To the Honourable Members:
Stephen Harper, Prime Minister; Thomas Mulcair, Opposition Leader; Vic Toews, Federal Public Safety Minister; Rob Nicholson, Federal Solicitor General; Christy Clark, Premier of B.C.; Adrainne Dix, Leader, B.C. Opposition Party.
I again find myself having to write to you the leaders of Canada and British Columbia to try and put a stop to the attempts on my life by a group of RCMP members and their paid informants.
I have already sent letters to some of you Honourable Members and some of you I have never contacted. So I will repeat my situation to put everyone on the same page.
I will start by stating I have contacted some of your Honourable predecessors before and was either ignored or told that the government operates separate from the RCMP and that they cannot interfere personally or by way of office s they have no mandate to do so.
What I am asking is for someone outside the RCMP with the mandate to investigate the actions of all the RCMP members and their paid informants to do so.
If there is no one with a mandate to physically collect evidence or interview witnesses, I ask that the laws be changed that gives someone office that can investigate outside the RCMP.
I ask that this staff be given the rights and mandate to go back twenty-five years in order to look at all the relevant evidence. I have been stuck in this situation for over fourteen years personally however this has started way before then.
If this cannot be done then I request a Public Inquiry into my accusations against the actions of the RCMP members involved.
On January 19th, 2013 I had another attempt on my life. At this time I will not go into detail. I will state that this has been the eleventh of crimes committed against myself and my life in order to silence me. None of which have been investigated from outside the RCMP. Those of which that were investigated by the RCMP enabled them to tamper with evidence and they never interviewed me or my witnesses.
I do know the more that these RCMP members do and fail the crazier that I sound.
These police officers would like you to believe that I am delusional, however I ask for them to bring forth the evidence that can prove what I saw and what I have lived, wrong.
The stress of this situation is incomprehensible. Then add the fact that the government’s mandate has left me reliving it over and over again in order to try to get our of this alive.
Then add the fact the amount of numerous physical injuries I have incurred during these attempts on my life to silence me.
I will continue by stating that not one of these injuries has been treated by a physician due to the fact that they do not want to testify in court, for one reason that it would cost them money. For the second reason that they are friends to some of these RCMP members involved. Some of these member’s wives are nurses.
I will give one example of the many instances that left me feeling like my life is not worth a plugged nickel.
I had gone to the emergency department at the local hospital and as I was having my temperature and blood pressure taken a Doctor Grapes walks over and picks up my medical records and starts to read and as he is doing this he looks at the nurse and states right in front of me. I quote: ‘Isn’t that funny, me and the other doctors have a bet on who gets to pronounce him dead.’ I could not believe my ears. He then set down my file and walked out the door.
I will expand on this by stating that the cop who tried to murder me in my home and the one who I shot in the left arm with a 12 gauge shot gun loaded with #4 birdshot, his wife was a nurse here in Quesnel for years. She has worked with all these doctors and they all have seen my internet statement on YouTube. (Quesnel, RCMP, Corruption: The Lonnie Landrud Story for those of you who haven’t seen or heard about it).
I will continue by stating that I am still suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and that I cannot even get treated because the RCMP have stated that this event never happened, nor any of the others. I for one know when I shot someone in my home and even if I were in my home alone the RCMP members cannot prove me wrong. That night they had to radio out on a public channel because their ghost channels do not work or their cell phones due to my property’s location. There are dozens of people who heard what was taking place and heard that Paul Collister was shot by me. There are a lot of scanners here in public hands that are monitored around the clock. I have spoken to some of these people. Perhaps someone should start to listen to the whole truth! Like I have stated in previous letters, if I could not prove my story I sure as hell would not be risking my life. The evidence can speak for itself. I can sure point to a lot of evidence, all’s I need is for someone outside the RCMP to investigate and to interview the people that I have spoken with.
Now at this point some of you Honourable Members might want to send me to the RCMP Complaints Commission or the Independent Investigations Office of B.C. (IIOBC). I have already tried and neither one has the mandate to investigate this situation. The Complaints Commission only reviews paperwork put forth by the RCMP. The other’s mandate is to investigate only after September 12th, 2012. This is the date given by Shirley Bond, BC Solicitor General to the IIOBC and this was after the fact that she knew the situation that I have been trying to deal with (I have a letter from her that was handed to her by Kevin Falcon and the reply letter that she sent me). She too sent me to the Complaints Commission. Then she signed a twenty year deal with the RCMP shortly thereafter.
There is not one thing that anyone of you Honourable Members can’t tell me to do that I have not tried. I have had five legal advocates and not one could do anything. I have contacted hundreds of lawyers and cannot find one to represent me. They are all scared of being victimized by the RCMP. I’ve been to the media and had the same outcome with them. I have also tried a private investigator and he too was threatened with obstruction of justice charges which would destroy his credibility. I have sent a letter to Wally Opal, Supreme Court Justice who was looking into the murdered and missing women by way of Public Inquiry. I received no reply at all.
I have in my possession enough evidence to prove that I have No Legal Rights, No Civil Rights and No Human Rights in Canada.
The reason being the RCMP are above the law and will be until they no longer investigate themselves.
Now I would hazard to guess you’re asking why would I continue to expose myself to the danger that I face? My reply is these cops are not going to stop trying to murder me anyway so what do I have to lose? Then add the fact that I have survived all of this thus far. Unlike the thirteen people who have been murdered by these RCMP members and on top of all that the fifty girls that have came forward to the Human Rights watch dogs in Prince George, B.C., then you had better realize there is a lot more at stake than this. I’ve spoken to a few of them.
There is no way in hell that I am going to sit back and let members of the RCMP murder people. Just like I am not going to let you Honourable Members hide behind your mandates and policies. Someone had better realize that I have nothing left to lose but I still have a means to expose this to the people of Canada and the world.
Now I will tell you my story and I’m going to give the names of the RCMP members involved and expose what they have done to cover up the truth. I am not going to start with what led up to the first attempt on my life.
I was house sitting for a friend’s mom when I witnessed the murder of Deena Lynn Bream by Paul Collister and Bev Hosker, both members of the Quesnel RCMP. But there was a paid informant, Dianne Fuccenecco there also.
I phoned the Quesnel detachment of the RCMP however their night calls go to Prince George dispatch. I told them about the gun shots that I was hearing, eight in all. It sounded like a twelve gauge shot gun. I never gave my name. I was told that they would dispatch the police to the location (Sugar Loaf Ball Park in West Quesnel). The next morning I had a surveillance team in a trailer next door. It consisted of the following RCMP officers: Constable Gill, Constable Gruending, Constable Hughs, Constable Hosker and later on Constable Collister. These are the names that I was giving to Sgt. Norrise of the Kamloops RCMP the morning after I shot Constable Collister in my home.
Unknown to me I was recorded and after the tape was tampered with was used in court and with the Complaints Commission when I filed a complaint. I can prove it was tampered with. I had a witness sitting right next to me when I spoke to Sgt. Norrise and what I wait was a lot different than the tape. What my witness suggested I tell them (which I did) does not even appear on the tape. There are also other discrepancies that appear on the tape.
At the time I did not know the names of the members that, with Constable Collister, came to my property. They were Constable Kinloch and Constable Coutier (the ones on top of my house and the ones who pursued me across my landing). Constable Barkman, Constable McMillan, Constable Anderson, these were the police officers that I saw at my gate. Constable McMillan and Constable Anderson were the ones who hunted me in my field. This was the third attempt.
The second attempt was a few months earlier in which Constable McMillan, Constable Rogas came to my friend’s home and arrested me for obstruction of justice. I committed no crime and had no idea why I was being arrested. I was severely beaten with a flashlight while in handcuffs and taken to the Quesnel detachment where Constable Paul Collister’s old partner Constable Sardinea tried to murder me with a pressure point attack that has not healed to this day.
The attempts in between were by paid informants or police officers that I could not get a good look at. I can identify some of the paid informants.
The eighth attempt was by Constable Ray Kinloch of the Quesnel RCMP. He came to my rural home and property. He was dressed in camouflage and wearing the same fur hat as the night that I shot Constable Collister.
It was an hour and a half after dark and he had to travel two kilometres through the bush to be where he was at. I felt a direct threat to my life and I shot at his head and then heard him run through the bush and trip and fall. I left and went to my mom’s. When I returned a few days later I located where he tripped on a piece of blowdown and I found something that fell out of his pocket. I also have a witness to corroborate part of my story.
The ninth attempt was by a paid informant. Again, severe injuries.
The tenth attempt was by someone with a rifle with a silencer that tried to shoot me in the head in my own yard. As I stated to Christy Clark it was dumb luck that the bullet missed me. However I again did not escape injury.
The eleventh attempt was on January 19th, 2013 when, after spending the night at my friend’s trailer (the same one I phoned the police from years earlier when I witnessed the murder), someone during the night tampered with my propane ignition system in my truck by taking a hose clamp off and pulling the hose off the intake to my engine and also pulling a plug wire off the front spark plug.
My truck also runs on gasoline and I was using that until my trip home. When I changed over I was moving and had traveled a few miles before the truck exploded. If I had been sitting still I would not have survived. However I was moving and the explosion occurred beneath the truck lifting it off the ground. The result was a near fatal accident with a family of four including two children. They were passing me and traveling in the same direction and were right next to me at the time.
I’m in a quandary and have no understanding as to why this situation has been allowed to continue. I have tried everything humanly possible to have this investigated from outside the RCMP. There is a lot more information and witnesses that I can expose but for now I feel like this should prove that this is no delusion.
To the Honourable Christy Clark: Re: The letter that was your response after the tenth attempt on my life. Here is what happened after you suggested going to pro-bono law, Access to Justice. In late December 2012 I tried five times to contact them and leaving messages. I received no replies.
I tried again in late January 2013 and spoke to someone. He stated that he was the office manager. He never gave his name. I explained my situation and what was taking place and what I have done. He suggested that I run. I told him that I had nowhere to go. He gave me a phone number and said that they could help me. It turned out to be a homeless shelter. So I phoned him back leaving him a message. He returned my call four days later. I explained to him that I did not need a shelter, that I needed a lawyer to give me legal advice. To this day I’ve had no legal advice!
I again explained my situation. He stated that he was a lawyer and he could not help me. I requested that in writing. His reply was, ‘We get 10,000 calls a day and we do not have the time to write letters to everyone.’ He went on to state that I should continue to deal with the Complaints Commission. This after I explained to him that I’ve been down that road before and they only review paperwork put forth by the RCMP. He went on again to state that I should run!
A couple of days later I phoned the Complaints Commission to request the phone numbers of Bob Paulson, Head RCMP commissioner and Craig Cullen, Deputy Commissioner here in B.C. I spoke to a lady who stated she was a complaints commissioner and that I had no right to that information. That she, herself, could not contact them directly. She suggested that I try the RCMP website. I have no access to a computer. I however have had and the web sites that are connected to me are being stalked by the RCMP. I have exposed two such sites that have been created by the RCMP. I will also state that my mom’s phone has been tapped and after contacting Telus I was told that I have no right to that information.
On January 19th 2013 I went to the Native Friendship Centre and spoke to Criss Dunlope who handles legal aid and explained my situation to her. She asked, ‘Why are you coming to me?’ I told her that I needed a lawyer and legal advice. She said that she was not a lawyer and everything she could suggest I have already done. She went on to state that I should go underground because my situation will not change until the RCMP quit investigating themselves.
On February 6th, 2013 I again phoned the RCMP Complaints Commission. I asked the receptionist that answered if the commission’s mandate has changed or do the RCMP still investigate themselves. She stated, ‘No, our mandate is still the same and the RCMP still investigate themselves.’ I told her my situation and she said, ‘I will have an analyst phone me back.’
I received a phone call twenty minutes later. It was a man’s voice who asked, ‘Now what the fuck do you want?’
Now I am a logger and used to such belligerence until he continued by stating, ‘We have been down this road in 2005 and we will not deal with this any further you fucking asshole.’ So I asked him, ‘Can I get that in writing?’ He replied, ‘No, we have given you everything in writing we are going to give you!’
So I asked, ‘So you’re telling me I have no rights. I just had someone try to blow me up after I was at a friend’s and some one tampered with my propane system.’
He asked, ‘Did anyone see who did it?’ I replied, ‘Well the only enemies that I have been dealing with are cops and they are the ones I’m trying to get investigated.’ He said, ‘No, we cannot help you.’ So I said, ‘So you’re telling me that you’re going to do nothing just like when I shot Constable Paul Collister? I mean it would have been really simple to subpoena the medical records of Collister.’ I went on and said, ‘You know that I did shoot him in the left arm with a twelve gauge shotgun loaded with #4 birdshot! That he is still being treated for a blockage in his ulna.’ I then added, ‘I could implicate him in as many as thirteen murders.’ He then stated that they have done everything that they could and then told me again that I could go fuck myself.
I understand why he treated me the way that he did. In my opinion he did an inadequate and inept job when asked for a review by the Complaints Commission. He went solely on the word of Sgt. Hildebrant who was Constable Collister’s cohort for years and then add the tampered-with tape.
I mean, would you not ask for proof that Collister was not shot? How hard would it have been to ask for medical reports?
It’s also my opinion that the Complaints Commission is just a cover-up organization for the RCMP and is a useless facet of our justice system.
Something I do not understand is why do the RCMP have such control? They are just people like us.
You know that I have been asked by lawyers why I was not dead yet and why are you trying to get us killed?
I have also been told that I am a threat to national security by these same lawyers. I have always asked why? I’m just trying to deal with a system that has a crack in it that I’ve unknowingly fallen into. I’m just trying to stay alive. Is that too much to ask? I’ve had to relive this much too long.
The stress and anxiety and the fear for my life, along with the physical injuries, has left me feeling like I’m being tortured to death.
I ask all you Honourable Members what do I do, let them murder me? I have always stated to everyone that I may have to forfeit my life. That, I have always expected, but I ask you, am I not going to fight to defend my life?
I mean I could go ballistic like the ex-L.A. police officer who was reported to have murdered other police officers. I can relate to some of the feelings but my no means can I understand why he did what he did. I believe there has been enough killing already. That is why I’m doing what I’m doing to prevent me from having to harm anyone. I have only asked for someone to investigate from outside the RCMP and I request to be put in protective custody till this is resolved. I also request medical treatment to see if my injuries can be treated.
On the other hand, what do I do if you ignore my requests? Do I go to the United States and ask for asylum? These RCMP members are above the law and will not stop till I’m dead and there is no one who protects me from my supposed protectors. I always thought this was a free country to do what I want within the laws of Canada. Having to live in almost house arrest conditions for nine years has shown me that we live in a police state. I cannot even go to my own home, I have to live with my mother in order to feel any sort of safety and even then it’s very little. There has been no way out of this. I have tried everything.
I asked the Honourable Christy Clark about her letter dated November 28th, 2012. She stated that she could not get personally involved. Yet she sent my letter to the Quesnel RCMP detachment to be investigated. Her actions exposed every piece of personal identification that I possess to the people who are trying to murder me. These RCMP members have a computer system called C.P.E.C. and now can track me where ever I go in Canada. I ask you, is that not overstepping your mandate and in doing so exposing me to further threat?
The RCMP officer who phoned me on your behalf was police officer Ray Kinloch. He asked me to go in and make a statement. I refused. Reason one is for fear of my life and reason two is I’m not going to give him the evidence so it can be altered or go missing.
I realize that by stating this I’m not making friends or allies and I do apologize if I’ve offended you. That was never my intention, ever. I wish that I did not have to involve any of you Honourable Members but what choice do I have? The truth is the truth and life is like that. I have only tried to deal with what’s been given to me.
I believe that you are the people who look out for society’s best interests. These RCMP officers murdering people and investigating themselves is a threat to society is it not? You Honourable Members are our representatives by way of legal election. I’ve never voted for who would be members of the RCMP and I sure never put them in a position where they are above the law. This has resided in the policies that government has mandated since the time of confederation.
I believe that this arcane system has done nothing to protect myself or anyone from being victimized by members of the RCMP and in doing so has left these same RCMP members unaccountable for any crimes that they choose to commit.
I will state that if someone from outside the RCMP with a mandate to investigate the RCMP does investigate and I am found not to be telling the whole truth I would expect to be charged with obstruction of justice with the full knowledge of the maximum sentence that can brought down upon me. I fully expect to be held in compliance with Canadian law.
I ask you Honourable Members if the I.I.O. office in Ontario can investigate the members of the B.C. RCMP. They have been mandated for a longer period of time. I however do not know if they can be inter-provincial. They are a federal branch are they not? I have no way to contact them.
Look. I am not trying to destroy the RCMP. I just believe that they should be held accountable. I also know that they are a valuable organization with a lot of good people who are a benefit to society’s safety. On the other hand there is a subculture within the RCMP that is a detriment to the safety of the Canadian public by being above the law and investigating themselves.
Please do something. I cannot go on living in fear for my life when I know that the laws can be changed and I can feel free to live my life again.
I do request a reply in writing from all you Honourable Members in regards to this matter.
Thank you. God bless.
Yours truly,
Lonnie Gabriel Landrud
April 24th, 2013