[Editor’s Note: This disgusting, seditious and monumental show of abject, grandiose groveling before Zionism’s Number 1 lie of the 20th Century by Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird must be addressed and exposed. Just the sight of this traitorous, ignorant, two-faced hypocrite bowing down before the new altar of the Synagogue of Satan (the ‘Holocaust’ memorials) while representing the Canadian nation is enough to make me want to regurgitate my dinner right on my computer screen!
Were I in that god-forsaken dungeon of deception and misery called ‘Yad Vashem’ I’d likely be coming up behind this sycophantic clown with his little black beanie and booting him square in the ass so that he’d be lying there fully prostrate like the slavering scumbag that he is and then telling him in no uncertain terms to get his bigoted, blasphemous butt out of that monument to Mammon and back to Canada where he could then be tried for treason, removed from office and sent packing back to the Land of Lies to carry on his demented dirty work for Israel.
What a bloody spectacle of abject subservience to the world’s foremost racist, terrorist nation on the part of a Canadian foreign minister! Just how goddam obsequious, demeaned and degraded is the Canadian government expected to become in order to show the rest of the world that we’ve lost all semblance of self-respect and dignity in the face of PM Stephen Harper’s overly glaring and transparent bid to convince this reprehensibly rogue, blood-drenched reprobate pseudo state, that ‘There is no better friend to Israel than Canada.’?
I, for one (and most likely for many more self-respecting Canadians), find it extremely difficult to even put into words the degree of outrage and humiliation that I feel upon seeing this type of behaviour exhibited by a member of my government in the face of all that this predatory, Zionist entity has committed against the global commons in the name of power, control, greed, usury, racism and out and out perverse psychopathy.
I can only hope and pray that other true and patriotic Canadians might also feel the depth of disgust that I’m feeling when I look upon this sordid show of surreal ugliness that the Harper government is doing its damnedest to bequeath to the present and future generations of Canadians.
I’m sure that Minister John Baird will most likely have more foreign affairs while he spends his time and taxpayers money being feted and blackmailed into further extremes of Zionist malfeasance as he continues his indoctrination into the Zionist Jew lies that support their ongoing and heinous treachery toward the Arab peoples of Palestine and the Middle East in general.
But along with Baird’s buffoonery and traitorous suck-holing to Israhell we must never forget for a single moment that this sort of chicanery and Zionist propaganda on the part of the Harper government would not likely achieve its aims and purposes if it weren’t for the malicious intent and seditious behaviour of our so-called ‘Canadian Press,’ another lie of magnanimous proportions. Until the day comes when the majority of Canadians realize that ‘their’ media is in truth Israel’s installed propaganda system we shall continue to be subjected to these gross and misleading ‘news’ articles that have but one purpose: to brainwash Canadians and turn this former sovereign nation into yet another subservient Zionist satellite.]
Canadian Foreign Minister, John Baird, going through the obligatory paces, lays a wreath at the Hall of Remembrance at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial, in Jerusalem, Monday, Jan. 30.
The [Zionist Jew] Canadian Press
Israel has `no better friend in the world than Canada,’ John Baird says
JERUSALEM: Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird kicked off his first full day in Israel by attending the opening of a new Holocaust education facility in Jerusalem.
Baird says the new seminars wing of the International School for Holocaust Education at Yad Vashem will play a key role in ensuring humanity doesn’t forget the lessons of genocide.
And he says Israel has no better friend in the world than Canada.
Baird and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will spend the next several days visiting Israel and the Palestinian territories.
The campus holds seminars each year for educators from 55 countries around the world and Israel, and develops country-specific and custom-made tools for different age groups in more than 20 languages.
Jewish philanthropist Joseph Gottdenker, himself a Holocaust survivor, says Yad Vashem gives a voice and a name to each person who perished, ‘and restores to them the dignity of living history.’
‘Holocaust education enables us to remember the lessons of the past and provides guidance to a more tolerant, hopeful and brighter future,’ Gottdenker said.
In 2011, the school hosted 67 seminars for educators and lay leaders around the world, twice the numbers held in recent years.
Baird, a black skull cap perched on his head, emphasized the importance of Yad Vashem and its new 4,100-square-metre facility in documenting and teaching the lessons of the Holocaust.
‘There is no better friend to Israel than Canada,’ Baird said. ‘We shall always be there for you, and in front of you.’