Escape From The Holocaust Lie by Arthur Topham


Escape From The Holocaust Lie

Arthur Topham

“The first and most important value is the freedom to debate, the freedom to think, the freedom to speak and the freedom to disagree. This prosecution, has already had a very serious effect on those freedoms. If it were to result in a conviction, I suggest to you that a process of witch-hunting would begin in our society where everyone who had a grievance against anyone else would say “Uh-huh, you are false, and I’ll take you or pressure somebody else to take you to court and force you to defend yourself.”
~ Douglas Christie, Barrister & Solicitor from his Summation to the Jury
in the Ernst Zundel Trial, February 25, 1985

I chose the above quote from Douglas Christie, the greatest defender of freedom of speech Canada has ever produced. Doug, more than any other person I know (and I knew him personally for seven years right up to the time of his death in March of 2013), epitomized the spirit of Truth, intelligence of Heart, the noble Grace and indefatigable Courage and Integrity of a free man all combined with an adamantine faith in God.


It was due in great part to the efforts of Doug Christie during the trial of Ernst Zundel that he, like the biblical Moses of old, was able to lead the captured consciousness of Truth Seekers of the 20th Century out of their mentally-induced prisons into the fertile lands of freedom of speech and expression.


Ernst Zundel had been charged under Section 177 of the Criminal Code for having knowingly “published false news that was likely to be injurious to the public good” when he began dispensing a small booklet titled Did Six Million Really Die? – one which he hadn’t written himself but felt expressed his views on the alleged Jewish Holocaust. It was Zundel’s trial that finally brought to a head the (then) forty years of Canadians wondering aimlessly through a cognitive “6 Million” wilderness of deception not knowing that all the while they were being psychically manipulated and conditioned to believe the greatest LIE ever told to humanity.

Awhile ago I typed out and digitally recorded on Doug Christie’s Summation to the Jury which first appeared in booklet form not too long after the trial ended and I highly recommend that anyone in the least concerned about this massive experiment in mind control read it. If nothing else it will vividly show you the brilliance and logic (and levity) of the lawyer who honestly earned his handle “The Battling Barrister”.

ZundelTrialFreeSpeechDC800 copy

Doug Christie put the issue of Ernst Zundel’s concerns before the jury in the following manner:

“The booklet Did Six Million Really Die? is more important for German people than it is maybe for others, because there is a real guilt daily inculcated against German people in the media every time they look at the war.

The German people have been portrayed for forty years in the role of the butchers of six million.”

In Christie’s Summation to the Jury at the culmination of the trial he recapped much of what was revealed to the court through weeks of mind-bending cross-examination, regarding this one fundamental LIE that has superseded all other interpretations of what took place during WW 2 in German occupied territories in Eastern Europe.

During the Zundel Trial Christie literally demolished the illusions of the “gas chambers” and the “6 Million Jews” myth that the Crown and its Expert Witness Raul Hilberg had attempted to foist upon the Jury and, by extension, the nation and the world as a whole. The final results showed that the much-touted, world renowned “holocaust expert” Raul Hilberg’s testimony (the Jews considered Hilberg to be their No. 1 man) ultimately proved to be nothing more than unsubstantiated bluff.

As Doug Christie put it in his summation:

“Who denies Dr. Hilberg the right to publish his views? Who denies that he should be free to say there was a Hitler order to exterminate Jews? Not my client; not me; nobody in society denies him that right. Who denies anyone the right to publish their views? Well, it’s the position of my client that he’s obliged to justify his publication. And I suggest he has….”

“Has Dr. Hilberg proved a single thing here to be false? No, he hasn’t. He says he had documents. He produces none. He talks about the train tickets and schedules. What train tickets and schedules? If we’re talking about a criminal case we should have evidence. There isn’t enough evidence here today to convict one person for murdering one other person. But they want you to believe that six million died, or millions died, and that this question mark is false. Where is the evidence to support one murder by one person? There is no Hitler order; there is an alleged order somewhere by somebody alleged to have heard it from somebody else. There’s no evidence.”


And the Beat(ing) Goes On

Now, seventy-one years later (thirty-one years after Doug’s summation) we’re still witnessing the relentless, malicious efforts of the Zionist Jews (and their sycophant zombie clones) to brow-beat, bludgeon, bedazzle and intimidate Canadians into accepting as FACT everything that the Ernst Zundel trial legally established as mere FICTION.

I am specifically referring to the current mainstream media uproar of feigned sound and fury that’s overtaken not only the local media in Jasper, Alberta The Jasper Local, and the Canadian Edmonton, Alberta media but has even extended itself to the state of Israel’s Haaretz newspaper since one of Jasper’s better known residents and peace activists, Monika Schaefer, published a short video denouncing the alleged “6 Million Jewish Holocaust”. The video in question was titled, Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust.

MonikaSchaeferSorryMomHdr copy

No ifs ands or buts, it’s intentional mind-control on the same level as that of MKULTRA.

No ifs and or buts, it’s intentional mind-control on the same level as that of MKULTRA. Canadians, like people everywhere, have been unwittingly under the hypnotic, sorcerer’s spell of Jewish controlled “mainstream media” since the end of World War 2. They have surreptitiously endured a lifetime of brainwashing and mendaciously motivated mind control and for many today they still have little or no clue that the alleged “6 Million Jewish Holocaust” was and is the BIGGEST and most pervasive LIE ever foisted upon the world.

Of course that’s how it was intentionally designed to be when the perpetrators of this fantastic fiction first formulated, then forecast for use on such a massive scale, their serpentine “6 Million” siren song purposely meant to entrap the masses into subconsciously entering a Zionist-induced cognitive gulag or concentration camp strikingly similar to their own Talmudic Rabbi’s historically induced ghetto consciousness that forms the superstructure upon which Zionism’s atheistic ideological edifice rests.

Back in 2009 I wrote an article titled Israel’s Wall: For Palestinians or Jews? where I try to show the similitude between the wall that the Israeli government constructed on stolen Palestinian land and the mental/emotional wall that the Talmudic Rabbis built around their own tribe in order to control the minds of each successive generation of Jews and keep them trapped in the Talmudic oral “law”; an alleged law that purported made them especially chosen by God to rule over the world and because of that exclusiveness therefore separate and a step above the rest of humanity. It was a thesis first put forward by the British author and journalist Douglas Reed in his monumental classic, The Controversy of Zion.

The final point thought that needs to be restated again and again is the fact that down through history and right up until the 20th Century the most astute observers of civilized development in the West continually questioned and criticized the actions and motives of the Babylonian Talmudic tribe of Pharisees whenever they began to meddle too deeply in the affairs of other nation states but beginning with the take-over of the majority of the media in the West around the turn of the 20th century this practise began to cease and in its place there began renewed efforts on the part of the Zionist Jews to attack any and all critics of their ideology and their actions with the endless epithets of “anti-Semite” and “racist” and “Jew Hater”, an enterprise that has today reached such epidemic proportions that critics of present day Zionism lay wasting away in dungeons and website owners, university professors, researchers and writers everywhere are being accused of “hate crimes” throughout most, if not all, western nations.

Monika Schaefer’s case is the latest in that long and disgusting list of Truth Revealers who Jewish lobby organizations like B’nai Brith Canada and the new viper on the holohoax block The Centre for Israel & Jewish Affairs (CIJA) along with all their trance-induced toady followers are attempting to smear and degrade and destroy in order to keep the BIG LIE from being questioned.

CanadaBBLOBBY3 copy 5

What to do?

The longer this travesty of injustice goes on the more insanely vile and blood-thirsty the Zionists are becoming. Their desperation has grown almost exponentially over the past decade as they wend their way through the corridors of Canada’s justice system plying their rag-tag “hate crime” laws in order to safeguard the collusion they’ve made with the Devil.

No better example of just how demented it’s becoming was the latest attack upon Monika Schaefer that occurred but a day or so ago in Jasper. When Monika Schaefer moved to Jasper, Alberta busking (i.e. the playing of an instrument on the public streets) was illegal. Bearing that in mind, in communication with Monika over this matter  she told me the following:

“The irony of the fact is that it was me who brought the issue of busking to town council already a few years ago, made a presentation (at least on one occasion, and have raised it a few times since…) to support busking in town. You see, it has always been illegal to busk in Jasper. Yes, you read correctly Arthur. Anyway, so you see the irony – I have been pushing for busking for a long time. This summer is the first time it is legal. So when I went yesterday to get my busking license, my senses already went up. Dave wasn’t there, but the woman who was there (whom I have also known for decades – it’s a small town) was behaving very cagy. Then I left a phone message, text message, and email message with the person who was supposedly in charge (someone else, not even Dave). Today my gut feeling of yesterday was proven correct when I received Dave’s message.”

And here’s the rub for those who haven’t read the article. Dave’s message read: “We have considered your application for a busking permit in Jasper. In light of your recently publicly proclaimed non-inclusive beliefs we have decided to decline a permit to you at this time.”

“publicly proclaimed non-inclusive beliefs” !!!???

As one commenter on RadicalPress. com wrote in reply to the article, Surely you guys are making this up! because no one can possibly be dumb enough to actually write and publish that sentence – NOT, in Canada, no f’n way!”

Unfortunately for Canada someone in an official position with the municipal government of Jasper, Alberta DID write that sentence and sent it to Monika Schaefer.

Since my own arrest, incarceration and criminal case began back in May of 2012 after I was charged with “communicating statements” that did “willfully promote hatred against an identifiable group, people of the Jewish religion or ethnic origin, contrary to Section 319(2) of the Criminal Code” I’ve been doing my damnedest to warn Canadians of the extreme danger of these so-called “Hate Propaganda” laws that the Zionist Jew lobbyists created and are using with increasing fervour and zeal to censor any and all criticism of their deeds both here at home and abroad in the state of Israel. And of course the kicker is the fact that they used the “6 Million” holocaust lie in order to justify the inclusion of these Orwellian anti-free speech laws into Canadian jurisprudence.

Given the current Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau’s, longstanding indoctrination on the holocaust deception and his unabashed public display of obeisance to the perpetrators of this hoax there’s little chance that we will see him do what Conservative PM Stephen Harper did with the equally nefarious Sec. 13(1) legislation formerly contained in the Canadian Human Rights Act; that is, repeal the law. But that is the only and final solution to this “hate speech” madness that’s slithered like a snake from out of that den of vipers known as the Canadian “Jewish Lobby”.

RepealHateLaws-1000 copy 2

The issue must be taken from Cybespace’s Facebook and the Alternative media and transposed down onto the streets and turned into a public spectacle that the mainstream media cannot refuse to cover. Instead of focussing their attention on Gay Pride festivities it’s time that the Jewish-controlled media was forced to recognize that the fundamental rights of ALL Canadians are being jeopardized by these draconian “hate speech” laws and the only way this is going to happen is if normal, law-abiding citizens of Canada get their act together and begin to openly PROTEST this blatant act of sedition by these foreign lobbyists against Canadians’ lawful right to freedom of expression both on and off the Internet.

The time to organize this is NOW. Their game plan is so in our face obvious and the people know it. All that remains is for concerned Canadians to stand up, take to the streets and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

If we want our basic freedoms we’re going to have to fight to hang on to them one way or another.



  1. “The issue must be taken from Cybespace’s Facebook and the Alternative media and transposed down onto the streets and turned into a public spectacle that the mainstream media cannot refuse to cover.” – Topham.
    Well….what if, (just a thought), “someone”, spray painted “holohoax” straight across as many highways as humanely possible? … Imagine the “water cooler talk”, eh? Perhaps tis time to make a wee bit more noise. Not that lill ole me would EVER consider such “drastic” and perhaps illegal activities…I’m just a think’n out loud…and this from someone who despises graffiti…

  2. Tom Wilkins says:

    That’s some mighty fine journalism there, Arthur!

  3. Thanks Arthur Topham for Continuing to Alert Canadians that Free Speech and Open Debate are Subject to Concerted Attack in This Country and in Many Others. Who is Doing the Attacking and Why? What is Required of Us to Fend Off the Attacks? The Answers You Attempt Are Worthy of Serious Consideration.

  4. Gordon S Watson says:

    ironically, the City of Victoria BC held its famous Buskers’ Fest just last week. each with the appropriate paperwork in order, of course. In the vein of “all politics is local”, what would be a lot of fun, is : for a bunch of her admirers to show up in Jasper and accompany Monika Schaefer … singing and playing as they stroll around town. Exercising the right to express demselves whether the Powers-that-Be like it or not. The power of the internet, is = a seemingly small incident can be amplified to the far-reaches of cyberspace. it wouldn’t take very many rogue buskers to embarrass that local tyrant. Ab assuetis non fit injuria = one cannot assert a right from a seated position / you have to stand up for your rights.

  5. curiously,
    there are no “Jews” in the Old Testament

    as there were no Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo –
    especially the African American “Dallas Cowboys”
    fornicating with “White” Israelite females
    who watch Talmudvision…

    Just Sayin’



  6. Nicholas DeVincenzo says:
  7. Dear Arthur,
    Your writing style is in the same league as that of Prof. Hall – compelling! In trying to help yourself and
    your Canadian compatriots you are, as if guided by Adam Smith`s invisible hand, doing good for our
    dear old Germany of past days – in a more fundamental and important way than any German Government has done since the end of the war. There are some souls around, who apreciate the work you are doing and that not only in Canada! May God guide and protect you!
    Wotan (mit beidhändig gedrückten Daumen)

  8. Thank you Wotan for your kind words. Since I was a little boy my heart has been attached to the German people. I have no German ancestors that I’m aware of in this life yet the injustices meted out to the people there tear my heart to pieces and so I do what I can to mend the lies of the Jews.

  9. Reflections

    A captain in the Toronto-based Irish Regiment of Canada, my dad was seriously wounded in Italy in WWII when he fought German soldiers. For the remainder of his life my dad had a piece of shrapnel lodged in his chest. I remember my father, James Jamison Hall, correcting me once when I referred to Nazi soldiers as the enemy he helped defeat. My dad the decorate war hero explained that most of the soldiers he faced were not members of the National Socialist Party but were serving their country outside the realm of political affiliation just like he did. I could see he didn’t want me to demean the Germans he fought.

    Gradually it has dawned on me that there seems to be no limits on the extent of the terrible things people say about Germans, equating their nation with evil incarnate. To this day whenever a public official is reaching for something terrible to say, Hitler is made the point of ultimate diabolical comparison. Only recently am I trying to get a grip on this mode of thinking. It does not serve humanity well.

    The perpetuation of every nation depends on the capacity to bring forward history and draw from it interpretations and perspectives to guide and inform our various forms of national renewal. I see Monika and Alfred Schaefer working on that project, which might be considered an inherent human right and responsibility. Germany must be restored to its important place in the global community of humanity and it must be released from the still-lingering custodianship of the supposed winners of the Second World War included those that founded Israel on the lands of Palestine in 1948.

    Obviously the Schaefers draw inspiration from the unrelenting toil and public service done by Ernst Zundel. His still-unfulfilled contributions to the restoration of German pride, Canadian decency and fearless dedication to the imperatives of historical research, even in the face violent intimidation, I am only now starting to appreciate. How wrong I was just to accept for decades the ruthless mischaracterizations of this fellow Torontonian who, unbeknownst to me, was the core figure in one of the twentieth century’s most significant international processes of legal and historical discovery.

    Coming to terms with the extent of the lies and crimes of 9/11 has helped me to identify the real saboteurs in our midst. As with Monika and Alfred, the 9/11 revelations have helped me to catch a whiff of the rejuvenating power of evidence-based historical re-interpretation. We humans require much more of the fresh air of truth to enliven our asphyxiating body politic. This attaining our second wind, however, is extremely difficult to achieve when our mental environment is being polluted by toxic propaganda spewed out 24/7 even by our own Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

    As Monika keeps saying, its all about the peace movement. This peace movement has been bullied and disoriented and rendered virtually defunct through the mental illnesses purposely being inculcated partly through the constant repetition of weaponized control words like conspiracy theorist, anti-semite, Islamicist, radicalization, terrorism, 9/11 Truther and– the biggest and most brutal weaponized words of them all, holocaust denier. There is no decent future awaiting our posterity unless can move beyond the lies and deceptions current structuring our core institutions.

    Daunting as it may be, it falls on us to try to at least claim as a starting point in Monika’s case the turf won at such a high cost of human sacrifice through the diligence of the likes of Ernst Zundel, Dough Christie and Robert Faurisson in the Toronto Trials of 1985 and 1988.

  10. Tony. Thank you so much for sharing your comments. I believe they reflect the process of debriefing from a lifetime of mental conditioning that many Canadians are now going through thanks to the efforts of people like Ernst Zundel, Doug Christie, Robert Faurisson, Ursula Haverbeck, Sylvia Stoltz, and many other German revisionists and the fact that we have the good fortune of the Internet where the evidence is not locked up under key and is easily accessible for anyone interested in doing the research.

    I know in my own case my father served in the Canadian army as well but was stationed on the West Coast of B.C. most of the time and only saw limited action when he went up to Kiska with Americans to route out some Japanese bases. When they were going to send him to fight Germany he refused. He knew then who the real enemy was.

  11. let the record reflect that only PROFESSIONAL LIARS {Pharisees} and
    manufacture an ungodly amount of

    that is the BAD FAITH “RELIGION” called Talmudic Judaism
    one should not overlook the Holocaust dogma of Talmudic Judaism

    surely 6 million {in the fiery furnaces} would cause any other potential
    proselyte…”JEW” to
    reconsider the option of actually knowing the Truth


    see also : 9/11 missinglinks & the EMET GROUP

    no one HAS to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound

    “THEY” {JEWS} could come out

  12. Derek H. Westray says:

    Well now, my beloved peoples of this said world; praise the” spiritual words” of righteousness and honor these earthly blessings in which has been bestowed upon your lives, or ” Kiss Up, ” to heaven or Kiss Down, ” to hell . certainly whereas; fore your light of life is at a certain end. But peoples the said choice is of yours, and of the most high ” God “. Now my beloved peoples, who’s the said social bigamist today ????

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