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Holocaust deprogramming course

Do you care to know about how the people you have trusted all your lives have lied to you?

If anything were to ever convince you of the terrible Jewish lies about World War II, this would be that document. You can’t possibly read this compilation of sources by hundreds of serious minded examiners and still believe the lies that mainstream accounts have forced upon you as “the truth” of World War II.

Many thanks to my friend “pdk” in France.
Please read as much as your mind can tolerate. You will never find as many courageous truth tellers represented in one place.
Best wishes,
John Kaminski


  1. A breath of much needed fresh air; thank you. Michael Walsh.

  2. Warning: This page is EXTREMELY difficult to download and takes a great deal of patience. The Hollowco$t link I refer to. It crashed me four times trying to load, major crashes. Just sayin’…. maybe just too much information all at once! (smile)

  3. It’s the massive amount of graphics that’s likely the cause. It took my IMac a few minutes to gulp it all down and actually open up. Firefox worked better than Safari for downloading. It must be 6 million pages long eh? 🙂

  4. This is the site I tell every cop and every military person I see about. I go out of my way to spread this one. The government is growing more and more afraid….tick tick tick…

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