The attack on the Protocols in the 1920′s proved above all else the truth of their contention…
Probably so much money and energy were never before in history expended on the effort to suppress a single document.’
– Douglas Reed, The Controversy of Zion, (1956), P. 212
Methinks, as Shakespeare’s Hamlet once mused to himself, that Jonathan Kay, propagandist for the Zionist-controlled National Post and author of a new book on the origins of conspiracy theories, Warrant for Genocide, blueprint for Paranoia, protesteth too much when it comes to facing the inherent truths contained in the Jew’s revolutionary handbook better known as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
Jonathan Kay
In yet another disingenuous attempt, via deceptive sophistry and outright lies designed to downplay the contents of the document first published in 1905 by Professor Sergyei Nilus, an official of the Department of Foreign Religions at Moscow, of which the British Museum in London has a copy bearing its date-stamp, August 10, 1906, Kay expends much too much rhetoric and feigned, forced irony doing his utmost to deceive and misguide a quickening population of globally aware citizens who, thanks to the internet, finally have access not only to the document itself but even more so, sufficient quantities of background data that reinforce beyond a shadow of a doubt the cold, harsh reality that this ongoing Jewish conspiracy to gain total control of the global infrastructure has been in the works since at least the time of its founding progenitor, Adam Weishaupt, the Jew who, on May 1st, 1775, officially created the secret society known to the world as the Illuminati.
Serge Nilus
Given the propensity of the Zionist Jews for deception (the guiding principle of their illegally obtained ‘state of Israel’ and their secret police intelligence service known as ‘Mossad’) it’s little wonder that Kay would immediately attempt to deflect the reader away from the true sources of this global conspiracy on to Theodor Herzl, the founder of the World Zionist Organization. To the unaware or as some might say, the uninitiated, who were never given the complete truth surrounding the founding of the Illuminati, this double deception of Kay’s might have a truthful or familiar ring to it but to those who have taken the time to research in depth the scope of this conspiracy against all humanity and the Earth, Kay’s cunning is as blatant, transparent and distastefully disgusting as the images of the charred remains of the Palestinian corpses burnt beyond recognition by the Israeli ‘Defense’ Force’s phosphorus bombing of Gaza during operation Cast Lead over the Christmas season of 2008-2009.
After having attempted, purposely and falsely, to associate the document with Herzl and then afterwards, with seemingly self-assumed wit and credibility, proclaiming the contents of the document to be but a ‘fairy tale;’ one that conveniently could also be used to indict Adolf Hitler and the German people, via the Jewish ploy of ‘guilt by association’, Kay shifts his thesis to what he hopes will be clinching, rock hard proof that such a ‘conspiracy theory’ actually had its origins elsewhere beyond any association with the Jews.
In true Zionist Jew fashion Kay states, ‘All this came to pass despite the fact that the Protocols was debunked within months of its dissemination.’ What Kay fails to include in his remark though is the fact that it was only the Jews and their Jewish media and Jewish ‘investigators’ and their sycophantic slaves who proclaimed that the document had been ‘debunked.’
What was easily debunked of course was the actual source of the document itself NOT the contents and the design contained within it, but that small detail was not something that Kay nor the Jewish media of the day has ever wished to focus upon.
Douglas Reed, the British journalist and foreign war correspondent for the London Times during the 1930′s and 40′s, in his monumental classic study of Zionism written in 1956 and titled The Controversy of Zion, has provided the world with an abundance of evidence showing how this conspiracy on the part of the Zionist Jews, clearly delineated in the Protocols, is beyond dispute in terms of its actual existence and that the Protocols (which he agrees cannot be verified as to source) are living proof that the program contained within the document had unfolded precisely as planned up to the time of the completion of his book in 1956 and that if the world didn’t quickly realize what the Zionists were doing that the next half century would most likely conclude the deadly designs contained within the document.
As Reed put it:
‘When the Protocols appeared in English the minor point, who was the author of this particular document, was given a false semblance of major importance by the enraged Jewish attack on the document itself. The asseveration of Jewish leadership of the revolutionary conspiracy was not new at all… The response of official Jewry in 1920 and afterwards was different. It was aimed, with fury, at the entire substance of the Protocols; it did not stop at denying a Jewish plot, but denied that there was any plot, which was demonstrably untrue. The existence of the conspiracy had been recognized and affirmed by a long chain of high authorities, from Edmund Burke, George Washington and Alexander Hamilton to Disraeli, Bakunin and the many others… Moreover, when the Protocols appeared in English conclusive proof had been given by the event in Russia. Thus the nature of the Jewish attack could only strengthen public doubts… The attack on the Protocols in the 1920′s proved above all else the truth of their contention; it showed that the standing organization for suppressing public discussion of the conspiracy had been perfected in the intervening 120 years [since the French Revolution. A.T.]. Probably so much money and energy were never before in history expended on the effort to suppress a single document.
‘In every other respect [the Protocols] is of inestimable importance, for it is shown by the conclusive test (that of subsequent events) to be an authentic document of the world-conspiracy first disclosed by Weishaupt’s papers. Many other documents in the same series had followed that first revelation, as I have shown, but this one transcends all of them. The others were fragmentary and gave glimpses; this one gives the entire picture of the conspiracy, motive, method and objective. It adds nothing new to what had been revealed in parts (save for the unproven, attribution to Jewish elders themselves), but it puts all the parts in place and exposes the whole. It accurately depicts all that has come about in the fifty years since it was published, and what clearly will follow in the next fifty years unless in that time the force which the conspiracy has generated produces the counter-force.‘ [emphasis mine. A.T.]
Well Jonathan Kay I’m afraid you’re a bit of a Jonathan-come-lately when it comes to your vain effort at once again picking up the shattered pieces of this grand deception and attempting to foist it upon the unsuspecting gentile goyim at this stage of the Zionist conspiracy. The counter-force that Reed prophesied is here in the form of the Internet and spirit of those who now oppose Zionism and we will not permit your deception, lies and martial mindset to go on unaddressed or unchallenged. Your Nemesis, as surely as the sun will set this evening, is foreordained by your continuous acts of war, deception and terror over the past two centuries in the name of your false messiah Zionism.
And no Mr. Kay the Protocols aren’t a lie as you state. The ‘upheavals’ that began with the French Revolution, the 1848 Revolution and WWI, culminating in the Jewish overthrow of the Russian monarchy by the Bolsheviks in 1917 were all part of a well-conceived plot by the Illuminati-directed Jews, all your printed lies and misinformation notwithstanding.
Attempts to ascribe the Protocols to the two sources you reference are shoddy and short-sighted and at best, partial-truths. The whole truth, as you well know Jonathan, is that all of the subsequent writings from the time of Adam Weishaupt in 1775 connect up to the Jews in one form or another via an assortment of secret societies like the Grand Orient Freemasons and B’nai Brith International, all of which provided the vehicle necessary to transmit this cold-blooded doctrinaire ideology of global slavery and savagery right up to the present day. That ‘artificial, untested, schismatic ideology created by an impoverished eccentric living in England’ which you deviously fail to identify as the Talmudic tract known as the Communist Manifesto and its author, the Jew Karl Marx, have been directly responsible for more death and destruction in the 20th Century than any other single document or group in recorded history.
Again, your unvarnished Zionist lie that ‘The First World War was an accidental product of Great Power paranoia, miscalculation, and jingoism’ refuses to stand the test of authenticity provided not only by your own kind but also by non-Jewish events that betray to the world the fact the Jewish instigators of that monumental blood bath were cognizant of its forthcoming reality well before its actual occurrence.
WWI was no accident. It was consciously set to occur by the Zionists in order to accomplish three main objectives, all designed to further the overall conspiracy for the creation of the state of Israel and the Zionist Jews’ subsequent New World Order.
The first objective was to facilitate the weakening and break down of the Russian monarchy in order that Marx’s Communist state might be established thus providing a geographic location from which to further the goals of the Zionist world revolution.
The second objective was actually two-pronged and involved first fomenting a war with Germany, one that would soon place Great Britain in dire and imminent danger thanks to Germany’s superior submarine forces. The perilous situation which then arose, and was in fact the second prong, necessitated having the United States of America enter the Great War on the side of the British and their allies.
It was the Jews who orchestrated this event even though President Wilson had been elected on the promise to not involving America in foreign wars. Thanks to their already established control of Wilson who had been selected and hog-tied by the Jews well in advance of the actual hostilities via blackmail and a close circle of controlling Jewish ‘advisers,’ the U.S.’s entry into the hostilities was contingent upon Great Britain signing the infamous Balfour Doctrine of November 2, 1917; a cunningly conceived document that was in effect a pledge to the Zionist Jew Lord Rothschild that Britain would allow the Zionists to acquire enough Arab land to create their false state erroneously called ‘Israel’ if the Jews were able to bring America into the war on Britain’s side. The primary purpose of this state was to establish a beach head in Arab territories and then spend the remainder of the century fomenting endless war within the region. The secondary purpose was to create a safe haven for all the rest of the criminals within the Zionist cartel who might one day, due to their criminal behaviour, need to escape from gentile domains with their stolen loot or secreted documents.
The third objective became glaringly apparent in 1919 during the Peace talks in Paris where massive contingents of Jews assembled at Versailles to create a document that would practically ensure a second world war within a short period of time.
The ‘evil brilliance of the Protocols’ as Kay rightfully states near the conclusion of his excerpt (although he immediately attempts to misdirect readers) became clear in 1933 when world Jewry openly declared war on National Socialist Germany and then began their sinister back room dealings to bring this about. Having by then firmly established their Jewish control of the Soviet Union and also having succeeded in placing a Jew in the White House as President and soon another Jew by the name of Winston Churchill in the British government, their evil design to destroy Germany, the one shining example of a nation that was prospering under national socialism and a currency system separate from the Rothschild’s while all the other Jew-controlled nations were in the depths of a global depression brought on by the Jewish banking cartel, was set to unfold.
In his final remarks Kay attempts one last cheap shot at the counter force that is now building daily and forming a veritable army of truth seekers and cyber warriors who are not only opposing this Jewish conspiracy but exposing its dirty butt for all the world to see via countless blogs around the net. This of course is the main reason why the Zionists are freaking out and actually attempting to counter the growing volume of evidence that will soon nail their conspiratorial asses to the wall. It’s also one of the primary reasons why the Jews in Canada and the USA and elsewhere in the western world are frantically trying to bring in their ‘hate crimes’ legislation in order to stem the growing tide of investigators and truth seekers who have witnessed enough of Zionism’s machinations to know that they are the world’s primary, enemy number one.
Here in Canada Jewish lobbyists like B’nai Brith Canada and the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Jewish Defense League have been working tirelessly for decades to enshrine their ‘hate crimes’ legislation in Canadian jurisprudence in order to stifle Canadian’s right to freedom of speech, especially on the internet. The infamous Section 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act was purposely created and inserted by these same Jew lobbyists into Canadian law with this express purpose in mind to stop any and all criticism of either Jews, Zionism and/or the illegal, immoral, racist and supremacist state of Israel now doing its damnedest to genocide the last remaining Arab population in the region of Palestine. Kay is fully aware of this legislation and is also fully aware of the fact that I, as the owner of, have been charged under this very same section of the CHR Act by the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada and its boisterous, loud-mouthed British Columbia representative Agent Z and accused and slandered and libeled by the Canadian Human Rights Commission and Tribunal and forced to undergo their Stalinist ‘show trial’ investigations and quasi-legal kangaroo court spectacles all because Agent Z feels that my website contains articles that ‘contrive to promote ongoing hatred affecting persons identifiable as Jews and/or as citizens of Israel.’
It’s also rather ironic, given Jonathan Kay’s ludicrous, disingenuous comments on the Protocols, that one of the main reasons why the Jews are hell-bent on destroying my reputation, my ability to work and my right to both express my opinions online and publish other writers’ works, is due to the fact that I have the Protocols posted on the home page of my website and have refused to remove them when demanded to do so by the international terrorist network known as B’nai Brith International which is, in reality, yet another secret Jews-only masonic order created by the Jewish Illuminati back in the mid-1800′s to further the heinous agenda of these self-chosen psychopaths who see themselves as God’s chosen rulers of the rest of the human race and will stop at nothing to accomplish their evil, satanic objective of enslaving and destroying the globe. I have been battling with these demented power-brokers since 2007 and doing everything I possibly can to expose their treachery and lies so that other Canadians might wake up and realize how they’re being entrapped by these so-called ‘human rights’ laws so that soon no one will be able to speak about the Jews except the Jews themselves and you can be certain that when they do speak of Jews it will all be highly favorable and spotlessly politically correct.
The sadness and the tragedy of it all though is that they have now become so corrupt and powerful that their leaders simply do not give a damn how the rest of the world perceives their actions. Zionists view anyone who opposes them as animals (goy) fit to be slaughtered just as they slaughter the Palestinian people on a daily basis and their controlled US government forces slaughter the Iraqi and Afghan people on a regular basis. This same power-corrupted group of psychopaths are also sitting on an arsenal of nuclear weapons and have already threatened to unleash them upon the world should anyone attempt to stop their criminal activities in the middle east. That in itself should be evidence enough to dismiss all the propaganda that Kay and co are attempting to pass off as fact in this book of lies he titles Warrant for Genocide, blueprint for Paranoia; one that speaks volumes about the actual agenda of the Jewish conspiracy (that isn’t, according to Jonathan Kay).