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[Update: Two days after posting this article Gareth Llewellyn wrote to me demanding that I remove all of his story from my site. He told RadicalPress.com that his and his wife’s jobs were in imminent danger should the article remain posted here. He also suggested that I’m running a ‘neo-Nazi’ ‘anti-Semitic’ site and didn’t want to be associated with it. After some negotiating with Mr. Llewellyn it became clear that his level of awareness regarding the political situation in Canada is such that he’s unable to comprehend the fundamental facts as to who is pulling CSIS’s strings and his own. For those readers who are looking for the story here I’m afraid they’re now out of luck.ÂÂ
If anyone wishes to contact Llewellyn they can do so by writing him at: [email protected]
My apologies to readers for posting this material and then pulling it. If you have any further questions regarding Llewellyn contact me at [email protected] ]
Following in the wake of recent revelations by Free Trade Whistleblower Shelley Ann Clark of her ongoing attacks by Ottawa bureaucrats and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal comes additional and shocking news of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s direct connection and collusion with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service better known by its acronym ‘CSIS.’
In an email sent to RadicalPress.com and other news media outlets Mr. Gareth Llewellyn, a former Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Intelligence Analyst in the Intelligence directorate, shares his insights into ‘behind the scenes’ political scenarios that the vast proportion of Canadian citizens are currently unaware of.
Along with the malicious and highly suspect machinations of Canada’s spy network comes Llewellyn’s expose on Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s past associations with CSIS as well as Llewellyn’s own personal connections and recollections of Harper and other key players in the current Conservative government now running our country.
The information contained in Gareth Llewellyn’s email should be a strong wake up call to each and every Canadian concerned about the direction that this nation is taking in terms of domestic and foreign policy. It should also be a warning to Canadians about the subversive and dangerous role being played by CSIS and the Prime Minister in terms our country’s global position and standing amongst other democratic countries.
I would urge each and every person reading the information contained in the post below to do their utmost to spread this material around the net to the fullest possible degree. The collusion here between our Prime Minister and our secretive ‘intelligence’ agency is of crucial importance and needs to be exposed to as many Canadians as possible.
*Please note* This post contains the first four chapters of Llewellyn’s proposed book, ‘Life Under CSIS Rule’ plus additional information and is, needs be, lengthy. I would suggest downloading it for future reference.
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