With the onset of Spring imagery of renewal and the planting of new seed is present in the minds of gardeners everywhere. And, by extrapolation, a similar scenario exists for those of a philosophical nature who perpetually work the inner soils of their being, striving to reap new harvests of perspective and understanding. As one of those philosophers who enjoys the challenge of planting new ideas and hoeing inordinately long rows, my thoughts again shift to the perennial flow of unanswered queries surrounding ‘the Jewish question’ and the unique part that this minor religious sect plays in the cosmic dance upon life’s stage.
Having spent another Winter pondering and debating this question with writers and thinkers, both Jewish and Gentile, there still remains a strong conviction in my mind that the greatest challenge to all the generations of people today, from individual citizens to sovereign nations, is the achievement of a clear consensus of mutual understanding regarding the paramount role that the Zionist Jews have historically played (and continue to play) in the ongoing drama of control and manipulation of the global economy, world politics and the socio-cultural, information paradigm now known euphemistically to seekers of truth as the Matrix.
There are few, if any, of us living today who were around when that fateful sprout we now know as Political Zionism formally burst through its Talmudic encased shell to poke its hydra head out from the fertile and fermenting soils of European society back in 1897. That was when Dr. Theodor Herzl, a Budapest-born Sephardic Jew and Viennese journalist, organized an international conference in Basel, Switzerland to discuss the age-old question of seeking a permanent ‘homeland’ for the multitude of Jews who, ostensibly, had been wandering the earth since their banishment by Rome from Palestinian territory in 70 A.D. The conference took place one year after Herzl published his controversial book, The Jewish State, and it culminated in the formation of the World Zionist Organization, the first of many intentional ‘international’ organizations designed to implement the Zionist’s plan for creating an instrument with which to overthrow and destroy every nation state upon the planet (with the exception of their own, i.e. Israel) and supplant them with a one world government.
The kernel of Political Zionism had lain dormant for centuries, confined, as the bulk of Jews themselves, within the hoary husk prison-cell of the Jewish Talmud a massively ponderous tome of ongoing, manmade statutes and judgments first compiled by the Pharisees after their banishment from Jerusalem. The Talmud was, in essence, the indestructible, stainless steel canister within which the basic tenets of Abraham’s seed were contained and was recognized by the vast majority of Jews as the supreme ‘Law’ over and above the Torah (the Pentateuch or Old Testament of the Christian Bible).
For thinkers of this present time to fathom the depth of relative importance that the Talmud has played in the formation of the Zionist mindset and grasp the overall intent of this chauvinist and racist mental outlook that developed over the past two thousand years is, I suggest, the greatest intellectual and spiritual challenge facing humankind today.
And what of this seed? What garden variety, bug resistant specimen of germ was inserted into the social, cultural and political ground that would, over time, take firm hold and produce such an abundance of mental and emotional foliage that even today a century or more beyond the initial planting the vast majority of thinkers are still blinded and confused by the conceptual camouflage that these premeditated, genetically modified plants have produced?
First, the Big Bucks
In order to deliberately set out to create a global mental monoculture composed of political, social and cultural paradigms the primary prerequisite, as every investor knows, is to have and to hold the generative ‘power of the purse’, a phrase coined and used by the Talmudic Zionist Jews. No endeavor of such proportions could possible have been contemplated on a serious level and then actually undertaken without first ensuring that the requisite financial resources were in place to cover all the potential contingencies that could, and would, arise in a venture of such magnitude. Analogous therefore to this creation of a world wide, intellectual landscape of mono-cultural thinking would be the notion of undertaking a similar project of an agricultural nature without the wherewithal to irrigate and fertilize such a massive scheme.
The capital therefore had to be securely in place beforehand for such a proposition to have any real chance of success and that fundamental factor of the Zionist formula for global dominance took formal root in the fields of Western society when the Jewish banking cartel headed by the Rothschild family of fine bankers finally, through wealth, wile and will, were able to establish their initial foundation for war, terror, strife and mind-control via the collusive devise known as the centralized banking system.
As an aside it ought to be born in mind that while many of today’s students of history are cognizant of the crucial role that the Jewish bankers have played in the unfolding of the Zionist agenda for creating a one world government the vast majority of people still remain ignorant of the fact that the Jews had been playing the money game with nation-states and their leaders for thousands of years, leaving a legacy to the world of nation after nation, destroyed and confounded, from Babylon to Egypt to Greece then Rome to Spain and eventually Russia in the beginnings of the 20th Century. From eastern Europe the Zionists then set their sights upon the New World, the USA in particular.
Using what is commonly known today to researchers on the subject as the fractional reserve banking system, a clandestine, alchemical process of creating gold, not out of lead but out of purely mental concepts, or as some say, ‘thin air’, was to prove, upon assay, to be the most fantastic, yet fruitfully usurious scheme ever devised by man to guarantee untold wealth and power for those whose hands held the strings of this literally bottomless purse.
Metaphorically speaking then this was the first Jewish Modified Organism (JMO) which the Talmudic Jewish Zionists created and from its renewable, revenue producing roots sprang forth a money tree within the boundaries of every sovereign nation of the Western world; a Trojan Horse of such magnanimity and subtleness that once firmly in place it then provided the wherewithal to begin the grand design of what I have referred to elsewhere as ‘the infrastructure of tyranny’* which became the foundation upon which the current era of terror now precariously rests.
The crowning glory of this conspiracy to conscript all mankind into an army of compliant, consumer slaves, after the Talmudic Jewish controlled ‘Russian’ revolution of 1917, was the Rothschild scheme to create a private, central banking system in the United States of America. That feat was accomplished in 1913 when the so-called Federal Reserve banking system was established. With it the Zionist Jews now had a seed tree embedded in the richest soils of the world’s latest and greatest empire at the beginning of the 20th Century. That, as I have suggested, is when the project for the creation of a New World Order first took on a tangible form.
Then, the Mind Conditioning
As every gardener knows, after securing a plentiful water supply, the other essential ingredient necessary for producing an abundant crop is sunlight and to this end the Zionist Jews now turned their attention. With the money (water) in place to irrigate the fertile mental fields of America and the rest of the West the collaborators could now focus on new JMO seed varieties that would enhance their plans for world hegemony. The second of these JMOs was therefore a natural concomitant of the first and one meant to provide the means of communicating to the mass public a program of mind control designed to ensure feasibility of all that was planned for them.
It’s not by mere coincidence that many newspapers have the word ‘sun’ included in their titles. As an example I use the newspaper most widely prominent here in British Columbia, Canada, the province where I reside. It is called ‘The Vancouver Sun’ named after B.C.’s largest city. It is a Jewish, pro-Zionist newspaper, one of many such Jewish newspapers across Canada owned and controlled by the Asper family, and for purposes of illustration, will do just nicely.
If we continue with the gardening metaphor it is easy to see the connection between sunlight (the mass media, or what I refer to as the M3, the Mainstream Mind-control Media), soil (the minds of the general public) and water (the Jewish-controlled money supply).
In order to cultivate crops (generations) of human seedlings which will bear the genetic (psychic) imprint of the specific variety of seed, the fructifying influence of the light source must be established and controlled in order to obtain the highest yield possible within the shortest span of time. In order to accomplish this program the means of communication (the sunlight) must be concentrated in the hands of the gardener and like clockwork for these clandestine horrorculturalists the timers need to be set so that the maximum amount of light (mind-control propaganda) can be beamed down on the mental fields (tabula rasa) of young minds awaiting this negative, nurturing force.
If one is able, by inference, to visualize the process it quickly becomes apparent that the concentration and/or conglomeration of all the major sources of information contained within the media television, newspapers, books, magazines, film, publishing houses in Zionist Jew hands, is pivotal to their primary plan for the creation of a one world strategy of governance.
Just as the sun of nature nurtures her myriad number of offspring, so, from dawn until dusk, by analogy, the Zionist Jew ‘sun’ of their communication networks does likewise and just as we witness the movement of nature’s sun across the sky and note the accompanying motion of the plant in the field that changes and bends its direction continuously so as to accommodate itself to the maximum degree of the given light source so is it possible to see this same phenomenon occurring within the minds of the general public as their collective consciousness is manipulated in one form or another by the degree of artificial light (in the form of ‘news’, ‘information’) which this sacrilegious source shines down upon the people daily (and, if we extend the notion of artificial lighting the process goes well beyond the daylight hours and is actually occurring on a 24-hour global growth cycle that never lets up!)
And finally, the crop
The end result of this conspiracy of conspiracies is what now lies before our eyes today. We see a world torn apart by war, domestic and international conflict, poverty, pollution, injustice and slavery to a capitalist/corporate/Jewish-run economic system that benefits only the obscenely rich Jews and their minority of elitist lackeys chosen from the horde of Gentile men and women who, due to the same spiritual malady of mammon-induced greed, have sold their souls to the highest bidder in a vain attempt to escape the inescapable.
Space forces me to confine this short essay to the highlights of such a metaphor of madness that has taken grip on the world. To document in detail the multitude of offshoots which have sprung forth from the initial seed described above would take a full length book or more. Suffice it to say that the Jewish Modified Organism that we know today as Political Zionism has been altered and recreated, tested and modified and planted over and over for at least a hundred years or more within the laboratories of our social consciousness and political landscape and the varieties and their effects are so pervasive and powerfully inculcated into our daily lives and throughout our mental and material world that only a supreme effort on the part of researchers and thinkers everywhere will reveal the extent to which this phenomenon has developed.
To fall prey to the persuasive arguments which the pro-Zionist forces perpetuate on a routine basis is to be misled and self-deluded to one’s own and one’s neighbour’s detriment. To be consistently cognizant and steadfastly aware of the fact that our primary source of information, the mainstream media, upon which we vainly attempt to calculate and order our lives, is a duplicious mask of falsehood of such grotesque proportions that it boggles the mind upon initial contemplation, is to plant our foot upon a new threshold leading to a greater and more determined awareness of the magnitude of the problems that now beset us as a human race.
God grant that we all become gardeners of the soil of truth and that our collective efforts to extirpate this alien and destructive weed known as Political Zionism will eventually bear the fruit of victory thus allowing our beautiful planet to return to harmony and love, peace and brotherhood/sisterhood. These are the seeds of individual choice that we need to plant with each new Spring.
Arthur Topham is the publisher/editor of The Radical Press http://www.radicalpress.com . He lives in rural central British Columbia on a small holding with his lovely wife Shasta, their dedicated Malamute/wolf dog, Sheena and some cats. Arthur has been researching the Zionist issue for a number of years. Feedback is always welcome, both pro and con. Please write to Arthur at [email protected]