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Battle for the blue Seiko Watch

At The heart of Seiko’s 2018 Prospex collection is the new blue ‘Save The Ocean’ series. It continues the recent black collection and blue lagoon. But while last year’s limited edition was a cosmetic update, the release of save the ocean had an element of social responsibility. Seiko has teamed up with Fabien Cousteau to raise funds and awareness for his Ocean Learning Centre. Fabien Cousteau himself is a Marine conservationist. This increased awareness includes highlighting healthy and less healthy Marine environments in several Australian cities. So, not only do these watches look right, they also look right.  
Firstly, aside from the dial and bezel, this watch is pretty much identical to its regular release brethren. So, you’re getting the same angular, slightly blocky steel case, with solid proportions of 43.8mm across and 12.82mm tall — with a neatly knurled crown at three and fairly pointy guards. One point of difference between this and the regular Samurai models is that the bezel and crown here have been given a black treatment, which is a beautiful touch. The Turtle is a design that looks to the past. It’s softer, rounded and more classic. The Samurai is much more modern in feel. And while they both represent different sides of the same coin, to my mind the Samurai is the more conservative, and arguably the more versatile offering.
Here’s where it starts getting fun. As far as the fake rolex watches limited-edition dials go, this one is pretty out-there, in the best way possible. It’s a graduated bright-aqua-to-almost-black dial, evoking how the sea changes color the deeper it gets. On its own, this is a powerful enough look, but Seiko adds some distinctive, organic, horizontal stripes, similar to the wave or distinctive abdominal folds on the strong blue whale chin. The aluminium bezel is of a matching blue to the dial, predominantly dark blue, with the first 15 minutes of hash marks a lighter shade. This is a unique dial.
The bracelet fits perfectly in price, but if it were my watch, I would probably put it on cloth or rubber to offset the weight. I like the fact that any belt change is relatively simple due to drilling.
The Samurai has always been a tank on the wrist, and this Save the Ocean edition feels the same. But it does look different. It’s one of the most stylish Seiko replica watches I’ve ever worn, and the quality makes you smile when you look at it. As I said above, it’s not the least noticeable look, but why?

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Most Underrated Rolex Replica

modern Rolex

Over the past few years, the level of hype surrounding the Rolex sports model has increased significantly, both old and new. Some are taken for granted, while others are more controversial. This creates a huge shadow under which references that are easier to obtain or phase out will be forced to disappear. Take a closer look at these forgotten models and you’ll find some really underrated references that are likely to be rather cheap and, in the coming years, likely to be the center of attention. Let’s see more details below. Rolex sports model
When Rolex launched the newest Explorer II ref. 216570 in 2011, there was much fanfare around the return of the orange 24-hour hand, itself a nod to the reference 1655 “Freccione” Explorer II of the 1970s. The new Explorer II replaced the outgoing reference 16570, a replica watch that had the small hour markers, smaller case, no orange 24-hour hand, and a suddenly dated appearance. But, on the wrist, a different story is taking shape. The 16570 may not have much in the way of throwback design, but it does have throwback charm in how it wears, in other words, slim on the wrist in both diameter and case thickness. This is because of the 16750’s long production period, which began in the ’80s, well before all the “big watch” nonsense took hold in the mid-2000s. Yep, you can even find examples with tritium dials.
The white or “Polar” dial is a fan favorite with its contrasting black house surrounds and hands, and happens to look good on pretty much any style of strap you dare throw on it. There’s a lot more history there than we’ve gone into here, but if you’re interested in learning more about these watches, read Philipp Stahl’s article. Before the fake rolex actually owned any tool table, the corner chart was a reference to the rotating border with the time limit, making it an ideal tool table. It was even used by Thunderbirds, the US air force, to make the brand’s first military watches.
The Rolex Air-King is an often misunderstood model, but the latest addition to the family, the ref. 116900, is unique in some ways. The Air-King has traditionally been the entry-level Rolex, offered in time-only configurations with a chronometer movement and a bit of water resistance thrown in for good measure. It’s basically Rolex hallmarks boiled down to its simplest form.  
There’s also the green seconds hand and Rolex signage, and the retro “Air-King” label at 6 o’clock—this isn’t your average Rolex. That funky personality may take a while to sink in, but it’s also what makes this a truly special watch from a brand not known for their progressive nature.
Being a modern replica Rolex, you’ll find many of the amenities that come with it, such as the 3131 movement inside, the magnetic resistance, Chromalight on the dial—all the usual suspects. Will these ever be future classics? In addition, they are a great way to stand out in a room full of Submarines and Daytona

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Importance of Luxury Watches and Insurance

In the world of luxury acquisitions, nothing is more painful for a passionate collector than the thought that their prized possessions could be harmed. Yes, nothing in the world can match the health or happiness of your loved ones, but these little darlings, often rare or unique, have a special place in the heart of someone who has devoted time and effort to make them their own. Luxury Watches
I am often asked whether it is crucial to insure a used luxury watch. As a matter of fact, I’m often asked this question, and it makes sense to me, because the answer is simple: yes, yes, you should. And more to the point, if you own a luxury watch like a Rolex Submariner and you’re asking that question, you should save your breath for the insurance provider on the other end of the phone.
This is the best place to start. In this digital age, we all seem a little shy about interacting, but in a complex and potentially serious situation, like an insurance claim, it’s best to talk directly to another person — an expert in their field — about your policy..
Some things are easier in some places, and some things are harder, but the three things you should focus on first when looking into insuring your collection is the total value of your collection, how many “declarable” models you will need to put on your policy, and how all of this can affect your remaining contents insurance.
Let’s start with the first point. This is rather simple. Add up the retail value of your replica watches collection. When doing so, be sure to organize invoices and receipts into a physical and digital folder. Scan everything, stick it in a PDF and email a copy to yourself instead of keeping it on your hard-drive alone.
Another suggestion I got was to take a picture of each of my fake watches and stick it next to my driver’s license as further proof that they were in your hand. With an honest and reliable insurance company, there is no need to do so; But when dealing with large amounts of equity, it is worth the time to do a thorough analysis. The fewer problems you are forced to endure after a traumatic event such as a robbery or fire, the better.
Consider the insurance implications of your next luxury replica watches purchase. Treat the cost of insuring a luxury watch as a mandatory expense — even more than regular maintenance. Incorporate it into your budget. Even if you only have an expensive watch, you will always wear it thinking it will never be stolen from your home, but accidents can happen. This is not pessimistic, but wise. With the right cover, your collection will be more fun.

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Men’s Durable Rolex Replicas

There are several aspects of durability to consider when trying to get the survivalist star of the fake Rolex series. Different types of watches suit different environments. Of all the watches, no one can claim to be the most durable Rolex. Men's Rolex Replicas
The problem of durability arises when considering the activities that the watch may be subjected to and the environment in which these activities may occur. Around the turn of the century, the brand began making a full line of Rolex watches for men and women, made of 904L stainless steel instead of 316L. Both types of steel are hypoallergenic and incredibly durable, able to be reprocessed multiple times without losing shape or integrity, but 904L is more resistant to corrosion and is said to hold a brighter sheen when polished due to its slightly greater hardness.
While, however, the Rolex customer is an extreme sportsperson, experimental scientist, adventurer, or involved in some other challenging pursuit that might place extra requirements on their timepiece, it may be necessary to go the extra mile. Here are my top three Rolex watches designed to survive in the most brutal conditions, and all for different reasons.
This popular replica Rolex Explorer II is a solid and rugged watch, designed to take a beating. With a name that conjures images of the bravest men and women the human race has ever known, the thought that this watch could be anything but the last ticker ticking seems preposterous.
But what is it about the Explorer that makes it more durable than some of its counterparts? Well, to me, it comes down to its exterior robustness and its dimensions. To begin with, and quite simply, the fixed bezel of the Rolex Explorer II means that there are less moving parts than you would find on many of the sportier Rolex watches. Not only is the bezel fixed, but also the 24-hour scale is engraved, which adds a very charming feature to the Explorer family without sacrificing the tough-guy image of the model.
Secondly, the dimensions are quite interesting for a Rolex Professional model. At 42mm with, the Explorer is wider than most of its mainstream competition. Coupled with this additional width is the fact that the Explorer II is the thinnest of the bunch. This means the fake watch can be worn in a very different way. While other professional models tend to stand on their wrists, often sticking out into the danger zone, Rolex explorer II sits down and snuggles up to the skin.
It is still capable of withstanding huge magnetic fields and is therefore a popular choice for scientists, engineers and military personnel who are more likely than the rest of us to be exposed to these forces.
Actually, in much the same way the Explorer’s increased width makes it feel smaller on the wrist thanks to a dimensional balancing act, so too does the replica Sea-Dweller benefit from a bit more real estate to play with. While the rotating ring helps record dive times, this hasn’t stopped Rolex from making some super luxurious submarines with precious gem set rings, abandoning the model’s tool watch nature.

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