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What follows is an e-mail exchange between myself and Steven Alten, author of ‘The Shell Game which has been touted and promoted by some people in the 9/11 Truth Movement. I became suspicious that this book was just another misleading Arab-bashing, Israel-pleasing work which only points fingers at the Zionist-approved list of ‘usual subjects including the puppet king Bush. Many of us have come to the realization that Israel has played a major role in 9-11 (PNAC, dancing Israeli spies, Odigo, Wolfowitz Doctrine, The Clean Break, Netanyahu and Silverstein phone buddies, Israeli security in charge of US airports, Marvin Bush in charge of security of WTC at time of attacks, implosions, explosions, Silverstein said on video ‘they decided to pull it with regards to WTC building 7 which was not even hit by a jet, and it takes weeks to set up an implosion, the resulting ‘war on terror based on false info provided by Israels Mossad, and so on and so forthsee the DVDs and research on the internet using google). Therefore any book, DVD, film or article which does not point to or even allude to the role of Israel in 9-11 is obfuscating and hiding the Truth about 9-11.
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Hi Steven,
With regards to your book ‘The Shell Game and my question ‘Why is it that you do not mention the Israeli connection to 9-11 and oil?,
these are my guesses for your possible answer(s):
#1) In order to get your book published and distributed in the US, you realize you have to avoid offending Jewish interests and anything that might offend Jewswhich of course would be the obvious Jewish-American/Israeli connection to 9-11 (see: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/9-11neocon.php )and also the Jewish-American/Israeli ambition to dominate the oil resources (see: http://www.marwenmedia.com/articles_images/SecretRelationship.html ) in the Middle East.
#2) Somehow, you have been unaware of such information.
#3) You are aware of such information but you simply dont believe it, and prefer to believe the Zionist-approved propagandistic version that it was just big bad corporations, politicians such as Bush & Cheney and Saudi Arabia that is behind the false flag INSIDE JOB operation of the 9-11 attacks.
#4) You believe it is an ‘anti-Semitic canard to believe in such ‘conspiracy theories which involve any Jewish Americans or Israeli-Americans or Israelis in the 9-11 attacks.
I am eagerly awaiting your response.
Wendy Campbell
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Steven Alten, author of ‘The Shell Game replies to Wendy:
on 12/28/07 9:01 PM, [email protected] at [email protected] wrote:
Hi, Wendy
Wow. Actually, the Israeli situation, detailed in Crossing the Rubicon, did not play into my plot. Do I believe agents were following hijackers before 9/11? Yes. I also believe Israel is one of our most important allies, the one true democracy in the Middle East, and that they did warn Bush in the beginning.
Please remember, I couldn’t toss in every aspect of the 9/11 truth movement investigations and still expect the mainstream reader to accept the book’s truths. You have to pick and choose. The objective was to show how Bush and Cheney committed treason and where their acts can lead. I detailed an awful lot, but I still needed to keep the plot moving in a thriller matter or lose the audience.
The success of the book can crack open the door. Then you can kick it in!
Steve Alten
Wendy replies to Steve:
Hi Steve,
Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate your response and the fact that you didnt get offended by my message to you. I shall have to check out ‘Crossing the Rubicon.
May I point out some facts to you which you may have missed or have not taken into consideration with regards to your conclusions? Here we go:
I am glad that you believe Israeli agents were following the hijackers before 9-11, but I am surprised that you dont seem to be aware of the Israeli spies high-fiving it while taping the attacks themselves (google ‘dancing Israeli spies) which pretty much proves they had foreknowledge and were actually probably taping the results of their own efforts while working for the Mossadas in it is very likely that they planted the explosives themselves in the World Trade Center buildings 1, 2 and 7 (which was not even hit by a jet) all buildings owned by Larry Silverstein, who is best friends with super Zionist hawk Netanyahuone of the writers of PNAC (Project for New American Centurythe blueprint for 9-11 and rolling out the war on the Middle East, starting with Iraq and Afghanistan as called for in this document which was based on ‘A Clean Break which was based on ‘The Wolfowitz Doctrine). As you can probably see by now, I firmly believe that the Israelis and Israeli-Americans, such as Silverstein, such as Netanyahu, such as Wolfowitz, such as Perle, and their colleagues actually orchestrated 9-11. In their PNAC doctrine, they stated that they needed a ‘Pearl Harbor-style event to happen to start on the empire building, and so that was 9-11.
But even if the Israeli agents were just ‘following the hijackers as you believe, then doesnt that make them complicit collaborators? Or at the very least, why didnt they directly tell authorities which could have prevented 9-11 from happening? Please dont tell me they wanted not to reveal that they were Israeli spies! Surely there could be a way around that! At the very least, like for instance when the Israeli company Odigo (actually a front for the Mossad) headquartered in WTC got the warnings that there was going to be a hitcouldnt any of the Mossad agents who knew what was about to happen have at least anonymously called into the building authorities and the NYC police and NY fire dept to warn people of a bomb or something (instead of just calling their own pals at Odigo)?
With ‘allies like Israel, who needs enemies? Israel did not in any serious way ‘warn Bush. The Mossad just sent their usual torrent of information with no specifics. Again, why couldnt they even have at the very least anonymously tipped off the authorities in NY and the WTC with regards to a bomb scare? I believe its because they not only wanted it to happen the way it did, but they orchestrated it, to benefit Israels ambitions, as in enlisting to US to fight Israels warseveryone who participated got to keep their jobs and line their pockets with the war-time profiteering.
And how can you possibly believe that the Jewish state of Israel is the ‘one true democracy in the Middle East when obviously it is a Jewish supremacist state which has been systematically and continually embarking on a campaign of ethnic cleansing against non-Jews since day one of Israels creation in 1948? Israel is actually a theocracy, which has apartheid policies and an on-going campaign of ethnic-cleansing against non-Jews, and provides equal rights for Jews ONLY. Israel is a Jewish supremacist, nationalistic, socialistic country. Sound familiar? Zionism is actually the twin to Nazism, if Truth be known. Perhaps you might want to read Joel Kovels new book ‘Overcoming Zionism and also get some history about ‘The Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict written by Jews for Justice in the Middle East which can be found at: http://www.cactus48.com .
Israel is not even a true democracy for Jews since marriage between Jews and non-Jews is not allowed to happen legally in Israel.
As far as I am concerned, any book or report that overlooks the Israeli connection to 9-11 is pure misinformation/disinformation and I simply do not have time for that. I care ONLY for the Truth and the usual Arab-bashing and pointing fingers at the puppets without looking at the underlying cause (which is Zionism and greed for money, oil and power amongst all the collaborators behind 9-11, Jewish and non-Jewish ) is simply non-productive, misleading and irresponsible.
The root cause must be examined and dealt with or else endless war will continue.
By the way, just out of curiosityare you Jewish ? In case you are interested, I am not.
Wendy Campbell
PS Here are a couple links to help you understand the Truth about 911:
Books to read include: ‘9-11 Evil by Victor Thorne and Lisa Guiliani, and ‘9-11 Enigma: The Israeli Connection by Justin Raimondo of http://www.antiwar.com and writings by Christopher Bollyn (see: http://www.bollyn.com)
Steve replies to Wendy:
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Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2007 13:03:06 EST
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Why is it that you do not mention the Israeli connection to 9-11 and oil??
I think your views are seriously warped. And flat out wrong. There are no LAWS in Israel preventing intermarriage. Religion and government are separate factions. Perhaps teh Orthodox Jews do not acceppt inter-marriage, but the reform do. regardless, it is NOT a law!
I seriously doubt Mossad agents allowed themselves to be filmed high fiving. And news footage from Israel showed the population WEEPING after the WTC went down…as opposed to high fiving Palestinians.
I would categorize your views as anti-semetic.
I would also say your views are what kills credibility in the 9/11 movement.
:38 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, [email protected] writes:
‘As far as I am concerned, any book or report that overlooks the Israeli connection to 9-11 is pure misinformation/disinformation and I simply do not have time for that.’
And I have no time for you.
Wendy replies to Steve:
I KNOW your views are seriously misinformed.
For instance, it is NOT possible for Jews to legally marry non-Jews in Israel. PERIOD. Do your research! A marriage between a Jew and a Non-Jews performed inside Israel is NOT considered legal in Israel.
And since Israel is a Jewish state by its own proclamation and ONLY allows completely equal rights amongst JEWS ONLY, then OBVIOUSLY Israel is a theocracy and NOT a true democracy.
And, no, the Mossad agents were not FILMED high-fiving, but witnesses SAW them high-fiving WHILE THEY were filming the 9-11 terrorist attacks and explosions happening in the WTC. These guys were then arrested and questioned and held for a while by US authorities, but Chertoff (an Israeli-American) let them go back to Israel.
These same high-fiver guys were later interviewed on an Israeli TV talk show, and this can be seen if you search for it on YouTube OR you can buy the DVD of the movie which includes the footage the movie is by a Jewish American film-maker Marc Levin who was trying to disprove Israeli involvement in 9-11 HOWEVER he inadvertently made the case that Israel was involved in 9-11 even stronger and that is why he could not get wider distribution for his film whose title is ironically ‘Protocols of Zion.
And arent you aware that the Zionized US mainstream media which almost never shows anything negative about Israel or the truth about its ethnic cleansing and racist, apartheid regime, showed the footage of dancing Palestinians, a clip that was taken completely out of context and not at all related to 911 as it was shot much earlier than that, did that to propagandize Americans further into hating Arabs and Palestinians? All the while the mainstream media downplayed the story of the ‘dancing Israelis who were actually caught filming the attacks on the WTC on 9-11! Dont tell me you havent heard of that!
I would categorize YOUR views as philo-Semitic and misinformed and biased.
I would also say that your views are what help to obfuscate the Truth in the 9/11 TRUTH movement. I see you omitted the word Truth in your sentence regarding ‘credibility in the 9/11 movement…
I surmise it was an unconscious but TELLING omission.
Wendy Campbell
NOTE FROM WENDY TO READERS: In short, Steve Altens book ‘The Shell Game is nothing more ‘revealing and ‘daring than Zionist-controlled Michael Moores film ‘Fahrenheit 9/11. If you thought that was a great film, then you will probably love ‘The Shell Game. As Steve has said in his own words, he believes that ‘Israel is one of our most important allies, the one true democracy in the Middle East, and that they did warn Bush in the beginning. I rest my case that this book is nothing but misinformation and a waste of any real 9-11 Truth-seekers time. — WC