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‘Canada is the best country in the world…!
and in truth it may eventually be proven true that the Federal Government is a Criminal Organization and by extension a Terrorist Organization (as defined by the Criminal Code of Canada) engaged in Fraud, Extortion, Theft, Slavery, Poisoning, Murder, Terrorism and Treason but Canadians are obviously more than willing to turn a blind eye and endure a ‘little’ criminal activity because every country wants to be like Canada… even though this criminal activity may have contributed to giving my non smoking mother terminal lung cancer and my best friend’s father Dementia and Leukemia… we stand on guard for thee NOT.’
~ Major Jim Hutcheson,
Communication Officer Canadian Forces Head Quarters
How Are These Visible ChemTrails in the Sky Linked to Cancer and SPECIFICALLY LUNG CANCER?

What are Chemtrails and How Are They Harming Our Food and Water?

As mentioned earlier, aluminum laden ‘chaff’ falling from the sky enters the lungs causing upper respiratory diseases, lung cancer, breast cancer, and is the gateway to vulnerable areas of the body including arterial walls, where it accumulates like a plaque.In addition, aluminum toxicity generates a number of neurological disorders and brain cancer, while radium and zinc cadmium sulfide synergistically cause bone cancer. A concerning new study published in the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry demonstrates that exposure to aluminum can increase migratory and invasive properties of human breast cancer cells, while a 2012 article in the Journal of Applied Toxicology shows that aluminium promotes growth in human mammary epithelial cells. And ‘aluminum production’ has been classified as carcinogenic to humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).
‘My people will perish for want of knowledge’
~ Moses
The truth is the Canadian Government gave up Canada’s sovereignty in 1913 when it handed control of it’s currency over to corporate monopolies of private banks the exact same year the USA did the very same thing with the signing of the US Federal Reserve Act…
Corporate Money Powers have been running Canada (and every western country in the world) into the ground from behind the scenes with inescapable debt servitude ever since and now it has its eyes set on doing the same in the Middle East and Canada is using the Canadian Military as a Terrorist Organization to destroy sovereign states and to fulfill the Money Powers agenda of establishing central banks there as it did here in 1913.
The Canadian Government has allowed the Money Powers Corporate Agenda to deliberately poison and kill Canadians with:
Toxic Water Fluoridation: (poisonous waste byproduct of the Chemical Fertilizer industry, listed between Arsenic and Lead on the Toxicity Scale)
Toxic Vaccinations: (laced with Mercury)
Toxic Food Produce Nuclear Irradiation: (used to kill Ecoli as a result of using Municipal Sewer Sludge to fertilize factory farms)
Toxic hidden GMO Foods:
GMO’s, rBHG growth hormones, vaccines and Monsanto et al toxic influence peddling of Health Canada:
Toxic and ineffective Cancer Treatments:
TOXIC GEOENGINEERING AEROSOL SPRAYING: (informed and aware citizens can choose to avoid fluoride in their water, vaccinations, irradiated foods, GMOs, and deadly cancer treatments but they cannot choose what air they breathe)
1) The Canadian Federal Government has been lying to Canadians since 1913 with the signing of the Bank Act of Canada:
when it gave up its right to distribute the currency for Canada and handed this sacred responsibility to monopolies of private banks FAKE NATIONAL DEBT WAS CREATED which has put Canada and all Canadians into false debt servitude ever since…
2) The Canadian Federal Government continued the fraudulent lies in 1917 with the signing of the Federal Income Tax War Measures Act:
when it illegally usurped the provinces Exclusive Constitutional right to collect Direct Taxation and introduced FAKE FEDERAL INCOME TAX…
3) In 1950 the Supreme Court of Canada ordered the Federal Government to return ALL Direct Taxation back to the provinces by March 31st 1962: (the day before April Fools Day)
when the Tax Rental Agreement between the Federal Government and the Provinces EXPIRED. The Federal Government has been in Criminal Contempt of the Supreme Court of Canada since March 31st 1962.
4) The Federal Government has been trying to legally invade Exclusive Provincial Fields but the provinces have refused so they continue to do so illegally:
‘Accordingly, the federal government proposes to discontinue the tax rental system when it EXPIRES on March 31st, 1962.’
‘The provinces will exercise their constitutional right to impose, vary and adjust their levies from time to time as may be necessary
in the light of their responsibilities to their provincial taxpayers and without recourse to the federal government.’
‘Thus there will be a return to the active responsibilities which the Constitution confers upon both levels of government under the Federal System.
The federal government will, however withdraw progressively and substantially from the personal income tax field in favour of the Provinces.’
Prime Minister John G. Diefenbaker House of Commons Hansard, February 28, 1961.
(note: this lawful requirement resulted from the Supreme Court of Canada ruling of 1950)
From 1950 Supreme Court of Canada Ruling, Chief Justice C.J. Rinfret:
‘Each Province can legislate exclusively on the subject matters referred to it by section 92.’
‘The country is entitled to insist that legislation adopted under section 91 should be passed exclusively by the Parliament of Canada
in the same way as the people of each Province are entitled to insist that legislation concerning matters enumerated
in section 92 should come exclusively from their respective legislatures.’
‘The Parliament of Canada and the Legislatures of the several Provinces are sovereign within their sphere defined by The British North America Act,
but none of them has the unlimited capacity of an individual…’
‘They can exercise ONLY the legislative powers respectfully given to them by sections 91 and 92 of the Act,
and these powers must be found in either of these sections…’
‘In each case the Members elected to Parliament or to the Legislatures
are the only ones entrusted with the power and the duty to legislate concerning the subjects exclusively distributed by the constitutional Act to each of them…’
‘NO power of delegation is expressed either in Section 91 or in section 92, nor,
indeed, is there to be found the power of accepting delegation from one body to the other;
and I have no doubt that if it had been the intention to give such powers it would have been expressed in clear and unequivocal language…’
‘Under the scheme of The British North America Act there were to be, in the words of Lord Atkin,
‘water tight compartments which are an essential part of the original structure…’
‘Neither legislative bodies, federal or provincial possess any portion of the powers respectfully vested in the other and they cannot receive it by delegation.’
‘In that connection the word ‘exclusively’ used in both section 92 and in section 92 indicates a settled line of demarcation and it does not belong to either Parliament,
or the Legislatures, to confer powers upon the other.’
Chief Justice C.J. Rinfret Supreme Court of Canada 1950 Supreme Court of Canada Ruling
1975 GeoEngineering patent,
‘Powder Contrail Generation,’ for the invention of a:
‘specific contrail generation apparatus for producing a powder contrail
having maximum radiation scattering ability for a given weight [of] material.
The seeding material … consists of 85% metallic particles and 15% colloidal Silica and Silica gel
in order to produce a stable contrail that has a residence period of 1 up to 2 weeks.’
At an International Symposium held in Ghent, Belgium May 28-30, 2010, scientists asserted that;
‘manipulation of climate through modification of Cirrus clouds is neither a hoax nor a conspiracy theory.’
‘It is ‘fully operational’ with a solid sixty-year history.’
‘Though ‘hostile’ environmental modification was banned by UN Convention in 1978,
its ‘friendly’ use today is being hailed as the new savior to climate change and to water and food shortages…’
‘Military forces stand poised to capitalize on controlling the world’s weather.’
‘In recent years there has been a decline in the support for weather modification research,
and a tendency to move directly into operational projects.’
~World Meteorological Organization, 2007
WEATHER MODIFICATION The History of Cloud Seeding 1940 Today Guidelines for Cloud Seeding to Augment Precipitation
By Conrad G. Keyes, American Society of Civil Engineers:
For anyone doubting the existence of the phenomenon of geoengineering/weather modification, please take a minute to read through this extensive list of patents from America on equipment and processes used in just such programs. The evidence is clear.
United States Patent and Trademark Office
1338343 April 27, 1920 Process And Apparatus For The Production of Intense Artificial Clouds, Fogs, or Mists
1619183 March 1, 1927 Process of Producing Smoke Clouds From Moving Aircraft
1631753 June 7, 1927 Electric Heater Referenced in 3990987
1665267 April 10, 1928 Process of Producing Artificial Fogs
1892132 December 27, 1932 Atomizing Attachment For Airplane Engine Exhausts
1928963 October 3, 1933 Electrical System And Method
1957075 May 1, 1934 Airplane Spray Equipment
2097581 November 2, 1937 Electric Stream Generator Referenced in 3990987
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2476171 July 18, 1945 Smoke Screen Generator
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What are Chemtrails and How Are They Harming Our Food and Water?
By Ty Bollinger
Just when you thought Monsanto was under wraps, you find out they’re up to something even more horrific. What’s even worse is that it all started a long time ago!
In the late 1960s Monsanto supported the secret Muad’ Dib Geoengineering Lab to develop ‘chemtrail’ technology; their crown jewel program to protect earth from global warming via weather control. Sounds so humanitarian, right? Wrong!
Most folks discover the reality of ‘chemtrails’ by initially reading about it online and then going outside, looking up into the sky, and noticing the crisscrossing streaks of white clouds trailing behind jet aircraft, stretching from horizon to horizon, eventually turning the sky into a murky haze. Chemtrails are like science fiction turned reality. I once thought they were harmless condensation trails in the sky, but after further investigation, not anymore!
In this article I’ll answer the question ‘what are chemtrails?’ I’ll share the effects of chemtrails on your environment, food, water and their connection to cancer. This information is meant to increase your awareness of the toxicity in our environment and encourage you to eliminate toxins that are within your control whenever and wherever you can.
What Are Chemtrails?
Chemtrails are geo-engineered aerosols that are loaded with toxic chemicals, including but not limited to: barium, strontium 90, aluminum, cadmium, zinc, viruses and ‘chaff.’ Chaff looks like snow but it’s actually Mylar fibers (like in fiberglass) coated with aluminum, desiccated blood cells, plastic, and paper. Polymer chemist Dr. R. Michael Castle has studied atmospheric polymers for years, and he has identified microscopic polymers comprised of genetically-engineered fungal forms mutated with viruses, which are now part of the air we breathe.
Chemtrails have nothing to do with the jet engine combustion process. They are often laid in a grid-like pattern by multiple planes (even drones) where they disperse slowly taking on the appearance of odd, at first narrow, but widening, smoky clouds until merging together to form, if sufficiently numerous, an aerosol bank that obscures the blue sky and gives the appearance of a dirty white overcast.
Unlike normal contrails which quickly dissipate, chemtrails (‘fake clouds’ as my children call them) sometimes take hours to dissipate and eventually fan out to a ‘spider web’ type of milky haze that covers the entire sky. As these are formed from minute reflective metallic particulates they eventually reach the earth.
Still having doubts? Please download this PDF file called HR 2977 ‘The Space & Preservation Act of 2001.’ In this document the United States Government openly admits the existence of chemtrails.
Still not enough proof?
What if I told you that there are patents for these very such things? The image below is a 1975 U.S. Patent issued to Donald K. Werle, Romas Kasparas, Sidney Katz, assigned through the U.S. Navy, that describes a dispersion method for a ‘powder contrail.’
Here are just a few more patents relating to chemtrails and geoengineering:
Patent #1619183
Patent# 2045865
Patent# 2591988
Patent# 3437502
Patent# 3531310
How Do Chemtrails Impact Our Food and Water?
Secretly filling the sky, without our knowledge or consent mind you, with billions of megatons of aluminum, strontium 90, barium and ‘chaff’ to reflect the suns dangerous rays back into space is epic and brilliantly maneuvered on the unsuspecting public by dubbing them as ‘persistent contrails.’
However, what goes up, must come down and we’re being bombarded daily with a chemical and radioactive fallout surpassed only by Agent Orange, the defoliating chemicals developed by Monsanto to wipe out the jungles during the Vietnam War.
Since aluminum has an affinity for water, all life forms attract these oxides. This causes contamination of even organic fruits, vegetables, and livestock if they’re exposed to the open air, because plants readily absorb aluminum salts from the soil into their vascular systems. Everything absorbs aluminum salts and it’s in the air.
Processed foods are filled with aluminum salts and aluminum sulfate is added to water to make it clear. Apparently we are in the ‘Aluminum Age’ and it’s everywhere, but so unhealthy according to Dr. Christopher Exley, Professor of Bioinorganic Chemistry at Keele University in the UK.
Chemtrails Are Polluting Our Environment
The reality is, this ‘toxic cloud shield’ created by aerosolizing the atmosphere, diminishes rainfall, traps the heat, and increases humidity. This leads to a plague of pests, mildews, molds, fungi, diseases, and ultimately the shredding of our precious ozone layer that protects us from dangerous UV rays, according to Dane Wigington, a solar expert.
In California’s Mount Shasta region, Francis Mangel, a USDA Wildlife Biologist and water specialist has reported elevated levels of aluminum, barium, and strontium in the mountain’s snow, polluting drinking water, rivers and soil in the area. In 2008, samples around California’s Lake Shasta and the Pit River Arm tributary were tested in a State Certified Lab following weeks of fly-overs and chemtrails. The results of the water samples showed 4,610,000 parts per million of aluminum. This is 4610 times the maximum contaminant level! With aluminum toxicity levels off the charts, chemtrails are putting our life systems at risk of irreparable damage.
How Are These Visible ChemTrails in the Sky Linked to Cancer?
As mentioned earlier, aluminum laden ‘chaff’ falling from the sky enters the lungs causing upper respiratory diseases, lung cancer, breast cancer, and is the gateway to vulnerable areas of the body including arterial walls, where it accumulates like a plaque.
In addition, aluminum toxicity generates a number of neurological disorders and brain cancer, while radium and zinc cadmium sulfide synergistically cause bone cancer. A concerning new study published in the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry demonstrates that exposure to aluminum can increase migratory and invasive properties of human breast cancer cells, while a 2012 article in the Journal of Applied Toxicology shows that aluminium promotes growth in human mammary epithelial cells. And ‘aluminum production’ has been classified as carcinogenic to humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).
Couple these studies with other recent studies indicating that aluminum binds to cellular estrogen receptors and may cause proliferation within hormone-sensitive tissues, and we understand why one research team coined a new term (‘metallo-estrogen’) to describe an entirely new class of metal-based endocrine disruptors (including aluminum, cadmium, and barium). Disturbingly, all of these metallo-estrogens have been found in chemtrails.
Moreover, these metallo-estrogens, chemical toxins, and bioengineered cocktails are causing multiple problems in the gastrointestinal and immune systems, the first line of defense against disease; thus destroying human health and cognitive abilities. Plus, shredding the ozone layer allows damaging UV rays to enter the atmosphere resulting in an unprecedented increase in skin cancer cases, to name just a few harmful effects of chemtrails.
I have been traveling in Central America, Europe, and the Middle East and noticed these patterns in the sky. I’ve also noticed unusually cold summers, trees dying and fungi infested, deformed vegetables just like the reports are describing. And a dramatic increase of cancer and unusual terminal illnesses are rampant.
In Conclusion
These are tumultuous times and the global government appears to be up to something unbelievably sinister. It’s the classic create a problem, devise the solution, and emerge as the hero with Monsanto’s aluminum-resistant genetically-modified (GM) seeds and GM trees.
However, there is a growing concern that the earth will soon become unfit for organic food and pure water sources because of the unrestricted spraying without our consent. It appears that ‘control of the masses’ has taken on a whole new meaning.
Nonetheless, there is at least some encouraging news. According to Dr. Exley, there is an abundance of silicon in the environment that can detoxify the effects of aluminum poisoning, as can silica supplements. Also, EDTA chelation therapy can help remove toxic heavy metals from the body and restore vascular health.
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