An Open Letter to all Truth Deniers & Holocaust Believers By Arthur Topham


An Open Letter to all Truth Deniers and Holocaust Believers


Arthur Topham

August 22nd, 2014



[Editor’s Preface:

What sparked this open letter to those who still believe in what historical revisionist and author Arthur R. Butz called “The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry” (the title of his 1976 book that demolished forever the mythological basis for what, in my estimation, was, and remains, the most colossal and earth-threatening lie ever to have been told to mankind) was a comment from a person (Nick Inglis) on a post that I had submitted to a local Quesnel, B.C. Facebook group of which I was a member at the time. It was the standard “guilty by association” ploy that both Jews and their deluded gentile lackeys in the west perpetually use whenever they don’t have anything intelligent to offer to a debate. In this case the fellow who posted it appeared to be a member of the science faculty at a B.C. university in the southern region of the province. Given that the author of comment represented what might be called a member of Canada’s intelligentsia I felt it was time to inform those of his mindset of a few things that they were unwittingly overlooking in their efforts to sustain this massive falsification that has plagued the world since 1945.]


Dear Nick Inglis, Truth Deniers & Holocaust Believers:

While out getting firewood yesterday I got to thinking about your August 16th comment on the WTF Quesnel FB group where you had remarked on a post of mine, “I wonder what Councillor Thapar would think about being used as a reference to support a Holocaust denier.”

Apart from the fact that your words were obviously meant to imply “guilt by association” between myself and Quesnel City Councillor Sushil Thapar, thus reflecting badly on the councillor, that aspect of your comment wasn’t what I was meditating on while falling the beetle-killed pines along the Cariboo roadside.

It appears (from clicking on your FB profile) that you have begun a new job with the Biology Faculty at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Surrey, B.C.  It was this point that caught my attention and got me thinking further about your remark concerning the fact that I don’t believe in the 6 Million myth and therefore am a prime candidate for labelling as a “Holocaust denier” by the Zionist Jews and those like yourself who support their psychopathy.

As someone who appears to be involved in science it begs the question as to why you would be so quick to make such an accusation against me and also why you would be buying into the “Holocaust” fiction in the first place given that your profession rests, for the most part, upon reason, logic and provable facts rather than assertions, accusations, emotions and beliefs (as odd, inconceivable and incomprehensible as they may be).

As a scientist I’m certain you must be aware of the situation that the 16th Century Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher Galileo found himself in when he discovered (thanks to his newly designed telescope) that his predecessor Nicolaus Copernicus’ theory that the Earth and all of the planets actually revolved around the Sun rather than the opposite world view  – one that postulated the Earth was the center of our Universe – was, in fact, true.

You must also be aware of the persecution, ignominy and lifetime incarceration that Galileo underwent thanks to the machinations of the Roman Catholic Church when he refused to recant his position, all of which relates to this 20th century phenomenon that the Jews have, with wilful and intentional malice, forced upon the world via their monopolistic control of all major media sources coupled with their inordinate financial and political influence over western nations and politicians (as has now become so patently obvious during the latest round of genocide in Gaza wherein no western “leader” has shown the courage or fortitude to question and demand a stop to the needless slaughter of thousands of innocent men, women and especially children).

It was the Renaissance Nick that first gave birth to what we now call the Scientific Method – a time, after centuries of darkness and ignorance, when man’s inquisitive and skeptical mind and spirit of inquiry finally burst forth in open opposition to the then accepted Authority of the day. Without this method of approaching any hypothetical question and proving it with verifiable facts the world would still be held in throng to superstition and religious speculation rather than actual truth. Given this new reality that the world adopted over four hundred years ago I fail to understand how you, as a scientist, can equate (and justify) making ILLEGAL the questioning of anything; be it a scientific theory, an accepted fact of nature or, even the fiction of “6 Million Jews” having been gassed to death and then cremated in ovens in German occupied territory during WW2?

Cannot you see that, in this particular case, i.e., the 6 Million myth, you are being confronted with the ONLY exception to the scientific methodology upon which your profession and all scientific professions rest? Why is it that, in this one instance, you are somehow able to suspend your understanding of the scientific method of discovery and suddenly accept, on hearsay and proven contrived “evidence”, that governments, under the influence of one small religious cult, can actually legislate laws that make it an indictable offence to question this fiction or anything else for that matter? Where does freedom of thought and inquiry play into this diabolical farce? Where does common sense and the basics of scientific research come in? Where, in truth, does anything logical or reasonable come into play when anyone, be they a government or a religious group (as in the case of the Jews) or an individual, is able to make it illegal to question any matter of history or any event or anything that may be theorized, ranging from the scientific up through the branches of philosophy and art to even the spiritual pinnacle of theological speculation?

One would think (reasonably and logically) that if any statement, of all the myriad questions that mankind has considered throughout history, ought to meet such a criterion and be prohibited by law it would be the denial of God rather than a purported historic event that has countless loopholes in it which would prevent it from becoming accepted by the whole world (scientific or otherwise) as an unquestionable fact. In other words are we to remain free to question the existence of the Creator Himself yet unable to question, based upon scientific evidence or otherwise, the fraudulent claims of the Zionist Jews who, through cunning and conspiracy, plus the heavily weighted influence of their purse and their control of all aspects of our major sources of communication, have not only successfully foisted this lie upon mankind and then exacerbated it by programming successive generations of people to accept it as the gospel truth but have now managed to actually elevate it to the apex of juridical absurdity through the manufacture of actual legislation in certain countries that make it ILLEGAL to question what is undoubtedly, as researcher Arthur R. Butz clearly proved back in 1976, the greatest hoax of the 20th century?

Of course I know why you made that comment just as I know why the Zionist Jews and the state of Israel have been slaughtering Palestinians and stealing their land for over a century. It is, as the Jews so often have stated in the past with respect to their 6 Million myth, “manifestly obvious” that your intent is to discourage others from any association with those who, like myself, refuse to accept the unacceptable and fraudulent premise of the 6 Million and thus segregate and isolate our thoughts and ideas and opinions and years of intensive research so that no one will be tempted to investigate further what I or numerous others have to say about any of the related problems that political Zionism has created throughout the 20th century and which now, are coming to a head, in the early beginnings of the 21st.

Here is your modus operandi and the scenario that you would have others believe:

The primary purpose of labelling a person an “anti-Semite” or a “Holocaust denier” or a “hate monger” or any number of other similar epithets is, pure and simple, outright vilification. In other words if you can first create labels like those just identified and then instil their circumscribed and false meanings in the minds of the general public through mass programming (via the mainstream media which the Jews control), then once this is established it precludes having to establish any further solid proof to support whatever allegations you may wish to make about a person, group, organization or even government for that matter, which you intend to destroy by first defaming them in order to discredit either their character and integrity or their work (i.e. opposing views).

To return to your original remark let us see how this program of vilification would work should it actually be followed through.

I have lived in Cariboo region of British Columbia, Canada since 1970 which amounts to forty-four years (with some brief absences). From 1975 on I have lived here steadily working and raising a family and contributing to the local community in a number of ways. 

The Quesnel area has a overall population of about 30,000 people which is not a large number to get to know  or become known to over the span of nearly half a century. Because of my propensity for writing and my interest in politics and history I have been a regular contributor to Quesnel’s community newspaper, the Quesnel Cariboo Observer where, according to statistics, I earned a reputation for having contributed more “Letters to the Editor” to that publication than anyone else in its 106 year history of publishing.  As well I have been a paid columnist for the same publication.

My civil commitments to the local region have also been  substantial and fulfilling with years of community service in my own local community of Cottonwood which lies approximately 20 miles east of the city of Quesnel. I’ve worked in a number of different professions ranging from school teaching to that of a Park Ranger and Supervisor to being a log builder, the owner of a registered carpentry business  as well as owning and running a registered publishing business known as The Radical Press along with placer mining and being the Secretary of the Cariboo Mining Association.

On top of these activities I’ve been actively participating in local politics at the regional, municipal and provincial levels of government having at different times ran for the position of Councillor for the city of Quesnel as well as for the provincial MLA’s position for the Cariboo North electoral district.

In other words I haven’t been sitting idle over the past forty years plus. It is this legacy of community contributions and effort that you are attempting to destroy by your calculated and malicious attempt to discredit my life’s work using worn-out tactics of slander and libel and defamation, all of which are meant to malign my character and denigrate all of my efforts over the past four decades. 

But that’s not the worst of it. You would have your mean-spirited accusations and spiteful assertions carry over to all those with whom I’ve established relations with throughout my lifetime here in the Cariboo. In other words all of my friends and associates and those within my community who I’ve had social or business dealings with for decades are all to suddenly void their association with me because now I am a “Holocaust denier” and no longer the person I’ve been all my life. Are you not capable of intellectually grasping the enormity of what you are attempting to do via your spurious, and, yes, hateful slander?

You mentioned Councillor Sushil Thapar in your comment but you have failed to mention the rest of the many councillors and mayors of the city of Quesnel who I have known and associated with and befriended over the past forty-four years. Are they also expected to treat me as if I were suddenly a pariah and a leper because someone of your mental measure has  inferred that I am a “Holocaust denier”?

Why it wasn’t that long ago that I was speaking with one of the former mayors of Quesnel and he remarked to me, upon hearing that I had been charged with a “hate crime”, “Why Arthur how can this be? I’ve always known you to be a “peace and love” sorta guy, one of the old Hippies who’s always strived to bring  social justice and brotherhood and sisterhood and environmental sanity back to the world.” Were he and all the other public figures who I know to take your ill-intentioned and evil advice they would all, needs be, have to see me in a totally different light and accept that they had been wrong about me all their lives and that in reality I’m just a no-good, worthless, hate-mongering, Jew-hating anti-Semite and, horror of horrors, a “Holocaust denier”!

And that, Nick Inglis, is the long and the short of your intentions and your sleazy tactics. Rather than have to defend your libellous accusations made against my person by offering up substantial evidence to prove what you are alleging is verifiable truth it’s much easier to merely resort to the Zionist Jew’s deceptive deck of shitty smear cards in the vain hope that whatever ones you pull out will somehow stick to me and save you having to actually offer credible sources to support your surreptitiously motivated intentions.

Like I mentioned earlier in this article the definitive proof that the so-called 6 Million Jewish Holocaust is nothing more than a fabricated fraud is all contained in Arthur R. Butz’s book, The Hoax of the Twentieth Century. Once again I humbly suggest to you and all the rest of the truth-deniers and holocaust believers in the world that you obtain a copy of this book and read it carefully. Having done that and you are still convinced that you can disprove what Mr. Butz has shown to be the truth regarding this deception then please share your findings with the rest of the truth seekers of the world who have already determined the veracity of this indisputable document.

In Peace and Justice for All,

I remain,

Arthur Topham






  1. Point!!.. Mr. Topham… your serve Mr. Inglis..,or perhaps you wish to concede the match graciously whilst still able?

    In-my-humble-opinion, your article is absolutely brilliant, in fact a masterpiece Mr. Topham, thank you.

    Please put my email back on your mailing list and post my comment if you please.

  2. Stephan Williams says:


    You’re a breath of pure fresh air in the closed and charged, fetid atmosphere of libelous hatred so many of our indoctrinated, propagandized and ignorant critics seek to immerse us in.

    Thank you.

  3. I applaud Arthur Topham, and others (Bishop Williamson) who have raised serious questions about the 6 million myth, but he immediately falls into his own self-inflicted trap of comparing the mentality of the modern scientific establishment with that of the religious authorities at the time Galileo. If he were to ascribe the same scientific principles he wishes the modern scientific establishment would apply to the Holocaust to the Galileo case, he would see that as the Church has always believed, the earth is in the centre of the universe and everything in space (including the sun) revolves around it. In fact the recent Planck experiments have turned cosmology on its head, for it places the earth squarely in the centre. If that is true, then Copernicus was wrong, so was Galileo (such a darling and hero to the high priests of scientism) the earth is at the centre of the universe – Geocentrism – as opposed to the heresy of Heliocentrism. So let’s follow the logical trail of the argument: if the earth is at the centre of the universe, then someone must have put it there; that someone we call God. This is the real crux of modern science’s rejection of Divine Revelation. Not based on any proper scientific principles of observation but on a philosophical rejection of the Word of God, they will not bow down to their creator. (Read Robert Sungenis astounding book “Galileo Was Wrong The Church Was Right”). Even Einstein could quite easily accept the two premises: the earth is at rest and the universe goes around it, with the heliocentric theory, based on all the astronomical observations. He just believed in the heliocentric model as he was an atheist and it best fitted his atheistic philosophy. So the author squarely rejects the Catholic Church’s teaching based on the correct reading of Genesis and the teachings of the Early Church Fathers for a renegade fly-by-night scientist who actually recanted his theories before he died. Observe the universal belief in Heliocentrism, the Big Bang Theory and Evolution propounded by the scientific establishment and universally taught in the schools and universities with the equally universal beliefs in the Holocaust. The Jews have given the world the new golgotha based on a lie – remember Jesus called them, you are the sons of the Devil the Father of Lies – to the true Golgotha where the elders and priests of Temple coerced the Jews in Jerusalem to commit Deicide – The Way The Truth And The Life. Ever since the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ their Messiah whom they rejected, the Jews have gone their own way of racial supremacy and hatred of the Catholic Church. It is a supreme irony that the Son of God that the Jews rejected and killed is one with the triune God who created the universe as he revealed in Genesis. The foundational belief of Creation the Devil sought to dislodge, is one and the same with holocaustianity which the Chosen People seek to destroy the only one church that the true Messiah created, namely the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

  4. Rebecca Gingrich says:

    Arthur–thank you so much for the truth. Sadly there have been holocausts on the planet but those were committed by the jews, not against the jews.
    The Holodomor is one example and the purging of Russian Christians by the Bolsheviks(jews) is another. And of course the holocaust going on in Gaza since 1947 is the latest example. But as the truth dare not be spoken we are supposed to ignore it and bow to the lies that our controllers tell us.

  5. George Chisholm says:

    Dear Arthur;

    It is hard to find any more lofty words of praise that haven’y already been used to describe the brilliancy and hard hitting truthfulness of this, your most recent, article. You are truly a hero for the Canadian people, if only they should awaken to it. Keep up the good work my friend.

    Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

  6. Beautifully put, Arthur. From one inquisitive mind to another, you put reality and sanity where they belong ~ front row centre. We have learned over the years, you more than I, that these malicious creatures want nothing less than total Gaza-style dayelit eradication from all memory. Any remaining memories to be tainted, of course.

    It is obvious that the Israeli way of doing war is absolute destruction on all levels. I cannot remember the name of this type of warfare but they announced it and used in in Lebanon. Basically, kill everything and destroy till uninhabitable. On a smaller scale, this is what they attempt to do to you.

    They won’t win with you. Your soul is beyond their reach..

  7. Jim. Thanks for your kind comments. I will add your email to my list.

  8. Thank you Stephan. Your description of the death eating psychopaths is also very very good. Trying times indeed.

  9. I’ve always admired your writing talent, and this time I was pleasantly surprised that you
    were able to withstand the temptation to describe the members of the stool sculpture deity
    cult compound until the latter part of your response with the one word that fits them to a T…

    Jesus wasn’t sent to the “Jews” or the shitty little country Talmudia.

    No one knowing the truth has to believe lies…Jesus said that is what makes us free,
    free from the bondage {debt} of all the lies and double talk “Jewish Gibberish” or the
    TOTAL WAR of the Synagogue of Satan against the “Non-Jews”…the Goy.

    no amount of currency printing or repeating of lies will change the truth….even if
    300 million professionally STUPID IDIOTS repeated a thousand lies a day for a month
    standing in a bucket of ice water…on LIVE Talmudvision.

    it is my opinion that the CURE for the World is in fact 6 million “JEWS” being put into
    the OVENS of TRUTH…like Jesus talks about in Matthew 13 : 39-42….!

    I hope you find a 20oz nugget next time you go prospecting…

    Keep your Crown

  10. Dear Rebecca,

    Yes, you are absolutely correct. The Jews have yet to experience a holocaust of their own although one would think by their actions that they’re feeling left out and have a deep-seated desire for such an experience.

  11. Hi George,

    You are now officially appointed head PR manager for RadicalPress! 🙂 Thanks for your kind words my dear friend. We’ve been together in the thick of this battle for the past 15 years and our swords are continually being whetted by experience and perseverance. We SHALL overcome this evil.

  12. Thank you Noor. Yes, the longer one observes these psychopathic Satanists and their vile actions it’s hard to imagine anything worse on the face of the planet. The fact that they are now performing on the world stage and enacting their sickness and their cruelty before all the eyes of the planet with unabashed and cold-hearted and calculated disregard for what anyone else thinks is the penultimate example of just how low the human species can descend (assuming they are of the human species of course).

    It was one of the main themes running through Douglas Reed’s book, The Controversy of Zion. Destruction and more destruction and slaughter of innocents everywhere. No loving God would ever condone such demented actions. Their fruits are poison and all that sup at their table will die in like manner. It’s now just a matter of time and more resistance and awareness.

  13. Thanks Anthony. 🙂 I’ll hang on to it. God’s angels are definitely here during these times doing their work. We can all join in and put our shoulders to the wheel.

    And yes, a 20 oz. nugget would be rather nice about now. 🙂

  14. Paul Dale. I shall try to reply to your post once again. My web host moved my site on to a new server today because it was being attacked too much by the Z’s and it still appears to have a few kinks in it. I’d written a long reply and when I went to post it…bingo! it disappeared. I appreciated your comments and although I can’t agree with your Earth-centered universe I do agree with much that you wrote. The RCC is under heavy attack as you likely are aware ever since Vatican II. The Jews have basically usurped the power and the current pope is living proof of it.

  15. Ah.. A Canadian with a backbone. Salute.

  16. Excellent article on all counts. Congratulations. I’m not sure that there is such a thing as a Polytechnic University in Surrey, British Colombia. Perhaps there is and perhaps not. You most certainly have hit all the salient points of a very logical argument. Please keep up the excellent work.

  17. Chris Williams says:

    Dear Arthur – greetings from Australia. We have a federal government law here called the Racial Discrimination Act, part 18C of which has been shown to inhibit discussion by revisionist historians such as Dr Fredrick Toben, who was incarcerated and bankrupted by the Australian Jewish Lobby. You may have heard of the case – though rarely of course through the mainstream media – of the Western Australian man Brendon O’Connell jailed for three years for challenging some Jews who were photographing him at a rally. Bishop Williamson (mentioned in the post by Paul Dale) was also recently denied a visa under the same law to Australia when his the Jewish lobby alerted the Australian Immigration Minister. So things are getting worse here by the day.

    I’m really glad to have found your website. Great resource!

  18. Yes Charles there are a few of us still standing. Thanks for the salute. Best.

  19. There is such an animal in Surrey Edward. Google it. Thanks for your comments.

  20. Hi Chris. Thanks for the greetings from down under. Much appreciated.

    I’ve know and worked with and written articles on Dr. Toben for many years now. He’s a fine example of an Australian with courage and conviction and a solid backbone!

    I have a few associates in both Australia and NZ who keep me abreast of goings on there. Seems though that your country is even more weighted down by this oppressive group of psychopaths than Canada even. Do keep in touch and keep us Canucks abreast of the beast in your neck of the woods Chris.

  21. Chris Williams says:

    Wilco! Cracks are beginning to appear. Recent statements by former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser about the Israel’s responsibility for deliberately attacking the USS Liberty, and statements by former Foreign Minister Bob Carr in his memoirs about the nefarious role of Australia’s Jewish lobby have been a breath of fresh air. And fortunately most Australians – though easily led into anti-Arab, anti-Muslim positions – are now at least starting to condemn the Zionist entity for its murderous attacks on the Palestinians.

  22. Well done, Arthur. Here I was thinking every time I heard the name of your beautiful country mentioned-oh dear, that’s another country like Australia or indeed where I live, the UK, which is run by the same malignant hostile minority elite.

    This is a letter I wrote to my local paper in Northampton, UK:

    John Dickie in his Wednesday column has evidently joined the ranks of the Holocaust fundamentalists (Chron, January 11). Apparently the view that six million Jewish people died at the hands of the Nazis is beyond question and sacrosanct.

    In his determination to enforce adherence to this orthodoxy, Mr Dickie seems to believe smear terms like “Holocaust denier” and insults like “medieval anti-semite” will pass muster as argument instead of evidence and debate.

    Unfortunately for Mr Dickie, historical truth is not exempt from scientific standards and no serious historian would start researching any topic, least of all a topic like the Holocaust, by blindly accepting what happens to be the prevailing orthodoxy.

    Whether Mr Dickie likes it or not, serious revisionist historians have found accumulating evidence that the six million figure is a politically motivated exaggeration that has been used by the Zionists to pretend, in the teeth of all the evidence of aggression and ethnic cleansing in Palestine, that Israel is the victim.

    Firstly, revisionists are by no means all of the Far Right persuasion.

    Secondly, the 1948 International Committee of the Red Cross Report that found no evidence whatever that any of the so-called “death camps” had the facilities to carry out mass exterminations. The same report cited both the Soviet refusal to co-operate with the Red Cross and the Allied bombing campaign as a major cause of the fatalities from starvation and epidemics that swept the camps towards the end of the war.

    Thirdly, on the use of gas as an instrument of mass killing, Bishop Williamson cited the on-site studies carried out by Leuchter in the 1990s, particularly at Auschwitz, which stated emphatically that none of the facilities could have sustained a programme of mass killing. Both studies concluded that substantial revision downward of the six million figure was long overdue. Another downward reduction took place at Auschwitz in 1989 when the Russians released the death registry volumes. The original plaque from 1948 that commemorated four million was quietly replaced by one that had revised the figure down to 1.5 million.

    Other Holocaust “deniers” Mr Dickie might like to add to his blacklist include Churchill, Eisenhower and De Gaulle. Between them their war memoirs amount to 7,061 pages. On none of those pages is there mention of genocide, gas chambers or six million Jewish victims. (End quote)

    I would add that use of the Freudian term, “denier” is but a feeble attempt by the Zionists and their fellow travellers to pathologise critical and rational thought, both of which would suggest that the Holocaust is nothing but a fable. Jews in the US press, including the NYT particularly, were running stories about the threat to the lives of 6m Jews who were living in Russia and Europe before WW1, in its aftermath, between the wars and of course after WW2. The same 6m figure crops up repeatedly. People were being subjected to predictive programming or conditioning to ready them to accept the ultimate BIG LIE.

    I agree that Butz’s seminal study is a thorough-going rebuttal of the entire fallacy. The Holocaust was the Zionist trump card without which they could never have persuaded their assimilated and Orthodox Jewish brethren to move to Palestine. The myth also fit well with the Allies’ need to cover up their own monstrous war crimes against the civilian populations in Germany and Japan.

    The give-away for me is the fact that the so-called facilitator of the Holocaust, Adolf Eichmann was Jewish himself. The Nazis were settling German Jews in Palestine from the mid-1930s on, especially around Haifa. The Nazi-Zionist Transfer Agreement of 1936 was the legal basis for this Jewish migration and according to Jewish historian, Edwin Black, laid the basis for the economic infrastructure of the nascent Israeli state.

    We have been sold a monstrous fiction and all truth-tellers need to stand up and be counted.

  23. Rebecca Gingrich says:

    Arthur–I have been saying for years that we are all Palestinians. Also that we are being corrupted by jews both morally and ethically. Those that stand for nothing will fall for everything.
    Found this article and thought you would find it interesting
    The Holocaust Hoax and the Jewish Promotion of Perversity

  24. Here is also the alien (to Humanity Psychopathic Lie Master) who invented the “six million” Holohoax idea:

    Here are three ways to RID ourselves of these alien psychopathic lie masters from our world once and for all:


    We have to keep repeating the truth to awaken the brainwashed sheep to still believe in the holohoax.

    And the other hoax–“Jew”.

    See the article an invention called the Jewish people

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