Corruption, particularly within police forces, be they municipal police or Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), is not a new phenomenon. Neither for that matter is corruption within Canada’s judiciary system be it at the provincial or federal levels. Most people realize this who have ever had dealings with either of these two branches of government.
Coupled with corruption of course is the vital need for cover-up, be it by those working within the policing systems and the courts or, failing that, analogous media channels normally (or once normally) understood to be sources of unbiased news and information. There was a time when the mainstream media’s (msm) job was, traditionally, to investigate criminal activities of all types and expose them for the greater good of society. That was one of the fundamental reasons why democracies supposedly valued a free and independent press and media.
But, as we are now realizing, especially here in British Columbia over the past number of years, the RCMP have done a bang up job of heaping ignominy and shame upon their once highly regarded reputation within policing agencies around the world. It’s not my intent though in this article to go into the numerous cases which illustrate this fact but rather to focus on one particular, highly contentious example that up to this point has failed to receive the press and media attention that I believe it is due. I am referring to the startling and for many normal people, the almost unbelievable experience of Mr. Lonnie Lundrud which is now being presented here for readers viewing and consideration.
What was most amazing for me when I first viewed this short 7-Part YouTube series was the fact that the story had occurred right in my own backyard (Quesnel, B.C.) and still I hadn’t become aware of it until close to 5 years later after the video interview with Mr. Landrud was first put up on YouTube and this was 9 years after the alleged incident took place. On top of that I had been in the publishing business myself since 1998 and still the event somehow eluded me. Strange indeed.
Stranger still, when I began to check into some of the bizarre occurrences, was the fact that I had once had dealings with one of the murdered RCMP officers, Bev Hosker. While it was unrelated to the incident that Lonnie Landrud describes in his videos it nonetheless linked the two events, again, in unusual ways. Those events are recorded within the archives of the Quesnel Cariboo Observer’s letters section and date back to 1997.
The obvious question arose in my mind when I viewed the videos: Why was it that so few people had actually seen them over the past five years? Given their content plus the fact that the RCMP have been in the news for years now thanks to their illegal and increasingly aberrant behaviour toward the public, I found it mind-boggling that on average less than two thousand views of the full seven parts had taken place over this period of time.
Having investigated similar stories of RCMP corruption in the past as well as now covering the case of Jim Townsend which is also linked directly to malfeasance on the part of the RCMP, I felt that this story needed some added impetus to bring it further out of the shadows and into the clear light of public awareness. It’s definitely not something that makes the mounties look good in any way and it’s for that reason that they, the judicial system and the controlled media within B.C. and Canada have done their damnedest to keep this story from gaining any serious publicity. Should justice ever prevail in this instance it will not only absolve Lonnie Landrud of all the bad publicity and lies that have befallen him but it may also unearth the hidden truth about many of the young women who have disappeared along the ‘Highway of Tears’ in this area of the province over the past decade and longer. It is my contention, based upon these videos and other evidence, that the RCMP and the courts and the Crown itself are directly complicit in all of this horrible breach of justice.
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