Whether it’s running a charity race against cancer or running a dance marathon to protect families from domestic violence, local communities love to give back. Charities come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have a common purpose: to bring a large group of people together to raise money for a just cause. When your organization is hosting a charity event, giving away functional promotional products will tie your brand to the cause and increase brand awareness long after the event is over.  
Portable power banks are terrific promotions for large charity events. Attendees at outdoor events won’t be able to charge their smartphones or tablets, and as evening approaches, power banks become a necessary accessory. Allow your participants to capture every moment and keep their cameras and other devices at full power with a useful power bank.
Choosing a cause ribbon is a simple and effective way to promote your cause in the community, as well as take advantage of word-of-mouth marketing. Cause ribbons have been synonymous with charity events since the ’80s and ’90s. Learn more about cause ribbons and choose appropriate colors for your event by reading our color ribbons guide. Consider ordering awareness promotional giveaways like car magnets or notepads in the shape of cause ribbons.
Hydrate runners and other participants with a sports bottle bearing the logo of your organization and the charity of your choice. Branded promotional water bottles are a useful and cost-effective promotional product that everyone appreciates. If you want high-value giveaways for smaller events, upgrade to vacuum sealed bottles and thermos bottles to create a stylish corporate image.
Ideal for giveaways for health and wellness sports, fitness tracker band is a cheap and popular promotional campaign for event participants. Thongs are particularly relevant to these promotional brands, but they can also be distributed in any campaign designed to encourage a more active lifestyle.
What’s a charity event without a commemorative T-shirt or hat? We offer a wide variety of branded clothing, so you can reach your audience with sizes and styles they appreciate. Eighty-five percent can recall the organization that provided them with a promotional hat or shirt, making clothing a wise investment in any event.