Some watch models are so famous that people can recognize them by their names, which is one thing. Think of the Submariner, the nautilus, the Royal Oak, and the super – these are just a few of the names. You don’t need anyone to mention the brand’s name to know that “Submarine” may refer to a Rolex submarine — and so does the logo of other industries. Anyone with a passing interest in luxury replica watches can conjure up a design in their head at the mere mention of these names. 
If you have any doubts about the power of the fake Rolex brand, take the time to scan the catalog and see how many names you can identify. I’m talking about the world famous bracelet lines, which are themselves more famous than most of their competitors’ flagship products.
Just like Rolex watches, Rolex bracelets have their own names, distinct design languages, histories, and marketing campaigns. No other luxury brand celebrated the watch as enthusiastically as Rolex. Drop the names Oyster, Jubilee, and President, and people who know watches know what these Rolex bracelets look like.
Like other watch components such as cases, movements and faces, Rolex bracelets have evolved over the years, adding new designs to familiar collections. To get a better understanding of all this, here’s our official guide to different Rolex bracelets.
The Jubilee bracelet was Rolex’s first in-house bracelet in an era when many others were simply fitting their watches with existing bracelet styles from specialists all over the world. It featured a five-piece link design comprised of three rows of small center links flanked by two rows of larger links. This is one of the more elaborate of the Rolex bracelets, which are currently available in a variety of metal options and sizes, although at the time of its initial release it was only available in solid gold. 
The Jubilee bracelet has continued to be a mainstay in the Datejust collection; however, the sportier GMT-Master has also been paired with the Jubilee bracelet at various points throughout its history. The presidential bracelet promises a new luxury bracelet tailored to Rolex’s high-end products and opens the door to the Jubilee, which will be introduced on more sporty models such as the GMT Master family.
While the overall look of the Jubilee bracelet has remained largely the same since its introduction, a closer look at the links reveals some notable modifications over the years. There have been folded links, oval links, D-shaped links, and solid links. Before Rolex became the vertically integrated giant it is today, it outsourced the manufacturing of certain components to specialists — standard practice in the replica watch industry at the time. Some Rolex bracelets are even made in the United States and Mexico, and they have distinctive oval links.