet show, you need to attack the puppeteers, not the puppets. Only a lunatic would attack the puppets.

    Please stay on message: “It’s the Jews, stupid!”

  14. @ Joe Canuck this is the best constructed Pro Putin argument I have heard. However I still believe that Putin is just another Jewish Puppet. You speak of the white genocide of the west, and rightfully so, however Putin’s Eurasian union is a multicultural/ethnic union. Russian whites are also declining in numbers and Putin does nothing about it. Putin also claims the Russian govt is at war with anti Semites and nationalists. Questioning the holahoax is illegal in Russia. Putin is friends with many Jew oligarchs like roman abramovich who is best buddies with Rothschild . Putin also allows him to freely travel between Moscow and London. The Russians had no problem with the west Ukraine going to The EU he wanted resource rich Crimea. This is just two Jew empires pretending to fight each other while consolidating power in the process. Thousands of Russians freeze to death every year while the jew oligarchs plunder Russia and PUTIN also RAKEs in billions every year. Why doesn’t Putin call for the alliance of the white race, why doesn’t Putin apologize to the Ukrainians, Poles, etc for the crimes of the soviet union, why does Putin support Israhell’s attack on Gaza. I always stick to the message its the Jews. It should be applied when I say true masters i am referring to the Jews.

  15. Please don’t say that Putin is opposed to the Jew Oligarchs and cite that he kicked out three out of the hundreds and imprisoned one then later pardoned. This was just Jew oligarch infighting

  16. @Chris

    I am not so much pro-Putin as I am anti-war and each day that WW3 is delayed I am more thankful to Putin than to anyone else. I agree with you that what is happening now is basically a turf war between the Jew Oligarchs. The question is who will win?

    Let’s use names that will be more familiar to our North American readers: Putin is Michael Corleone; Obama is Sonny; and Xi is Fredo. We all know how the movie ended, right?

    Who would you rather be Don?

    With Michael, once he eliminated his main rivals, we got a strong leader who kept the smaller crime bosses in check so that the corruption and violence in the larger society was kept at a minimum. People weren’t completely robbed blind by the gangsters under Michael’s reign; they could actually prosper and have great lives. Michael’s rise to power, in the movie that is, coincided with the golden age of American prosperity in the 1950s…

    Best line in the movie from Michael (Al Pacino) was: “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.” I hope this is what Putin is doing.


    To the Chinese authorities and Intelligence keeping a watchful eye over me, I am joking about President Xi being Fredo. He will not be bumped off by Putin. President Xi, as it turns out, is the omnipresent and wise consigliere Tom Hagen. I think our Canadian P.M. Harper should be cast in the role of the sexually ambiguous and morally degenerate Fredo. Harper wouldn’t be acting.

  17. What a wonderful, beautiful site. Excellent writing and analysis(es). Thank you for being so accurate.
    Just cause.

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