Dr. Fredrick Toben with Lady Michelle Renouf in London after
escaping the clutches of the Talmudic Zio-bloodhounds in the fall of 2008

Toben Down. Who’s Next?

By Arthur Topham

April 16, 2009

This is one of those articles that I find SO difficult to write and remain civil while doing so. Being in the midst of a legal battle myself with these Talmudic Tyrants of Tyranny out to control every aspect of human life and consciousness in their mad attempt to take over the world I find the usual protocol of being courteous to these maniacal, mind-controllers practically, as well as esthetically, impossible to adhere to. So if you’re not up to a bit of cussin’ and politically incorrect pronouncements then best you switch back to FOX or CNN.

When I see a fellow Truth Warrior like Dr. Toben, trapped by their perfidious web of “legal” lies and deceit and knowing only too damn well their mendacious motives for silencing men and women who have the courage of their own knowledge and convictions to stand up to these savage, pseudo-savants of sophistry and deception, a primal sense of outrage, so deep and so strong, wells up from within me and all I want to do is search the keyboard for the button that reads SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM!!!! and press on it with all my might until the intensity of the anger and the utter disgust finally abates.

True to form the Zionist media dogs lap up all the usual Zionese/Legaleese language of their masters and vomit it forth via their newspapers and out from their Ziovision screens around the world as if it is going to reinforce the obvious, blatant lies of which they are so desperately attempting to sustain. Dr. Toben “”Holocaust denier” “”guilty” of “criminal contempt” and “”defying orders” to stop publishing “”racist material” on his website ad nauseum.

The Zionist owned and controlled “”Jewdiciary” of Australia have “held” that Fredrick doesn’t accept the Zionist version of what the Talmudic Jews have mandated as “”freedom of speech” and “”history” so they have found him “”guilty” of “”28 counts of contempt”. Thus Jeremy Jones (a good kosher Jewish handle if ever I saw one), former president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, the Orwellian weasel who first launched the complaint against Mr. Toben back in 1996, is now smirking to his Talmudic brethren and telling them how Australia is now firmly in the grasp of the infamous Noahide “”Laws” of the Talmudic Lubavichers once and for all.

Desperate to establish as historic fact, and thus reinforce their crumbling foundation of lies and deception that they’ve been foisting upon the world’s media watchers for the past sixty years and more, that the so-called “”Jewish Holocaust” did in fact happen and that (of course) 6 million Jews were shoved into Ô”gas chambers” and then “”ovens” to rid the world of the evidence, they continue to go on and on in their nauseating, enervating chorus of “virulent anti-semitic” pronouncements, vainly hoping that by endless, in your face lying, the world is going to swallow all this hogwash that they’ve created in order to mask the reality of their true agenda for global hegemony, world slavery and death and destruction as per the dictates of their Talmudic, psychopathic rabbis.

So much for Australia as an outpost of true freedom and democracy in a world tainted to the core with tinctures of Talmudic lies and half-truths. Like Germany and Austria and France and Canuckistan another once proud member of the former British commonwealth succumbs to the evil vampires of darkness giving in to their sick, twisted, psychotic belief in their own presumptuous, pompous, egregious sense of self-worth and unique importance, over and above everyone else.

Such is the fate of all nations who fail to get a grip on the reality of what the hell is happening in their own nations and how all of these phoney baloney “Human Rights Commissions” and “Human Rights Tribunals” and “Human Rights” whatevers, beginning with the Zionist/Jew/Bolshevik creation of the United Nations, are nothing but Talmudic Trojan Horses that were rolled into unsuspecting nations under the guise of equality and democracy but are now being used against the people to keep them from criticizing and questioning any aspect of life that may happen to be influenced by these Talmudic monsters who (obviously) give no quarter to anyone who doesn’t obey their assumed authority and rule.

We’ve forgotten one of the golden rules of life and that is to be able to challenge any authority that assumes to dictate what is truth and what isn’t. In the case of the Talmudic Zionist Jews who now “legally” have the world by the short curlies thanks to their lies and doggedly determined efforts to control all avenues to understanding by owning and manipulating the media, government leaders around the world and nations’ legal systems, the options being left to dissidents are growing slimmer and slimmer as the prison-gates of the Talmudic mind-controlling gulags continue to close tighter and tighter upon a world only now dimly awaking to the realization that it has been had in terms of all what it formerly held to be historical reality, rights and freedoms.

Dr. Fredrick Toben’s website www.adelaideinstitute.org * is now silent and inaccessible and the abundance of untold wealth of research and knowledge remains unavailable for any new student of history who might wish to compare Mr. Toben’s views with those of the Talmudic Jews who reign supreme over all the other avenues to supposed truth and understanding. One more trooper bites the dust leaving Australia another conquered, vanquished country, another pin in the lapel of the Rothschild criminal syndicate.

As Dr Toben said after being found “”guilty” he does not regret his actions. “”If you believe in something and you want to have that freedom to express your opinions then you should be prepared for sacrifices.”

A simple truth but who is listening? When are the people going to wake up and smell the proverbial coffee? This same shit is coming down big time in the last bastion of free speech in the world, the USA as I write. Here in Canada I and others are fighting these Talmudic blowhards with all of our strength. Think about it. Where are you going to go to get some un-zionized news when Jeff Rense www.rense.com has his site shut down and Michael Rivero’s www.WhatReallyHappened.com suddenly goes off the screen because the Jews who own and control the President and House and Congress of the USA have decided to throw the Constitution and the Bill of Rights down the shithole of history and substitute their Noahide Talmud “laws” instead? What are you going to do and say when anything critical of Jews or Zionism or the state of “”Israel” is no longer acceptable as “free speech”? If these two icons of the alternative news media go down you can bet your bottom dollar (if you still have one that is) that any other sites of a similar nature will also disappear into that Talmudic black hole of censored news leaving people only the Zionist media as their source of “unbiased” information.

God help us all when that day comes!


* Please note that Dr. Toben is still maintaining a home page at his website address. All archives are inaccessible but check his site for recent announcements. Ed.


Arthur Topham is the Publisher and Editor of RadicalPress.com. He lives with his wife and assorted critters in central British Columbia, Canada. He can be reached at [email protected] .