At The heart of Seiko’s 2018 Prospex collection is the new blue ‘Save The Ocean’ series. It continues the recent black collection and blue lagoon. But while last year’s limited edition was a cosmetic update, the release of save the ocean had an element of social responsibility. Seiko has teamed up with Fabien Cousteau to raise funds and awareness for his Ocean Learning Centre. Fabien Cousteau himself is a Marine conservationist. This increased awareness includes highlighting healthy and less healthy Marine environments in several Australian cities. So, not only do these watches look right, they also look right.  
Firstly, aside from the dial and bezel, this watch is pretty much identical to its regular release brethren. So, you’re getting the same angular, slightly blocky steel case, with solid proportions of 43.8mm across and 12.82mm tall — with a neatly knurled crown at three and fairly pointy guards. One point of difference between this and the regular Samurai models is that the bezel and crown here have been given a black treatment, which is a beautiful touch. The Turtle is a design that looks to the past. It’s softer, rounded and more classic. The Samurai is much more modern in feel. And while they both represent different sides of the same coin, to my mind the Samurai is the more conservative, and arguably the more versatile offering.
Here’s where it starts getting fun. As far as the fake rolex watches limited-edition dials go, this one is pretty out-there, in the best way possible. It’s a graduated bright-aqua-to-almost-black dial, evoking how the sea changes color the deeper it gets. On its own, this is a powerful enough look, but Seiko adds some distinctive, organic, horizontal stripes, similar to the wave or distinctive abdominal folds on the strong blue whale chin. The aluminium bezel is of a matching blue to the dial, predominantly dark blue, with the first 15 minutes of hash marks a lighter shade. This is a unique dial.
The bracelet fits perfectly in price, but if it were my watch, I would probably put it on cloth or rubber to offset the weight. I like the fact that any belt change is relatively simple due to drilling.
The Samurai has always been a tank on the wrist, and this Save the Ocean edition feels the same. But it does look different. It’s one of the most stylish Seiko replica watches I’ve ever worn, and the quality makes you smile when you look at it. As I said above, it’s not the least noticeable look, but why?