In the world of luxury acquisitions, nothing is more painful for a passionate collector than the thought that their prized possessions could be harmed. Yes, nothing in the world can match the health or happiness of your loved ones, but these little darlings, often rare or unique, have a special place in the heart of someone who has devoted time and effort to make them their own. Luxury Watches
I am often asked whether it is crucial to insure a used luxury watch. As a matter of fact, I’m often asked this question, and it makes sense to me, because the answer is simple: yes, yes, you should. And more to the point, if you own a luxury watch like a Rolex Submariner and you’re asking that question, you should save your breath for the insurance provider on the other end of the phone.
This is the best place to start. In this digital age, we all seem a little shy about interacting, but in a complex and potentially serious situation, like an insurance claim, it’s best to talk directly to another person — an expert in their field — about your policy..
Some things are easier in some places, and some things are harder, but the three things you should focus on first when looking into insuring your collection is the total value of your collection, how many “declarable” models you will need to put on your policy, and how all of this can affect your remaining contents insurance.
Let’s start with the first point. This is rather simple. Add up the retail value of your replica watches collection. When doing so, be sure to organize invoices and receipts into a physical and digital folder. Scan everything, stick it in a PDF and email a copy to yourself instead of keeping it on your hard-drive alone.
Another suggestion I got was to take a picture of each of my fake watches and stick it next to my driver’s license as further proof that they were in your hand. With an honest and reliable insurance company, there is no need to do so; But when dealing with large amounts of equity, it is worth the time to do a thorough analysis. The fewer problems you are forced to endure after a traumatic event such as a robbery or fire, the better.
Consider the insurance implications of your next luxury replica watches purchase. Treat the cost of insuring a luxury watch as a mandatory expense — even more than regular maintenance. Incorporate it into your budget. Even if you only have an expensive watch, you will always wear it thinking it will never be stolen from your home, but accidents can happen. This is not pessimistic, but wise. With the right cover, your collection will be more fun.