On May 4, 2008 the Jewish Canadian blogger and former publisher of the Western Standard magazine Ezra Levant ran an article on his website called, ‘Jews for free speech.’ In it he appears to formally distance himself and many other ‘individual’ Jews from the machinations of the unholy trinity of Zionist Israeli mole operatives working behind the scenes of Canadian politics and known respectively as the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada, the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Simon Wiesenthal Centre.
Drawing upon the names of many well-known Jewish writers and media personalities like David Frum and Noam Chomsky, Levant gives his readers the impression that a distinct philosophical, if not spiritual, dichotomy exists between these independent-minded individuals and the likes of the BBC, CJC and the SWC who he disdainfully refers to as ‘the Official Jews, the Professional Jews, the Jews Who Are Jews for a Living’.
On the surface Levant’s criticisms give the impression that, yes, these individual Jewish ‘mavericks’ are definitely not cut from the same cloth as the rest of the ‘self-chosen’ sufferers who continually flog themselves in their traditionally masochistic manner before the Canadian public, moaning and crying afoul about the eternal threat to their ‘physical and psychological security’ as Levant states. But this is not the full story of what is currently happening within either the ‘Official Jew’ camp or the camp of Jewish ‘free speechers’ that Levant would have the general public believe is far removed from the proponents of media censorship and the infamous Sec. 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act.
After doing his utmost to distance himself from these ‘professional’ Jews Levant eventually comes to the crux of his argument contained in the‘ADDENDUM’ section of his anti-‘Official Jew’ screed wherein he attempts to prove to his readers that it is not just that the ‘free speech’ Jews find Sec. 13(1) unsavory but that the ‘anti-Semites’ are now using this draconian, post 9-11 insertion into Canadian jurisprudence as a ‘weapon against us.’
Of course the ‘anti-Semites’ alluded to are not the likes of myself and Radicalpress.com or http://www.PEJ.org , two independent, Canadian alternative media ‘goy’ sites, who the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada have complained to the CHRC are ‘spreading hatred toward Jews and citizens of Israel’. No, that wouldn’t be kosher on the part of Levant or Steyn or his other adherents to give any additional media attention to them because, especially in the case of Radicalpress.com, the evidence of the root involvement of the Zionist forces at work within the fabric of Canadian society and government is too well documented. For Levant and his supporters it is imperative that the public not get the impression that there may be something much more sinister contained within the ‘Zionist’ factor in terms of the overall censorship equation that Canadians are now dealing with in this latest Zionist public relations campaign designed to heap abuse, racism, disinformation and responsibility upon the Muslim community for the woes of all those who are now victims of said Sec. 13(1) legislation.
It’s my assertion that this is all smoke and mirrors designed to smother and obfuscate, in a further PR initiative, the ugly face of Zionist ideology and keep it hidden away from the Canadian public’s aroused curiosity in this sudden chain of events where we are seeing Jews being highlighted in a scam of massive proportions. The tables have been turned and the shells suddenly flipped over and lo and behold how the exposed culprits in question are squirming and skittering about, frantically trying to conceal their true identities!
Throughout it all though one must never forget that the whole superstructure of Zionism rests upon one fundamental tenet: deception of all non-Jews whoever and wherever they may be. If, as others are suggesting, Ezra Levant is, in fact, a Zionist (I personally haven’t seen any admission of this to date) then whatever comes out of his mouth must be measured against the yardstick of truth about what Political Zionism really represents, not only in terms of Canada but in terms of the rest of the world, for it is the globe, as primary target, that is now, and has been for the last century and more, directly in the sights of the Zionist’s propaganda gun barrel. To deny this or dismiss it as ‘conspiracy theory’ (another Zionist catch-all phrase designed to further deceive earnest seekers after truth in history) is to fall further into the trap that the majority of Canadians have lived all their lives; a trap for the most part so subtle and invisible that average Canadians never realize the magnitude or the identity of the chains that have held them in mental and financial servitude throughout their lives.
Let us be quite clear about some things which Levant isn’t saying. It was the ‘Official’ Jewish lobby groups who have been responsible for sneaking into legislation the infamous Sec. 13(1). It was the former Zionist Jew ‘Canadian’ Minister of Justice, Irwin Cotler who was, and still is, behind this Zionist infiltration of our federal government, aided and abetted by the overwhelming preponderance of Zionist Jew Supreme Court Justices within our federal judiciary who have worked with deceptive diligence in bringing about all this draconian legislation which they, in their typical Talmudic, elitist hubris, never thought might backfire on them at some point in the future.
These are the culprits in this maniacal melodrama who, now that they’ve been caught with their proverbial pants down, are attempting to shine, with full, high-beam intensity, their media floodlights into the eyes of the Canadian public in yet another attempt to blind us, like innocent deer upon a midnight highway, into believing that it’s all the fault of those ‘jihadists’ and ‘terrorists’ from Iraq and Iran and Palestine and Afghanistan and elsewhere that Canadians are now having their basic human right to freedom of speech threatened. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Warmouse, who is but another dupe for these Zionist forces, will eventually get caught in the crossfire and crash and burn along with all the other front men and women like Dean Steacy and Sandy Kozak, et al. It’s an age old, repetitive story for those who’ve taken the time to research the wonders that comprise this ancient Pharisaic, Talmudic scheme to destroy the sovereign nation states of the world and along with it create yet another final and global holocaust, only this time one where the Zionists get the deluded, mind-controlled ‘christians’ to take up arms against the people of Mohammedan faith in a mutual conflagration of fire that will supposedly fulfil Biblical prophecy and, unbeknownst to the christian dupes, usher in a New World Order of Zionist Jew dictatorship and global slavery.
Part of this subterfuge is Warmouse’s suing of Levant, the National Post, its editor Jonathan Kay, and four of Canada’s most fanatical and pro-Israel Gentile bloggers, Kathy Shaidle, Kate McMillan and Connie and Mark Fournier who, as Levant so graciously states, are part of the free speech loving Jew’s ‘righteous Gentile allies’.
When all this complaining of hatred toward Jews and citizens of Israel first came down upon my head back in November of 2007 and I became aware of other blogs also being harassed. One of them was Connie and Mark Fournier’s forum known as ‘FreeDominion.ca’. I registered on the site and as a contributing member and a N.T. Christian, I felt morally duty-bound to try and alert my fellow brothers and sisters to the forces ultimately responsible for the legal dilemma that they were caught in.
It quickly became apparent that FreeDominion.ca was not as ‘Free’ as it touted itself to be. What was most obvious were the Israeli flags flying everywhere and the standard ‘6 million’ victims of the Hun propaganda flashing before one’s eyes. Like all things Zionist it wasn’t what it purported to be. It wasn’t a true Christian site but in actuality a pro-Israeli, pro-Zionist disinformation site designed to further the aims and aspirations of the Zionist Jews who had control of the minds of its members. I soon noted that anyone who expressed anything contrary to the Zionist line of linear, apocalyptic thinking, was usually browbeaten and intimidated into some small corner where they eventually slithered out under the door and disappeared from sight. Immediately upon my mentioning Zionists the attacks began in earnest and I was treated, as all Zionists treat real Christians and non-Jews, like a leper and a deluded ‘wing nut’ and ‘conspiracy theorist’, etc. *
Being earnest, polite, civil and dedicated to serving truth I ‘Gentilely’ persisted in my efforts to debate the issue of Zionism. The result? First denial, then rage and ad hominem epithets and mutterings and complaints from members about usavory sorts such as myself being allowed on the forum and then finally, unceremoniously, I was banned from the site without warning by the good ‘christian’ folks who run it. I now refer to it as the ‘NotSoFreeDominion.ca’ forum. Another victory for the Zionist infiltrators of the true Christian faith. Sad but, alas, true.
Levant, of course, for all his rhetoric about the other Jews who are lovers and defenders of ‘free speech’ and throughout all his tirades against the ‘Official’ Jews and the Muslims, somehow always fails to mention that when Ernst Zundel was being high-jacked out of the USA and incarcerated here in Canada and tortured and abused by Canadian authorities and then sent off to rot in a Zionist-Jew controlled German dungeon that we heard diddley squat from these so-called lovers of ‘free speech’. The same when Malcolm Ross was being dragged through the courts and abused and mistreated. The same with Doug Collins and Terry Long and Paul Fromm and Mark Lemire and David Icke and all the other nameless (white, non-Jewish) victims of this Boshevik/Zionist ‘Star Chamber’ charade who have been intimidated and fined and jailed and harassed and abused and bad-mouthed and vilified and libeled by these same Zionist forces who own and control our so-called ‘Canadian’ mainstream media and have used it as a weapon against Christian and non-Jewish dissidents for decades upon decades.
Now, all of a sudden, in the tinkle of a keyboard, we have all these ‘free speech’ loving Jews who are suddenly and pompously and adamantly filled with righteous indignation over the fact that some of them and their deluded lackeys are being subjected to the very same injustice that the rest of us have had to suffer in vain and silence for years and years. This type of behaviour, is, I would humbly suggest, stuff of which bigotry and hypocrisy are made of.
Finally. After all his hullabaloo about the ‘Official’ Jews Levant still has the chutzpah to attempt one last defence of the B’nai Brith, one of the oldest and most provocative and sinister Jews-only masonic organizations ever to grow legs and arms and wield its censorship club about the North American continent. These so-called ‘Children of the Covenant’ are, as Jesus Christ so aptly put it, of the ‘synagogue of Satan’, ‘vipers’ and ‘serpents’ and ‘hypocrites’ who will use whatever method of calumny and vituperative sleaze available to them to libel and harass and imprison and silence those who criticize their racist, apartheid policies being carried out in the ‘ ‘spiritual’ homeland’ of Israel; land stolen via the same nefarious methods from the Arab people of the Middle East.
But, alas, I cannot, at this point and in good conscience, condemn Ezra Levant fully for some of the errors he is making. Whether it is conscious on his part or just plain ignorance of all the facts I truly do not know. He is a young man of 36 years, the same age as my oldest daughter and when I was 36 I too was unaware of the degree of involvement in global politics that the Zionists actually represented. It took me close to sixty years to finally figure it out so in that context there is always hope that a bright young man like Ezra Levant, a protege of The Fraser Institute, will eventually learn the error of his ways. As Michael Walker, Executive Director for said organization once remarked in a Preface to Ezra’s first book, Youthquake, (1996) published when he was just 24 years of age, ‘It is written by one of the brightest student interns ever to work at The Fraser Institute. It is important because of the insights it provides into the mind-set of the next generation of Canadian leaders. For, certainly, Ezra Levant is going to be a Leader.’
Well Ezra, if you are going to be a ‘Leader’ here in Canada then you are going to have to hit the books some more and get a much firmer grasp on the issue of Political Zionism and learn how this alien, anti-Christian Talmudic doctrine is affecting the Canadian landscape. It behooves you to understand the primary motives of those who are determined to turn this nation into another Communist gulag. Not just for the sake of those ‘individual’ Jews who love ‘freedom of speech’ but for the rest of us non-Jew Canadians who also cherish these very same ideals.
* Editor’s Note here: It should be understood that although Connie and Mark Fournier did ban me from their forum they later relented and we were able to cooperate on other matters dealing with the censors off the forum. This article was written prior to then and now six years later Connie and Mark are still battling with those who were, then, attacking Ezra Levant.