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Is Alan Hart Running Cover For AIPAC?? By Brother Nathanael Kapner

Is Alan Hart Running Cover For AIPAC?
By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2012
December 21, 2012

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IS ALAN HART A JEW?…I don’t know if he is or not but he sure sounds like one.
In his latest piece, ‘Obama’s Hegel Test,’ Hart just can’t bring himself to identify AIPAC as a ‘Jewish Lobby’ but rather a group of individuals ‘made up of all faiths.’
I never knew that AIPAC was an ‘Inter-Faith Movement.’ Not once did I ever see an Episcopal priest or a Presbyterian minister pandering to the Jews on an AIPAC podium.
Hart would also have us believe that AIPAC enjoys the membership of Baptist Zionists, for these are the REAL so-called ‘Christian Zionists.’
What a joke! The Jews who fund, lead, and make up the operating body of AIPAC actually DESPISE Baptists dear Alan. I never saw Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson headlining a single AIPAC Conference.
And any ‘GOYS’ associated with AIPAC (believe me, they’re NOT part of the funding or operating body) are either useful idiots, Gentile window dressing, or CRASS opportunists.

ALAN HART is an inconsequential author who penned the book, ‘Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews.’
My immediate response to the title was, ‘Is Alan Hart running cover for the Jews?’ For MOST would agree that Zionism is the enemy of the Palestinians, NOT Jews.
This is why I suspect that Alan Hart is a Jew himself.
For those few Jews who oppose Zionism, (Gilad Atzmon is an exception who has the guts to NAME the ‘Jewish Lobby’ as a pernicious force), seem to care more about what’s good or bad for the Jews and NOT what’s good or bad for the Gentiles. (Gilad Atzmon recently did an article on this very theme.)
Hart’s central argument is that ‘Zionism is not Judaism.’ Again, is Hart running cover for the Jews?

Believe me, for I grew up as a Jew, Zionism IS Judaism and Judaism IS Zionism. If not, then why did we declare at every Passover meal, ‘Next Year in Jerusalem!’
And why did we sing, ‘Hatikvah,’ Israel’s national anthem, at EVERY Sabbath service?
Was it because Judaism is NOT Zionism? No way! Mr Hart is fooling us all.
Alan Hart’s piece revolves around Obama’s pending nomination of Chuck Hegel as Secretary of Defense who once said, ‘the Jewish Lobby intimidates a lot of people in Congress.’
Hart quotes Jewish shill, Senator McCain, who in response to Hagel replied, ‘I know of no Jewish Lobby.’ And neither does Hart. For Hart argues that AIPAC does not represent all Jews.
FACT IS, (for I grew up as a Jew), MOST Jews DO INDEED support AIPAC, if not overtly, then tacitly.
Your run of the mill Jew (if there is such a thing) is very careful not to let the Goyim know that his allegiance is FIRST to Israel and NOT to America.
And those few Jews who don’t agree with AIPAC’s agenda would rather keep their views to themselves.
Why offend their fellow tribe members? Why get kicked out of the synagogue? You can count on one hand courageous Jews like Gilad Atzmon who vociferously oppose the power of AIPAC, that is, the JEWISH Lobby.
BOTTOM LINE: The intimidating power of BILLIONS of dollars, media influence, and the organizational track, finds JEWS at the very center.
To advance the lie that AIPAC is only marginally connected to the Jewish community is a deceptive ploy to let American Jewry, whose loyalty is to a foreign nation, off the hook.
Corbett Report Radio How to outgrow the government with Andrew Gavin Marshall

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Two Gulags: A second warning to the West by Arthur Topham

‘I understand that you love freedom, but in our crowded world you have to pay a tax for freedom.
You cannot love freedom for yourselves alone and quietly agree to a situation where the majority
of humanity, spread over the greater part of the globe, is subjected to violence and oppression.
‘The Communist ideology is to destroy your social order. This has been their aim for 125 years and
it has never changed; only the methods have changed a little….And what is ideological war? It is a
concentration of hatred, a continued repetition of the oath to destroy the Western world.’
~Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, from a Speech given in New York City to the AFL-CIO on July 9, 1975
and contained in his book, Warning to the West.
Permit me to begin this essay by stating that in comparing the case of Arthur Topham and versus Regina (the ‘Crown’ aka B’nai Brith Canada) to that of the trials and sufferings of former Nobel Peace prize winner Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, I am fully aware that it will naturally be construed by some readers as little more than hyperbole on the part of the writer. Nonetheless there are a number of historic lay lines connecting the two situations which need identification in the hope that others will see and understand the systematic progression and transformation of this climacteric element of tyranny that’s been stalking the global landscape since the successful Bolshevik coup of 1917 in Russia.
First I would like to add to Solzhenitsyn’s words where he states that Communism’s ideology aim has not changed from the start, only the ‘methods’ have. This simple statement, for those of my generation and later generations, is indispensable when attempting to comprehend how the ideology itself has managed to retain its essential character even after the downfall in 1989 of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).
Key to visualizing the doctrinal strands of the Communist ideology and their continual ability to unobtrusively weave themselves in and out of the ever-changing warp and woof of day to day history is the possession of a fundamental awareness that today’s political ideology, Zionism, is precisely the same ideology that first gave birth to its historic pedigree Marxism in the mid-19th Century its founding and funding has, from day one, flowed from the same source.
Today, those who have been paying attention to the details in the Zionist script for the creation of a one world totalitarian dictatorship understand that there is a direct connection between the House of Rothschild, the political ideology known Zionism and the premeditated, deliberate, illegal creation of the state of Israel by the United Nations back in 1948. These ideas thrash about like a load of dirty underwear in an automatic washer on most alternative blogs dealing with political issues as well as in a myriad number of posts on Facebook and other internet forums and venues. So many viewers have peered through that revolving window that now (as compared to even a decade ago when the Internet was in its nascent beginnings) the Rothschild = Zionism = Israel connection is a done deal and recognized as fact. But what is not fully understood yet by this vast number of viewers is the underlying, direct relationship between Communism and Zionism, without which the world will continue to disconnect the two apparently differing ideologies and fail to grasp the crucial historic continuity of this longstanding conspiracy; one meant to destroy the West and bring to fruition the ultimate goal of the Communist creed world slavery under an all powerful Rothschild oligarchy.

The genius that was Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn knew his enemy well enough that he was able, upon finally having his eleven year sentence in the Soviet gulag annulled in April of 1956, to actually have his first novel, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, published in Krushchev’s soviet union in 1962. His earlier works that included The First Circle and Cancer Ward were first published in English in 1968 and by 1970 had earned him the Nobel Prize for literature. It wasn’t until 1974 though that Solzhenitsyn was finally arrested again and expelled from the Soviet Union after a copy of his Gulag was seized by the KGB in December of 1973. He first moved to West Germany and then to Vermont in the USA where he remained until returning permanently to Russia in 1994.
Solzhenitsyn’s classic work The Gulag Archipelago was first published in English and French in June of 1974 and remains the literary lynchpin holding together the ultimate hidden knowledge regarding the cogent connection between Marxism, the supposed ‘Russian’ Revolution, Communism, Bolshevism and Zionism and their direct tie to the Rothschild oligarchy alluded to earlier.
Solzhenitsyn was able to accomplish this monumental feat of delivering to the West the evidence merely by omission. His trilogy of terror (the Gulag), which outlines the subsequent premeditated, calculated mass genocide of approximately 66 million Russians, mostly of Christian denomination, from the coup of 1917 up until Krushchev was deposed in 1964, will stand forever as the single most important work ever written on the actualizing and unfolding of Zionism’s essential tenets in a real life situation where a vast nation fell under the full control and domination of its ideological proponents.
He was able to have it published and promoted in the West by simply omitting to identify the vast majority of all the key players in his epic drama of demonic destruction as being of Ashkenazi Jewish origins. In this way he avoided the West’s Zionist press that controls all the major publishing houses throughout Europe and North America who, had he pin-pointed the true ethnic identity of the rogues and criminals and sadistic, psychopathic killers who were directly responsible for this mass murder of the Russian people (including all of Tzar Nicholas II’s family and even the family dog!), would have outright shunned him and his work and in all likelihood initiated a smear campaign against him that would have included all the same tactics now being employed by the Zionist controlled media here in Canada to attack my own person and my website
Upon his return to the Russian republic in the mid 1990’s Solzhenitsyn resumed work on another two volume set of books entitled Two Hundred Years Together, the history of the Jews in Russia. The first volume was called Russian Jewish History 1795-1916 and when published created such a stink within Zionist circles that when volume two, The Jews in the Soviet Union came out in Russia the West was then on to him and the book was never published in the English language and still remains censored by the Jewish media to this day, a prime example of the power of the Zionist media to cover up their endless crimes against humanity.

Fortunately the German Revisionist Udo Walendy was able to procure copies and translate the book into German and from there an English translation of segments of the overall work made it to the West and were published by the Barnes Review in their September-October 2008 edition of their magazine. While not a complete version of the text the edition in question covers the issue of the major players in the gulag drama and identifies all those who were of Jewish origin, more than sufficient to firmly establish that the ‘Russian Revolution’ was in truth little more than an incredible take-over of a nation by Zionist forces funded in full measure by the Rothschild banking cartel.
When Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was travelling around the United States back in 1975 speaking to different groups about his experiences in the Soviet concentrations camps during the late 40’s and early 50’s he kept emphasizing the perennial problem of trying to convey to people the imminent danger that Communism (aka Zionism) posed to the Western democracies. During one such talk he asked, ‘Is it possible or impossible to transmit the experience of those who have suffered to those who have yet to suffer? Can one part of humanity learn from the bitter experience of another or can it not? Is it possible or impossible to warn someone of danger?’ He then capped off his questings by firmly stating, ‘It can happen. It is possible. As a Russian proverb says: ‘When it happens to you, you’ll know it’s true.’
Speaking for myself as a writer and publisher here in Canada I too can say that when you attempt to expose the true identity of those who continually strive to remain hidden behind the outer show curtain of unfolding political events while at the same time are controlling the actions of politicians and the mainstream media and all levels of the legal system via their influential lobby groups and advisers and sayanim who have infiltrated every stratum of Canada’s cultural, social, legal, economic, governmental and corporate levels, then you will undoubtedly be attacked in their media and accused by their pressure groups such as B’nai Brith Canada of being an ‘anti-Semite’ and a ‘hate monger’ and ‘racist’ and then, based upon said accusations, arrested by their complicit police agents working for the ‘Crown’ (but another name for the representative of the City of London in England owned by the same Rothschild oligarchy that owns everything else of importance in the world today) and thrown into jail and your constitutional rights taken away from you before you even begin to approach a courtroom in order to challenge their illegal, immoral actions.
Such is the current state of affairs in Canada today whether those in denial of this fact and the complacent and lazy and otherwise too busy to notice portions of society are willing to admit this or not.
Solzhenitsyn once remarked that the very essence of Communism/Zionism was quite beyond the scope of human understanding and that for so many average, normal, moral, decent people living in the West it was just too much of a stretch of their imagination to picture the real and dreadful, vile and disgusting actions committed by these ideologically and spiritually crippled people who have plundered and pillaged and raped and destroyed untold millions of souls in their quest to gain total control of the world.
I could go on with quote after quote from Solzhenitsyn warning to those in the West of the subtle dangers that are working ceaselessly everywhere to drag down unsuspecting nations into the mire of atheistic perversions and immoral mental and spiritual torpor and confusion thus making them incapable of realizing that their rights and freedoms are being terminated until it is too late. Ultimately he says it becomes incumbent upon the individual to reject the Zionist ideology in favour of simply being a human being. In his words, ‘Such a rejection is more than a political act. It is a protest of our souls against those who would have us forget the concepts of good and evil.’
Thirty seven years have now passed since Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn travelled throughout the USA warning the nation of the impending dangers of Communism/Zionism and imploring the people to wake up and take heed of what he was telling them based upon his own first hand experience. Did the American people hear his words and did they understand? Did they do anything to forestall what was then the beginning of the shift from Communism to what we now call Zionism? Judging from all appearances Solzhenitsyn’s words fell on deaf ears or at least ears already stopped up by the din and blare of the Zionist media that had, for decades, already been pumping their minds full of Zionist propaganda.
Today that same danger has grown even more powerful and openly threatening. It was first openly declared by Douglas Reed back in 1956 in his monumental classic The Controversy of Zion and then enunciated with greater emphasis and detail in 1975 by gulag survivor Solzhenitsyn in his equally eloquent 3-volume trilogy The Gulag Archipelago and still the mass of citizenry continue to think and act as if this threat to their very existence doesn’t exist other than in the imaginations and fantasies of ‘conspiracy theorists’ and Internet fringe dwellers.
And so this very question arises once again with respect to my own trials and tribulations. For years now I have been researching and publishing information that corroborates all that these great forerunners like Reed and Solzhenitsyn have revealed to the world about the supreme danger that lies hidden within the Zionist ideology. Five years ago my website came up on the Zionist’s radar screen and they decided to do whatever it would take to demonize me and have my website removed from the Internet. That is why they created the so-called ‘HATE CRIME’ laws which were insinuated over time into Canada’s legal system via their lobbyist influence, their infiltration of the Supreme Court of Canada (four out of nine SCC Justices are now Zionist Jews) and their behind the scenes control of all of Canada’s active political parties and their leaders via non-elected ‘advisers’.
Will my warning to Canada and the rest of the world also go unheeded like those before me who had the foresight and courage to risk their very lives to bring to light this dark and menacing evil that is slowly overshadowing the lives of people around the globe as well as the very planet upon which we all must live? Will Canadians listen and begin to stand up and speak out without fear? Will they lend their support to my struggle to defeat this sec. 319(2) ‘Hate’ law and protest over the manner in which I am being treated as a Canadian citizen? Or will they stand by in silence, apathy and paranoia watching while the Zionist forces within their nation force yet another writer and researcher to take down his website and cease from telling the truth about what is happening to his country?
It is not just Arthur Topham who will be on trial in the days ahead but every Canadian who values their right to freedom of speech.

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The Real Present World Situation

Let us face something about world news in the English language from the mass media of America, Britain and Europe. It is virtually all rotten, twisted propaganda, misinformation and collective psy-ops to keep the stupid masses hypnotized and agreeable to their own destruction and deterioration. So we turn to alternative news on the Internet where we find extreme fragmentation of views on world problems and government oppressions. The alternative news items are both revealing and superficial, designed for quick turnover for distracted minds that seek only momentary revelations of facts. Truly deep and extensive thinking about what the evil New World Order (and similar groupings in Russia, China and India) is really up to only rarely happens, and still within fragmented focus and general distraction.
The actual Big Picture of the World is not happening in human consciousness even among those who know obvious things, such as that 911, 311, 7-7 and so on are inside jobs, or that the recent ‘Al-Qaeda Multiple Planes Bombing Plot’ centered on Heathrow Airport in London is all a big political fake ‘terrorism’ concocted and instigated by government agents to help the Neocons and New Labour politically, as well as to take some pressure off of Israel. These obvious maneuvers and cover-ups become sensationalized, just like the Israeli-War-Crimes-in-Lebanon, thus distracting from other ugly and wrong things going-on, such as the sickening and bloody situation in Iraq or the rigging of elections in Mexico and the United States. And these things in turn distract us from the real problems of accelerated Global Warming, the death of the World’s oceans from pollution and de-oxygenation resulting from ocean death of plankton and burning or cutting down of the rain forests in various stupid, corrupt and desperate countries like Brazil and Indonesia.
The interactive causal feedback loops of all government wrong-doing and global destruction of the environment in the total Global Problematique are not being looked at by the so-called ‘intelligent and concerned minority’ who are endlessly out-voted by the brutally stupid and hypnotized ‘two-thirds majority’ in North America and elsewhere. So, even the thirty-six (36) percent of Americans who know 911 was an ‘inside job’, are almost as stupid, fragmented and distracted as the utterly unconscious majority who can’t face it.
What Does Israel Really Want?
What was the real purpose of the ongoing war crimes of Israel against the common people and infrastructure of Lebanon and Gaza? Their destructive, immoral behavior has not solved their problems with Hezbollah or Hamas. The New Axis of Evil (America, Britain and Israel) were clearly up to something. World Oil Supply is still up for grabs. Maybe Israel wants ethnic cleansing of Lebanon and Syria so they can bring oil from Turkey directly to Israel. Wars-For-Oil is not an unlikely theme here. The evil and insane New World Order does not, after all, want to develop Clean Fusion Energy, so they have to conquer the Mideast and Central Asia to deprive China and India of oil, even though they are outsourcing their own industrial production to those same nations, which is rather self-contradictory.
Why False Terrorism Attacks on Air Travel?
The New World Order obviously wants to destroy all civilian air travel in and from America, Britain and Europe. Why? Maybe they want to conserve jet-fuel for their endless ‘War-On-Terror-For-Oil’. Even business travel gets increasingly savaged, further injuring the economy. So, they want to reduce wealth-creation and increase militarization and police state. They seem hell-bent on creating a situation in America, Britain and Europe like the old Soviet Union, complete with prison-camps for dissidents.
Why The Open Border With Mexico?
New World Order global military expansion into the Middle East will necessitate millions of soldiers. The North American Union of Canada, the United States and Mexico will supply the All-Oil-Conquering N.A.U. Army. Inhuman weapons, including lots of Depleted Uranium, will be used to commit endless War Crimes to depopulate the Mideast and Central Asia, which will also sacrifice the health of the new Mexican army. Also, Mexican gang-members like hurting people, so they will make an excellent New World Order army of subhuman bastards.
What Is The Bird Flu Really About?
It is a rather obvious New World Order plot to spread a deadly virus throughout the World through birds that would create a pandemic that would A. kill lots of people for depopulation and B. necessitate introduction of a universal vaccine with electronic tracking devices plus possibly injecting whole populations with AIDS or other designer viruses, such as we have seen being massively tested in Africa through UN vaccine injections.
So far, they have not been able to spread it adequately through natural bird-migrations, so they have been injecting bird flocks with it artificially to try to keep Bird Flu alive and spreading. They have also been working hard to develop a strain of it that will more readily leap across to humans. Even on the alternative websites they have some control over, they try to spread mass fear of a Bird Flu Pandemic, because that would make their lethal vaccines more acceptable to the stupid public.
What Does The N.W.O. Want From North Korea?
At this date, it seems that North Korea is being secretly squeezed and driven further and further into its own paranoia so that it will sooner or later launch all-out nuclear weapons attacks on South Korea, Japan and the United States, which would reduce population across-the-board, eliminate global industrial competitors and justify massive nuclear retaliation of some sort, at least against North Korea.
South Korea and Japan should understand that they are being set-up as sacrificial straw dogs.
Why All The Fixation On Bush The Moron?
George W. Bush does not decide anything. He is a mere puppet president of the Neocons. Dick Cheney is more of a genuine decision-maker but team-player of the Neocons. Cheney is vicious and stupid (just like Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice) but is far more able to use his twisted brain than Bush. When the alternative media criticize Bush’s ‘thinking’, ‘policies’ and ‘decisions’, we have to ask what actual ‘thinking’, ‘policies’ or ‘decisions’? What is more mystifying about Bush, who was installed twice as President of the United States through Neocon and Republican election-rigging in 2000 and 2004, is why has the New World Order put forth such a dumb, bumbling ex-chimpanzee as Leader of America? Their whole program would have had more credibility with pretty much any other politician in America.
Why Does the New World Order Want To Torture Innocent People So Much?
The increasing global torture network of America, Britain, Europe and Israel is not helping public relations throughout the rest of the world. The evil and insane New World Order obviously feels that it is in their interest to destroy and weaken all Human Rights on Earth. Why is that? Do they have some form of hidden, collective dark government Cult of Satanism (Illuminati) that wants to further utter harmfulness against human beings as a kind of collusional shared sadism? Or do they also feel they are creating a fear-weapon in the world of ‘See what can happen to anyone who opposes us?’? That would make it a very black Psy-Ops campaign. C.I.A. agents who have themselves been voluntarily tortured in the C.I.A. Torture School often make themselves into precision instruments of these heavy sado-masochistic tendencies within the New World Order. They are ways that Criminal Insanity within the American, British, European and Israeli governments can make Evil ‘up close and personal’. They were obviously just getting warmed up in Chile and Argentina.
Irreversible Global Warming and De-oxygenation
The New World Order is working very hard to increase Global Warming and De-oxygenation so that the entire planet Earth will be unable to support animal or human life in the near future. The horrible fact of Global De-oxygenation is one of the most avoided subjects in the Alternative media. Why is that?
Deliberate Instigation Of Volcanic Eruptions
There is growing evidence that the New World Order is utilizing HAARP and/or other atmospheric or satellite weapons to bring about volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tidal waves. This is also amazingly undiscussed in the Alternative News Media. Why is that?
The Obvious Hidden Pattern
It is clear enough, if you want the clarity, that the New World Order is carrying out a systematic destruction of the planet and humanity with no end in sight in the face of a fragmented and ineffectual Alternative Media that is itself increasingly infiltrated, perverted and weakened, both by deliberate N.W.O. invasiveness and the self-complacency of the Alternative Media itself. Most ‘good people who care’, like Cindy Sheehan, still imagine that legitimate democratic forces in America will turn things around for the better. But how, pray tell me, will the upper third of confused, fragmented and distracted Americans turn around the even more confused, fragmented and distracted lower two-thirds of Americans?
Good Change From Within Humanity Unlikely
Given the actual inner state of ‘consciousness’ of Humanity, it is highly unlikely that a truly Good Change can happen in either governance or mass human behavior. So, we have to look at this horribly obvious truth and not look away from it. Are you, as a slightly thoughtful and aware human being, willing and able to do this? Humanity obviously wants unconsciously to suffer and to destroy Itself and the environment of the Earth. Can you see this? It is not just the evil and insane New World Order manipulators doing all the shit, for all that needs the unconscious cooperation of the human masses. Therefore, the very tiny minority of truly thoughtful and aware people on the planet Earth had better now shift to Plan B because Plan A (Internet Persuasion) is not working.
Something Like A Cosmic Miracle Is Needed
If you are bright enough to come this far, you realize that the Earth needs a Cosmic Miracle or perhaps a Benign Alien Invasion to put humanity under harmonious and ethical government from Outside. Naturally, as in the Roddenberry T.V. series, Earth: Final Conflict, there would be massive, stupid resistance to Benign Extraterrestrial Government, however well-intended on their part. There is also a real problem as to the actual nature and tendencies at work of our well-meaning Extraterrestrial Governors. They would not have to be Reptilian people-eaters to still incidentally have some mistaken tendencies or outright incompetence in dealing with human nature of the Earth. So, even with a Cosmic Miracle or Benign Extraterrestrial Takeover, there would still be a rough road ahead to establish harmonious evolution of the Earth and its ecosystem. Extraterrestrial Ecosystematics may not be fully transferable to Terrestrial Ecosystematics. Even great learning elsewhere might create inadvertent cognitive barriers in Extraterrestrial teams appointed to help out here with problems and intricacies that have not been encountered elsewhere. Our helpers-from-Outside would have to do some unlearning, deconstruction of their mental models, in order to reconstruct their learning here.
In a way, the whole Earth is like Panama, where ‘no good deed goes unpunished’. So, just getting rid of the present nasty assholes of the New World Order would only be a tiny step forward into a future for humanity that could really work. There is just no point in getting too excited about a possible Divine and Cosmic Intervention, given the actual nature of both terrestrial humanity and extraterrestrial humanities. You might also want to notice that so far the Gods who rule the Earth and secretly control the so-called ‘Evolution Of Humanity’ have been creating a lot of sustained stupidity, incompetence, catastrophe and pain on the Earth from before-the-beginning. It seems that the supposedly Omnipotent All-ruling Deity has a fucking mean streak of patient, long-term sadism Himself. Either that or He is not quite as Omnipotent as we would like. So, God has a dark, nasty side or He is weak and too easily opposed by dark, nasty forces.
The only way we can compensate personally for this God Problem is to try to become Superhuman Gods as soon as possible ourselves through Yoga and Self-realization and not expect much help from our usual God or Gods who run the shitty show on Earth and even beyond on only slightly less painful planets in our generally fucked-up Galaxy or the neighbors in Andromeda. Our own potential Godself Realization is the only truly decisive lever we have on our destiny, whether on Earth or through reincarnation in extraterrestrial bodies elsewhere. An internal sense-of-cosmic-direction is our ultimate weapon against all divine and cosmic incompetence everywhere. Meditate on this and do not be a gullible fool! There is always another Ruling Deity in the System next-door on any scale. And there is always some divine hang-up even there. All divine omnipotence and evolutionary competence are relative. The Whole of Existence is an infinite school for both Gods and men. This is the Cosmic, Infinite Truth if you want it! It may be a little scary at first, but sooner or later you will have to jump into the Cosmic Ocean and get wet-all-over.
The Earth May Be Moth-balled Soon
The people of the planet Iarga that orbits the star Procyon say that Earth Moth-balling is the real cosmic plan for the near future. In this case, the Earth will become something like Nightland in the old gothic science-fiction novel of William Hope Hodgson and the souls or causal bodies of humanity will be shipped out for reincarnation on other planets according to their types and levels. In fact, the Iargans say that they hope they will not have to take any confused, neurotic semi-criminal souls or causal bodies from Earth because of the inevitable disruptions and problems such reincarnated individuals would cause in Iargan society.
If the Iargan assertions about Earth and Humanity are correct, there is not going to be just the destruction of eighty percent of Humanity as predicted by Herakhan Baba Gorakhnath—a divine demigod Himself! No. We are talking one-hundred- percent destruction of the Human Race. So, ponder a scenario where the Earth is not just Mothballed, but rather intense radioactivity and storage of the Earth would require re-population by a hardy race of highly evolved Beetle-people eventually, for only certain kinds of insects can survive or evolve on a radioactive planet! This too has been predicted by Starry Wisdom Seers, if you can handle this kind of information, which I seriously doubt.
Ask Advice Of Your Death
In the light of all the above unprocessed cosmic information and prophecies, you better give yourself a strong dose of Nagual Wisdom from the Carlos Castaneda books, which means that you picture Your Coming Death on this God-forsaken Earth as always standing beside you to your left at arm’s length as a kind of personal angel or inorganic being who will advise you about what to do in the light of Your Coming Death. There is a powerful realism to doing something like this, for, after all, our chances of persuading Humanity and its criminally insane leaders to wake-up and take things in an ethical and constructive direction border on nil. It is O.K. to engage in some Chögyam Trungpa ‘Basic Goodness’ as ‘Shambhala Warriors’ so we can help out pitiful humanity, but Nagual Warriorship is a little more to the point personally. Surely you have to agree if you are not too far-gone worrying about the leering clown face of Tony Blair that the New World Order likes to shit on our intelligence with. Nor do we have to worry ourselves that Robin Cook may have been assassinated for letting it out publicly that Al-Qaeda, ‘The Base’, is from the Secret Intelligence ‘Database’ of Islamic Freedom-fighters, like Osama Bin Laden, for attacking the Russians in Afghanistan and later as Western tools or pawns for pseudo-Islamic self-terrorism. Nor need we worry that Al-Qaeda, ‘The Base’, is what Arabs commonly call their toilet, so they would never call their own real Holy War Network by such a name. But it is almost amusing that Arab Toilets may be the concurrent cause of an all-out death and destruction of Humanity arranged by Henry Kissinger, Richard Perle, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and similar demonic maniacs as tools of Gods-with-mean-streaks. And all this under the absurd jurisdiction of the American President who is obviously the first human incarnation of a chimpanzee. In this light, the Absurd Philosophy of Albert Camus becomes more advanced than the Bhagavad Geeta. If you don’t want to ask advice of your death, then read Being and Time by Martin Heidegger and lower your self into Existential Reality slowly and thoughtfully. Every ‘Hitch-Hiker in the Galaxy’ should have Being and Time along with his towel. This should get you amply beyond David Icke without having to lose sight of the obvious fact of Fourth Dimensional Nasty Reptilians probably controlling most of the Earth’s political, military and economic ‘leaders’.
Also Remember This
If there is anything stated in this article that you consider just ‘too-far-out’ or ‘dangerously subversive’ keep in mind that I, Ogmios, am quite obviously an easily discredited and insane nutcase conspiracy theorist whose cosmic information is too much even for the handful of conspiracy theorists who might accidentally fumble into this unpopular, minor website.
©2006 Ogmios

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Why I Ought to Sue Ezra Levant by Arthur Topham

Why I Ought to Sue Ezra Levant
by Arthur Topham
November 11, 2012
As one can see from Ezra’s photo that appeared on the back cover of his 1996 book, YouthQuake, a production of The Fraser Institute, a right wing think tank that tends to promote Zionist ideals masked under deceptive language, he was at that time a fairly chipper-looking, albeit geeky looking eager beaver 24 year old young man already marked for fame and fortune.
In fact he’s actually the same age as my eldest daughter and obviously grew up in the same Canadian cultural setting and time period albeit it’s highly unlikely that his parents were hippies like my children’s parents were.
At the time Ezra’s book came out Michael Walker, Executive Director for The Fraser Institute remarked in its Preface that it was, ‘…written by one of the brightest student interns ever to work at The Fraser Institute. It is important because of the insights it provides into the mind-set of the next generation of Canadian leaders. For, certainly, Ezra Levant is going to be a Leader.’
Well, sixteen years later and many a mile down the road to fame and fortune we see that Ezra the younger, now 40 years, is in a position of some importance within the Zionist mainstream media in Canada having his own talk show on the SunTV News Network out of Toronto called The Source and having within his power the ability to help set the nation’s trends in terms of influencing television viewers across the country and beyond.
Now recently, having been charged by the Queen of England for supposedly committing a ‘hate’ crime against ‘people of the Jewish religion or ethnic origin’ I noticed that Ezra had taken a keen interest in my case and requested an interview with my lawyer Doug Christie to discuss it on his talk show. Having been caught up in the ‘hate speech’ web himself over the past number of years with the same culprit responsible for having laid the present charge against me I could see why he would find the subject of some interest and want to discuss it further.
Of course Ezra didn’t have the chutzpah to invite me on to his show like he did in the case of Marc Lemire who also has been battling with the B’nai Brith ‘Hate Speech’ Internet censors for so long that I can’t recall when he first was attacked. Marc, like Ezra and myself, also was falsely accused by this same chronic complainer; a deluded die-hard deceiver and Zionist psychophant who has filed more suits in his closet of hate than most Jewish tailors manage to do in a lifetime!
So I figured, second best, that it was a good thing Ezra should at least interview Doug Christie and get some measure of response from the man who has been defending innocent victims of this hate lobby for decades now. When Marc Lemire sent me the url to Ezra’s show later the same day I was pleased to see that it had taken place. Then, after watching Ezra’s performance, I readily saw that for all of his feigned concern over the injustices of the infamous sec. 13 legislation and now section 319(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada, both of which the serial complainant and the B’nai Brith have been and are using in their ongoing witch hunts to silence criticism of Israel and the Zionist doctrine, there he was on national television doing his damnedest to slander and libel my name ostensibly in the interests of ‘free speech’!
Oi vey I thought to myself, with friends like this who needs enemies? Here he is, one of Canada’s most vocal advocates for freedom of speech on the Internet and he’s sitting there telling the world blatant lies about me and making me out to be some sort of crazed Jew hating anti-Semite!
Within the short span of about six minutes good ol’ free speech advocate Ezra Levant managed to slander, defame and libel me as many times as possible punctuating every comment or question to lawyer Doug Christie with at least one or more ad hominem epithets all in order to show the world just how grand and liberal the mainstream media truly is when it comes to freedom of expression.
Yes, said Ezra, that Topham is an ‘anti-Semite’ and ‘offensive’ and an ‘anti-Zionist [which is] code for anti-Semitic’ and his website is ‘gross’ and his comments ‘repulsive’ and everything that he does is ‘motivated by a form of malice’ and on top of that I also think he’s a ‘nobody’ and an ‘anti-Semitic idiot and a right wing wacko’ and you know really when it comes right down to it ‘I HATE ARTHUR TOPHAM!’
It was truly amazing to watch and listen to all his hyper-charged frenetic frothing regarding my person all the while waxing eloquent about I was surely going to win my case. Well, being a Zionist insider maybe he’s privy to something most people don’t know. Time will tell.
Now the question needs to be asked, ‘Where is the deception in this apparently earnest show of support for freedom of speech on the part of Ezra Levant?’
When Ezra first introduced his topic to his television audience his initial statement was that he knew of me because I had been ‘spamming’ him for years which, of course, was an outright lie. Ezra and myself had in the past exchanged emails and I was registered on his blog where I contributed commentary on some of articles. On top of that other supporters of his had gallantly attempted to solicit Ezra to lend his support to my case with Canadian Human Rights Commission but he merely dismissed them by stating that I was an ‘anti-Semite’ and that he didn’t deal with such creatures. When Ezra eventually asked to be taken off my list I respected his request and did so.
In this vein therefore I would ask readers to take a look at an article which I wrote and published on my website that was written back in July of 2008; one that deals with precisely the same issues that are still being argued and discussed today with regard to Ezra’s one-sided view of who exactly ought to be given positive exposure when it comes to Freedom of Speech and who is deserving of the type of defamation that one witnessed during his Nov. 8th interview with Doug Christie.
Please see:
Free Speech for Jews: A Critique of Ezra Levant’s ‘Jews for free speech’ article
During the show the point was made, by Ezra Levant and Doug Christie, that both hate and love are emotions which should never ever fall under the control of any government agency and that they ought to remain sacrosanct and protected by law. And that is true. And for that reason alone I could say that I ought to love Ezra Levant for espousing such a view just as I love Doug Christie for taking a similar and adamant stand on the same issue.
But, as a person who, in years, has also come to realize that our nation is not functioning by the rule of law any longer and also by the fact that the Deputy Assistant Attorney General of the province of British Columbia (an appointed minion of the ‘Crown’ who in all likelihood is pro-Zionist) has saw fit to actually proceed with an attempt to find me guilty of an alleged ‘thought crime’ by the most notorious witch hunting Jewish lobby group on the face of the planet, I find myself having to protest to the maximum this deceitfully sly slight of hand which Ezra Levant has used to tarnish my good name and to prejudice the Canadian public against me right from the start of my impending trial.
Ezra Levant is a lawyer as well as a Zionist mouthpiece for the msm and he is fully cognizant of the fact that while Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act is now in the process of being wiped off the books by the federal government he is also well aware that Section 319(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada is still in full operation and remains a lethal weapon for use by the B’nai Brith lobby here in Canada. They obviously intend to use it to their fullest potential in order to set a precedent in law that would, should I be convicted of this phoney charge, affect any other Canadian who might at some time in the future try to speak and write the truth about what Zionism truly represents or who might question the genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza by the Israeli government. And so in that context I find it absolutely disgraceful and outrageous and malicious that someone in Ezra’s position would be doing his utmost to bad mouth me in every way possible at a time when this despicable action is being taken against me by B’nai Brith Canada.
There are of course other more sinister aspects to the hate-mongering of Ezra Levant which should be noted and addressed. The world is full of medicated mind-controlled zombies these days and should one of them happen to hear Ezra Levant going on and on about how how he hates me and what a malicious idiot and anti-Semite I am there is then the possibility that my life could be endangered by such acts of premeditated hatred and slander. Add to that the fact that I am now forced to live unarmed in an area where there is no emergency police assistance close by and you can see why I am a bit concerned about these spiteful lies that Levant has been spreading throughout the msm via Sun News Network. In this sense, rather than loving Ezra, I think I ought to sue Ezra Levant and the Sun News Network for having jeopardized both my physical safety and the safety of my family as well as prejudicing the public against me via his libelous and hurtful lies.
Four years ago when composing the critique mentioned above I wrote, ‘But, alas, I cannot, at this point and in good conscience, condemn Ezra Levant fully for some of the errors he is making. Whether it is conscious on his part or just plain ignorance of all the facts I truly do not know… when I was 36, I too was unaware of the degree of involvement in global politics that the Zionists actually represented. It took me close to sixty years to finally figure it out so in that context there is always hope that a bright young man like Ezra Levant, will come to realize the error of his ways [but] if you are going to be a ‘Leader’ here in Canada then you are going to have to hit the books some more and get a much firmer grasp on the issue of Political Zionism and learn how this alien and anti-Christian Talmudic doctrine is affecting the Canadian landscape. It behooves you to understand the primary motives of those who are determined to turn this nation into another Communist gulag. Not just for the sake of those ‘individual Jews who love ‘freedom of speech’ but for the rest of us non-Jew Canadians who also cherish these very same ideals.’

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I HATE ARTHUR TOPHAM! Ezra Levant on The Source Nov. 8, 2012

Dear Radical Readers and Free Speech Lovers,
After my court appearance this morning in Quesnel my lawyer Doug Christie asked me if I thought it would be okay to go on Ezra Levant’s Sun News Talk Show The Source to discuss my case. I told Doug that Levant was my arch enemy but that he was welcome to go on his show.
Late this evening (very late actually) I received the following article and video that Marc Lemire put together.
BIG thank you to Marc for doing this.
I must admit that it is a rather somewhat comical interview/discussion with Ezra vibrating as usual like some speed freak in need of a fix but regardless of the fact that he gets an opportunity to carry on the same smear campaign that the rest of his Zionist Jew buddies are doing across the Canadian mediascape and tell his audience that he ‘Hates Arthur Topham’ the message is that hate is not an emotion that ought to be governed by Canada’s courts any more than love.
The show ought to draw more attention to the site and also make more Canadians realize that no one should be charged with a criminal offence merely for expressing an opinion or facts related to anyone or any group. It certainly doesn’t make B’nai Brith Canada look good and that in itself is a positive thing.
My lawyer Doug Christie couldn’t help but break out laughing when he heard Levant shout out, ‘I hate Arthur Topham!’ Neither could I for that matter. It was a kosher Kodiak moment for sure! 🙂
Levant predicts that I will win the case. For once I hope he’s right on that! 🙂
Please pass this along if you can.
For Justice and Free Speech on the Internet,
Arthur Topham
‘Digging to the root of the issues since 1998’
Muslim Hate Speech and Arthur Topham:
The deception of ‘Hate Speech’ Laws
[VIDEO] Doug Christie with Ezra Levant discussing the Arthur Topham Case and ‘hate speech’ Laws [Click the url below to watch]
You can find out more about the Topham case at Topham was charged under Canada’s ridiculous criminal ‘hate’ law Section 319 of the Criminal Code. This nutty law tries to control human emotions, and as the norm for so-called ‘hate’ laws … only applies to one certain type of opinion.
When ‘hate’ is promoted in Canada, it is only criminalized if the communicator of the message is an alleged ‘nazi’ or white ‘anti-Semite’. Just look at all the cases stretching back to the 1970’s. If you hate whitey — no problem. If you are Muslim and hate Jews — no problem. If you are Jewish and hate Muslims — no problem.
Here is proof of my point:
On the same day that white skinned alleged ‘nazi’ and ‘anti-Semite’ Arthur Topham was charged with criminal ‘hate speech’, the police looked at brown skinned Muslim hate against Jewish Canadians, and found no criminal ‘hate’.
In the Alice in Wonderland world of human rights and ‘hate speech’ … some ‘hate’ is criminal, while other ‘hate’ is just fine.
Lets compare for a second, what Arthur Topham wrote to what was ‘anti-Jewish Curriculum’ at the East end Toronto Madrassah. One was criminalized, the other was not.
Arthur Topham posted on his website:
‘It’s been ongoing since the day I first openly criticized the Zionist Jews and their political dogma or ideology known as Zionism. That was back during the heady last days of the 20th Century when I was publishing my monthly hard copy edition of The Radical, an alternative tabloid which ran for forty-two consecutive editions ending in June of 2002.’
And from the National Post which described what Topham allegedly said and did:
The Biological Jew depicts Jews as parasites that suck the blood from their ‘host’ societies while the Protocols is a fraudulent book that purports to describe a conspiracy for worldwide Jewish domination.
Police arrested Mr. Topham and questioned him on May 16. According to a transcript of his police interview that was posted online, he asked the investigating officer, Det. Const. Terry Wilson of the B.C. Hate Crime Team, whether he had been trained in Tel Aviv or whether Mossad had come to Canada to train him.
He lectured the officer about how Jews ‘control what you’re doing’ and said they had ‘created the unit you’re working for.’ He asked the officer if he was a Christian and scolded him for what he was doing.
‘These guys have spent the last 2,000 years trying to destroy our religion, and you like a Judas are out here like a, like one of their dogs chasing down people who are trying to defend the Christian religion,’ he said. ‘You ought to be ashamed of yourself.’
Now lets compare what the Muslim’s East end Madrassah (Toronto) allegedly taught to children in their Curriculum. This again is quotes from the National Post’s article (published Nov 8, 2012). I can not actually verify their authenticity:
‘End of Jewish Plots and Treacheries: Ever since the Prophet’s entry into Madina, the treacherous Jews had vehemently opposed him and his Islamic call, evoking memories of their hostility to the previous Prophet, Jesus Christ, half a millennium ago. The crafty Jews entered into an alliance with the polytheist Quraish in a bid to stamp out Islam. They conspired to kill Prophet Muhammad despite the fact that he was lenient towards them and had treated them kindly, hoping to convince them of Islam’s truth. But eventually as Jewish plots and aggressions increased, he had no choice other than to take up arms against them, in order to protect Islam and the Muslims. At the battle of Khaiber which is famous for Imam Ali’s heroic exploits, the Prophet defeated them ending Jewish intrigues and conspiracies in Arabia.’ [Emphasis added]
Why is it that so-called ‘hate’ laws only ever target one certain opinion, and all the other haters are given a free pass? Would Canada’s criminal prohibition against ‘hate’ ever be found constitutional if the courts looked at the actual effects and operation of the law? After 30 years, it is as clear as day; this law targets a certain range of opinions in Canada, and has little to do with actually removing hate. As we have documented over and over, some hate in Canada is perfectly fine and non-criminal.
If you have an opinion which can be classified as ‘nazi’ or ‘anti-Semitic’ and you’re White; expect the state to drop the ‘trifecta of tolerance‘ of you. Which is a three stage, proven framework, to break and humiliate the victim — all at the expense of Canadian taxpayers who foot the bill for this multi-million dollar make-work project. The stages can be defined as: ostracized, vilified and criminalized.
Section 319 of the Criminal Code is an affront to justice and freedom in Canada and should be repealed immediately. Canada is a tolerant country with intelligent people, and we do not need the nanny state (at the behest of special interest groups and plaintiffs of fortune) looking over the shoulders of people and parsing the words of individuals that wish to express non-violent opinions on controversial subjects as race or religion.
We have tried the censorship of criminal and civil prohibition’s against ‘hate’ speech since the 1970’s with little positive effect.
Isn’t it time to give freedom a chance?
-Marc Lemire
Free Speech Activist and the only
Canadian to ever win a Section 13 case

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B’nai Brith Canada: Still Beating the ‘anti-Semitic’, ‘Hate’ Drum By Arthur Topham

Back in September of 2005, just a little over seven years ago, I received word that Michel Chossudovsky, Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa and website owner of GlobalResearch, was being attacked in the Zionist-controlled media by one of its big guns, the Ottawa Citizen. True to form, those behind this orchestrated assault upon Canada’s Charter of Rights & Freedoms were none other than our present gung ho, chutzpah-raving free speech haters, B’nai Brith Canada, the same secret, Jews-only ‘benevolent’ masonic order of pro-Israeli, pro-Zionist lobbyists who have been, and are still, attacking and its illustrious Publisher and Editor, Arthur Topham since 2007.
At the time I decided to write an article in Mr. Chossudovsky’s defense; one that would highlight for Canadians the hidden underbelly of this Rothschild-created, Big Brother censorship Beast and show people how it truly operates behind its deceptive, public persona. I called that article, ‘B’nai Brith: Beating the anti-Semitic Drum’.
Now one of the things that the Zionist media are focusing on today in their current smear campaign against my person and my website is the fact that I have on my site a relatively miniscule number (out of over 1400 posts) of the standard anti-Zionist writings that the Zionist Jews have been harping on and crying the blues about for close to a century now. In their entrenched, circumscribed minds they feel that by focusing on these particular writers (Eustace Mullins) or writings (Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion); ones that they’ve expended vast amounts of energy, ink and money on trying to wipe out from the history books of humanity, that they’ll convince readers and listeners that is, as one of their recent smug-looking little hack writers for Yahoo! Canada News, Steve Mertl, wrote, ‘…a nasty little blog called Radical Press, which espouses the idea that a worldwide cabal of Zionist Jews control the levers of power’ written by the ‘bigot’ Arthur Topham.
The point of their focusing on these selective items, repeated ad nauseam throughout all of their media outlets both across Canada and in foreign nations like Israel, is to first off discourage readers from even going to the site in question, but furthermore, to control the discussion and thwart any need on their part to actually address the numerous other articles written by myself and others that they fear to debate for lack of any reasonable counter argumentation.
It was therefore (in the 2005 article now being edited, re-written and updated) to assist others in comprehending the breadth and depth of this universal scheme to silence dissent and permit an unleashed, purposeful program of pro-Israeli propaganda to emerge throughout Canada’s mainstream media, one affecting both the mass mind of the citizenry as well as the nation’s legal and social fabric, that I wrote the initial article, in the hope and belief that concerned individuals might be made aware of the nascent beginnings of organizations like B’nai Brith International and its subordinate offshoots like B’nai Brith Canada.
In order to define this fantastic Pharisiac phenomenon known as B’nai Brith International and expose its heinous, deadly purpose, it was necessary for me to furnish the reader with some extensively researched commentary from a book written over fifty-five years ago by a once famed (and now defamed) British author and Journalist by the name of Douglas Reed.
In his virtually unknown (today), yet massively documented and scholarly seminal work on the history of Political Zionism and its effects upon the past and present global political situation, (The Controversy of Zion, Dolphin Press (Pty) Ltd., 1978)[1] Mr. Douglas Reed, former Chief European war correspondent for the London Times and successful author of numerous popular books written prior to, during and after WW II, gave future historians a plethora of extremely pertinent contextual information concerning both B’nai Brith International and the Anti-Defamation League (A.D.L.); factual information that clearly defines and relates to what is presently taking place with respect to B’nai Brith Canada’s current assault upon RadicalPress using Section 319(2) of Canada’s criminal code.
Reed was no slouch when it came to covering historical events of his time and as the pieces of the puzzling times began to take shape before his analytical eye he eventually concluded that the hidden hand behind the paradigm-shattering decisions of his period was none other than that of the Zionist Jews and their obsequious sycophants in high office whom they were able to solicit for support.
In order to understand such a perspective though one needs to cast an eye back a full century to the period of U.S. President Woodrow Wilson’s years in office and the time of the first world war and the creation of the Federal Reserve system. It was during this era that the original silent coup by Zionist forces usurped the independence of the White House and placed its exclusive powers in the hands of Wilson’s chief Advisor Mr. Colonel House, a pro-Zionist proponent.
In his book Reed describes President Wilson as ‘a captive president’ and as the war drew nigh stated that after his election ‘Mr. House took over his correspondence, arranged whom he should see or not receive, told Cabinet officers what they were to say or not to say, and so on.’[2]
I would not hesitate at this point to say that we’re seeing precisely this same phenomenon occurring within Canada’s Conservative government with Harper’s blatantly unabashed public display of seditious grovelling when it comes to anything Zionist or related to Zionism’s captive state, Israel.
Reed, who was born in 1895 just two years prior to Theodor Herzl (Political Zionism’s official founder) setting up the World Zionist Organization in 1897, grew up during the early years of the 20th Century and came of age, politically-speaking, while living in Europe throughout the thirties and forties, witnessing in detail the intimate machinations by the world leaders who were then rearranging the pieces on the world’s political chessboard.
In his exhaustive analysis of how the Zionists slowly, but surely, overtook the U.S. government’s executive levels of command, the better to gain control of policy-making for the exclusive purpose of acquiring the lands of Palestine in order to create their ‘State’ of Israel, Reed emphasized the critical role played by groups such as B’nai Brith International in blocking all criticism of their efforts through the use of blackmail, intimidation and public vilification of the sort we’re now seeing employed against myself and the Radical Press.
It was after this period of initiation into the inner workings of intrigue by the Zionist forces that he began voicing his comments on B’nai Brith International. He writes:
‘At that period (1913) [of Colonel House and W. Wilson, A.T.] an event occurred which seemed of little importance then but needs recording here because of its later, larger consequence. In America was an organization called B’nai Brith (Hebrew for ‘Children of the Covenant’). Founded in 1843 as a fraternal lodge exclusively for Jews, it was called ‘purely an American institution’, but it put out branches in many countries and today claims to ‘represent all Jews throughout the world’, so that it appears to be part of the arrangement described by Dr. Kastein[3] as ‘the Jewish international’. In 1913 B’nai Brith put out a tiny offshoot, the ‘Anti-Defamation League’. It was to grow to great size and power; in it the state-within-states acquired a kind of secret police and it will reappear in this story.’[4]
In Chapter 43, aptly titled ‘The Invasion of America’, Reed describes to a tee the techniques presently being applied to myself and Radical Press in order to discredit my person and my work while at the same time expunging from the public mind of Canadians the true motives of Israeli domestic and foreign policies. Please witness the following comments:
‘While military invasions and counter-invasions multiplied during the six years of the Second War, absorbing all thought and energy of the masses locked in combat, a silent invasion went on which produced more momentous effects than the armed ones. This was the political invasion of the American Republic and its success was shown by the shape of American state policy at the war’s end, which was so directed as to ensure that the only military invasions that yielded enduring ‘territorial gains’ were those of the revolution into Europe[by the Soviet Union. Ed.] and of the Zionists into Arabia . . .’[5]
‘The renewal of large-scale immigration formed the background to the political invasion of the Republic. This was a three-pronged movement which aimed at the capture of the three vital points of a state’s defenses: state policy at the top level, the civil services at the middle level and ‘public opinion’ or the mass-mind at the base. The way in which control over acts of state policy was achieved (through the ‘adviserships’ which became part of American political life after 1913) has already been shown; this part of the process having preceded the others. The methods used to attempt the capture of government services will be discussed later in this chapter. In what immediately follows the capture of the mass-mind in America, through control of published information, will be described; it was indispensable to the other two thrusts. [Emphasis mine. Ed.]
‘This form of political invasion is called by Dr. Weizmann[6], who exhaustively studied it in his youth when he was preparing in Russia for his life’s work in the west, ‘the technique of propaganda and the approach to the masses’. The operation so described may now be studied in actual operation:
‘Far back in this book the reader was invited to note that ‘B’nai Brith’ put out a shoot. B’nai Brith, until then, might be compared with such groups of other religious affiliation as the Young Men’s Christian Association or the Knights of Columbus; its declared objects were the help of the poor, sick and fatherless and good works in general. The little offshoot of 1913, the ‘Anti-Defamation League’, had by 1947 become a secret police of formidable power in America.*
In a footnote Reed adds:
*In fact though not in form. The secret police in countries where the institution is native have their entire power and resources of the state behind them; indeed, they are the state. In America Zionism built the nucleus of a secret police nearly as effective in many ways as those prototypes [the former USSR and China and Israel today. Ed.]. It could only become equally effective if it gained full control of the state’s resources, including the power of arrest and imprisonment, and in my judgment that was the ultimate goal. [It is my contention that this is precisely what has taken place in my own case wherein, through the power and influence of B’nai Brith (via their two front men), they were able to produce a false document full of ‘allegations’ that resulted in Det. Cst. Terry Wilson’s BC HATE CRIME TEAM being given the go-ahead to arrest and incarcerate me and also obtain a Search Warrant which then allowed the police to steal all of my computers and private communications and then impose soviet style restrictions on my ability to post my defence on the Internet and write emails and even browse the Internet! Ed.]
‘In Doublespeak ‘anti-defamation’ means ‘defamation’ and this body lived by calumny, using such terms as anti-semite, fascist, rabble-rouser, Jew-baiter, Red-baiter, paranoiac, lunatic, madman, reactionary, diehard, bigot and more of the like [Including now the term ‘hate’. Emphasis mine. Ed.]. The vocabulary is fixed and may be traced back to the attacks on Barruel, Robison and Morse after the French revolution; the true nature of any writer’s or newspaper’s allegiance may be detected by keeping count of the number of times these trade-mark words are used. The achievement of this organization (usually known as the A.D.L.) has been by iteration to make fetishes of them, so that party politicians hasten to deny that they are any of these things. [Emphasis mine. Ed.] Under this regime reasoned debate became outlawed; there is something of sorcery in this subjugation of two generations of Western men to the mumbo-jumbo of Asiatic conspirators.
‘When the A.D.L. was born in 1913 it had merely desk-room in the parent B’nai Brith office and a tiny budget. In 1933 Mr. Bernard J. Brown wrote, ‘Through the intervention of the A.D.L. we have succeeded in muzzling the non-Jewish press to the extent that newspapers in America abstain from pointing out that any person unfavourably referred to is a Jew’. In 1948 the Jewish Menorah Journal of New York wrote, ‘Should but one phrase in a reprinted literary classic reflect unjustly upon Jews, the A.D.L. will promptly belabour the innocent publisher until he bowdlerizes the offending passage. Let one innocent movie-producer incorporate a Jewish prototype, however inoffensive, in his picture and the hue and cry raised by the A.D.L. will make him wish he’s never heard of Jews . . .
‘These quotations show the growth of the A.D.L.’s power in thirty-five years. It has imposed the law of heresy on the public debate in America. No criticism of Zionism or the world-government plan is allowed to pass without virulent attack; . . . [Emphasis mine. Ed.]
‘America has today a few surviving writers who fight on for independent debate and comment. They will discuss any public matter, in the light of traditional American policy and interest, save Zionism, which hardly any of them will touch. I have discussed this with four of the leading ones, who all gave the same answer: it could not be done. The employed ones would lose their posts, if they made the attempt. The independent ones would find no publisher for their books because no reviewer would mention these, save with the epithets enumerated above.[7]
‘The A.D.L., of such small beginnings in 1913, in 1948 had a budget of three million dollars (it is only one of several Jewish organizations pursuing Zionist aims in America at a similar rate of expenditure). The Menorah Journal, discussing ‘Anti-Defamation Hysteria’, said, ‘Fighting anti-semitism has been built up into a big business, with annual budgets running into millions of dollars’. It said the object was ‘to continue beating the anti-semitic drum’ [Emphasis mine. Ed.] and ‘to scare the pants off prospective contributors’ in order to raise funds. It mentioned some of the methods used (‘outright business blackmail; if you can’t afford to give $10,000 to this cause, you can take your business elsewhere’), and said American Jews were being ‘stampeded into a state of mass-hysteria by their self-styled defenders’.[8]
‘A private organization [B’nai Brith. Ed.] which can produce such results is obviously powerful; there is nothing comparable in the world. Mr. Vincent Sheehan wrote in 1949, ‘There is scarcely a voice in the United States that dares raise itself for the rights, any rights, of the Arabs; any slight criticism of the Zionist high command is immediately labelled as anti-semitic’. . .
[Emphasis mine. Ed.]
‘How is the oracle worked? By what means has America (and the entire West) been brought to the state that no public man aspires to office, or editor feels secure at his desk, until he has brought out his prayer-mat and prostrated himself to Zion? How have presidents and prime ministers been led to compete for the approval of this faction like bridesmaids for the bride’s bouquet? Why do leading men suffer themselves to be paraded at hundred-dollar-a-plate banquets for Zion, or to be herded on to Zionist platforms to receive ‘plaques’ for services rendered? [Such as the recent ‘award’ given to PM Harper by the Zionists while in New York. Ed.]
‘The power of money and the prospect of votes have demonstrably been potent lures, but in my judgment by far the strongest weapon is this power to control published information; to lay stress on what a faction wants and to exclude from it all that the faction dislikes, and so to be able to give any selected person a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ press. [Emphasis mine. Ed.] This is in fact control of ‘the mob’. In today’s language it is ‘the technique of propaganda and the approach to the masses’, as Dr. Weizmann said, but it is an ancient, Asiatic art and was described, on a famous occasion, by Saint Matthew and Saint Mark: ‘The chief priests and elders persuaded the multitude . . . The chief priests moved the people . . .’
‘In forty years the A.D.L. [i.e. B’nai Brith. Ed.] perfected a machine for persuading the multitude. It is a method of thought-control of which the subject-mass is unconscious and its ability to destroy any who cry out is great . . . [Emphasis mine. Ed.]
‘The A.D.L. (and the American Jewish Committee) ‘set out to make the American people aware of anti-semitism’. It informed Jews that ‘25 out of every 100 Americans are infected with anti-semitism’, and that another 50 might develop the disease. By 1945 it was carrying out ‘a high-powered educational program, geared to reach every man, woman and child’ in America through the press, radio, advertising, children’s comic books and school books, lectures, films, ‘churches’ and trade unions. This programme included ‘219 broadcasts a day’, full-page advertisements in 397 newspapers, poster advertising in 130 cities, and ‘persuasions’ subtly incorporated in the printed matter on blotters, matchbox covers, and envelopes. The entire national press (‘1900 dailies with a 43,000,000 circulation’) and the provincial, Negro, foreign-language and labour newspapers were kept supplied with, ‘and used’, its material in the form of ‘news, background material, cartoons and comic strips’. In addition, the A.D.L. in 1945 distributed ‘more than 330,000 copies of important books carrying our message to libraries and other institutions’, furnished authors with ‘material and complete ideas’, and circulated nine million pamphlets ‘all tailored to fit the audiences to which they are directed’. It found ‘comic books’ to be a particularly effective way of reaching the minds of young people, soldiers, sailors and airmen, and circulated ‘millions of copies’ of propaganda in this form. [Emphasis mine. Ed.] Its organization consisted of the national headquarters, public relations committees in 150 cities, eleven regional offices, and ‘2,000 key men in 1,000 cities’.
The name of the body which supplied this mass of suggestive material never reached the public. During the 1940’s the system of ‘syndicated writers’ in New York or Washington enveloped the entire American press. One such writer’s column may appear in a thousand newspapers each day; editors like this system, which saves them the cost of employing their own writers, for its cheapness. [Those readers who have been following the smear campaign against myself and Radical Press will easily see that this is precisely the technique still being used. The same lies and distortions appear throughout all of the Zionist controlled media throughout Canada. Ed.] Through a few dozen such writers the entire stream of information can be tinctured at its source . . . By all these means a generation has been reared in America (and this applies equally to England [and definitely Canada. Ed.]) which has been deprived of authentic information about, and independent comment on, the nature of Zionism, its original connection with Communism, the infestation of administrations and capture of ‘administrators’, and the relationship of all this to the ultimate world-government project.’ [9]
Reed finally concluded that the greatest of all threats to the USA and other democratic nations, Canada included, was Political Zionism. He writes:
‘The three forces which weaken the whole structure of American public life in effect serve the strongest among themselves, Political Zionism, which stands behind the seats of the mighty while the others [communism and organized crime. Ed.] work in lesser places, if to similar ends of power-over-politicians. The proof of this supremacy is to be found by a simple test: the extent to which public discussion is permitted . . . At the topmost level, a virtual ban on public discussion of Political Zionism proves the paramountcy of its sway in American affairs. [Emphasis mine. Ed.] As in England, the open expression of doubt about this territorial ambition, and support for it, has been almost driven underground in recent years. An imperial thrall has been laid on America in this matter. Traditional Americans, whose forebears detested laws of lese-majesty and the genuflections of courts, now find their leaders performing an even humbler obeisance in this direction; like foremost politicians in England, they thus emulate those Rumanian nobles who long bowed to the Sultan’s rule, vainly hoping to keep rank and possessions. The Soviet ban on ‘anti-Semitism’ (which was in effect a veto on public discussion of the origins of Communism) has in practice been extended to the British island and the American Republic [and Canada. Ed.] in the matter of Political Zionism. It is lese-majesty [i.e. treason A.T.] in a new form and because of it present-day Americans and Englishmen [and Canadians. Ed.] do not as a rule see the grave future courses and penalties to which support of Political Zionism has committed them.’[10]
That, in a nutshell, is the most poignant description of the power and purpose of Zionism’s foremost global censorship organ, B’nai Brith International.
It takes little extrapolating to see that all which Reed described in his above comments dovetails smoothly with the apparent convoluted, confusing and tumultuous period that we’re now experiencing in both Canadian and global politics. To elaborate further upon that subject must remain the labour of another article and another time. What is essential here is that readers note the connectedness of events and the fact that the Political Zionists are still very much alive and alert in their diligent and determined effort to destroy the sovereignty of nation-states, serve the interests of Israel and bring in the ill-fated New World Order under the auspices of their original plan, the United Nations.
To those ends organizations such as the B’nai Brith (Canada) and the A.D.L. have evolved and continue to act as Zionist watchdogs and public censors. It is not surprising therefore that they would eventually attack me and my website for Political Zionism’s bold and ambitious plans for global dominance owes allegiance only to its proponents and thus their exclusive and racial policies of imperialism (exemplified in Gaza and the Middle East in general) continue to pose a direct threat to both the Christian and Moslem world.
Our ultimate freedom therefore as an independent and sovereign nation depends upon our ability to combat this censorship of free speech which continually keeps the occult nature of Political Zionism hidden from the public eye and places in jail all those who attempt to unmask its diabolical plan.
[1] The book can be found in the U.S.A. at or online at .
[2] Controversy of Zion, Page 242
[3] Dr. Joseph Kastein according to Reed was a ‘zealous’ Zionist historian who wrote the book, History and Destiny of the Jews, (Eng. trans., London, 1933). He is extensively quoted by Douglas Reed in his book Controversy of Zion.
[4] Controversy of Zion, Page 243
[5] Controversy of Zion, Page 339
[6] Dr. Chaim Weizmann was a tireless proponent of Zionism. Having supplanted Theodor Herzl as the leader of the World Zionist Organization back in 1904 his influence throughout the formative years of the first half of the 20th Century upon the creation of Israel is well documented. He eventually became Israel’s first Prime Minister in 1948.
[7] Reed had first-hand experience of this practise. In 1952 the Canadian Jewish Congress requested that Canadian booksellers refuse to carry his books. [Emphasis mine. Ed.]
[8] Controversy of Zion, Pages 340 342
[9] Controversy of Zion, Pages 342-345
[10] Far and Wide, Page 274.

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Zionist Jew Media Campaign to Smear Radical Press by Arthur Topham

‘Someday, someone, somewhere, is going to break that silence and only then will we begin to hear the sounds of balanced media coverage finally rising above what Solzhenitsyn described as ‘the incessant dinning of slogans and dogmas that abolish the human essence and deny all individuality to man.’ Then, and only then, will the silence of the wolves begin to disperse as the clear light of a new day of freedom of speech dawns for all Canadians.’
Arthur Topham, Silence of the Wolves, July 16, 2009
Early beginnings
It’s been ongoing since the day I first openly criticized the Zionist Jews and their political dogma or ideology known as Zionism. That was back during the heady last days of the 20th Century when I was publishing my monthly hard copy edition of The Radical, an alternative tabloid which ran for forty-two consecutive editions ending in June of 2002.
Throughout most of my tenure as Publisher and Editor of The Radical I was basically ignorant of the Zionist agenda and didn’t begin to clue into what it was all about until after reading the writings of the Jewish intellectual Noam Chomsky, in particular his account of the Middle East situation contained in his book, The Fateful Triangle Israel, the United States, and the Palestinians. After digesting Chomsky’s account of Israel and who is controlling it and its ideological base I began to pay more and more attention to this issue as time went on.
Of course being a radical alternative publisher with an eclectic sense of what is news and what is b.s. I soon attracted a lot of unwanted attention from what one might call the ‘Left’ in Canada’s political circles. At first it was rather odd as I had always thought of myself as a lefty. My father had been a strong supporter of both the CCF and the NDP throughout most of his life and my paternal grandfather had actually been a good friend of Tommy Douglas’s back when Tommy was still working as a minister of the church in Saskatchewan back in the 1930s.
Anyhow, Canadian Dimension magazine at one point did a major smear edition on myself, The Radical and another alternative newspaper back in January of 2001 that finally established the fact that the so-called ‘Left’ in Canada was in fact riddled with people who were died in the wool Marxists and Communists and stalwart supporters of Zionism and the Jewish state of Israel. Anyone else in the movement who wasn’t was labelled ‘right wing’ or an ‘anti-Semite’ or some other unsavoury epithet.
It was at this period of my life that I first met Paul Fromm, the feisty spokesperson for the Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE) and began publishing occasional articles that he had penned. I was also covering the whole issue with Wiebo Ludwig and his Trickle Creek Christian Community and their ongoing battles with the Oil and Gas Industry in Alberta and publishing the early writings of controversial speaker and author David Icke.
Those familiar with David Icke will likely be aware that he too was attacked and smeared by this same chronic complainer Ricardo Warmouse who has been attacking me and my website since at least 2007. David still has articles on Warmouse posted on his website .
NDP government takes Radical Press to court
Eventually I ended up in B.C.Supreme Court in 2002 after exposing the dubious character of a former NDP MLA appointed by the Dosanjh government who had been given the portfolio for the Ministry of Children and Families all the while staving off continuous allegation by his many detractors that he had been involved in drug running, child pornography and worse. This same individual is now the Chief Red Apple for the First Nations Summit here in British Columbia and his name is Edward John.
The Dosanjh government hired a good Jewish lawyer, Marvin Storrow to defend him and I ended up acting on my own behalf in pro ce fashion defending my newspaper and my right to publish. Poor Marvin of course was former PM Trudeau’s appointed council during the APEC fiasco in Vancouver and ended up being outed by the Raging Grannies who spotted him attending a Liberal fundraiser while attempting to act impartially in dealing with all the protesters who had been beaten and pepper sprayed while protesting the visit to Vancouver by Indonesia’s infamous war criminal Suharto who Trudeau lauded as some sort of admirable dignitary.
Eventually it became too onerous and expensive to publish my tabloid and I switched to the Internet in 2002 and carried on until my website was sabotaged by the Zionist sayannim who are everywhere on the net and throughout the media and the assorted political organizations throughout the country.
That is why today when you visit my website you will find that the articles begin in June of 2006.
B’nai Brith Canada: The root of the issue
That short synopsis said let me now proceed to the root of this issue that I am facing today, the significant and overt attack against my publishing business and my person by the world’s foremost Zionist Jew lobby organization known as B’nai Brith International.
As I’ve said before most Canadians see this organization as a benevolent society whose main purpose is to look after little old Jewish widows and raise money for the needy, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth! For all the suave rhetoric from its many spokespersons such as Anita Bromberg of B’nai Brith Canada one would certainly get this impression of B’nai Brith as nothing more than the image projected by the Zionist media which works in direct tandem with BBC (B’nai Brith Canada).
But what they don’t tell you is that every nation in the western world has a branch or tentacle formed out of the Mother plant known as B’nai Brith International which is a Jews-only masonic order first established back in the mid 1840s in the USA and that Mother was the creation of the Rothschild dynasty that now controls global finance, the global media, global ‘International’ organizations like the UN, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and dozens upon dozens of other affiliated organizations whose main purpose is to maintain the House of Rothschild and the control of the world’s money supply; for without that ill-gained ability to manifest money out of thin air and then lend it to the governments of the world at exorbitant interest rates (Usury), the whole fabric of the Zionist curtain would quickly disintegrate before the eyes of the world and like the Wizard of Oz the public would suddenly realize just who was behind all of the financial troubles, endless wars and incessant woes and miseries facing the world today.
B’nai Brith Canada first attacked me and my publishing business back in November of 2007 when its B.C. representative filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission alleging the following:
‘This concerns a complaint filed with the Canadian Human Rights Commission seeking relief for discriminatory publication under prohibited grounds caught by Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.
The premise of this complaint is a contention that Arthur Topham of Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada and his internet publication known as contrive to promote ongoing hatred affecting persons identifiable as Jews and/or as citizens of Israel.’
That is the story which the Zionist media is now making reference to in their one-sided portrayal of what the issue truly was about. For those readers who wish to review the whole of that tale of Zionist malfeasance I would ask that you go look at the following Reference Guide to the B’nai Brith v Radical Press Complaint case to see the extent of this chronology of subterfuge on the part of this little old benevolent society. That first attack only ended (possibly temporarily) on June 7th of this year when the Harper government voted to toss out the notorious Sec. 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act that the Zionists were using to the max to shut down any and all critics of Israel or the Zionist ideology.
Knowing that Sec. 13 was fated to fade away from their power hungry hands B’nai Brith Canada then decided that they would pick up a new club with which to beat their opponents into oblivion and chose instead Sec. 319(2) of the Canadian Criminal Code. Again, using the same serial sidewinders, they filed this latest charge against me alleging once again that I and my website are promoting hatred toward (not Jews per se) but ‘people of the Jewish religion or ethnic origin’.
Attempting to use the Canadian law courts instead of the shady likes of the Canadian Human Rights Commission and its Tribunal system which work fundamentally in the same manner as the Soviet Stalinist Show Trials of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s did, was a risk that B’nai Brith Canada was now forced to take if they wanted to carry on with their harassment and vilification of those Canadians who wish to exercise their Charter of Rights and Freedoms and write about the truth as they see it. The outcome of their desire to control the Internet here in Canada may well depend on how they are able to prosecute this case against me. If they are successful in gaining a guilty verdict then that will be the final nail in the coffin for freedom of speech here in Canada and anyone else who attempts to criticize the Zionist elephant that is now sitting in the living room of every Canadian household across the country will receive the same treatment that these power crazed psychopaths are now attempting to mete out to me and my publishing business
The Smear Campaign Today
And now to the gist of their present smear campaign against The Radical Press. It has always been the modus operandi of the Zionists, when attacking their critics, to first malign and vilify them using the vast resources contained in their media monopoly which includes the majority of Canada’s mainstream newspapers and television news stations, etc. It’s their first overt strike and is akin to their same warfare techniques where they pull off what they call ‘preemptive’ strikes against their perceived enemy and attack without any direct provocation and destroy the infrastructure and communications systems of their victim before sending in the ground troops.
We’ve saw this happen in Egypt during the 1967 war, then in Iraq in 2003 and lately in Libya where they pulled the same stunt using all of their Zionist-controlled UN sycophants and their media including their Zionist-run orgs like Avaaz, to divert and confuse the attention of the general public.
That is what they are now attempting to do to me: create this massive deception that I am some sort of bonker, crazed, hate mongering, lunatic fringe (they haven’t started with the ‘dope-smoking hippie’ yet), placer miner living out in the backwoods of the Cariboo who doesn’t know diddley squat about how the world really is run but is just out there in cyberspace spewing forth all his neo-Nazi, Jew-hating, anti-Semitic venom in order to incite the public to rise up and perform another great pogrom against the poor downtrodden and victimized Jews of Canada and the world!
Then (when they figure they’ve established this massive lie in the minds of as many gullible Canadians as possible) they will begin their court trial and ship in all their carefully selected ‘expert witnesses’ to testify that all of my information is somehow incorrect and that Eustice Mullins was a notorious ‘anti-Semite’ and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is really just a forgery as everyone who was brought up in a Zionist controlled culture obviously knows.
Contrary to this programmed reaction to their lies though are the wise words of that famous poet and activist Ezra Pound once said about this road map for the 20th Century:
‘If or when one mentions the Protocols, alleged to be of the Elders of Zion, one is frequently met with the reply: Oh, but they are a forgery! Certainly they are a forgery, and that is the one proof we have of their authenticity. The Jews have worked with forged documents for the past 24 hundred years, namely ever since they have had any documents whatsoever. And no one can qualify as a historian of this half century without having examined the Protocols.
What we know for certain is that they were published [in English] two decades ago. [In the early 1920’s. Ed.] That Lord Sydenham wrote a preface to them. That their content has been traced to another sketch said to have appeared in the eighteen forties. The interest in them does not lie in [the] question of their having been, or not been concocted by a legislative assembly of Rabbis, democratically elected, or secretly chosen by the Mysterious Order of the Seven Branched Antlers or the Bowling Society of Milwaukee. Their interest lies in the type of mind, or the state of mind of their authors.
What is interesting, perhaps most, to the historian is their definite campaign against history altogether, their declared intention to blot out the classics, to blot out the record, and to dazzle men with talk of tomorrow.’
As I said this is just the gist of what they are now planning to do. Time will reveal all of this in the days ahead.
My primary concern
Of course my primary concern is not that the Zionist controlled media will be smearing me from the start to the finish. I can and have handled that quite easily over the past decade or longer. What really concerns me is that the Crown will do its damnedest to set or place bail conditions upon me tomorrow when I go to court in Quesnel demanding that I cannot post to my website or write emails to anyone I so choose or post information regarding my court case to other websites of a kindred nature so that the thousands of supporters who now are keenly interested in this case will be able to get an unbiased, non-Zionist media presentation of what is happening to myself and my legal situation.
I have discussed this at length with my lawyer Doug Christie and he has assured me that under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and GIVEN THE FACT that I have not been convicted of these phoney charges, that the court cannot legally prevent me from writing and posting on my website or sending articles to other sites. While I believe this to be true nonetheless that is precisely what Det -Cst Terry Wilson pulled off when I was arrested back on May 16, 2012. Prior to releasing me from jail he gave me an Order stating that I was not to browse the Internet or write any emails to anyone who was not directly associated with my placer mining business. That pile of legal(?) horse feathers held sway over my freedom of speech and expression right up until October 9th, 2012 when my first ‘Appearance’ in court was due to happen but the Crown still hadn’t got their act together to formally charge me. That is when the Order ceased.
B’nai Brith Canada, the RCMP, the Zionist Media and the Crown all know that the only stone I have left in my sling is the freedom to defend myself against this Zionist Goliath that is now openly wielding its censorship spear in my face by using my right to publish my side of the story on my website. Without that right the ensuing struggle will remain a Stalinist side-show of the Zionist controlled media and the general public, as usual, will receive a slanted, biased tale; one told by an idiot, signifying nothing but the reality that Canada is under full domination by a foreign and deadly enemy.
May God guide and protect those of us who will be battling this dark and evil entity called Zionism!
Arthur Topham
‘Digging to the root of the issues since 1998’
Contact Arthur at [email protected] or should he be restrained from using the net write to him at:
Arthur Topham
4633 Barkerville Highway
Quesnel, B.C. Canada
V2J 6T8

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National(Zionist)Post:Preemptive Hit Smear on Radical Press A screengrab from The Radial Press website.
Owner Arthur Topham, Quesnel, B.C., has been charged with willfully promoting hatred against Jews.
The publisher of a British Columbia website that has drawn repeated complaints over its portrayals of Jews has been charged with promoting hatred following a six-month police investigation, officials said Tuesday.
Arthur Topham, 65, was charged with a single count of willfully promoting hatred against ‘people of the Jewish religion or ethnic group’ as well as improper storage of firearms found in his house near Quesnel, B.C.
‘The branch has approved charges against him,’ said Neil MacKenzie of the B.C. Criminal Justice Branch. He said the province’s assistant deputy attorney general had sign off on the hate crimes charge.
Mr. Topham was to make a court appearance Thursday.
‘We’re glad that the government and the police have taken our concerns seriously and proceeded,’ said Anita Bromberg of B’nai Brith Canada, which had asked police to investigate the website last May.
Mr. Topham is a miner and is listed as secretary of the Cariboo Mining Association. He also publishes Radical Press, a website that posts materials with conspiracy theory themes such as the ‘Biological Jew’ and the ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.’
The Biological Jew depicts Jews as parasites that suck the blood from their ‘host’ societies while the Protocols is a fraudulent book that purports to describe a conspiracy for worldwide Jewish domination.
In May, Agent X, a B’nai Brith volunteer in Victoria, B.C., and Ottawa lawyer Agent Y both complained to police about the website. Agent Y’s complaint said both the Biological Jew and the Protocols were banned from import into Canada as hate propaganda.
‘When you’ve got that kind of just rabid attack against the Jewish community I think it’s incumbent on people to stand up in society,’ said Agent Y, who regularly files complaints about racist websites.
‘It seems that a lesson needs to be learned and the criminal system might be the best way to do it’
Police arrested Mr. Topham and questioned him on May 16. According to a transcript of his police interview that was posted online, he asked the investigating officer, Det. Const. Terry Wilson of the B.C. Hate Crime Team, whether he had been trained in Tel Aviv or whether Mossad had come to Canada to train him.
He lectured the officer about how Jews ‘control what you’re doing’ and said they had ‘created the unit you’re working for.’ He asked the officer if he was a Christian and scolded him for what he was doing.
‘These guys have spent the last 2,000 years trying to destroy our religion, and you like a Judas are out here like a, like one of their dogs chasing down people who are trying to defend the Christian religion,’ he said. ‘You ought to be ashamed of yourself.’
Doug Christie, Mr. Topham’s defence lawyer, confirmed in an email his client had been formally charged. Asked if he wanted to comment, Mr. Christie responded: ‘Opposition to Zionism should not be illegal.’
But Ms. Bromberg said the website went well beyond that.‘This isn’t a free speech issue about the politics behind Israel. It is borrowing on age-old canards that raise our concerns that this is designed to spread hate,’ she said. ‘Our concerns were valid, they were carefully considered by the police and obviously, because these were hate crimes charges, by the attorney-general.’
Mr. Topham announced on his website he had been charged. He portrayed himself as a defender of free speech and asked for donations. ‘Judging from the wording of this indictment it looks like it’s going to be a battle between the Christians and the Jews,’ he wrote.
Complaints about Radical Press go back to 2007, when B’nai Brith took the website to the Canadian Human Rights Commission. But the case stalled due to uncertainty over the law. Police assumed sole responsibility for investigating hate crimes complaints about websites after the Conservatives voted in June to repeal a law that had previously allowed the rights commission to deal with such matters.
National Post
[email protected]
Now that the Zionist Jew mainstream media has finally got around to openly attacking my person, my website and my work I’m reminded of a quotation I once read by the late Jewish recording artist Frank Zappa. He basically hit the nail on the head with regard to the ways and means by which those in power will resort to once their monumental scam of deception is in danger of being exposed:
‘The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.’
-Frank Zappa
We saw this before so many times here in Canada with the deplorable case of Ernst Zundel and Marc Lemire and Terry Tremaine and numerous others where the Zionist media first does its preemptive smear campaign against whoever they wish to destroy and then follows up with the show trials (if they can find the proper legal lackeys to carry out their agenda).
It’s been five years plus now since I’ve been labouring to bring my views and concerns about the dangerous degree of control that the Zionist lobby in Canada has over our total governmental and media structure to the attention of the Canadian public. As such I would like to thank the Zionist Jew organization B’nai Brith Canada for their tireless persistence in keeping my story alive and in finally breaking it out of the years of silence and darkness that has, up to this point, shrouded it and kept it as secret as their own masonic identity is kept secret from the Canadian public.

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B.C. Mountie sues force for sexual harassment

RCMP Cpl. Catherine Galliford says she didn’t report the alleged abuse because she feared for her career. (CBC)
CBC News has learned the high-profile Mountie who first spoke out against sexual harassment in the national police force is suing her employer, alleging years of ‘persistent and ongoing’ sexual harassment and bullying.
In a notice of claim obtained by CBC News Wednesday, Cpl. Catherine Galliford alleges she was sexually assaulted, harassed and bullied during her 16 years on the force.
The notice names Canada’s attorney general, B.C.’s justice minister, three Mounties, a civilian RCMP doctor and a Vancouver police officer.
Galliford was the face of the B.C. RCMP for years, revealing charges had been laid in the Air India bombing and announcing the arrest of serial killer Robert William Pickton.
According to the 26-page statement, the abuse began before Galliford was sworn in as an RCMP member. She alleges then RCMP Insp. Mike Bergerman groped and tried to kiss her in 1991 when she was at the RCMP’s training academy.
‘[Bergerman’s] misconduct was wilful, and he acted with the intent of sexual gratification which shocked and sexually humiliated [Galliford] and demeaned her value as an RCMP officer and a human being,’ the document reads.
Galliford did not officially report the misconduct.
‘I never complained officially about the sexual assaults and sexual harassment because I knew that if I did it would come back on me in a negative way,’ she told CBC News Wednesday.
‘Culture of sexual harassment’
The document goes on to detail years of alleged harassment, including repeated sexual advances by Staff Sgt. Doug Henderson ‚¬â€ and an alleged attack in a hotel room while they were on a business trip.
‘Henderson aggressively sexually attacked [Galliford] … removing some of his clothes and exposing [himself] to her,’ the statement reads.
Galliford also alleges repeated sexual harassment at the hands of Phil Little, a Vancouver police officer she worked with on the Missing Women Task Force.
According to the document, Little made several sexually suggestive comments, including, ‘I don’t know what I like better, your eyes or your mouth.’
Galliford also alleges Little exposed himself to her in his car while investigating Pickton, saying ‘I want to show you my mole. Don’t you think it’s cute?’
According to the statement, Galliford once again did not formally complain for fear of negative repercussions.
‘The culture of sexual harassment within the RCMP is so pervasive that [Galliford] was helpless to personally stop it,’ the document reads.
‘[Galliford] had to accept a certain level of tolerance of [sexual harassment] as complaining about it would only make matters worse.’
‘Very sick’
Galliford’s lawyer Barry Carter says his client developed a severe form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of the harassment and the statement lays out a litany of symptoms, including agoraphobia, nightmares, alcohol dependency and significant weight loss.
Barry Carter, Galliford’s lawyer, says his client is very sick as a result of the harassment. (CBC)
Galliford has been off duty on sick leave since 2007.
‘She’s very sick,’ he said. ‘I would think her career with the RCMP is pretty much done.’
Galliford is also suing RCMP doctor Ian MacDonald, alleging he failed to properly diagnose and treat her psychological problems and made things worse by disclosing confidential information to her estranged husband.
‘It would appear from reviewing the material that we have that there was an insistence on treating her dependency problems, her alcohol dependency, and ignoring the underlying problems that led to the alcohol dependency, which was her PTSD,’ Carter said.
‘As I understand, if PTSD goes untreated it gets worse and so this went on for years.’
Culture of fear
The force insisted she follow a relapse prevention agreement (RPA) related to her alcohol dependency, Carter said, but refused to treat her PTSD.
‘As a result of … their perceived failure of the RPA’s, they started to see her as being difficult and manipulative and being deceptive and lying and being somehow a risk to the RCMP if she returned to operational duties.’
The allegations have not been proven in court. None of the defendants have had the opportunity to respond as the case was filed recently. If served in Canada, the defendants have 21 days to file a response.
RCMP Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens, the top Mountie in B.C., issued a statement to CBC News Wednesday night, saying that Galliford’s allegations remain unproven and officers had been assigned to investigate them.
Callens said two investigations were undertaken. One probe related to allegations that Callens said were linked to the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry into the police investigations of Pickton, currently underway in Vancouver.
Callens said the other set of allegations by Galliford did not pertain to the inquiry and were being investigated separately.
‘The allegations relating to the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry have been fully investigated and I can tell you that we have not been able to substantiate nor corroborate any related to the alleged sexual harassment by RCMP members,’ Callens said. ‘The remaining allegations continue to be investigated.’
Galliford is seeking unspecified damages for loss of past and future income in addition to punitive and aggravated damages.
Her high-profile case is the latest in a growing list of legal actions against the Mounties alleging a culture of harassment inside the force.
‘I don’t know if my journey is going to change anything for other members who are in the force now or those who are coming after me because there is still a culture of fear,’ Galliford said Wednesday.

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Psychopaths in Power: The Fight for Democracy in Canada by Robin Mathews

Psychopaths in Power: The Fight for Democracy in Canada
by Robin Mathews
April 22nd, 2012
It may not be ‚¬Ëœpoetic license‚¬â„¢ or science fiction to say the core group in the Stephen Harper cabinet is made up of psychopaths.
Lisa Raitt can argue with passion that destroying the democratic bargaining rights of employees in Canada is an act of virtue. She seems to have convinced herself that by making it possible for twenty-year olds to fly to a Florida beach in Spring Break she is up-holding the most basic freedom of Canadians ‚¬â€œ which must come before all else. She seems to be showing us, also, that the lies of psychopaths know no limits.
And she is showing, as well, that the Harper Conservatives will appeal to the sleaziest self-interest of Canadians in order to erode the rule of law in the country … and move it towards the condition of a police state.
Whatever else, we must realize the total strategy of the Harper government is a strategy of lies … as I shall attempt to show. Members of cabinet don‚¬â„¢t just use a lie here and there to cover a blunder here and there. Rather, the goals sought are governed by an over-arching policy of lies ‚¬â€œ planned, prepared, and executed. Policy is followed to invalidate Canadian freedom, to see it as obstructive of efficiency, and, ultimately, to repress any Canadian resistance to what is in fact a growing fascist state. Such a state unites private corporations and a governing elite into a ruling class supported by police and military forces ready and eager to erase violently any public resistance to elite policy.
Increasingly that kind of structure is multi-national. The sell-out of the democracy of Canadians is pursued on behalf of so-called ‚¬Å‘global‚¬Â interests. The Harper forces assist in the destruction of Canadian industrial operations like Stelco and Electro Motive Diesel to serve U.S. masters. And the Conservative Party employs ‚¬â€œ more and more ‚¬â€œ U.S. masters of deceit to assist in its determination to win elections by any kind of dishonesty, fraud, or malpractice.
The Conservative Party strategy of lies is supported with depressing consistency by the Mainstream Press and Media which actively supports it or overlooks it as a silly fault of a government trying to do its best for Canadians.

Conservative policy is not confined, by any means, to the inner cabinet. There is a democracy-destroying culture of the government (illegitimately) in power, a strategy of lies. In a recent conversation with an aide to a Conservative senator on the Energy and Environment committee, I witnessed that fact. We had a spirited conversation about the attack on environmental organizations by the Harper government. Did I know, she asked, that (charitable status organization) Tides Canada has many, many more employees than (charitable status organization) the Fraser Institute? (She gave me the exact numbers.)
I replied that Tides Canada lists all its donors. I reported to her that I have written to the Fraser Institute and asked for a list of its financial donors. The Fraser Institute refuses to reveal who pays for its operation ‚¬â€œ but the federal government continues to grant it charitable status. The aide with whom I was speaking expressed sudden surprise to hear my news. She can tell me the exact number of people employed by the Fraser Institute. But she doesn‚¬â„¢t know it keeps a tight lid on the names of its financial supporters, refusing to reveal to the public who donates. Quite simply, I didn‚¬â„¢t believe her.
The two poster boys for Psychopaths in Power are Stephen Harper and Peter MacKay ‚¬â€œ the two ends of the spectrum, one might say. They both have a basic characteristic of the psychopath. Truth, for them, is a tactic to be used sparingly. Lies usually sound better. Both men will say anything to cover embarrassing truth ‚¬Â¦ at the drop of a hat, as we say.
Peter Mackay is the Mulroney‚¬â„¢esque end of the spectrum. He expansive. He likes luxury. He important (?). He deserves the best (he thinks). He will say anything ‚¬â€œ whether he explaining his luxurious hotel accommodations, his rich use of the Royal Canadian Air Force as a taxi service, his commandeering of a search and rescue helicopter to deliver him from a fishing vacation, or the endlessly elastic costs of the non-existent F-35 warplane. On that subject he‚¬â„¢ll use anybody figures he deems useful at the time. He a ‚¬Å‘fibber‚¬Â who runs off at the mouth. But he ‚¬Å‘fun‚¬Â. He ‚¬Å‘likeable‚¬Â. So was ‚¬ËœLyin Brian‚¬â„¢ Mulroney.
His siamese twin is Stephen Harper. He, too, appears to believe lies sound better than the truth. So he avoids the truth when he can ‚¬Â¦ which is frequently. But he is not ‚¬Å‘fun‚¬Â. Many believe the depths of his will to deceive are almost bottomless.
Karlheinz Schreiber, lobbyist, arms-dealer, (now a convict in Germany) and much more, who was tangled with Brian Mulroney destiny over decades, filed an affidavit in Ontario Supreme Court in the week of November 5, 2007. In it he made allegations which involved his relations with Mulroney as prime minister. And he claimed he had written to Stephen Harper about extradition attempts and that he had asked Mulroney to intercede with Harper on his behalf.
Schreiber was alleged, in the words of Wikipedia, (relating to the purchase of Airbus planes for Air Canada) ‚¬Å‘to have arranged secret commissions to be paid to Brian Mulroney‚¬Â¦. There has never been any evidence produced to substantiate the allegation‚¬Â.
Very clearly, the Schreiber allegations of 2007 focussed the relation of Brian Mulroney and Stephen Harper. Closer examination might prove embarrassing. Stephen Harper quickly announced a Public Inquiry into the relation of Brian Mulroney and Karlheinz Schreiber. Harper chose Conservative university president David Johnston to set the terms of the Inquiry. Johnston, in effect, ruled out any serious approach to the subject of the purchase of Airbus planes for Air Canada. Johnston was appointed Governor General of Canada shortly after.
Mr. Justice Jeffrey Oliphant, appointed Inquirer, observed the limits of the Inquiry, judged the testimony of Brian Mulroney not believable, and was unable (as he saw the matter) to investigate the most serious allegations in the whole long and expensive affair. By deft manipulation ‚¬â€œ which some Canadians might believe desecrated Canadian justice and fairness ‚¬â€œ Stephen Harper disposed of the Karlheinz Schreiber/Brian Mulroney/Stephen Harper problem without ever permitting the key allegations against Brian Mulroney to be fully and fairly examined.
On the election-spending fraud of the 2006 election, Stephen Harper knew nothing (?). Funds flowed through 68 Conservative constituency offices, and he knew nothing about it. Though the Conservative Party admitted guilt and paid a fine for enormous fraud in the democratic process, the leader of the Conservative Party knew nothing about the fraud. The Robocall Scandal of the 2011 election ‚¬â€œ which was nationwide, planned, organized, all-out ‚¬â€œ happened without his knowledge. He went so far as to state publicly that it had nothing to do with Conservative Party headquarters. How did he know? If the Robocall Scandal happened without his knowledge, how does he know Conservative Party Headquarters knew nothing about it?
On the matter of the F-35 warplane anticipated purchase, he had to know the difference between the estimates of all government-related authorities in the matter of the F-35 and what he told Canadians in the 2011 campaign, giving a different figure that was flatly untrue. Those who allege he purposefully lied to Canadians during that campaign cannot be convincingly contradicted.
He juxtaposes his ‚¬Å‘truths‚¬Â in ways which are often offensive. Relations with China and the Harper government get closer and closer. China is a despotism. Its industrial capacity is supported by near slave-labour conditions. China response to dissent is jail without trial when it isn‚¬â„¢t outright violence and slaughter. The decent mind boggles when it thinks of the ordinary lives of tens of millions of Chinese people. To Stephen Harper, China is fine.
But ‚¬Å‘Socialist‚¬Â Cuba must be ostracized, cast out, kept from the Summit of the Americas even though all countries but the U.S. want Cuba included. Cuba offends Stephen Harper democratic principles, according to Harper himself. Democratic principles? No. As with the Kyoto Accord and almost every other policy of importance, Harper Cuba policy is made in Washington and in the offices of Goldman Sachs. The only time in recent history that Cuba could be placed in the same category as present China on the matter of human rights was in the period of Cuban despotism and terror fully supported by the U.S.A. before the arrival of the Castro government.
Stephen Harper apparent lying process is very different from that of Peter MacKay. Stephen Harper gives every indication of preparing lies. He appears to many to know he is uttering them. They don‚¬â„¢t flood from him the way Peter MacKay lies do. That is why Harper is an ‚¬Å‘um‚¬Â speaker. He ‚¬Ëœums‚¬â„¢, it may be argued, to pretend he doesn‚¬â„¢t know what he is going to say next. Harper pushes an ‚¬Å‘um‚¬Â along his sentences. He doesn‚¬â„¢t want his lies, an analyst might say, to sound glib. He wants them to sound thoughtful, shaped as he goes, and so he ‚¬Å‘ums‚¬â„¢ and ‚¬Å‘ums‚¬Â his way through sentences.
He might be said by experts to be the other end of the psychopath spectrum from Peter MacKay. He wants to look solid, dependable, measured. He wants to use his power effectively in his service of the big corporations. He wants the lie to become the truth ‚¬â€œ because he speaks it. He wants to look kind as he removes human rights and democratic protections from Canadians. But his long term lying is beginning to be evident.
Consider CBC. Consider the attack on environmental safety and groups advocating preservation of the environment.
James Moore, Heritage Minister, led what I believe is a long trajectory of lying about the CBC. If true, his behaviour supports the idea that lying is a significant strategy in long-term Harperite policy. Mr. Moore first showed great enthusiasm for the CBC, suggesting it would not face a cut in budget. Immediately after the (illegitimate) election of 2011 he remarked that the government ‚¬Å‘would maintain or increase support for the CBC‚¬Â. Then, months later, he admitted that in the overall 5% cut in the federal budget the CBC would have to carry its share of cost. Months later when the budget was finally presented ‚¬â€œ and examined, cuts to the CBC came, superficially, to more than 10%, and, arguably, when all losses are figured in, to nearly 20%. The Harper private corporate forces want to destroy public broadcasting in Canada. The process has long been worked out I believe, and a trail of lying ‚¬â€œ already begun will lead to achievement of the goal.
The greatest pattern of lies and denials of fact by Harper and his brood relate to the environment. They are completely complicit with what might be called the Goldman Sachs/large corporation denial of climate change, of Fukashima dangers, and of present ravages by industrial and military pollution of the environment.
From the time when the Liberals were in majority power, the Harper Conservatives have carried the torch for what is ‚¬â€œ despite cosmetic policies of ‚¬Å‘sustainability‚¬Â a general, North American, wealthy elite denial of present and future dangers to human life on the planet. The lying that has been unrelieved is now united with an open attack upon democratic freedoms and legal behaviour.
The slander against environmental groups with charitable status and the millions of dollars to be spent to investigate whether those organizations have been violating the ‚¬Ëœno political action‚¬â„¢ clause is a hoax. For the Harper government is not consistent enough to attack reactionary organizations with charitable status. There has been no mention of investigation of the Fraser Institute, Preston Manning organization, or others of the kind that visibly advocate on behalf of Conservative government policies and philosophy.
The same may be said for the new environmental review legislation. Huge corporations involved in the activities ‚¬â€œ whether in direct exploitation of the environment or in ‚¬Å‘sustainability‚¬Â and community concern groups ‚¬â€œ are treated as solemn, objective, publicly responsible organizations faced with rabid, undemocratic, secretly financed, near terrorist organizations called environmental concern groups.
The lies about the status of participants in the argument over environmental protection are not only supported by the Harper government but created and circulated by it. The lies are intended to create a long-term Orwellian false reality. As the public comes to accept it, military and police forces can be used to destroy violently any attempt at democratic expression.
And where are the Mainstream Press and Media editorial writers and columnists in all this sordid history? (A) Saying nothing. (B) Avoiding the subject. (C) Occasionally slightly perturbed ‚¬â€œ but almost never doing in-depth coverage in order to inform Canadians of the truth. (D) Or ‚¬Â¦ as is the case with Globe and Mail columnist Gary Mason, they reveal what seems to be a parroting of the arguments made by the Harper Reactionaries and their corporate friends. Doing the job? Covering up as directed? Producing more media sleaze to bamboozle readers?
In his Globe column (April 19, 2012, A17) ‚¬â€œ ‚¬Å‘A burden lifted but opposition remains‚¬Â, Gary Mason wakens the questions about himself that were asked by Marc Garneau of Peter MacKay. Can Gary Mason read? Can he understand the world he is in? Approving of the new, narrowed Harper environmental review policy that cuts out the provinces, Mason pretends that the people of the provinces may not have distinctly different concerns than the Harper government in Ottawa and may want a provincial platform to express them.
Democracy demands the participation of people concerned with policy measures taken on their behalf. In a democracy, governments must balance the power of large private corporations with wide open space for members of the population to be heard. Mason believes that ‚¬Å‘dozens and dozens of environmental groups ‚¬Â¦ making essentially the same point ‚¬Â¦. Merely drags out the process‚¬Â¦.‚¬Â
But dragging out the process is an important democratic activity. It happens in Parliament all the time in order to focus the attention of the population. It is a democratic political activity intended to inform a large public. It must be protected. Gary Mason opts for fascist efficiency ‚¬â€œ which is not efficiency at all but destructive policy to serve wealthy interests over the needs of the democratic population.
Since the reviews (in Mason mind) are undertaken merely to find if environmental damage, narrowly defined, may happen, Mason cheer-leads for Stephen Harper. There is no reason ‚¬Å‘why so many projects need to go though a two-step procedure‚¬Â, Mason avers. That is a way of saying there is no reason why democracy should be in place to serve the population when destroying democracy would be much more efficient for private, wealth-gathering corporations.
Cutting out environmental groups unless ‚¬Å‘they can prove they are directly affected ‚¬Â¦ isn‚¬â„¢t entirely evil‚¬Â, Mason instructs us. But a tanker accident near Alaska can affect the lives of Ontarians. A pipeline accident harming rivers may affect fish and the fishing industry in a huge area. Environmental disasters in one place can affect the whole world ‚¬â€œ which may be why Gary Mason never mentions the Fukashima disaster and its growing threat. If he did, he could never again talk the nonsense he does about those ‚¬Å‘directly affected‚¬Â. To suggest that environmental reviews are only concerned with those ‚¬Å‘directly affected‚¬Â, those living near proposed activity, is simply fraudulent. Gary Mason pushes the fraudulent claim. It is the new Orwellian position of the Harper government, cheered and urged on by Gary Mason in ‚¬Å‘Canada national newspaper‚¬Â. God help us.
To read columns like the Mason column in the Globe and Mail is to invite feelings of nausea and revulsion ‚¬Â¦ and anger.
Those must be the feelings of as many Canadians as possible. They must find a way to organize and to confront, effectively ‚¬â€œ and to turn back ‚¬â€œ the long-term policy of the Harper government ‚¬â€œ ‚¬Å‘the lying policy‚¬Â ‚¬â€œ the policy that is intended to make lies the truth in Canada.

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