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Whether one is a Christian or not the duplicitous Orwellian definitions which Rev. Ted Pike explains in this article are of inestimable valuable to free thinkers and essential to a greater understanding of just how the Rothschild/B’nai Brith International (i.e. Anti-Defamation League, aka ADL) Zionist/Jewish/Israeli mindset operates and functions in their relentless pursuit of greater and greater draconian laws aimed at protecting their own nefarious, racist, supremacist agenda while at the same time surreptitiously destroying the legitimate infrastructure of Western civilization.
Here in Canada their cunning, serpentine actions over decades have resulted in the malicious manipulation of our ‘Human Rights’ laws; laws ostensible meant to benefit the whole of society yet, upon realistic examination in light of all the ensuing legal battles over the past thirty years or more, now proven to be the height of deception and fraud perpetrated against the vast majority of Canadian citizens.
The battle for freedom of speech in Canada is clearly a battle for the right of anyone, be they Christian, Atheist, Pagan, Secular or whatever, to not be brainwashed into the current Zionist-induced mindset and remain free to criticize the actions of the Israeli state and/or the motivations of those Zionist Ashkenazi ‘Jews’ controlling it to bend the mind of humanity toward their one-sided, psychopathic delusion that they, and only they, are the sole inheritors of the right to do whatever they damn well want while the rest of the world rolls over and allows them to destroy all that humankind has fashioned over the past two millennia that’s worthy and dignified in a spiritual, political or cultural sense.
Canada’s greatest challenge today is to enlighten the zombie-like attitudes of all those Canadians who’ve been so mind-controlled through the Zionist media and the education system over the past 60+ years that they truly believe supporting Israel and the Zionist agenda is a good thing for this nation.
Ted Pike’s novel idea of a dictionary is one way in which they can be debriefed of this seditious mental aberration; one that perpetuates the illusion of being good and honest people while in truth hindering their own freedom and the freedom of all Canadians to express their God-given, essential right to open opinion and criticism of any ideology that threatens the well being of our country.
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By Rev. Ted Pike
24 Nov 10
Yellow plastic arches looming above streets from Taiwan to Tripoli mean McDonald’s USA. In the same way, identical terms in hate laws throughout the Western world are the logo of their architect: the Jewish Anti-Defamation League. ADL recently boasted of having masterminded the whole idea of hate laws, particularly in America.
ADL was privileged to lead a broad coalition of civil rights, religious, educational, professional, law-enforcement, and civic organizations that worked in support of the HCPA [Hate Crimes Prevention Act] for more than a decade. A pioneer in advocating for hate crimes legislation, the League published its first model hate crimes statute almost 30 years ago. Forty-five states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws based on or similar to the ADL model. (‘ADL Welcomes First Indictments under Federal Hate Crimes Prevention Act,’
Hate laws set up Christians and free thinkers for prosecution, making free speech into hate speech. To understand and combat hate laws, lovers of freedom must be able to recognize the twisted terms that show up in all hate crime educational materials and legislation. Virtually none mean what they suggest or promise. They are cleverly contrived to disempower Western majority populations’ Christian values; to fragment society into separate groups with different legal privileges and punishments; and to silence critical speech about sexual morality and minority religions. In short, there is no legislative tool more powerfully equipped to destroy Christian civilization today.
Here is a concise dictionary of the devious ‘doublespeak ADL weaves into hate laws worldwide.
Affirmative Action Unequal rights and advantages in employment and education given to ethnic minorities and women as a result of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Ostensibly meant to right historical wrongs, affirmative action undermines Christian society by moving it away from laws for individuals to laws for groups. It says people are deserving because of the class they belong to, not what they do. This inherently discriminatory principle continues to drive ‘civil rights’ legislation today, especially in favor of blacks, Latinos, and women.
Anti-Semitism To ADL, this term is not limited to belief that Jews are evil or deserve to die. It refers to: mere criticism of matters Jewish, including Jewish dominance of big media (See, Jews Confirm Big Media is Jewish), finance, and Congress; criticism of Israel; questioning the accuracy of the six-million figure of Holocaust Jewish dead; agreement with the New Testament claim that Jews masterminded the crucifixion of Christ; quotation of unflattering statements by Jews.
Attack on Israel Any strong criticism, even if constructive or well-intentioned, of the Jewish state.
Bias (includes Bigotry and Prejudice) Negative attitudes—primarily rooted in Biblical values—that are critical of homosexuality, Judaism, Islam, abortion, political liberalism, and other anti-Christian establishments that ADL believes it is wrong to oppose.
Bias-Motivated Crime (Hate Crime) Any violation of US law motivated by a politically incorrect bias such as ‘homophobia; such a crime deserves triple penalties compared to the same crime committed for a random or more personal reason. (In many countries mere public criticism of federally protected groups is also a hate crime.)
Blood Charge The ‘anti-Semitic New Testament statement that Jewish leaders masterminded and the Jewish population demanded the crucifixion of Christ. This is defined as the seminal cause of anti-Semitism over the past 2,000 years, leading to the Holocaust. It is defined as a source of continuous ‘anti-Semitism and ‘irrational hatred of Jews by Christians, making Christian countries inherently unsafe, violence-prone, irrational and racist.
Bullying Criticism of homosexuality, Judaism, Jews or Israel, Islam, or minorities (other than whites or Christians) on campus, especially when it causes emotional discomfort to students who are part of such groups. Cyber-bullying The same, only online.
Censorship Attempts by Christian parents and leadership groups to restrain ADL/liberal promotion of homosexuality, pornography, sex education and secularist ‘respect for diversity in public schools. (This term, of course, does not refer to ADL’s right to silence any form of Christian speech or of criticism of Israel on campus or online.)
Civility ADL-suggested restraint in public criticism of President Obama and Democrats in Congress.
Civil Rights Special rights and privileges in employment and housing given to blacks, Jews, Muslims, Hispanics, homosexuals/transgenders and woment afforded to white, straight males or anyone with politically incorrect ‘biases.
Civil Rights Act of 1964 Basis for all US federal hate crimes legislation. Exalts certain favored groups above majority. Opens door for yet more classes to acquire such preference.
Conspirators Millions of Americans, particularly Tea Party activists, who are intent on defeating Pres. Obama’s agenda and unseating Democrats in government through vehement criticism. (See, ADL Blasts ‘Paranoid’ Right)
Cyber Hate Criticism of matters Jewish or of Israel online; quoting Bible passages against homosexuality online; distributing photographic evidence of abortion procedures online; etc.
Delegitimization of Israel ‘Anti-Semitic Biblical claim that God abhors occupation of His Holy Land by a nation of disobedient Jews (See, Israel: On the Way to Empire in the Mideast); ‘terrorist claim that Israel acquired most of Palestine through violent theft and expropriation of 800,000 Arabs to concentrations camps; demand that dispossessed Palestinians be allowed to return and reoccupy stolen lands; statement that Israel at present is a racist and fundamentally unjust state which should be dismantled and replaced by a state equally participated in by Jews, Muslims, and Christians, all of whom are beneficiaries of its Abrahamic legacy.
Domestic (homegrown) Terrorists (According to ADL/SPLC’s MIAC directives to police) Not just Muslim saboteurs but U.S. ‘anti-government’ protesters, including supporters of Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin, members of the Constitution Party, ‘militia’ activists, ‘white supremacists,’ proponents of a Constitutional Convention, ‘militant’ opponents of abortion, and opponents of illegal immigration and the New World Order, NAFTA, federalization of the states, restrictive gun laws, and confiscatory taxation. (, ‘Secret State Police Report: Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin, Libertarians are Terrorists)
Discrimination In public schools, criticism of homosexuality, Judaism and Israel, Islam, etc. In business, refusal to hire a known homosexual or firing him or her because of their sexual activity. In housing, refusal to sell or rent to any of the above.
Diversity Participation in a non-Christian sexual behavior or religion. Membership in a sexual, ethnic or religious group outside the white Christian majority. Respect for diversity — Acceptance of such divergent groups or lifestyles, particularly of homosexuality.
Equality (as promised in hate crimes bills) Special rights and privileges for Jews, blacks, Latinos, women and homosexuals, with no such rights implied for the majority.
Gender Identity The sex one perceives oneself to be, regardless of designated sex at birth; this gender identity should be respected by society and determines where a person should go to the bathroom, whom they can marry, and how they should be treated. If a person biological gender is different from their gender identity, society is responsible to ignore it.
Genocide In a Jewish context, genocide can happen through delegitimization of the Jewish state and also through Christian conversion of Jews which kills Jewish souls.
Hate Bias or criticism against specially protected groups.
Hate Crimes Statistics Reports by police of alleged hate crimes, the great majority of which have never been adjudicated in court, most consisting of altercations and name-calling yet considered actual hate crimes by police and government and used as proof of an ‘epidemic of hate’ in America and the world.
Hate Speech Speech critical of protected groups, which should not be protected under the First Amendment; a form of psychological abuse of a persecuted community which government must end, even at the cost of others’ freedom.
Harassment (Intimidation) Public criticism of protected groups (especially in government and public education); even if not accompanied by any threat of physical violence, such criticism of historically oppressed groups creates feelings of fear and intimidation and therefore must be outlawed and ended.
Hate-free environment Public spaces, especially college campuses, where criticism of protected groups is not tolerated; in these spaces, it is unacceptable to speak against abortion (thus traumatizing post-abortive women), minority religions (upsetting their adherents), homosexuality (causing ‘mental anguish’ to homosexuals), or other ‘historically marginalized groups. The consciences, religious beliefs, and free speech of the white, Christian majority are not as important as the freedom from hurt feelings (and the lurking threat of violence) for minorities. Eventually, all of society should be a ‘hate-free environment.
Holocaust The indisputable fact that six million Jews were killed during World War II. Any questioning of this fact is evil and defames the memory of Jewish dead. Such Holocaust denial is an ‘anti-Semitic hate crime worthy of loss of freedom and civil rights, deportation and imprisonment for more than six years.
Homophobia Criticism of homosexuality.
Perceived Gender or Ethnicity How others view you, regardless of how you view yourself, in regard to gender or ethnicity. Even if the bias-motivated attacker incorrectly perceives the victim gender or ethnicity, he must be punished as a hate criminal with triple penalties. The real crime is having biased thoughts.
Persecution of Jews Vicious, primarily Christianity-incited verbal, social, and physical attacks on Jews for nearly 2,000 years, the ultimate hate crime.
Proselytization Christian attempts through evangelism to destroy Jewish souls and cultural/ethnic identity. Successful proselytization leads to belief in the false prophet Jesus.
Racial profiling Consideration by police (resulting in action) of the fact that members of certain specially protected groups (such as blacks) have a much higher rate of crime per capita than the majority population or may be illegal aliens (Latinos).
Racial Quotas Government requirements that businesses, education institutions, government agencies, etc., prefer members of favored groups with hiring and admissions advantages, fulfilling prescribed numbers.
Racists Individuals, particularly in white Christian culture, who advocate the superiority of white Christian civilization and morality. Zionism and the State of Israel, however, reflecting the exalted ethics of Judaism, do not exemplify such bigotry.
Religion (As Protected by Hate Laws) Judaism and Islam, as minority religions in America, are protected while Christianity, a historically overgrown and persecutive religion, is not.
Sexual Orientation Homosexuality and sexual deviancies which merit special hate crimes protection. Heterosexuality, preferred by the majority, is granted no protection.
Stereotypes Broad, negative descriptions of blacks, Jews, Latinos, homosexuals or Judaism and Islam. It is permitted, however, for ADL to make sweeping negative generalizations against critics of Israel, portraying them as ‘anti-Semitic, or against Christians, calling them homophobic, intolerant, bigoted, hateful, etc.
Tolerance Non-criticism of Judaism, homosexuality or Islam.
Targeted Groups Classes meriting special federal protection from verbal or physical ‘hate crime attacks.
Transgender A person who has had or merely intends biological sex change; anyone involved in gender-crossing or gender-bending requires special consideration by society and must be treated as a member of the gender with which they currently identify, regardless of whether it aligns with their biology or with their past or future gender identity.
Triple Penalties The standard level of punishment merited by a hate crime under hate crimes law. Implication: A bias-motivated assault is three times as bad as a conventional assault.
Violent Radicalization Becoming violent under influence of bias, particularly cyber-hate.
Xenophobia Fear and mistrust, particularly by the white majority, of vastly disproportionate numbers of historically alien people which ADL encourages to settle in host countries, increasing ‘diversity’ and diluting those cultures.
Zero Tolerance for Hate Acceptance of free speech rights of homosexuals and religious minorities on campus but not for the rights of ‘homophobic or Christian critics.
It is very clear that ADL hate laws—ostensibly meant to end bias—are themselves the epitome of bias. Virtually nothing ADL says, in public statements or the hate crimes legislation it writes, can be taken at face value. A manipulative, anti-Christian, anti-America agenda is always right below the surface. At this moment, the most glaring example of such duplicity is ADL bill HR 6216 which seeks to add ‘religion to the protected classes in the Civil Rights Act. (See, ‘Don’t Criticize Jews and Muslims’ Bill Enters Congress)
In this bill, ADL has no intention of giving special rights and protection to all religions from bullying on tax-supported American campuses, but only to ‘harassed minorities: Judaism and Islam. (We wish to point out that no religion should receive this twisted ‘protection from criticism; we would oppose this legislation even if it gave special protection to Christians above the rights of atheists.)
Continue to protest this extremely dangerous legislation, now in the House Judiciary Committee. Come to Action Page for the names of the pivotal Republican committee members. Call them all with this message:
‘Please oppose HR 6216, which would add ‘religion to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It gives Jews and Muslims special protection from criticism on campus but doesn’t give such protection to Christians. This is more biased hate crimes legislation from the Anti-Defamation League to take away free speech and make Christians hate criminals.
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Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.
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