Commentary on Patrick Grimm’s article “The Taboo” by Peter Kirsch

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February 2, 2008

Re: The Taboo As Proof by Patrick Grimm

by Peter Kirsch

Regarding taboos, I think that those who subscribe to them and accept them are generally deluded by religious or possibly ritualistic beliefs..

Current beliefs about the Jews have been inculcated into the people of the West since, in March, 1933, the following headline appeared in the Daily Telegraph:


It is surprising, particularly in view of the fact that Germany, throughout the 19th century, gave extraordinary deference to the Jews and in fact emancipated them before England or any other European country. Kaiser Wilhelm II and Prince Otto von Bismarck both used Jewish bankers (for obvious reasons).

The Jewish push for power began rather quietly in 1913, when the Federal Reserve was created by Woodrow Wilson, heavily influenced by his closest advisors, E. Mandel House and Bernard Baruch (both Jews), as well as pressure exerted on him by a certain Samuel Untermyer, a Jewish lawyer in New York who had some incriminating (and rather colourful) letters from Wilson to his mistress. The Federal Reserve was based on the words of Meyer Amschel Rothschild  (born Bauer) whose immortal message was heeded by Wilson’s friends: “If I can control the currency, I care not who makes the laws.”

Today, the Jews control the currency in the US (remember Greenspan and now Bernanke?) and have stated so frankly – just look at a dollar bill. It states FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE , not US TREASURY NOTE. A country which doesn’t coin its own currency is not a polity, thus America is merely USA Inc.

The second step on the push for power, was the Bolshevik/Jewish revolution of 1917 and its aftermath. These Jews did not care for the Tsar who, although a bit of a fool, nevertheless appreciated the danger of this malign race.

The third step was the imposition of crushing penalties on the German people at the Versailles Peace Talks. This of course led almost inevitably to chaos and the rise of Hitler  who, like the Tsar, saw what the Jews were doing and understood it well.

Step four was the creation of an entity in Palestine – it is not a state and has no legally-defined borders.

We are enduring the fifth and probably last step – they control the media (vide Dr Goebbels) throughout the West, as well as the politicians, all of whom have been bought. This does not refer only to American politicos, but also to our beloved Frau Merkel (or Ferkel, as the Germans call her – a term of opprobrium), Monsieur Sarkozy, and Gordon Brown of Britain. And it looks as if the Spaniards are also being bought.

You remember the story of the Golden Calf?

Today, the Jews still worship the golden calf and, in the process, could well bring European and Western civilisation to an end.

Peter John Kirsch, MD