Monika Schaefer’s Holohoax Video Causes “Uproar” in Jasper, Alberta By The Jasper fitzHUGH


JASPER, ALBERTA:- A video shot by a local resident denying the Holocaust has been widely condemned by the community and at least one resident has filed a formal complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission.

On June 17, Monika Schaefer, a well-known Jasper resident and former Green Party candidate, appeared in a video on Youtube denying the Holocaust. The video was subsequently posted on her Facebook page.


“This is the most persistent and pernicious lie in all of history,” said Schaefer, about the Holocaust.

In the video she described the Holocaust as the “the six-million lie” in reference to the six million Jews who lost their lives at the hands of the Nazis during the Second World War.

The six-minute video quickly went viral and garnered more than 30,000 views at the time of publishing.

At the end of the video Schaefer invited viewers to read several books published by Holocaust deniers, including Ernst Zündel, who lived in Canada for four decades before being deported to his native Germany where he was imprisoned for five years for denying the Holocaust.

ErnstZVictim copyKen Kuzminski, president of the Jasper Royal Canadian Legion, described the video as hate speech.

“Monika has a right to say whatever she wants to say, but once she’s published it I feel that’s moved on to hate speech,” said Kuzminski.

“She can stand up and say whatever she wants, but she has to accept the consequences of doing that.”

He said he has written a formal complaint to the Alberta Human Rights Commission, contacted the local RCMP detachment and the German embassy.

“By her denying that this ever happened it perpetuates hatred, racism and discrimination,” said Kuzminski, adding he’s heard from several young people in town that they no longer feel safe.

“This is not the community we are and what we believe in.”

The Alberta Human Rights Commission neither confirmed nor denied it had received a formal complaint.

“All of the information that comes into the human rights commission with regards to complaints is confidential,” said Susan Coombes, with the Alberta Human Rights Commission.

With that said, she said any complaint involving hate would fall under section three of the Alberta Human Rights Act.

“It’s really difficult to prove,” said Coombes, about whether someone is in violation of the act. “What you have to do is say that there was intent to incite hate.”

The Jasper RCMP confirmed it was aware of the video, but said no formal investigation has been launched.

“At this time what I can say is that I’m aware the video exists and it was brought to my attention,” said RCMP Sgt. Rick Bidaisee. “Discussions are ongoing.”

Schaefer said she stood by her comments in the video during a telephone interview July 11.

“Right now the issue for me is freedom of speech,” said Schaefer. “Last I checked I thought we had freedom of speech in Canada and suddenly I’m the criminal.”

She confirmed she shot the video in Germany, where it is illegal to deny the Holocaust.

“If we don’t have the right to question a historical event then we don’t have freedom of speech,” said Schaefer.

Schaefer was slated to perform during Canada Day, but was pulled from the schedule after the Canada Day committee learned a group of residents were going to protest her performance.

“We had really reliable information that there was going to be a protest and in the interests of public safety and her safety for that matter, we decided it would just be in everybody’s best interests if she stood down for this year,” said Pattie Pavlov, general manager for the Jasper Park Chamber of Commerce.

Kuzminski confirmed she is also banned from the legion.

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) quickly condemned the video after learning of its existence.

CIJABomb copy 2

“As a Holocaust denier, Ms. Schaefer, who appears in this absurd video, has earned her place on the very margins of society,” wrote Martin Sampson, director of communications for CIJA.

“Her comments would be laughable but for the intense pain they cause the survivor community and their descendants. Denying the Holocaust exposes her as an anti-Semitic ignoramus.”

“The truth is the Holocaust was industrialized, state-sponsored murder committed by the Nazis against the Jewish people. It is the most well documented genocide—by both perpetrator and victim—in history. To deny this fact is to spit in the face of truth.”

News that a formal complaint was lodged with the Alberta Human Rights Commission, comes after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, on July 10 in Poland, where one million people, mostly Jews, were killed in the Second World War.
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Paul Clarke


  1. Would someone kindly prove a single gas chamber exisited and prove a single person died there – until you do – I do not believe a word of this holocaust bollocks, not a single word. I, have been to Auschwitz – there are no gas chambers, the story is a lie. There ya go morons – charge me cowards.

  2. Mike Gould says:

    “Most well documented”? Yeah. Iv’e seen all the documents and pictures of the gassings…..
    You know, the only evidence of gassings is hearsay.

  3. David Christie says:

    Geez.. I must be in a parallel universe. But Rod Serling is nowhere to be found. How can this be? I have always thought that – in a Free Society – it’s the people who seek to muzzle, intimidate and punish others for their opinions and views who were “on the very margins of society” Clearly, The Extremist Judeo-Fascist Psychopaths have managed to turn the world on its head. Clearly, their enemy isn’t anti-Semitism. Their Enemy is Free Speech. And they’ve brazenly and unapologetically declared war on it.

  4. Joe Smart says:

    *QUOTE*“By her denying that this ever happened it perpetuates hatred, racism and discrimination,” said Kuzminski, adding he’s heard from several young people in town that they no longer feel safe.*ENDQUOTE*

    How does it do any of these things exactly? It is a mere difference of opinion regarding an alleged historical event. Young people don’t feel safe? What truth requires the law to enforce it? Absolutely absurd.

  5. You’ve encapsulated the absolute absurdity of the situation well David. Thank you. Yes, the New Enemy of the Jews is “Free Speech”. And the war is about to spill out into the streets of nations across the world not only in Germany where they’ve already practically won.

  6. “If we don’t have the right to question a historical event then we don’t have freedom of speech,” said Schaefer.
    Unfortunately Monika, that is the condition we have in Canada today. There isn’t a person in the world today who can draw, let alone describe a gas chamber at Auschwitz, because they would have to include unsealed flimsy wooden doors and windows. The whole thing is absurd. If this ridiculous “hate speech” accusation goes through, i will reconsider my membership in the R.C.L. And if anyone has read their bi-monthly magazine, the lies put forth concerning Germany and WW2(and WW1), are laughable. Anyone who is a member of the R.C.L. should consider cancelling their membership – if this goes to the courts – over the Legion’s version of censorship.

  7. sickofthis says:

    Ever wonder where that 6 million number came from? It predates the war by YEARS. Any “gas chamber” you’ve visited was constructed AFTER the war was over, the germans destroyed most of those camps. The “chambers” that exist that weren’t built by the Russians were used for deloucing, well documented.

    No one was marched into gas chambers. No one was melted down into candles. No one was skinned and made into lamps.

    FFS half of the “survivors” are the hoax, ELI anyone? where’s your tattoo bud?

  8. You all know that criticism of the current dogma is prohibited. it doesn’t matter if the dogma is a lie. and reading books? you now you can’t do that.

    To identify the truly sick racists google: chief rabbi of Israel says only purpose of goyim is to serve jews, life of goyim worth same as donkey. Obadiah Yosef.
    Netanyahu says this loser was the greatest mind of this generation.

  9. Very well documented by hollywood after stalin installed fake gas chambers in 1948 at hollywood’s request. Even the bookl “swindlers list” states right on the cover, “a work of fiction”. The diary of anne frank, written in ball point pen which wasn’t invented until the 50’s and the otto frank foundation is currently in a battle with the real author as we would expect they are trying to cheat him out of his 1/2 of the royalties for this bs diary. Why would the germans give access in a death camp to canteens where the inmates could buy cigarettes and other items with money they earned working? Why would they have brothels, bands, orchestras, live theatre, movie theatres, riding stables and paths, swimming pools, dining rooms for people they planned to murder as soon as they arrived? Why would they have football tournaments between camps, and between prisoners and guards? Need I go on? If you expect productivity you must keep the workers happy and relaxed not oppressed. There’s no business like shoah business.

  10. Steve-in-Iowa says:

    “”As a Holocaust denier, Ms. Schaefer, who appears in this absurd video, has earned her place on the very margins of society,” wrote Martin Sampson, director of communications for CIJA.”
    There are millions of us, Mr. Sampson. Hardly the ‘margins of society’.

  11. But, but, but, I saw it on TV and in the movies and in my history book and in the newspapers and the preacher told me so..

  12. I knew Monika well for 10 years in Jasper. She is an individual of the highest integrity, and an independent thinker who did an excellent job home-schooling a daughter. If I am not mistaken, her father was an Order of Canada recipient. I support her freedom to express her opinion, and happen to think she is spot on with it.

  13. Joe Jones says:

    No. It happened all right. And it’s totally documented. Blueprints of the gas chambers. Everything.
    The final working drawings for the Auschwitz complex were drwan by Hans Stossberg in 1942.
    Look, everybody knows that this happened. Those that deny it are just out to piss people off and mock the dead. A lot of dead. A lot of suffering. There are a couple of other things in that Monika story that haven’t been discussed here yet. One is about how the Jasper Legion has banned her from the premises. And also that she was dis-invited from performing in her home town on Canada Day. Even if she’s not charged by the police or a rights commission, she’s pretty much messed things up for herself. Normal people are appalled by this kind of thing.

  14. Crandford Ducain says:

    Its a crying shame, how many times my father’s old sayings get proven right.
    He always said, “A person’s opinion is like an a$$ hole; every body has one and it only works for them”.
    I would like to take this thought one step further and say,If you want to take away a person’s right to speak their mind, you should also be prepared to take away their a$$ hole and let them use yours so they can keep everything working like you want it to. Until some one can come up with some real tangible evidence that the gas chambers functioned on a scale which matches the up to the numbers as claimed, no reasonable thinking person can truly believe this story.

  15. She is correct, their holohoax is a lie. When i went to auschwitz in 1978, the sign read this, 1,5 million people died here, and they were not just jews but ukrainians, polish, german, russian, gypsies, etc. Then i went to trebilika concentration camp also, she is right about our indians in north america, and how we trated them also, like dirt, keep up the work Monika

  16. Miranda says:

    A simple mathematical presentation needs explanation from the Jewish lobby: Assuming 100 crematoria (there was no proof for even one) with each cremarium able to process one body every 6 hours (today they can process a body every 4 hours. Ergo, every oven could reduce to ashes 6 bodies every 24 hours. Assuming no time off for cleaning the ovens, maintenance or anything else. With 100 ovens, 600 bodies can be reduced to ashes every 24 hours. 600 x 365 days in a year = 219,000 bodies.

    Now for the final calculation: 6,000,000 divided by 219,000 bodies / year = 27.39 years

    So, it would have taken 27.39 years to cremate 6,000,000 Jews IF there were 100 ovens to do the job. All this while Germany was fighting a world war against over a dozen countries. I have heard of the vaunted German efficiency, but this is efficiency beyond human abilities.

    By the way, there were at least 5 times that I am aware of that 6,000,000 Jews have been killed since the middle 19th century. Google it.

    6,000,000 Jews killed? Really?

  17. …math has never been my strong point, so I hope someone can help me with this little math problem I have. If the alleged claim of six-million Jewish people did die during this period at the hands of The Nazis, yet the commemorative plaque at Auschwitz has been reduced from 4 million dead, to 1.5 million dead… where did all those dead people go? Who didn’t kill them? Is the same statistical error common in all estimations of Jewish death in WW II? No…the truth is that you can find newspaper articles going back to before WW I where they use the “six-million” figure. The non-ethnic-religiously-converted-Jews of Eastern Europe wanted their own country…they wanted Palestine…and The West wanted the oil….so the bankers and the west financed Hitler and Mussolini….and set up WW I & WW II in their efforts to rule the world.

  18. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”- voltaire

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
    John F Kennedy.

    I support BDS.

  19. franklin says:

    The PALESTINIANS are the descendants of HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS.
    HOLOCAUST by ISRAEL. Today is the SECOND Israeli HOLOCAUST of Palestinians.
    The Canaanites/Amorites/Philistines/Midianites/PALESTINIANS were in PALESTINE long before ABRAHAM passed through from Babylon/Ur ……Israel’s “claim” to Palestine is based entirely on War Crimes and GENOCIDE.

    Deuteronomy 7:16, 20:16 “And thou shalt consume all the peoples which the Lord thy God shall deliver unto thee; thine eye shall not pity them…thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth.”

    Numbers c.5 v.2-4
    Leviticus c.20 v.13 well, really the whole chapter
    Exodus c.32 v.27
    Numbers c.11 v.1-2
    Numbers c.16 all
    Numbers c.21 v.5-6
    Numbers v.26 v.10
    KILL anyone who engages in “DIVERSITY” or “INTEGRATION”
    Numbers v25 v.4-8
    Deuteronomy c.14 v.2
    a very brief selection, many more in THEIR book.
    Numbers c.21 v.03 Canaanites
    Numbers c.21 v.24 Amorites
    Numbers c.21 v.33-35 Bashan
    Numbers c.31 all Midianites
    Numbers c.32 v. more Amorites
    Deuteronomy c.2 v.34 People of Heshbon
    Deuteronomy c.3 v.6 really the whole chapter. threescore cities
    Joshua c.12 A list of victims of Israeli GENOCIDE
    Numbers c.21 v.25
    Numbers c.32 v.39
    Numbers c.33 v.53
    (just to name a FEW)
    Numbers c.33 v.31-34
    Deuteronomy c.7 v.2
    Deuteronomy c.12 v.28-30
    Deuteronomy c.20 v.11-16
    Deuteronomy c.2 v.2
    Deuteronomy c.7 v.1
    Jews SELF-anointed “The CHOSEN People of GOD”
    Nazis SELF-anointed “The CHOSEN People of GENETICS”.
    TODAY Israel states that it is creating “A PURE Jewish State”
    YESTERDAY the Nazis were creating “A PURE German State”
    And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword . . . (Joshua 6:21)
    For modern day reinforcement of these “rules” research/google “the KINGS TORAH”

  20. Archie1954 says:

    I believe everyone should have the right to say what they wish as long as it doesn’t threaten others physically. If you want to believe lies than do so. she obviously wants to believe that an historical event did not occur, so let her and let her talk about it to whomever is foolish enough to read her drivel. I know that I won’t!

  21. I’m 19 yrs old. I want it Nowwww! jewish reparations already..

  22. Holo what ?

  23. Reminds me of what the idiot GW Bush said when the government shut down the Dixie Chicks, “Freedom of speech is a 2 way street, we are free to shut you down!” To which the DC responded, “Dumb fuck!”

    Jews were killed but not in the numbers promulgated by the Zionist wing of Judaism. They first started floating the 6M number during the first world war but it didn’t stick for the obvious reasons.

  24. McGannahan Skyjellyfetti says:

    Now the zionist effort begins to make Holohoax truth a crime in Canada.

  25. bruce dimo says:

    the only gassing is the off gassing from zionists and holohoaxers blowing it out their arses.
    fuck the speech nazis.
    baked zionist anyone ?

  26. Georg Dirr says:

    Google red cross holocaust figures. It’s about 220k deaths. Not from gas chambers but from allies bombing German infrastructures and food storage. The pows were not the only ones starving to death or dying from lack of medical supplies.

  27. Is correct. there never was never will be a Jewish Holocaust. Germany was being destroyed by Communism from the Jews. Hitler came to power and got rid of them he unified Germany and created one of the most amazing Economic Recoveries in the History of Time.
    Then The Jews said THIS! All of Judea Declares War on Germany. Right there in NY Times, same crap today!

    WWII. Jews constantly use the made up Holohoax to gain money and sympathy from what they consider lesser then dirt.

    Here is someone that has all the info on the Jewish Cartel.
    here is a page on real history

  28. Has anyone noticed that it is only non-jews that can be criticized – or worse – for speaking their mind on certain sensitive topics, such as what is no referred to as the Holohoax. However, jews can speak their mind on any topic without fear of repercussion, especially legal repercussions. They seem to be immune. I have seen videos where jews are shown deliberately using what they call “hate speech” against Christians or non-jews, yet it’s ok. Who controls the narrative in public discourse? You guessed it. This control and immunity must be wrested away from this group before more harm is done to the rest of us.

  29. Holohoax. Do some research. Auschwitz gas chamber was built by the Russians AFTER the war. The soccer field, brothel, theater, Hospital, Katina, and swimming pool were built before.

  30. I guess one has to prove it “didn’t” happen as well.
    Theory is not proof. Lack of evidence is not proof.
    Prove that I am not a robot.

  31. Norman Finkelstein ( Jew) calls it “holoca$h- a way to extort money from European nations and USA”. Pollaco de Menesce ,French Jewish professor ; “greatest deception ever perpetrated on humanity.” David Cole (Jew); “ Holocaust is one big lie”. Angel Alcázar De Velasco,Spanish Jew, Hitler’s favorite secret agent: “ Chambers for gassing people simply did not exist, this was disgusting war propaganda”. Hennecke Kardel, Jewish author in his book “Adolf Hitler Founder of Israel”; “ It is very hard to accept the fact that many Nazi elite were Jewish; for example Joseph Goebells, Adolf Eichmann, Reichsminister Rudolf Hess; the Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering; Reichmarshall Gregor Strasser, Alfred Rosenberg, Hans Frank, Heinrich Himmler; the Reichsminister von Ribbentrop, Odilo Globochnic, Hitler’s personal doctor Morell, etc.” Bryan Mark Rigg (part Jewish -American military historian); “ In Hitler’s army there were 150,000 Jewish soldiers ,including 8 generals”. Recently American scientist did DNA analysis on Eva Braun hair brush, she was Jewish ( Ashkenazi )too.

  32. Quote: News that a formal complaint was lodged with the Alberta Human Rights Commission, comes after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, on July 10 in Poland, where one million people, mostly Jews, were killed in the Second World War. End of quote

    So, it’s down to one million now, is it? With some patience we may read the following in 2021: Prime Minister John Wainwright visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp on August 15 in Poland, where 63 000 people, mostly Jews, died of disease and malnutrition in the Second World War. Too bad I won’t be of this world by then.

  33. Jason Wong says:

    If Monika Schaefer publicly questioned the numbers killed in the Mai Lai Massacre in the Vietnam War or the US government’s prior knowledge of the bombing of Pearl Harbor there would be nobody running to the Alberta Human Rights Commission calling for them to be charged with a “Hate Crime”. By banning inquiry on this subject, the powers that be are just making it more attractive to people by the very reason that it is “forbidden”. If you don’t want your kids to listen to rap music any more, just tell them that you really like it yourself.

  34. ricck lineheart says:

    There is more evidence to prove this event never happened than there is to support it did happen .

  35. Cow manure , apple butter, hate speech ? These Zio- clown dupes don’t know the difference?
    It’s like swatting a wasp nest in hot weather though when you rattle the container of the false Jews the Bible refers to….

  36. So if you don’t believe that 6 million people were killed In A 2.5 car garage sized vented room, by use of bug spray, in 18 months…you’re somehow a criminal?

  37. Arthur Patriart says:

    As a scientist for over 50 years, I have reviewed the holocaust evidence and concluded it is a hoax, but atrocities were committed, as in all wars.

  38. Canadians were once a hard working and basically solid people. They had a conservative mind set if not anything else. I’m old enough to remember this. Then, like a contagious virus, the leftist plague entered Canada and the result was a lifting up of the false values, that we have seen being lifted up in Western Nation after Western Nation. It’s sad and will only result in a degraded Canada , who’s best days are gone forever. PEACE

  39. This video wasa beautiful apology to her lovely German parents. Not hateful in the slightest. Crazy jew might have worms in his brain. The jew is the eternal everlasting victim.

  40. Ernst Zundel had his house set aflame and a pipe bomb sent to him through the Post for saying much the same things. Prof. Faurisson has been assaulted and had acid thrown in his face for pointing out that nobody has ever found a ‘gas chamber’ or even the drawings of one. Winston Churchill, De Gaulle, and Eisenhower, major actors in WW2 each wrote Books on the war, Churchill’s was over 1,500 Pages. There is not a single mention of Gas Chambers or 6 Million missing Jews in any of their Books. To question the imaginary holocaust is a criminal offense in many countries. MS Shaefer deserves to be protected from these murderous liars.

  41. John Taylor says:

    Lets get the facts straight here. Firstly the truth does not fear investigation. Why then do the Jews, particularly the Zionists viciously attack this holy grail that was the basis for he creation of the state of Israel. Ms Schaefer is investigating historical facts. How does that make her an anti-Semite. She presents logical arguments as to why she believes history is distorted. She challenges the story not the Jewish race. Who then is the real racist; those who prefer to attack and silence the messenger with derogatory comments or the messenger who seeks only the truth.
    This is as ridiculous as a Canadian say, who investigates American involvement in 9/11 being labelled anti-american.
    I challenge those who accuse Ms Schaefer of being racist to do their homework and refute the logic in her arguments. Typically when you don’t have the ammunition to make a convincing case backed by facts you then attack the messenger. Many others like Mr. Zundel, David Irving David Cole, Germar Rudolph, and others have done scholarly research on this topic and present and articulate their findings in an intelligent and coherent manner. You never hear these men issuing derogatory comments against Jews like Mel Gibson in a drunken stupor. These are non violent men simply exercising their freedom of speech, to put forth an opinion based on facts. The people I am concerned about are the thugs and hatemongers that assault or vandalize or attempt to destroy these people. These are the true racists. The way in which these people are viciously attacked and assaulted has me convinced that the official version of the Holocaust story is not the real one. If I was on the other side of the story, knowing it was a lie, I would use the same ADL, JDL violent and/or character assassination tactics. On the other hand if I believed the official version was the real deal, I would not try to attack and destroy and discredit the critic. instead, I would argue my case intelligently armed with with supportable facts that would discredit the critics point of view.
    From my perch I continually see the critic assaulted, slandered and destroyed, and never his message.
    Lastly it was not the Muslims who lobbied with the Canadian Government and the German Government and others to make the Holocaust narrative self-evident and punishable by a hefty prison term. In the US Abe Foxman fought for decades to bring in hate legislation, not to protect Muslims, gays, transgenders but to stifle criticism of Israel and the Holocaust.
    If the holocaust happened the way it is claimed an intelligent, informed, free society would hold and open debate, examine all the facts correct any errors then move on. Legislation would not be required to defend and protect the truth. If it is a lie, the beneficiaries of that lie could be expected to try to cover it up and deflect criticism.
    Cover-ups happen daily; beit political assassinations like JFK, RFK, MLK, 9/11, Benghazi, Alternative Cancer therapies etc. To investigate any of these does not make me a racist. It makes me a conspiracy theorist. Why then does investigating the Holocaust narrative in an intelligent and articulate way make me a racist and not just a simple conspiracy theorist. I leave this for you to answer.I would also invite you to check out the informative book that Norman Frankenstein, the “self hating Jew” wrote called the “Holocaust Industry”.

  42. “By her denying that this ever happened it perpetuates hatred, racism and discrimination,” said Kuzminski, adding he’s heard from several young people in town that they no longer feel safe.”

    The Fitzhugh, 14 July 2016

    Paul Clarke quotes Mr Kuzminski saying, “By her denying that this ever happened it perpetuates hatred, racism and discrimination.” What is “this” supposed to mean in the quoted sentence. If the biased and ill-informed Paul Clarke along with his buddy, Ken Kuzminski, are trying to invoke the aura of criminality here, which seems clear that they are, wording a little bit more specific than “this” would be well advised. Same with the word “it” in the key accusatory sentence. If anyone has the right not to feel safe in Jasper, now in danger of becoming home to the witch hunt apparently being mounted by the Fitzhugh along with its favoured NDP politician Ken Kuzminski, its Ms. Schaefer. I wonder what the actual veterans of the Jasper Legion might have to say about Mr. Kuzminski’s decision to use their organization to try to shut down the principles of freedom of speech and freedom of association that Canadian soldiers might have once thought they were fighting to defend. Are the Jasper Legion and Jasper’s war veterans Mr. Kuzminski’s political subordinates to be ordered around in his zeal to puff himself up politically by threatening Ms. Schaefer with forceful eviction in social media?

  43. Ya know, at this point, the question should really be – Which prick do we hang first? We really should get this over with…

  44. Terry Edmond says:

    But they were shrinking heads!!! I swear!

  45. Terry Edmond says:
  46. Carroll Price says:

    If it’s OK to say it happened, why is it not OK to say it didn’t? And why is the holohoax the only historical event that can’t be discussed and questioned as to its authenticy? How much longer will Jews be able to maintain such an obviously false position?

  47. Rabbitnexus says:

    Truth will not be silenced forever and truth needs no law, no protection.
    Let truth free and it will defend itself. Lies are the creeping coward, lies need laws to protect them, lies need repeating but eventually lies die. Lies are mortal always. Truth is an immortal lion. It may not stand at fight everything which comes its way but sooner or later the truth will stand up and destroy whatever dares to stand in it’s light.

  48. Rabbitnexus says:

    John Taylor you’re wrong about what Muslims have done. Organised groups supposedly representing Muslims are often run by Jews. They use us as a sort of shield. Here in Australia we have supposed Muslim groups complaining about Christmas carols and trees etc. Aussies are furious at the idea but here’s the problem. I am an Aussie and a Muslim. Muslims have similar regard for Jesus of Nazareth as do Christians. We love Christmas, and many show some celebration of it even. In Pakistan my wife’s family has a tree some years and gives a Christmas gift to their Christian housekeeper. It is done for her entirely although my youngest brother in law has an inflatable Santa he loves having around too. There is NOTHING in Islam which has any problem with Christmas. However Jews HATE Christmas and Jesus. They use our name to do their own hateful business.

  49. SlipperySlope says:

    Six months prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, a Zio-Nazi by the name of Kaufman wrote a book named “Germany Must Perish !”. He suddenly established the Argyl Press in Newark NJ through which he published the book. He proposed in his book that every single person of German extract in the world, about 70 million, should be forcibly sterilized. He even had all the numbers worked out with x amount of doctors performing so many operations per day, and figured out how long it would take to genocide by sterilization the entire German population. Many American periodicals, in their editorial pages, loudly exclaimed how this idea of Mr. Kaufman the Zio-Jew, was such a wonderful endeavor to undertake. Of course, these publications were all owned by Zio-Nazi Jews, so what could you expect from that swine ? And this was about eight years after the Zio-Nazis had declared war on Germany, and had enforced a boycott worldwide of German made merchandise. As a consequence, it was only the Zionist traitors that Hitler made to man the work camps. As noted above, loyal German “Jews” were given positions in the Wermacht. Griggs documents that in “Hitlers Jewish Soldiers”.

  50. Fritz Grunbacher says:

    We better start a defense fund for this woman because she is going to have the Canadian government trying to charge her with various thought crimes, as they have done to many others, including the publisher of this blog. She will find that she has many friends that truly believe in free speech in Canada and will rally to her defense.

  51. Bill Timmick says:

    As a neighbor of a friend who is dentist who’s boyfriend’s uncle is a grandson of a Holocaust survivor that was not gassed or ovened or made into a lampshade I find Monika’s comments without merit. Just hearing the copyrighted word Holocaust sends shivers up my spine. I can hardly wait each year for Holocaust remembrance day. When will they eventually open a Holocaust musuem closer to me is what I want to know and why aren’t my tax dollars going to open even more of them so we will never forget the horror of six million melting Jews?

    Poor Elie Weasel what a valiant hero for the Holocaust he was. I understand his dying breath was ,”THE OVENS ARE OPEN, THE OVENS ARE OPEN,,” So was he reliving that horrifying experience or is that where he was going?

  52. D. Thatcher says:

    Arthur…did my comment arrive?

  53. Mark Timothy says:

    Miranda…”each cremarium able to process one body every 6 hours…each oven could reduce to ashes [4] bodies every 24 hours. Your final number is too high by a third.

  54. The people who claim 5 million people were gassed with zyclon-B in German labor camps deny the facts, and can be called DENIERS as well. By throwing mud and by name calling, it is avoided that we all dive into the details of this important historic case, such that we all may develop a higher level of consciousness with respect to history and FACTS. It is obvious that, if the allegations of 5 million gassed people turns out to be false, then continuing the false version of this aspect of WWII history is a war crime against the German people. I have personally witnessed the spiritual SUFFERING of the Germans when talking about history, and considering the verifiable facts this is a war crime.

  55. “By her denying that this ever happened it perpetuates hatred, racism and discrimination,” said Kuzminski

    The Jews haven’t been discriminated against for a long time. In fact it is the Jews who discriminated against other races- Black Ethiopean Jews, non-Jews in Hollywood and businesses and politics.

  56. To ‘Joe Jones”: I followed link A few maps with exclamation marks in them are certainly not prove for a premeditated mass murder, it is ‘suggestive’ only, nice try mr. Jones. In the alleged “gas chambers” not just a little bit of Prusian blue (zyclon-B) has been detected. Imagine, if truly 5 million people were all killed by means of zyclon-B (which was developed as insect poison btw), we should find back great amounts of zyclon-B, on the walls, the floors, the ceilings, etc … The interior of these buildings should be tainted blue everywhere. Not a trace has been found back. Most prisoners died from hunger and illnesses, because the English-American allied force bombed and destroyed the German infrastructure, and even the labor camps such that many prisoners were bombed to death. The holohoax is a war crime against the Germans.

  57. Stephan Williams says:

    From the article: “The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) quickly condemned the video after learning of its existence.

    “As a Holocaust denier, Ms. Schaefer, who appears in this absurd video, has earned her place on the very margins of society,” wrote Martin Sampson, director of communications for CIJA.”

    “Her comments would be laughable but for the intense pain they cause the survivor community and their descendants. Denying the Holocaust exposes her as an anti-Semitic ignoramus.””

    Let’s deal with the real bigoted “ignoramus” featured in this article – Martin Sampson, who is nothing more than a propagandist employed by a Jewish lobby group assigned the task of raising the spectre of “anti-Semitism” in any case where someone speaks the truth about Jews or Israel. His job is to clamp down on any break out of the truth as ferociously as he can.

    Ms. Schaefer has proved, by publically denying the criminal hoax Holocaust, that she has done her homework despite the climate of fear and belligerence created by the single-minded international Jewish lobbies that control almost all so-called “Western democracies” through the manipulation of our government officials, our legal systems and our media. The only one in this conversation engaging in lamentable hate crimes is Martin Sampson and his very real hate is directed at those who are finally knowledgeable enough about the subject to recognize the Holohoax for what it really was and continues to be – a massive criminal fraud perpetuated on the rest of humanity by a well-organized and extremely well funded, (with OUR money(!) ) propaganda machine that never sleeps.

    Martin Sampson and Paul Clarke, the author of this article, are perpetuating this criminal fraud when they publish blatantly dishonest statements like those that appear in Sampson’s statement here. The same applies to anyone who claims to have witnessed ANY organized German attempts to murder millions. The fact is they’re liars, every one of them, and I can claim that to be true because I KNOW there was never any forensic evidence of the crimes the Germans were charged with presented at the mockery of justice show trials held in Nuremburg after the war.

    The only so-called evidence presented at those criminal proceedings was hear-say testimonials from liars, (all too many of whom have been discredited over the years without our media informing us of their dishonesty) – liars who stood to gain financially from their testimonies AND from 149 unfortunate German men who were tortured unceasingly and their families threatened with death if they didn’t sign previously-prepared false “confessions” written for the most part by Jews.

    Incidentally, out of the 149 defendants prosecuted at Nuremburg, 147 of them had had their testicles crushed so severely while they were being tortured by their Soviet, American and English interrogators, (almost all of whom were Jews), that they had to be surgically removed.

    Tell me again who the real MONSTERS were!

    From the article, Martin Sampson:

    “The truth is the Holocaust was industrialized, state-sponsored murder committed by the Nazis against the Jewish people. It is the most well documented genocide—by both perpetrator and victim—in history. To deny this fact is to spit in the face of truth.”

    It is Martin Sampson who is spitting in the face of truth.

    As I stated previously, there was NO FORENSIC EVIDENCE PRESENTED AT NUREMBURG! NONE! Martin Sampson lied and Paul Clark didn’t even take the time to confirm if what Mr. Sampson was claiming was true or not before publishing his incendiary hate speech.

    When the German defendants at those Nuremburg trials attempted to introduce physical evidence to aid in their defense, they were forbidden from doing so by the corrupted judges who had been assigned the unsavory job of convicting innocent men of unspeakable crimes on what they KNEW were false charges! What kind of person could knowingly sentence men to death for crimes they knew these prisoners were innocent of?

    More from the article:

    “News that a formal complaint was lodged with the Alberta Human Rights Commission, comes after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, on July 10 in Poland, where one million people, mostly Jews, were killed in the Second World War.”

    Remember that ritualized magic number – 6,000,000 Jews murdered by the Germans? Keep it in the back of your mind while I review some facts for you…

    The Jews claim Germany murdered 6,000,000 European Jews by gassing them with a bug spray designed to fight Typhus outbreaks and by roasting them in ovens that didn’t have the capacity but did you know they also claimed long before Hitler or National Socialism came on the scene, that the Russian Empire was prepared to murder 6,000,000 Jews in certain areas of the Russian Empire? In fact, the 6,000,000 number was a mythical magical number in the Jewish religion and had been used repeatedly over a 100 year period before Hitler to demonize those opposed to widespread organized Jewish criminality and to encourage the theft and takeover of Palestine. In other words, it was a con – a fraud – a lie repeated over and over in the media they controlled or owned all over the Western World as a means of advancing their own selfish agendas and to create sympathy where none was deserved.

    When the foundations for this gigantic hoax were being laid after the war Jews claimed that 4,000,000 Jews were killed in Aushwitz in the last 3 years of the war. Did you know that they were forced to alter that number to less than 1,000,000 after the fall of the USSR led to new information, (still false information) that discredited their fake numbers?

    And yet the magical 6,000,000 number hasn’t changed!

    Imagine that!

    To anyone with a functioning brain that should set off some alarm bells about the truthfulness and honesty of those that promote this criminal fraud. How can you lower the death toll by 3,000,000 without altering the declared total downwards by the same amount?

    The fact is – it can’t be done – unless of course you control the flow of information and you own enough politicians to set policy and corrupt the laws of the land.

  58. The holocaust™ industry has been designed to cover over the fact that Stalin and the Bolsheviks were all jews who killed well over 20 million. In other words, jews are capable of heinous acts of depravity that exceed anything ever done to them.

    Anything that’s illegal to question automatically points to a coverup and propaganda.

  59. Not yet David.

  60. Germany Must Perish! is the book I wrote a satire on and the Crown was able to twist the intent of that satire to imply that I had actually written a second book called Israel Must Perish! and that I was advocating the genocide of the Jewish population. They can be found on my website on the main menu.

  61. Poor enslaved Germany, who lost the war and now can’t even speak the truth in her own house!

  62. One has to remember that the people of Jasper say, think what they have been told about history is true. I never doubted a holocaust happened until I saw more things on the internet that were bold faced lies in history. The evidence should stand on it’s own. I had a great Uncle to was killed by the S.S. him and his troops were killed one by one behind a Chateau in France, with their arms wrapped in barbed wire. If people have lost relatives of some kind they believe the holocaust happened. They believe the Hitler propaganda. We have all be so polluted by propaganda we don’t know what is what. But the fact that they won’t let people look into it or speak about it tells you something. It’s a shock to some people’s system to find out their reality or what they thought was reality is a lie. But to want to condemn people who have an alternative view or alternative voice, it tells you they have something to hide. I was watching something on PBS and they said 2 million Jews died. I thought, Wow, they sure are shrinking the number awful fast from 6 million. I hope the people in Jasper get over it and quit shitting their pants. Why don’t people get this upset about the holocaust in Rwanda or the Russian or Ukrainian holocausts? Just saying.

  63. Countless millions of people, all over the world, are now fully aware of the fact that no one ever died in a “Nazi gas chamber.” The purpose of the “holocaust” lie is not only to denigrate the greatest of all German leaders and governments, but to guarantee Nazi Israel with a perpetual stream of income. As a consequence, some sceptics have gone so far as to assert that Hitler’s greatest mistake was his failure to exterminate the Jews. As a practising Buddhist, I disagree. But it is apparent that we cannot permit Jews to live among us. They — every man, woman, and child — must be deported to Israel. If this is seen as unfair to Palestinians (and so Toshiyori believes it to be), the only conceivable alternatives would seem to be a subterranean dungeon on the Moon or — better — a large artificial satellite orbiting Sol somewhere in the Kuiper Belt. Still, I am disappointed not to have seen Monika Schaefer’s video!

  64. Why can you not see her video? It’s available online. Try here

  65. Cowa Bunga says:

    Remember 9/11? Even though thousands of real people got killed, the official story was a deliberate psy-op. Remember World War II? Even though millions of people got killed, the official story was a deliberate psy-op. In both cases, you have to do some serious research to get to the truth. That truth is very complex and very ugly, which is why very few people bother to find it. The real horror is not that 6 million Jews were gassed to death, because none were. The real horror is that the outrageous Holocaust lie has been forced on the public for over 70 years! Who would do such a despicable thing? What kind of monster would deceive us into believing 6 million Jews were victims of genocide? It couldn’t be Jewish leaders, could it?

  66. Atrocities committed? Jews victimized & mistreated? you bet, but the bulk of the deaths were from natural causes, disease, exposure and starvation exacerbated by the Allied bombing campaign. 6million deaths? not likely as this figure was floated as early as 1900. For evidence, google:
    six million Jews date. Does this make me a denier? yes, questioning the ‘official story’ makes one a denier…

  67. Miranda says:

    Mark Timothy. Your questioning my numbers is a hate crime. lol

    However in my haste I did make a calculation mistake: 1 body every 6 hours equals 4 bodies in a 24 hour period. 4 bodies times 100 ovens, equals 400 bodies/24 hour period. 400 bodies times 365 days in a year = 146,000 bodies / year. 6,000,000 divided by 146,000 bodies / year would have taken 41 years to dispose of the alleged 6,000,000 Jews murdered.

  68. Eric R. says:

    Apparently, many people still cannot utilize simple logic and realize a very simple fact: The mere ACT of creating laws making it a criminal offense to question this event is — in and of itself — a *tacit* admission of guilt [read: deception] by those who created them. THE TRUTH NEEDS NO LAWS TO SUPPORT IT — it will always stand up to scrutiny. Only lies need be propped up by such spurious means.

    Also worth noting — The ability of these miscreants to actually enact such absurd, supremacist, oppressive legislation is a clear warning sign that they have usurped MUCH of the sovereign control (both government and corporate) from the nations subject to them. As such, it would be a FATAL mistake for these nations’ peoples to allow them to acquire ANY additional influence therein. You MUST ACT IMMEDIATELY to regain control of your nations. Should you fail to do this, both you and your nations WILL cease to exist. And they are very near the point of no return, right now.

    “You will know them by their deeds.”

  69. Mike Radant says:

    The Holohoax is the biggest lie of the 20th century, but it’s also one of the best ideas!


    The researcher linked below has created a vast, highly intelligent collection of factually supported videos covering our World’s REAL and deliberately suppressed and rewritten Ancient History. Never seen anything like it. We have been utterly betrayed.


    Pass it along.

  71. I wrote to my local newspaper a few days comparing ISIS to religion. Religion creeps around noisessly and before we realize it,is there. I also commented about Israel because she has hardly been in the news for the last two years. This led me to wondering if Israel is funding ISIS.
    Re the holocaust;, I have always regarded it with bewilderment, ultimately accepting all the miseries and lies surrounding our lives as LIFE but if anything was to sway my opinion, it would relate to the impossibility of immolating 6 million people.

  72. OMG, I revisited the page and the hateful things some people are saying about her on YouTube. The one about typical white revisionist history and other comment got to me. I started swearing in some responses, but deleted until I can comment intelligently or not at all. Oh well. It isn’t like I thought the holocaust didn’t happen until I watched a thorough 8 hour video of a man piece by piece debunking a book about 6 million Jewish deaths in Europe, and then others and others. And the ban about not being able to speak about it. Why? It came as a shock to my system at first but I got over it. Once you realize history is written by the victors and even then the victors lie. Oh well, stay strong Monika.

  73. Hey Yo! Dick's Got Somethin' To Say - So Listen Up ... says:

    “Denying the Holocaust exposes her [Monika Schaefer] as an anti-Semitic ignoramus.”

    Dick says don’t be “Anti-Semitic.”

    Dick discovers that:  Anti-Semitic = Jew-wise

    Moral:  Don’t be a Dick.  😀

    Debunking The Holocaust Part 1, this is the first video I watched there are 2 parts. It is kind of boring because he is so methodical but it sure makes one open their eyes and in the end if you watch both parts you will see how rigged the professor’s book was. Also the book is in universities etc. It is such a crock but I assume they never thought it would be questioned. It shows if I recollect how few “survivors” really spoke out and how the Germans on trial had no defense. Worth the watch, woke me up.

  75. Integrals says:

    Crabs in a bucket….

  76. Faun Glimmer says:

    Joe Jones – there’s a lot of drawings there – can you clue us in which section the drawings of the gas chambers are in?

  77. Hi Arthur
    6,000,000 Jews
    4 years war or 1460 days
    That 4100 per days 7 days a weeks
    Is this POSSIBLE with the equipment of that time.
    This story smell like MANURE in my book.

  78. Monika, you should have known. It is only us Germans who do not have a right to express our thoughts and opinions, in fact we get charged with hate crimes, should we dare to do so. Governments support such injustice. The negative indoctrination of the sheepl with regards to all things German has worked quite well The German bashing goes on, now 70 years after the war with no end in sight. It is wished that some day soon some savior will stand up for us and we will lose the title of “whipping boy”. I just hope I will live long enough to see the day.
    P.S. – I identified with your video

  79. Taken from the American Jewish Committee website, since taken dow:
    Jews in Europe before the war 8,039,608
    Jews in Europe after the war 9,372,668

  80. Dr Cray says:

    There are jews, and there are Jews, and then there are JEWS!
    There are jews who consider it more of a accident of birth, they don’t practice the religion, they just get on with there lives… not a problem!
    There are Jews who follow the word of Torah, practise it religiously, and just get on with thier lives… not a problem!
    Then there are JEWS who follow the Talmud, practice it fanatically, totally believing they are superior to everyone else, that they are Gods chosen people, and want to control everyone elses lives… BIG FUCKING PROBLEM (pardon my French). Problem is they’ve been chosen by the WRONG God, and the problem is compounded by the fact that some of them know it and some don’t.
    Am I anti-semitic? No… I love most semites (those from the Holy Land), apart from those Wahhabi BASTARDS! This word semite has been totally twisted by the POWERS THAT THINK THEY ARE, those Eastern Europeans in control of ISRA-HELL who are far, far away from being semitic.
    “Woe betide those who keep their councils hidden and thier works in the dark” and power to the likes of Monika and anyone else who exposes the monumental lie that is the Holocaust

  81. Monika is telling the truth. GERMAN LIVES MATTER. And the truth matters. Elizabeth May of the Green Party has condemned Monika so we should condemn Elizabeth May.

  82. David Thatcher’s posts to are being blocked and he sent me his comments via email with a request to publish them. Here they are.

    On Wed, Jul 20, 2016 David Thatcher wrote:

    re. Monika Schaefer’s pursuit of Truth re. the alleged holocaust. None have been posted because Satan’s Chosen and their secret society lackeys censor my comments before you receive them from me. So…I’ll try again. records recently released by the International Red Cross, sealed and held under guard at Arolsen, Germany since 1947, shortly after the end of World War Two, present the death toll of prisoners of all races, ages and genders in all German concentration camps combined, for all reasons including disease, starvation, accidents, suicide and natural causes, to total 271,301 prisoners. More detail is available about the stunning holocaust hoax, crafted to make it effectively impossible to expose satanic Jewry for what it really is, at , at and from numerous other sources.

    Under Jewish direction the Russian military reconstructed Auschwitz and other German detention camps, retroactively installed the now famous “Zyclon B” gas chambers, found/created shrunken heads, the “lampshades made from human, Jewish skin” (now proven via DNA testing to be made of goat skin) and more, all in preparation for forcefully touring traumatized remaining German citizens through carefully prepared mind control studios (retro-fitted detention centers, become “concentration camps”) filled with carefully contrived, deliberately deceptive props. Extensive detail is available online. The well researched documentary available online, “The Greatest Story Never Told”, presents valuable insight to help the vast scope of this psychological operation be better understood. The Jewish controlled United States government assassinated their own General Patton because he realized he had helped defeat the wrong enemy and made it very clear he intended to do something about it!

    “I have a little black book in my pocket”, Patton once said, “and when I get back home I’m going to blow the hell out of everything.” But Jewry made sure Patton would never see America again. . In a letter to his wife dated July 21, 1945 he wrote: “We have destroyed what could have been a good race, and we are about to replace them with Mongolian savages (Ashkenazi “Jews”). And all Europe will be communist. It’s said that for the first week after they took it (Berlin), all women who ran were shot and those who did not were raped. I could have taken it (instead of the Soviets) had I been allowed.” ibid, pg. 594.

    In a letter to his wife dated August 31, 1945 he wrote, “Actually, the Germans are the only decent people left in Europe. It’s a choice between them and the Russians. I prefer the Germans.” On September 2, 1945 in another letter to his wife: “What we are doing is to destroy the only semi-modern state in Europe, so that Russia can swallow the whole.” ibid, pg. 594
    In yet another letter to his wife: “…unless we restore Germany we will insure that communism takes America.” – ibid, pg. 594.

    “United States General George Patton’s assassination began Dec. 9, 1945 when a two ton US Army truck collided with Patton’s Cadillac staff car while on a pheasant hunt near Mannheim, Germany. No one was injured in the crash but the General who suffered a neck injury from a bullet fired by a US military assassin. En route to hospital Patton’s rescue vehicle was struck by yet another two ton Army truck. This time General Patton was more severely injured, but clung to his life. Once at the hospital, Patton was able to contact his wife in America urging her to remove him from the hospital because, ‘They’re going to kill me here.’ And that they did.

    On 21 December 1945, Patton was pronounced dead due to an ’embolism’, a bubble of blood which is fatal when it reaches a vital organ. It can be introduced into the bloodstream with a syringe by anyone with brief medical training.

    Not only did the US army make no investigation into the ‘accident’, no questions were raised about his ’embolism’. The remains of this American hero were never brought to the United States and no autopsy was ever performed.” – ibid, pg. 594.

    Humanity has been forced to hear ceaseless whining about a Jewish holocaust which, for any willing to think for themselves and acknowledge facts rather than cower before rabid fiction imposed by psychopaths, Did Not Happen. Yet the horror imposed upon West German citizens at the end of World War 2, 1944 through 1948 and upon East Germans well into 1951, involving ceaseless torture, starvation, rape, abuse and slaughter of millions by Jewish led Russian and Allied troops has virtually disappeared down the memory hole crafted by this satanic tribe and their secret society accomplices.

    “In the German race there is nothing but evil. Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill!” – Ilya Ehrenberg, Jewish propagandist for the Stalin regime.

    “Estimates of rape victims from Berlin’s two main hospitals ranged from 95,000 to 130,000. One doctor calculated that out of approximately 100,000 women raped in Berlin, roughly 10,000 died as a result. Mostly from suicide. The death rate was thought to have been much higher among the 1.4 million estimated victims in East Prussia, Pomerania and Silesia. ‘Altogether at least two million German women are thought to have been raped,’ Beevor concludes, ‘and a substantial minority, if not a majority, appear to have suffered multiple rape.’ Note that we are talking about 2 million different women being raped, not about two million rapes. Given that women were often raped several times a day—sometimes 60-70 times according to one authority—the total number of rapes could well have numbered over 20 million.”

    “The girls, women and nuns were raped incessantly for hours on end, the soldiers standing in queues, the officers at the head of the queues, in front of their victims.

    During the first night many of the nuns and women were raped as many as fifty times. The Russians knocked them down, kicked them, beat them on the head and in the face with the butt-end of their revolvers and rifles.

    The same dreadful scenes were enacted in the hospitals, homes for the aged, and other such institutions. Even nuns who were seventy and eighty years old and were ill and bedridden were raped and ill-treated by these barbarians.” - and related film “Hellstorm”, available at online.

    The horrendous photos of emaciated corpses stacked like cordwood the world has been endlessly forced to see are NOT Jewish victims of a Nazi holocaust, they are rather the starved, tortured bodies of over five million German soldiers abused by Jewish directed Allied and Russian troops in POW camps AFTER THE SECOND WORLD WAR HAD ENDED! – .

  83. Dr Cray, very well said, except for the holy land part as a jewish entity. Judaism (Torah) was invented in eastern Turkey, province of Khazaria circa 730 ad as a vehicle for the zionists to hide behind as they moved into western Europe to carry out their atrocities and control the monetary systems. Blame the Jews of course. For example, Jews were banned from Britain for 453 years, 1290-1743 and the zionists took control of the monarchy in 1689, got their charter for the bank of England in 1694 but it took until 1743 for them to gain control of parliament in order to allow Jews back in.

  84. Paul Manstein says:

    Dear Mr. Kuzminski:
    A man greater than you once claimed: “It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.”
    Jefferson, Thomas (1743-1826), 3rd American President.

    Ponder his words. You might even learn something.

    Paul Manstein

  85. We live in an age of big data.

    If for example, 1,000 hospitals existed in Europe for 100 years before the end of WW2 then each hospital (and the governments of the countries containing the hospitals) would have birth certificates for the 3 million people who received compensation as ‘survivors’. In addition to many others who died of ordinary causes, each hospital should be able to provide the names and details an additional 6,000 people born there who died in a German WW2 camp.

    The official figure for all deaths in the camps during their existence (10 years) is 270,301, and this figure includes people of all backgrounds and deaths from all causes (old age, typhus, allied bombing and destruction of food/medicine transport infrastructure).

    How many hours would be needed before the aforementioned data could be supplied? Who would prevent the data being supplied?

    Please supply the name of one person gassed, because a poor woman has been offered a free meal in a restaurant of her choice if she can provide such evidence to the standard required by a court. As I understand it, she has contacted more than 800 organizations, including the usual Jewish sources, without result.

  86. Monika Schaefer made an error when she stated that the US searched through thousands of German government documents and found nothing.

    As I understand it, they searched through thousands of tons of documents, millions of them, and found nothing.

  87. Greetings Miranda

    Just like to mention that originally it was said that half of 26 million people were cremated at Dachau, that is 13 million. When 7,000 Germans were killed during a bombing of Munich, the bishop requested that the camp commander help cremate them. He apologized because he only had one crematorium oven.

    A few years ago the Russian government admitted that they were unable to cremate 500 people who had died in a heat wave. Supposedly the evil Germans could have cremated them in half an hour. The Russians had access to German cremation technology and the ordinary bricks to construct these magical instruments but to date have failed to use them.

  88. Ooops!

    Forget to mention that the woman previously mentioned (searching for name of person gassed) was offered a free meal in the restaurant of her choice – for the rest of her life.

  89. The Legion will not get a donation from
    me until they order M.Kowalski to let Monika
    enjoy the LEGION if she wish.
    Who the HELL he think he is ?
    We have the same kind of MEAT head
    here in Port McNiell.

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